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Chapter 796

Nelshire Mansion.

Located in the downtown area.

But this prosperous area was empty.

No one was walking around for ten miles at all.

Because all the passages are guarded, this place is listed as a private forbidden area.

There is no other reason, this place is the territory of the first family of Nelshire, the royal family Frank’s family.

The so-called century-old wealthy family, a thousand-year-old family.

Royal family is already in the category of aristocratic families, and it has existed for thousands of years.

Standing for a thousand years, we can see how strong is the strength?

Frank’s family is such an existence.

But at this moment, dozens of people were lying in front of the gate of Nelshire Mansion.

Every person or hand or foot is abolished.

There was even someone who was deposed as a eunuch, with blood flowing between his legs…

Looks miserable…

Soon, the gate of Nelshire Mansion opened.

Many people came out of it.

Amidst the crowd, an old man with gray hair and a cane on his head came to the court.

The old man looked almost a hundred years old.

Although his legs and feet are not dexterous, his eyes are shining brightly from time to time.

People can’t ignore it.

Frank Xiangqian!

The head of the first family of Nelshire.

Is already a hundred years old.

In Nelshire, everyone must respectfully call “Old Frank”.

His word can determine the future direction of Nelshire.

He trembled with a word of Nelshire giants!

Brian is his most beloved and proud grandson.

In the past twenty years, he has exhausted all his energy to train Brian in order to let him take over.

Become the next Patriarch of the Frank family!

But when Frank Xiangqian saw that his beloved grandson lost a hand, he exploded!


He knocked hard.

The leading cane broke immediately!


He looked up and roared.

The rest of the Frank family also shouted angrily.

In Nelshire, their family care is like a god.

No one does not give face.

Wherever they go, they have to wait on them like their ancestors.

Don’t talk about being disrespectful to them, even if you speak, you have to kneel.

Because they are the strongest family!

With the strongest strength, everyone is afraid of them!

The kind of fear that goes deep into the bones!

As soon as I heard of Frank’s family, everyone was so scared that they couldn’t sleep.

Even subconsciously wanted to kneel down.

Brian, the young talents of the Frank family, no one dared to provoke them.

But everyone never expected that the princeling prince Brian would be chopped off a hand.

Brian’s hand was chopped off, but with a smile on his face: “Unfortunately, I have encountered a bad stubble. I killed his dog and he broke my hand! It also abolished all our princelings!”

“He also said that the parents behind us should go to him before tonight and kneel down to apologize!”

“The kid made a mistake, the adults apologize!”

Brian said it all.

“Who did it??”

Suddenly Frank forward let out a roar.

Chapter 797

With this shout, Frank’s family fell silent.

They had never seen the old man so angry.

That’s it!

This time the old man is really angry!

“It’s Levi from Jinling. There are a few Lords around him, especially the strongest one. I’m not an opponent!”

Brian said.

“By the way, Frank Lao, they may have something to do with Nanhong Sect. I saw the disciple of Nanhong Sect kneel for him!”

Other big and young people said one after another.

“What about the relationship with Nanhong Sect? Am I afraid of Nanhong Sect? No matter who it is this time, I will abolish him! Even if he is a young Lord from the capital, I will kill him!”

Frank Xiangqian’s eyes were full of excitement.

“Hurry up and inform the other rich families involved, come here to gather! I will personally lead the team to Jinling in the evening!”

“Don’t you want the parents to kneel down and apologize? I want to see who in Jinling can withstand my Frank Xiangqian’s apology?”

Frank Xiangqian roared.

Everyone was shocked.

No one thought that one day Frank Xiangqian would go to a small place like Jinling himself.

Soon after, Austin Xuanming, the head of the Austin family, the second royal family of Nelshire, also hurriedly arrived.

Knowing that his grandson Leo was deposed, he was also furious.

Qiao Huihuang, the owner of the Qiao family, is even more angry.

His grandson was actually castrated and became an eunuch.

How to endure this?

One after another, the patriarchs of Nelshire’s major wealthy families gathered.

Basically, among the top 30 families in Nelshire, all the wealthy families except the Cho Porter family have arrived.

“This matter involves the facial issues of our major families, so keep a low profile and don’t spread it out!”

“Wait until we go to Jinling and chop up these people!!!”

Frank Xiangqian ordered.

Everyone listened to it.

After Nelshire’s top twenty-nine giants gathered, they all set off for Jinling.

They act low-key and bring not many people, but they are first-class powerhouses.

