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Chapter 964

The Heavenly Garrison family was looking forward to Levi’s answer.

If so, there are too many benefits for them.

They are branches, backed by the Jinvale Garrison Clan.

What’s more, make a good relationship with the God of War in advance.

The future is infinitely beautiful.

“Jinvale Garrison family? Ha ha, they are not worthy!”

It was just a word from Levi that made the Heavenly Garrison Family’s heart cold to the bottom.

Has nothing to do with Jinvale Garrison Family???

how can that be?

Except for the Garrison Family in Capital, who can cultivate the God of War?

He can’t think of it!

The few Garrison family clans in the northeast, northwest, and Saintberg are at the same level as their Heavenly Garrison family at best.

But there is absolutely no strength to cultivate a god of war in a country!

“Ah? Not the Garrison Clan in Capital? How could it be possible? The Garrison Clan in other places can cultivate the God of War. Do you come? I don’t believe it!”

The eyes of Marshall and his children and grandchildren were full of incredible emotions.

They don’t believe what other people have cultivated.

“You are wrong. The boss started from a small soldier to the position of God of War. He stepped on it step by step. It has nothing to do with who cultivated him!”

Alton quickly said.

Levi glanced at Marshall and said: “Listen well, I have nothing to do with any Garrison family, especially the Capital Garrison family.”

After hearing Levi’s affirmative answer.

Marshall and the others were so shocked that they sucked in cold air.

Can an ordinary person born be able to be the God of War in Great Summer?

how can that be?

Among such wealthy and distinguished families, they have always believed in the idea that it is difficult for a poor family to have a good son.

In their view–


A horrible background.

A noble origin.

Environmental is different, education is different, resources and contacts are different in all aspects.

The poor family is definitely inferior to the noble children.

Even if there is a rise of the poor, they will be obliterated.

So they heard that Levi came from a poor family and became the god of war in a country.

They can’t believe it.

“Okay, get up!”

Levi approached.

“Thank God of War.”

Marshall and others got up and followed Levi into the room.

“Are you a branch of the Jinvale Garrison Clan?”

Levi asked.

“Yes, that’s right.”

Levi smiled meaningfully: “You come to Molentor, I’m afraid there is one more thing, right?”

The language is not surprising and endless.

Levi said this.

The air in the field freezes.

Everyone looked at Levi in amazement.

Even Alton looked at him incredibly.

How did he know?

Marshall’s complexion changed, and the weather was uncertain.

The eyes are full of an incredible state.


The Garrison family was dumbfounded.

But they know what the god of war is referring to?

It must be the killing of Ollie and her son.

Marshall took a deep breath.

Secretly asked: “Does the matter spread so quickly? Even the God of War knows about this b!tch and the son of that b!tch?”

Sure enough, good things do not go out, but bad things spread thousands of miles.

The God of War knew that more people would know about it next.

At that time, the Garrison Family in Jinvale will become a joke for the entire Morendam!

Together with their Heavenly Garrison Family’s reputation will also be damaged!

They will not be able to look up at that time.

To prevent this from happening.

mother and son must be killed earlier.

Never future trouble!

Originally, Marshall wanted to leave the night before.

Now he is afraid of nights and dreams.

Let’s kill mother and son tonight.

Marshall looked at Levi and said awkwardly: “Yes, yes, there is one more thing. Solve a traitor in the family!”

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