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Chapter 686

Porter Xiaotian said angrily.

Did he reveal the identity of Porter’s Young Lord?

Just ask who dares to move him in Jinling City?

At the beginning, the Chu family was overwhelmed by anyone in Jinling.

You know that the Chu family is just a quasi-royal family.

And the Porter family is the real royal family!

Who dares to move him after he has revealed his identity?

That’s going to die!

“I care who you are! If you break the rules, you will be beaten! Give me up!”

Unexpectedly, this group of people, just like Leng Touqing, rushed forward to give Porter Xiaotian a hard beating regardless.

Finally all the limbs were interrupted!

Porter Xiaotian is lying on the ground like a dog…

He looked incredulous.

A group of punks beat him upright?

This is the opposite of God!

“Teach you a little lesson! Remember, this is Jinling, and it’s not the natives of you who can go wild! If there is another time, it will take your life!”

After everyone finished the lesson, they left.

They are here by order.

There are several big figures behind it.

Are you afraid of a Porter family?

It’s ridiculous!

Everything was naturally arranged by Levi.

Now Levi, the underground circle of Jinling, is under the control of Fu Canglong, the leader of Nanhongmen.

All gangsters no longer do things that are harmful to the world and have a legitimate job!

Levi gave an order, and Fu Canglong sent someone.

His breaking Porter Xiaotian’s limbs was a small punishment.

Otherwise, he will stay in Jinling as a whole.

Early in the morning the next day.

In front of the gate of Nelshire Edburg Manor.

Porter Xiaotian, Porteryuan and more than a dozen people from the Porter family, who had broken limbs, were neatly placed in front of the door.

Everyone can’t move, but can only make a deep and painful sound.


When Brandon brought a group of people out to see this scene, he was shocked.

“Who did this? Who interrupted my son’s limbs?”

Brandon was so angry that he roared with a dark face.

Others are also very angry.

This is not just a question of beating, but also a question of Porter’s face!

It was still a small injury in Jinling!

This has lost the Porter family’s face!

They can’t stand in Nelshire anymore.

“Yes… the people from Jinling did it…”

Porter Xiaotian stammered and buried his head on the ground, not daring to look at Porter’s family at all.

Shame and pain were mixed together, and Porter Xiaotian shed tears in pain.

This time he lost him.

Can’t face the family!

Being interrupted in a small city like Jinling is a shame for him for a lifetime!

“The gangsters in the underground circle of Jinling blamed us for not following the rules and messing around on their turf, so they abolished us!”

Portercheng also cried.

“What? You are beaten like this by a group of gangsters?”

Brandon looked incredulous.

This is going to spread, where will he put his old face?

Does the Porter family want to mix in Nelshire?

“You… didn’t you mention your identity?”

Brandon asked with a hatred of iron and steel.

These Porters are all waste!

“I mentioned it, it was because of the mention that we interrupted our limbs!”

After speaking, Porter Xiaotian wept quietly.

“Damn it, it’s against them!”

Brandon said angrily.

Some gangsters in Jinling City dare to provoke the Porter family?

I’m so impatient to live!

“Father, I blame Levi for everything! His frame is so big, even my uncle doesn’t take it seriously, so you have to let your relatives pick it up!”

Porter Xiaotian blamed Levi for everything, in his opinion, although the beating had nothing to do with Levi.

But he blamed Levi for all.

Chapter 687

“Outrageous? Want me to pick him up personally? Do you really treat yourself as the same thing?”

Brandon roared.

Others were also very angry: “Do you really consider yourself a character? No matter if you are a generational arrogant, do you put on airs even if you are a trash?”

“Yeah! Let Grandpa go and invite him in person, no one in the whole Jiangnan Province can have this qualification!”

“I think Levi is just like his parents! It’s all rubbish!”

Although Porter’s family was very angry, the butler said, “Hey, we have to bear with everything. After all, don’t we need him?”

“Hey, get this kid back quickly! I’m angry when I see him show off!”

