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Chapter 896


The luxurious Long Villa on the outskirts of Nelshire.

At the entrance and in the villa, there are hundreds of patrolling guards, and the defense is airtight.

This is where the three great heroes of Nelshire are located.

In the hall, four people are playing Cards.

The three elders have gray hair but are full of energy, and the light flashing in their eyes from time to time makes people shudder.

This is the three thousand and three people of Nelshire’s three great heroes.

Another is a middle-aged man, dressed luxuriously and exquisitely, not greasy at all.

He is Geoffery Shane.

On the surface, he was so gentle, he looked like a university professor.

But he is a Lord who eats meat without spitting out bones.

At this time, a young man ran in.

“Father, the coffin has been delivered to Porter’s house!”

He is Trevor Shane, Geoffery’s son.

“Good good!”

Geoffery smiled.

“Trevor, what are you talking about?”

Jon Shane couldn’t help asking.

“Father, the ba5tard that Ollie gave birth recently was found by the Porter family, and he also participated in the family’s annual meeting!”

Geoffery said.


Hearing this, Jon suddenly smashed Cards on the table.

“What? The ba5tard that Ollie gave birth to was retrieved? He also participated in the Porter family’s annual meeting?”

Jon was extremely angry.

Together with Marshall and Irving, they were also extremely angry.

“What does Brandon mean???? Didn’t you put our three great heroes in the eyes?”

“Yes! brought this cheap species back to participate in the annual meeting. Doesn’t that mean admitting the identity of this cheap species?”

“Is the Porter family sincerely humiliating our three great heroes? Is the family looking for death?”

The three great heroes refused to agree.

More than twenty years ago, Ollie became pregnant, which brought an indelible shame to their three great heroes.

They must have killed Ollie and the child in his stomach.

Later, the Porter family and Ollie cleared their relationship, she disappeared and the child became an orphan.

Only then did the three great heroes give up.

Now that the Porter family takes the children back, in their opinion, they are humiliating their three great heroes.

They are naturally angry!

“Anyway, this ba5tard has been taken to the Porter family’s Edburgh Manor, and the Porter family definitely recognizes his identity.”

Geoffery continued: “I asked Trevor to give this cheap species a coffin just now!”

“This warning to the Porter family is still insufficient! Trevor, what do you mean by going to the Porter family and asking Brandon? I want him to kneel and give us a reasonable explanation!”

Jon said angrily.

The entrance to the Edburg manor.

Levi and the others are discussing how to deal with this coffin.

At this time a few cars came.

A few guards got off the car, and a young man came to the court surrounded by them.

When Porter’s family saw the man, his face changed.

“Who is Levi, the cheap seed?”

Trevor shouted and asked as soon as he got out of the car.

Chapter 897

It happened that Levi was standing in front of the door, looking at him indifferently.

The Porter family was terrified.

Trevor is really ignorant of the heights of the sky.

How dare he call this a lowly seed?

Still face to face!

Now I can’t save you.

Regina whispered in Levi’s ear: “Brother, this is Trevor Shane, the son of Geoffery Shane.”

After knowing his identity, Levi’s eyes shot out cold light, staring straight at Trevor.

“Trevor, a junior, dare to go wild in front of Porter’s house?”

Brandon shouted.

Trevor looked at Brandon arrogantly with his hands in his pockets and said coldly: “Brandon, are you questioning me? Are you qualified to question me?”


Brandon was about to vomit blood.

It’s fine to be reprimanded like this by the three great heroes.

Even being reprimanded by a junior.

“Brandon, my three grandfathers said, they want you to explain why you brought Ollie’s ba5tard to the Porter family? Is this admitting his identity?”

Trevor questioned.

Brandon said angrily: “Yes, what if I admit it?”

“Acknowledging the status of the ba5tard born by Ollie, your Porter family is humiliating the three great heroes! My three grandfathers want you to kneel in front of them and give an explanation!

Trevor said angrily.

“Let me kneel for them, it’s impossible!”

If it had been before, Brandon would naturally dare not say this.

But now Levi is behind.

What are the three great heroes?

“Okay, Brandon, you have a kind! Openly confronted us, right? I will tell the three grandpas truthfully, see if your Porter family can see the sun tomorrow!”

