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Chapter 916

“Sarah, I decided to take you to get my mother back. What do you think?”

Levi asked.


Plum dyed his face and blushed.

This can be regarded as seeing the mother-in-law in the true sense.

Not being nervous is false.

“Okay, I’ll go with you!”

Levi nodded and smiled: “Okay, you are ready to prepare, we will leave tomorrow.”

Suzaku has found out where Ollie was forbidden by means.

It turned out to be Zhenjiang City, a small city in the middle of the three major cities of Case, York, Jinling and Nelshire.

This is something that Porter Family and Geoffery would never have thought of.

This humiliation to them, the woman they wanted to kill, was next door to them, less than an hour’s drive away.

Levi is even more incredible.

It turned out that the biological mother was so close to him, and she was always by her side.

As for the background of his biological father, the Garrison family, Suzaku’s answer to Levi was sssss-level secrets.

Only one level lower than Levi.

If you want to view it, you can.

But permission is required.

There are two channels for obtaining permissions-

First, obtain authority from the capital.

Second, Levi forced a check.

But neither path will work.

Levi would never contact the capital, he wanted authority.

This is related to some deep-seated things.

If he checked it forcibly, he would definitely be targeted by someone.

At that time, there will be a lot of trouble, and it is not impossible to solve it, but it will be very annoying and may restrict Levi.

It’s not worth it for this little thing.

“Then check it slowly, there will be no impermeable walls!”

Levi’s idea is very simple, check it slowly.

Furthermore, he wants to receive words from his mother.

Jingcheng Garrison Family would definitely know.

When the time comes, their identities will surface themselves, so Levi is not in a hurry.

In the evening, Sarah arranged everything properly and gave Natalie his work.

It may take a few days to get to Zhenjiang City this time.

At this time, Levi received a call from Regina.

The little girl originally reminded Levi: “Brother, I heard that Phillip and Jon are going to attack you, you have to be careful. Open spears are easy to hide from hidden arrows, and you have to be careful.”

“Don’t worry, Regina, brother’s life is not so easy to take away!”

“By the way, I will pick up your aunt in a few days, come and see, and see your sister-in-law by the way!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah next to her was shy.

Now it’s all right, Levi’s relatives are here.

She is very worried and looking forward to it.

Will you be happy in the future?

The next day, Levi and Sarah set off for Zhenjiang City early in the morning.

Boyd Xiao is driving!

After about an hour, I came to the small town of Zhenjiang.

Chapter 917

After getting off the car, Levi took a deep breath.

Looking at the word “Zhenjiang” engraved on the stone monument on the side of the road.

Levi was furious at the moment.

“Is this the place where my mother has been banned for nearly thirty years?”

Levi muttered to himself.

It’s a cruel thing that you can’t take a step out of this place for a lifetime.

This is equivalent to tying a set of invisible shackles to your body, which will hold you down for a lifetime.

Let you remember this all the time.

This is the legendary “Life is better than death.”

Jingcheng Garrison Family is too vicious!

Is the biological father still a man?

The woman who watched her suffer here?

Turn around and marry another woman to have fun?

Is it still a human?

As a person, do you have a conscience?

As a man, is there any responsibility?

Levi couldn’t wait to smash it with a punch.

Sarah knew what Levi was thinking, she couldn’t help but persuade: “Okay, don’t think too much! Auntie encounters such a bad-hearted man, it is not good for her life! Let’s take the aunt back and live a happy life We just need to compensate the aunt!”

“Well, good. But I won’t let that man go, I will find him!”

Levi said angrily.

Sarah was frightened, and immediately said, “Levi, can you bring the aunt back and let us live a good life? You have to provoke others, you said, the family background behind him is huge and the means are great, and even the royal Porter family has to be obedient. Follow the call. When we meet it, it is tantamount to hitting a rock with a pebbles!”

Sarah heard Levi say that his biological father had a terrible background.

That is definitely not a world person with them.

Don’t think about revenge at all, there is no possibility in this life.

She quickly persuaded.

I was really afraid that Levi would look for him, and that would be looking for death.

“No matter how powerful the Garrison Family is in Beijing? Why is it troublesome? I’m not afraid of Levi!”

Levi muttered silently.