“Yes, grandpa, hurry up! There are only five days left before the deadline given by the warlord Lamar!”

“If you don’t hurry up, I don’t know what conditions Lamar has to make!”

Everyone said one after another.

Two cold glows shot into Brandon’s eyes: “Okay, this kid must be captured! In addition, I want everyone in the underground circle of Jinling to die!”

“No, grandpa, did Levi do the uncle’s affairs? Uncle sent a killer to deal with his wife. It’s normal for him to fight back!”

At this time, Ian, the third-generation best of the Porter family, raised questions.

In his opinion, these were all made by Levi.

Everyone thinks about it again, it’s really a great possibility.

Otherwise everything would be a coincidence.

“Does this kid really have any skills and background?”

Even Brandon doubted it.

“Does this kid have any support? So he turned a blind eye to Porter’s invitation!”


“If he is really capable, that would be terrible!”

At this moment, Brandon received a call.

It was from Fu Canglong, the leader of Nanhongmen.

“Fu, what can you advise?”

Brandon’s attitude immediately took a big turn.

Although the Porter family was a royal family, it was still a little short in front of Fu Canglong, who was extremely influential in the south.

“I just heard that your son broke his limbs when he was making trouble on my site?”

Fu Canglong said.


“Jinling is your old place?”

Brandon was surprised.

“That’s right! Jinling is now in charge of me! On my territory, you use killers to make trouble, break the rules, and break your son’s limbs. Do you have any objections?”

Fu Canglong said with a majestic expression.

“No! Old Fu, I apologize to you on behalf of Inuzi!”

Brandon said in shock.

In fact, he was a little excited in his heart.

Because this matter confirmed that Porter Xiaotian’s injury had nothing to do with Levi.

Levi is still the ordinary person (waste) shown in the information.

Then he was relieved.

“Well, let this matter go! Your Porter family is also a royal family, why don’t you understand this rule? I don’t know whose territory it is!”

Fu Canglong said angrily.

“Lao Fu understands, it’s all Porter’s fault!”

Immediately, Brandon turned around and said, “But, Mr. Fu, the Porter family will do something in Jinling next! I hope you can make it easier!”

“Your Porter family still has to do something on the Jinling site? What is it?”

Fu Canglong asked.

He really didn’t know the entanglement between Levi and Porter’s family.

After all, he didn’t dare to ask.

Brandon smiled and said, “Speaking of which, I am not afraid of Mr. Fu’s jokes! I have an unfilial grandson in Jinling, and I am going to tie him back!”

“What is your name?”

Fu Canglong asked.

“Called Levi!”

Brandon answered honestly.


Chapter 688

Suddenly, there was a roar that scared Brandon and almost threw the phone!

what happened?

When it comes to Levi, what happened to Fu Canglong?

Could it be that Levi is not a taboo?

Fu Canglong on the opposite side was very angry.

Last night Levi ordered him to send someone to beat someone, and he did.

Only today did I know that it was Porter Xiaotian.

Although Nanhongmen is worthy of the Porter family, they still have to say hello.

He unexpectedly discovered that Brandon was Levi’s grandfather…

“Fu…what’s wrong with Fu…”

Brandon asked tremblingly.

“All right, you can do whatever you want when you come to Jinling!”

“However, I would like to advise you that Jinling City is best not to come now, it is easy to lose your life!”

Fu Canglong didn’t dare to interfere with this matter.

No matter what the relationship is.

This is all housework.

Brandon found it strange.

How terrible is Jinling City?

Easy to lose one’s life?

And what happened to Fu Canglong’s emotional riots before?

“What’s the matter with father (grandfather)?”

Everyone looked at him one after another.

“I understand things clearly, Xiaotian and their injuries have nothing to do with Levi. Nanhongmen did it, and Jinling is their territory!”

Brandon explained.

“Oh, that’s the case, no wonder even the Porter family doesn’t pay attention to it!”

“In other words, Levi is just a waste!”

Everyone was relieved.

“I said hello to Fu Canglong. Our Porter family can do whatever they want in Jinling. However, he advised me not to go to Jinling. Maybe there are some big people around. We just need to keep a low profile!”

