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Chapter 681

Naturally, Sarah asked why.

Levi told her, of course the Porter family didn’t say that he was going to jail instead of him.

“Yes, why? Why did you go before?”

Sarah was also very angry.

She hugged Levi tightly and said, “No matter what your husband decides, I will be on your side!”

“Well, I’m enough with you! I have never considered any family affection before!”

Levi approached.

Porteryuan waved his hand and said, “You follow up and see where he lives! We will go over and kidnap it tonight!”

Levi had always known about Sarah for dinner and shopping, followed by Little Tail.

He just ignored it.

In the evening, Sarah returned to Mann’s family, and Levi returned to the military district compound as usual.

Soon after, Porter brought a few Lords to the military area compound.

“Living in such a shabby place, tell me that Young Lord Porter doesn’t care about his identity? Who are you lying to?”

Porteryuan laughed.

The compound of the military area was in disrepair for a long time, and the wall was peeled off, especially the Guo family was demolished two days before the gate.

So it looks too broken.

“Let’s do it! We will leave if we tie someone up!”

Porteryuan gave an order.

The four body skills jumped into the hospital quickly, and according to the stepped points, they grabbed Levi and returned.

Can be ten seconds later.



Four people were thrown out.

I saw a shirtless man walking out of it, sneered: “What? I stole something here?”

The shirtless man came outside, spotted the van, hit it with a punch, and the front of the car was completely sunken in.

Porteryuan and others looked incredible.

Is there such a Lord in this place?

Without waiting for a response, the car door was pulled open violently.

Several people from Porterzhen were directly pulled out.

“Stealing? Or kidnapping?”

Tatsuno asked.

He just came here to do physical training, and there were four little boys to harass.

Tatsuno is furious!

Soon, with the sound of police sirens, Mann came with special police.

Take all Porter and his party into the car and take them away…

The Edburg Manor in the Nelshire Sea.

“What? Porteryuan was arrested in the police station? This bunch of rubbish! Failure to achieve success is more than failure!”

Brandon said angrily.

The butler couldn’t help saying: “Yes, that’s right! Porteryuan invited Levi twice, but was rejected. In desperation, he wanted to tie someone back, but this happened!”

“What an idiot!!!”

Brandon didn’t get angry.

No one can be invited.

Isn’t it a waste?

“But Levi seems to say, don’t talk about other people, he won’t come even if you invite him in person!”

The butler said again.

“I see, this kid is to blame for not asking me! Ha ha, let Tian Xiao go there in person! Please invite people as politely as possible! After all, it is valuable to us!”

Brandon sent his eldest son to invite Levi.

Porter Xiaotian came to Jinling that night and first redeemed Porter.

Early the next morning, Porter Xiaotian waited at the company in person.

Levi appeared.

Porter Xiaotian immediately greeted him.

“The Porter family again?”

At a glance, Levi recognized Porter Zhenyuan who followed behind.

“Levi, my poor nephew, my uncle finally saw you!”

Porter Xiaotian cried with joy, and rushed to give Levi a bear hug.

Fortunately, Levi dodged quickly and dodged suddenly.

“Levi, I am your uncle! Your mother Ollie’s eldest brother Porter Xiaotian!”

Levi looked at him blankly.

He was slightly moved when he heard the word mother.

Chapter 682

Whether he admits it or not.

After all, he was born to that woman.

This brand cannot escape.

So after hearing this name, he was still moved.

It turns out that her name is Ollie!

Despite Levi’s rejection.

But he still wrote down the name subconsciously.

“King’s Landing, it’s our fault! Let you wander outside for so many years! It stands to reason that your grandpa should come to pick you up in person! But your grandpa is not in good health, so you can only pick you up!

“Don’t worry, Uncle will pick you up with the highest courtesy! There are 20 Rolls-Royce and ten baby-sitter cars outside! As a sign to pick you up!”

“In addition! Uncle directly asked you to be the boss of a ten billion company, and then give you ten billion dollars! Your residence must be a first-class villa in Nelshire…”

“In order to make up for you, the Porter family made you the next heir to the Patriarch, and you will have the final say for the entire Porter family!

