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Chapter 506


Dozens of people rushed towards Levi and Boyd Sen.



Takemori is worthy of being a veteran of reconnaissance, waving two batons, no one can get close at all, but he has fallen a lot.

Levi is even more terrifying here.


Anyone who came close was hit and flew out dozens of meters.


After a while, the people who fell to the ground screamed one after another.

Park Hae Jin and Park Chang Wook were dumbfounded.

Looking at the two Levi incredulously.

Can you beat it too much, right?

Although Park Hae Jin is a Lord of Taekwondo, he is still a lot worse than Boyd Sen.

Don’t compare with Levi.


With a stick, Boyd Sen threw Park Chang-wook to the ground.

Before Park Haizhen could resist, he was kicked to the ground by Boyd Sen.

Finally, Park Haizhen was taken to Levi.

“What about now? Will you pay for it?”

Levi patted him on the face.

Although Park Haizhen is arrogant and domineering, he still knows the truth about forbearance.

Nodded quickly: “Pay, I will pay!”

“Okay, take us to pick a car!”

In the end, Levi chose a four million McLaren 720s.


The greatest shame!

Park Haizhen blushed and watched, but could do nothing.

How many years has he been in Velador, where has he suffered such humiliation?

Someone beat him without telling him, but forced him to pay compensation?

Before leaving, Levi said coldly: “Now your driver’s license has been revoked, but don’t let me see you driving on the road! Otherwise I won’t forgive you!”


Park Haizhen wanted to refute: What happened to Laozi driving without a license?

But he understood that as soon as he came out, he would definitely get a fight.

“I…I know…”

Park Haizhen gritted his teeth and agreed.

When Sarah got off work, she was dumbfounded when she saw the brand new McLaren stopped in front of her.

“This, this… where does this come from?”

Sarah looked surprised.

“It’s a loss!”

Levi approached.

“Ah? Lost it? How could he lose the car?”

“We insist on convincing people with morality, and explain the truth to him, he must pay compensation!”

Levi approached.

Sarah looked at him suspiciously, always feeling that things were not that simple.

After Levi and the two left.

Park Haejin was furious.

“Trash! It’s all a bunch of trash! What’s the use of spending millions on raising you? I can’t even beat a security guard!”

Park Hae-jin’s opponent was ruthless and recruited blood.

These high-priced bodyguards silently accepted the punishment.

After all, dozens of them haven’t even hit a security guard…

Afterglow arrived in a hurry.

The cold sweat on his forehead swelled.

Pu Tianxin had just told him that it hadn’t been the third time, but he didn’t expect an accident in Pu Haizhen under his nose.

Even though he was beaten, he was forced to drive away a car!


Afterglow fell directly to his knees.

“Lord, I do not work well, it is all my fault! You punish me!”


Park Haejin kicked him into the air.

“You are all rubbish!”

Park Haejin roared with anger.

“Lord, please give me another chance, I promise to handle this matter properly!”

Afterglow pleaded in a cold sweat.

“Where were you when I was beaten? Didn’t you say that the city was already under your control?”

Park Haizhen asked.



He abruptly broke one of Yuglow’s arm.

Afterglow was rolling on the ground in pain!

“Lord, you…what do you say? I will listen to you!”

Afterglow said.

Chapter 507

Park Hae-jin took out the phone and dialed a number: “Father, I called someone. I hope you can send brother Logan Dazhong and Logan Dayong over! Please!”

“no problem!”

Hearing this, Park Haizhen showed a crazy smile on his face: “As long as they arrive, I will not be afraid of anyone in the city!!!”

Logan Dazhong and Logan Dayong are the two personal guards next to his father.

Joining forces is no less than a typhoon!

These two people have a lot of history.

The two brothers are the two great apprentices of Lee Jae-seok, the number one Lord of Taekwondo in Korea and the chief instructor of the hundreds of thousands of Korean troops!

Lee Jae-seok is a national soul in Korea!

Taekwondo has become the first person in the world to practice taekwondo.

In particular, he has trained several special forces in South Korea, and his personal fighting ability is super strong on the battlefield!

Two of his lovers are said to have received his half-century biography!

