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Chapter 791

Twenty Lords armed with Tang knives, rushed to Levi a few people.


Suddenly a strong wind blew up.

A figure is as fast as lightning.

Owen moved.

Among the five kings, Ron has the strongest defensive ability.

Owen is the strongest attacker.



Owen shot like electricity, shuttled among the silhouettes.

Soon, he stopped.




I saw the twenty Lords fall one by one.

The audience was silent.

Brian’s face changed drastically.

Isn’t it too strong?

His twenty domestic slaves are all super Lords carefully selected by the family, who have practiced martial arts since childhood.

Once he took only these twenty people and killed one in and out of Nanhongmen.


But now it is no match for one person.

How strong is he?

“Interestingly, you are better than those from Nanhongmen!”

Owen said very enjoyable.

“Next, it’s your turn!”

Owen hooked his finger at Brian.

He naturally saw that the strongest was Brian.


Brian shot vigorously.

Entangled with Owen.

The fight was stunned.

The walls of the military area compound were all shattered and collapsed, and the gates even cracked open.

Even cracks appeared on the ground, and countless blue bricks burst into pieces.

The princelings were dumbfounded.

Even Levi sighed.

Brian is definitely the strongest opponent Owen has ever encountered since he came back.

Velador is indeed Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, a Lord like a cloud!

You may encounter more in the future.

A great battle can be seen as hearty.


After a hundred moves, Owen kicked Brian away.


After landing, Brian vomited blood and looked at Owen incredulously.

At his age, he has such an attainment?

Brian’s Lord said that Brian is the strongest genius he has ever seen.

It is estimated that there will be no second one in Velador.

Unexpectedly, this one popped up suddenly.

“You…who are you?”

Brian asked tremblingly.

For the first time, the princelings were surprised at the identity of Levi.

Isn’t it too strong?

Originally, they just kneaded Levi as soft persimmons, and never thought about what Levi would be like?

“Our identities, you kids are really not qualified to know!”

Wesley sneered.

In their eyes, princelings are no different from children.

Qiao Jinqiu, who was kneeling in the yard, suddenly broke into a cold sweat.

He thought of the scene where hundreds of disciples from Nanhong Sect were all kneeling together.

They seem to provoke characters they shouldn’t.

Brian struggled to get up and wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth: “A few of us are not acquainted, so let’s treat this as a misunderstanding! I let my brothers apologize and it’s over!

Levi said coldly: “You said that a misunderstanding is a misunderstanding?”

Chapter 792

Everyone in Brian was stunned.

In the face of Levi, the princeling suffered a big loss this time.

The prince knew that if this continued, they would all die in Jinling.

So he wanted to resolve it peacefully.

His low posture indicated that he was subdued.

This is the first time that the princeling party has convinced others to seek a peaceful solution.

Since the establishment of the previous princelings, they have never been defeated.

That time it was not to rub people on the ground.

But only this time I encountered hard stubble.

The Nelshire princeling lost for the first time.

This is the greatest shame in the history of the Nelshire Princely Party!

It is also a shame for everyone.

The prince is also the Lord who can stretch and bend.

He wanted to stabilize Levi these people first, and then come back to Nelshire!

But Levi didn’t give face at all.

Brian smiled bitterly: “Your Excellency, we are indeed provoking first, let alone insulting your woman. But everything makes money with peace! Multiple friends are better than multiple enemies!”

Levi sneered and said: “I’m sorry, I don’t have tens of thousands of enemies, and there are thousands of them, not bad for you.”

“Your Excellency is a little overbearing? I have lowered my posture!”

“Furthermore, speaking of our identity, every one of us is behind Nelshire’s giants! It can be said that these people standing in front of you will definitely be the owners of Nelshire’s giants in the future! In fact, confronting us is equivalent to fighting against us. The entire Nelshire wealthy family is confronting!”

Brian said with a proud face.

The princelings also swept away their sorrow and straightened their waists.


Behind them are the top forces in Nelshire.

Who dares to offend the princelings?

Even if Levi’s gang were strong, they would definitely not dare to move the princeling.

Don’t give them face, but also give the face of Nelshire’s giants.

Levi smiled: “So what?”

“So, you must give this face! This matter must be resolved peacefully!”

