The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 928

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Chapter 928

Ollie felt reasonable for Sarah’s blame.

Levi was indeed too impulsive.

She is very pleased that her son is capable.

But also to see who the opponent is?

“Since the tombstone is broken, it is the same whether I leave or not leave Baer City.”

“So son hurry before the King of Baer comes, run away! It’s best to escape!”

Ollie asked Levi to take her away.

“Mom, don’t worry.”

Levi smiled.


Both Ollie and Sarah were taken aback.

It was him who was going to take Ollie away.

He was leaving now, but he was not in a hurry.

What is this going to do?

Seeing the puzzled look of the two of them, Levi explained: “Come, we must go! But the accounts that should be settled won’t be lost!”

“For more than 20 years, they have bullied you, and I will double back! So I will wait for them here!”

Levi approached.

“Son, it doesn’t matter if mom is wronged! The important thing is that you are fine, so that mom will be happy. The next one is the king of Baer. It’s too late for us to hide. How can we dare to settle the account!”

“Hurry up!”

Levi said stubbornly: “Alecia, you take them away first!”

Levi stuffed his mother and Sarah into the car.

Alecia drove away quickly.

Only Levi was left alone.

The king of Baer and the others came very quickly.

In addition to a dozen cars, there are also several large trucks.


Hundreds of people got off the car.

The king of Baer put it plainly, he was the undisputed emperor of this small city.

He raised his arms and everyone who should have arrived.

Baer King Clyde Perry and Leroy came to the courtyard, only to see a figure with hands-on his backs, with a cold expression.

As if waiting specifically for them.

“What about people? What about that b!tch Ollie?”

Baer King shouted.

Leroy exclaimed: “She’s gone, it should be that car outside just now.”

“Father, let me go after it!”

“No, the whole Baer city is my eyeliner, they can’t get away!”

Clyde said coldly.

He walked into the yard, stared at Levi, and asked, “Are you the ba5tard born to Ollie?”

Levi looked cold and didn’t answer him.

“Huh? Are you an orphan abandoned on the street? How could you find Baer City?”

The King of Baer was very curious about how Levi did it.

“Stinky boy, what is my father asking you! Are you dumb? You still don’t answer?”

Leroy said angrily.

“He is not qualified!”

Clyde was taken aback by Levi’s answer.

What a big tone.

Did someone dare to talk to him like this?

“The King of Baer, right? It’s been nearly thirty years. You locked my mother?”

Levi asked.

Baer King laughed and said, “Yes, I am the one who kept this b!tch!”

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