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Chapter 601

Sarah and Levi were forcibly pulled apart.

“Since you all know it, then I will say, after Sarah, you and Levi will be strangers! Remember?”

Melina asked.

Sarah nodded: “Remember.”

But the corners of her mouth were full of smiles.

This is very strange.

Is Sarah so persuasive?

Or did she want to divorce Levi?

“Levi tells you that I will entangle Sarah when I see you in the future, and I will see you hit you once!”

Cross Wentao threatened fiercely.

Dale and Edith sighed: “Yes, you also took the ten million! It means you agreed!”

Levi sneered: “I’ll give you back ten million! I didn’t take it!”

“Bah! Why do you open your eyes and talk nonsense? When did you pay it back? Don’t talk nonsense!”

Everyone in the Mann family was immediately dissatisfied.

They clearly saw Levi take the check with their own eyes.

He said it paid it back.

This is a question of character.

“You said, who did you give it back?”

Everyone questioned.

“I threw the first trash can on the left hand side of the gate of the manor!”

After speaking, Levi left unhurriedly.

Everyone returns to Mann’s house.

Get out of the car.

Everyone came to the first trash can on the left hand side of the gate.

“Come here, turn out the trash can for me!”

Cross Wentao ordered.

Several servants immediately put the trash can on the ground and dumped out the contents.

Cross Wentao clutched his nose, rummaging for it immediately.

I just looked around and didn’t find the check at all.

Mann Kuofei and Mann Qingfeng also looked it up separately, and there was no check at all.

“This kid lied to us!!!”

Cross Wentao roared with anger.

Sarah immediately said: “Impossible! He said that when he throws it in the trash can, he throws it in the trash can!”

She believed that Levi could not lie for ten million.

“Sister, don’t you believe me?”

“You look for other trash cans!”

Cross Wentao sneered.

Going through the other trash cans again, there are no checks at all.

“Impossible! It must be there! Or it was taken away by someone!”

Sarah was a little anxious.

Levi must not be wronged in this matter.

She doesn’t allow it!

Originally, Levi was hurt by the Mann family.

If you do it again, she won’t be able to bear it.

“Ask other people, maybe someone else picked it up!”

Sarah said anxiously.

Melina gathered the servants and asked, “Have you seen a check? To be honest, if I want to find out, it will end badly!”

The servants shook their heads one after another: “We haven’t seen anything!”

“Besides, if there is any important item missing, we will definitely report it!”

A look of panic flashed through the servant Lao Cross’s eyes.

He gripped the corners of his clothes tightly…

It’s just that he stands behind and no one sees it.


Plums stain the brain blank.

This is actually the case!

Levi is going to be wronged!

Cross Wentao smiled and looked at Sarah: “Sister Sarah, what else do you have to say?”

“Since Levi has taken the check, where can he let it go? He also understands that he has no chance with you, so why not take ten million?”

Concubine Mann Jun also smiled: “Yes, Sarah, let me say that he doesn’t love you at all! If he loves you, he will tear the check on the spot!”

“This kid dares to lie to us? No, this thing can’t be left alone!”

Melina’s violent temper was ignited.

“I want to ask for an explanation!!!”

Chapter 602

Mann Jianguo shook his head: “Forget it, now he has nothing to do with us! Whatever he wants!”

“Yes, grandma, if you go to him, you will be counted on!”

After everyone persuaded, Melina gave up.

Melina dyed the plum: “Although it is worth 10 million, I think it’s worth it to let you see a person’s true face clearly!”

“No, grandma, his character in King’s Landing is fine!”

She must believe that Levi must have thrown the check in the trash.

The check is most likely to be picked up.

Sarah tried his best to prove that Levi did not lie.

Mann Jianguo said: “Sarah, this person has nothing to do with us from now on. What is his character, we don’t want to know.”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter whether he lied or not!”

Others also said.

Although everyone said they didn’t care about this matter.

But everyone always said this to laugh at Levi.

Sarah looked helpless.

Since the divorce is successful.

