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Chapter 491

Graham Mingjia said angrily: “Levi, don’t deceive you too much!”

“Go, slap him!”

Levi suddenly raised his tone.

The security guard Cross walked towards Graham Mingjia in a ghostly manner.

Graham Mingjia was very angry.

How can he be slapped by the security guard?

Xiao Yilun and Wang Shuo grabbed Graham Mingjia, winked at him, and motioned him not to move.


Hearing the order of Levi.

The security guard Cross slapped Graham Mingjia’s face fiercely.

Suddenly, Graham Mingjia’s mind was dizzy, with Venus in front of her eyes, half of her face was completely numb and she lost consciousness.

Soon, there was a burst of pain like a needle prick.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

The star Graham Mingjia was slapped in the face by a security guard.

Graham Mingjia stared at the security guard Lao Cross and Levi with cannibalistic eyes.


What a shame!

Levi said coldly: “Are you not convinced?”

“I…I served, I smashed him with the money, he slapped me, it’s fair!”

Graham Mingjia gritted her teeth, every word popped out of her teeth.

“Okay, what’s the matter with you? Didn’t you resign? What are you doing again?”

Levi asked.

Xiao Yilun said immediately: “Mr. Garrison, we have something to discuss with President Logan, so please make it convenient!”

“What’s the matter?”

Levi asked.

“We’ll talk about this when we meet President Logan! It’s good for Dongtian Group!”

Xiao Yilun smiled.

Levi smiled and said: “You also know that President Logan is very busy, not all cats and dogs can meet!”

“Let’s go back!”

“Levi, what do you mean? I just wanted to drive us away after the fight? What are you?”

Graham Mingjia couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Yes, Mr. Garrison, you have to make some sense. We don’t care about these security guards. It’s on your face. You have to give us face, right?”

Xiao Yilun asked. They apologized just now because they didn’t really recognize the mistake, but because of Levi’s face.

“What the hell are you? I need to give you face?”

Levi said angrily.

Graham Mingjia was already impatient: “Levi, let me tell you, if it wasn’t for Mr. Logan’s face. What are you?”


Levi slapped Graham Mingjia’s face fiercely, and both teeth flew out.

Bright red finger prints appeared on the face.

Graham Mingjia was stunned.

This slap almost killed him half his life.

“Levi, do you dare to hit me?”

Graham Mingjia really has a murderous heart.

“What’s wrong with hitting you? Shouldn’t the mouth be beaten?”

Levi asked.

“You try to move me again!”

Graham Mingjia roared.

Levi was happy.

“Brothers, there are still people asking for a fight?”


The security guards all laughed.

As soon as the voice fell, Levi slapped Graham Mingjia’s face again.

The left half of his face quickly swelled, and the five finger prints were extremely obvious.

This time Graham Mingjia was completely stunned.

The others are also dumbfounded.

“You made me fight! I met your request!”

Levi smiled.

“Battered! Hit! Someone assaulted superstar Graham Mingjia, come and see!”

“Look, everyone, the superstar Graham Mingjia was beaten!”

“Does anyone support justice, star Graham Mingjia was beaten!”

Suddenly Shang Shaoting and Bai Quwei shouted.

The passers-by heard that it was the superstar Graham Mingjia, and they all gathered around.

Everyone stared at Levi tightly.

“You hit someone? It’s still my idol. Call the police and get him up!”

Chapter 492

In an instant, hundreds of people gathered around.

Seeing Graham Mingjia’s miserable appearance, he immediately felt that he was at a disadvantage.

Everyone began to blame Levi.

“What’s the matter? What’s the matter?”

At this time, Sarah and others walked out.

Xiao Yilun immediately said, “Mr. Logan, we just want to talk to you! But your husband blocked Graham Mingjia for no reason! And the security guard also slapped Graham Mingjia!”

The wicked sue first!

Sarah smiled: “What about then?”

“Mr. Logan, you have seen it too. Now if this matter is exposed, it will be difficult for your husband! This is a celebrity beating. Isn’t it possible for your husband to go to jail?”