Porter Xiaotian said a lot.

In short, it is the best for everything!

Even the Porter family was given to Levi.

If Levi didn’t know what happened to the Porter family recently, he would really be moved.

These things Porter Xiaotian promised were simply too sincere.

Can definitely move people!

Even the Porter family can let it out.

But no one knew that the position of the heir of the Porter family was a trap.

Letting you sit in this position is actually going to replace Porter’s imprisonment and go to jail more logically.

Porter Xiaotian was stunned by all that Porter Xiaotian had promised.

In order for Levi to return, the Porter family had spent too much time.

When Porter Xiaotian saw Levi’s touch, the corners of his mouth rose.

He almost laughed out loud.

Isn’t it just a child?

It’s easy to get it done.

Put forward these alluring conditions, and it was easy to win.

That child can bear this temptation.

He looked at Porter’s eyes with disdain.

It seems to be saying: Look, trash, I can get it done in a few words.

At the next moment, Levi’s voice sounded: “Sorry, Mr. Porter, a Porter family hasn’t been in my eyes yet. There is nothing to do with us, please don’t call me my uncle, thank you!”


Hearing Levi’s refusal, Porter Xiaotian was stunned.

An incredible face.

Can this be refused?

Does he really look down on last week’s house?

“Old Boyd sees off!”

Levi shouted, Boyd Sen immediately sent Porter Xiaotian away.

Come outside.

Porteryuan said helplessly: “This kid is really stubborn, you can’t ask for it!”

Porter Xiaotian is extremely angry!

In Porter’s family, apart from Brandon, he has the highest status.

Levi dare to refuse him?

Just don’t give him face.

“What a shame! You are just a tool for the Porter family!”

Porter Xiaotian said angrily.

“I’m wondering, does he really want the Lord to come and invite him before going back?”

Porter analyzed.

“He presumptuous!!!”

Porter Xiaotian said angrily: “He is just an orphan abandoned on the street. What qualifications does he have for his father to invite him in person? It’s really shameless!”

“But if he doesn’t go back, what can we do? We can’t really force him back, right?”

He tried this method and it was a mess.

But this is also the most extreme method.

Porter Xiaotian thought of something and couldn’t help but said: “Hehe, it’s really a toast and fine wine!”

“I really thought there was no way to cure you, didn’t you? I made you kneel and beg me to go back!”

Porter Xiaotian’s face was gloomy, and the smell of conspiracy was fermenting.

Chapter 683

Levi knew that Porter’s family was anxious to find himself a scapegoat.

They definitely have follow-up tricks.

But Levi didn’t care.

What if the Porter family is a royal family?

Will he look at it?

Even the warlord Lamar, who was terrified by the Porter family, was almost wiped out by him.

As long as he wanted to, the Porter family could crush to death with one finger.

In the building opposite the Erick Group.

Porter Xiaotian looked serious.

“Have you arranged everything?”

He asked coldly.

“Everything is arranged!”

In the afternoon, Sarah was going out to discuss business.

Boyd Xiao guarded by his side.

Bass Luo God of War went for treatment, and couldn’t come back temporarily.

But now the entire Jinling is under Levi’s control, and there are no enemies.

Come down to the partner’s office building.

Sarah was about to get out of the car, but Boyd Xiao noticed something wrong.

There are reflections upstairs in the distance!

Mostly the light refracted by the mirror of the sniper rifle!

“Climb down!”

Boyd Xiao threw Sarah onto the seat.



The next moment, the whole car was hit hard.

The tire on the front right was blown out, and the car body shook violently.

This frightened Boyd Xiao.

Someone wants to kill Sarah?

“Hurry back!”

Boyd Xiao took Sarah into the office building with the help of a bunker.

But when he first stepped in, a man wearing a sweater and covering his head came to him, and a flash of cold light suddenly flashed in his eyes.


He took out a dagger, and suddenly thorned the plum.

Boyd Xiao hurriedly pushed Sarah away and threw the phone out by herself to block the blow, but the phone was also broken.

After the man’s assassination failed, he immediately evacuated!

Disappeared instantly.

