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Chapter 811

“Is it that funny?”

Levi said coldly.

“Haha, Erick Group’s people are really reckless! Do you dare to send someone to collect debts?”

“A total of 13 batches came, eight batches were scared away, four batches were beaten away, and the legs of the previous batch were interrupted.”

“You dare to come?”

These people looked at Levi curiously.

Levi said faintly: “By the way, we have two more things-first, medical expenses, and second, an apology.”


Unexpectedly, this group of people laughed louder.

It seems that the two Levi are idiots in their eyes.

“I just came to die, dare to ask for medical expenses and apologize? It’s ridiculous!”

Everyone laughed.

“Come here, isn’t it here to remind you? I’ll take you there.”

The security guards did not drive Levi away, but took them to the chairman’s office.


In the corridor, Levi and Boyd Sen heard screams.

Soon, the two dragged a man covered in blood out.

The man had been beaten to death.

“This is also here to drew money to account!”

The security guard laughed.

It seems to be threatening Levi.

Levi took a deep look.

It seems that this is not the first time that the Mingshang Group has done such an activity.

Beating people has become a habit.

Not to mention being in arrears.

This is already arrogant.

How can you tolerate these outsiders doing evil in the land of Velador?

Two flashes of cold light flashed under Levi’s eyes.

He wants to see how sacred this Kameda Ichiro is?

Come to the door of the office.

A voice came from inside: “What? Someone came to dunning the money again?”

“Chairman, yes! Erick Group has sent another person.”

The security guard respectfully said.

“Let them in.”

Later, Levi and the two entered the office.

The office was full of people, and every one of them was wicked.

There are many samurai wearing kimonos and samurai swords in their waists.

This momentum alone is scary enough.

Ordinary people come to ask for an account, and there is absolutely no benefit.

You will even be scared away.


A warrior closed the door, and then everyone stood behind Levi and the two, forming a circle, staring at them with enthusiasm.

Sitting on a leather chair, Kameda Ichiro was smoking a cigar, vomiting fog.

“From the Erick Group?”

Kameda Ichiro asked.

His Chinese is very standard, obviously he has been in Velador for a long time.

“What are you doing here?”

Kameda Ichiro breathed out smoke.

“You still owe Erick Group a balance of 3.5 billion, please pay immediately; in addition, if you hurt someone, I will claim for medical expenses, and you have to apologize!”

Levi said.


Suddenly the two samurai drew their samurai swords and put them on Levi’s necks.

Chapter 812

The moment in the field is as static.

The rattling atmosphere is on the verge.

The katana was attached to his neck, and a cold feeling came, causing Takemori to fight a cold war.

The big beads of sweat on his forehead fell one by one.

Takemori was already breathing heavily.

As long as the angle of the knife is crooked, he will die.

But Levi’s face was calm, and he didn’t even blink his eyelashes.

As if there was no knife on the neck.

Regardless of.

After dozens of seconds, Kameda Ichiro sat up straight, looked at Levi and asked, “Aren’t you afraid?”


“Why are you not afraid?”

Kameda Ichiro asked curiously.

“Because I will squeeze his head before he moves the knife!”

Levi said lightly.

“If you don’t believe me, you can try.”

Levi’s firm eyes made both Kameda Ichiro and the samurai startled.

“Put the knife down first!”

When Kameda Ichiro waved his hand, the two samurai closed their swords.

“Boy, you are the boldest I have ever seen! Other people have already knelt down for me in this kind of scene!”

Kameda Ichiro looked at Levi with admiration.

“Don’t talk about these useless things! Hurry up and do as I ask! Pay the balance and medical expenses and apologize!”

Levi didn’t have so much patience.


The warriors behind him all stepped forward, staring at the two Levi.

“You are so courageous! Dare to come to me for the final payment? I’m impatient!”

Kameda Ichiro slammed the table.

“The person who was beaten to death by me just now has to pay for the final payment!”

“Who in Nelshire doesn’t know that I can’t ask for the balance of Ichiro Kameda? To tell you the truth, there are at least a hundred people who ask for the balance every year and I break their legs! You Chinese people are really stupid! Knowing the danger Come again!”

Kameda Ichiro was extremely domineering.

“Not from Velador, right?”

Levi asked faintly.

“Yes! I am not from Velador, I am Japanese! What’s wrong?”

Kameda Ichiro asked curiously.

“I’m not from Velador, so domineering and wild on my Velador land?”

