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Chapter 921

“Okay, Sister Porter, hurry up! You have worked so hard for so many years!”

The group leader said.

Levi glanced at the group leader deeply.

Thank you very much.

“Mom, let’s go!”

Levi supported Ollie and returned to the courtyard.

Sarah and Boyd Xiao got together.

Looking at the beautiful girl, Ollie looked surprised.

“Mom, this is your daughter-in-law-Sarah.”

Levi introduced with a smile.

“A… Mom… you have suffered!”

Plum dyed his eyes red from crying.

After briefly introducing Boyd Xiao.

Everyone returned to the small courtyard together.

For nearly thirty years, Ollie has always dreamed of seeing her son one day.

Even at the cost of death, she was willing.

But she understood that she would never be able to step out of Zhenjiang City.

No one in this world will find himself.

Seeing my son is just a luxury, which is absolutely impossible to achieve.

But she never expected that this wish would come true today.

His own son showed up with his daughter-in-law.

Along the way, Ollie was crying.

But all tears of happiness.

“Son, you… how did you find here?”

Ollie was very curious. It stands to reason that the Garrison family should cut off all their information.

“I sent someone to find out!”

Levi said.

Ollie asked questions all the way.

Seeing my son, there seemed to be endless words.

Back in the yard, Ollie’s expression changed when she saw the stele: “Son, you… don’t care…”

With that said, Ollie also blocked the words on the tombstone with her body.

Levi said: “Mom, don’t block, I know what happened. My name is written on it!”

Ollie’s face collapsed at once.

In her opinion, Levi knew too much badly.

After arriving at the hut, Ollie also poured water to wash the fruits.

Sarah stopped.

“Mom, how can these things make you come!”

Ollie looked at Sarah and wept with joy: “Son, I’m so happy! My wish for the rest of my life has come true! You also found such a good-looking, filial and kind wife! Mommy has no regrets in this life!”

“Mom, I will let you enjoy life next! I will make you the happiest mother in the world!”

Levi held Ollie’s hand tightly.

“You come to see mom, mom is already satisfied!”

Ollie smiled.

“Mom, I ask you, have you ever thought of leaving?”

Levi asked.

“Can’t leave! Didn’t you see the tombstone standing at the door? If I take a step, they will kill you.”

Levi continued to ask: “Mom, do they rely on this tombstone to restrain you?”

“No, there are people staring at me all the time! They will never allow me to take a step out of Zhenjiang City!”

Chapter 922

Ollie continued: “It’s not just Zhenjiang City. It’s almost 30 years. In fact, my scope of activity is only the street we walked on! They gave me a rule that I must not step out of this street for half a step. Beat it up.”

Levi almost flew out his eyes when he heard it.

“What? For almost thirty years, only your mother is allowed to move on this street?”

Levi asked in surprise.

It turned out to be faster than 30 years in a city, and what’s more terrifying is to be in a street…

So ruthless!!!

So cruel!!!

“Yeah! The Garrison family’s order to Zhenjiang City was to ban me in Zhenjiang City, but these people in Zhenjiang City, in order to ensure that I was foolproof, did not let me run out, and narrowed the scope to trap me in this street!”

Ollie sighed.


Levi’s forehead blue veins violently.

A bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in his eyes.

He moved to kill!!!

Sarah asked distressedly: “Mom, have you been a cleaner for so many years?”

Ollie nodded: “Yes, they restricted everything about me and didn’t let me find a job. I can only work as a sanitation worker and keep me lingering!”

Seeing Sarah weeping, Ollie smiled and said, “Actually, I am fine. The salary I received, plus picking up the rags by myself, is enough to live!”

But everyone knows what’s going on.

Just now Ollie made 50 compromises for them, so that they could not forget.

“Mom, your illness…”

Sarah’s voice choked.

“Actually, it’s okay. It’s all old problems. As long as you take medicine, you won’t relapse. Just don’t encounter cloudy and rainy days!”

Ollie said that the wind was light and the clouds were calm.

But she was tortured by illness until she was at least more than twenty years old.

At this time, Ollie suddenly remembered something: “No, you have to leave quickly. Mom won’t keep you.”

