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Chapter 46

She knows the revolving restaurant in the sky.

At least Van’s identity was required to be able to cover it.

Why is Levi?


What’s more, where did the millions of Levi come from?

Bai Zhengwen smiled and said: “Didn’t he book a place in the revolving restaurant in the air? Then let’s go and see! Anyway, the time is still too late. If it doesn’t work then, we will go to Kempinski again. Anyway, it is very far away. near.”

“Well, well, let’s go and see what the restaurant Mr. Garrison has reserved for a day is like.”

Bai Qiusheng and Kong Yuehua went to see Levi’s jokes in a hurry.

Dale and Edith had no choice but to follow.

Sarah was in a mess anyway.

If the result is not satisfactory today, she must talk about Levi.

“Old Logan, let your couple take our car. Let their young man take a car!”

Bai Zhengwen wants to create opportunities for his son.

Finally, Sarah and Xiao Qin got into Bai Qiusheng’s Mercedes-Benz G.

“A person like Mr. Garrison has condescended in my car. Go and take a taxi.”

Bai Qiusheng smiled at Levi.

“Come, drive my car!”

Sarah gave Levi the key to his car.

The last three cars arrived at Case York Center one after another.

Sarah didn’t know what was going on, and started to panic, the hand holding Xiao Qin’s arm was shaking.

She looked forward to Levi’s surprise.

But on the one hand, she was afraid that the cruel reality would hit her.

At this time, Bai Qiusheng suddenly stopped and asked Levi: “By the way, I know that after the revolving restaurant is booked successfully, the restaurant will send a gold-plated dining card! You can eat with the dining card!”

Bai Wenwen nodded: “I’ve heard of this. The restaurant still uses a Rolls Royce to deliver the dining card, and the dining card is all gold-plated. It is a souvenir, and it will be collected by the rich and famous. It is also a kind of identity. Symbol.”

Bai Qiusheng looked at Levi with a smile and asked, “Mr. Garrison, where’s your dining card? Can you let us see it?”

Bai Wenwen also echoed: “Yes, let us see the world, we haven’t seen it yet.”

Plum dye became more and more nervous.

Because when she saw Levi’s appearance, she knew that he did not have this dining card.

This place needs to be booked one month in advance. Levi has just been released from prison less than half a month ago. How can there be time to book in advance?

This is simply impossible.

Even Xiao Qin was dumbfounded.

Because there is really no dining card.

Dale’s dissatisfied voice sounded: “Is there any? Take it out if you have it!”

Levi said generously: “I don’t have a dining card! I just booked it, it’s not the same as the reservation!”

“Hahaha…no or no, why do you put it so nicely?”

Bai Qiusheng looked at Levi like a fool.

Bai Wenwen shook his head helplessly.

This kid is far worse than his own son.

Or was it the biggest dark horse in Case York business six years ago?

That’s it?

“In the text, my sister-in-law made you laugh, he has always been like this! The problem of big talk has not changed!”

Dale said.

Kong Yuehua smiled indifferently: “Let’s go, let’s go to Kempinski!”


Xiao Qin stopped everyone and suggested: “Although I don’t have a dining card, can I eat? Don’t we know if we go to the restaurant and see?”

Bai Wenwen sneered: “Okay, let’s go to the restaurant to see!”

Chapter 47

Everyone got on the sightseeing elevator and went straight to the 88th floor.

“Ding Dong!”

Sarah became even more nervous when the elevator arrived.

“Boom boom…”

But the next moment, a firework spray, colorful fragments scattered on everyone’s heads.

“happy Birthday to you…”

The happy birthday song has sounded.

It turned out to be a professional band, playing and singing birthday songs.

Sarah looked up and found that there were big photos of himself hung everywhere in the restaurant.

Each one is a memory of her and Levi.

The banquet hall is even more luxurious, with crystal chandeliers emitting dazzling warm lights and various flower baskets.

There is also a big cake cart in the center of the restaurant, with a big cake placed on it.