Levi’s expression turned gloomy.

“Hehe, that’s right, I have always been so domineering in Velador!”

“You go out to inquire, in Nelshire, who dares to move me? Only I bully and occupy others’ shares!”

Kameda Ichiro said angrily.

“In other words, Nelshire, you have the final say?”

Levi smiled.

“Of course! What about Nelshire? This is my site, I have the final say!!!”

Kameda Ichiro looked at Levi and said: “You two quickly kneel and kowtow to me, maybe I will let you go! Otherwise, I will break your legs!”

Levi ignored it and took out his cell phone and dialed out a call: “Isn’t Frank Xiangqian Nelshire your site? How come a Japanese is the Lord?”

Chapter 813

Suddenly, Levi made a phone call, which frightened Kameda Ichiro and others in the office.

Who does he call?

It seems to be Frank Xiangqian?

“Who is Frank Xiangqian?”

Kameda Ichiro was dumbfounded for a while.

“Old Frank! Lord of the Frank family!”

The assistant next to him immediately reminded.

“What??? Old Frank?”

Kameda Ichiro has lived deep in the Nelshire for 20 years, and he naturally knows who Frank Lao is.

That’s the No. 1 celebrity in Nelshire!

With a call, the big giants dare not follow it!

“Hahaha, is this kid calling Old Frank?”

Kameda Ichiro smiled as he reacted.

Who is Old Frank?

Is that a god-level figure in Nelshire?

Can you know the only one who needs the bill?

Ridiculous, right?

The others in the court also laughed out loud.

Nelshire giants like forests, as the most developed in the south, and even the strongest economy in Velador.

There are too many giants.

Even among the rich, there are levels.

Generally rich family, quasi-royal family, royal family.

The Frank family is the strongest existence in the royal family.

Let alone ordinary people, he Kameda Ichiro is not qualified to make friends.

He can’t even reach the quasi-royal family, at most he can only reach a few giants.

Now Levi actually wants to contact the strongest of the royal family-the Frank family.

How can it be?

“Okay, I will see today if you can call Lao Frank to support you!”

Kameda Ichiro continued to smoke with an attitude of watching the show.

On the other end of the phone, after Frank Xiangqian heard Levi’s identity, he was scared in a cold sweat: “You… are you in Nelshire?”

“if not?”

Levi sneered.

“You just said the Japanese???”

Frank Xiangqian asked.

“That’s right! Kameda Ichiro of Mingshang Group owes my company a balance of 3.5 billion. If you don’t give it or say, you have to beat people! He even said that Nelshire is the Lord! I wondered, is there any use for your local big people? What made a Gentile so majestic?”

Levi’s voice suddenly became cold.

“I, I, I… I’ll be here right away! When does Nelshire turn to his Kameda Ichiro to take charge?”

Frank Xiangqian said angrily.

“Twenty minutes! Get to Mingshang Group immediately!”

Levi hung up the phone.

“Are you ordering Mr. Frank? Hahaha…”

In Kameda Ichiro’s view, Levi was bragging.

If there is something to do with Frank Lao, he might believe it.

But Levi gave an order, and he was ordering the top man in Nelshire.

Who will believe it?

I won’t believe it if I die!

“What an idiot! I have never seen such a stupid person!”

Several warriors refused to agree, threatening to do something.

Kameda Ichiro stopped them and smiled at Levi and said, “Don’t say it’s Lao Frank! You just invite a wealthy-level patriarch at will, I have to kneel and give you the money!”

Chapter 814

“Didn’t he say twenty minutes? Then I will wait twenty minutes!”

Kameda Ichiro laughed.

After waiting twenty minutes, Levi couldn’t find anyone, so he would definitely abolish Levi.

Five minutes after the time has passed.

Suddenly there were footsteps in the corridor.

On the phone, Kameda Ichiro even heard news from the front desk, saying that a lot of people had come, but couldn’t stop him, and went straight to his office.


The next moment, the office door was kicked open.

A group of men in suits and shoes swarmed in.

Seeing these people, Kameda Ichiro stood up with a sigh of relief.

Because he knows all these people.

They are the patrons of all the giants in Nelshire.

More and more people.

Kameda Ichiro became more and more frightened.

This is a total of thirty or forty rich family owners.

It can be said that the royal family and the wealthy families under the quasi-royal family are here.

“Hello, Lord Cross!”

“Hello, Lord Kong!”

“Hello, Hou Family!”

