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Chapter 471

“Play in Case York!”

“Play in Case York!”

“Play in Case York!”

Thousands of people underneath were full of enthusiasm, and everyone’s anger was stored to the fullest.

Urgently need to vent!!!

They put on the white flowers on their chests, tightened the white straps on their heads, and hid their long knives around their waists.

All ready to go!

The Cox and Logan families in the provincial capital understood that this time Shanler had given up.

If it makes such a fuss, it won’t end at all in the end.

From now on there will be absolutely no Shanler in this world.

But before that, Shanler had already stepped down in the city and had his revenge on the Erick Group!

“The soldiers are divided into ten groups! Heading for Case York, come here, and carry the coffins of my brother and my son! And the coffin he sent! Let’s go!”

Yuan Shanler ordered.

In the end, more than 10,000 people were divided into ten groups and headed for Case York.

Yuan Shanler and Typhoon personally led the way, and Shanler Typhoon Qiulao and Wang walked in the forefront.

Five coffins followed, followed by three thousand people.

They walked to Case York on this road!

The scene is extremely spectacular and terrifying.

Anyone who sees it must avoid it.

Even if the provincial capital knew it, they didn’t dare to stop it.

Because this is a bunch of lunatics, they can’t stop them even if they want to.

Even if it is blocked, it will cost a lot of money!

Furthermore, there is no news from the city, and they dare not act without authorization.

The other nine roads all set off by car, forming a long convoy to go to Case York.

What they have to do is very simple. Before Shanler arrives along the way, take everything in Case York.

It is best to send the head of the owner of the Erick Group to Shanler!

No one in Jiangnan Province knows Shanler’s big moves.

The major clan forces in the provincial capital quickly hid.

For fear of being affected.

The scene is too noisy.

That’s more than 13,000 people!

Ten other cities in Jiangnan Province are also trembling.

What if the war spreads over?

Is that a joke?

Everyone is praying for the city.

Soon Case York will become hell!

This gang of lunatics will bring the blood to the extreme.

None of those who had a relationship with the Erick Group were spared.

Cox Hang naturally learned the news here.

Lao Jiu, Hong San and others were all scared to death.

Compared with Shanler and the others, they are not even a F*rt.

Yuan Shanler is really too cruel!

Do you really dare to spare it?

Even Dean got the news for the first time.

He quickly asked Duan Tianyang whether he wanted to take measures.

Duan Tianyang’s reply to him was very simple-with that person, we should do it.

This made Dean feel at ease.

Otherwise, there will be no way to open the meeting.

If things get too loud, he can’t get back all over.

The team led by Shanler took a small path and set off. The three thousand people dressed in linen and filial piety, carried the coffin, and no strangers should come near. Passers-by were scared to death when they saw it.

No one spoke at all.

Despite the rugged mountain road, the team is neat and tidy.

After all, it is Shanler’s most elite trump card, and it can be called an army-like existence.

“Sir, we have one hour to arrive in Case York!”

Old Qiu said by the side.

“Okay, keep going!”

Yuan Shanler said coldly.

After walking for a while, the typhoon next to him was immediately alert.

He stopped and looked ahead.

I saw an off-road vehicle parked in a clearing not far away.

Sitting alone on the front cover of the car.

“Yuan Shanler has been waiting for you for a long time!”

The man smiled.

It is Levi!!!

Chapter 472

There were three people standing beside him-Alton, Wesley, and Owen.

Owen looked expectantly at the three thousand people ahead.

Upon seeing this, Shanler waved his hand and immediately everyone stopped.

“Are you waiting for me?”

Yuan Shanler asked.

“Well, that’s right.”

Levi was smoking a cigarette.

“You are the Lord of Erick Group?”

“Well, that’s right.”

Yuan Shanler and others were stunned.

Never expected to be so young.

“What a surprise, I thought it was an old guy. What a surprise!”

Yuan Shanler sighed.

Levi glanced at the coffin he was carrying, and he smiled: “It seems that Mr. knows the current affairs well, knowing that he is dying, so he took the coffin with him specially!”

“Hmph, this is for you!!!”

