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Chapter 606

Sarah was taken aback for a moment, and then he showed ecstasy.

“Is King’s Landing here?”

Sure enough, the next moment, Levi walked in.

Everyone looked surprised.

What is he here for?

“Levi, what are you doing here? What’s the matter with you here?”

Cross Wentao asked dissatisfiedly.

“Yeah! From the moment you stepped out of the Mann family’s gate, you are no longer qualified to come in this place! Get out of me quickly!”

The Mann family scolded one after another.

Several security guards from the Mann family also stopped in front of Levi.

They would throw him out with just an order.

“Why? Regret it? Don’t want to get divorced?”

Cross Wentao said with a weird smile.

“What’s the eldest brother-in-law talking to him? Just kick him out!”

The Mann family juniors are about to do it.


Melina’s voice sounded.

She walked out, looked at Levi and asked: “Just now you said, can you solve the problem?”


Levi approached.

“Do you know the problems facing the Mann family?”

Melina asked tentatively.

Levi smiled: “This matter has nothing to do with the Mann family, right? This is Sarah’s matter! Isn’t it just the complete system that Sanxing Group left behind?”


Everyone was taken aback.

Unexpectedly, Levi would know.

“Can you solve it?”

Melina asked.

“of course!”

“Ha ha…”

Cross Wentao smiled immediately: “Levi, do you think we are a fool? You may not know that all the things left by the Sanxing Group were taken away by a gangster who could not afford to offend!”

Levi nodded and said, “Yes, that’s right, this person is me!”



Suddenly, Cross Wentao and everyone in the Mann family laughed.

They looked at Levi like a fool.

“Levi, you are really stupid!”

“When we have a brain problem, or are we blind?”

Levi ignored them.

He looked at Sarah and said, “I have already arranged this matter, so don’t worry about it!”

Sarah smiled.

She still believes in Levi.

“Well, I will see you tomorrow morning, and this matter will be resolved.”

After the explanation, Levi turned around and was about to leave.

“Hold on! Did we let you go?”

Cross Wentao and Mann’s juniors stopped.

“Come as you want, leave as you want? When the Mann family is a park?”

Concubine Mann Jun also sneered: “By the way, don’t you say that this problem can be solved? Did you solve it? Just say a word and leave, who is it?”

“He has a character problem! Obviously he took a check of 10 million, but he just said it was thrown in the trash can!”

“Yes, I don’t see this kind of person the most!”

Everyone conquered Levi one after another.

“I threw the check in the trash can, and I don’t want to say it a second time!”

Levi was cold.

“Hehe, we rummaged through the trash can and didn’t find a check at all!”

“You can make it up!!!”


Levi was taken aback.

Could it be that it was followed by others?

I’ll let someone check the flow of funds on this check.

“Hurry up and let him go! I’m sick of seeing this kind of person!”

Melina stared at Levi in disgust.

In the end, Levi was kicked out of the Mann family.

“I want to see if this matter can be resolved tomorrow morning?”

Melina sneered.

“Haha, don’t think about it, grandma, this kid is just a bullshit!”

Cross Wentao smiled.

Early the next morning.

Immediately someone made a fuss and shouted: “No, Mylen is here! The Cao family is here! The Ou family is here!”

Chapter 607

The huge movement awakened everyone in the Mann family.

Everyone got together.

“what’s the situation?”

“I heard it came because of Sanxing Group!”

Hearing this, the Mann family was shocked: “What???”

Was it true that Levi was right?

Is the problem really solved?

Soon, Mylen and others arrived.

Melina and Mann Jianguo just want to greet.

They skip it directly.

Ignore them as air.

“Excuse me, who is Miss Sarah?”

Mylen came to the front, looked around and asked.

“it’s me!”

Sarah replied, she already realized what it was.

“Hello, Miss Logan, from now on, the original Sanxing Group R&D center and R&D team belong to you! This is a contract, please have a look!”

Mylen didn’t talk nonsense, and directly handed the contract to Sarah.


Seeing this scene, Mann Jianguo almost vomited blood.

Mylen actually came to deliver the contract in person?

