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Chapter 911

“Hit! I don’t want to see them standing!”

Levi took a puff of cigarette.

The five white tigers immediately attacked and battled with the eighty Lords.

Sure enough, the levels of these people are different.

It’s a lot harder to clean up.

Levi understood why the Peace Hotel can keep every guest, as long as it is safe to enter.

With so many top Lords guarding the whole process, who can move?

Not to mention eighty, as far as the eight at the door, no one in Nelshire can break in.

But this time the person they met was Levi!

The next battle went into intense heat.

The staff of the Peace Hotel were dumbfounded one by one.

Especially the walkie-talkies in Barry’s hands fell to the ground.

He was sweating profusely, not hot, but frightened.

Because the security guards of the Peace Hotel flew out one by one.

Ten minutes later, none of the 80 security guards at the Peace Hotel was standing.

All fell to the ground.

“It’s fun, is there anyone else? Let’s have a few more!”

Owen’s fighting spirit was strong and couldn’t help asking.

Everyone: “…”.

Heping Hotel would never have thought that the six people in front of them were all super Lords!

Even the Lords of the Peace Hotel are not opponents!

Encountered a cruel stubble!

“You…you are not native to Nelshire!”

Barry concluded in one fell swoop.

The powerful figures in Nelshire and even the entire South are in the intelligence collection of the Peace Hotel.

But there are definitely no Levi six people.

They are the same as they came out for the first time.

“It’s not!”

Levi said coldly: “Wesley, bring people over to me!”

Suddenly, Geoffery was frightened.

Hiding behind several staff members, he pleaded: “Help me, I…I don’t want to die!”

“No, you must not take away people!”

“The rules of the Peace Hotel must never be broken!”

Barry tried to stop Wesley.


“Whoever stops, just hit me!”

Levi said coldly.


The few people who were blocking in front were all beaten out by Wesley.

In an instant, none of the staff of the Peace Hotel in the field was standing, all lying on the ground.

Geoffery looked at everything around him, dumbfounded.

He is left alone.

Isn’t it safe to enter the Peace Hotel?

Why did Levi come in?

Swept all the Lords of the Peace Hotel!


Geoffery looked at Levi and shouted in horror.

Wesley picked him up, caught Levi and threw it on the ground.

“Please, don’t kill me! I was wrong! I have realized my mistake!”

Geoffery cried.

“Please forgive me!”

Levi’s eyes chilled: “Oh, I won’t accept it!”

Levi slowly raised his right palm, and when he was about to take a photo, a voice sounded: “Hold on!”

Chapter 912

A group of people came out of the restaurant.

The crowd was surrounded by an old man in Tang suit.

He is Phillip, the owner of the Peace Hotel.

When he first heard that someone came to the Peace Hotel to make trouble, he disagreed.

Dare someone make trouble here these years?

But the news that came next made him have to come forward.

“Little brother, old Phillip, is the owner of the Peace Hotel! Do you know the rules of the Peace Hotel? How do you explain these things?”

Phillip’s tone was half kind and half sharp.

Levi smiled and said, “Oh, sorry, I’ve always been a rule-breaker. I broke the rules of your Peace Hotel today!”


Phillip was very angry.

But seeing someone wailing everywhere, he didn’t dare to underestimate Levi.

“Rules are only used to restrain weak people who are weaker than themselves, but they are useless to me because I am stronger than you!”

Levi sneered.

“I said earlier, I’m just here to kill someone, and I won’t bother you!”

“I’ll leave after killing people!”

Levi said.

“Don’t… save me… Mr. Barton, save me, I am Jon’s son!”

“If I were killed under your nose, the Peace Hotel would lose face in the future, and you would become the laughingstock of the entire Nelshire!”

Geoffery grabbed the only life-saving straw and shouted.

His words severely stimulated Phillip’s nerves.

If this happens.

He can’t go down in Nelshire.

Especially this is the son of the three great heroes, and his identity is too important.

“Let him go, I will not be blamed for this matter!”

Phillip said coldly.

“What if I don’t?”

Levi hates being threatened by others.

“Then you will become the enemy of the Peace Hotel and the public enemy of Phillip’s network!!!”

“At that time, bigwigs from all walks of life will unite the front and deal with you alone. How do you think you have a way to survive?”