“Case York Center Air Revolving Restaurant wishes Miss Sarah a happy birthday! You are the only one to hold a birthday party in the air revolving restaurant! This is our specially customized commemorative gift!”

The restaurant representative gave a gift.

At this moment, Sarah was already crying.


The most touching is this!

Xiao Qin looked envy for a while.

As for Bai Qiusheng and others, they were completely dumbfounded.

“Go, Sarah, let’s go ahead!”

Levi took Sarah’s hand to the front of the central cake cart.

When Sarah was puzzled, Levi snapped his fingers suddenly.


Suddenly a whistling sound sounded.


Immediately afterwards, fireworks exploded outside the window.


Bunches of fireworks lifted into the sky, just exploding at the location of the revolving restaurant in the sky.

Each bunch of fireworks is top-notch, with good effect, long duration, and a large range.

Finally, it was placed in four words-happy birthday!

At this moment, dazzling fireworks in the sky were seen everywhere in Case York!

Amazing the whole Case York!

Sarah understands that all this is blooming for her tonight.

Finally, Levi grabbed Sarah’s hand: “I will protect you for life, Sarah!”

“I will follow my life!”

Sarah hugged Levi tightly.

Seeing this scene, Dale and Edith were a little moved.

Levi, the kid really was in this place, and held a world-wide birthday party for Sarah.

As for the three people of Bai Qiusheng, their faces were extremely pale.

Bai Qiusheng was naturally well prepared at Kempinski.

But compared with Levi’s arrangement, it was nothing short of a big deal.

Bai Hart’s face is getting dark, and he can’t wait to leave immediately.

The birthday party is going on like this.

Bai Qiusheng, who had always been unbalanced, began to inquire what was going on.

He doesn’t believe that Levi can book the restaurant!

The Bai family has a very background, so it’s trivial to look up something.

About a few minutes later, Bai Qiusheng suddenly laughed: “Haha, it turns out that the young owner of this restaurant is the senior of Sister Xiao Qin! She has been pursuing Sister Xiao Qin! Now I understand how Mr. Garrison owns this restaurant. It turned out to be because of Xiao Qin.”

At this time everyone looked at Xiao Qin, and even Sarah looked over.

Xiao Qin nodded: “Well, this restaurant is indeed owned by my seniors, but now…”

Xiao Qin was interrupted in the middle of speaking.

“Well, sister Xiao Qin, we all understand! But I can see that Mr. Garrison is very careful. The birthday party is well arranged.”

Bai Qiusheng said this on the surface, but he was actually mocking Levi.

They will attribute the credit to Xiao Qin.

Because of Xiao Qin, Levi was able to hold a birthday party here.

However, Sarah grabbed Levi’s hand and smiled: “No matter what happens, I am very touched!”

Chapter 48

For Levi, this was enough.

He doesn’t care what others think, as long as Sarah is moved.

After Dale and Edith knew that everything was because of Xiao Qin, they had even greater opinions on Levi.

“Guy who can only play tricks!”

Finally everyone enters the banquet.

Dale and his wife began to give their birthday presents.

Xiao Qin also gave her birthday present.

The Baiwen couple also gave gifts.

Bai Qiusheng kept looking at Levi and asked, “Surely the birthday gift Mr. Garrison gave to Miss Sarah is also very valuable, right?”

He wanted to make Levi deliberately embarrassed!

“Yes, what gift did you prepare for Sarah?”

Edith couldn’t help asking.

Levi smiled: “I didn’t bring the gift with me, and I can’t bring the key!”

“Mr. Garrison, you just said you didn’t prepare a gift?”

With that said, Bai Qiusheng took out an exquisite gift box and gave it to Sarah: “Sarah, this is a gift for you! It is a Cartier necklace necklace, the same style as the British royal princess. I spent a lot of effort. I just bought it.”

Edith looked at the dazzling necklace and couldn’t help asking: “Qiusheng is expensive, isn’t it?”

“Auntie, it’s okay. It’s just over 800,000!”

Bai Qiusheng looked indifferent.

“What? More than eight hundred thousand? My God!”

Edith felt very surprised.

