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Chapter 496

“What a double-standard dog! Erick Group doesn’t need it, Sanxing Group needs it?”

Levi sneered.


Levi interrupted him again: “Let me ask, who gave the right to change the charity project of Erick Group to Sanxing Group? What a big right? Just change a billion-dollar project like this?”

Levi’s words are sharp.

The main problem is involved.

He Jian soon couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Who is President Fisher? Are you purely here to make trouble? This has all risen to the internal affairs of my charity club? What’s the matter? Do you want to investigate?”

He Jian said angrily.

“Yes, why not check it?”

Levi sneered.

“Come on, send them out!”

He Jian didn’t want to talk, so he greeted people and saw off the guests.

Levi stopped: “No! This matter must be clarified! Why is Erick’s charity project changed to Sanxing Group?”

“What if I don’t admit that it was donated by Erick Group? What if I admit that it was changed to Sanxing Group?”

He Jian was completely enraged by Levi and asked in front of him.

Levi’s lips deepened and smiled: “Okay, just don’t regret it!”

“I will regret it? Ridiculous! Tell you! This project is donated by Sanxing Group, it has nothing to do with you! See you off!”

After coming out, Natalie waved his hand helplessly: “Look? This is the attitude of the Charity Federation! I have to go back and ask Mr. Graham what to do. This thing can’t be forgotten.”

The two returned to Erick Group.

After Levi came to his office.

Contacted full-time secretary Nie Xiaoyun.

“Xiaoyun, who is in charge of Case York Charity Federation?”

Levi asked.

“Leadership, Chairman Brown Zhen is in charge!”

“Okay, talk to Brown Zhen right now! Let him come to me!”

Levi’s voice was as cold as iron.

Soon Brown Zhen and several senior leaders of the Charity Federation came to Erick Group in a cold sweat.

In the office.

The five Brown Zhen stood there, their heads down, cold sweat on their foreheads.

They dare not even wipe it.

The person sitting in front of me is terrible.

Not only the deputy leader of the city, but also General God of War!

Why didn’t Shanler?

It’s because of him!

Why did Sanxing Group suddenly jump out and do whatever it wants in Jiangnan Province?

The main reason is that Shanler is gone, and the people holding down the Sanxing Group are gone.

But this one solved Shanler with one hand.

“Do you know why I called you?”

Levi asked.

Brown Zhen looked at each other, then shook their heads: “Leader Garrison, we don’t know…”

“Do not you know?”

“Do you know where it is now?”

Levi knocked on the table.

“Erick Group? Ah? Could it be a charity project of Erick Group?”

Brown Zhen is very smart, and immediately reacted.

“Don’t you know?”

Levi sneered.

“Let’s talk about it, what’s going on? How did the project that Erick Group used to do with my money became Sanxing Group?”

Levi said with a smile.

Suddenly, his face changed suddenly, and his voice was extremely cold: “I just went to the Charity Federation to inquire, but they all agreed that it was donated by Sanxing Group and kicked me out!”


When Levi said this, the five of Brown Zhen almost died of fright.


Brown Zhen couldn’t stand firm, and one staggered to the ground.

What’s the matter?

This character went to the charity club and was blasted out?

This this this…

Who ate the guts of the bear heart and leopard?

Chapter 497

Don’t risk the world!

That’s it!

This time is completely over!

Brown Zhen gasped, “Leader Garrison, we don’t even know what’s going on?”

Levi knocked on the table and said, “This is the second thing. Let me talk about the first thing first! If I can’t tell you clearly, I’ll check it myself out by Levi!!!”


Several people will be scared to vomit blood.

Can this person check it in person?

Before that, I was afraid that Dean would have killed them long ago.

“I said! I said! I said everything!”

Brown Zhen immediately said.

“It was Velador’s general agent Yu Hui of Sanxing Group who approached me and asked me to change the one billion donated by Erick Group to Sanxing Group, which corresponds to the project donated by the Charity Federation! He promised to donate to Case York in the future Two billion, I only promised!”

Brown Zhen said in detail.

Levi smiled: “He promised to donate 2 billion in the future, has he given you a contract?”

“Yes, verbal promise! But he is the general agent of Sanxing Group Velador, I want to say what it means.”

