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Chapter 546


But the next moment, everyone feels crazy.

I saw Audi drifting, passing the curve in the posture of a dragon swinging its tail.


“It’s all OK?”

The eyes of a few people will fly out.

In an Audi car.

Levi smiled: “Xiao Qin can open his eyes!”

After Xiao Qin opened his eyes, he found that the car was driving smoothly on a straight road.

Did the curve just now pass?

Xiao Qin looked shocked.

There are still many turns on this road, and Levi doesn’t slow down at all.

On the straight, no matter how good the performance of the Audi car is, it is no better than two sports cars.

But there are many corners, and Levi doesn’t slow down.

So quickly left the two sports cars behind.

The two sports cars chased for a long time, and in the end they couldn’t even see the back of the Audi.


Cross Dongxu was stunned.

He has been mixed in the major super running clubs.

I have never seen such a powerful racer.

“Find him for me! I must dig him over!”

Cross Dongxu said.

Soon, Levi and the two came to Mann’s house.

The Mann family were happy when they saw Xiao Qin.

But seeing Levi, his face immediately changed.

Two old men, Mann Jianguo and Melina, greeted Levi because of the special tobacco and alcohol that Levi had given.

“Second old man, is the special alcohol and tobacco still enough?”

Levi asked with a smile.

“Enough! Enough for a few years!”

Mann Jianguo replied.

Mann Xuecheng glanced at Levi.

Xiao Ruomei even coldly snorted, “Is it enough for Mann to bring a car?”

“Yes, it was sent by Mann. Does it have anything to do with you?”

Others also sneered.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Qin quickly changed the subject and asked: “Grandpa and grandma, what are you calling me back in a hurry? You all said something happened to the Mann family, and I was frightened.”

Levi also listened carefully.

After all, this is Sarah’s task.

He was relieved when the Mann family was okay.

Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei smiled at each other, very excited.

Mann Jianguo also smiled cheerfully.

“Let me do it! Someone has come to propose a kiss!”

Melina said.

Xiao Qin was stunned, and pointed to himself in surprise, “Huh? Couldn’t it be me?”

“Yes, that’s right! Your grandfather’s old chief and I will personally come to propose marriage for his grandson tomorrow. He has taken a fancy to you!”

“Your grandpa and I agree to this marriage! We have seen that kid, it’s very good!”

Melina smiled.

Mann Jianguo also nodded: “Yes, that’s right! That kid is too good! It should be the best one I have ever seen!”

“I disagree!!!”

Xiao Qin refused without thinking.

“Daughter, what are you talking about? You didn’t see anyone, so why did you refuse?”

Xiao Ruomei said dissatisfied.

Mann Xuecheng also agreed: “Do you know the identity of the blind date? He is Chu Tian Chuan, the heir of the Nelshire Chu family! Nelshire Chu family, that is like a quasi-royal existence!”

After the wealthy families in various places in Velador have exceeded a certain level, they are not only measured by economics.

It is more about power and whether the family has a Lord of martial arts.

It will not be called by ordinary giants.

After surpassing the giants such as the Shane family of Case, York and the Lei family, they will be called the royal family.

The family known as the royal family is by no means the owner of the family who has worked hard for decades from scratch.

Most of the royal family has a history of more than one or two hundred years, and it is a super family that has been passed down from the past!

Chapter 547

The history of these families can be traced back to the Republic of Velador, or even longer…

In layman’s terms, the royal family is the achievement of hundreds of years of hard work for several generations!

It is by no means that one person can catch up with the struggle for more than ten years.

This is the difference between a wealthy family and a royal family!

There are only a handful of people in Velador that can be called a royal family.

For example, Nelshire is the economic center of Velador.

Here is the real royal family.

There has never been a royal family in Jiangnan Province.

And the family of Xiao Qin’s blind date, Chu Tian Chuan, is a quasi-royal clan.

A little stronger than the rich, and decades away from the real royal family.

To be forgiving.

Nelshire Chu family crushes all families in Jiangnan Province!

Even when Shanler was there, it couldn’t be compared!

Chu Tian Chuan’s grandfather, Chu Renxiong, was also a strong general in the army when he was young!

No one dare to underestimate it.

So when Chu Renxiong proposed to come to Mann’s family to propose marriage, Mann Jianguo and Melina couldn’t sleep with excitement.

If Xiao Qin and Chu Tian Chuan were married.

As a result, the Mann family will become stronger.

Secondly, Xiao Qin will be happy.

