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Chapter 446

“Hahaha, next, I will customize seven major online movies for you, and they will be shown together with their movies! I will cry them when the time comes!”

“Okay, no problem! Let’s work hard! Let Dongtian Group fail miserably!”

Wood Zhening and several people are looking forward to it.

“Well, we know their script, and we have customized seven movies with similar content to them!”

Cox Zhaolong decided to completely kill the Dongtian Group.

“Haha, President Cox is a good idea! All the audiences flock to us for movies with similar content, and the movies made by their newcomers are not watched at all. Five hundred million will be lost!”

“I think, when the time comes, we will sue them for plagiarizing our script and kill them completely in public opinion!”

Wang Yixiao had an idea.

Cox Zhaolong smiled: “You are more insidious than me! If you plagiarize their content, you will in turn sue others for plagiarism!”

“Hahaha…wait for the collapse of the Dongtian Group!”

A group of old foxes got together and laughed.

Regret it, regret it.

But things had happened, Sarah let go and did it.

He and Levi brought in actors, directors, screenwriters, and producers for a meeting.

“In this way, your salary for these seven movies will be tripled! In addition, you will get dividends when the movie is divided into accounts!”

The resolution proposed by Levi simply beat the director Xiao Yilun and others.

It’s useless to talk so much.

The money is the most real.

You let them earn more money, and they will generate more income for you.

“Mr. Logan, don’t worry, Mr. Garrison! I will take it seriously, and I decided to change seven films into two films! With the shortest cycle, make the most sophisticated film.”

Xiao Yilun said.

It turns out that the seven movies are not degraded in quantity but in quality. Each one is aimed at cheating fans for money, and the total number of seven movies is more.

To put it bluntly, it is crude and shoddy, the same as the factory assembly line.

But now it’s different. With enough funds and support from all quarters, you can make excellent movies.

The screenwriter Cross Xuelin also said: “En, I immediately improved the script, striving for a compact plot, the fastest rhythm, and no urine points throughout the process.”

“Yeah, the special effects side can be fully guaranteed. In the past, all the funds were spent on the actors, and the special effects were less than a few dollars, which is not good at all. Now that the funds are sufficient, I have no problems at all.”

The special effects team was about to laugh out loud.

This is the first time they have been so well-funded in decades of business.

Tens of millions and hundreds of millions of funds are all in special effects.

I couldn’t even think of it before.

“We will grasp every hurdle, please rest assured, Mr. Logan!”

Producer humane.

Young actors know that opportunities are not easy, so they will naturally treat them with all their strength.

Regarding film production, there is no problem.

Levi’s only concern is propaganda.

Although the public relations team has gone to the heat.

But after all, people like Hart Zihan can’t even count as the 18th line, and the popularity is difficult to maintain.

“Forget it, let’s wait until the film is finished!”

Levi smiled.

He also anticipated that Cox Zhaolong would plagiarize and plagiarize the content, so he suggested that the crew be completely closed so that Cox Zhaolong would not know what was being filmed here.

After Sarah adopted it, there was no news from Cox Zhaolong.

“Huh, you dare to shoot secretly! It’s as if anyone doesn’t know the scripts of seven movies?”

Cox Zhaolong sneered.

Supreme Entertainment continues to shoot the seven previous movies.

Chapter 447

At this time, supreme entertainment is very popular in Case York.

Because of Wood Zhening’s job-hopping on the front line, it caused a lot of topics.

The audience and fans are very much looking forward to the movie tailor-made for Wood Zhening by Supreme Entertainment.

Time passed day by day.

The development of Erick Group and Xiaojia is still very strong.

But the enterprises from the provincial capitals are not bad either.

They didn’t know how many companies they had annexed in a month, and they really tasted the sweetness.

They are all lamenting that this piece of fat in Case York is too fat. It deserves to be the largest economic city in Jiangnan Province.

In addition, no one cares about some of their extreme methods, so they are even more intensified.

More and more people enter Case York, wanting to eat meat.

Needless to say, the Cox family, Cox Zhaolong is the forward force, and his father and uncles of the follow-up troops all arrived.