The two were once members of the special forces. They have been on the battlefield and killed hundreds of people…

In the past few years, Piao Tianxin has been invincible in Velador and opened up new territories.

This is urging Park Haizhen, and hurriedly called these two people.

Park Haizhen sneered: “Some people have said that I can’t stand without a license. I just don’t believe in this evil!”

Yuhui knew that everything could only be done according to Park Haejin’s intentions.

He selected a total of 200 good players to protect Park Haejin.

In the evening, Wesley sent a message–

“There is news from the general provincial capital that the Sanxing Group has secretly taken away hundreds of billions of Shanler’s affairs. They have nothing to do, unless they directly rip off their skin! They said they are very embarrassed… After all, Sanxing Group has many cooperation projects with the provincial capital. …”

Levi sneered: “They are afraid of tearing their faces and embarrassed, then I will do it myself! No one can move this money, I said Levi!”

If the Sanxing Group is safe and stable in the provincial capital, it’s okay, but now their hands have reached Case York.

Levi has more reasons to move Sanxing Group.

Park Hae Jin was very excited at this time.

Because Logan Dazhong and Logan Dayong arrived.

The two people are like dragons and tigers, and where they stand, it puts a lot of pressure on people’s body and mind.

Full of murderousness!

Afterglow felt a numb scalp and a chill on the soles of his feet rushing to the sky.

“I think the city, who dares to move me this time?”

Park Haizhen is arrogant and domineering.

The next day.

Park Hae-jin continued to drive a sports car in his own way, galloping on the road.

A black car followed closely behind, and two brothers Logan Dazhong sat inside.

There are also two hundred Lords arranged by Afterglow.

Park Haizhen drove the car and ignored the traffic rules at all, and went on rampages everywhere.

These are small things going retrograde.

When he saw the zebra crossing, he rushed forward at an accelerated speed, frightening pedestrians to avoid.

There was a serious traffic jam on a main road just because of a single person in Park Hai Town, and there were even car accidents at many intersections.

Soon, the monitoring of the transportation department detected the abnormality of this main road.

And locked Park Haejin’s sports car.

All the sources are caused by him.

“Didn’t he have his driver’s license revoked and cannot retake the exam within five years? How could he drive on the road?”

Everyone was terrified.

They reported it quickly.

On the main road, Park Hae-jin felt refreshed after doing all this.

“I’m driving without a license! How about? Have the ability to catch me?”

Park Haizhen shouted arrogantly.

Pointing at the surveillance camera, raised his middle finger.

He showed his arrogant and domineering side to the fullest.

“Levi, I am driving without a license, what can you do to me?”

Chapter 508

The violation record of Park Haizhen was quickly passed to Fu Xuejian.

Fu Xuejian didn’t give the results the first time, so he told Levi.

“General, what do you think?”

Standing in front of Levi, Fu Xuejian shivered.

He could clearly feel that Levi was angry.

In doing so, Park Haizhen ignored General God of War, and even ignored Velador’s rules!

“I will solve it myself!”

Levi said five words.


He was also angry at Park Haejin’s behavior.

But his identity is unique, with one eye open and one eye closed.

Finally someone can manage it!

“I’ll go and see for myself!”

Levi was happy.

Is there really such an arrogant boy disciple these days?

“Old Boyd sent me to a place!”

Levi went with Boyd Sen again.

At this moment, Park Haizhen has come to Binhai Road, and he is going retrograde all the way, rampant.

The reporting calls of the transportation department were all hit.

It’s because of Park Haejin.

The afterglow of observing everything secretly is very worried.

By doing this, Park Haejin is tantamount to provoking too many people.

The behavior is simply stupid.

Provoking Case York by driving without a license!

At first glance, Piao Haizhen is a scam, and he put the Sanxing Group to death.

But he understood that this was what Park Tianxin meant.

Park Tianxin allowed Park Haejin to do this.

The purpose is simple-to put pressure on Case York.

Let Dean and others understand the attitude of Sanxing Group-Sanxing Group is bound to settle in Case York to occupy the market.

At this time, Park Haizhen suddenly stopped.

“Hey, after provoking for so long, no one dared to come to me!”