They are all the strongest Lords in Nelshire.

Enough to destroy Nanhongmen several times!

Jinling, in the military district compound.

Levi looked helplessly at the Wesley people who were repairing the wall.

“This wall has been collapsed twice! Next time whoever pulls it down, I will directly bombard it with a cannon!”

Levi said angrily.

“General, maybe I was pushed tonight, those guys will definitely bring the rescuers back!”

Alton smiled.

“I’m waiting for them!”

Levi didn’t care about it at all.

But at this time, a few people came to the compound.

Among them, Xiang Wenjun of the Jinling Military Region and Tianyangye Levi of the the city Army section met.

He didn’t know any of the other six people.

“Good head!”

The eight people came to Levi and saluted together.

Duan Tianyang smiled and said: “General, the eight military regions are going to conduct joint exercises recently, and the remaining six are commanders of the six military regions. I will introduce them to you one by one.”

Chapter 798

“This is Du Guangsha, commander-in-chief of the Chinese Navy!”

“Hello, Chief! I am so excited to see you!”

Du Guangsha said excitedly.

The Nelshire Theater is an important part, and in a strategic sense, it is more important than the Case York Military Region and the Jinling Military Region.

Correspondingly, the position of Du Guangsha is more important than that of Xiang Wenjun and Duan Tianyang.

Levi smiled and said, “I’ve heard your name!”

Du Guangsha looked flattered.

It was remembered by the god of the army.

This is the honor of his life.

Duan Tianyang began to introduce others.

“This is Fu Xuelong, the commander-in-chief of the Tianfu Military Region!”

“This is Cross Weida, the commander-in-chief of the Saintberg Military Region!”

“This is He Xinteng, the commander-in-chief of the Nanhu Military Region!”

“This is Meng Duofei, the commander-in-chief of the Beihu Military Region!”

“This is Cross Zhixian, the commander-in-chief of the Xijiang Military Region!”

Levi shook hands with the other five people one by one.

This made the five people very excited.

It’s like seeing an idol.


They didn’t expect the legendary God of War to be so approachable and down-to-earth.

“Chief, what’s the matter with these walls and ground?”

Du Guangsha asked curiously.

“Nothing, be beaten like this!”

Levi approached.

“What? Someone came here to fight?”

Du Guangsha these big guys took a breath.

First, marvel at someone who dares to come here to fight.

Second, it is an absolute Lord for causing such a large amount of damage.

“It’s okay, a bunch of kiddos. Their parents will come to apologize tonight.”

Levi smiled.

However, in his eyes, the princelings are really a bunch of kiddies.

His experience in the past six years is more than that of many people who have experienced more than sixty years.

His mood is too mature, just like an old monster.

“I want to apologize, that’s good! I thought someone had offended you, the chief.”

Du Guangsha everyone smiled.

Followed Levi into the house.

Soon the Eighth War Zone will start a joint exercise. They want Levi to give some advice, and the main purpose is to pay homage to him.

Nelshire Edburgh Manor.

Brandon called Ian to front of him.

“Something may happen.”

Brandon said.

“Ah? What’s the matter?”

Ian looked at Brandon curiously.

“I just got the news that Mr. Frank has left Nelshire and I don’t know where he went.”

Brandon said.

“What? Old Frank will leave Nelshire? Impossible!”

“He hasn’t left Nelshire for 50 years, right?”

Ian and the two were extremely shocked.

If Frank Xiangqian left Nelshire, it meant that something big had happened!!!

This one hasn’t moved his feet for decades.

Once out of the Velador Sea, there is definitely a problem.

Ian even said: “Could it be related to Qiao Jinqiu’s affairs?”

Chapter 799

“Ah! Can’t it! After all, Qiao Jinqiu only touched two women, what will happen?”

“Furthermore, is there anyone in Jinling who understands Qiao Jinqiu? Is it even better for Old Frank to be dispatched?”

Mack and Brandon looked at each other.

They always firmly believe that Qiao Jinqiu is fine.

Levi couldn’t get over any storm at all.

“Ian, you just think too much, think about it, what storm can a Levi set off?”

Brandon couldn’t help saying.

“Grandpa, how about this, I will go to Jinling to see what happened,”

Ian suggested.

“Okay, then you can go and take a look, so that we can also be at ease, and if something happens, we can also get first-hand news.”

Brandon nodded.

As the helm of the big family, he is still very strategic.

The other side.

Nanhongmen Tianwang Ren Garrison told the leader Fu Canglong about this.