The Logan family is also developing quietly, radiating to everywhere through Doug.

This month, Mr. Shanler has been investigating the background of the Erick Group.

Since it is difficult to check, it lasted for about a month.

“For now, the foster father has not found out that they have any background! Next, we only need to wait for the results of the dark web. Once the results come out, we can take action on the Erick Group!”

Yuan Futu said.

The so-called dark web is a website dedicated to collecting intelligence information.

The website is a membership system, and there are no more than one hundred members in Velador.

In the entire Jiangnan Province, only Mr. Shanler is a member, no one else.

So no one except him can use the dark web to check things.

“Well, tell Logan Er, let him prepare well, I am ready to move Erick Group!”

Yuan Shanler held the Buddhist beads in his hand and said lightly.

In this month, the crew of Dongtian Group worked overtime and finally finished the production of two exquisite films.

Hart Zihan and others did not disappoint, and fully demonstrated what they had learned.

Acting is completely online!

“These are the two most perfect movies I have ever directed!”

Xiao Yilun sighed like this.

Others are also very excited.

Because the quality of these two movies is really too high.

It’s not an exaggeration to compare to cinema movies.

On the other side, Cox’s Supreme Entertainment took a month to shoot seven movies.

The content is fragile and shoddy.

But with the names of first-line traffic stars such as Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao.

So there are still a lot of people looking forward to making an appointment, more than 400,000 people.

In addition, there has been a lot of publicity recently, and it is estimated that the number of reservations before the show can reach one million!

Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao sneered and said, “Next, how can we defeat the Dongtian Group in one fell swoop?”

The films of both sides were sent to the radio and television to be reviewed.

As long as the review is passed, it can be screened immediately.

Supreme Entertainment bought all the recommended positions on the homepage of major videos in advance, and it was okay to make less money, mainly to kill the Dongtian Group.

“What about the publicity plan? None of what you provide to me will work!”

Sarah was very dissatisfied with everyone’s publicity plan.

As a result, these two movies are not hot.

The popularity also praises Wood Zhening’s films and degrades the films of Dongtian Group.

“Leave it to me! I’ll arrange it!”

Levi already had an idea for propaganda.

“Well, it’s all over to you!”

Sarah feels relieved to Levi.

The next day.

Early in the morning, the media exposed explosive news: The contents of the latest seven movies of Dongtian Group to be released completely copied from Zhishang Entertainment’s movies!

As soon as the news came out, Case York was fried.

Chapter 448

In the past month, Dongtian Group and Zhishang Entertainment have been clashing, as everyone knows.

What happened now is shocking.

Are all seven movies plagiarized?

Is Dongtian Group crazy?

The whistleblower also listed the evidence.

The general trend of Supreme Entertainment’s script and the general trend of the seven films of Dongtian Group.

A discerning person knows that it is plagiarism.

The main reason is that the screenwriters of these seven films are the queen screenwriters of Wood Zhening and Wang Yixiao, who do not belong to the Dongtian Group. After being expelled, they can be regarded as joining Supreme Entertainment.

So the seven films of Dongtian Group are plagiarism!

At least it looks like this to the blinded audience!

For a time, curses were everywhere on the Internet.

In particular, fans of ten artists such as Wood Zhening, organized and disciplined cyber attacks against Dongtian Group.

It is bound to hold the Dongtian Group’s cultural and entertainment piece firmly.

Even the relevant departments have set up an investigation team, ready to intervene to fully investigate this matter.

When Dongtian Group learned of this news, it was shocked.

“I really didn’t expect that Supreme Entertainment would come to such a trick!”

Fu Guorui patted the table fiercely.

“Yeah, it’s obviously that they copied our script, and then the other way around? It’s really hateful!”

The other top executives are also very angry.

Sarah smiled and said: “Levi, or you are good, you have anticipated this move a long time ago. They thought they could sue us for plagiarism?”

“It’s naive, how do they know that we are not showing seven movies, only two, and the scripts are completely different!”

Fu Guorui looked forward to it very much: “I don’t know if Everest Entertainment will be stupid when seeing our movie?”