“Let’s go!”

Boyd Xiao drove to the small courtyard that Suzaku had searched in advance.

Originally, Levi thought that this yard would be very big.

But when I arrived, I found that there was only a small party.

The gate of the courtyard was in tatters, the walls were bursting, and there were numerous cracks.

There is only one small house in the courtyard, which is estimated to be twenty to thirty square meters.

The external tiles had long fallen off, exposing bricks and cement, and cracks.

If there is an earthquake of magnitude four or five, the house will definitely collapse.

The courtyard is even smaller, only a few square meters.

Planted a tree and raised some flowers and plants.

In the middle of the courtyard, there is a tombstone.

Only three words are written on the tombstone-Levi.

At the beginning, the Garrison family told Ollie-if she dared to take a step out of Zhenjiang City, then this tombstone would add two words.

Become the tomb of Levi.

Chapter 918

In such a small courtyard, there is such a tombstone.

Ollie was reminded at any time that she must never step out of Zhenjiang City!

Of course, there is another meaning.

As long as she sees this stone monument, she is equivalent to seeing her son!

Often, Ollie would be in a daze at the stele for a whole day.

Because this is missing my son.

It was her happiest moment.

Seeing his mother’s residence and the tombstone standing in the field, Levi was furious!

A violent anger erupted from him.

The surrounding temperature dropped suddenly, causing Sarah and Boyd Xiao to shiver.

My mother was originally the eldest lady of the Nelshire royal family.

But because that man has been trapped in this small place for a lifetime!

Why doesn’t this make him angry?

“Let’s go, go in and take a look.”

The door was not locked, and Levi opened it with a light push.

Although the small courtyard is dilapidated, it is very clean, especially the flowers and plants add a bit of sentiment.

The tombstone standing in the center is an eye-catcher.

Levi held back his anger, came to the door of the room, knocked on it, and did not respond.

He pushed the door to enter.

Although the room is small, it is neatly organized and very clean.

There was a table, a bed and a cabinet outside the room, nothing else.

Pieces of clean clothes hung on the clothes rack.

Dilapidated, the pants are white after washing!

It can be seen how miserable Ollie’s life for nearly 30 years is.

As soon as he saw the scene in the room, Sarah’s lacrimal gland was stimulated, and he cried quietly.

Levi suppressed his anger.

The next moment, he saw a picture frame on the bedside.

The photos on the frame shocked his heart.

A man and a woman are holding a child.

Men are handsome and women are beautiful.

It looks like a match made in heaven.

Levi heard Brandon say that Ollie was the number one beauty in Nelshire when she was young.

Seeing the photos, Levi and all three were amazed.

His eyes fell on the man, and Levi’s eyes were breathing fire!

This is the man surnamed Garrison!

As a result, her mother was confined, and he became the chief culprit of orphans.

What shocked Levi was that his mother still kept his picture.

Suffice it to say that his mother still obsessed with him.

But the mother didn’t know that this man had already married a wife and had children.

“I will never let you go!”

There is only hate in Levi’s eyes!

Where did he know that this picture was Ollie’s pleading, even kneeling and kowtow.

That man agreed to take a picture together.

Ollie just wanted to leave a thought.

After the man agreed to take the photo, Ollie was asked not to let the photo leak out.

He is afraid of his identity being exposed.

Chapter 919

In addition, Levi’s name was also taken by Ollie herself.

She hopes that Levi will come to the world, to the effect that it means to force the Garrison family.

She expects her son to become a talent!

But the Jingcheng Garrison family and Levi’s biological father would never allow their children to be named Garrison.

The child is a cheap species, a wild species.

It’s not worthy of the noble surname “Garrison” at all.

Only last name Porter!

Ollie pleaded again, only for the child’s surname Garrison.

Let her leave a thought.

This matter was promised by his biological father.

The only time I helped Ollie.

Levi didn’t know, he almost didn’t even have the surname Garrison.

I will never let you go!

Levi’s eyes were sharp and sharp.

“It looks like Auntie is still sick!”

Sarah’s voice sounded.

She saw a casserole on the stove, with Chinese medicine dregs inside.

There are still a dozen packs of Chinese medicine in the cabinet next to it.