Melina said: “Xiao Qin, do you still disagree? I tell you, to marry the Chu family, it is my Mann family who has climbed up! It is luck that has fallen on you!”

Mann Jianguo nodded: “Yes, that’s right! My Mann family is in front of the Nelshire Chu family, and it doesn’t have any weight! Qin’er, if you marry the Chu family, you will be lucky!”

Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei urged: “Don’t thank your grandparents yet! Such a good thing!”

“No! Not only is the Chu family strong, this Chu Tian Chuan is also a talent. He was trained as the future Lord of the Chu family since he was a child. In terms of abilities and all aspects, he is simply top-notch! Xiao Qin is indeed married to him. The happiness of your life!”

Mann Kuofei and Mann Qingfeng said in person: “Yes, you will be the young lady of the Nelshire Chu family from now on to my sister. Who doesn’t envy you against this famous provincial capital?”

“Isn’t it? Now the provinces and cities are in chaos, the major power families are fighting for territory, and every family force is looking for the backstage! Although my Xiao family is out of the way, it will definitely be affected in the end. I want you to marry the Nelshire Chu family. If that happens, no one will dare to touch my Mann family by then!”

The Mann family listed the benefits one by one.

But the Mann family wanted more to overcome the difficulties in front of them.

The provincial capital was in chaos, and the Mann family was too weak.

If you don’t find a backer, you may be swallowed at any time!

It happened that the Nelshire Chu family was coming to propose marriage.

The Mann family immediately agreed.

Xiao Qin felt like crying.

Originally thought that she would escape the fate of rich marriage.

Unexpectedly, he could not escape after all.

“No! I don’t agree! I don’t care how good he is, I am not interested!”

Xiao Qin cried, and at the same time took a deep look at Levi.

“What? You won’t agree? You at least see people first?”

Mann Jianguo Road.

Xiao Qin shook his head and refused: “No, I don’t want to see!”


Suddenly Melina roared.

Scared everyone.

“Xiao Qin, I found that you are getting more and more disobedient! The more I spoil you, the more rebellious you are?”

Melina said angrily.

“Grandma, I don’t want to be like this…”

Xiao Qin cried.

“Tomorrow the Nelshire Chu family comes to propose marriage, you have to go, and you have to go if you don’t!”

Melina was so overbearing that people couldn’t refuse.

Xiao Qin was desperate.

“With me, who would dare to force Xiao Qin?”

At this time, a voice suddenly sounded.

Everyone looked at Levi incredulously.

Chapter 548

When Levi spoke, Xiao Qin also reacted immediately.


What about the strongest background?

Can anyone be stronger than brother-in-law?

Xiao Qin immediately leaned in front of Levi’s presence: “Yes, brother-in-law, I listen to you!”


With a pair of eyes in the Mann family, they all looked at Levi in unison.

“Who are you? You have the right to speak in my Mann family?”

Mann Xueyong said angrily.

Mann Xueliang helped the frame of the mirror, and was also very dissatisfied: “Yes, that’s right. What are you talking about in front of so many elders? It’s the other way around?”

Mann Kuofei and Mann Qingfeng, the two juniors, were even more angry.

Can’t wait to slap in the face!

Mann Xuecheng and Xiao Ruomei were even more angry.

They almost roared: “When is it your turn to intervene in my daughter’s affairs?”

Mann Jianguo also glared at Levi. Melina couldn’t see Levi’s behavior.

“Leave from Mann’s house immediately, you are not welcome here!”

“The juniors I have been educated since childhood, none of them dared to talk to me like this!”

Melina pointed to Levi’s nose and said angrily.

Her family style is extremely strict.

The juniors didn’t dare to speak loudly in front of her and Mann Jianguo.

Not to mention that Levi is so provocative!

A look of sorrow flashed across Levi’s face.

If anyone forces Xiao Qin to do something he doesn’t want, he will definitely not agree!

“What? Do you dare to stare at me? Leave my Mann family immediately!”

Melina roared.

Xiao Qin was afraid that the matter might not end well, so she hurriedly said, “Brother-in-law, you should leave first. I will check it out tomorrow. Anyway, I won’t agree!”

Under Xiao Qin’s push, Levi left here.

“Grandpa and grandma, don’t blame brother-in-law, can’t I go tomorrow?”

Xiao Qin agreed.

“Well, it’s almost the same!”

Only then did Melina promise not to pursue Levi’s following crimes.

Not long after Levi left, Mann drove back quickly.