Yuan Shanler snorted coldly.

Levi smiled: “I’m sorry, I’m still very young, not like Mr., you are almost into the soil!”


Playing tricks, where is Shanler Levi’s opponent.

The next moment, his conversation turned, his eyes flickered: “Who killed my brother and my son? Stand up!”

Owen smiled and said, “It’s me, but you are not qualified to know my name!”

Owen was right.

No matter how high Shanler’s status is, he is a real major general.

Yuan Shanler is absolutely not qualified.

“Very well, do you want four people to stop us three thousand?”

Yuan Shanler sneered.

Owen smiled and said: “Sorry, I am alone!”

“Presumptuous! Looking for death!”


Suddenly Wang and his top ten Lords started together and rushed over.


Eleven knives flickered with cold light, piercing Owen’s vitals.

Owen tore out a corner of his clothes without a hassle, and put it on his mouth.

The purpose of this is to prevent blood from splashing into the mouth later.

“Being mystery!”

Wang was the fastest, stabbing him with one blade, impartially it was Owen’s throat.


It was just that Owen made a quick shot, clasped Wang’s wrist, and smashed the long knife in the direction.


The long knife pierced Wang’s body instantly.

Wang fell down with an incredible expression.

Then a joint attack from the top ten Lords came.

I saw Owen curl up ten knives with his clothes.

He jumped up and kicked four or five people away.

After that, punch one by one.

Blood splattered.

In less than ten seconds, all ten people fell.


Yuan Shanler felt extremely shocked here!

This person is so strong!

Everyone knows that Wang can achieve the position of Xucheng boss, he is very strong, and his ten Lords are invincible.

Unexpectedly, ten seconds were gone.

Yuan Shanler, Qiu Lao and others understood why the bones and King Kong were all dead.

The guy in front of you is too strong!

“I think no matter how strong you are, can you block the three thousand people behind me?”

Yuan Shanler said angrily.

The typhoon stopped him.

“Mr. Let me come!”

They were shocked when they saw the typhoon at this moment.

Because the typhoon at this moment is like a beast that hasn’t seen its prey for several days, with both eyes shining, which is a terrible look at the prey.


A terrible hostility swelled out of the typhoon, and even the fallen leaves and dust under his feet were forcibly shaken away.

Everyone can even smell a trace of blood.

They know that the typhoon that takes killing as fun and only killing in the life creed is back!

After retiring for thirty years, his strength has been increasing.

The typhoon licked his lips and looked at Owen as if he was looking at its prey.

Chapter 473

The typhoon slowly moved towards Owen.

Obviously, the pace seemed to be slow, but he stepped more than ten meters.

The distance of hundreds of meters came in an instant.

“Brothers listen to my orders and give me the remaining three people to pieces!”

Yuan Shanler ordered.


At this moment, a cry of wolf came, especially loud in the silent deep forest.

Everyone looked to the sides and was horrified.

Because the shadow of a wolf appeared on the hills on both sides.

This wolf looks much larger than the usual wolf.

There are nine wolves on the hill on the left and nine wolves on the right.

What is even more frightening is that a wolf is riding a person on his body, covered in black all over his body, with a mask on his face, revealing a pair of bloodthirsty and cold eyes.

These eighteen people carried weapons such as bows, crossbows, firearms, and various advanced weapons such as grenades, sabers, and daggers on their bodies.

Under General God of War-Eighteen Cavaliers of Heavenly Tribulation.

The nightmare of the enemy on the battlefield!

With the existence of a thousand enemies!

As soon as the eighteen people appeared, the momentum they brought restrained three thousand people.

Everyone messed up and looked at both sides in a panic.

After all, there are people who use wolves as mounts?

Simply unheard of!

“Why panic? Shame!”

Yuan Shanler said angrily.

“Remember, how many people come and kill them!”

After Shanler’s encouragement, everyone’s fighting spirit burned like a raging fire.

There are three thousand of them, who are they afraid of?

What can these eighteen people do with them?


At this time, the eighteen wolves let out a long roar and started killing.

“Boom boom…”

Eighteen fierce wolves attacked and rushed down from the top of the mountain with a thunderous momentum.