But before leaving, Trevor continued to ask: “Where is Levi, that wild species? You can’t hide him and dare to come out, right?”

His voice just fell off.

Levi walked over.

“Are you the cheap seed Levi?”

Looking at Levi who was walking, Trevor asked.

Levi didn’t answer, but approached suddenly.


He raised his hand and slapped him hard on his face.

The slap made his blood spatter, and several teeth flew out.


Everyone in the arena was stunned.

Trevor’s bodyguards didn’t even react.

“You…do you dare to hit me? You ba5tard!!!”

Trevor covered his face and angered at Levi.





Levi kicked Trevor’s legs with both feet, making the sound of bone cracks, and both legs were broken.


He knelt down in front of Levi.



Levi broke Trevor’s arms this time.

The whole person was instantly annihilated by Levi.


Trevor let out a scream like a pig.


The bodyguards reacted and rushed towards Levi.

Chapter 898

“Boom boom…”

“Kacha Kacha…”

These bodyguards were also discarded by Levi.

Everyone lay on the ground and cried out.

“Come here! Put him in a coffin and send him to Geoffery!”

Levi ordered.

In Long Villa.

Jon and Geoffery are still playing Cards.

At this time someone ran in from outside: “Something is not good! The Porter family sent the coffin back, and the young Lord has not yet returned!”


Three great heroes and Geoffery came outside quickly.

Looking at the coffin at the door, Geoffery was angry.

“The Porter family are so brave! They even sent the coffin back!”


“Boom boom boom…”

Geoffery’s expression changed; “There seems to be someone in the coffin? Open the coffin quickly!”

After everyone pushed the lid open, there was a person lying in the coffin as expected.

It is Trevor.

Trevor was covered in blood, and his limbs were abolished, crying in pain.


At this moment, the three great heroes and Geoffery were angry.

How dare they put Trevor in a coffin!

Also interrupted limbs!

Isn’t this obviously provoking them?

“Porter family, you will have to die!!!”

When Geoffery saw his son’s appearance, his heart was bleeding.

The three great heroes panted with anger.

Can’t imagine that the Porter family provokes them like this?

Even the Frank family, the first royal family of Nelshire, would not dare.

The crowd quickly lifted Trevor out of the coffin.

“Who did this to you son?”

Geoffery asked.

“It was the hand of Levi, the cheap seed born by Ollie!”

Trevor gritted his teeth.

He will always remember this account.

He would never let Levi go easily.

“Porter’s family is too presumptuous, they even encouraged a wild species to hurt my grandson!”

Jon was extremely angry.

“Three grandpas, father, you want to avenge me, otherwise I can’t swallow this breath! He even put me in a coffin, I almost died! He is warning you, warning us that we will die! …”

Trevor cried into tears.

“This revenge must be reported! Even the Porter family dare to do so! I must destroy this family!”

Jon said angrily.

Marshall and Irving also gritted their teeth.

“Father, two uncles, don’t be angry. I’ll take care of this matter. I’ll ask Brandon!

Trevor said.

“Okay, enough! All the manpower!”

Soon after, a large number of people appeared in front of the Porter family’s gate.

Everyone was dressed in black, and their clothes were embroidered with the words Shane, Wood, and Lloyd.

This represents the people of the three great heroes.

Hundreds of black-clothed men stood in rows and surrounded the Porter family’s gate.

In the middle, Geoffery was wearing white clothes, which was extremely obvious.

“Brandon and Levi are coming out!”

Geoffery roared.

Chapter 899

Soon, Brandon brought people out.

Levi was also behind.

He wanted to see what Geoffery looked like.

Seeing the crowd outside, the Porter family was shocked.

Without Levi, Porter’s family would definitely be squeezed off as a soft persimmon today.

This battle of Geoffery is too scary!

“Brandon, a good thing you did!!!”

When Geoffery saw him, he couldn’t help shouting.

Brandon smiled and asked, “What happened to me?”

“Don’t cry so affectionately, you are not qualified to call me that! I ask you, what’s the matter with my son?”

Geoffery said angrily.

Brandon smiled and said, “Lord Shane was unobtrusive, insulting others, and being taught! It seems that he will have to be more disciplined in the future! If you don’t care about teaching, Lord Shane will be disciplined for you by outsiders!”

