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Chapter 806

Brandon looked helpless.

Not only can’t I get rid of Levi, but on the contrary, he is getting closer and closer to the Porter family.

I can’t get rid of it!

How can this be good?

“Grandpa, if this continues, our Porter family will definitely suffer a huge loss because of Levi! We have to deal with this kid.”

A fierce flash flashed in Mack’s eyes.

Ian nodded and said, “Levi is a hidden danger, and his identity will be exposed sooner or later!”

“It will be difficult for us not to pick it up by then! But once we pick it up, then my Porter family will become a joke!”

Mack sighed.

Ian still had a good mind, and proposed a solution: “Grandpa, why not? I use some relationship and write off all the identity information of this kid?”

“It’s absolutely okay. As long as he cancels his identity account, no one can find out on our Porter family.”

Brandon was very excited.

In order to get rid of the relationship with Levi, the Porter family did everything they could to.

But when Levi’s true identity, the Porter family begged again and asked Levi to admit the relationship.

Of course, this is something.

“Okay, Mack, go and do this. Log out Levi’s identity account! This way he will not be able to survive in Jinling, and he will probably be kicked out of Velador. We will be relieved!”

Brandon ordered.

After Mack left.

Ian frowned and said, “Grandpa, there is something. After I met Elder Frank and the others, everyone had a deep hostility towards me. I wish I could scold me and beat me. There would be nothing wrong, right?”

Ian always felt wrong.

It seems that the Porter family has isolated the Nelshire giants.

This is an indescribable feeling.

“Nothing will happen! I think the reason they blame you is-you went to Jinling with Shao Qiao, but in the end you two ran back and everyone else was abandoned. Can you not be angry?”

Brandon analyzed.

“That’s true! All members of the princeling party have been abolished. It’s just that Mack and I are doing well. It’s strange that they are not angry.”

Ian suddenly realized.

As everyone knows, Nelshire’s giants isolated Porter’s family for other reasons.

At this moment, Mack has come to the relevant department to use a little relationship, and he can indeed cancel his identity account.

Especially after Mack revealed his identity, the other party hurriedly agreed.

Immediately proceed to this matter.

Soon the staff broke out in a cold sweat and hurried out.

His face was panicked, as if he had encountered a major problem.

“Huh? What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Mack was surprised.

“Yes, Mr. Porter, something went wrong.”

“You said Levi, his identity account cannot be cancelled!”

The man wiped his cold sweat.

“Huh? Why?”

Chapter 807

Mack looked surprised, why can’t he cancel his identity account?

“Isn’t it possible? Isn’t it just logging out? Just click on the keyboard with your authority!”

Mack couldn’t help saying.

“You don’t know anything about Porter Shao, don’t say that I have logged out Levi’s files, I don’t even have permission to view it!”

The staff took a breath.

“What? You don’t even have permission to view it? How is this possible? He is just an orphan, how can the identity file have permission?”

Mack looked incredulous.

“Levi’s files are not only authorized, but also the highest level of ssssss! It can be said that this is a national secret! No one in Nelshire has the right to view it!

“Not to mention logging off, that is absolutely impossible!”

The first time the staff came into contact with such a high-level file, he himself was frightened, his face pale and cold sweat broke out.

Let him log out?

Didn’t this push him into the fire pit?

“Huh, huh…”

He was panting heavily.

“you sure?”

Mack gritted his teeth and asked, he was also shocked.

“I’m sure, I’ve confirmed it repeatedly! It’s the highest-level ssssss file!!!”

The man said.

“That’s fine, thank you.”

Mack can only leave and tell Porter’s situation first.

After Mack left, the man slumped in a chair.

Last time, a colleague of them checked an S-level file, and the whole department was raged.

He suddenly came into contact with a ssssss-level file!

The shock is too big!

At this time, the department chief control room received a mysterious call.

Then the boss of this department gathered everyone together.

His face was dark, and his forehead was covered with fine sweat.

The people below are worried, what is going on?

“Just now the Director of the National Security Bureau and the commander-in-chief of the Chinese Navy both called in person and asked our department if they were checking Levi’s files!”

The department said with an old air.

