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Chapter 551

But then the conversation turned: “However, it must be secret! Tomorrow I will have a blind date with Xiao Qin. This kind of knotty must never be known to anyone.”

“No! Young Lord Chu, the place we arranged is very secret!”

Chu Tian Chuan shook his head: “No! It must also be absolutely secret. I want to guarantee that there will be no mistakes!”

Cross Dongxu immediately said: “If Chu Shao said this, I know a secret place-the dark night club.

That place can be said to be the most secret place in the provincial capital. You must be introduced by an acquaintance to enter! No one else can enter!

Many bigwigs in Jiangnan Province choose to talk about things here, so there will be no leaks! What is going on inside, the outside will never know. “

“Okay, then go to the Dark Night Club!”

Chu Tianchuan nodded.

“Okay, Young Lord Chu is fine. We all have acquaintances in the Dark Night Club! Won’t you wrap up the club tonight?”

Zhong Jiaming’s faces were all smiles.

The other side.

In the Jinling Military Region.

“The general, please get in the car and set off, the provincial capital is all arranged!”

Tatsuno asked.

Many people stood behind Levi.

Needless to say, Ding Zhiyuan, commander of the Special Operations Brigade.

The most important thing is the commander-in-chief of the Jinling Military Region Xiang Wenjun, the two deputy commanders Graham Zhen and Cross Weishuo, as well as several chiefs of staff.

Everyone is dressed in casual clothes.

Responding to Levi’s low-key call.

Otherwise, this group of people would go out to eat in military uniforms, so they shouldn’t scare people to death? ? ?

“Have you found a place?”

Levi asked.

“The general has already been found, in the Dark Night Club! The biggest feature of this club is its secrecy. Because it is in a remote area in the suburbs, many people choose to talk about secrets here. If you go here, no one knows, let alone a small tail. .”

“The provincial capital considers its particularity, so I chose it here. However, I bring my own vegetables and wine, so there will be absolutely no extravagance and waste! And the money is paid by myself and does not involve any problems.”

Tatsuno explained.

“Well, yes, they are very thoughtful!”

Levi nodded approvingly.


Located in the dark night club on the outskirts.

The major leaders of the provincial capital gathered one after another.

But everyone is extremely low-key.

Wearing casual clothes is incompatible with the club.

West Teng, the No. 1 leader of Jiangnan Province, asked: “General God of War, no, is Mr. Garrison here?”

Jinling Mayor Cross Jihang nodded and said: “Boss, Tatsuno just called and said that they have already set off and should be here soon!”

“That’s good!”

West Teng wiped his sweat.

“Why am I a little nervous?”

He said.

“Boss, we are all nervous too! We are already sweating!”

The others took a deep breath.

The leaders of these provinces and cities are getting nervous one by one.

They just learned from Dean.

Dean told them three words: ordinary heart.

But where do you usually get up?

Anxious to die!

Keep sweating in cold sweat!

Soon after, Levi and his party came to the front of the Dark Night Club.

“Boom boom boom…”

But at this moment, there were bursts of huge engine roars.

More than ten supercars came galloping.

All stopped in front of the dark night club.

They are Chu Tian Chuan’s group.

“Young Lord Chu please!”

After getting off the bus, everyone gathered around Chu Tian Chuan to the dark night club.

“Hey, Lord Chu, this is the kid!”

Suddenly, Cross Dongxu saw Levi.

Chapter 552

For a time, everyone looked at Levi.

“is it him?”

Chu Tian Chuan frowned and asked.

“Young Lord Chu is him! This kid’s driving skills are really terrifying!”

Several of Cross Dongxu’s entourage said immediately.

Chu Tian Chuan’s expression changed.

“Well, I don’t care who he is, just contact Xiao Qin and let him go!”

Chu Tian Chuan is a member of the princeling party, and he is domineering and arrogant.

After Cross Dongxu glanced at each other, they immediately said, “Young Lord Chu, you are optimistic!”

Cross Dongxu stepped forward quickly and stopped Levi and his group.

“Hey, why are you going? Stop!!!”

But Levi and his party ignored it.

“Hey, hey, deaf? Can’t hear? Tell you to stop!”

Cross Dongxu suddenly raised his voice, spread his hands, and stopped Levi and others.

