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Chapter 441



Wood Zhening took a sharp sip, then let out a scream, and sprayed a sip of water on Hart Zihan.

“what’s wrong with you???”


Wood Zhening poured all the water in the cup onto Hart Zihan.

“The water is so hot, are you going to burn me to death?”

Wood Zhening said angrily.


Hart Zihan covered the wet part in front of her with her hand, she was dumbfounded.

“What’s the matter with you newcomer? On purpose? Take boiled water?”

“Yes! What do you mean? Don’t you want to have fun?”

“Or did you deliberately come to find the fault?”

Everyone started pointing at Hart Zihan and shouted.

Dozens of people scolded a little girl together.

Hart Zihan was frightened by the battle.


Hart Zihan was terrified, lowered his head, crying quietly.

“Hehe, let’s take a look, this is Sarah specially looking for us to clean up!”

Wang Yixiao took the opportunity to fan the flames.

“Yeah! Why didn’t you add these newcomers some time ago, but added these people after the accident last night?”

“It’s clearly against us!”

They quickly attributed the blame to Sarah.

Wood Zhening’s gaze fell on Hart Zihan: “Hey! Apologize! Kneel down and kowtow to apologize, I will let you go!”

“Yes! Kneel down and apologize!!!”

Others shouted.

Hart Zihan was shocked.

I encountered such a big deal the first time I joined the group.

If I knew this, it would be better to do sales honestly.

When Hart Zihan was about to kneel down, her companion Graham Mingjia held her.

“Apologize? Why??”

Graham Mingjia asked.

“Because she deliberately picked up the boiling water, is this clearly hurting me?”

Wood Zhening said angrily.

Graham Mingjia argued: “Hehe, you only said to receive water, but did you say you want hot water or cold water? This is your own problem!”

Wood Zhening stood aloof and sneered: “If I don’t say, wouldn’t you ask? This is the most basic consciousness of a newcomer? Don’t you have a long mouth? Is this consciousness? What kind of actor?”


Wood Zhening’s words made Graham Mingjia speechless.

“And your attitude toward seniors? I didn’t provoke you? Do you really think I have a good temper?”

Wood Zhening had a hideous expression.

Graham Mingjia was also shocked.

If you provoke such a big man in the industry, you will be blocked.

They just came from a few villages, how can they beat these people.

“Apologize, we apologize…”

The other two immediately said.

They are afraid that things will go wrong.

Wood Zhening looked at Graham Mingjia with a sneer. He pointed to the water stains on the ground and said: “You have to kneel down and apologize to me, and then lick the water stains on the ground, and I will spare you!”

Graham Mingjia is a passionate young man after all, and was angered by Wood Zhening.

“Don’t deceive people too much! If it’s a big deal, just fight, who is afraid of whom?”

Graham Mingjia stared at Wood Zhening tightly.


Wood Zhening slapped Graham Mingjia’s face severely.

Graham Mingjia was stunned.

“Fight with me? You are still too tender!”

Wood Zhening sneered.

“I’m fighting with you!”

Graham Mingjia was about to pounce on it.

As a result, he was pressed to the ground by several people and couldn’t get up.

At this time, Wood Zhening looked at each other with Wang Yixiao and the artists whom Cox Zhaolong called over last night.

They are about to start the Cox family’s plan.


Wood Zhening kicked the camera to the ground.

“Fuck, no acting! Isn’t this bullying?”

Chapter 442



Wood Zhening is just like crazy, picking up something is just smashing it.

“Yeah! Stop acting, isn’t this bullying? A few newcomers are sent to bully us on purpose!”


Wang Yixiao was also angry and kicked the equipment around him.

“Sarah used the hands of a few newcomers to force us to leave. I stopped acting and played a hammer!”

“Yeah, how about acting the fuck?”

The other artists and the agency team were angry and smashed things all over the room.

The crew director and others were terrified.

Are these artists crazy?

Being offended by two newcomers wouldn’t be the case, right?

How is this going?

The most dumbfounded were the four Hart Zihan.

They were almost struck by lightning.

A moment ago, I felt that life had just begun to be brilliant, and this kind of thing happened in the next second.