He has recently become the deputy captain of the SWAT team.

Since the provincial capital has been chaotic recently, this is his busiest time.

But as soon as he heard that Levi was coming, he immediately put down everything on hand and ran.

“Grandpa and grandma, I heard that my brother-in-law and Xiao Qin are back!”

Mann ran into the villa.

“Here, what’s the matter?”

Melina said in surprise.

“Xiao Qin is back, and she has become beautiful again.”

After Mann greeted Xiao Qin, he immediately looked around: “Where is my brother-in-law Garrison?”

“You said Levi’s ba5tard stuff? He was just driven away by his grandma!”

Mann Xueyong’s displeased way.


Mann staggered and almost fell to the ground.

His face was as pale as paper in fright, without any bloodshot eyes.

Mann’s Adam’s apple slipped, swallowed fiercely, and asked in amazement: “What??? My brother-in-law Garrison was driven away?”

This this this…

Mann is going crazy!

The Mann family actually kicked out the God of War?

Are you too brave?

Why didn’t he come earlier?

“Yeah! He actually ran into his grandparents! It’s not a good thing to just drive him out, but it’s not bad if I didn’t teach him!”

Mann Kuofei said coldly.


Mann is about to vomit blood.

Who else do you have to teach?

What courage is this?

“I’m going to see Brother Garrison…”

Mann rushed out immediately.

“Huh? What’s wrong with Mann?”

Mann Xueyong is very puzzled, why is his son uncharacteristically?

“Yes, I also found out.’er’s attitude towards Levi is very strange, as if Levi is a big man…”

Mann Jianguo also said.

Others nodded one after another, everyone had this doubt.

Chapter 549

Melina laughed: “You are all smaller! Mann’s pattern is not comparable to you!”

“What did grandma say?”

Mann Kuofei asked.

“Mann is humble and polite. He takes it seriously no matter who he is to. Even if Levi is a ba5tard, he treats him as a family member! Being big and small is the reason for his success!”

Melina admires Mann’s “pattern” very much.

“Yeah, we can’t compare with Ayuan on this point! We have a lot to learn!”

Everyone was full of praise for Mann.

Only Xiao Qin was helpless.

Brother Mann knows the identity of brother-in-law…

If Mann knew about this situation.

He will definitely sneer: “What kind of pattern do I have? Then the damn God of War!”

After Levi left Mann’s house, Long Garrison drove to pick him up.

Those who follow Levi don’t say anything, don’t make gimmicks.

Tatsuno was wearing casual clothes and driving an ordinary car.

Low-key to the extreme.

“General, the provincial capital also listens to you. Everything is done in a low-key manner. Tonight they set up a table of home-cooked food and would like to invite you to sit down! I promise not to be extravagant, absolutely frugal!”

Tatsuno whispered.

“Okay, go and sit down that night.”

Levi approached.

Long Garrison first took Levi to the Jinling Military Region.

For Levi, apart from Sarah, only the military camp feels at home.

At this moment, Mann searched the entire provincial capital, where is Levi’s figure?

Melina called him: “Yuan’er, I just received news that the Nelshire Chu family has arrived in Nelshire! Could you please pick them up and arrange them into my Hongyuan Villa.”

“Okay, grandma, leave it to me!”

Mann hurriedly drove to pick Nelshire Chu’s house.

The Nelshire Chu family has three vehicles.

An ordinary car cleared the road, a Rolls-Royce in the middle, and Elfa, a bodyguard car in the back.

In the middle, Les Roys sat in the back row, one old and one young.

The old man has gray hair and is wearing a Tang suit.

Don’t look at the ancient years, but his eyes flickered, revealing an aura of killing.

Chu Renxiong, the Patriarch of Nelshire Chu Family.

In his early years, he was a fierce general in the army, and he was full of violent temper.

After retreating, he was invincible in Nelshire.

He leaned on a cane.

Next to him sat a young man, white and white, wearing a pair of gold-rimmed glasses.

But it’s not a good crop at all.

He is Chu Tian Chuan, Xiao Qin’s blind date.

He is also the number one person in the circle of Brother Nelshire!

He is even a member of the Nelshire Princely Party!

His purpose in coming to Jinling, the provincial capital, was not simple.

Blind date with Xiao Qin is just a gimmick.

In fact, I want to use the Mann family to grab the provincial capital, and I want to make a fortune in the provincial capital!

The Nelshire Chu family wanted to enter the territory of the provincial capital and expand their power.