Could it be that the super boss in his mouth has something to do with Sarah?

“Hello, Miss Logan, this is the contract and materials of the original Sanxing Group production base, and it belongs to you too!”

“Hello, Miss Logan, this is the contract for the office building of the original Sanxing Group, and it belongs to you too!”

Every big boss handed over the contract.

Now the entire system left by Sanxing Group is owned by Sarah.


Very shocked!

The problem is really solved!

“is this real?”

Dale and Edith looked at each other and smiled.

Melina cried with joy.

Mann Jianguo was also excited.

Sarah is about to take off.

The future is limitless.

The Mann family also followed to fly.

“The Mann family is going to take off, and we are going to take off!”

Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei cheered happily.

The Mann family was full of joy.

“Does this really have something to do with Levi?”

Someone raised a question.

Everyone was taken aback.

If Levi did all this.


The consequences are unimaginable.

Everyone can’t even think about it.

Sarah asked, “Mr. Moran, can you tell me who did all this?”

This is what everyone wants to ask.

They looked at Mylen curiously.

“Miss Logan also invites you to visit the office building of the original Sanxing Group!”

Mylen replied.

“Okay, thank you.”

Later, Sarah went to the office building of Sanxing Group.

Almost all of the Mann family followed.

They want to see what is sacred?

Came to the front of Sanxing Group Building.

The Mann family was all taken aback.

The forty-five-story building is simply too magnificent.

The Mann family’s comparison with this is nothing short of a horror.

But it must belong to plum dyed here.

Indirectly, it belongs to the Mann family.

Everyone is very excited!

After arriving at Sanxing Group, someone was waiting at the door.

“President Logan, please!”

A special person greeted Sarah.

With Sarah and his party, they came to the president’s office step by step.

“Mr. Logan, people are inside! Just go in by yourself!”

this moment.

Everyone in the Mann family became anxious.

Who will be inside?

Is it really Levi?

What if Levi should do?

After all, they just forced the divorce!

If Levi were this character, the Mann family would be in serious trouble.

Both Melina and Mann Jianguo remembered sweating.

The two wiped their sweat.

Cross Wentao hid behind.

In Sarah’s eyes, it must be Levi inside.

After all, he ran and said last night.

When the door is opened.

Everyone was stunned…

Chapter 608

Because in the office, they saw a stranger.

It’s not Levi!

“Hello, President Logan, this is Graham Nanxuan!”

It turns out that this person is a unicorn.

“Huh? Hello, Mr. Graham!”

Sarah was surprised and delighted.

This is the second mysterious figure in the Erick Group.

Even Natalie couldn’t see a few sides.

He actually came in person!

The Mann family also heard about Graham Nanxuan.


Graham Nanxuan came in person to explain his importance to Sarah.

In addition, they breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s not Levi!

They were all frightened just now.

“Mr. Logan, the early development of the electronic market is up to you! The boss is very optimistic about you, and specially sent a team to assist you!”

Alton said.

“That’s great!”

Sarah smiled.

With the backing of Erick Group, she is more confident.

“Well, the team will meet with you later! I’ll leave first!”

Alton left soon.

“Hahaha, I’ll just say who this person can’t afford to offend? It turns out to be the boss of Erick Group!”

“Sarah, you have to work hard, we fully support it! Looking at it now, we underestimate your potential.”

“The future you will definitely be the supreme existence in the entire Jiangnan Province!”

Everyone in the Mann family was very excited.

Melina patted her chest and said: “Fortunately, I divorced you and Levi in advance! With your future achievements, Levi will be a drag on your side! Over time, it will be trouble!”

“Grandma (Mom) is wise!”

Everyone in the Mann family couldn’t help but admire Melina’s vision.

Dale and Edith also said in surprise: “This marriage is right!”

“This Levi is not worthy at all! By the way, didn’t he say that this matter was solved by him? What about people?”

Cross Wentao suddenly remembered Levi.

“Yeah! This guy will make up nonsense! He will solve it, the face is really big!”

Didn’t wait for everyone to say much.

The team sent by Erick Group is here.

