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Chapter 912

A group of people came out of the hotel.

The crowd was surrounded by an old man in a Tang suit.

He is Phillip Barton, the owner of the Peace Hotel.

When he first heard that someone came to the Peace Hotel to make trouble, he didn’t believe it.

Dare someone make trouble here these years?

But the news that came next made him have to come forward.

“Little brother, I am the owner of the Peace Hotel! Do you know the rules of the Peace Hotel? How do you explain these things?”

Phillip’s tone was half kind and half sharp.

Levi smiled and said, “Oh, sorry, I’ve always been a rule-breaker. I broke the rules of your Peace Hotel today!”


Phillip was very angry.

But seeing someone wailing everywhere, he didn’t dare to underestimate Levi.

“Rules are only used to restrain weak people who are weaker than you, but they are useless to me because I am stronger than you!”

Levi sneered.

“I said earlier, I’m just here to kill someone, and I won’t bother you!”

“I’ll leave after finishing my task!”

Levi said.

“Don’t… save me… Mr. Barton, save me, I am Jon’s son!”

“If I am killed under your nose, the Peace Hotel would lose face in the future, and you would become the laughingstock of the entire Nelshire!”

Geoffery grabbed the only life-saving straw and shouted.

His words severely stimulated Phillip’s nerves.

If this happens.

He can’t go down in Nelshire.

Especially this is the son of the three great heroes, and his identity is too important.

“Let him go, you will not be blamed for this matter!”

Phillip said coldly.

“What if I don’t?”

Levi hates being threatened by others.

“Then you will become the enemy of the Peace Hotel and the public enemy of Phillip’s network!!!”

“At that time, bigwigs from all walks of life will unite the front and deal with you as one. How do you think you have a way to survive?”

Several people behind Phillip said immediately.

“Do you know why no one dares to break the rules of the old man’s Peace Hotel? You know why it is safe to enter the Peace Hotel, no matter how big a mistake you make?”

Phillip asked.

“I want to hear it!”

Levi was very interested in this.

“First, there are many masters in the Peace Hotel. They all owe me kindness and are willing to be security guards here;

Second, it is the old man’s contacts, my contacts are all over the business, politics, military, and various fields! Almost the big bosses in the South, even the North, and even all over Asia owe me favors.”

“As long as I say a word, they will help me unconditionally. This is the terrible thing about the Peace Hotel!”

“To provoke the Peace Hotel is equivalent to provoke half of Asia!”

Phillip looked at Levi and said, “This way, give me a face! Let’s make friends!”

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