Everyone is pregnant!

Chu Renxiong just explained to Chu Tian Chuan about the marriage with the Mann family.

“Well, grandpa, I understand! Women are just tools! I listen to you and marry Xiao Qin!”

A flash of cold light flashed in Chu Tian Chuan’s eyes.

Chu Renxiong nodded: “Well, that’s right! After my Chu family really takes root in the provincial capital, Xiao Qin will do whatever you want!”

“Okay, Grandpa!”

The corners of Chu Tian Chuan’s mouth rose.

The idea in his heart is simple-to treat Xiao Qin as a plaything, and getting married is just a cover.

Soon Mann came and took Chu Renxiong and the others to Hongyuan Villa.

Not long after Mann left, a group of people came here.

Chapter 550

It is the son of the provincial capital.

They are all sons and buddies of the top families in the provincial capital.

Zhong Jiaming Zhong Jiaming.

Fan Jia Versace.

Yin Jia Yin Tianchou.

And Cross Dongxu and others.

These families have participated in the recent battle for turfgrass in the provincial capital, and they have benefited a lot.

These families are looking for the Nelshire family as their backers.

As soon as they heard that the Nelshire Chu family was coming, they ran to show their courtesy.

Seeing this, Chu Renxiong said indifferently: “A good relationship with the Jinling local family is beneficial to our development. It is said that you should entertain them.”

Chu Tianchuan nodded: “Understood, Grandpa.”

“Young Lord Chu, it’s the first time to come to Jinling, we will definitely entertain you!”

Zhong Jiaming et al.

No matter how arrogant and domineering they are in the provincial capital, they are completely incomparable with the son-in-law from Nelshire.

In particular, the Nelshire princelings shocked the Quartet. The entire Nelshire, and even Southeast Asia, knew it was great.

The so-called princeling party is an organization formed by Nelshire’s strongest sons and buddies, similar to a club.

Everyone is a quasi-royal, even heir to the royal family.

The princelings are rampant and extremely domineering.

No one is concerned!

Live a happy life, but also a fierce reputation.

As long as young people have a relationship with the princelings, no one dares to move you.

For the princes and youngsters of the provincial capital, the Nelshire Princely Party is their goal.

The provincial capital imitated the Nelshire Princely Party and established a commune.

But how can it be compared? The princelings are too far behind.

So when they saw the members of the Nelshire Princely Party, these gangs were envious of them.

After Cross Dongxu knew that Xiao Qin’s blind date was the princeling, he almost urinated in fright.

Seeing so many people complimenting oneself, Chu Tian Chuan was also very enjoyable.

He leaned in front of Chu Tian Chuan and whispered: “Chu Shao, I want to tell you a bad thing…”

Chu Tian Chuan said with an unhappy expression: “Huh? What’s the matter?”

“Yesterday, my little brother, I met Miss Xiao Qin by chance!”

“and then?”

“She was sitting in the car with a strange man, she looked very intimate, like a couple!”

Cross Dongxu’s idea is very simple-since he can’t get Xiao Qin, he might as well give Levi a lesson.

Hearing this, Chu Tianchuan’s expression changed.

Although it’s just a blind date.

But in his opinion, Xiao Qin is already his.

Take a car with other men?

court death!

“Yes, that man drove very hard! An Audi car, we just didn’t catch up with the supercar!”

Several others immediately said.

At this time, Chu Tian Chuan’s face turned green.

His woman was moved.

How can you not be angry?

“Who is he?”

Chu Tianchuan asked in a cold voice.

“Young Lord Chu, I’m still investigating, I will tell you the first time I find it!”

Cross Dongxu shivered.

Zhong Jiaming and Versace immediately said: “Don’t think about these unhappy young people, Chu Shao, we will take care of you, and we have prepared a show for Chu Shao to enjoy!”

Looked at a few people and said with a smile.

Chu Tian Chuan didn’t understand what they were preparing.

It must be a woman.

“Rouge and vulgar fans are no longer needed, I’m tired of playing!”

Chu Tian Chuan said coldly.

In his capacity, a woman has everything, what kind of one hasn’t seen?

Yin Tianchou chuckled and said, “Young Lord Chu doesn’t know something. These are the ones I specially picked from the Case York Institute of Media. They are all yellow girls!”

Hearing this, Chu Tian Chuan’s frowning brows gradually unfolded.

“The beauty of Case York School of Media is like a cloud!”

Chu Tianchuan laughed.

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