Park Haejin felt very boring.


But the next second, an Audi suddenly stopped in front of Park Haejin.

Two people got off the car.

Seeing them, Park Haizhen’s face changed drastically, and his anger was upset.

It was his enemy who suffered repeated humiliation in Case York!

Levi and Boyd Sen got out of the car and headed straight for Puhai Town.

Before Park Haizhen could react, he was caught by Levi.

“Did I remind you not to drive without a license?”

Levi’s tone was cold and his eyes were terrifying.

“I, I, I…”

Park Haizhen actually felt a trace of fear, and his words were uncomfortable.


At this moment, the car rushed over to the two of them.

Logan Dazhong and Logan Dayong.

Two proud students of Lee Jae-seok, the number one Taekwondo Lord in Korea.

As soon as these two appeared, the atmosphere in the field changed.

Boyd Sen felt a trace of solemnity, and he looked at the two warily.

very scary!

The two looked at it as if a poisonous snake was staring at him.

Takemori slid his throat and swallowed.

At the same time, afterglow arranged around 200 good players one by one.

Surrounded Levi and Boyd Sen Tuan Tuan.

At this moment, Takemori felt the pressure.

Longtan Tiger’s Den!

But he is not afraid!

Levi ignored the people around him. He stared at Park Haizhen and asked, “Have I told you?”


“Let go of Lord!”

Logan Dazhong warned in a low voice.

Levi didn’t care at all, he patted Pu Haizhen’s face and asked, “Have I told you not to drive without a license? Don’t you say it? Force me to slap you?”

Logan Dazhong roared anxiously: “There is a kind of thing you can try to move him?”

Levi smiled.


He slapped Park Haizhen’s face with a slap.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

Levi asked with a smile.

Logan Dazhong is really going to explode.

Too presumptuous.

Hit someone in front of him.

court death?

Chapter 509

Logan Dayong was also anxious and roared angrily: “What did you do, asshole??”

Upon hearing this, Levi smiled: “Did you not see it just now? Okay, then I will demonstrate it again!”


Levi slapped Pu Haizhen’s face again, making a crisp sound.

Soon, Park Haejin’s face quickly swelled like a pig’s head.


There was silence in the field.

Everyone’s mouth is open enough to fit an egg.

Especially the brothers Logan Dazhong and Logan Dayong were dumbfounded.

Someone hit the young Lord in front of them?

Is this provoking them?

Where do they put their face?

How do you tell Park Tianxin?

Can’t bear it!

Absolutely can’t bear it!

Park Haizhen was even more angry, and shouted angrily: “Kill them for me!!!”

Logan Dazhong couldn’t bear it anymore.


He rushed out suddenly, blinking at a distance of more than ten meters.

A whip leg was raised high, sweeping towards Levi’s head.


This blow was heavy, with a whistling wind.

Takemori felt a scorching wave of air rushing toward his face, like a blade cut across his cheek, with a fiery pain.

What is even more frightening is that Logan Dazhong exudes a murderous air.

This is honed on the battlefield.


Super Lord!

Takemori was forced to retreat several steps by the waves of anger!

He was a little worried that Levi was coming.

This whip leg swept across the head, absolutely deadly.

But it was too late to stop him.

Seeing Logan Dazhong’s whip leg sweeping against Levi, he moved.

Logan Dazhong’s complexion changed drastically.

A dangerous breath struck.


Levi came back and shot out with one kick, ten times faster than Logan Dazhong.

Like a heavy gun coming out of the chamber!


With a kick on the lower abdomen, Logan Dazhong flew out immediately.


After falling to the ground, Logan Dazhong’s face was pale with pain on his face.

Only he himself knew that Levi’s kick caused his internal organs to suffer severe damage!

Everyone was shocked!

Especially Park Haejin looked incredible.

Even a Lord like Logan Dazhong is not an opponent?

How strong is this Levi?


Upon seeing this, Logan Dayong moved immediately.

From an incredible angle, he appeared behind Levi.


Something glowing with silver on his cuff slipped into his hand.

That is clearly a dagger!

Logan Dayong held the dagger instead, and pierced Levi’s neck.