Because of them, these top artists are all fried?

How can they afford it?

Now even the boys start to cry.

How did they know that this was planned by Wood Zhening, Wang Yixiao and others long ago.

They took the money from the Cox family and were bent on destroying the Dongtian Group.

It just happened to use them as a gimmick, thus irritating.

Without them, Wood Zhening would have taken other people at the same time!

More than that.

The top artists along with other crews are going on strike.

Especially Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao acted in five movies concurrently.

All these crews have gone on strike

“Mr. Logan’s big business is not good! The seven crew members have gone on strike! They went on strike without saying anything, and even smashed equipment everywhere. Now the scene is in chaos, you hurry up and see me!”

When Sarah received Fu Guorui’s call, he was terrified.

But she calmed down quickly.

There is definitely a reason for the strike.

First, she offended Wood Zhening.

Second, Cox Zhaolong is playing tricks behind his back.

Sarah reached the scene for the first time.

Seeing the mess in the field, Sarah was very nervous.

Why do you always encounter this kind of thing?

Fu Guorui also arrived.

“What happened? What happened?”

Fu Guorui asked.

Sister Wang, the agent, sneered: “Mr. Fu, Mr. Logan really doesn’t treat us as human beings?”

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

“The four newcomers you just brought are purely for us. One will boil Xiao Wood with boiling water, and the other will beat Xiao Wood!”

“If you want to expel us, just say it, why bother?”

Sister Wang said angrily.

“Yes, if the big deal is a big deal, we will be fired! You don’t want it here, some places want us!”

Wang Yixiao and other artists also angered.

Fu Guorui looked around and asked, “Is this true?”

The others nodded: “It’s true! These few newcomers are awkwardly coming here for Xiao Wood!”

“Yes, Mr. Logan, we really have to say a few words about Mr. Fu. It’s okay to recruit new people. But at least after training, you can follow up with the crew. Why did you send in directly?”

The neutral director Xiao Yilun was dissatisfied.

He doesn’t care who is right or wrong.

He only saw these few newcomers influence the shooting of the work.

“You? I’m so angry!”

Fu Guorui was really furious.

But I can’t say too much, these people were recruited by Sarah after all.

Sarah bit his lip.

She knew that things were not that simple, and these people happened to be on the cusp of the storm.

Wood Zhening and the others broke out through Hart Zihan.

I have to say that this trick is wonderful.

This reason is perfect!

Chapter 443

“President Fu, we stopped acting, this is not fair at all!”

Wood Zhening said.

Fu Guorui persuaded: “Xiao Wood, you are calm and calm, it’s actually just a little thing!”

“Can you calm down? You have done it for this purpose. If you are not satisfied, fire us!”

Wang Yixiao said coldly.

Sarah asked, “Well, what conditions can you continue?”

Wood Zhening smiled and said, “Look, there are still people who understand!”

“Sister Wang, tell her our terms!”

Wood Zhening said.

Sister Wang looked at Sarah and said, “If Logan always wants us to continue acting, he must show his sincerity!”

“Let’s say, how much is the increase in compensation?”

Sarah had already guessed what they were going to do.

Take this opportunity to increase remuneration.

Sister Wang raised three fingers: “The salary of the ten leading actors in seven films has tripled! Let’s continue acting!”


When Fu Guorui heard it, he was dumbfounded.

Three times the reward!

It adds up to 500 million before and after!

We must know that all the production costs of the seven films add up to 500 million.

Now the pay for actors alone is 500 million!

Is this crazy?

Director Xiao Yilun also took a breath.

The lion speaks loudly!

But in this regard, they do not have the slightest room for negotiation.

To put it bluntly, the Dongtian Group’s entertainment project is supported by these ten actors.

If these ten people leave, Dongtian Group’s entertainment project is equivalent to collapse.

They are the weaker side.

There is no qualification to negotiate with these actors.

“No, can it?”

Fu Guorui still wants to discuss.

Wood Zhening said directly: “Three times the pay, one point less will not work!”

Hart Zihan and the others are even more dumbfounded.

Because of them, Dongtian Group had such a crisis.

