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Chapter 926

Ollie panicked when Wei Yifei was about to kill them, and Sarah panicked too.

“Wei Shao, please don’t kill my son. I didn’t say to leave, let alone Zhenjiang. I didn’t even leave the yard.”

Ollie knelt down in front of Wei Yifei with a thud.

“Mom, what are you doing on your knees.”

Levi hurriedly pulled her mother up.

“This rule is not bad. But he has found it here. What if your message is passed out, or he ran to Yejia in Beijing to admit his relatives? This is a big deal, and my father can’t bear it!”

“In order to avoid future troubles, I can only kill them, so I can rest assured!”

Wei Yifei’s face was fierce.

“Shao Wei, are you going to kill me and kill me? Just let my son survive!”

Ollie stood in front of Levi’s trio.

“Ollie, let me tell you, you broke the rules, you guys are all dead!”

Wei Yifei waved his hand.

Dozens of people under him immediately killed in.

Everyone is holding a dagger, glowing with a cold light.

“Mom, Sarah, close your eyes!”

Levi said.

The two closed their eyes obediently.

Then came screams in their ears, and the terrifying aura invaded their bodies, making them even more afraid to open their eyes.

For fear of Levi’s accident!

After a while, nothing happened.

Sarah and Ollie opened their eyes.

Found that the ground was full of people, all of them fainted, motionless.

Levi was unscathed, while Wei Yifei’s expression on the opposite side was frozen, looking at him in an incredible manner.

He was obviously frightened.

He just saw Levi crush his men with absolute strength.

It’s ridiculously strong!

Is this ba5tard so strong?

Don’t you say he is an orphan?

How can you have such a skill?

“Go back and tell King Zhenjiang, I’m here waiting for him! He has been with my mother for nearly 30 years, right? Well, I will take my mother away in front of him today!”

Levi said lightly.


Wei Yifei was so shocked that he vomited blood.

Too arrogant, right?

Want to take people away in front of his father King Zhenjiang?

Levi glanced at the standing tombstone: “This is the shackle you have tied to my mother for more than 20 years! I will destroy it today!”



Levi slammed his foot, and the tombstone fell apart from top to bottom, bursting to pieces.

Both Wei Yifei and Ollie looked dumbfounded.

This tombstone was inserted here by the Garrison Family himself.

It’s been almost thirty years…

At present, it is ruined.

It also means that someone ignores Garrison’s majesty.

The rules of nearly thirty years have been broken.

Wei Yifei was so scared that he ran away and went to find King Zhenjiang.

“Son, you have caused a catastrophe! You smash this tombstone, and the Garrison family won’t let us go.”

Ollie shouted.

Chapter 927

Levi smiled and said: “Mom, my answer is very simple-no one is qualified to erect a tombstone for your son, whoever does it will die.”

Ollie shook her head helplessly: “Son, you are still too young. You don’t know what you are facing? Let alone how strong the Garrison family is!”

“How strong? I want to hear it!”

Levi looked curious.

After all, Suzaku needs permission to find it.

“The so-called century-old wealthy family has a thousand-year-old family. There are many families in Velador that have existed for more than a thousand years.

The Garrison family is the first family in Velador, and it is known as the head of the ten thousand Chinese clan! Over the years, the Garrison Family has gradually hidden themselves, and even their identities have become top secret, but those who really understand understand that Velador’s strongest family is the Jingcheng Garrison Family. “

Ollie recalled: “Actually, my identity was considered prominent. After all, the Porter family was a big clan in Nelshire. But compared with this first family, my status was humble, with blood of lower races flowing on me, I was not worthy of it. Garrison family. So the Garrison family firmly refuses to let me be with your biological father, let alone allow you to be born.”

“What a first family, the head of the ten thousand clan! It’s kind of interesting.”

Levi smiled.

No wonder Garrison’s files will become “sssss” level.

It turned out to have such a background!

Levi’s smile deepened at the corners of his lips, and his smile was meaningful.

It’s a pity.

The confidentiality level of my files is ssssss level, which is one level higher than yours.

What about the first family of Velador?

I, Levi, still go to the Garrison family!!!

“Just because they are the first family, they say what they say and let me give birth to you. But I need to be confined here. But you just broke the tombstone, which is equivalent to breaking the rules, and they will definitely pursue it! “

Ollie was desperate.

