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Chapter 501

Sarah got off the car and said angrily: “How did I drive the car? It was you who changed lanes and went retrograde. How could it be my problem?”

Plum dyeing is not afraid.

First, they go retrograde.

Second, this section is monitored, and you can know who is right and who is wrong at a glance.

Park Changxu sneered: “Hehe! I’m from Korea, and I don’t understand your traffic rules. I only know that you ran into my young Lord’s car! You can see clearly, the 40 million Ferrari! If you get hit like this, you have to lose. Full responsibility!”


Sarah is really angry.

I have never seen such a shameless person.

Don’t you follow the traffic rules when you come from Korea?

What’s the reason?

“How do you talk to beautiful women?”

At this time, a majestic voice sounded.

The blue-haired Park Haejin came in front of him.

Park Changxu was so scared that he quickly hid to the side.

His eyes looked at Sarah unscrupulously, with a hint of fiery and strong possessiveness in his eyes.

“I have long heard that the city is beautiful like a cloud, and it turned out that I met such a beautiful one early in the morning!”

Park Haejin smiled.

Sarah raised her eyebrows and asked coldly: “Did you drive the car just now?”

“Yes what’s the matter?”

Park Haizhen asked back.

“Why didn’t you obey the traffic rules? Fortunately, this time, people are fine, something is about to happen, can you afford it?”

Plum dyed his anger and gasped.

Park Haizhen smiled: “Beautiful women know something, I have been to Velador for so long. I never know what traffic rules are, I only have my own rules! It’s too congested, can’t I go faster?

The business I’m talking about is billions and billions every minute. If time is delayed, who can afford it? “

“Furthermore, these traffic rules are made for the poor. I need more than 40 million Ferraris?”

Sarah wanted to slap him when he heard Park Haizhen’s a series of false theories.

“I tell you– first, no matter where you are from, as long as you come to Velador, you must abide by the traffic rules here.

Second, in Velador, everyone is equal, and the emperor commits the same crime as the common people! If you violate the traffic rules, it is a violation, and you don’t care if you are a car of tens of millions! “

Sarah stared at him steadily, and reasoned with him.

Sarah’s strength made Park Haejin stunned.

He is more interested.

It’s beautiful and so strong, it’s rare!

Park Haizhen sneered: “I don’t care, I always do things according to my own rules! Now that you have crashed my car, you should pay for it!”

“Well, erase the fraction, forty million!”

Sarah is going crazy.

Obviously he had a retrograde accident.

In the end, he had to compensate himself, which was still 40 million.

“Are you crazy? I call the traffic police to deal with it!”

Sarah is about to call.

But dozens of people in black gathered around, and one of them was quick to snatch her mobile phone.

“You return my phone!!!”

Sarah shouted angrily.

Everyone around knew what was going on, but in front of dozens of black-clothed men, no one dared to step forward.

Park Hae-jin joked with Sarah’s mobile phone and said, “If you want your mobile phone to lose money first!”

“Let me pay forty million? Impossible!!!”

You won’t lose money even if you die.

Park Haizhen took two steps forward and said with a smile: “The beauty is fine without losing money! Sleep with me for a week, forty million is free! Seven million a night, right? Isn’t this price loss? What can you do to earn a night Seven million?”

“Hey Hey…”

Park Changxu and others have already laughed out loud.

Chapter 502

This is the most courteous one in Park Haizhen.

If he used to think of a woman, he would not talk nonsense at all and just take it away.

Talking to Sarah for such a long time shows the importance attached to her.

Of course it’s also because plums are beautifully dyed.

“Either lose money or stay with me! Choose one, one minute!”

Park Haizhen smiled.

Sarah was anxious.

Now the mobile phones have been robbed, isolated and helpless.

Looking at the posture of this group of people, it seems that it will come true.

“what’s up?”

At this moment, a familiar voice sounded.


It’s Levi!

After Sarah heard it, he ran over and threw himself in Levi’s arms.

“Husband, they bullied me!”

Sarah was almost crying.

There has never been such a grievance!

There are too many unreasonable people.

This is the first time I have seen such an unreasonable person!

Sarah’s Levi arranged for someone to protect her.