Brian smiled.

The tone is plain, but there is an irresistible command.

If you don’t give face, you have to give it!

Seeing Levi not speaking, Brian continued: “Your Excellency is also a great hero. Wouldn’t it be better to have multiple friends? Especially the top giants in Nelshire, it will benefit you without any harm!”

Levi smiled and said: “So, he insulted my wife and tried to kill me twice, as well as killing my pet dog, and you want to slaughter the whole block, I just open one eye and close one eye?”

“Yes! It’s all a misunderstanding! Nothing big!”

Brian smiled and said, “Your Excellency is a little bit narrow. Didn’t you just die a dog? Take it too!”

“Then what if I pursue it?”

Levi asked.

“Then you are fighting against the entire Nelshire giants!”

Brian’s eyes shot brightly.

Chapter 793

Suddenly Levi slapped Brian’s face with a slap.

He roared: “Then I will provoke the Nelshire giants to try!”

“For you, that is a dog? But for us, that is a living life! That is our brother and friend!!!”

Levi was really angry.

He and the army dog ​​also get along for a long time, often teasing and feeding.

Once on the frontline battlefield, participated in the battle.

Raised here after retirement.

Not to mention that he was killed by Brian, but that he was just a dog.

“In my opinion, it’s life you scumbags are all valuable!”

Levi roared.

Everyone lives in the town with a strong aura.

Including Brian.

He seemed to feel the sudden drop in the temperature present, which made people shiver several times.

“And this person! Come to Jinling and kill a lot of people, right? Although the doctors in the private hospital are foreigners, they are also angels in white clothes! When someone saves your life, you slaughter each other with a knife? Is this all a trivial matter?”

“It’s a trivial matter if you want to kill the whole block in a murderous manner?”

“If we are not great, are we already dead by your butcher knife now?”

Levi’s repeated questions calmed Brian.

Others have even more ugly faces, and they don’t even dare to breathe.

Brian’s eyes shot out a cold light, and he asked in a low voice: “So you won’t let us go? You won’t give Nelshire’s top wealthy face even more?”

“Do you think I will let it go? Kneel all to me!!!”

Levi gave an order.

Owen and Wesley all moved.

After a while, no one stood in front of Levi’s eyes, all of them knelt on the ground.

“Talk to me, you can only kneel and say!”

Levi looked down at the kneeling Brian.


This is definitely the greatest shame in this life!

He is the prince of the princeling!

He actually knelt down in humiliation.

can not stand!

“You are so courageous that you don’t even show Nelshirehao’s face, then your death date is about to come!!!”

Brian gritted his teeth.

There was a cold arc across Levi’s mouth: “Next, I will settle accounts with you!”

Levi walked up to Qiao Jinqiu and said, “Do you miss my wife? Okay, castrate him!”

“Do not…”

Qiao Jinqiu let out a stern cry.

But a bloody arrow flew, and Qiao Jinqiu became an eunuch.

Levi looked at the members of the princeling party again: “You want to kill me too?”

“No… we don’t…”

Everyone is struggling.

“The leg breaks! Your parents don’t care about teaching you, I will discipline them for them!”

Levi said coldly.

Amid the miserable screams, the princelings’ legs were all broken.

It’s terrible!

Seeing Levi looking at him, Brian began to panic: “What are you going to do?”

Chapter 794

A icy glare flashed in Levi’s eyes, and he said coldly: “You killed my dog, I can’t break your hand too much, right?”

Hearing that he was about to break his hand, Brian began to panic.

His face flushed red, the veins violently violently, and he wanted to struggle to escape.

He is a dignified prince, if one of his hands is broken.

That would be a shame for him for a lifetime, and he can never look up again!

“No, if you have anything to discuss, I will give you whatever you want…”

Brian became anxious.

This embarrassing appearance is no different from other people who eat and drink.

“I want my dog!”

Levi shot two cold glows in his eyes.

Suddenly, Brian was stunned.

The dogs are dead.

How can I give it?

The next moment, a cold light flashed, and a flying knife slashed across.

Brian’s right hand was cut off.


Immediately, the blood was like a note.


Brian let out a scream.

Intertwined with the voices of Qiao Jinqiu and others, echoing in this yard.