Levi and Sarah dyed their faces with doubts: “What’s the matter?”

“They have been staring at me. For nearly 30 years, no outsiders have been allowed to enter my courtyard for half a step, and no one is allowed to communicate with me. So I don’t have to lock the gate because no one dares to come in.”

“You hurry up! If they find out that you are here, you will be in danger! Maybe you will be beaten up!”

Ollie looked panicked and hurriedly pushed Levi to leave.

But Levi didn’t move.

“Mom, it’s okay, no one can bully you with me!”

Levi sneered and said, “No one in this world can bully my Levi’s mother!”

“Son, Sarah, hurry up and leave! You can’t afford to offend this group of people! Hurry up! They probably will find out!!!”

Ollie was crying anxiously.

Chapter 923

She knew that the group of people were staring at her all the time.

Levi and the three will be discovered soon.


Ollie even pushed Levi away.


But at this moment, the sound of the door came from outside.

Ollie’s face changed drastically.

“No, they are here!”

Ollie’s face was as pale as paper.

“Long immortal? Someone is here in your family, right?”

“You forgot the rules, right? You dare to bring outsiders?”

There was a strange sound of yin and yang from outside.

When Levi saw his mother’s fear, he knew that he was often bullied.

“What can I do now?”

Ollie was anxious like a grasshopper in a hot pot.

“Mom, don’t be afraid, I have everything.”

“Go, let’s go out and have a look.”

Levi and several people came to the yard, only to see a few livid youths coming with a fierce look.

“Old immortal! Do you really dare to bring people into your yard? You want to be beaten, right?”

The leader sneered.

Ollie was so scared that she evaded behind Levi.

In an instant, Levi was angry.

He asked: “Do you often beat her?”

“Yeah, what happened to an old and inferior slut who beat him?”

Several young people said with a smile.

But what they didn’t notice was that Levi was already angry.

“Old immortal! Come here and kneel! You broke the rules! Hit you twenty sticks!”

Shouted the young man.

Ollie became more and more frightened, her body trembling.

Obviously, he was bullied.

This is a sickly and weak body, how can it withstand their torture.

“Do you dare to hide? Watch me pick you out!”

The young man came to Levi aggressively, trying to pull Ollie out.


But a pair of powerful hands clasped his wrists.

Like a vise, he couldn’t pull it out.


The young man looked up at Levi and said angrily: “Hurry up and throw it away for Lao Tzu! Otherwise, Lao Tzu will even fight you!”


A flash of cold light flashed in Levi’s eyes, and he raised his leg and kicked the young man away.


After landing, this guy was spitting blood in his mouth.

“Fight, beat me to death!”

Several other people rushed up immediately.

Boyd Xiao strode over with three fists and two kicks to clean up these people.

Ollie was dumbfounded.

The son and this girl are so good?

Several people got up from the ground and threatened: “Okay, Ollie, you are looking for a helper and want to leave Zhenjiang, right? Okay, then you wait! If you can take a half step out of Zhenjiang, I will lose!”

“No… I don’t… I won’t leave Zhenjiang…”

Ollie quickly denied.

“The facts are in front of you, what else are you quibbling about? Wait for me!”

Several people ran away immediately to move the rescuers.

Chapter 924

“This time is over! You guys run as fast as you can at King’s Landing, the F*rther you go, the better! Don’t come to see your mother anymore. Mom can see you in this life, but it’s already a pity!”

“If you don’t leave, they will come and your lives will be lost.”

Ollie cried into tears.

The rule set for her is-no contact with the outside world, let alone anyone know about her.

If anyone knew, they would be silent.

Kill everyone who knows the situation.

This is why the Garrison Family dared to throw Ollie here, not afraid of the news.

Anyone who knew a little bit of information was killed.

Levi smiled and said: “Mom, to tell you the truth, I found you this time to take you away. You pack up your things, shall we leave?”


Levi’s words seemed like a bolt from the blue to her.

She didn’t even dare to leave this block for half a step. Where did she dare to leave Zhenjiang?

This is to scare her to death!

It has been nearly thirty years, and the ban on feet has been deeply imprinted in her heart.