A series of tricks are done in one go, perfect to no blemish!

Logan Dayong and Logan Dazhong are indeed Logan Zaishi’s apprentices.

A Lord of Taekwondo, a proficient in the use of military killing techniques.

Logan Dayong’s attack was very well controlled whether it was speed, strength, or angle.

This is the experience and ultimate move summed up from hundreds of battles on the battlefield!

One hit kill!

His moves are simple and straightforward, almost dazzling.

Boyd Sen and Park Haizhen, who were very close, felt the cold air invaded into their bodies. They were covered in sweat and hairs standing upside down, entering the ice cave, and their bodies couldn’t move at all.

At this moment, it is the feeling of death!

Boyd Sen was so frightened that he closed his eyes and dared not look at the scene before him.

This time Garrison Ge encountered a hard fork.

This trick is nothing but death!

Although Park Haejin was afraid, he was more excited.

With this blow, Levi had nowhere to survive!

The dagger was getting closer and closer to Levi’s neck, and Logan Dayong was excited.

If he stabbed in, Levi would die on the spot.

Chapter 510

Logan Dayong’s smile suddenly disappeared.

Because his retina was black, the dagger in his hand seemed to be stuck in a stone, and he couldn’t move forward at all.

After seeing it clearly, his face was full of horror.

Levi actually clamped the dagger with two fingers.

And the power of two fingers is heavier than Wanjun, he can’t move at all.

When did the city have such characters?

Stronger than a typhoon!


With a crisp voice, Logan Dayong’s eyes were about to fly out.

The dagger is broken…

The dagger was broken by two fingers…

What kind of perversion must this be?

This dagger was equipped with special equipment when he was a special force. It was made of special materials by the military.

It can be said to be invincible, even if the bullets continue to hit.

Unexpectedly, I was broken by a finger now!


Before he could react, Levi kicked him out.


Logan Dayong let out a scream after landing.

A dozen of his bones were all broken.

This kick almost destroyed him!


Extremely shocked!

Park Haejin was about to faint with fright.

What kind of abnormality is Levi?

Logan Dazhong and Logan Dayong are not rivals?

The two hundred people around shivered, and no one dared to step forward.

Even these two failed miserably, they must go up to no avail.

Levi looked at Park Haizhen and asked, “Have I warned you not to drive without a license?”

“Warned, warned…”

Park Haizhen nodded quickly as he lost his predominant manner.

“Then why don’t you listen?”

Levi asked.


Park Haizhen froze and didn’t know how to explain it.

“Since you can’t be free, then I will help you to be free!”



As soon as the voice fell, Levi kicked Park Haizhen in the leg.

His leg was kicked and broken.


Park Haizhen screamed like a pig.




Levi broke Pu Haizhen’s other leg and both arms again.

Park Hae rolled on the ground painfully.

Levi showed a satisfied smile: “Well, then you can’t go out and drive without a license!”

“I see you driving once in the future, and I will abandon you once!”


“You are the devil!”

For the first time, Park Hae-jin discovered that someone was more perverted than himself!

Takemori also looked terrified.

Brother Garrison is a ruthless person!

Levi moved, and two hundred people looked at him in horror.

Automatically give him a way out.

When Afterglow came and saw the scene before him, he knew he was going to finish.

Young Lord Park Haizhen made people abruptly ruined in his turf.

This is his duty!

“What do you guys do? Waste! It’s all fucking waste!”


Afterglow slapped everyone.

“Brother Yu is not our waste, but that guy is too strong, even Mr. Logan Dazhong and Mr. Logan Dayong can’t do it!”

Everyone is wronged.

“What are you doing in a daze? Take it to the hospital!”

Afterglow roared.

Park Haizhen made a weak voice: “No, send us back to the provincial capital!”

Afterglow can only be arranged.

He dialed Park Tianxin’s number and told what happened.

“Mr. Park, will you punish me? I am willing to apologize with death!”

Afterglow was already determined to die.

“I know the matter. It has nothing to do with you. You can’t solve it! I will come to Case York myself!

Park Tianxin said coldly.

Afterglow shook his heart.

Things are getting worse.

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