Long Garrison and Xiang Wenjun looked unhappy.

On the territory of the provincial capital, someone actually blocked their way.

The key is to go with General God of War.


Xiang Wenjun and others are very dissatisfied!

To be small, lose face in front of General God of War.

If it’s too big, it’s dereliction of duty!

Xiang Wenjun wanted to reveal their identities directly.

But Tatsuno waved his hand, and everyone settled down.


Long Garrison Urn asked angrily.

Cross Dongxu ignored him at all, looked directly at Levi, pointed at him and said, “Come on, kid, come over, I have a phone call to tell you!”

Cross Dongxu’s tone is entirely an order!


Upon seeing this, the seven or eight people in charge of the Jinling Military Region, including Xiang Wenjun, were frightened!

Is this crazy?

Actually call five and six to General God of War? ? ?

Still in front of the commanders of the Jinling Military Region with the highest status!

Xiang Wenjun couldn’t bear it anymore, and immediately said angrily: “Do you know who he is?”

“I don’t care what his status is! Now Nelshire Chu Family Chu Young Lord wants him to go over immediately! He has to listen!”

Cross Dongxu sneered.

Although he didn’t know the identity of Levi.

But Chu Tian Chuan supports it.

He firmly believes that no matter how strong Levi’s background is, he can’t be less than Chu!

Xiang Wenjun, Long Garrison and others looked at each other.

It was both funny and embarrassing.

In front of General God of War, when this happened, their face was lost.

The funny thing is that these young Lords actually provoke the God of War…

Levi sneered and said, “Why should I listen to you?”

“You…this is the Nelshire Chu Family Chu Young Lord! If you know the boy, come with me!”

Cross Dongxu became angry from embarrassment.

A voice from Chu Tian came from behind: “What about Cross Dongxu? Can’t even handle this little thing?”

This made Cross Dongxu more angry.

“I only give you three seconds, one, two… stop me, can’t go!”

Before Cross Dongxu finished counting, Levi and his party pushed them away and directly entered the Dark Night Club.

“Hey hey hey, are you all deaf? Stop me!!!”

But no matter what Cross Dongxu shouted, Levi ignored them.

Cross Dongxu wanted to rush in immediately.


Chu Tian Chuan and his party came over.

“Can’t Cross Dongxu, you can’t speak in Jinling?”

Chu Tian Chuan looked at him disappointedly.

Cross Dongxu was about to explode.

He clenched his fists and vowed to make Levi look good.

After entering the dark night club.

The provincial leaders who had been waiting for a long time to sweat immediately greeted him.

See Levi.

Everyone looks incredible.

The dignified God of War to protect the country, shocking the existence of terror in the world, is he so young?

But everyone is even more in awe.

Chapter 553

In particular, Levi’s approachability, let everyone worry about it.

No wonder Dean, the leader of Case York, said that it is enough to treat it with the heart.

Song Xingchi, the owner of the Dark Night Club, followed behind.

He was frightened.

Since the opening of the Dark Night Club, I have encountered the biggest guests.

There were also twenty or thirty people at once, even the God of War came.

Outside the club.

“They are in the club! Are you not all ruthless people from Jinling? Give me this place and kick them out!”

Chu Tian Chuan lit a cigarette and said coldly.

“Hao Le, you can look down on Young Lord Chu!”

Yin Tianchou and Zhong Jiaming smiled.

They came to the dark night club.

“Young Lord Zhong, are you here?”

The manager of the Dark Night Club knew these young and old, and immediately greeted them respectfully.

Zhong Jiaming glanced inside and said: “Two things! First, let your boss come out. Today, the dark night club is covered by us and no one can receive it. Second, drive out the people who just went in!”

Versace is even more domineering: “Immediately, immediately!”

If they had spoken in the past, the Dark Night Club would do it.

But today, the manager hesitated unexpectedly.

“Several Lords are embarrassed, I’m afraid you can’t do what you have explained.”

The manager was embarrassed.

“Huh? What’s the matter?”

The faces of Zhong Jiaming’s people changed drastically.

Isn’t this to be ashamed in front of Chu Shao?

“Several young Lords, the Dark Night Club has been reserved today! You didn’t notify me in advance, so I’m sorry! A few young Lords will come again next time, you can give you free orders!”