“Sarah, you may be a newcomer, and you don’t know our importance! Dongtian Group Entertainment can be at the forefront of Case York, and we can rely on us! Otherwise, do you think Fu Guorui, a boss, can listen to us obediently?”

Wang Yixiao said without evasiveness.

Fu Guorui lowered his head, not daring to refute.

But right? These ten people are his cash cows and his ancestors.

It has to be provided!

Wood Zhening sneered: “Not only that, if you want to solve this matter, I will handle the two of them!”

Wood Zhening pointed to Graham Mingjia and Hart Zihan.

Hart Zihan liked this beauty at a glance, and he had to eat it.

As for Graham Mingjia dare to resist him?

court death!

Wood Zhening will not give up unless he is half-dead.

Fu Guorui whispered: “President Logan agree! Even if the movie doesn’t make money, they must stay!”

Wood Zhening looked at Sarah triumphantly.

“Well, let me think about it first, and I will reply to you tomorrow!”

Sarah said.

“Well, we just had a day off!”

Wood Zhening and several people left one after another.

Graham Mingjia and Hart Zihan ran up to Sarah and apologized: “Logan is always bad for us, it’s our fault!”

“Don’t blame you! This thing will happen without you!”

Plum dyed.

Levi, who was in the company, learned about this through Hart Zihan.

He immediately found Sarah.

“Why are you still hesitating? Those few people just fired! The four-legged toad is hard to find, but isn’t the two-legged celebrity celebrity looking for a large piece?”

Levi sneered.

At the instigation of Levi, Sarah called Wood Zhening and other recognized brokerage teams: “I will let you know, you have been fired!”

Chapter 444

When receiving a call from Sarah, the agent Wang Jie had a sense of accomplishment.

But she never expected Sarah to fire them.

This is something they never thought of!

“What did you say? Say it again!”

Sister Wang’s mobile phone almost fell to the ground.

“I repeat, Wood Zhening, Wang Yixiao and ten other artists were fired from the company!”

Sarah said angrily.

“Hmph, Sarah, don’t regret your decision!”

Sister Wang’s face became extremely cold.

“I don’t regret it! You hurry to complete the formalities and leave, Dongtian Group does not welcome you!”

After Sarah hung up the phone, he felt very happy all over his body.

The breath that had been accumulated for a long time finally came out.

“What? Sarah really fired us? How is this possible?”

But after Wood Zhening learned the news, they were going to explode.

Sarah actually fired them?

Before, they relied on being the pillar of Dongtian Group’s entertainment and doing whatever they wanted.

They are sure that Sarah dare not expel them anyway.

This turned out to be the result!

They didn’t expect it!

“Tell Fu Guorui and them right away! I must make Sarah regret it!”

Wood Zhening squinted his eyes.

Wang Yixiao smiled: “Wait, sooner or later Sarah will kneel and beg us!”

When Fu Guorui and other senior executives of the company found out, they immediately found Sarah.

“Mr. Logan can’t do it!”

Sarah was resolute: “You don’t have to persuade, I have already made a decision!”

“You have to think twice, ten of them are gone, which is equivalent to the collapse of Dongtian Group’s entertainment business! Our traffic depends entirely on them!”

Fu Guorui was crying anxiously.

“Yes, the loss was too great! The immediate loss they brought was that the Seven Networks University was completely abolished, and the loss was 500 million!”

“Yes, the subsequent cooperation in various aspects of entertainment will be broken, and it may be abolished directly!”

Others talked about the seriousness of the matter.

At this time, Levi smiled and said: “What? I wouldn’t be able to make this movie without them? Substitution!”

“You layman doesn’t understand at all! At present, the promotion has been launched! And the guarantee of the film splitting is their huge traffic! If you temporarily change other people to perform, don’t you pay?”

Fu Guorui said angrily.

“Hehe, maybe I’m a layman, but from the perspective of my audience, the quality of the film is the most important. The quality of the film is good, and the word of mouth will definitely sell well!

In the past few years, however, movies that invited traffic star Xiao Xianrou to play have a high probability of losing! A terrible loss! “

Levi defended.

Fu Guorui shut up the others obediently.

This is indeed the case!

Nowadays, cinema movies don’t invite traffic stars, Xiao Xianrou.