“The Director of the Security Bureau said that this person’s information is Velador’s top secret! It is a crime to dare to check his information! The Security Bureau will personally control it.”


The person who had just checked the identity of Levi for Mack collapsed to the ground.

He was frightened and passed out.

This is something he never expected.

Levi has such a high status?

Are Mack and everyone in the Porter family brain disabled?

He even came to cancel this person’s identity account!!!

In fact, many people knew about this just now.

But after this incident, everyone was silent.

Scared to sweat.

A person’s identity is Velador’s highest-level secret…


Chapter 808

On the other side, Mack hurriedly returned to Porter’s house.

“Huh? Is it so fast to log out?”

Brandon and Ian asked in surprise.

“Grandpa, no, Levi’s identity account cannot be cancelled!”

Mack’s face was very ugly.

“Ah? How is it possible? Isn’t it just a little Levi? His identity account can’t be cancelled?”

Brandon didn’t believe it at all.

Mack nodded, “Not only can I not log out, but I don’t even have permission to view!”


Brandonlian stood up and came.

Ian was also shocked.

“Do you have permission to view?”

The eyes of both of them were about to fly out.

“Yes, Levi’s files turned out to be the highest level of ssssss! Even the staff were terrified! His files turned out to be confidential, I can’t imagine!”

Mack also paled with fright.

“How is it possible? His file is of ssssss level? Did you make a mistake? That’s Levi! Isn’t it a big shot?”

Brandon and Ian looked incredible.

Mack helplessly said: “Grandpa, I have repeatedly confirmed that it is Levi! His file level is also correct! It is really top secret, and there is no authority to check!”

“What’s the matter? How could Levi’s file be such a high-level secret?”

They can’t believe it.

Ian’s eyes flickered, and he patted his head and said: “I seem to have found the problem. I know why Levi’s file is the highest level.”


Brandon and Ian looked at him curiously.

“You know Levi’s real life experience, right?”

Ian asked.

“I know, that’s the Jingcheng Garrison Clan. The Frank family of our Nelshire First Family is not even an ant in front of the Jingcheng Garrison Family!”

Mack said immediately.

Ian nodded in satisfaction: “Well, this is the key! Since the Garrison Family in Jingcheng abandoned Levi, then all the connections and traces between Levi and the Garrison Family must be erased.”

There was a look in Brandon’s eyes: “You mean that Levi’s file was set up by the Garrison Family in Jingcheng?”

“Yes! It can only be them, and only the Jingcheng Garrison Family has the ability to set a person’s file to the highest level!”

Ian nodded affirmatively.

“That’s true! The Garrison Family in Jingcheng has this ability!”

Brandon smiled.

Mack said fiercely: “Levi is a wild species! Even parents don’t know who it is! Now they want to cling to my Porter family!”

Brandon’s expression did not change when Mack scolded Levi for wild planting.

Know that this includes his daughter.

It shows how much Brandon hates Ollie!

“A wild species clinging to my Porter family? Absolutely impossible!!!”

Brandon roared.

Chapter 809

“Grandpa just has a problem. The God of War helped Levi this time. Even though we don’t recognize the relationship with Levi, we already owe the kindness!”

Ian said.

“Huh? What should I do then?”

Brandon said.

“Then we would like to thank the God of War of God of War and send a gift?”

Ian suggested.

“What should I give?”

Brandon stroked his chin.

“Even if calligraphy and painting jewelry are precious, I don’t think General God of War would like it. He killed the enemy on the battlefield, and he would definitely like cold weapons. Grandpa, don’t our family treasure an ancient bronze sword from the Qin Dynasty? Give it to the God of War!”

Ian suggested.

Upon hearing this, Brandon showed ecstasy.

“How about Ian, you are the first person in the Porter family in the future! Your mind is so good!”

“This gift is given to the God of War of God of War. It not only repays the kindness, but also gains favorability and makes him like it!”

“Hurry up and deliver the present!”

Without delay, Ian delivered the gift to the Jinling Military Region.

Not knowing what to do, Xiang Wenjun contacted Levi and told him that Porter’s family would come to give gifts.

“Accept it!”

Levi answered.

Soon someone sent the gift box to Erick Group.