Brown Zhen explained.


Levi slapped the table abruptly.

The few people in Brown Zhen almost freaked out.

“Are you a fucking elementary school student? You believe what you say?”

Levi said angrily.

“Leader Garrison was wrong, I was wrong…I shouldn’t believe his nonsense!”

Brown Zhen fell to his knees with a thud.

“Let’s go, go to the Charity Federation to check the records!”

Levi approached.

“Understand, understand, go now!”

Brown Zhen nodded and bowed.

Here Natalie just finished calling Alton and saw Levi bringing a group of people to look for her.

“Hello, President Fisher, introduce myself, I am Brown Zhen, the president of the Charity Federation, and I am here to apologize! Please come with us to the Charity Federation to solve the problem!”

Brown Zhen said quickly.

Natalie was dumbfounded.

After calling Graham Nanxuan for help half an hour ago, the president of the Charity Federation came to apologize in person so soon?

How powerful is the mysterious boss?

This is too great, right?

Natalie’s admiration became more and more, and he regarded him as the lover of his dreams.

Soon, everyone came to the Charity Federation again.

“Let He Jian come out to greet me!”

Levi said to the front desk.

He Jian soon rushed out aggressively with a group of security guards.

“Why? Erick Group insists on making troubles, right? You all drive you away? Have to make troubles again?”

He Jian said angrily.

Levi looked at him with a sneer and said, “What? Is this your attitude to greet people?”

“What the hell are you? I want to welcome you? Let’s die!”

He Jian shouted.

Natalie argued: “What? Are you overbearing? I want to check the accounts again, can’t I? My Erick Group donated one billion!”

“No way!!!”

He Jian refused: “I tell you, starting today, the Charity Federation will not allow anyone from the Erick Group to enter! We will not accept your donations either!”

“You have such a big power, do you still want to cover the sky with one hand?”

Natalie asked.

“Yes, the city’s philanthropy is our final say! Cover the sky with one hand! Don’t accept it!”

Several other directors also said one after another.

Levi looked at several people and shook his head helplessly.

It seems that this charity association is usually very domineering.

And these directors have a lot of oil and water.

He just took a look and found that several people were wearing millions of watches.

“You guys are so bold!!!”

At this time, a burst of shouts rang out.

Brown Zhen, the president of the Charity Federation, appeared.

Chapter 498

“You the fuck… why is the president you?”

He Jiangang scolded halfway through, his face changed drastically, and he looked at the visitor incredulously.

“Vice President Cross? Vice President Yu…”

“Why are you all here?”

He Jian and several other directors were frightened.

“Hmph, if I don’t show up again, the Charity Federation will close!”

Brown Zhen’s face was going dark.

“Ah? The president is talking nonsense, how can the Charity Federation close its doors?”

He Jian smiled.

How did he know that the man in front of him could really tell his life and death in one word.

“He Jian and you guys have all been dismissed! Let’s accept the follow-up investigation!”

Brown Zhen said coldly.



This decision was a bolt from the blue for He Jian.

Brown Zhen glanced at the four vice-chairmen behind him again and said: “We will also take the initiative to apply for suspension for inspection after we finish processing this matter!”

“Yeen, understand!”

Several vice presidents immediately agreed.

This is the best way to rescue them.

He Jian and others were even more surprised.

What is the background of this Erick Group?

The chairman of the company voluntarily suspended?

“Okay, go check the records first! Don’t chirp anymore.”

Levi approached.

“Understand, leader!”

Several people from Brown Zhen immediately led the way.

Natalie took a deep look at Levi.

He turned out to be fake.

With the power of the big boss, he is showing off his power.

Are they still called leaders?

Levi is really enough to pretend!

After a group of people came to the Charity Federation, everything quickly became clear.

One billion is indeed donated by Erick Group and has nothing to do with Sanxing Group.

“What should I do next, don’t I need to say more?”

Levi asked.

“No! Leader! I handled it properly!”

Brown Zhen immediately arranged and issued a public announcement-it was determined that it was the charity of Erick Group.

They contacted major newspapers and media successively to report on Erick Group’s charitable public welfare affairs.

Certificates and awards were also awarded.