The Garrison Family won’t let them take a step out of Zhenjiang.

Nor will the world know that Levi is a descendant of the Garrison Family in Jingcheng!

So they will disappear in this world.

It doesn’t matter if she is dead.

But Levi was a pity.

As soon as we meet, we need to…

At the thought of this, Ollie’s tears couldn’t stop streaming.

Sarah was also very frightened when he heard such things as the First Family and the Head of the Ten Thousand Clan.

She would even look up to Nelshire Porter’s family.

How does the Jingcheng Garrison Family fight?

People can run their fingers to death.

Sarah was already shocked in a cold sweat.

This is not at the same level as them.

The difference between gods and mortals.

Sarah glared at Levi fiercely: “You were too impulsive about the matter of Levi. You didn’t say anything about it, even your mother was killed by you. What are you impulsive? Can we think of a solution?”

Chapter 928

Ollie felt reasonable for Sarah’s blame.

Levi was indeed too impulsive.

She is very pleased that her son is capable.

But also to see who the opponent is?

“Since the tombstone is broken, it is the same whether I leave or not leave Zhenjiang City.”

“So our son hurries before the King of Zhenjiang comes, let’s run away! It’s best to escape!”

Ollie asked Levi to take her away.

“Mom, don’t worry.”

Levi smiled.


Both Ollie and Sarah were taken aback.

It was him who was going to take Ollie away.

He was leaving now, but he was not in a hurry.

What is this going to do?

Seeing the puzzled look of the two of them, Levi explained: “Go, I must go! But the accounts that should be settled won’t be lost!”

“For more than 20 years, they have bullied you, and I will double back! So I will wait for them here!”

Levi approached.

“Son, it doesn’t matter if mom is wronged! The important thing is that you are fine, so that mom will be happy. The next one is the king of Zhenjiang. It’s too late for us to hide. How can we dare to ask him to settle the account!”

“Hurry up!”

Levi said stubbornly: “Boyd Xiao, you take them away first!”

Levi stuffed his mother and Sarah into the car.

Boyd Xiao drove away quickly.

Only Levi was left alone.

The king of Zhenjiang and the others came very quickly.

In addition to a dozen cars, there are also several large trucks.


Hundreds of people got off the car.

The king of Zhenjiang put it plainly, he was the earth emperor of this small city.

He raised his arms and everyone who should have arrived.

Zhenjiang King Wei Tianfan and Wei Yifei came to the courtyard, only to see a figure with their hands on their backs, with a cold expression.

As if waiting specifically for them.

“What about people? What about that b!tch Ollie?”

Zhenjiang King shouted.

Wei Yifei exclaimed: “It’s gone, it should be. There was a car outside just now.”

“Father, let me go after it!”

“No, the whole Zhenjiang city is my eyeliner, they can’t get away!”

Zhenjiang Wang said coldly.

He walked into the yard, stared at Levi and asked, “Are you the ba5tard born to Ollie?”

Levi looked cold and didn’t answer him.

“Huh? Are you an orphan abandoned on the street? How could you find Zhenjiang City?”

The King of Zhenjiang was very curious about how Levi did it.

“Smelly boy, what is my father asking you! Are you dumb? You still don’t answer?”

Wei Yifei said angrily.

“He is not qualified!”

Zhenjiang Wang was taken aback by Levi’s answer.

What a big tone.

Someone dared to talk to him like this?

“The King of Zhenjiang, right? It’s been nearly thirty years. You locked my mother?”

Levi asked.

Zhenjiang King laughed and said, “Yes, I am the one who kept this b!tch!”

Chapter 929

“Originally, the Garrison Family in Jingcheng asked me to trap this b!tch in Zhenjiang City. I proposed to narrow the scope and trap her in this street!”

“I cut off all her social life and let no one associate with her!”

“It’s even more because I asked her to do the dirtiest job-cleaning the sewer.”

“It was also because I deliberately increased the price of the medicine to make her die better than life!”

The king of Zhenjiang had a look of enjoyment: “Don’t you know how beautiful it is that she rolls on the ground painfully every time it is cloudy or rainy? I will never forget it in my life! I guess she will be alive if she comes again a few times. It hurts!”

Levi’s face was savage, his veins violent, and his fists were tightly clenched.