Sarah’s face was pale with fright a long time ago, and he was sweating.

Boyd Xiao was even more afraid.

I don’t feel safe anywhere!

She took Sarah and ran to the underground parking lot.

Boyd Xiao used technology to steal a car and immediately left with Sarah.

In the reverse mirror, she saw several people running towards them.

This Boyd Xiao was scared into a cold sweat.

Boyd Xiao accelerated to the fastest speed and galloped on the road.

After driving out of this area, he breathed a sigh of relief.

But the next moment, her face changed drastically.

A car rushed out obliquely.


The car slammed into it.

Boyd Xiao and Sarah instantly lost consciousness.

When the two woke up, Levi and Boyd Sen had already arrived.

Simply Boyd Xiao and Sarah were not injured, but were frightened.

Levi’s face was cold.

Immediately thought of someone.

court death!!!

Boyd Xiao immediately reported the situation: “Mr. Garrison, I think something is wrong. We have been assassinated four times, as if someone was deliberately manipulating it.”

“For the first time, the sniper missed the target and hit the forum directly.

For the second time, using a dagger to assassinate it is completely possible to do it after my body.

Third, the underground parking lot has been ambushing. They should have done it a long time ago. They have to wait for us to drive away before chasing.

Fourth, the car accident seems to just want to hit us, not to kill us. “

“I feel that the other party is deliberately intimidating and frightening us, not for murder!”

Boyd Xiao concluded.

Levi didn’t speak.

Just gloomy.

The Porter family is warning him!

When he returned to the company, he ran into his uncle Porter Xiaotian at the door.

He smiled and said, “How about King’s Landing? Is your wife okay? How lucky?”

Immediately, he changed his words: “But next time she won’t be so lucky!”


Naked threat!

Chapter 684

His implication is simple, everything is designed by him.

He can kill Sarah at any time.

Sarah’s life is in his hands!

Levi smiled.

Playing threats with him?

The wrong person was really found.

Porter Xiaotian continued: “Next time, maybe the bullet will not be deflected, the knife will be accurate, the person will ambush, and the car will hit it directly!”

“Hey, human life is still very fragile! Sometimes it can’t be saved!”

Porter Xiaotian’s warning is obvious.

Boyd Xiao couldn’t keep Sarah.

Next time, Sarah is likely to die!!!

“I don’t know who my nephew and daughter-in-law have offended. She was assassinated four times in a short time. If her identity is Porter’s grandson-in-law, who would dare to move?”

With that said, Porter Xiaotian handed Levi a note.

There was a phone number written on the note.

The meaning couldn’t be more obvious–

As long as Levi returns to Porter’s house, nothing will happen to Sarah!


Porter Xiaotian threatened Levi.

If Levi cared about Sarah’s safety, he would kneel and beg to return to Porter’s house.

After Porter Xiaotian returned to his residence, he laughed: “You still want to fight with me?”

“Lord Porter, then we will obediently wait for Levi to come and beg to go back!”

The others laughed.

Levi’s face was icy, a violent air permeated.

He even dared to dye plums.

Dragons have inverse scales, and they will die if they touch them.

Sarah is her reverse scale.

Not to mention that Sarah was injured, even a little fright would not do.

Today, four consecutive assassinations have caused Sarah to be greatly frightened and even nervous.

This made Levi furious.

The Porter family has touched Levi’s bottom line!

He is about to do something to the Porter family.

First, Levi does not recognize the relationship between the Porter family and his relatives.

Second, the so-called grandpa invited himself back, just wanting him to take the place of suffering.

So he did it.

To him, the Porter family is just an outsider.

When he came to the office, Sarah was much better.

She is very smart, and has guessed that it was probably made by the Porter family.

“King’s Landing, it really doesn’t work, just go take a look?”

Plum dyed.

“Impossible, I won’t go back!”

“They will pay for what happened today!”

Levi’s face was gloomy.

Coming outside, Boyd Xiao apologized: “I’m sorry, I didn’t protect Mr. Logan!”

“It’s okay, you have done well enough! Then just leave it to me!”

Porter Xiaotian and his party have been waiting, but the phone hasn’t ringed for a long time.