Eighteen fierce wolves quickly rushed into the team of three thousand people, and the team was rushed to the ground in an instant.


There was a scream.

At this moment, the nine teams under Shanler were very close to Case York.


But at this moment, the leader suddenly braked and the entire convoy came to a halt.

Because someone is blocking it.

This group is dressed in uniform.

Army green vest, army green trousers and black combat boots.

But they are all bare-handed.

These people are naturally the Dragon Legion of Tatsuno.

They also divided into nine teams to intercept these people.

Tatsuno’s request to the team was simple-the task was completed with bare hands.

This group of beasts screamed happily.

I haven’t had a fight in months!

Seeing Longye’s team, Shanler’s old men were not afraid.

“Do you dare to stop us with your bare hands? Brothers, chop me off these gangsters!”

Yuan Shanler’s men drew out long knives one after another, and walked towards Longye and them step by step.

In their opinion, what if people like Tatsuno can fight again?

No matter how high the skill is, I am afraid of choppers.

Today they will be chopped into minced meat!

The same goes for the other eight roads.

Tatsuno’s team all stopped.

The two sides quickly fought against each other.

Screams everywhere!

At this time, the typhoon was already less than five meters away from Owen.


Suddenly, the typhoon accelerated, carrying a gust of wind and impacting away.

The leaves underground were all washed away.

There were even two deep footprints of the typhoon on the ground.


I don’t know when, there was a black gold dagger in his hand.


The moment the black gold dagger appeared, a strong wind was set off, and it felt hot on the face, as if the blade was cutting.

The typhoon knife is perfect in terms of angle, strength, and speed!

This blow must see blood!

Chapter 474

The opponent’s offensive was so swift and violent, Owen was also very excited.

Unexpectedly, there are such Lords in the underground circle?

The blow came in an instant.

Owen suddenly bends back, leaning back, almost touching the ground, before evading the violent blow.



The typhoon knife was inserted into a big tree as thick as a human waist behind it.

In an instant, this big tree fell apart from top to bottom and burst open.

Boomed into countless fragments flying…


Extremely horrible!

No loss is the number one Lord in Jiangnan Province!

But Owen just smiled: “The skill is not bad, it’s up to me next!”

After speaking, Owen deceived him and slammed his punch.

The typhoon immediately fought back with a dagger.


It was just that the dagger was clamped by Owen’s two fingers, and he hit Typhoon with a punch.


The typhoon flew out immediately and broke a big tree.

Just as he was about to get up, Owen instantly appeared in front of him.


Another fist hit him in the face.


Blood was splashed at the mouth of the typhoon.

He wanted to fight back, but was held tightly by Owen, and there was no room to fight back.


Next, Owen hit the typhoon with punch after punch like a pile driver.

After hitting more than 20 punches, the typhoon has lost its breath, and the whole person has become a blood man, with blood everywhere.


The eyeballs of Shanler and Qiu Lao were about to fly out.

So miserable?

Unable to fight back?

The number one Lord of typhoon in Jiangnan Province was beaten to the point where he could not fight back?

What kind of perversion is this?

Beyond the cognition!

They also understand why Erick Group is so arrogant.

If there is such a Lord, it is disease that is not crazy, right?

If Shanler had such a Lord in his command, the surrounding provinces would be his territory!

It’s not just limited to Jiangnan Province.

Look at the battlefield behind you.

Both Shanler and Qiu Lao’s jaws were shocked.

I originally thought that 3,000 people to 18 people must be safe and can no longer be safe.

But the scene before them scared them.

They are all falling down on the floor…

Three thousand people were killed by eighteen people, and these eighteen people seemed like an unstoppable killer.

All his people are at large, and no one dares to take up a knife to fight.

Eighteen knights of the sky robbery, like no one’s realm, they represent like the sky robbery.

Can a mortal stop the robbery?


Heavenly Tribulation Eighteenth Cavaliers are comparable to nuclear bombs on the battlefield.

Not to mention dealing with these gangsters.

Even a little overkill.

Three thousand people are too few.

Thirty thousand people are about the same!