Brandon exhorted.

“We understand!”

Next, Brandon personally took all the men and horses to Jinling.

The deadline is approaching, and it won’t be delayed for a quarter of an hour.

“By the way, take Regina! After solving Levi, send the two of them to Southeast Asia together!”

Brandon ordered.

Soon after, a sweet-looking girl in a dress appeared.

She is Regina Porter.

It is the daughter of the Porter family who was selected to be sent to the Warlord Lamar.


Regina’s parents knew this was gone, Regina was dead, and would be tortured.

The two of them were crying so hard that they wanted to stop them, but they had no power or power, so they could only watch.

Regina is the best among the young women of the Porter family. He speaks seventeen languages ​​and holds a Lord’s degree from six universities. They are top in every aspect.

But she has a calm personality and doesn’t fight for anything.

This time, she was voted for by everyone when she chose the female direct line members to suffer the crime.

For the benefit of others, they colluded and cast her out.

Regina still looked quiet, without any fear.

She glanced at her parents and said, “Parents, for the sake of the family, I am willing.”

The other side.

Levi deliberately took Sarah to the hospital for an examination.

Fortunately, after some counseling by the psychiatrist, Sarah was completely fine.

“I’m fine, don’t worry!”

Sarah smiled.

Afterwards, she changed the conversation: “Jun’s Landing is really not good, so you should go back. After all, he is your grandpa, where are your grandma, uncle, aunt, etc., probably they also miss you very much, and want you to come back to them. .”

Sarah is from the perspective of family affection.

Levi laughed suddenly.

He has seen enough of the Porter family!

go back?


“What are you laughing at in King’s Landing? I ask you, if one day your biological parents show up in front of you, what will you do?”

Chapter 689

Sarah suddenly asked Levi with a question.

He had no concept of parents for a long time.

In particular, his adoptive father and mother treated him like an outsider and never gave him any warmth.

But after hearing about my parents and family members recently, I was slightly touched.

Although he didn’t want to admit it.

“I… I don’t know…”

Levi replied.

“You still listen to me, go back and have a look! After all, those are your relatives!”

Sarah smiled.

“Maybe without me, they will come!”

Levi knew that it was not a few days since the deadline given by the Warlord Lamar.

The Porter family must be as anxious as an ant on a hot pot.

I will come to him.

But to Sarah, it was a different meaning. She was surprised: “Could it be that your grandfather came to pick you up in person? It would be great for you too? So the Lord of a big family came to pick you up in person, this is too sincere. Right?”

Sarah felt that Brandon loved this grandson and came to pick him up personally.

Make her very envious!

In the afternoon, Brandon and his party came to Jinling.

Taking into account Fu Canglong’s words.

Brandon didn’t make a high profile, and carefully settled in Jinling Five Lakes Resort.

“Okay, I’m already in Jinling. Bring him to the hotel to see me, and let me find him personally. It’s impossible! My Brandon is also the helm of the royal family anyway!”

Brandon made a fool of himself.

“It’s not good, Regina ran away!”

At this moment, someone shouted.

“What? Regina ran away? What do you think of people?”

Brandon said angrily.

“Hurry up and find someone for me!”

If this person is lost, he will be in trouble.

Men and women are gone!

The Porter family began to look for Regina.

In the company.

“Brother Garrison is looking for you again!”

Takemori called.

“Is it an old man?”

“No, it’s a girl, or a big beauty, almost like President Logan!”

Boyd Sen’s words made Levi very curious.

Girls come to find themselves?

When he came to the hall, he saw a strange girl.

The girl is quiet and sweet, and she has a feminine temperament.

“Are you looking for me?”

Levi asked.

“You… Are you brother Levi?”

Regina was surprised.

“Yes, it’s me, are you?”

“I’m Regina, your sister. Brother Levi, run quickly! Grandpa and uncle brought you back to the family, it is a conspiracy! They are going to put you in jail for the crime! If you go to jail, you will die!”