“I don’t need this thing, but you have to prepare! This is a legal procedure!”

Levi glared, and Brown Zhen was frightened.

“That’s right! Sanxing Group Charity Gala did not donate money to me!”

Levi approached.

Sanxing Group wants to empty the glove white wolf?



Brown Zhen hesitated a bit.

After all, Sanxing Group is powerful and a foreign company.

This problem is really not easy to handle.


Levi snorted coldly.

“I will do it now!”

But compared to the one in front of him, what is Sanxing Group worth?

Soon the major news media successively asked: When will the billions of Sanxing Group’s charity projects arrive?

Is it really for charity or just for reputation and gimmicks?

The news was confirmed by the Charity Federation.

So after the announcement, the whole Case York shook.

“Sanxing Group really isn’t a good thing? Isn’t the one-billion-dollar donation just the time for the charity party?”

“Sanxing Group is really an empty glove white wolf! It is obviously one billion donated by Erick Group, but it has become his!”

“Too shameless! The Dongtian Group was even slandered at the party! These gangsters!”

Sure enough, the wind was on one side, and the Sanxing Group encountered a crisis, and its reputation was greatly damaged.

In the office of the Case York branch of Sanxing Group.

Afterglow was smoking a cigar with a gloomy face.

“It’s weird. I told Brown Zhen well, and I also arranged a few vice-chairmen and directors. Why did something go wrong?”

The afterglow was puzzled.

At this time, people from the Charity Federation came to the door.

Chapter 499

“Hello, Mr. Yu, we don’t insist on this one billion, but your company has already decided on a charity party. I think it’s better not to go back, otherwise it will affect the reputation of Sanxing Group!”

Afterglow gritted his teeth and paid a billion.

He was going to die of anger.

The Sanxing Group didn’t plan to pay this one billion, which is equivalent to his unfavorable work and a loss in vain.

“Boom boom…”

Afterglow hit the table with anger.

“Good, you Erick Group!”

At this time, Yuhui received a call.

Roars came from the other end.

Afterglow was sullen and scolded without saying a word.

“Young Lord Park Haizhen will go to the city in a while, you go to meet him!”

“Leave the matter of the city to Young Lord Park Haizhen to solve, you can help him!”

After hearing the name, Yuhui’s face changed drastically.

Park Haizhen is the son of Park Tianxin, the head of the Sanxing Group in Velador.

These two are direct members of the Sanxing Group family in South Korea, and they control everything in Velador.

Hundreds of billions of Shanler faction were secretly taken away, which is the Lordpiece of Park Tianxin and his son.

Park Tianxin is an existence who can stand up against Shanler.

His son is more terrifying!

Yuhui knows what it means for Park Haizhen to come to Case York?

This is a complete perversion!

Four o’clock in the afternoon.

Afterglow waited with a large group of people at the highway intersection.

Soon after, a group of convoys arrived.

The second car is a 40 million Ferrari Rafa.

The car door opened, and a young man with dyed blue hair wearing a suit but with earrings came down from above.

There was a smile at the corner of his mouth.

Coming to the afterglow.

“Lord Park welcomes you to Case York!”

Afterglow bent over and said with a smile.


But Park Haizhen grabbed Yuglow’s hair and brought him in front of him.

Afterglow was in pain and screamed.


Pu Haizhen slammed Yuglow’s face with a punch, and blood splashed.



Park Haizhen hit Yuglow’s face with several consecutive punches.

Afterglow’s face was bloody.


In the end, Park Haizhen kicked him in the lower abdomen, and the afterglow flew out seven or eight meters.

Holding his stomach, Gong Cheng Xiami was rolling in pain.

This is why Yuhui is afraid of Park Haejin.

Fortunately, he is the general agent of Velador, with a relatively high position and valuable to Sanxing Group.

Otherwise, Park Haizhen will definitely send him to see God of Death!

“Waste! All waste!!!”

Park Haizhen scolded.

“What’s the use of raising your waste? Lost a billion in vain! Even Sanxing’s reputation is stinky!”

Although Park Hai was not angry, he pulled a few people with Yuhui in front of him and beat him half to death.

“Lord Park Haejin is my fault! I promise to make up for the loss!”