Geoffery exploded in anger: “Presumptuous! My son, my father, and I have never been disciplined! How can an outsider move a finger?”

“Brandon, you are so courageous! How dare to educate my son?”

Brandon’s smile deepened: “Sorry, I didn’t educate him. He scolded people who shouldn’t be scolded. He was taught by them.”

“Levi, right? Let him come out!”

Geoffery said angrily.

“I am here.”

Levi looked at Geoffery.

The moment Geoffery saw Levi, he almost exploded with anger.

This is the son of that b!tch?

Geoffery suppressed the anger in his heart forcibly, and he sneered: “What’s the matter? Does your Porter family dare to bring back Ollie’s son? Is this an admission of identity?”

Brandon did not dare to answer rashly.

He looked at Levi.

Levi nodded.

In fact, he admitted that it was Ollie’s son.

“Yes, since he came to Porter’s family, I have admitted the relationship. This is the son of my daughter, Ollie!”

Brandon’s answer was firm.

Geoffery asked with red eyes: “You brought him back to admit his identity, obviously you want to humiliate me???”

Brandon smiled, “What does it have to do with you? Do you have anything to do with this kid?”

“At the beginning, Ollie was my fiancée, but she gave birth to wild species for other men! Do you have no respect for Geoffery? The shame that slut brought me is enough! Do you still humiliate me in the Porter family?”

Geoffery roared.

“Your fiancée? If it wasn’t for your fancy to Ollie and forcing her to marry you, could she be your fiancée?

Brandon did not give in at all.

“Well, you are ruthless! Brandon, I admire you!”

“But you are not afraid of who is to blame? They let the Porter family sever all relations with Ollie and the ba5tard in her stomach!!!”

“You are doing this now, are you afraid that they will know?”

Chapter 900

Geoffery made Brandon’s body tremble.

He couldn’t help being shuddered when he thought of the scene of the man coming to kill the Porter family Lord more than 20 years ago.

But now that Levi is here, he is fearless.

“Since everyone is here, what else should I be afraid of? The big deal, my Porter family will give it up!”

Brandon said coldly.

“Good, good, I get it.”

“Brandon, you are willing to go out, and you have to admit the wild identity of the b!tch Ollie! Even if you don’t hesitate to fight against my Shane family?”

Geoffery asked.

“Yes! That’s right!”

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Geoffery’s eyes: “There is no need for Porter’s family to exist in Nelshire!”

“what did you just say?”

At this time, Levi’s voice sounded.

This made Geoffery stunned.

The ba5tard that Ollie gave birth dared to question him.

“I said your mother is a b!tch, you are a ba5tard from a b!tch life! By the way, did you just abolish my son?”

Geoffery said angrily.

Levi looked calm.

Step by step came to the front of Geoffery.

“Boy, don’t worry, if you hurt my son, I will return it to you thousands of times!”

He looked at Levi.

Soon Levi came to him.

“Just now you said I am a lowly seed?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, that’s right! You are a ba5tard, and your mother is a b!tch! Your family is so cheap!”

Geoffery stared at Levi’s face and said seriously.

He only hates Levi!

In the past 30 years, the hatred towards Ollie has not decreased but increased.

That’s the shame of his life!

Geoffery just wanted to kill Ollie with his own hands.

Unfortunately, there was no chance.

So when he knew that Ollie’s son had been picked up, he immediately became murderous.

The mother’s mistakes will be borne by the son.

So he immediately ordered a coffin and delivered it.


Levi’s response was only a slap.

With a slap, Geoffery’s face was ruffled and blood was blurred, and his teeth were broken, don’t know how many.

A slap killed Geoffery for half his life.

He turned around, and his whole brain went blank.

The Lords next to him didn’t react.




However, this was only the beginning, Levi opened his bow from left to right.

In an instant, a dozen slaps hit Geoffery’s face.

Geoffery had a face long ago, he was almost dying.

He fell to the ground, shocking the audience.

No one thought that Levi would put such a heavy hand.

“This is the end of insulting my mother and me!”

Levi said lightly.

“Come on, let the Porter family disappear!!!”

“Kill them all! Don’t keep any of them!”

Geoffery lying on the ground gritted his teeth.

Hundreds of people in black were all dispatched.

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