Levi’s eyes lit up: “How can Hart Chou promote it? Let’s let the public relations department continue to ferment the plagiarism, the more aggressive the attack, the better, and maintain this popularity. In this way, once our movie is released, this is all free publicity. what!”

Sarah’s eyes lit up.

Levi is simply a genius in business.

“Okay, I’ll arrange it right away!”

Levi continued: “In addition, the news will be released. Dongtian Group’s new movie is about to be released. Just don’t use specific names or information to create a vague illusion!”

“Okay! I get it!”

Subsequently, news came out that the movie produced by Dongtian Group was about to be screened on major video websites.

I don’t know why, the curses and attacks on the Internet are dozens of times stronger.

Major media, forums, and news portals are full of curses.

It seemed that he was going to kill the Dongtian Group alive.

“Ah? Is it so cruel? The effect is dozens of times stronger than we expected? The Dongtian Group has caused public outrage?”

Wood Zhening, Cox Zhaolong and others were very excited.

Dongtian Group will soon collapse, and Cox Zhaolong will buy it at a low price.

Wang Yixiao was relatively calm, and she wondered: “Why do I feel something is wrong? In the afternoon, Dongtian Group’s public opinion seems to have increased dozens of times, and there seems to be a pusher behind.”

“You think too much, the Dongtian Group’s plagiarism is really hammered. The investigation team will check it out soon!”

Wood Zhening said.

Wang Yixiao bit her lip: “I hope I think too much!”

“You must be thinking too much, it should be the navy arranged by me!”

“In addition, I said hello to the leader of the investigation team. It is estimated that it can delay the release of Dongtian Group’s movie in a week.”

Cox Zhaolong said.

Chapter 449

“Haha, our movie will be released in three days. When they are released, we have already washed the market again, and they will release a similar movie again, and the loss of rompers will be gone!”

Wood Zhening became more and more excited.

Others are also looking forward to it.

The next day, the investigation team jointly established by the radio and television and relevant departments came to the Dongtian Group.

“We are in the investigation team! We have received reports from the masses that your upcoming online movie is suspected of plagiarism! Let your boss come out!”

Liu Yongan, the leader of the investigation team, said blankly.

In the meeting room.

Soon, Sarah, Fu Guorui and others arrived.

“Sarah, right? Your film is suspected of plagiarism, and the evidence is solid! What do you have to say?”

Liu Yongan threw a thick pile of evidence to Sarah.

Sarah did not look at the so-called evidence immediately.

Others are also very calm, as if nothing happened.

This made Liu Yongan very angry.


Liu Yongan stood up and patted the table fiercely.

“What? Is it glorious to plagiarize? Is it so glorious to plagiarize someone else’s work?”

“No wonder everyone says Dongtian Group is a garbage company. I have seen it today!”

Liu Yongan is going to explode.

But he was smiling inwardly.

Before coming, Cox Zhaolong specially asked him to find trouble as much as possible.

No, did you bring it to your door?

“What do you mean by Dongtian Group? Didn’t you see Leader Liu all angry? Can you laugh out one by one?”

The other members of the investigation team were also very angry.

Liu Yongan pointed to Sarah and said: “I order you now to hand over the sources of your upcoming movies. I want to investigate!”

Sarah smiled and said: “Sorry, the film source was taken to the radio and television for review! It is currently in top-secret status, and no one has the right to view it!”

“You F*rt!!!”

“I’m the leader of the investigation team, don’t you even look at me?”

Liu Yongan said angrily.

“Come, tell the relevant departments that the movie of Dongtian Group has been postponed and will not be released until at least two weeks!”

Liu Yongan talks to other people.

“Yes, group leader!”

Liu Yongan looked at Sarah again: “Sarah, let me ask you one last sentence, do you accept the investigation? Otherwise, I will directly define you as plagiarism. Not only will your reputation be damaged, you will be blacklisted, and you will have to accept corresponding punishments! “

Sarah smiled and said, “I didn’t plagiarize, you can do whatever you want!”


Liu Yongan is going to explode.

Why don’t the people of Dongtian Group panic at all?

It seems to be indifferent.

Are they going to break the jar?

“Huh, just right!”

