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Chapter 466

As soon as the news came out, there was a major earthquake in the entire Jiangnan Province.

Whether it is the upper class or the underground circle.

Very shocking!

Mr. Shanler came out of the mountain after retiring for thirty years, doing such a big move?

Convene all the old ministries and students?

Crazy like never before!

problem occurs!

Something big happened in Jiangnan Province!

Mr. is completely angry!

After the husband’s order was issued, the underground circles of the thirteen cities in Jiangnan Province immediately assembled their staff and headed to the provincial capital in a mighty manner.

Trucks of people sent to the provincial capital, the scene was shocking.

Not only that, Shanler’s disciples are all over the 13 cities, and there are people in any field.

They are also gathering all the forces that can be assembled, preparing to attend the funeral three days later.

Someone estimated that within three days, at least tens of thousands of people can be assembled!!!

Everyone was shocked again!

Yuan Shanler is the real king of Jiangnan Province!

After thirty years of retiring and coming out of the mountain, with a shout, a hundred responses, a thousand troops assembled!

Everywhere in Jiangnan Province knew about such a vigorous big move.

Even the provincial capital has closed one eye.

It’s hard to deal with angering your husband.

As long as there is no major turmoil, the funeral can be done whatever it takes!

In the Purple Mountain Villa.

Yuan Shanler sat opposite the typhoon.

The typhoon still looked quiet, and it seemed that everything in the outside world had nothing to do with him.

Yuan Shanler was quite old, and his gray hair crawled out overnight.

“Lord, people from the 13 cities of Jiangnan Province are gathering here. There are currently 11 thousand people. Not only that, but your disciples from the next few provinces are also actively coming. In the end, I estimate that there will be 13 thousand. Thousands of people!”

Old Qiu stood by and said.

Yuan Shanler nodded when he heard it.

He set his gaze on the typhoon and said: “I always let you suppress the murderousness before. It was because I was afraid that you would eventually lose your humanity and become a beast!”

The typhoon did not speak, but the killing has been reduced a lot in the past 30 years.

“Now someone is forcing us to have to pick up the butcher knife again. The typhoon is time to pull out your knife and kill me! Kill as many as you can!!!!”

Yuan Shanler has a hideous face and blue veins violently.

Old Qiu on the side shivered.

This is the first time Shanler has allowed a typhoon to pull its butcher’s knife.

In the past, he was afraid that typhoons would kill too many people, but now they make people kill too much.

It is enough to show how angry Shanler is now!

Yuan Futu’s death touched his negative scale!

The typhoon raised his eyelids, and his voice hoarsely said: “I will let the whole Case York be buried!!!”


Old Qiu was scared into a cold sweat.

The typhoon strikes with all strength, who can stop it?

This time the blood is really going to flow into a river, and the bones become a mountain!

The first butcher of Jiangnan Province cannot stop making a shot.

This time I don’t know how many people are going to die.

Levi of the city received the news, and he smiled indifferently: “Hehe, anyone else would dare to gather tens of thousands of people in front of me? Are you looking for death?”

Wesley and Alton glanced at each other and sighed: “General, even we didn’t expect Shanler to have such a strong background and gather so many people in three days! It is still increasing!”

“It’s worthy to be the first person in Jiangnan Province. In contrast, Du Yuesheng and West Tianqiao are too weak! This is the boss!”

Levi smiled.

Owen showed a hint of expectation, and said with a smile: “I heard that there are many Lords! There are more than 10,000 people, I would like to try!”

When other people hear it, they feel that Owen’s brain is sick.

Chapter 467

But those who knew him knew that this was a total lunatic, a war machine.

It’s not that he has never done anything about one person against tens of thousands of people.

At this time, Xiao Guopu hurried over.

“Mr. Garrison is difficult to handle, even if your strength is strong and your identity background is invincible. But if this group of people go crazy, the danger still exists. Tens of thousands of people rushed over together, I think it is terrible!”

Xiao Guopu’s body was already shaking.

Levi looked relaxed: “Lao Xiao prepared a coffin to be delivered at the funeral!”

“Huh??? What do you mean, Mr. Garrison?”

Xiao Guopu’s head was a little confused.

Send Shanler a coffin over.

Is this to provoke him?

“What? You have to question what I said?”