Kameda Ichiro catted, and stepped forward to greet everyone one by one.


“Humph, you’re useless!”

It’s just that these Patriarchs are merciless and snort one after another.

This made Kameda Ichiro very curious.

what happens.

But he still brazenly greeted these people.

Any one of them can kill him!

We must know that a wealthy family has at least 50 billion in assets.

These people are all!

When he thought it was over.

The result is just the beginning.

Someone is here again.

This time it was twenty people.

After seeing these people, Kameda Ichiro’s heart flew out of his throat.

The patriarchs of the twenty quasi-royal families are all here!

The former giants and patriarchs backed down one after another, automatically giving way to their positions.

The quasi-royal clan is one level higher than them after all!

“What brings you here?”

Kameda Ichiro almost knelt down.

Ordinary giants can pinch him to death.

Not to mention the quasi-royal family.

They spit, and Ichiro Kameda had to continue.

This is Nelshire’s law of the weak and the strong!

Has a clear level!

The most important thing is that Kameda Ichiro is not familiar with these people at all.

Take the initiative to say hello, no one cares.

He is too unqualified.

and many more!

what’s the situation?

What are the top figures in Nelshire doing here?

There were too many people just now, and Ichiro Kameda was dazzled.

Now that I have calmed down, I think of a terrifying and terrible question-what are these people doing?

He looked at Levi subconsciously.

Is it really related to him?

Was it like this after he finished the phone call?

Didn’t you say twenty minutes? So many people come so soon?

Kameda Ichiro had been startled in a cold sweat.

At this moment, there was another sound of footsteps in the corridor: “Old Frank is here!!!”

Chapter 815

When this voice sounded, the patriarchs of these wealthy families in Nelshire stood upright with serious faces.

This is Frank Xiangqian’s prestige in Nelshire.

He gave an order, and all the giants must follow the order.

Kameda Ichiro’s heart was about to fly out of his throat.

This kid made a phone call, Nelshire’s top man Frank Lao really came?

What kind of existence is he?

Kameda Ichiro’s legs trembled and he couldn’t stand still.

The samurai behind him were even more frightened.

He is not easy!

In retrospect, Levi’s reaction when he was carried a knife on his neck showed that he was no ordinary person.


I am really careless!

In the next moment, Frank Xiangqian brought the Patriarchs of the other eight royal families.

Among the ten great royal families of Nelshire, except for the Chozhou family, the other nine great royal families are here.

Just now, when the patriarchs of dozens of giants saw Frank Xiangqian, they bowed their waists together and said immediately: “Hello Frank!”

It’s just that Frank Xiangqian didn’t pay attention at all. He brought all the Lords of the royal family and the quasi-royal family to Levi and shouted together: “Hello, Mr. Garrison!!!”


At this moment, it was like a bolt from the blue.

Patriarchs of dozens of giants were dumbfounded.

The samurai were dumbfounded.

Kameda Ichiro was even more dumbfounded.

what’s going on?

The patriarchs of Nelshire’s top families even called a young man “Mr. Garrison.”

What is his identity? ? ?

The key is Mr. Frank!

The number one person?

He bowed his waist and saluted!

This is the most terrifying point.

Frank Xiangqian turned around, pointed at dozens of big family owners, and said, “Mr. Garrison, you haven’t seen these people, let me introduce you to you!”

“Nelshire is known as a hundred clans, which means that there are hundreds of big clans at the wealthy level. Although it’s a bit exaggerated, they are inseparable! These people are the heads of the big wealthies!”

Levi nodded slightly.

“Listen well! This Mr. Garrison standing in front of your eyes is the co-owner of the nine great royal families of Nelshire and the 20 quasi-royal families! From now on, you giants will also take orders from Mr. Garrison! He is beyond your imagination. !”

Frank Xiangqian said.

Although the big family owners were surprised, they still shouted together: “Hello, Mr. Garrison! I will serve Mr. Garrison as the Lord in the future!”

None of them need to ask the reason.

Just follow Frank forward.

Even Frank Xiangqian would serve Mr. Garrison as the Lord.

What are they?

Obedient is the last word.

“Mr. Garrison, from now on, the top 100 Nelshire giants will follow your orders, except for the Porter family of course!”

Frank Xiangqian said.

At this moment, the Porter family was truly isolated by Nelshire.

“Well, you can.”

Levi smiled.

“By the way, forget about business.”

Frank Xiangqian suddenly shouted, “Is that Kameda Ichiro?”

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