Regina said anxiously.

This made Levi stunned.

Someone from Porter’s family came and told him that it was dangerous?

This made him feel a warm current.

Except for the brothers in the army and Sarah, no one cared about themselves.

Regina continued, telling Levi everything.

“Brother Levi, run away, if it’s late, it’s too late!”

Regina urged.

She was kind by nature, and she didn’t want Levi to make the scapegoat, so she came to tell her.

“Are you the other one?”

Levi asked.


Regina lowered his head.

“Well, now with me, no one can let you go to jail!”

Levi approached.

Just rush to Regina to tell him about this, and he will protect this girl.

“Huh? Brother Levi, stop joking, I was selected, there is no way!”

At this moment, suddenly a lot of people ran over.

“Why are you Regina? Why are you looking for Levi? Did you tell him everything?”

The leading man slapped Regina’s face with a slap.

Chapter 690


Regina was so scared that he closed his eyes.

But this slap never fell.

Because Levi grabbed the man’s wrist.

“You throw it away! You throw it away for me quickly!”

Mack Porter said angrily, trying hard to break free, but Levi’s hand was like a vise, stuck tightly.

“Want to hit someone?”

Levi asked.

“I fucking beat Porter’s family, what does it have to do with you?”

Mack scolded.

“Oh, oh…”

The next moment, Mack cried out in pain.

He suffered a pain in his entire wrist and slowly fell to his knees.

Everyone can even hear the sound of a broken wrist.

Regina couldn’t stand it, and hurriedly said, “Brother Levi, please spare him!”

Levi just let go.

Mack gasped heavily.

Soon, a lot of Porter family members gathered around.

Regina looked like a child doing things, bowed his head, afraid to speak.

“Regina, you are really a traitor!”

“You actually told him this?”

“You are the shame of the Porter family!”

Everyone insulted.


Originally, Levi flickered and couldn’t go back.

Tell him now, can you go back?

Everyone can’t wait to smoke Regina to death.

Under the insults of the Porter family, Regina sobbed quietly.

“Hurry up and get me back!! Why are you standing next to outsiders?”

Mack shouted.

Regina was about to pass subconsciously, but Levi stopped it.

“You call me brother, then I will treat you as a sister, and no one can bully you!”

Levi said coldly.

“By you? Haha…”

Mack all laughed.

A rubbish who has been wandering away for nearly 30 years, has to fight against the royal family Porter’s family?

Isn’t this whimsical?

“Regina, let me remind you that you have committed a terrible mistake!”

“Are you still standing next to an outsider? Are you trying to betray the family?”

Every time the Porter family said something, Regina’s body trembled.

“I… I didn’t betray the family… I didn’t…”

Regina was already crying.

This kind of big family instills family honor and disgrace since childhood, and many people regard family honor and disgrace more than their lives.

This is the case with Regina.

A word of betrayal of the family made her anxious.

“Then you can’t come!”

Mack said coldly.

Regina glanced at Levi pleadingly, and then ran to the opposite side.

Levi stared at Porter’s family and said coldly: “Sister Regina, I’m Levi, whoever dares to move a finger to her, who do I want to die!”


Immediately, a chill came, causing everyone present to shiver.

What a terrible look!

Everyone looked at Levi and felt a trace of fear.

Mackzhuang dared to say: “What are you? Regina is from my Porter family. This is my Porter family’s housework. Can you control it?”

“Yes, you can’t control it!”

“Also, since you already know the truth of the matter! Then I will tell you! People like you are not worthy of entering the Porter family’s door, we ask you to go back, just to let you take the place of suffering!”

Levi smiled: “You really are a group of shameless people!”

“Don’t think about running away, you can’t run away! Your end is to be sent to Southeast Asian warlords to be tortured everywhere!”

“Hahaha…I dare to let Grandpa come to invite you, I really don’t know how high the sky is!”

Levi smiled: “I won’t run away, I’ll wait for you to catch me!”

“Too arrogant, you wait!”

The Porter family left angrily.

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