Levi approached.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare, I’ll make arrangements right away!”

Xiao Guopu broke out in a cold sweat.

After Xiao Guopu left, Levi asked, “Where is the Eighteen Tribulation Cavalry?”

“Report General, currently in the Northwest Desert!”

Suzaku said.

“Issue the order-the Eighteenth Cavalry of the Tribulation will come to Case York tomorrow!”

Levi said coldly.

Wesley, Alton knew that Levi was really moving.

Everyone knows that Levi’s army is a hundred thousand flames and yellow iron brigade, invincible and invincible.

But few people know that Levi personally created several small-scale troops.

Also invincible!!!

For example, the Eighteen Cavaliers of Heavenly Tribulation consist of eighteen super Lords, who are like Heavenly Tribulation.

As soon as it appears, it represents destruction.

In the past, Levi carried only 18 Cavaliers of Heavenly Tribulation, a total of 19 people, and killed 20,000 people overnight, destroying a small country.

These eighteen lunatics are like a steel knife, piercing the enemy’s heart every time.

On the battlefield, everyone is most taboo to hear the name of the Eighteenth Cavalry of the Heavenly Tribulation.

Because I don’t know when, an entire barracks will be destroyed…

“Also tell Tatsuno that it’s time to move! After coming to the Jinling Military Region to rest for so long, the bones are all rusted?”

Levi approached.

As soon as the order was issued, the Emperor Iron Brigade Tianlong Corps stationed in the Jinling Military Region was excited!

After holding back for two or three months, I can finally vent!

Tatsuno quickly assembled everyone.

“Everything has cheered me up, there will be an important combat mission in three days! Let’s fight side by side with General God of War!”

Tatsuno said loudly.


As soon as I heard that, being able to fight side by side with the supreme general, everyone was as excited as blasting a pot.

Tears filled everyone’s eyes.

This kind of opportunity is so rare!

“I hope you will fight for Lao Tzu at that time, and don’t let General God of War and his guards take action. We will settle everything!”

Tatsuno shouted.

“Do you have confidence?”


Everyone shouted.

“Can it be done?”


“Guaranteed to complete the combat mission! Play with the momentum of my Heavenly Dragon Legion! Let General God of War know that the dragon is in the shallows, and the stone dragon is still!”

Tatsuno shouted in enthusiasm, and his throat became hoarse.

“Dragon Legion, invincible!”

“Dragon Legion, invincible!”

Thousands of warriors roared, shaking the world!

The entire Jinling Military Region was stunned!

Such a Jagged Legion is too terrifying!

They still have combat missions?

Has something happened recently?

Everyone in the Jinling Military Region is investigating what happened recently…

The rest of the Emperor Iron Brigade was dispatched!

It’s definitely a big deal!

Chapter 468

In the commander-in-chief of the Jinling Military Region.

The commander-in-chief sat in his seat, his brows furrowed.

The same is true for the following deputy commanders and other senior leaders.

“The commander-in-chief doesn’t even know what’s going on. There is no fighting in Jiangnan Province and the surrounding area!”

“Yes, go to ask Tatsuno, Tatsuno said it was a secret, and it was issued by General God of War himself!”

“I don’t know what big move…”

Several people reported.

The commander-in-chief of the Jinling Military Region sighed to Wen Jun: “The key is to be afraid that something happened to our place. I don’t know it, but General God of War will solve it in the end!”

“Report Commander, I seem to see some clues coming!”

Ding Zhiyuan, commander of the Special Operations Brigade, said.

“you said!”

“Recently, the affairs of Shanler, the provincial capital, have been raging. He is calling on the old ministry and protégés, and he heard that he is going to enter Case York!”

Ding Zhiyuan said.

“Oh, I see, Shanler’s adopted son and the three great generals have stayed in Case York. Now think about it, except for General God of War, who is capable of fighting Shanler?”

A deputy commander immediately said.

Xiang Wenjun looked surprised: “You mean Shanler is going head-to-head with General God of War?”

“Yeah! Shanler summoned the old ministry and students to go to Case York for revenge!”

“It is estimated that he himself didn’t know that the person he was fighting against was General God of War!”

Other humane.

“Presumptuous!!! Dare to disrespect General God of War! Even dare to attack General God of War!”

