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Chapter 931

Levi’s right fist was fully drawn and released like a bowstring.


A punch hit the person.

It’s as if a four-hundred and five-yard sports car hit.

The man flew out and hit the crowd.




Suddenly, more than 30 people were knocked out, and the sound of fractures was endless.

Everyone, either has a broken rib, a broken waist, or a broken leg…

None of the people who were knocked into flight were complete.

The power of a punch is terrifying.


This made Zhenjiang King and his son dumbfounded.

There is such a scary person?

Then it became Levi’s cruel performance moment.

One person just hits hundreds of numbers and no one can fight back.

He crushed all the way.

All the roads he walked were wailing and crippled people.

Levi didn’t kill them.

But they all abolished them.

This is the price of revenge for the mother and for them.


Levi let out a turbid breath.

Wiped his hands.

There were people lying all over the ground around him, densely packed, everywhere, and there were mountains in the yard.

Where Levi stood, his body was tall and tall, and his body exuded an upright aura.

The king and his son of Zhenjiang were dumbfounded and dumbfounded.

Their expressions are frozen, their faces are all incredible.

Is that human being?

Nearly six hundred people fell to the ground and they were all abandoned.

Everyone can’t move.

Everyone will spend the next year in bed.


Wei Yifei was so frightened that he slipped from the car and sat down on the ground.

It’s too scary.

I have never seen such a hit!

“Next up are you!”

Levi walked towards the position of the two of them step by step.

“We were wrong… In fact, we treated your mother very well, and we didn’t embarrass her…”

Wei Yifei stammered.

A bloodthirsty smile crossed the corner of Levi’s mouth: “Aren’t you talking about all kinds of bullying and torturing my mother? Why did you change your mind?”

Zhenjiang Wang honestly smiled: “We…we are just joking… How can we dare to move our mother? Is it too late for us to be filial?”

“Yeah, we treat her very well. Mr. Garrison, think about it, for nearly thirty years, if we really treat her badly, can she still live?”

Wei Yifei reminded.

“Yes, if we tortured her, can she survive for nearly 30 years? She has passed away long ago. She is alive and well, which proves that we are still very good to her.”

Zhenjiang Wang smiled and said.

“The fuck is my mother’s fate and strong willpower!!!”

Levi suddenly roared.

This sound shocked Zhenjiang King and his son completely.

Levi smiled: “Guess what I will do with you next?”

Chapter 932

When I saw Levi’s smile.

King Zhenjiang and his son knew that a catastrophe was coming.

“Mr. Garrison, spare us! We are just doing things for others!”

“In the eyes of others, we are just a dog!”

The two were anxious, and begged Levi to forgive them.

“Even if the owner is hateful, the dogs they raise are hateful!”

The bloodthirsty killing intent flashed in Levi’s eyes.

Suddenly he grabbed Zhenjiang King by the collar and lifted him up in the air abruptly.

The king of Zhenjiang lifted his feet off the ground and hovered in mid-air. He kept kicking and his face quickly became bloodshot and red.



Levi hit his rib with a fist, and immediately heard the sound of broken bones.

Several of his ribs were all broken with a punch.


Zhenjiang Wang immediately made a miserable voice.




The rib on the other side was also broken with a punch.



Next was the breastbone, which was smashed directly into the depression.



Levi punched again, his nose collapsed, and his entire face was completely sunken in.





Next, all the bones in the arms and legs were smashed by Levi with a punch.

There is no place in Zhenjiang Wang’s body that is complete.

The bones shatter into powder almost…

During the whole process, with Levi’s punch, Zhenjiang King’s feet fainted eight times.

But Levi woke up again, knocked out again…

His screams never stopped.

“It’s your turn next!”

Levi threw King Zhenjiang on the ground and lifted Wei Yifei up again.

Do the same.

Levi smashed his bones with a punch.

Wei Yifei was even more useless than his father. He passed out thirteen times with pain in his feet, and called it even more miserable.

The two suffered hellish torture in Levi’s hands.

When Levi finished his punishment, the two lay on the ground, unable to move at once.

Because the bones are all broken.