Xiao Yilun said.

“So what should I do?”

Sarah asked.

“Mr. Logan is telling you that we let Sanxing Group get rid of it, and let us sign a contract like a sales deed! We all want to get rid of it, but we need high liquidated damages…”

Xiao Yilun hesitated to speak but stopped.

Sarah smiled: “So you want me to pay liquidated damages and redeem you?”

Xiao Yilun and Wang Shuo a large group of people immediately nodded: “Yes, yes, yes! Mr. Logan, let’s forget it, all liquidated damages add up to just 2 billion, which is actually not expensive! Think about it, there are our excellent team and Graham Mingjia Isn’t it quick to make two billion when the excellent actors are there?”

“Yeah! That’s right! I believe it is not a dream to make two billion in a year!”

With the foundation of the first two films, they are very confident.

Graham Mingjia covered her face and came to Sarah with a smile, and said with a smile: “Mr. Logan, after we left, the company’s entertainment sector has collapsed? Without our background, it would be difficult to build a new team in a short time!

Now I give you a chance, as long as you help us pay the liquidated damages, we will come back. First, your husband’s attack on me was completely wiped out; second, we will bring unimaginable benefits to the company! “

Graham Mingjia’s attitude is lofty, obviously they came to beg Sarah to take it in.

Now it’s as if Sarah begged him.

Shang Shaoting and Bai Quwei agreed: “It is always a win-win situation. The opportunity is given to you. It depends on how you grasp it?”

Fu Guorui and the others felt nauseous.

Obviously you came back from hollowing out your own thoughts.

It turned out to be a chance for President Logan?


Everyone looked at Sarah, looking forward to her answer.

In the eyes of Graham Mingjia and others, Sarah would definitely agree.

Not to mention that Dongtian Group will not leave them.

Even for Levi, she had to agree to it.

“Oh, I refuse! You are no longer employees of our company, and have nothing to do with me!

What’s more, Dongtian Group has never reused the rules of traitors! see a visitor out! “

Sarah turned around and left.

Clean and neat.

Levi nodded in satisfaction.

During this time, Sarah has changed a lot.

There are a lot of strong working styles and personality.

“What? Refused us?”

Graham Mingjia and others were dumbfounded.

Xiao Yilun’s eyes were full of incredible.

“Sarah, don’t you care about your husband’s life or death?”

Graham Mingjia shouted.

He turned his head and said angrily and coldly: “Then you will see how I killed your husband!”

Xiao Yilun and Wang Shuo discouraged: “Little Graham, don’t do anything! Don’t forget our purpose!”

“Yes, we have to pay attention to our attitude. We are here to beg President Logan, not to threaten her!”

Others said.

Chapter 493

Graham Mingjia glanced at Levi not far away and said, “Then try again. If she refuses again, I promise to send Levi to prison!”

Levi took out his cell phone with a calm expression and dialed a number: “Graham Mingjia should be ruined!”


Graham Mingjia, who was next to him, laughed and looked at Levi after hearing it.

All are considered idiots.

A phone call destroys a big star?

Who are you bluffing?

Graham Mingjia even stared at Levi with a sneer: “I want to see how you ruined me?”

Soon, major media have exposed major news-the private life of popular actor Graham Mingjia was exposed, and he shared a hotel with two women.

It was Yuhui who arranged for him to make a sneak shot.

The video and photos flowed out together.

The whole network is shocked!

Graham Mingjia’s fire is fast, and the dark history is exposed quickly.

At the same time, there was heavy news that Graham Mingjia abandoned his girlfriend who had been in love for seven years, and was beaten by domestic violence and asked him to sign a contract without revealing his love history.

Next, more black history was unearthed. Graham Mingjia went into and out of the nightclub, and news of fooling around with many women was exposed one by one.

In addition, Graham Mingjia used to apply for a job and was taken in by Dongtian Group, and signed a contract of 500,000.

The most true aspect of Graham Mingjia was exposed.