“Ding Zhiyuan took someone to destroy Shanler!”

Xiang Wenjun has a violent temper and said angrily.

“The commander-in-chief must not! The Heavenly Dragon Legion is already preparing, which means that General God of War will deal with Shanler himself, and we can’t go over and do it for you!”

Someone immediately persuaded to stop it.

“That’s true! You always pay attention to the situation, and if anything goes wrong, immediately solve it! The First Division, the 89th Division and the Special Operations Brigade are always ready!”

Ordered to Wen Jun.

“Understood, Commander!!!”

There is still one day before the funeral.

In the Purple Mountain Villa, a total of seven to eight thousand people have gathered, and the number is still increasing.

At this moment, in the Chamber.

More than twenty people stood.

In addition to Shanler’s old thirteenth congress, there are also a dozen of his disciples among them.

One of them, Wang, who wears gold-rimmed glasses, is Shanler’s most respected student.

He is also the strongest among many disciples.

It is the leader of Xucheng, the third city in Jiangnan Province.

Not only is the boss of the underground circle, he has been doing business these years, worth tens of billions.

“Teacher, please rest assured, no matter what the other side’s background or invincible strength! I will desperately want them to pay for it!!!”

Wang said angrily.

“Blood debts! Let them be buried!”

A bunch of people shouted one after another.

Upon seeing this, Shanler nodded in relief.

“Lao Qiu gave my order-order 28 high-level members of the Erick Group to come to Zijin Villa for the funeral tomorrow. They will carry the coffin and bury them personally and kneel in the cemetery to confess for three days and three nights!”

“If you don’t come, kill it!”

Yuan Shanler instructed Qiu Lao.

Soon this order was passed directly to Erick Group.

Natalie and other high-level officials were extremely shocked.

Especially some people hear the gossip, saying that 10,000 people will be killed.

All of a sudden, the Erick Group panicked.

Working hard in the mall for many years, many life-threatening things have been experienced.

But this is the first time I’ve seen someone like this arrogant

Chapter 469

“You guys work hard, does this matter have anything to do with you?”

After Levi saw it, he couldn’t help being a little angry.

“Yes, everyone works hard!”

Natalie thought of the powerful person who saved her that night, and suddenly felt much safer in her heart.

The next day.

Purple Mountain Villa is arranged in a black and white background, with rows of wreaths on the walls.

Today’s funeral of the century is eye-catching.

Even the weather was gloomy, and the atmosphere was solemn and extremely depressing.

Two people stood in front of the mourning hall.

One person is a typhoon, and his complexion is unwavering.

One is Shanler, with a rickety waist, gray hair, and a lot of old age.

But his pair of eyes shone brightly and sharply.

He has retired for thirty years, like a sleeping lion!

Today, this lion will wake up.

The result of awakening is that the bones become mountains and the blood flows into rivers.

Inside the Purple Mountain Villa, on the huge open space, the celebrities from the provincial capital who came to express their condolences stood in the front row.

In the back, there were 13,000 people gathered, densely packed and overwhelming.

He was in a uniform black suit with white flowers on his chest and a white belt tied on his head.

The scene was extremely shocking and spectacular!

May I ask who else can gather so many people in Jiangnan Province?

Thirteen thousand people in just three days!

This is Shanler!

In Jiangnan Province, everyone must respectfully call “Mr.”.

To anger him is to anger Jiangnan Tian!

The major family forces in the provincial capital trembled.

During Shanler’s retreat, many of them thought that Shanler was no longer good.

Even Logan Erye can replace it.

Now it seems that their idea is a big joke.

Who can rival Shanler now?

Who can replace?

Yuan Shanler straightened the little flower on his chest, and he said loudly: “Haha, I didn’t expect it to be on such an occasion to meet you. I thank you,, for coming to send my three brothers and sons away! Thank you everyone! “

As he said, Shanler bowed.

The dragon head bowed, and 13,000 people looked excited, and the most primitive anger in their hearts was aroused.


Everyone shouted excitedly.

“Originally, I,, should continue to retreat, but some foreign natives have repeatedly provoke our Jiangnan Province, occupy our territory, cannibalize our industry, and even slaughter us, leaving us no room for survival!”

“Today, I, someone from, announced that I will use all the power in my life to continue to die with Erick Group!”