Liu Yongan sneered and said, “Since you refuse to cooperate, then I will directly come to the conclusion!”

“Dongtian Group plagiarism is a fact! Penalties are as follows-

First, the cultural and entertainment department of Dongtian Group stopped for half a month;

Second, the movie has to be postponed and must be revised.

Third, a penalty of 10 million!

Fourth, the relevant person in charge of Dongtian Group must apologize to the public! “

At this time, Fu Guorui’s faces changed drastically.

They didn’t expect the investigation team to come true, and directly defined it as plagiarism.

This charge is true, even if it is not plagiarism, two of their movies will not make it.

At this time, Levi, who had not been moving, dialed out a call: “Hey, Xiaoyun, let the head of the Case York Radio and Television Department come to me!”

Chapter 450

Now that Levi has a full-time secretary, Nie Xiaoyun, he can do things even more handily.

Nie Xiaoyun immediately contacted Shang Chaoyong, the person in charge of the Case York radio and television department.

Tell him everything.

Shang Chaoyong was scared to death.

Immediately put down everything on hand, and rushed to the Dongtian Group with people.

In the conference room of Dongtian Group.

There was no sound.

Seeing a lot of people showing panic expressions, Liu Yongan showed a smug look.

“How about? Do you not cooperate with the investigation? To tell you the truth, whether your movie is released or not is a matter of my word! If you have a better attitude, things might turn for the better.”

Liu Yongan hinted frantically.

He has already benefited from Cox Zhaolong, and he also wants to make a fortune from the Dongtian Group.

In fact, everyone in the radio and television industry knows what is going on. It is the competition between the two film and television companies.

It is not necessarily plagiarism from Dongtian Group.

Liu Yongan understands this truth very well.

He also knows that this investigation team comes and goes.

But if he can make a profit, why not do it?

Whoever paid more from Dongtian Group and Zhishang Entertainment, he stood there.

“What does this team leader mean? I’m a little dull, I don’t quite understand!”

Levi asked.

Liu Yongan smiled and said, “Do you know how to pretend or not, right? Well, let me be more blunt. I can decide whether you plagiarize or not. So as long as you make me happy, this matter is still It’s not me who has the final say?”

“Liu Yongan, you are so bold!!!”

At this moment, the door of the conference room was slammed open.

From the outside rushed in, Shang Chaoyong, the head of Case York Radio and Television, and the senior officials of the radio and television audit department.

“Huh? Chief, why are you here?”

“How can this little thing bother you?”

Liu Yongan and other members of the investigation team got up immediately.

“If I don’t come again, you will lose all the face of my radio and television!”

Shang Chaoyong said angrily.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Liu Yongan was very puzzled.

“I heard what you said just now!”

Shang Chaoyong roared.

Liu Yongan was terrified: “The director was a misunderstanding. I scared the Dongtian Group! If they don’t cooperate with the investigation, I can’t scare them!”


“Big mistake!”

Shang Chaoyong stared at him tightly.

“Ah? Who is wrong with the chief? What’s the matter?”

The monk of Liu Yongan’s Cross Er was puzzled.

“Because Dongtian Group did not plagiarize at all, why should they cooperate with you? In addition, this matter is simply ridiculous!”

“Director, you are a little clearer, I really don’t understand!”

Shang Chaoyong threw the script in front of Liu Yongan and said angrily: “Watch it!”

“Plagiarism? Supreme Entertainment has made seven movies, but Dongtian Group only made two movies. If the number is not right, just say plagiarism?”

“In addition, if you look at other people’s content, it’s completely different. It can be much better than the movies on the Supreme Entertainment pipeline!”

After reading the script, Liu Yongan immediately understood everything.

Cox Zhaolong hadn’t figured out the situation at all.

I don’t know what the movie filmed by Dongtian Group is at all, just say it is plagiarism!

Liu Yongan also understands why Dongtian Group closed the filming.

I just don’t want others to know what they’re shooting!

“Liu Yongan, you and the members of the entire investigation team did not collect evidence based on facts and listened to others’ confusion, which caused a great impact. All of you have been suspended for three months without pay to see your subsequent performance!”

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