Melina wants to arrange a marriage for Sarah as soon as possible.

With Sarah’s current strength and Mann family background, he must be a dragon among men!

“Don’t worry, you two, I must arrange for Sarah to be a husband and son-in-law! Just wait for your happiness in the future.”

Dale and Edith couldn’t help but look forward to hearing Melina’s words.

Melina held another meeting.

“Sarah, grandma and grandma promised, as long as you divorce Levi. The Mann family invested 2 billion in your company! I did what I said!”

Melina said.

Sarah was surprised and delighted: “Grandma, that’s great!”

“Also, what are your difficulties here? Talk to grandma and grandma!”

Melina asked.

Sarah hesitated and said, “Grandma is really in trouble…”


“We are about to open up the electronic market in the provincial capital, but I don’t have an office building, no production site, and the technical team has not been established yet…”

Sarah said.

“It’s not easy, I’ll arrange it.”

Cross Wentao smiled.

This is too simple for him.

“Big brother-in-law is not, because Erick Group has basically handed over all the electronic business to me in the early stage. Our task volume is the entire market vacant by Sanxing Group, which is a bit too big, even if it is estimated to be around 50 billion in the early stage. …”


As soon as this word came out, the whole audience gasped.

50 billion plates in the early stage?

How can this be eaten?

Originally Melina felt that an investment of 2 billion would be more than enough.

But compared to 50 billion, it’s really nothing.

“That’s why I am embarrassed. In terms of funds, Erick Group will provide it. However, in terms of venue and channels and contacts, we must get everything that Sanxing Group has in hand before I can carry out my task!”

Sarah’s expression was dim.

This can’t be done at all!

The Sanxing Group’s territory has long been divided up by the big family in the provincial capital.

She can’t help it.

Mann Jianguo was surprised: “Sarah, do you mean to get the venue left by the Sanxing Group?”

“Yes, that’s right! Let’s not talk about office buildings! It is Sanxing Group’s production plants and instruments that can carry the entire market! And Sanxing Group’s everything is matched and more convenient.”

Sarah’s words left the Mann family silent.

They all know that in the battle some time ago.

Everything in the Sanxing Group was divided up.

To take it back from those family forces, the Mann family is not qualified yet.

Chapter 603

Xiao Ruomei asked in surprise: “Sarah, Erick Group values ​​you so much?”

“Auntie, I don’t know what’s going on. The Erick Group values ​​me very much, and this time it gave me the arduous task.”

Sarah was also very puzzled.

Natalie helped her understand.

But the boss of Erick Group also values ​​himself so much? ,

Why on earth? Can’t figure it out so far.

Xiao Ruomei looked at Sarah again.

She is from the Xiao family, and she knows that the Xiao family is already the strongest family in the city.

It is entirely the reason of Erick Group that the Xiao family can stand at the pinnacle of Case York.

She knew better than anyone present how strong Erick Group was.

“Parents, Sarah’s future is immeasurable! It is so important to Erick Group! It is easy for her to be worth hundreds of billions in the future!”

Xiao Ruomei said.

“Hundreds of billions worth? Hiss!”

Even Melina and Mann Jianguo’s surprised eyes were about to fly out.

Sarah is really going to reach that point, and even the Mann family has become a real wealthy.

“The Erick Group values ​​it so much, then our Mann family must help solve the difficulties faced by Sarah!”

Melina said.

“So, I order everyone to activate your relationship to solve this problem.”

Mann Jianguo ordered.

If Mann and Cross Wentao are the umbrellas of the Mann family.

Then Sarah is the cornerstone of the family’s development.

Her question is about whether the Mann family has become a wealthy family.

So this is the biggest thing of the Mann family.

After discussion with the Mann family.

Everyone went to the big families to discuss the lease of factory equipment and office space.

The four giants of the provincial capital Oujia.

Cross Wentao and Mann Junfei came here.

Owner Owenhao received the two.

“Paradise Ou, I Cross Wentao is straight to the point! The Mann family wants to rent the office building of the original Sanxing Group. I hope you can make it happen. Let’s pay a price!”