After Boyd Sen sent it up, Levi opened the box.

Inside was a rusty bronze ancient sword, and there was a breath of vicissitudes rushing to his face.

This is what Porter’s family bought from the auction for 300 million, and it’s true.

“The Porter family is really willing to spend the money?”

Levi smiled.

“Will the Porter family know if the sword fell in my hands at the end?”

Levi then told Xiang Wenjun that he told the Porter family that he was satisfied with the gift, and he accepted it.

When the Porter family received the news from the God of War, the entire Porter family was full of enthusiasm, and Brandon was even more excited and didn’t sleep all night.

After all, this was the first time God of War responded positively.

This makes the Porter family flattered!

But if Brandon knew that Levi was the god of war in God of War, he didn’t know what his face would be.

The ancient bronze sword, regarded as a treasure by the Porter family, was played with by Levi at will, so he almost used it to cut a watermelon.

“Levi, where did you shop for such a fake to play with? You really have a leisurely mind all day!”

Natalie couldn’t help complaining when she saw Levi playing swords.

Natalie, who had just finished the meeting, frowned and seemed not in a good mood.

Seeing Levi’s leisure time and playing with ancient swords again made her unhappy.

“You said that if you have this time, can you devote yourself to your work? Have you ever thought about the one billion stipulated by the Mann family?”

Natalie said angrily.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen? You took gunpowder!”

Levi saw that it was abnormal.

“There is a large Nelshire company that took a 5 billion bill, and it has been delayed in paying the balance. We can’t help it!”

Chapter 810

Erick Group recently received a large order of 5 billion in electronic products.

It is a Japanese foreign company from Nelshire.

At present, the balance payment of 3.5 billion has been delayed.

Natalie sent people to dunning money many times, but to no avail, and was even beaten when he went to dunning money.

For this kind of rogue enterprise, Natalie has nothing to do.

I just had a meeting to discuss dunning matters.

As a result, there was no good way to discuss it for a long time.

Can only urge more to wait.

Extending too long will cause losses.

When Levi heard this, he looked astonished: “What? Does anyone dare to owe Erick money? How can that be true!”

Levi is the most uncomfortable with such people.

Especially this kind of thing happened to himself.

He can’t stand it?

“Yes, the boss of a Japanese foreign company in Nelshire is horrible, and he hurt the person I sent to collect the money. I really can’t help it.”

Natalie sighed and rubbed her temples.

“Leave it to me! I’ll go ask for money! Give me all the orders!”

Levi approached.


Natalie said in surprise.

“Why? Don’t believe me? You can’t help it anyway. Why don’t you let me try.”

When Levi said so, Natalie felt that too.

There is no way, you can try it.

Came to the office and handed the list to Levi: “Try it! But don’t force it, be careful of getting hurt! Those people are not easy to provoke!”

Natalie naturally did not hold any hope.

She was thinking, if the problem can’t be solved.

Then he can only turn to Graham Nanxuan and the mysterious boss.

Although the balance amount is not small, Natalie feels embarrassed to trouble these two people.

So try to solve it yourself.

Levi got the list and set off for Nelshire.

The money owed to him by Levi?

This will never work!

Isn’t this breaking the tiger’s teeth?

“Boyd Sen, follow me!”

Levi greeted Boyd Sen and asked him to drive.

The drive from Jinling to Nelshire is only an hour and a half.

Soon, Levi and the two came to Nelshire.

Mingshang Group.

This is a Japanese foreign company.

The boss is Japan’s Kameda Ichiro, who has special skills and abilities.

It is said that it has a deep relationship with many giants in Nelshire.

Being able to gain a foothold in the fiercely competitive Nelshire shows that Mingshang Group is not a waiter.

Relying on their power and position in Nelshire, they did not put Erick Group in their eyes at all.

Therefore, the balance payment has been delayed.

They are capable of this.

When Levi and Boyd Sen came to the front desk, they were immediately stopped.

“Who are you?”

The security guards speak not fluent Chinese, and they are obviously Japanese.

“We are from Erick Group, here to rush the final payment!”


After listening to Levi’s answer, everyone laughed.

They seem to be watching idiots.

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