Several people behind Phillip said immediately.

“Do you know why no one dares to break the rules of the old man’s Peace Hotel? You know why it is safe to enter the Peace Hotel, no matter how big a mistake you make?”

Phillip asked.

“I want to hear it!”

Levi was very interested in this.

“First, there are many Lords in the Peace Hotel. They all owe me a kindness and are willing to be security guards here;

Second, it is the old man’s contacts, my contacts are all over the business, politics, military, and various fields! Almost the big bosses in the South, even the North, and even all over Asia owe me favors. As long as I say a word, they will help me unconditionally. This is the terrible thing about the Peace Hotel! “

“To provoke the Peace Hotel is equivalent to provoke half of Asia!”

Phillip looked at Levi and said, “This way, give me a face! Let’s make friends!”

Chapter 913

Phillip smiled into a crescent and said, “I love peace the most in my life. One more friend is better than one enemy. What do you think? Little brother?”

“Give me a face, as if I owe you a favor!”

Everyone around was shocked.

Phillip actually took the initiative to put down her shelf and make friends with Levi.

This is extremely rare.

It has never been a time when Zhugeqing owed favor to Zhugeqing from others, and it was never a time when Zhugeqing owed favor to others.

Levi has to give this face if he doesn’t!

This is the face of the Peace Hotel!

But Levi sneered: “Your face is worth a lot of money!”

“After I’m done, it’s not too late for us to talk about making friends!”

Hearing what Levi said, Geoffery was anxious.

“Mr. Barton, save me!”


Levi slapped Geoffery on the head.

Immediately, Geoffery’s eyes, nose, ears and mouth were overflowing with blood.

The whole person instantly lost his breath.


Geoffery fell softly to the ground.

He was the one who repeatedly insulted his mother and pushed his mother into the abyss!

Had it not been for Geoffery for his mother to forcefully want to occupy, her mother would not have the current fate!

Levi’s eyes were cold.


The scene before him came so quickly that Phillip and the others were caught off guard.

Before they could react, Levi did it.


Everyone in the audience was dumbfounded.

Levi actually got rid of Geoffery in front of Phillip at the Peace Hotel!

Too courageous!

For the first time in history!

Phillip, the strongest native of Nelshire, was completely ignored.

At this moment, everyone’s scalp exploded.

“you you you…”

Phillip stared at Levi, unable to say a word for a long time, he was about to vomit blood.


It’s so damning!

Today, Levi’s move broke the rules of the Peace Hotel and made the Peace Hotel faceless.

I won’t be able to drive in Nelshire anymore.

The reason why the Peace Hotel is famous in Nelshire is because of the unique model of the Peace Hotel-as long as you become a guest of the Peace Hotel, no one dares to move you.

But today everything is broken!

Someone not only broke into the Peace Hotel, but also killed the guests in front of the boss.

This is the biggest shame in the history of the Peace Hotel!

It is also a pain that Phillip can’t erase in his life!

“Okay, I’m done and I’m leaving.”

Levi wiped his hands and said with a smile.

A few people with Wesley turned around and left.


Phillip yelled at Levi and several people.

“I want to leave like this after the trouble in my Peace Hotel? Who do you take Phillip to?”

Phillip roared.

Levi stopped and said with a smile: “What? Are you going to stop me?”

Chapter 914

Phillip was taken aback by Levi’s words.


It also needs to have the strength to stop it.

All the Lords under his command were lying on the ground, what to do to stop Levi.

“I can’t stop you! But remember! Since you broke the rules of the Peace Hotel, I was ashamed! Then I will tell you that from now on, I, Phillip, must use all the connections and strength in my life. Against you! I won’t make you feel better!”

Phillip shouted at Levi.

“Okay, then I will wait!”

Levi turned and left.


Phillip sat down on the ground.

He wanted to cry without tears.

From now on, the Peace Hotel will no longer exist.

Phillip was even more faceless.

At Long Villa, the three great heroes also cried out crying when they saw Geoffery.

The news quickly spread throughout the Nelshire.

Three great heroes and Phillip bear the shame of a lifetime!

Someone rubbed the strongest of Nelshire on the ground.

For the Porter family, it was endless regrets.