Has become a kind of shackles!

It was the fear she always dreamed of.

Where does she dare?

Any condition is okay, but stepping out of Zhenjiang will not do.

“Son, your mother understands your intentions, but this rule was set by the Garrison Family in Jingcheng! Mom is determined not to take a half step out of Zhenjiang. As long as I leave, they will kill you. You see the tombstone, right? ? That is always for you!”

Ollie was already crying with rain.

Levi was happy: “The one who wants to kill me hasn’t been born yet.”

He has been on the battlefield for six years, how many times he can come back alive after being in the gate of ghosts.

How can you be afraid of a small Garrison family.

Furthermore, it is not to be feared because it is in a small town in Zhenjiang.

“Mom, you don’t need to say, anyway, I will take you away today!”

Levi was firm.

“Son, do you know who is in charge of the mother in Zhenjiang these years? That is the number one person in Zhenjiang, the king of Zhenjiang. The Garrison family has let the king of Zhenjiang watch me for nearly 30 years.”

“It can be said that he has the final say in Zhenjiang City. There are his people or eyeliners everywhere in Zhenjiang City. He knows exactly how many strangers come to this block.”

Ollie persuaded: “Son, I know you are unusual now. But you definitely can’t beat the King of Zhenjiang, let alone fight against the Garrison family in Jingcheng. Just listen to mom, you leave now!”

Even Sarah was beginning to be timid.

What does Levi use to fight these super bosses?

“Levi, should we leave first and think of other ways?”

Sarah suggested.

Levi looked stubborn: “Sarah or you leave first, I will stay.”

“That won’t work, I’ll carry something with you!”

Chapter 925

Ollie was sweating profusely in a hurry, why are these two children so stubborn!

“Boom boom boom…”

At this time, a few cars came outside the yard, and dozens of people got off the car.

“Ollie, you old thing, I heard that you asked for a helper to leave Zhenjiang City? You are so courageous!”

There was a voice, and Ollie trembled with fright.

That is a kind of fear in the bones.

Wei Yifei-the son of Zhenjiang King Wei Tianfan.

Now the king of Zhenjiang has given full authority to his son to manage Ollie’s affairs.

I want Wei Yifei to get some good impressions from Yejia in Beijing.

It is helpful to the future.

When Wei Yifei heard that Ollie was about to run away, he immediately brought people.

“You really got a helper.”

Wei Yifei sneered after seeing Levi a few people.

“Well, Ollie, you are so courageous! You saw me before, didn’t you kneel down all the time? Why? You turned upside down today? You didn’t kneel down for me anymore?”

Wei Yifei said coldly.

Levi heard the blue veins violently.

How have these people tortured their mothers in the past two decades?

He wants to double back!

“Wei Shao, I was wrong, I will kneel for you…”

With that, Ollie was about to kneel down in front of Wei Yifei.

But it was held by Levi.

“Mom, you can’t kneel, how can my mother kneel to others?”

“Huh? Mom? Mother? This… is this your son?”

Wei Yifei was shocked.

Wei Yifei began to look at Levi carefully: “The old man, this is your son Levi? Has that low-level seed found here?”

This surprised Wei Yifei.

Every time his father reports to the Garrison family in Jingcheng, one thing he often said is-Ollie will never let outsiders know about Ollie in Zhenjiang!

Especially those close to her will never find out.

But no one would have thought that Ollie’s son would have found him.

If the Garrison family knew about this, their family would not be able to eat and walk around.

Can’t make it right, their Wei family will be annihilated.

At the thought of this, Wei Yifei was already in a cold sweat.

“Okay, you Levi, you have a lot of ability, and you came here by accident.”

Wei Yifei took a deep breath.

He turned to look at Ollie and said: “Ollie, you know the rules we have laid down, but anyone who knows your information and traces will kill them, let alone your son! I will never let him leave Zhenjiang alive. ! What if you let the world know the true identity of your mother and son?”

A murderous intent flashed in Wei Yifei’s eyes, and he said coldly: “All three people have been killed for me!”

If he sees a beauty like Sarah in normal times, he will definitely catch it for fun.

But now there is too much involved, he can only kill.

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