There was danger for the first time, Levi received the news and immediately asked Natalie to turn around and come back.

“You are retrograde, why? Are you still asking us to compensate?”

Natalie has a bad temper, but she is not used to you.

“Yes! It’s retrograde! I can see it clearly!”

“This Ferrari did not abide by the traffic rules. He is solely responsible for this accident!”

The crowd onlookers finally found a chance to speak and blamed Park Haizhen.

“What? You think the road is too narrow to show off your broken car, so you ran to other lanes to show off in retrograde?”

Levi said coldly.

Park Haizhen said coldly: “I don’t care about it, I am a Korean, I don’t follow your traffic rules!”

“What’s more, I do things according to my rules! Now it is her who hit my car. She will either pay forty million or stay with me for a week!”

Park Haejin once again showed his dominance.

In the provincial capital, that is unscrupulous.

Who will care?

As long as there are no particularly big things, one eye is closed.

Coming to Case York, Park Haizhen still does its own way.

“Why? Foreigners are great? Do foreigners have multiple heads?”

“In Velador, we have to follow our rules, or get out!”

“Yes! What is it! With power and power, you can do whatever you want?”

A few words from Park Haizhen caused public outrage, and everyone condemned it.

“What did a group of ass shouting? Do you know my identity? The head of Sanxing Group Velador is my father! If you want to deal with me, someone has come, why not now?”

Park Haizhen looked triumphant.

Everyone reacted one by one.

Yeah, can no one care about anything but such a big thing?

The only explanation is that no one in Park Haejin dared to move!

Levi didn’t expect that he would meet the young boss of the Velador Department of Sanxing Group.

Park Haizhen continued to smile and said, “Now, if you want to solve the problem, you can lose money or stay with me!”

“Otherwise, don’t even want to leave!”


Dozens of people in black surrounded Levi.

Sarah and Natalie felt a little timid.

They did not expect that the other party would be the young owner of the Sanxing Group.

Levi smiled: “I won’t leave! This matter must be dealt with today!”

Levi took out the phone: “Old Fu, come and solve the problem! I don’t care what background and relationship he has! You can’t handle it, I will solve it myself!”

This sentence scared Fu Xuejian on the other end of the phone.

Not for a while.

The sirens are Lordpieces.

Police cars came at a speed.

Fu Xuejian led the team personally, and the captain and deputy captain of the traffic police team were also there.

Chapter 503

They have adjusted the monitoring and know the outline of the matter.

Specially ask the surrounding people what happened.

Piao Haizhen and his party have constrained a lot, but they still have a superior appearance, and they don’t pay attention to Fu Xuejian and others.

According to him, how much benefit will the Sanxing Group bring to the development of Case York in the future? Who dares to touch me?

Soon, Fu Xuejian got results here.

“It is now judged that Park Haizhen is going retrograde and bears all the responsibility for the accident! At the same time, the driver’s license is revoked, and the driver’s license cannot be tested in Velador for five years! Another 15 days of detention! In addition, Miss Sarah will be compensated!

Fu Xuejian read the result and glanced at Levi.

Sarah nodded and said, “Director Fu doesn’t need to pay compensation anymore. I have insurance and I can find an insurance company! Thank you for being fair to me!”

“it is good!!!”

The crowd was also applauded.

Fu Xuejian felt enthusiastic.

Doing good for the people, the original sense of achievement is so full.


Park Haizhen was stunned.

In the provincial capital, he has done more than this, and his driver’s license has not been deducted a point.

Came to Case York to revoke their driver’s license?

Still detained?

“Do you know who I am? Hurry up and revoke me! Otherwise, don’t blame me for being polite!”

Park Haizhen shouted angrily.

Fu Xuejian glared at him coldly: “Come here, take away! Take away those who block!”

Fu Xuejian ordered that Park Haizhen was taken away directly.

Pu Changxu and others wanted to stop, but they had no choice but to watch.

Before getting into the car, Park Haizhen looked at Levi and the three men threatened: “Don’t worry, I will be out soon. You will wait for me then!”

Before leaving, Levi said to Fu Xuejian: “The insurer can pay! You can pay five million! The money is used for the development and construction of Case York!”