“Compared to the torture of my mother, I am more merciful to you, so I should kill you!”

Levi said lightly.

The eyes of King Zhenjiang and his son looking at Levi were full of horror.

This person will be their lifelong nightmare.

It will never go away.

Levi looked at the two of them and said, “The reason why I don’t kill you is very simple-I’m leaving you to share a message with the Garrison family in Jingcheng!”

“Tell them – I’m back with Levi, and no one of my mother can restrain her foot. Who moves, I kill!”

“Also tell the Garrison family-I will visit Levi sooner or later!”

“What the first family of Velador, I’m the one who beat you!”

Chapter 933

“I…I admit that you are strong…but…but compared to the Jingcheng Garrison Family, you…you are as small as an ant…”

The King of Zhenjiang squeezed a word from his teeth.

It was the first family in Velador, the head of the ten thousand clan.

Can a family with a thousand years of foundation be overthrown by one person?

How can you bow your head to an orphan?

“Well, this is also the point where I didn’t kill you. I will let you see with your own eyes how the Garrison Family in Jingcheng was trampled underfoot by me!”

Levi said lightly.


He stomped on the ground with his feet.


In the next moment, the house in the courtyard where Ollie had been detained for nearly 30 years collapsed and turned into billows of smoke.

Subsequently, Levi turned and left.

Today, he broke through the thirty-year prison of his mother!

It also stomped Garrison Family’s face on the ground with one foot.

King Zhenjiang and his son looked at Levi’s back and said coldly: “Wait, you can’t escape the sanctions imposed by the Garrison family!”

At this moment, Boyd Xiao had already left Zhenjiang City by car.

Although someone blocked her along the way, it was not difficult for her.

What’s more, there are Lords guarding Sarah, such as Bass Luo War God who has recovered.

So most of the obstacles on the road have long been cleared.

“How is my son? Girl, do you hurry back?”

Ollie was so anxious that she was about to cry.

Sarah is also anxious.

It is not good to leave Levi there alone.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Garrison will be fine.”

Boyd Xiao said confidently.

She feels a little regretful.

I almost saw the legendary God of War.

“Huh? Boyd Xiao, you seem to be very confident about Levi…”

This is a woman’s instinct.

In the beginning, Boyd Xiao took Levi as an enemy.

But later, seeing Levi was like a mouse meeting a cat.

There is also Natalie too.

I don’t know when it will start, but her attitude towards Levi has undergone a 180-degree change.

Just like Boyd Xiao in front of him, he was very relieved of Levi, even a little timid him.

What happened to them?

It made Sarah have an illusion-everyone was hiding something from her.

Boyd Xiao explained: “Mr. Garrison is not a reckless person!”

At this time, Levi’s call made Sarah and Ollie breathe a sigh of relief.

“He asked us to go back to Jinling first, and he will come back later!”

Sarah asked Boyd Xiao to continue driving.

“Mom, the border of Zhenjiang is in front of you, as long as you cross over. You will be out of Zhenjiang in your life!”

Sarah looked at Ollie sympathetically.

She is too miserable.

Was imprisoned in one place for half a lifetime.

After Sarah’s reminder, Ollie suddenly said: “No, I still can’t step out of Zhenjiang!”

“As long as I step out of Zhenjiang, everything is over!”

Chapter 934

“Huh? Mom, what’s the matter?”

Plum dyed his face puzzled.

“If I step out of Zhenjiang City, I would have violated my vows back then! The Garrison Family will definitely kill King’s Landing! No one knows how powerful the Garrison Family in Jingcheng is better than me!”

“Sarah, you may not know. Back then, the Garrison family in Jingcheng sent only one servant, which shocked the entire Nelshire, and made Nelshire’s news about me disappear overnight, and everyone kept silent.”

“This is just a servant of the Garrison Family in Jingcheng, one person, frightening a city! Not to mention the entire Garrison Family in Jingcheng!”


After Ollie finished speaking, Sarah and Boyd Xiao both took a breath.

Has a new understanding of the strength of this first Chinese family.

A single servant suppressed the entire Nelshire from raising his head…

This Garrison Family is so terrifying!

