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Chapter 901

The Porter family panicked when they saw the sea of people approaching.

Many people closed their eyes in fright.

At this time, five people suddenly appeared in front of Porter’s house.

It is the Kings of the Five Great Wars.

They rushed into the crowd.

“Boom boom…”

Although Geoffery brought loads of fighting men, what they eventually encountered was the invincible killing of gods on the battlefield.





Next, the Porter family witnessed a crushing battle.

Five people crushed hundreds of people.

Someone kept flying out.

A few minutes later.

The ground is full of people in black wailing.

There were only six people standing in the field.

The five people guarded Levi’s surroundings, and a drop of blood did not splash on Levi.

Geoffery in front of Levi was dumbfounded.

He looked around, and all the hundreds of people he had brought fell to the ground.

Who the hell is this?

Too abnormal, right?

Five people abruptly killed the hundreds of Lords of the three great heroes!

No one can believe this if it is spread out.

But it happened!

Seeing this, these five people are still the underlings of the sordid kind in front of them.

Didn’t Ollie, a b!tch, abandon him on the street and he became an orphan?

Since he was young, he didn’t have any resources and no one cultivated him.

How does he have these five Lords?


When he came into contact with Levi’s terrifying eyes, Geoffery stepped back subconsciously

The eyes of this ba5tard are terrible!

It’s almost like cannibalism!

“Do you still dare to say that I’m a cheap breeder now?”

Levi was happy.

“You… do you know who I am?”

Geoffery asked tremblingly.

“The son of the great tycoon Jon!”

Levi answered.

Hearing that Levi knew his identity, Geoffery immediately became bolder.

He believed that Levi would hurt him at most and would never dare to kill him.

Who would dare to kill Jon’s son when he knew his identity?


Absolutely not!

“You are a ba5tard, and your mother is a b!tch! A b!tch is a b!tch, and that is splashed into your family’s bones!”

Geoffery said angrily without evasiveness.


The one who answered him was Levi’s kick.


Geoffery flew out and slammed into the car, vomiting blood from the entire body.

He looked incredulous.

Never expected that Levi would try to kill him.

He really dared to kill him!

“You…you dare to kill me?”

Geoffery asked incredulously.

“Next I will play a game with you. I will let you run for ten minutes first, and after ten minutes I will start chasing you! If I catch you, I will kill you!”

Levi smiled.

When Geoffery heard this, he immediately said, “Okay, then don’t regret it!”

“The timing has started!”

As Levi looked at his watch, a bloodthirsty arc swept across the corner of his mouth.

Chapter 902

Geoffery immediately drove a car to escape, drove at the maximum speed, and ran the red light all the way.

He also understood that if he was caught by Levi.

He must be at a dead end.

Levi watched him escape.

“Would you like to follow to see where he went?”

Wesley asked.

Levi shook his head, “No, he must have gone to the three great heroes.”

“The location of the three great heroes is Long Villa on the outskirts of VR District!”

Brandon said immediately.

Levi lit a flue and said, “Okay, let’s go in ten minutes, the goal is Long Villa.”

“No one can insult my mother!”

Ten minutes later, Levi said softly.

He and Wesley went straight to the Long Villa where the three great heroes were located.

During the usual one-hour journey, Geoffery rushed back in forty minutes.

“Ah? what’s wrong with you?”

Seeing Geoffery’s bloody face, the three great heroes were shocked.

“Father, uncles, I have encountered a cruel stubble! The ba5tard of Ollie is very powerful now, especially the five people under him are terrifying, and the people I took with me have been cleaned up!”

“Now he is coming to kill me, father, uncles, save me!”

Geoffery was really frightened.

Jon snorted coldly: “It makes no sense! Dare to kill the son of Jon? Nelshire hasn’t appeared yet!”

Marshall dismissed it and said, “He still wants to run to our site to kill people?”

“Does it really mean that the three of us are old?”

Irving said angrily: “I immediately summoned everyone’s hands and wait for me. I want to see who dares to break into Long Villa!”

Soon, all the triumphant trump cards were assembled.

These people are the old men who laid the ground for the three great heroes when Nelshire was fighting for the front.