“What? There are such things? Then Frank Xiangqian will definitely come to Jinling to find faults?”

Fu Canglong was surprised.

“Yes, it must be on the way! Maybe it’s already here.”

Ren Garrison said anxiously.

“That won’t work, I’ll stop it!”

Frank Xiangqian led the army into Jinling without knowing it.

But as soon as he entered Jinling, he was stopped.

Everyone was about to get angry, but they recognized that it was Fu Canglong.

“Fu, what are you doing here?”

Frank Xiangqian said coldly.

“You go back quickly, if this happens again, you will be a mess!”

Fu Canglong persuaded.

“Hehe, I know you have a relationship with that person, but it’s impossible! This time, no matter what his background is, I will move!”

Frank Xiangqian couldn’t hear the oil and salt at all.

“You don’t have to persuade me, it’s useless! Since I stepped out of Nelshire, everything is decided.”

Frank Xiangqian was extremely determined.

Fu Canglong couldn’t persuade him at all, he could only go back and forth.

Soon, Frank Xiangqian brought everyone to this mysterious neighborhood.

This neighborhood is extremely depressed and sparsely populated.

It is in line with Frank Xiangqian’s idea.

It’s easy to do things in remote places.

No one knew that something big happened.


In the military area compound, accompanied by the barking noises of dogs, Levi was shocked by several people.

“Here is the person who apologized!”

Levi smiled.

“The chief doesn’t mind if we go and see what is sacred? How dare to provoke you!”

Du Guangsha and a few people were very curious about what kind of people could come to run wild with Levi and beat up the military area compound in such a mess.

“Don’t mind, go check it out, maybe there is someone you know.”

Levi smiled.

Du Guangsha followed curiously.

After everyone came outside, they saw people standing at the gate, and every breath was restrained.

It can be seen that they are all Lords of Lords!

Better than the Lords of the princelings before!

Chapter 800

“Grandpa is them! These people are a little capable!”

“The one in the middle is in charge!”

Brian pointed out Levi.

But he didn’t expect that there were eight more people suddenly.

But he didn’t care.

With his grandfather, another eight hundred people came to no avail.

Seeing Levi and others who abolished his son (grandson), the people at the helm of the twenty-ninth giant of Nelshire were all going crazy, staring at Levi and the others.

Can’t wait to swallow them alive.

Someone dared to abolish their precious son!

Frank Xiangqian forcibly suppressed his anger, and asked in a cold voice, “You cut off one of my grandson’s hands?”

“Yes, it was me. He killed my dog, and I only broke his hand, which is considered merciful.”

Levi said calmly.


“Do you mean to kill my grandson for a dog?”

Frank Xiangqian was almost out of breath.

He Frank Xiangqian’s grandson, Nelshire’s most noble young Tianjiao, actually compared it with a dog?

How can this be tolerated?

The key is that one of his grandson’s hands was chopped off because of a dog!

“Yes! One life is worth one, it’s fair! But I let your grandson go! Your family should thank me!”

The language is not surprising and endless.

When Levi said this, the audience was dumbfounded.

Everyone stared at Levi incredulously.

“He… how did he say this?”

“Frank’s family still wants to thank him?”

This is simply unimaginable for the giants of Nelshire.

This is clearly provoking the Frank family, the largest family in Nelshire!

“Good, courageous! No wonder my grandson suffered in front of you!”

Frank Xiangqian laughed instead of anger.

“Besides, Qiao Jia Qiao Jinqiu was abandoned by you?”

Frank Xiangqian continued to ask.

“Well, I can’t control the lower body, I’ll take care of him!”

Levi said coldly.

“So you abolished all members of the princeling party?”

Frank Xiangqian narrowed his eyes.

“Yes! I abolished it! Parents are not well educated, I will educate you!”

Levi stared directly at Frank Xiangqian.

“Well, everyone knows it! He himself admitted the crime he committed!”

Frank Xiangqian said to the others.

Everyone yelled: “The wrongdoer has the debt and the debtor! Revenge! Revenge!”

At this time, Levi’s voice sounded: “Huh? That’s not right! Didn’t you come to apologize?”


Frank Xiangqian was taken aback.

“Before I let them go, I told them to ask the parents to kneel and apologize in person!”

Levi was sharp and sharp: “Should you not kneel in front of me and apologize? If a child makes a mistake, an adult will be punished!!!”

A word made the Nelshire giants dumbfounded.

He actually took the initiative to provoke.

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