In the team, everyone actually saw Levi.

Especially when they knew that Levi was also a member of the team, the Mann family were shocked.

No wonder Levi went to Mann’s house last night and deliberately sold Guanzi.

The problem will really be solved.

Does it have anything to do with you?

That was solved by the big boss of Erick Group!

The Mann family also worried about a problem.

Didn’t this give Levi a chance to get in touch with Sarah?

“We don’t agree! Levi is determined not to contact Sarah!”

Melina refused.

“Madam, sorry, you don’t have this right! Levi was assigned by the company! Even President Logan is not qualified to refuse!”


Melina was stunned.

She still dare not go against the meaning of Erick Group.

“Then I want to ask, what position is Levi?”

Melina asked.

“He is the team’s logistical support, and at the same time is responsible for protecting our safety!”

Cross Wentao snorted coldly, “Is it the security guard?”

“Roughly the same!”


Everyone laughed.

Originally thought that Levi had an important position in the team.

Unexpectedly, it is similar to a security cook.

Can this kind of waste be worth hundreds of billions of dollars worth of plum dye?

No matter how hard he tried.

It’s just a small employee of Erick Group.

As for Sarah, the future will be the top level in Jiangnan Province.

There is no comparability between the two!

Fortunately, Sarah and Levi divorced!!!

Melina and Levi warned: “I tell you, don’t have any contact with Sarah! If you let me know, you will not end well!”

The Mann family threatened Levi one after another.

He also instructed Sarah not to have any contact with Levi.

Chapter 609

With the help of Erick Group, Dongtian Group successfully settled in the provincial capital.

And in just a few days, the preparations were ready and the project started directly.

With the strong support of funds and talents.

The prototype of electronic products has taken shape…

Mann’s enterprises have also been stained a lot.

Every day, Melina and the others glowed red and laughed from ear to ear.

The younger generation of the Mann family is too prosperous.

The man has Mann.

The female has plum dye.

“Recently, I will find a good husband and son for Sarah, and you will also inquire everywhere! It must be the dragon among the people, or it won’t be worthy of my son’s dye!”

Melina smiled.

She is getting better and better with Dale and his wife.

This made the two of them also very excited.

After Sarah left Levi, everything changed for the better.

The two sighed again that they were married and divorced.

In other places, there is a strange phenomenon here in Jinling City.

A huge plate left over by the Sanxing Group and the Shanler faction.

Jinling City unexpectedly did not have a power and family tempted.

Let the Dongtian Group slowly nibble wherever.

For a time, many power families in other provinces began to inquire about the background of the Dongtian Group.

Use all resources.

It is found out that Dongtian Group has no background.

The only background is to have a cooperative relationship with Erick Group.

The name of Erick Group has been completely typed out.

“I know the Erick Group is strong, but can’t it be overbearing so that it is the only one?”

“Yes, such a big plate, isn’t it good for everyone to share it together?”

“Huh, I don’t believe that Jinling City’s cake can’t be eaten by me?”

It turned out that during the battle for Jinling City, the forces from other provinces were all observing.

But now after peace, everyone is ready to move.

Everyone is eyeing this big cake!

The provincial capital of Zhangjia.

Since the accident that night, Cross Dongxu has been at home for a long time.


At this time, the door of the Cross family compound was suddenly blasted open.

A dozen people in black all rushed in from outside.

This scared everyone in the Cross family.

“Who are you?”

Cross Dongxu’s father Cross Yefei asked coldly.

The other party did not answer.

A Rolls-Royce Phantom came in from behind.

A young man got out of the car.

He was wearing a blue suit, playing with a string of Buddhist beads in his hand, and wearing a pair of black sunglasses.

There were two people standing beside him, one black and the other white, they were as cold as ice.

The two each wore a terrible mask.

When you get close, you can feel a chill on your face.

“Who are you?”

Cross’s bodyguard asked.

The man in the white mask gave him a cold look.


A terrible scene happened…

The head of Cross’s bodyguard suddenly fell to the ground, and a blood arrow shot out from the big body…

this moment.

Silence is silent.