“Brother Qiusheng, I accept your heart. The gift is too expensive, so I won’t accept it.”

Sarah definitely refused.

However, several people from Bai Wenwen looked over seriously.

“How can people not accept it?”

Edith immediately accepted instead of Sarah.

Bai Qiusheng began to look at Levi: “Mr. Garrison, the banquet tonight is very good, but in the end, the credit goes to Sister Xiao Qin. As for you, actually prepare a gift in advance. It doesn’t need to be too expensive. Okay.”

Kong Yuehua smiled and said, “It’s really impossible not to give gifts on Sarah’s birthday, let alone your special status.”


Dale lowered his head feeling embarrassing.

Edith looked at Levi even more uncomfortable.

“Okay, everyone don’t worry about this problem. We are all old husbands and old wives, so what do we care about so much?”

In the end, Sarah hit the round.

After the birthday party was over, Levi and Sarah walked alone.

“Birthday dinner is a birthday dinner, I also prepared a gift.”

Levi said suddenly.


Sarah felt very pleasantly surprised.

Levi took out a bunch of keys, unit cards or something.

“It’s time to have your own house, without living with your parents.”

Levi smiled.

“What? Oriental Garden?”

When Sarah saw the information on the unit card, he was stunned.

Because Sarah knows how terrifying the Oriental Garden is!

Even Doug didn’t dare to say that he bought a house in Oriental Garden at random.

“Let’s go, follow me to see.”

Levi took Sarah to the Oriental Garden.

“Gosh, what did you do?”

Sarah is going crazy.

“Don’t be nervous, it’s just renting, the big deal is your monthly rent?”

Levi smiled jokingly.

Unexpectedly, Sarah took it seriously. In her opinion, Levi would definitely not be able to buy a house here.

It’s definitely renting a house.

But this also moved her very much.

“I will come out the rent!”

Sarah quickly said.

This night, Sarah slept very securely, even dreaming with a smile.

Chapter 49

In the Logan family compound, everyone heard the news about Sarah, and they were very angry.

“This Sarah went to the revolving restaurant in the Case York Center for his birthday, and he also booked the venue. This is swollen!”

“If Grandpa hadn’t helped them, they wouldn’t even be able to get in.”

Katie said angrily.

Alfred and Mike had a big opinion: “The third child is really not a thing! Dad, if we hadn’t helped him before, their family would have to beg on the street! Now they took a project and forgot their ancestors?”

Doug also looked gloomy, and said coldly: “I didn’t expect them to go against me! The old third and Sarah were very obedient to me!”

“It’s all that Levi doing a ghost! You didn’t realize that everything has changed since Levi came!”

Katie said.

A sulky look flashed across Earl’s face: “Huh, they don’t want to proceed normally with this project!”

Doug looked at Earl and asked curiously: “Earl, do you have a good way?”

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Earl’s eyes: “We can’t do this project, she Sarah wants to do it! Grandpa, don’t worry, I know a big guy on the road, let him come forward, hum…”

Doug asked: “Who is this boss?”

“The road calls him the old nine!”

Earl said coldly.

“It turns out to be Old Nine, this is the ruthless man who cut over a hundred people with an axe in the legend!”

“Isn’t there such a sentence on the road? Nan Xiao Du Bei Lao Jiu, is the 13th Tai Bao invincible?”

“Lao Jiu has been in jail for three years and was released last year! He is still in the same prison as Levi!”

Doug and others have obviously heard the name of Lao Jiu.

“Okay, please go and invite Lao Jiu, I will come out the money!”

Doug was also ready to fight it out.

Sarah Levi Lin, they naturally did not know the conspiracy of the Logan family.

The development of the Chengxi Ecological Park has started, and Sarah personally sits on the site to supervise the work.

Due to sufficient funds, the construction team invited are all top-notch.

The efficiency and speed are very high, and many buildings are taking shape.

Sarah visited the construction site that night, but saw a mess, as if something went wrong.

Sarah and Dale ran to the scene of the incident.

However, there are two groups of people in the field. One group is their employees, the other group does not know them, but each is vicious, many shirtless, and tattoos on their bodies are even more scary.