“It turns out that Graham Mingjia betrayed the Dongtian Group! He is a person who is almost unable to eat, and he is regarded as a big star with all his benevolence, right?”

“White-eyed wolf? He got up and abandoned his girlfriend, betraying all his benefactors!”

“I’ll just say why this kid spared no effort to discredit the Dongtian Group? This is the reason!”

After seeing Graham Mingjia’s true face, the Internet was full of curses.

The big star Graham Mingjia fell from the peak to the bottom in an instant.

That’s it!

Completely finished!


When Graham Mingjia saw this, she was dumbfounded.

“How can it be???”

Graham Mingjia roared up to the sky.

At the same time, his cell phone rang and the bank called and froze all his accounts.

This is done by Afterglow.

Graham Mingjia is over!

He could only become a slave of the Sanxing Group for a lifetime.

Levi came to him and said with a smile: “It’s easy to hold you up, and it’s also easy to ruin you!”


Graham Mingjia sat down on the ground.

He looked at Levi incredulously.

Just a phone call will ruin everything about yourself?

Xiao Yilun felt the terrible Levi for the first time.

Isn’t it horrible?

“Mr. Garrison we were wrong…”

Xiao Yilun and Wang Shuo knelt to the ground with a thud.

“As long as Mr. Logan Zongye can redeem us, we promise to sell our lives to Dongtian Group!”

Several people banged their heads.

Levi sneered: “Didn’t you listen to my wife? She never reused the rules of a traitor!”


This news was a bolt from the blue for them.

It was ruined for a lifetime.

Solved Graham Mingjia’s matter and indirectly helped Dongtian Group to recover from the crisis.

Levi returned to Erick Group.

“Brother Garrison, where have you been recently, have all disappeared!”

Takemori and other security guards laughed.

It happened that Natalie saw Levi: “Why did you go? Don’t ask for leave?”

Natalie’s face is not very good, it should be something wrong.

Levi asked directly: “Something happened to the company?”

Natalie hesitated and nodded: “Yeah.”

Chapter 494

“what’s up?”

Levi asked.

Natalie rubbed his temples and said, “Did not the big boss let us do a billion-dollar charity project some time ago? We built Hope Primary Schools, nursing homes and orphanages, and also sponsored many poor students.”

“But we invested money, and we did it. As a result, the honor was taken away!”

Levi was surprised.

Is there such a thing?

Can charity money make a fuss?

Levi frowned tightly: “Who is it? So bold?”

“Sanxing Group! Didn’t they want to invest a billion dollars for a charity party two days ago? As a result, these shameless people didn’t pay a single cent. They changed all the charity projects we funded to theirs, the charity certificate and All procedures have been replaced by Sanxing Group!”

Natalie didn’t fight.

Levi was also very angry: “It’s equivalent to us paying for charity, and they took away the reputation! Now everyone thinks this is the charity of Sanxing Group, and it has nothing to do with us, right?”

“That’s not it! Now the response of Sanxing Group is particularly good! Those old students who have been funded by us have given them pennants, and banners thanking Sanxing Group are hung on the walls of major Hope Primary Schools, orphanages and nursing homes! Nothing at all. People know that we actually paid the money!”

“The most important thing is that we asked the Charity Federation, why did this happen? The Charity Federation does not recognize our charitable donations at all! Said that those projects were all made by Sanxing Group!”

Natalie gasped.


Levi smashed the wall fiercely.

Natalie was shocked.

“What a shame! Even charity projects have to be cut off! Shameless!”

Levi said angrily.

Since Sanxing Group has done this, it must have taken care of everything with the Charity Federation.

“Sanxing Group has a lot of shame, and I also know that the CEO of Sanxing Group has harmed several 14-year-old girls! I really want to drive out these bitches!”

Natalie said angrily.

A flash of cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes: “This matter provokes me, so I will blame you for the bad luck!”

Natalie saw Levi’s posture.

Think he is the boss?

“I’m going to go to the Charity Federation in person to see what’s going on?”

Natalie couldn’t get more angry the more she thought about it.

“Okay, I’ll go with you!”