He said coldly: “Are you still a person? Is your conscience still there?”

The King of Zhenjiang laughed loudly and said, “Don’t get excited, young man! To blame, blame your mother, this b!tch, who offended Yejia in Jingcheng!”

“If anyone offends the Jingcheng Garrison Family, this is the end! I treat her lightly!”

Wei Yifei also smiled and said, “Yeah, we treat her very lightly. I always fight a small fight for three days, and a big fight for five days.”

“This old immortal really resists beating. After so many years, he still lives! It’s also a miracle!”

Listening to their conversation, Levi held back the tears.

A group of extinct beasts!!!

“Look, this kid is in a hurry, he wants to kill us!”

“Hahaha, yes, how do you think he is angry?”

A group of people looked at Levi’s angry look, where they laughed.

Levi smiled.

It was a kind of murderous smile.

“Everyone here bullies my mother, right?”

He asked coldly.

“Yes, your b!tch mother, we have all bullied, and we have beaten everyone! What can you do?”

The king of Zhenjiang and hundreds of people all laughed.

“Okay, just admit it.”

“Then I will tell you that the harm you have done to my mother, I will return it ten or even a hundred times!”

There was a cruel arc at the corner of Levi’s mouth.

Since coming back from the front line of the war zone, he hasn’t really taken a shot.

Killing Killer 47 was incidental.

But today is different.

He is going to make a real move.

Unfortunately for this group of people!

Forced out the real God of War.

“Hahaha, come back, ten times a hundred times? Why do you return it to us?”

“Are you alone? It’s ridiculous!”

Everyone laughed again.

Looking at Levi, he looked like a fool.

“I heard that this kid is quite capable of fighting, come here, take him down for me!”

With an order from the King of Zhenjiang, dozens of people rushed up immediately.

“If you kill this kid! The Garrison family has to reward me!”

Zhenjiang King laughed excitedly.

Chapter 930

These dozens of people are super Lords under his command, and it is not a problem to deal with a Levi.

“kill him!”

Dozens of people used their ultimate move to kill Levi.

“Boom boom…”

But the next moment, Zhenjiang King couldn’t laugh.

His smile solidified on his face, and his whole body was dull.

Because there was an incredible scene before his eyes.

The dozens of people who had just gone to kill Levi seemed to be hit like a car accident and all flew back.



One by one, they fell to the ground, gurgling blood in their mouths.

Their bodies twitched and struggled a few times, but they were all silent.

Levi still had a sense of measure.

These people fainted.

Many of them have dozens of broken ribs.

The punishment for them is enough, it does not have to be killed.


The scene before him shocked the King of Zhenjiang and his men.

How can this kid fight?

“Father, this kid is good at fighting, so you have to subdue him all at once!”

Wei Yifei suggested.

“Go! Everyone will go on!”

The king of Zhenjiang gave an order.

The hundreds of people under him all rushed up, like a torrent.

Even the walls and gates of the small courtyard were all torn down.

“Two fists are hard to beat four hands. How can you fight? I have so many people who will be exhausted to death!”

King Zhenjiang looked at Levi and laughed.

Wei Yifei also had an attitude of watching the show: “I think how good you can play?”

Even he leisurely lit a cigarette for King Zhenjiang.

The father and son leaned in front of the car door and watched leisurely.

Because there are too many people, there are hundreds of people.

They couldn’t see what it was like in the middle of the battlefield.

But they believed – Levi was either beaten to death or exhausted alive.

They just need to wait for the result.

But a minute later, things were different.

They saw the crowd wriggling greatly and exiting the courtyard.

Through the gap in the crowd, the father and son saw a surprised scene-the ground of the yard was full of people, like a mountain.

Why is the crowd retreating, because the yard can’t hold it anymore.

There are people everywhere, stacked on several layers.

Since he fell, he was defeated by Levi.

Is he too strong?


The cigarette butts in the mouths of the father and son fell to the ground together.

The foreheads of the two men were sweating profusely, not hot, but frightened.

They finally saw Levi’s figure.

It was a figure like a god of war.

Wherever they went, a group of people fell.

A pair of iron fists seem to be the sharpest weapon, falling on a person, and the bones are definitely bursting.

Levi defeated Zhenjiang King Hundreds with invincible posture.


It’s horrible!!!

Then they saw an incredible scene–

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