Cross Wentao smiled.

“Get out! What qualifications does the Mann family have?”

Owen Howe sneered.

Cross Wentao and the two were finally kicked out.

The two came to Cao’s and He’s again and were also driven out.

Mann’s house.

The atmosphere is depressing.

Everyone was downcast.

Almost everyone was kicked out just after going out.

This matter cannot be resolved at all.

After knowing the result, Sarah could only sigh.

“Now we can only rely on Sarah to solve it by ourselves, but we have done one thing right. Let them divorce, otherwise Levi will drag Sarah? In the future, Sarah will be worth more than 100 billion!”

Melina said thankfully.

On the other side, Levi called and contacted the Xiao family in the city.

“You will build the villa of the Royal Palace as soon as possible. I want to use it as a wedding room! I will send you the design drawings!”

The wedding room he personally designed six years ago.

Has been overthrown early now.

He doesn’t want anyone to pollute his wedding room.

Levi wanted to build it as soon as possible, as a new wedding room, to fulfill a dream of plums.

From now on, he will prepare for this century wedding.

“Don’t let me see Sarah? Impossible!”

The corners of Levi’s mouth raised, revealing a smirk.

the city, in the Erick Group.

Natalie received a message from the big boss that he sent a team to the provincial capital to assist Dongtian Group in opening up the market.

The list is also listed, including Levi.

He is responsible for ensuring the safety of the team.

The office address, factory building, and R&D center are already in place for a long time.

It used everything from the original Sanxing Group.

As long as people go!

Make up for the market vacancy of Sanxing Group as quickly as possible.

Chapter 604

These two days have been extremely irritating for Sarah.

On the one hand, it was the divorce with Levi.

On the other hand is the problem of worrying about work.

Erick Group entrusted this task to her just to rest assured, but she has not made any progress.

She didn’t fall asleep all night of annoying.

The Mann family saw all this in their eyes.

Melina and Mann Jianguo paced back and forth.

They are more anxious than Sarah.

After all, it is about the future of the Mann family.

“This is how to do ah?”

Even Cross Wentao sighed.

“I have thought about all the methods I should think of, the key is that the Mann family has no right to speak in front of others!”

Mann Xuecheng sighed.

Sarah sighed: “It’s really impossible, I’ll give up! I can’t handle such a heavy task!”

“No way!”

Sarah’s decision was unanimously opposed by everyone in the Mann family.

“Such a good opportunity is rare in a lifetime! How can I give it up?”

“Yes! Sarah, you have to do this thing well!”

“If there is any difficulty, we will help you solve it!”

Everyone in the Mann family was enthusiastic.

“We can think of another way for the office location. As for the production base, R&D center and equipment, we can only ask for help! I’ll try it!”

Mann Jianguo Road.

The most important R&D center of Sanxing Group is now in the hands of Mylen.

Mylen is a very smart person.

Although he does not develop electronic products.

But he immediately grabbed the R&D center left by Sanxing Group.

Together with the R&D team, he spent the first time buying it.

He understands that this is the most important thing.

There will definitely be many people who want this R&D center in the future.

His purpose is very simple, he wants to sell a fortune ruthlessly.

During this period, more than 20 companies have approached him.

He is still waiting, waiting for a higher price.

Five billion did not run.

But just now, Mylen received an order.

That was an order from the God of War-asking him to hand over the R&D center for free.

Mylen did his part and handed it out immediately.

Even the technical team he bought at a high price gave it away.

“Stone Buddha tells you a piece of news: Mann family idiots actually divorced Mr. Garrison and Sarah.”

The subordinates told Mylen a piece of news.


Mylen jumped up.

“The Mann family is crazy? Divorced? Divorce the God of War?”

Mylen was extremely shocked.

Eyeballs are about to fly out.

“Isn’t it, Mr. Garrison was kicked out in the end!”

Everyone was surprised.

Mylen said angrily; “Mann family idiots!!!”

At this time, Mann Jianguo and Mann Xuecheng arrived.