Yuan Shanler said loudly.

“Endless! Endless!”

“Blood debts! Blood debts! Blood debts!”

More than 10,000 people in the audience shouted together, killing the sky.

This power alone is enough to make everyone in Jiangnan Province tremble!


too strong!

Whoever provokes Shanler is unlucky!

“Sir, there are still ten minutes before the funeral begins, and the Erick Group is left.”

Old Qiu reminded him next to him.

Yuan Shanler nodded.

Wang asked, “Teacher, what if no one comes to Erick Group?”

A gleam in Shanler’s eyes: “Then kill it directly and flatten the Erick Group! Let the entire the city be buried!”

“Understood, teacher. Wang would like to be the vanguard!”

Wang took the initiative to invite Ying.

“it is good!”

Yuan Shanler was very satisfied.

He likes Wang the most.

“Erick Group is here!!!”

At this moment, a loud voice came.


There were more than 10,000 people in the field, all looking towards the passageway.

At this look, everyone’s complexion changed drastically!

Chapter 470

Because they saw four people coming with a coffin!

As a hostile force, he carried a coffin at the funeral.

Isn’t this a naked provocation?

More than 10,000 people present were angry!

Everyone can’t wait to crush the four people carrying the coffin on the spot.

Seeing Shanler waved his hand, all the talents stopped their restlessness.

Everyone looked angrily at the four people carrying the coffin to the square in front.


The coffin fell heavily, splashing dust.

“Hello, Mr., a word on behalf of the owner of Erick Group!”

The leader said.

“You still have to talk here?”

Wang was angry.

What kind of cats and dogs can talk to the foster father directly?

“It’s okay, let him say!”

Yuanshan River.

“He wished Mr. a today and a present every year!”


The words fell off.

The audience suddenly became quiet, and more than 10,000 people held their breath and made no sound.

Because this sentence is simply too shocking!

Congratulations at the funeral is the most venomous curse!

“Foster father, I will take someone to Case York, so that the entire Case York will be buried! I want to smash all the corpses of the Erick Group!”

Wang exploded in anger.

Yuan Shanler’s other old ministries and all his disciples were extremely angry.

“Thousands of broken corpses!!!”

The more than 13,000 people below couldn’t bear the anger, one by one, just like the wild beasts out of the cage!


Yuan Shanler laughed instead of anger.

Even the typhoon showed a smile.

It’s so rare!

There is no other reason.

Yuan Shanler has been so arrogant for decades and has never seen such an arrogant person!

Today is an eye-opener for him!

“The younger generation now is really arrogant!”

Yuan Shanler smiled.

At this time, the person who came to deliver the coffin said: “Mr.’s coffin is a gift from him! Say you can use it sooner or later!”


At this moment, Wang and others’ eyes were cracking, their fists were tightly clenched, and their eyes were filled with anger.

The Erick Group’s repeated provocations made them unbearable.

As long as he is a man, he wants to chop the Erick Group into pieces!

“Hateful! Hateful! Damn!”

Qiulao gritted his teeth.

How can there be such a persecution!

“The Erick Group deceived people too much! Not only did they not come to carry the coffin and bury them, but they were also so provocative! They didn’t put the husband in their eyes at all!

Wang clenched his fist tightly, his killing intent had soared to the extreme.


Someone couldn’t help but drew out the knife and rushed towards the four people who carried the coffin.

“I beat you guys!”

The man swung a butcher knife and chopped it down.


But the knife was flew by a huge force, and it broke into two halves.

“Get out! Let them go!”

Yuan Shanler said coldly.

It was a typhoon that had just been shot, and it shattered a knife with just a small stone.

This terrifying strength is amazing!

Finally, the four people carried the coffin and left.

Yuan Shanler suppressed the anger in his heart and said: “The funeral will continue! Send my brother and my son one last time!”



More than 10,000 people present each held a bowl of wine and drank it in one gulp.



Afterwards, everyone smashed their wine glasses on the ground, and it was shocking for tens of thousands of people to do this together!

“Sir, is he buried now?”

Old Qiu asked.

“No, the boss of Erick Group must carry the coffin and bury it himself!”

“Listen to my order and set off for Case York. I want to turn Case York into hell!”

Yuan Shanler shouted.

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