In order not to offend a few people, the manager said in a low voice.

I heard that I was booked.

Zhong Jiaming was immediately angry.


He kicked on the door.

“What? I’m short of money? I need you to give me a free bill?”

“Yes, we need your free bill? Get out!”

Others were also furious.

“I’m telling you, no matter who is booking today! Tell them to get out of here!”

“Today, we packed the Dark Night Club! Otherwise, don’t blame us for being impolite!”

Zhong Jiaming said angrily.

“This is really not possible! People have booked the venue first, and we have to act according to the rules!”

The manager cried and said helplessly.


Zhong Jiaming slapped his face with a loud slap.

“Asshole! In Jinling, you have to follow our rules! Let the boss come out and drive people away!”

Versace kicked the manager to the ground again.

“Do you know that one? The eldest Lord of the Chu family of Nelshire quasi-royal clan! If you offend him, your club still wants to open?

Yin Tianchou pointed to Chu Tian Chuan not far away.

The manager touched his face and said, “No, even if you can’t do anything!”

“My mother gave you a face, right? Hit!”

Zhong Jiaming and a few others beat up the manager violently. Even a few security guards were not spared and they were all beaten.

The noise was extremely loud.

Even the people in the club know.

At this time, everyone in Levi just took their seats.

Hearing that the big guys are very satisfied with the club, Song Xingchi feels righteous in his heart.

“It’s not good, the big thing is bad!”

At this time, someone shouted while running.

“what happened?”

Song Xingchi immediately said.

“Several young people outside are beating people…”

After listening to the staff.

West Teng, governor of Jiangnan Province, stood up suddenly.


He slapped the table and said angrily: “There is such a thing under our noses? Go, I’ll go and see!!!”

Chapter 554

Song Xingchi quickly said, “What are they going to do?”

“Boss, which gentleman seems to be here!”

The staff looked at Levi tremblingly.


The language is not surprising and endless.

As soon as this word came out, the whole audience was boiling.

An unbelievable look!

Why is the provincial capital so courageous?

Coming for General God of War?

Is this crazy?

Provoking General God of War?

“That’s true! I rushed to General Garrison just outside… Mr. Garrison came!”

Ding Zhiyuan whispered.

“Yes, that’s right! Provoking Mr. Garrison for no reason!”

Others in the Jinling Military Region said one after another.

Levi did not speak.

But everyone knew he was a little angry.


This made West Teng extremely angry!

There are other leaders of the provincial capital, and the mayor of Jinling City Cross Jihang and others are the same.

They were so startled that their eyes were about to fly out.

When the God of War came, this kind of bullying appeared under his nose.

What does General God of War think?

Where do they put their face?


It’s maddening!

“Not only that, they want the boss to drive you all away!”

The staff added another sentence.


Everyone became more and more angry.

“Go, follow me to have a look, this matter is dealt with seriously!!!”

West Teng’s voice was low.

Cross Jihang and others followed behind, their faces gloomy and extremely angry.

This is the first time I saw this happening to General God of War.

Their face is lost!

What a shame!!!

Outside the dark night club.

Zhong Jiaming beat the manager and the others violently, and they all bleed, and everyone still keeps on beating.

The manager was almost killed!

Chu Tian Chuan was surrounded by the crowd, looking blankly.

He said coldly: “This situation does not exist in Nelshire! If Nelshire refutes my face, I must ruin someone!”

Chu Tian Chuan was obviously blaming Jinling’s young and old for doing things badly.


Zhong Jiaming was ashamed and embarrassed. He smashed the manager’s blood with a punch. He said angrily: “Hurry up and let Song Xingchi come out!!!”

“Young Lord Zhong, what are you doing? It’s not a good idea to think that harmony is yours.”

Song Xingchi hurried out to be a peacemaker.

Zhong Jiaming and the others stopped their movements. They looked at Song Xingchi and said coldly: “We have packed here today, and we will drive away the people immediately! Otherwise, we will tear down your club!”

Song Xingchi persuaded: “Lords, there are really people who booked the venue today! Come back another day, I will give you free! Everyone regards peace as the most important thing, okay?”


“Today we have to book the venue! Young Lord Nelshirechu, dare you not give face?”

Zhong Jiaming roared.

“Nelshire Chu Family?”