They all held weapons such as iron bars and watermelon knives in their hands, forcing the construction team to retreat step by step.

These gangsters were followed by a large number of villagers.

“what happened?”

Sarah and Dale ran to the court and asked.

“Mr. Logan, they claim to be former residents of this land, and they are making trouble because of the demolition funds. Not only do they demolish the buildings we have built, they are also attacking people!”

The captain of the construction team cried.

“It’s too scary, it looks like a social person!”

“How can the local residents be like this?”

Sarah and Dale looked over.

Sure enough, the group of people on the opposite side seemed to have come out of prison, and unlike ordinary bastards, they had a murderous aura.

As if they really dare to kill.

“I am the boss of this project development, you can just tell me what you want!”

Sarah looked at everyone fearlessly.

The man headed by this group has bronze muscles that almost stretches his vest. His face, shoulders, and body are covered with scars.

Chapter 50

Anyone with a discerning eye can see that this was hacked.

A man can scare many people away just by showing a scar.

The man is also very famous, the first thug under the old nine’s command, nicknamed the knife.

Holding two short knives, he looked at Sarah with a sneer: “Boss? The demolition money is wrong! You are forced to buy and sell, and we are all the villagers.”

“Yes, lose money, lose money!”

“Either lose money! Or we tear it down!”

Under the leadership of these people, a large number of villagers behind them shouted.

Sarah stared at them and said seriously: “I’m sorry, we were able to develop this place to obtain the legal procedures! If you think the demolition money is wrong, you should not contact us, you should contact the demolition office or something.”

Xiaodao sneered and said: “We don’t care about this! We are all vulgar people, we only know that you are building things on our land now! You either pay for the demolition! Or we tear down here, how much you build, we tear down how much.”

“Yes! Lost money!”

Everyone shouted again.

Sarah probably understands that these people are here to make trouble.

The people in the front are gangsters, and the villagers in the back are all coerced.

“Okay, how much do you have to pay for the demolition?”

Sarah asked.

“We have done the calculation, and if we lose another 100 million, it will be overwhelmed!”

The knife said coldly.

“Impossible! Don’t even think of getting a penny!”

Dale immediately said.

A cold light flashed in the knife’s eyes: “Okay, take it down for me!”

With the order of the knife, dozens of thugs joined hands with more than 100 villagers.

The workers wanted to stop, and the knife and others were holding weapons and almost drove them to their necks: “Who would dare to move? I will kill him!!!”

All of Sarah could only watch, they completely demolished the construction site, and even demolished the board room where the workers rested.

After everything was taken apart, the knife smiled in satisfaction.

“Sarah, let me tell you! As long as we don’t lose money for a day, we will come every day. We will demolish as much as you build!”

The knife even looked at the workers and threatened: “If any of you dare to call the police, let’s see how I killed you!”

The knife took everyone away.

Sarah and Dale were about to cry.

After arriving in a remote place, Xiaodao looked at the villagers with a sneer and said: “Go back quickly, no one can say anything about it! If anyone dares to say it, I know where your family lives, and you know the consequences.”

“I know, we must not dare.”

The villagers left immediately.

The knife dialed a number and said with a smile: “Jiuye is done!”

A sneer came from the other side: “This Logan family’s ten million is too easy to make? Just take a few things and get it?”

“That’s not it, Jiuye will go again tomorrow night!”

The knives all laughed in excitement.

On the other side, in a clubhouse.

There are many people sitting in the box.

Among them is Sanye.

But in the banquet tonight, San Garrison is only a middle-level role.

The host is the famous Bei Lao Jiu on the road.

A big boss like Old Nine is one level higher than San Garrison.

Someone asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong with Jiuye? Is there any trouble? If you need a brother, please let me know.”

The old nine, dressed in a black Tang suit, smiled and said without a smile: “No, the Logan family gave me 10 million for nothing, and asked me to go to the Chengxi Ecological Park project development site to cause damage. I thought I would encounter severe stubbornness. It’s too easy, it’s the same as sending money.”

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