“In the eyes of the Garrison family, King Zhenjiang doesn’t even have the qualifications to be a dog!”

“So I can’t leave Zhenjiang, for the sake of King’s life, I must not take a half step out of Zhenjiang!”

Ollie got out of the car quickly.

“Mom, no! I understand Levi, and with his character, since he found you, he will never let you go! Even if he fights with Garrison Jia, even if he dies! He will never let you go. !”

Sarah immediately stopped Ollie.

Ollie said helplessly: “The child will hurt King’s Landing and you, there is no need. In any case, we can’t match the Garrison family.”

Sarah’s eyes were full of firm expressions: “It’s okay. From the time when King’s Landing was recognized as her husband, I swear to share the joys and sorrows with him. !”

“Good girl! King’s Landing chose you right! This is his blessing!”

Ollie was very moved.

After bringing Ollie back to Jinling, Sarah immediately took her to the barbershop, beauty club, and shopping malls.

Be prepared to give Ollie a good deal.

“Mom, next Levi and I will ask the best doctor to treat you! We promise to get rid of all the roots of your disease!”

Sarah took Ollie’s arm.

When the three of them were about to enter the barber shop, a car suddenly met.

Melina and Mann Jianguo got off the bus.

“Sarah, what are you doing?”

Melina asked coldly.

“Grandpa, grandma, let me introduce to you…”

Sarah was interrupted by Melina when he was about to speak.

“What to introduce? We know her identity! Isn’t it Levi’s mother?”

Melina looked at Ollie with disgust.

This woman looks older than her.

And the whole body was dirty and smelly.

“Hurry up and let her go! She is so dirty!”

Melina ordered.

Chapter 935

Ollie lowered her head with low self-esteem, she didn’t dare to see through Melina who was jeweled.

The miserable experience of nearly 30 years has transformed her from a daughter-in-law to a low-level scumbag.

At least that’s what she has in her heart-staying on her own every day, thinking of her son.

Otherwise she would have committed suicide long ago.

When Melina said, she became more and more inferior, and subconsciously let go of Sarah’s hand and stand further.

“Grandma, this is King’s Landing’s mother and mine…”

Sarah was interrupted by Melina again: “You still want to say that it is also your mother. You and Levi are both divorced! You have nothing to do with you. What does his mother have to do with you?

What’s more, it’s such a dirty beggar. What do you think of it? This is too stinky, right? Can this kind of beggar be the same as you? “

When Melina said this, Ollie became more and more afraid of inferiority.

She understands that she is now no matter her identity or other.

It is a burden for the son and daughter-in-law.

“Grandma, you are too much, how can you say that?”

Sarah said angrily.

“Sarah, do you know what you are doing? Don’t you know who you are?”

“You are the president of Dongtian Group, worth more than 10 billion, and you still have a big project of 50 billion! You are still the granddaughter of the Jinling giant Mann family! You are a noble!”

“How can a lady born in a big family like you be with this kind of beggar? Or your ex-husband’s wild mother! You are not ashamed? You are not afraid of other people’s jokes!”

Melina is more energetic as she speaks, and she does not give Sarah any chance to speak: “You are a famous entrepreneur in this city. You are walking on the road. People are staring at you all the time, and reporters are taking pictures of you.”

“If the reporters and the media see that you are with such a beggar, it will be fine? It will ruin you directly! It will also ruin your company and Mann’s family!”

“Haven’t you thought about these?”

Mann Jianguo also agreed: “Yes, that’s right! Although my Mann family is not a super big clan, but I have a face in Jinling! You used to entangled with Levi, and we would recognize it! But you don’t know where to get her. We resolutely refuse to accept the wild mother! Let’s go!”

After finishing talking, the Mann family dragged Sarah into the car forcibly.

“Boyd Xiao, you go too!”

Melina personally pushed Boyd Xiao into the car.

Boyd Xiao couldn’t help but couldn’t do anything with Melina.

She could only secretly send a message to Levi.

“Bigger! In the future, whenever I see you pestering my family, I will drive you out of Jinling!”

Melina threatened, and then left.


People are gone.

Ollie only feels that the sky is spinning, and everything is strange…

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