Song Xingchi’s expression changed.

Unexpectedly, the big and young of the Nelshire Princely Party also came.

If it used to be, the dark night club would have to welcome it.

But today the situation is different.

The people inside are terrible…

Yin Tianqiu patted Song Xingchi’s face with a sneer, “I will ask you one last time, can I give Chu Shao this face?”

Everyone looked at Song Xingchi one after another.

If Song Xingchi said no, they would definitely tear down the Dark Night Club today.

“Not today!”

Song Xingchi refused with a cold face.

“Okay! This is what you said!”

Zhong Jiaming roared angrily.

“There is no need for the Dark Night Club!!!”

Yin Tianchou immediately called: “I am Yin Tianchou. Bring more people and tear down the Dark Night Club for me! Immediately, immediately!”

Chapter 555

Song Xingchi immediately retorted: “I see who of you dares to demolish my club? What rights do you have?”

“Hehe, tell you, in the provincial capital, we are the king! We have the final say!”

Zhong Jiaming, Versace laughed domineeringly.

“So courageous! When is the provincial capital your turn to call the shots?”

Suddenly there was a cold voice in the club.

“Yell, anyone who is not afraid of death? Dare to fight against us?”

Zhong Jiaming sneered.

They want to see who dares to provoke them?

Upon seeing this, Song Xingchi immediately said: “Lords, I advise you to leave quickly! You can’t afford the people inside!”

Others also echoed: “Don’t say that Nelshirechu is missing, no one can come!”

The dark night club naturally hopes that major events will be kept small, and it is best not to have conflicts.

But the more persuaded, the more angry Zhong Jiaming and his colleagues.

“Hehe, we can’t afford it yet? It’s ridiculous!”

“No matter who it is today, I will drive away!”

Zhong Jiaming’s attitude was firm.

Da da da.

Accompanied by the sound of footsteps.

A group of people have already appeared at the entrance of the club.

“Is that making trouble?”

West Teng’s face turned black.

“It’s us, what’s the matter? There is a problem?”

Zhong Jiaming said arrogantly.

I saw a few big and young people so arrogant and domineering.

West Teng and others were really trembling with anger.

“When did such bullying land ruffians exist in Jinling?”

West Teng questioned Cross Jihang.

“is my problem!”

Cross Jihang lowered his head and said.

“This cancer should be eliminated!”

West Teng roared.

“What a big tone? Who is this?”

Chu Tianchuan sneered and came to the front step by step.

He smiled at Zhong Jiaming and the others: “You are too wasteful, right? How many ordinary people can’t solve it?”

Zhong Jiaming was ashamed and embarrassed, and they wanted to find a place to get in.

“who are you?”

Cross Jihang asked coldly.

“Speaking out of his identity will surprise you!”

“Listen well—Chu Tian Chuan, the heir of the Chu family of the Nelshire quasi-royal clan!”

Cross Dongxu immediately said.


He also asked.

But several people in Chu Tian Chuan found that West Teng in front of them had no response at all.

This made Chu Tianchuan very angry.

Still ignoring yourself after reporting your name?

“Then do you know who we are?”

Cross Jihang said suddenly.

“Who are you? It seems a little familiar…”

Cross Dongxu frowned.

For the provincial capital, these big guys have seen it on the screen or in the newspaper.

However, West Teng’s clothes were extremely low-key today, and they looked just like ordinary people.

They only feel familiar, but they can’t remember who it is for a while.

Chu Tianchuan sneered: “Come on, tell me who you are, and see if you can scare Ben Shao!”

“Yes! I want to see who you are? Hurry up and report your name!”

Zhong Jiaming urged several people.

Can the current Jinling City scare people from Chutian Chuan?


Yuan Shanler and Sanxing Group may be able to compete.

Forget everyone else!

“Then you listen carefully!”

“I’m West Teng!!!”

West Teng said angrily.

“West Teng? Who is West Teng? I haven’t heard of it!”

“Right? What is West Teng?”

Zhong Jiaming looked at each other.

I didn’t even have this consciousness in my mind.

“Listen clearly! This is West Teng, Governor of Jiangnan Province!!!”

Song Xingchi couldn’t stand it anymore.

Add immediately.


A word was like a bolt from the blue sky, and the audience was shocked.

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