“Okay, understand!”

Fu Xuejian nodded.

Looking at Levi, his eyes were full of admiration.

At this time, I was thinking about the construction and development of Case York.

“My wife, take you to work first! Then I’ll prepare a car for you!”

Natalie and Sarah looked at Levi in surprise.

A phone call will solve the problem.

The two looked at each other.

In their view, it is the boss of Erick Group who solves the problem.

It’s not Levi!

In the office building of the Case York branch of Sanxing Group.

“What? Young Lord Park Haizhen was taken away?”

Afterglow looked incredible.

“Who ate Zionxin Leopard and dare to take Young Lord Park Haizhen? Don’t you know his identity?”

Afterglow was angry.

“Fu Xuejian personally caught it!”

Yu Hui’s face changed drastically: “Huh???? He actually did it himself?”

“Hurry up with me and get the people out!”

After the afterglow came to the place.

The deposit needs five million!

Afterglow was taken aback.

“Mr. Yu understands, after all, this matter has caused a lot of trouble, and the reverse is very bad!”

Afterglow paid the money without hesitation.

Even if it is 10 million and a billion, you have to pay!

Park Haizhen was saved.

But the driver’s license is revoked, and the car can no longer be driven.

“Help me check a few people, I won’t let them go!”

Park Haizhen said coldly.

“At this point, don’t worry, Lord, I will do it!”

Afterglow said.

“Give me the car keys!”

Park Haizhen stretched out his hand.

“No way, Lord, your driver’s license has been revoked. You will not be able to drive in Velador for five years!”

Park Haizhen grabbed the key and sneered: “What’s wrong with driving without a driver’s license? Who dares to move me?”

Chapter 504

“I’m unlucky to be caught this time! But looking at the whole Case York, who would dare to move me a second time?”

Park Haejin was obviously angry.

I have been to Velador for a few years, and I have never suffered such humiliation.


The car let out a roar and galloped away.

Afterglow sighed helplessly.

He didn’t know if it was good or bad.

At this time, the big boss Park Tianxin called and angrily said: “What? You are a trash? You can’t manage anything in Case York?”

“No, boss, let me explain…”

Park Tianxin didn’t give him a chance at all: “I don’t want to hear any explanation! You have done it wrong twice, and once again, you know the consequences!”

Afterglow was startled in a cold sweat.

Because he knew that Park Tianxin was a ruthless person.

No matter how horrible Shanler is, he is also ethical.

But Park Tianxin, these Koreans, are totally unruly, cruel, and extreme.

Everyone is scared!

Yu Hui immediately dialed out the call: “Assemble all the forces we can convene in Case York, and protect Lord Park Haizhen! He can’t make any mistakes!”

For a time, personnel from all regions of Case York were dispatched.

If something happens to Park Haizhen, thousands of people can gather to protect him within ten minutes.

After sending Sarah back to Dongtian Group.

“Don’t worry about your husband’s car, the insurance company will settle the claim!”

Plum dyed.

Levi shook his head: “No! Whoever hits your car will pay!”

Sarah’s face changed: “Ah? No need! He has been punished!”

She was mainly afraid that Levi would cause trouble.

Levi smiled: “I never said I let him go! Don’t worry, the new car will definitely be in front of you before get off work tonight!”

That’s right.

The punishment was given by Fu Xuejian.

He wouldn’t let Park Haizhen go so easily.

After returning to Erick Group.

Levi asked Zhuque to find out where Puhai Town was.

“General, Park Haizhen is in Jinhai Villa!”

“Well, I got it.”

After going downstairs, Levi found Boyd Sen.

“Old Boyd sent me to a place!”

“No problem, Brother Garrison!”

Boyd Sen is an old river and lake. Seeing that Levi is going to do something, he smiled and asked, “Brother Garrison, do you want me to bring more people?”

Levi shook his head: “No, we two are enough.”

Jinhai Villa.

At the moment, Park Haizhen is in the gym.

On the ring, he wore a vest, showing an explosive figure.

There were six people around him, covered in blood.

“Go on! A bunch of trash!”

Park Haizhen roared and shot at the same time.