The Nelshire princelings made Levi abandon all of them, but none of them were left behind.

Of course, except for the two brothers of the Porter family, they left early, but fortunately they were not involved in this matter.


An indelible shame.

The prestige of the Nelshire princelings for decades has been ruined.

All big and young have become disabled.

This is what no one expected.

“If you dare to let us go, we will definitely come to avenge you. If you don’t punish your Nine Clan, I can hardly dispel this hatred!

Brian shouted.

Levi smiled: “You princelings have not been well educated since childhood, bullying and bullying, and doing all the evil, I will teach you for your parents! But it is far from enough…”

Levi looked up at the same wrist and said, “Before the early hours of this evening, your parents will run to me, and then kneel down and apologize to me, otherwise you will be at your own risk!”

“You… you are too arrogant! We don’t say if it’s abolished, but our family will apologize to you! You are really looking for death!”

“Come on, throw them out!”

Levi waved his hand.

These people were all thrown out.

The Nelshire princelings are miserable to the extreme.

“Hurry back to Nelshire! Tell the family, they must all die!”

Brian’s face was sullen.

“I must eat his meat and bones piece by piece, and then suck his blood! It hurts him alive!”

“Vengeance! Revenge!”

Shouted a group of disabled people.

Their hatred towards Levi was maximized.

The other side.

Nelshire’s Ian and Mack chatted: “Why hasn’t there been any news about Shao Qiao and the others in the past two days?”

“I don’t know if Young Lord Qiao won Sarah and Hart Zihan?”

After the two returned to Nelshire, there was no news at all.

Chapter 795

Mack smiled and said, “If Young Lord Qiao takes a shot, wouldn’t a woman be able to catch it? Isn’t it too simple?”

Ian thought for a while, and it was really like this.

Qiao Jinqiu is an overbearing guy who is rampant in Nelshire. No one dares to stop him. Who dares to stop him in Jinling City?

“But why haven’t you come back? And there is no news at all! I just called them, but they all turned off!”

Ian was more careful, and vaguely felt that something was going to happen.

“Brother, maybe these guys are addicted, right? There is a saying, Sarah and Hart Zihan, I want to sleep too!”

Mack showed a bad smile.

Ian frowned, thinking about the cause and effect of the matter.

“You said they shouldn’t have an accident in Jinling, right?”

Ian suddenly asked a question.

“What can happen?”

Mack said.

“I got news earlier that the prince and Leo also left Nelshire, and I don’t know where they went! I wonder if there was an accident in Jinling, and the prince and the others went to support it?”

Ian analyzed.

Mack patted him on the shoulder: “Oh, brother, you really think too much. Who is the person next to Sarah? Levi.”

“Tell me, what can Levi do to Shao Qiao? Is it possible that he can still abolish Shao Qiao?”

Mack asked.

“That’s true!”

“Levi that waste!”

“What are you two talking about?”

At this time Brandon’s voice sounded.

“Grandpa, we are discussing Levi.”


Brandon’s expression changed after a brush.

“Have I said that we are not allowed to discuss Levi? He is not qualified to let us discuss it!”

Brandon said angrily.

“This is how Grandpa…”

Ian told Brandon what happened in Qiao Jinqiu.

After listening, Brandon smiled: “It turns out that’s the case.”

“Then Levi is completely abolished! If Qiao Jinqiu’s eyes are on him, he will die for ten lives!”

Brandon smiled and said: “Levi is alive. Actually, it is a hidden danger to the Porter family. Sooner or later, it will affect us. But my Porter family can’t get rid of it directly! This is a good opportunity, and we want to thank Qiao Jinqiu for taking it. Yeah!”

“It’s true, Levi is targeted by Young Lord Qiao, and he will definitely die. Our worries have been resolved.”

Mack showed a wild smile.

Ian frowned and explained his worries.

“Ian, you think the time is too comprehensive! If Qiao Jinqiu is looking at other people, then he may be in danger.

But what he was staring at was Levi! What trouble can Levi cause? Not to mention the life threatening to Qiao Jinqiu! “

Brandon smiled disdainfully.

Compared to Levi and Qiao Jinqiu, one is in the sky and the other is underground.

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