Levi suddenly remembered that when his mother was pregnant with herself, she knelt for three days and three nights in the heavy rain in front of the gate of Garrison family.

At that time, there were many root causes of the disease, and the whole person was more than ten years old.

I’m afraid that there were a lot of symptoms left at that time, right?

Whenever it is cloudy or rainy, it will roll in pain!

Thinking of these miserable pictures, Levi’s eyes turned red.

It would be nice if I knew it earlier.

Mother will not suffer so much!

“By the way, mother is not at home! Where will she go?”

Levi said.

“She should go to work, and she needs to go to work to support herself! Seeing that auntie drinks so many herbs, I am afraid that all the money she makes will be used for medicine.”

Sarah told a tragic fact.

Levi couldn’t even imagine how his mother survived for nearly thirty years.

“Go, let’s go out and look for it!”

Levi and the others searched around the courtyard.

At the same time, Levi asked Zhuque to check his mother’s current occupation, which place was there.

Found a street.

I didn’t see anyone at all.

A garbage truck was rumbling next to it.

The stolen goods clogged in the sewer are being pumped out.

But the tube can’t be inserted into it, and it can’t be pulled out.

The stolen goods can only be pulled out manually by hand.

But a group of sanitation workers looked at each other, and no one went to pull the stolen goods.

“If anyone clears these stolen goods, I will reward fifty!”

The group leader said.

Everyone shook their heads.

There are too many stolen goods in the sewer, and it is too ugly and dirty.

No one wants to.

“I do!”

At this time, a woman in sanitation overalls raised her hand.

“Okay, Ollie, come, clean it up, I’ll give you fifty!”

The group leader said to the woman.


“What? Ollie???”

At this moment, Levi and Sarah’s pupils widened and their scalp burst!!!

Chapter 920

The two looked over together.

This woman is Ollie?

At this time, Suzaku sent a message: Ollie has been working as a sanitation worker.

A photo is also attached.

Levi compared with the woman in front of him.

It’s exactly the same!

This is his mother-Ollie.

Ollie was in her fifties, but she had gray hair and wrinkles on her face. She was as old as her sixties or seventies.

The whole person was extremely thin, and his waist buckled, as if it could be blown down by a gust of wind.

Her body is full of traces of time and pain.

Seeing this miserable look.

Sarah couldn’t help crying early.

Levi couldn’t hold back, tears streaming out.

Two lines of tears in the man–

One behavior is close relatives.

One act for common people.

When Ollie heard that there was a reward of fifty, a flash of joy flashed across her face.

With this little money, you can squeeze in to buy better analgesics.

After wearing gloves, Ollie was about to dive into the sewer and clean up the stolen goods with her hands.


At this time, a thunderous voice suddenly sounded.

The sanitation workers present were stunned, and everyone turned around in unison.

Ollie also turned around, her face blank.


Levi shouted again and rushed over.

Ollie was shocked by the scene before her.

This kid seems to be calling his mother?

Did he admit the wrong person?

But when Ollie saw Levi’s face clearly.


As if a bolt from a blue sky fell.

She recognized Levi’s face.

At least five points similar to the man she loved so much.

This looks absolutely can’t be wrong!

It’s her child!!!

Levi rushed over and hugged Ollie.

“Mom, you have suffered!”

Levi shouted.

Ollie was completely stunned!

She looked at Levi in disbelief, and looked carefully, her voice trembled: “You…you are Levi???”

“Mom, it’s me!”


Levi knelt down in front of Ollie and knocked his head: “Mom, it’s a child who is not filial! It took so long to find you!”

Ollie couldn’t control her tears anymore and burst out of the embankment.

“You are King’s Landing, my son King’s Landing, my son King’s Landing…”

Ollie squatted down and took Levi into her arms.

The mother and son cried bitterly.

After a few minutes, Levi helped his mother up: “Go, Mom, let’s go back!”

“Isn’t King’s Landing, Mom… Mom hasn’t got off work yet…”

“No need to work, my son will support you in the future!”

Levi shouted.

“No way!”

Ollie ran to the group leader and arched her waist and asked: “Team leader, my son is here, I want to take a leave, thank you!”

Seeing the humble appearance of her mother.

Levi couldn’t hold back the tears again.

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