Another nine ways.

When Shanler’s old team and Long Garrison’s team played against each other, they realized they were wrong.

This is a bunch of lunatics!

It’s so good!

too strong!

They have been around for 20 years and have never seen such a strong one.

The Jiutiao Road collapsed instantly, and within two minutes, all of Shanler’s old ministry fell to the ground and screamed.

All was solved in two minutes!

Thirteen thousand people were instantly defeated.

Just two minutes.

This is something no one expected!

In their eyes, there is a god-like existence-Yuan Shanler.

In front of the real powerhouse, he couldn’t even last three minutes.

At this moment, Shanler was really dumbfounded.

The typhoon died.

The ace elite of three thousand people was defeated.

What else does he have?


“Sir, there is news from the other nine roads that they are all defeated! We are over, all over…”

Old Qiu cried out loud.

Chapter 475

Yuan Shanler also closed his eyes in despair.

That’s it!

They never thought it would end so soon!

The coffin was really prepared for myself.

“Your biggest mistake is to make ideas about the city, otherwise you can live!”

The voice of Levi shook Shanler’s body.

Yuan Shanler opened his eyes and looked at Levi and asked, “Can I tell you who you are before I die!”

Old Qiu Sese trembled: “Sir, I… I seem to have guessed it!”


Yuan Shanler asked.

“the city! Who else in the city can’t afford to provoke?”

Old Qiu reminded.

Yuan Shanler suddenly saw a man riding a wolf not far away, and he exclaimed: “Could it be the Eighteenth Cavalry of the Heavenly Tribulation??”

“Kun…General God of War…his…”

Yuan Shanler took a deep breath and said the supreme name.

This is what Shanler never expected.

No wonder the identity of the owner of the Erick Group is mysterious, and nothing can be found.

Even the information found on the dark web is only saying that he has no background.

Where does he need a background?

He himself is the background!

He is a rich man himself!

Yuan Shanler hates it!

Why did you hate Logan Erye calling him out of the mountain?

In the end, the thing that sensationalized the whole city ended quietly like this.

No one knows why.

A lot of news is saying that it is a rumor at all, and Shanler’s gathering of tens of thousands of people is simply false.

There is no such thing at all.

Rumors abounded from various parties.

But one thing is true!

Yuan Shanler disappeared.

The entire underground circle in Jiangnan Province became clean and clean, and they were all cleared overnight.

What hasn’t been done for decades, has been achieved overnight.

Countless people applaud!

After all, the group of Shanler, like a blood-sucking locust, has killed many people.

Levi asked people to check the assets of the Shanler faction, and it turned out to be a full hundreds of billions.

He ordered the money to be used for public welfare and charity, and whoever dares to embezzle, he personally came to the door.

The people applauded one after another.

This kind of good deeds can increase the cohesion of a city.

The same is true for the purpose of Erick Group now-the construction and development of Case York, the money is spent on the people.

Dean asked Levi whether he should go to the provincial capital and develop the entire Jiangnan Province.

Levi refused.

He still wanted to be by Sarah’s side.

He said that he wants his wife Wood to have a future.

Sarah would only go if he was going to the provincial capital.

After this battle.

Family businesses in the provincial capital and other cities are quiet.

Knowing that Case York is a forbidden area, no one dared to break in without authorization.

To come, Case York development is also the first place, and profitability is second.

The development momentum of Case York is even stronger!

This day.

Wesley found Levi.

“Does the general remember the hundreds of billions of assets of the Shanler faction?”

Wesley asked.

“Know, what’s wrong, someone misappropriated it?”

Levi frowned.

Wesley shook his head: “It’s much more serious than this! Someone secretly bought a company from the Shanler faction, and now plans to invest more than 80 billion in charity is missing!”

“What? There is such a thing? Someone quietly transferred the money away?”

Levi almost jumped up in shock.

What happened to the money he set up specifically?

“Is it clear?”

Levi asked.

“Probably clear, it is the largest foreign company in Jiangnan Province, the Samxing Group from South Korea! They secretly bought everything and took away more than 80 billion!”

Wesley Road.

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