“Stone Buddha has long admired his name!”

Mann Jianguo said hello carefully.

But he found that Mylen looked at him wrongly.

It’s like watching a fool’s brains.

“Mann Jianguo?”

Mylen sneered.

He couldn’t wait to pry Mylen’s head open to see what’s in it?

Is it shit?

Did Levi get a divorce and kick him out?

What would normal people do?

“Stone Buddha, please say…”

Mann Jianguo had a trace of anxiety in his heart.

“Tell me what are you here for?”

Mylen asked.

“Stone Buddha, I beg you on behalf of the Mann family! Isn’t the R&D center of the original Sanxing Group in your hands? The Mann family wants to lease for one year. My son-in-law Wentao also came to you before!”

Mann Jianguo said.

“This matter…”

Mylen smiled.

“Stone Buddha, the Mann family is willing to pay one billion in rent a year!”

Chapter 605

Mann Jianguo released generous terms.

The Mann family’s attitude is very firm and must be taken down, even at a huge price.

The benefits this brings are 50 billion or even hundreds of billions.

Mylen touched his chin and smiled: “The rent is one billion a year, which is indeed a lot…”

Immediately, he changed his words: “But who do you think of me, Mylen? A billion I will put my eyes on it?”

“No, I didn’t mean the stone Buddha!”

Mann Jianguo explained again and again.


He knelt to the ground all at once.

Mann Jianguo said earnestly: “In order to show my sincerity, Shifo, I knelt down for you! I beg you to rent this R&D center to me! I will be a bull and a horse in the future, at your request!”

Seeing Mann Jianguo kneeling on the ground.

Mylen sneered again and again.

This is an idiot!

If you don’t drive Levi away.

What R&D center is there?

As many as you want!

“You do have sincerity, but the R&D center has been taken away! Don’t think about it!”

Mylen Road.

“What? Has it been taken away?”

Mann Jianguo had a thump in his head.

This is equivalent to breaking the hopes of the Mann family and Sarah.

“Well, that’s right. Everything left by the Sanxing Group has been taken away! Don’t be foolish!”

Mylen Road.

“What? They were all taken away?”

Mann Jianguo was dumbfounded.

“Can… tell me who it is?”

Mann Jianguo asked tremblingly.

“Tell you, this one, the whole Jiangnan Province can’t afford it!”

Mylen said this.

Mann Jianguo is completely desperate!

These things from Sanxing Group are not available.

It means that Sarah is completely abandoned.

At that time, Erick Group will abandon her.

This is a project of at least 50 billion!


Too unwilling!

But what can be done?

Even Mylen said that he could not afford to provoke, can the Mann family provoke it?

When Mann Jianguo returned home and told the Mann family the news.

There was dead silence up and down.

Sarah is desperate.

Everyone is desperate.

The legacy of Sanxing Group is that it has a mature system.

If you go to dig other words, then the effect is completely different.

give up.

Can only give up.

Sarah sighed.

Finally, there was a chance to show off his skills.

I didn’t expect this result.

Melina and the others are more sad than Sarah.

This is a challenge for Sarah.

But for them, the tens of billions of dollars in vain slipped through their fingers.

Distressed bleeding!

“Is there any other way?”

Melina asked breathlessly.

“No, there is no substitute for it in a short time! The Erick Group project is too big to carry!”

Concubine Mann Jun shook her head helplessly.

Melina looked up at the night sky and sighed, “Isn’t my Mann family dead?”

“Okay, grandma, that’s it for grandpa! I will give up this project tomorrow!”

Sarah gave up completely.

This is something that cannot be done at all.

It has nothing to do with your hard work or not.

“Hey, give up!”

“Sarah, don’t be discouraged, you still have a chance in the future!!!”

Melina persuaded.

In any case, Sarah is still the cornerstone of the future development of the Mann family.

For example, find her a good husband and join forces.

It can also get up like this.

“I can solve this problem!”

At this moment, a voice came from outside.

Everyone finds it very familiar.


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