Especially Brandon.

If it is not for the benefit of consideration and purely from the aspect of family affection, then Levi is really his grandson.

His Porter family has truly reached the top.

After doing all this, Levi returned to Jinling.

In the past two days, Sarah has lived in Mann’s house.

“Did Levi go to Nelshire in the past two days?”

Melina asked.

“Yes, he has something to do, he has gone to Nelshire.”

Sarah still did not disclose the news of the Porter family, lest the Mann family have any thoughts.

Mann Jianguo smiled and said: “I heard that there has been a major event in Nelshire in the past two days. It is a magnitude ten earthquake!”

“Oh? What happened to Nelshire?”

Everyone came together one after another.

“It is said that a group of people suddenly appeared in Nelshire, who first crushed the hundred giants of Nelshire and became their common Lords! After that, they killed the son of three great heroes, Jon, or forcibly broke into the Peace Hotel and killed them in front of the owner Phillip. Yes! As soon as this group appeared, they swept all the family forces in Nelshire!”

“It’s just a few short days!”

Mann Jianguo said excitedly.

“It’s terrifying, right? Can’t these people come to Jinling?”

Everyone shivered.

“Don’t worry, a little Jinling family doesn’t like it!”

Sarah frowned. When she heard such a big event in Nelshire, the first thing she thought of was Levi.

Could it be that Levi is making trouble in Nelshire?


Immediately, she denied the idea.

Levi went to attend the Porter family’s annual meeting, hugged the Porter family’s thighs, and fudged the Porter family.

How could there be such strength.

Mann Jianguo continued: “Yes, Jinling won’t come. That’s because they went to Nelshire to avenge their biological mother! He is an orphan, and he killed anyone who abused his mother!”

“Birth mother? Orphan?”

The first thing Sarah thought of was Levi.

Chapter 915

He is an orphan.

The Porter family is his biological mother’s family.

It seems that he fits this matter quite well.

But how is Levi possible?

Can one person make trouble in the entire Nelshire?

Put Nelshire’s strongest underfoot?

How is this possible?

Melina said with a look of envy: “How good would my Mann family have such a younger generation? Not to mention, turning Nelshire to the sky is turning Jinling into the sky. With such skills, I would also be happily unable to sleep. .”

“Hey, the descendants of my Mann family can only rely on…”

Everyone’s eyes all fell on Sarah alone.

Among the juniors, she has the most potential.

If Levi hadn’t appeared, the Mann family would have reached the peak.

However, the Mann family believed that the conditions set for Levi-making a billion with his hands, he would never be able to do it.

So the Mann family was not worried. Soon, there was a legitimate reason to refuse Levi and Sarah to be dyed together.

Arranging a good husband and wife for Sarah at that time will be of infinite benefit to the Mann family.

Sarah didn’t know what the Mann family thought.

If the Mann family were to know the identity of Levi’s grandson of the Porter family, the Mann family would definitely jump up, let alone stop them.

But this situation is something Sarah doesn’t want to see.

I don’t like this the least.

She even hoped that Levi could support her by herself, rather than relying on background and external factors.

Soon after, Levi returned.

Natalie asked politely: “How did you attend the annual meeting?”

“is acceptable!”

Levi smiled.

Sarah was surprised.

Why is Natalie so polite to Levi now?

It was not like this before!

Now it seems that Levi is her boss.

Sarah didn’t think too much, and gave Levi a roll of eyes. She turned around and went to the office.

Levi immediately chased after him.

However, Sarah closed the office door to prevent Levi from entering.

He has been angry about Levi’s attendance at the Porter Family Annual Meeting.

“Sarah, I have something to discuss with you!”

Levi shouted helplessly.

Only then did Sarah open the door.

But his face has always been cold.

“Come on, what’s the matter? I’m still busy.”

Sarah looked impatient.

“I found the whereabouts of my biological mother!”

Levi said.


Sarah stood up at once.

“This time I went to Nelshire, I learned about my life experience. It turns out that I was abandoned on the streets of Case York to be an orphan for a reason! My mother even paid the price of her life for me to survive…”

Levi told Sarah the story of Ollie.

Sarah was also very moved after hearing this, tearful in his eyes.

“She is a great mother!”

“I support you to take her back!”

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