Everyone is a master of the craft and a ruthless person.

Who is not timid in Nelshire?

“Unexpectedly beat son and grandchild of Jon like this! Don’t worry about the consequences, I will definitely pay you back for this hatred!”

Jon comforted.

Seeing Geoffery’s appearance, he was furious.

Geoffery trembled in pain, “Father you must save me, I have a hunch, I have a strong hunch, I’m going to die!”

Geoffery had a strong hunch that Levi would kill him.

“Don’t be afraid! With the three of us here, let alone a lowly breeder, don’t even want to take you away from God of Death!”

Marshall and Irving said angrily.

Jon was even angrier: “I promise to kill everyone in the Porter family, and I will chop that cheap breed into pieces to feed the dog!”


At this moment, the magnificent gate of Long Villa fell to the ground with a single kick, making a huge noise.

“Geoffery come out to die!!!”

A sound was like a roar of thunder, spreading to every corner of Long Villa.

Chapter 903


Hearing this familiar voice, Geoffery fell to the ground in fright.

“He’s coming…He’s coming…”

Geoffery shivered.

Levi was like a devil, leaving him with indelible fear.

Seeing that his son was frightened like this, Jon was furious.

“Let’s go, I want to see how capable this cheap species is?”

Irving and Marshall also followed.

“Father, uncles, you must kill him, or he will kill me.”

Geoffery almost cried.

In Long Villa, the ace of the three great heroes was dispatched together, and then stood in front, staring at the few men who broke into the door.


“One step forward, kill without mercy!!!”

These Lords were murderous, staring at Levi’s several people.

“Then I’m going forward, what do you think of me?”

Levi smiled at the corner of his mouth and walked forward step by step.

The Lords of the three great heroes stepped back one after another, watching them vigilantly.

“The purpose of my coming here is very simple-to kill Geoffery! It has nothing to do with other people, get out of my way!”

Levi said coldly.

“Hmph, want to move Lord Shane, have you asked us?”

Everyone surrounded Levi from all around.

“What courage! Dare to run wild on the territory of three great heroes!”

With a roar, Jon came here quickly.

The three of them have gray hair, but they have a dragon and tiger aura.

A pair of sharp eyes penetrated people’s hearts.

Especially the headed Jon has a kind of domineering arrogance!

After Jon looked around, he couldn’t help asking: “Are you Levi?”

“Well, that’s right. I am Levi, who made a special trip to kill your son Geoffery!”

Levi has a smile on his face.

But this sentence is absolutely domineering!

Called the most arrogant!

How bold is it to say that he is here to kill the son in front of the three great heroes?

Levi’s words made the three great heroes all stunned.


Don’t hide it at all.

Too overbearing, right?

“So please hand over Geoffery! I am here today just to kill him. I won’t embarrass the others.”

There was a sub-command tone in Levi’s tone.

The three great heroes were shocked for a while.

They didn’t even react for a while.

This young man is so domineering!

After dozens of seconds, Jon reacted, “What did you say??”

“You can kill Jon’s son just by saying it?”

“Don’t say that you are the ba5tard born to Ollie, even if you are God of Death, don’t even think of taking my son’s life away from me today!”

Irving and Marshall also expressed their attitudes and said coldly: “Yes, you go out to find out if anyone can kill from the hands of the three great heroes?”

Chapter 904


Levi smiled.

There was a thick sneer at the corner of his mouth.

Three great heroes felt that he was insulted.

No one has ever dared to mock them like this.

“Then I also tell you, there is no one Levi can’t kill!”

Levi shot two cold glows in his eyes,

“Come on, take it for me!”

Jon gave an order, and the ace Lords all dispatched.

“Open a way, I’ll go in and get Geoffery!”

Levi said lightly.


The five green dragons guarded Levi and directly rushed forward.

The hill-like body opened the way in front, like a tank, crushed in front, invincible.

Wesley and Alton are around and behind.

All the Lords who attacked were all beaten up by four people.

In the middle Levi walked in the leisurely, smoking a cigarette in a leisurely manner, moving forward step by step.