Levi approached.

Soon after, the two came to the Case York Charity Federation building.

“Hello, do you have an appointment?”

“There is an appointment, Natalie of Erick Group!”

After that, the Charity Federation arranged for the director of the board of directors He Jian to receive Natalie.

The other party knows Natalie’s identity, so the receptionist sent is also high.

“Hello, what’s the matter with President Fisher?”

He Jian said with a smile.

Natalie said directly: “Mr. He is here today for one thing, to find out the charity projects donated by my Erick Group!”

“Oh? Erick Group has recently donated charity projects?”

He Jian asked in surprise.

Levi sneered.

This group of people refused to admit it.

Natalie suppressed his anger and said coldly: “Eight days ago, the Erick Group donated a total of 1 billion for charity and public welfare. It was done through the Charity Federation. As a director, don’t you know?”

He Jian smiled and said, “Sorry, Mr. Fisher, I have been out of town some time ago and I really don’t know about it.

“Wait a minute, let me ask.”

Chapter 495

He Jian smiled after calling to inquire, “Mr. Fisher got it wrong, right? The Case York Charity Federation has only received one billion donations from Sanxing Group recently, and there is no record of your company’s donation!”

“You put…what are you talking about? It is obviously one billion donated by our Erick Group, but your Charity Federation changed it to Sanxing Group. What is your intention?”

Natalie almost exploded with anger.

“President Fisher calm down, it is true that your company’s donation record has not been found!”

He Jianrou smiled and didn’t smile.

“Do you see for yourself what this is? Hey!”

Natalie threw the donation record and the charity projects set up in front of He Jian.

He Jian read it and said in surprise: “No, how come this donation record is exactly the same as that of Sanxing Group? And the public welfare projects are the same! Is this Fisher Zong replaced by his own company name?”


Natalie was about to vomit blood.

Why are you so shameless?

On the other hand, it was Erick who cut his head…

“Furthermore, Sanxing Group has held a charity party recently. The meeting clearly donated one billion! This is what they donated. What does it have to do with Erick Group? Miss Fisher, if you do this, I will doubt you. The purpose is not simple!”

He Jian insisted that it was donated by Sanxing Group.

“Hehe, let’s do it, the bank transfer records are all there, and we will know who made the donation after checking it! Let’s go, Director He, let’s go to the bank and check it? Let the charity federation’s financial confrontation to find out.”

Natalie sneered.

He Jian’s face changed as soon as he heard that he went to the bank to check.

“President Fisher, let me ask you what was your original intention to donate?”

He Jian asked.

Natalie replied: “Of course it is to help those in need!”

“Yes, the purpose of our Charity Federation is to help people. Now that the purpose is achieved, is it important who helps?”

He Jian opened his hand and asked.

“Isn’t it advocating to be good and not to leave your name? What? You donate for your reputation? Is it to get a certificate and a certificate?”

“President Fisher, if you say that, I deeply doubt your intentions for charity!”

He Jian asked back, buckling Natalie a big hat.

“They are all for charity. As long as the purpose is achieved, are other things important? What about Erick Group’s donation? Do you have to fight for this name? If you want, you can, I will send you a bunch of certificates! “


Natalie was going to be pissed to death.

The charity purpose has indeed been achieved.

Erick Group also doesn’t care about reputation.

She could not accept the reputation of being taken away by the Sanxing Group!!!


Levi couldn’t help applauding.

“Sharp teeth, good at playing moral kidnapping!”

Levi smiled.

He Jian sneered: “Why is this gentleman kidnapped morally? Charity is the way it is! If everyone does charity for the sake of reputation, it is better not to do it! It is not that important to tell the truth who donated it!”

“Then can you treat other people’s charitable projects like Sanxing Group? Who gave you this right?”

Levi suddenly raised his voice.


He Jiangang was about to speak, but was interrupted by Levi: “Since reputation is not important, why does Sanxing Group need it? Even publicizing it and holding a charity party?”

“That’s different, Sanxing Group needs this kind of reputation!”

He Jian smiled.

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