Afterglow climbed to the front and promised.

“In addition, Lord Park Hae-jin, I have arranged several beautiful women, all of whom are actresses of the recent fire, such as Shang Shaoting, Logan Huiwen and so on… Please enjoy!”

Afterglow continued.

Only in this way can his life be saved.

Park Haizhen’s expression softened a little: “It’s pretty much the same!”

It is estimated that Shang Shaoting, who betrayed the Dongtian Group, never dreamed that it would end in this way.

Park Hae-jin remembered something, and couldn’t help saying: “I heard that the most popular actress is Hart Zihan, and her boss is also very beautiful!”

“This… Lord Park Haejin, it is difficult for me to do…”

The afterglow shivered.

Park Haizhen snorted coldly: “I don’t need you to come, I will come by myself!”

“Remember from now on! Case York can only be my Sanxing Group’s world! I came to Case York for this purpose!”

Chapter 500

Park Haejin’s words are extremely domineering!

But afterglow has no doubts about its authenticity.

Because Sanxing Group is strong enough!

Park Tianxin and his son are strong enough!

In fact, the strength of Sanxing Group’s Park Tianxin and his sons is vaguely stronger than Shanler.

But why not be positive?

The main reason is that even if you win, you lose a lot.

Kill a thousand enemies and hurt yourself eight hundred.

Now the Shanler faction has collapsed, and the entire Sanxing Group in Jiangnan Province dominates.

They can do whatever they want!

For provincial capitals and dozens of other cities, Sanxing Group has no problem in its dominance.

The hardest bone to gnaw is Case York.

Especially after Yuhui was deflated, Park Tianxin immediately sent his son over.

In the evening, the “slave” Shang Shaoting and others who had signed the deed were tortured all night.

The next day, Shang Shaoting and the others were taken directly to the hospital.

Afterglow was terrified.

Park Haizhen is a complete pervert, too many women have been played with by him.

Many are dead.

Most of the undead also got depression or have been treated in the hospital…

Graham Mingjia was also very scared.

Park Haizhen walked out and saw Graham Mingjia.

“I heard that you have been very hot recently, but you are too floating. Now you are a street rat, how can you make money for me?”

Park Haizhen asked coldly.

Graham Mingjia tremblingly said: “I can film, shoot many, many scenes!”


Park Haejin patted his face and smiled: “Is there anyone else watching the movie you made?”


Graham Mingjia was taken aback.


Park Haizhen spit on the ground.

“Lick it off! I like to spit anywhere, you have to lick off my spit in the future, this is your job!”

Park Haizhen smiled.

“no no…”

Graham Mingjia’s face changed drastically, so pale that she didn’t have any bloodshot eyes.

Can he be a big star to do this?

“Hurry up! Bang!”

Park Haizhen’s entourage kicked Graham Mingjia to the ground.

Graham Mingjia resisted and licked it clean.

After that, I vomited all day.


Endless despair!

If he is in Dongtian Group, he is still that traffic star.

The future is full of glory and wealth.

But now he can only endure torture.

Oriental Garden.

Natalie drove the Porsche and drove Levi to work.

Sarah smiled helplessly.

Your best friend is so arrogant, isn’t she taking Levi to work every day?

King’s Landing is also attractive!

Sarah smiled.

Driving the car, she suddenly saw a Ferrari racing car in the left lane, completely violating the traffic rules.

The vehicles nearby evaded one after another.

Those who can’t avoid it will bump into each other, or bump into the side fence.


In the next second, Natalie’s eyes widened, and her eyes were about to fly out.

Because Ferrari suddenly rushed to the right lane and rushed towards her.

Sarah’s car is not slow, and if he changes lanes, it will be too late.


The two cars collided hard.

The airbag bounced out, otherwise Sarah would be injured.

People are okay.

But there was a problem with the two cars, especially the Ferrari’s front was completely sunken in, and Sarah’s Audi rs7 was also badly damaged.


The Ferrari owner walked down, with blue hair and earrings, looking aggressive.

Behind Ferrari, there were also several cars, and dozens of men in black came down and gathered around.

“How do you drive??”

Park Chang-wook, Park Hae-jin’s entourage, kicked the plum dyed Audi.

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