Park Hae Jin is a great taekwondo Lord.

Really strong!

The six Lords were quickly knocked to the ground by him, moaning in pain.

But Pu Haizhen didn’t stop and broke the arms and legs of the six.


The six screamed like a pig, echoing in the gym.

The entourage of Park Haizhen trembled.

Park Hae-jin is cruel and domineering, and she is an out-and-out abnormality.

No one who accompanied him to practice boxing ended up well.

“Lord checked it out!!!”

Park Changxu ran in excitedly.

Park Haizhen wiped the blood from his hands and said coldly, “Say!”

“It was Sarah, the boss of Dongtian Group, who collided with you. The man behind was her husband Levi, and the other woman was Natalie, vice president of Erick Group!”

Park Changxu said.

Pu Haizhen’s eyes lit up: “Haha, I really didn’t expectjia Road to be narrow! How many people we are going to deal with unexpectedly met like this?”

Park Changxu smiled and asked, “Lord, what should we do?”

Chapter 505

“Then can I let them go?”

Park Haizhen showed a lewd smile.


At this moment, the door of the gym was kicked open.

“Where is Park Haejin?”

A voice sounded.

In the gym, dozens of people looked over.

I saw Levi and Boyd Sen coming.

“Lord, look, isn’t that Levi?”

Park Changxu exclaimed.

After Piao Haizhen saw it clearly, he sneered: “Hurry up, close the door! Can’t let them go!”

The door to the gym was immediately closed, and dozens of people surrounded Levi and the duo.

Park Haizhen burst into a shout: “You are so brave, I didn’t even look for you, did you send it to the door yourself?”

Levi lit a cigarette and smoked, ignoring dozens of people around him.

“Boy, let me tell you, if you want me to let you go today, there is only one way to send your wife to my bed! Haha…”

Park Haizhen laughed.


Others also burst into laughter.

Levi didn’t say a word, just looked at him like that.

The horrible look made Park Haizhen’s heart startled.

“You…what are you doing here?”

Park Haizhen asked subconsciously.

“It’s very simple, if you hit my wife’s car, you have to pay!”

Levi’s tone was plain, but he was overbearing.


But after Piao Haizhen and others listened, he burst into laughter.

Everyone looked at Levi with idiot eyes.

Is it brain-dead?

How dare to ask Park Haejin for compensation?

This brain is absolutely broken.

“Want me to pay compensation?”

Park Haizhen asked.

“Well, that’s right! A car with no less than two million! Compensation!”

Levi said coldly.

Park Haizhen smiled and said: “Tell you, I never compensated others! Want compensation? Dreaming!!!”

Levi took a breath and said faintly: “Then I have to make compensation from you?”


Levi’s words caused everyone to burst into laughter.

In particular, Park Hae-jin laughed so loudly that his stomach hurts.

Just forget it in front of Fu Xuejian during the day.

But now in his turf, he needs compensation?

court death!

“Hahaha…Oh, I can’t laugh anymore…”

Park Haizhen laughed at Levi.


Suddenly, Levi stuffed a hot cigarette butt into Park Haizhen’s mouth.


Immediately, Park Haizhen let out a heart-piercing scream.

Everyone was stunned!

Is Levi so fast?

Even Taekwondo Lord Park Haejin didn’t react?

The whole audience was silent!

No one thought that Levi would suddenly do it!

Takemori was shocked.

“Is it so funny?”

Levi frowned and asked.

After the reaction, Park Hae-jin was blushing and roared: “Take them out of me! I don’t want to see them still standing!”


Dozens of people are about to rush forward.

“You’re so fucking tired of it, right? Who the hell dares I think?”

Takemori pulled out two truncheons from his body and looked at everyone domineeringly.

Takemori was a retired scout and had been on the battlefield.

In the face of these people, don’t be afraid!

This is also the reason why Levi made him the security captain!

“Old Boyd regret it?”

Levi asked.

“Regret the ball! Garrison Ge takes me as a brother, and I take Garrison Ge as a brother too!”

Takemori roared.

“it is good.”

Levi smiled.

“What are you doing in a daze? Abolish them for me!”

Park Haizhen shouted in angrily.

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