Porteryuan asked: “Is it right? It’s been so long, this kid hasn’t heard from it yet?”

Others also said: “It should have been there by reason!”

Porter Xiaotian was also very surprised: “Could it be that my shock is not in place? It shouldn’t be just a shock, but that woman should be hurt!”

“It’s very possible! He probably thinks Porter Jianian is a grandson, so he doesn’t dare to start! It’s just a fright!”

Porter analyzed.

Porter Xiaotian snorted coldly: “Damn! I want to invite you as the heir of the dignified royal family Porter family. You don’t give face? Really treat yourself as a character? You are just a dog! Your mother is not a good thing!”

“Since you are not afraid, that’s fine! I will abolish your wife’s limbs and see if you still come to beg me!”

“Come on! Let the killers act, I must see blood!”

Porter Xiaotian gave an order.

More than a dozen assassins hired during the day all dispatched to Sarah.

Chapter 685

These assassins are full of experience, lurking around Sarah early, setting up ultimate moves on every occasion she may appear.

For them, they are overkill.

Just kill it directly.

Unexpectedly, it was just hurt.

In the company’s underground parking garage, a figure appeared. The next moment he opened Sarah’s car door and sneaked in quietly.

As long as Sarah appears later, he will definitely get Sarah injured in an instant.

When he was proud, he was surprised to find a person sitting in the front row and slowly turned his head.

Almost did not scare the killer to death.

Just as he was about to flee, the first hand grabbed him.


Another slap was slapped on his face, and blood splashed in an instant.


Levi wiped his hands, lit a cigarette and left.

Next, people in and around the company continued to fall.

More than a dozen killers have all been wiped out!

“Is this wrong? It’s almost twelve o’clock, haven’t any of these killers come back?”

After waiting for several hours, Porter Xiaotian couldn’t sit still.

The killers are not coming back, and there is no news.

It looks like something happened.

“I also think there is a problem, so many top killers can’t even handle a woman?”

Porteryuan was surprised.

“Hurry up and contact these killers to see what they are doing?”

Porter Xiaotian paced around, very irritable.

Porteryuan contacted again, but none of them were able to contact.

“Something happened? But what can happen to so many top killers?”

Porter Xiaotian didn’t believe anyone could handle so many killers.

At this time, a knock on the door suddenly sounded.

“Sir, your express!”

The courier handed Porter Zhenyuan a box.

“Our express?”

Porteryuan looked puzzled.

And he smelled a strange smell.

“What? There is also express delivery? No one knows about my coming to Jinling, right?”

Porter Xiaotian was surprised.

“Open it and see what it is?”


When the box was opened, it was the sound of a cold breath.

Because there are bloody fingers in the box.

Porter Xiaotian was so scared that his face paled!

The same goes for others.

“This… is this the killer?”

Porter Xiaotian asked tremblingly.


The next moment the door was knocked open by someone, and a large group of people walked in from outside.


The leader gave an order, and a group of Lords rushed up.

Even though Porter Xiaotian had guards by his side, under the onslaught from the opposite side, he was quickly defeated and knocked to the ground.

Only he and Porterzhen are left.

“Who are you? Do you know who we are?”

Porter Xiaotian hurriedly shouted.

“Have you never asked us about any action on the Jinling site? It’s the other way around!”

The leader sneered.

Porter Xiaotian instantly understood that this was a person from the underground circle of Jinling.

Indeed, when doing things on other people’s sites, according to the rules, you must greet them, and even pay homage to the pier first.

This is an unwritten rule!

After all, they are from Nelshire.

But does he need it?

No need!

He is the young Lord of the Porter family of the Nelshire royal family!

How can you be afraid of these people?

“Hehe, do you know who I am? Porter Xiaotian of the Nelshire royal family! Say hello to you in my capacity, can you afford it?”

Porter Xiaotian sneered.

In his eyes, the people on Jinling are inferior.

He is aloof.

“Fight to the death!”

These people don’t care about so many.

“Hey, you haven’t figured it out, are you? I am the young Lord of the Porter family of the Nelshire royal family!”

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