The quality of the film is too poor, and all of them are losing money.

Currently, only online movies invite traffic star Xiao Xianroupai.

Users are mainly fans. To put it bluntly, they cut leeks and squeeze money out of fans.

Run when you finish making money.

“You ask traffic stars to take a look at it for the time being. Reaping fans is profitable, but word-of-mouth will get worse and worse! Without the word-of-mouth support of quality movies, it will be over sooner or later!”

Levi continued.

Fu Guorui sighed.

Levi’s analysis was correct at all.

The first big online movie made is the most profitable, and the next few are getting worse and worse.

There are more and more infamy on the Internet.

To put it bluntly, the film quality is so bad that fans won’t pay.

Chapter 445

“In this way, the four acting skills I gave you, Sarah, are good. You can use some newcomers in the company with good acting skills and let them shoot! This way all the actors’ pay is saved, and the money is used for special effects and plot! In addition! The remuneration of directors, scriptwriters and producers has also increased, so that they can polish up seven movies. I don’t believe that they can’t sell well!”

Levi said.

Sarah felt reasonable and immediately agreed: “Well, just do what you said!”

Fu Guorui also agreed with Levi’s plan, but he hesitated: “But we have all been promoted for these seven films. It’s very controversial to change the lead role temporarily!”

“Don’t you think this is an opportunity? There is controversy and attention. We use small actors and have no reputation. Only when there is controversy, can we attract attention. When the time comes, the public relations team will speculate again and increase the popularity. , When the movie will be released, as long as our word of mouth passes, the movie will definitely be a big seller!”

Levi said.

Fu Guorui’s eyes lit up fiercely: “Mr. Garrison, you are really amazing! Although Wood Zhening and the others are gone, we can keep talking about them!”

Levi nodded: “Let go and do it! Try to create a few stars! When it is going to be released in the future, I will find a way to increase publicity!”

On the other side, Wood Zhening and the others are still waiting for Sarah to apologize.

After Fu Guorui arrived, he said coldly: “This is a contract termination agreement. You are expelled and leave immediately!”


Wood Zhening was stunned.

Fu Guorui personally fired them?

How did he do it?

“Fu Guorui, you got kicked in the head? Let’s go, what about your seven movies? What about the future of Dongtian Group?”

Wood Zhening, Wang Yixiao and others scolded.

Fu Guorui was also very angry and was always riding on his head by these people.

He sneered: “You malignant tumors are in Dongtian, Dongtian has no hope!”

“As for these seven movies, we have already found good people to act!”

Fu Guorui looked at Hart Zihan, Graham Mingjia and others who were trembling in the field.

“Hart Zihan, Graham Mingjia…you come to star!”

The four Hart Zihan were dumbfounded.

Life is really ups and downs.

Not long ago, he had a catastrophe, and even his life was hard to save.

After a while, they were even starring in a movie with a cost of 50 million.


As a result, Wood Zhening, Wang Yixiao and others all laughed.

“Fu Guorui, do you have a brain? Let these newcomers play movies that cost nearly 500 million? How do you guarantee the box office? Wait for the loss! Brain damage!!!”

In the eyes of these artists, they think this is absolutely impossible.

Without their fame and traffic, how can the box office be guaranteed?

“Haha, let’s go! Let’s see how you brains can play? Don’t kneel and beg us at that time!”

Artists such as Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao left immediately.

In fact, Fu Guorui was uneasy.

Because this approach has never been successful.

The way forward is unknown.

If it rushes, maybe Dongtian Group Entertainment will be cut in half.

After Wood Zhening and other ten artists left the Dongtian Group, they directly signed a contract with Supreme Entertainment, a subsidiary of the provincial capital Sujia.

The news quickly spread throughout Case York.

“I regret it!”

Fu Guorui and others still regret it.

Even Sarah regrets a little bit.

This is equivalent to sending a cash cow into the arms of a competitor.

They want to beat you in turn!

“Dongtian is really a fool! Sarah is even a fool! The Dongtian Group will get into my hands sooner or later!”

Cox Zhaolong was extremely excited.

He found that he had always overestimated that plums were dyed.

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