Everyone in the Cross family was frightened.

Cross Dongxu and Cross Yefei were pale and bloodless.


Their legs weakened and they fell to the ground one after another.

Who is this?

Glancing at someone, and your head is gone?

It’s terrible!

The blue-clothed young Lord in the middle stepped forward and patted Cross Yefei’s face: “Don’t be afraid! You are useful to me, I will not kill you!”

Cross Yefei had been out of cold sweat long ago, and said tremblingly: “Mr….Despite the order, I will do it…I will do it!”

“Very well, I’m here for a very simple purpose, I want the whole Jinling!”

The man in blue was extremely domineering.

Chapter 610

“The whole Jinling???”

The eyes of Cross Yefei and Cross Dongxu all flew out.

This tone is too big, right?

No one has ever been so mad!

Even the Chu family of Nelshire’s quasi-royal clan was not so mad.

What appetite can you swallow Jinling in one bite?

But the fierceness of this group is far more terrifying than everyone they have ever met.

With a glare, the head is gone.

too frightening!

Of course, it wasn’t just a glare, and the head fell off.

The main reason was that the person’s shot was so fast that the human eye couldn’t catch it at all.

Created this illusion.

This is the Lord of the Lord!!!

A Lord that even Typhoon Shanler can’t match.

The man in blue took off his sunglasses, revealing an evil face.

He smiled and said: “Get up, what are you doing on your knees?”

After the man let go, Cross Yefei breathed a sigh of relief.

But their legs were weak and they couldn’t stand up at all.

The blue-clothed man pulled a chair and sat down. He looked at the kneeling Cross family and asked, “Who is in charge of Jinling City now?”

“The underground circle is controlled by the Lord, but in fact, the strongest person in Jinling City is Mylen, Fudong Shifo Mylen. He has the largest and most underground black boxing arena, and the Lords around him are like clouds! There are hundreds of Asian black boxing Lords around him. No one dared to provoke! I heard that the Chu family from Nelshire was suppressed by him!”

Cross Yefei took a breath.

“Well, very good. I will visit Lord and Fudo Stone Buddha tonight!”

A wicked smile crossed the corner of the blue man’s mouth.

“Huh? Sir, are you sure you want to find these two?”

Cross Yefei asked in surprise.

The blue-clothed man smiled: “Can’t it work?”

Behind him, the two masked people, black and white, looked over.

Frightened Cross Yefei immediately lowered his head.

When they stare at me, my head is gone!

The man in the black mask suddenly put his hand on the stone table.


There was a boom.


Immediately afterwards, the stone table fell apart from top to bottom, burst into pieces, and turned into countless powder dust…

This scene stunned the Cross family!!!

The Lord in white mask just saw someone and died.

Now the black mask Lord touched the stone table, and the stone table was broken.

Is this a fucking human? ? ?

too frightening!!!

Cross Yefei, who just wanted to stand up, fell to his knees again.

Cross Dongxu directly peeed on his pants.

In front of these two Lords, life is too fragile.

If you offend them a bit, you don’t know how to die.

Now Cross Yefei and Cross Dongxu no longer doubt their strength.

They are not crazy!

Not reckless!

They have absolute strength!

The blue-clothed man was happy and asked with a smile, “Are you suspecting my identity?”

“Don’t dare! We don’t dare to think too much!”

Cross Yefei lowered his head and said.

Regardless of their status, their Cross family absolutely can’t afford it!

“Well, let me tell you who I am! My name is Graham Zhan!”


Cross Yefei and others looked blank.

Never heard of this name.

Graham Zhan leaned into Cross Yefei’s ear and whispered: “I’m from…”

After listening to Graham Zhan’s whisper.

Cross Yefei’s complexion changed wildly.

A face quickly became bloodless, pale as paper.

There was extreme horror in his eyes.

That is the fear from deep in my heart!

“It turns out that Shao Graham, come here, welcome you if you have missed a long distance, and hope to forgive you!”

After Graham Zhan revealed his identity, Cross Yefei lay on the ground and banged his head.

His forehead was knocked and bleeding.

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