Born abruptly in the siege of hundreds of people, a path was suddenly cut.

Under their feet, people kept falling down, lying on the ground all the way.

Three great heroes look silly!

They understood that Geoffery was not telling lies, these five people were indeed too powerful!

Simply invincible!

A few hundred people just couldn’t stop six people.

A few minutes later.

The six men walked through the long road and came to the villa.

At this moment, Geoffery was in the villa.

The remaining Lords stood in front of the villa, staring at Levi in horror and nervousness.

A few people from the intruders scared them just now.

Hundreds of people fell on the road where Levi walked, their bodies bowed into shrimps, and they fell to the ground and rolled, screaming in pain.


The three of Lords were completely dumbfounded!

These hundreds of people, but their trump card.

It is the key to their stable position in Nelshire!

The power of these hundreds of people was taken out and absolutely swept the power of the major families in Nelshire.

But facing these six people, there was no way, and most of them were damaged in a few minutes.

This is too scary!!!

Levi looked at the people who were still struggling to resist. He smiled and said, “Are you still going to stop me? Are you sure you can stop me?”


These people are panicked.

Levi these people are too strong.

Fear them completely.

In the villa, after Geoffery heard the movement, he opened the window tremblingly and looked down.

The scene of people rolling all over the floor really frightened him.

Levi came in.

This is the territory of the three great heroes.

Too frightening.

He shouted to Jon: “Father, uncles save me, you must stop him! Otherwise, he will kill me!”

Levi below looked at Geoffery with a smile and said: “Give up the struggle, you can’t escape today!”

Levi stared at him, causing Jon to shudder all over.

He was scared to death.

Chapter 905

“Break the door and go in!”

With an order from Levi, Ron rushed out and hit a large area.

Others fell a blockbuster under the attack of experts such as Owen.

None of the remaining people dared to stop.

The next step is that the door is broken open.

“Hurry up and call Myron and Cary!”

Jon shouted loudly.

Myron and Cary are the two strongest men of the three great heroes.

It can be said that these two people have played invincible hands all over Nelshire.

Myron and Cary had practiced Kungfu and Dragonry since the time they were children, and they are impenetrable.

Don’t know how many dark arrows and bullets have been blocked for the three great heroes.

Just as Ron was about to knock open the door of the villa, a dangerous breath surged.


At the same time, an iron rod shot rapidly from the sky.


The iron rod hit Ron’s body and forced him to take a step back.


In the oblique stabbing, there was a gust of wind, and another person appeared, and the iron rod in his hand fell on Ron again, making a dull sound.

Although Ron took a step back, nothing happened.

“Huh? practice Kungfu plus Dragonry?”

The two monks who stood at the door were surprised.

The entire Nelshire couldn’t find a single person who could withstand their two consecutive blows.

It’s too rare.

Encountered an opponent.

However, Myron and Cary were a bit excited.

For many years, they haven’t encountered such a master.

Ron roared wildly.

Both sides practice kungfu and Dragonry, and the whole body is as hard as iron.

Nobody can do anything.

When hitting the body is like hitting the metal, it can only make a sonorous sound.

Seeing that Myron and Cary can stalemate with Ron.

The three of Jon let out a sigh of relief.

Finally, there is no need to be crushed and beaten.

But the next second, Owen stepped forward and said, “Ron step back and let me come!”

Owen suddenly stepped forward and after replacing Ron, he launched a fierce attack on Myron and Cary.

After every shot down, the opponent’s face flushed.

Obviously, Owen made them feel the pressure.


After the battle, Owen was fully charged and banged on the other person.


Myron was beaten and flew out.

A deep bloodstain appeared on the invulnerable body, and the blood flowed out.


Owen hit the Cary again.

Cary also flew out.

Similarly, there were bloodstains on the body, dense like a spider web.

Their exercises of Kungfu and Dragonry make their bodies hard as iron.

But it’s all useless in front of Owen!

Enough strength can definitely break the Dragonry!

Myron and Cary were defeated.

The three great heroes were completely stunned.

“Hurry up and take Geoffery! All the rest of you stop them for me!”

Jon shouted anxiously.

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