The Protector Novel Levi Garrison Chapter 976

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Chapter 976



Make no secret of it.

This is the confidence of Lawrence Group.

Helen and the others knew what kind of existence was behind Lawrence Group.

So they are unscrupulous.

They haven’t been afraid of anyone in these years.

If it weren’t for Lawrence Group’s low-key, hidden behind the scenes, it is estimated that her name would be known throughout the South.

Sarah was shocked by Helen’s words.

Grab it directly?

Directly order yourself?


Originally, Sarah saw that it was Lawrence Group, so she had the urge to give up.

But after meeting Helen, her thoughts disappeared.

Why give up?

“Sorry, you are not my boss, you have no right to order me! What’s more, our company has already won this project! You can’t grab it!”

Sarah sneered.

“Who said you won the project?”

Helen said coldly.

“Naturally it is the project party. I have already met. I have all negotiated. This project belongs to my Paradise Group. You are late, please go back!”

Sarah just had a good talk with the project team yesterday, and she paid the deposit.

Helen laughed.

“The project belongs to you? Has the specific contract been signed?”


Sarah was taken aback.

“But I have already paid the deposit. If the project party goes back, it will have to pay liquidated damages.”

Sarah looked up at Helen.

At this time, she suddenly received a phone call from the person in charge of the project.

The other party expressed willingness to pay three times the liquidated damages and also destroy the agreement with Erick Group.

“However, Mr. Logan, you can continue to participate in the bidding. It turned out that no one has the strength to compete with Erick Group, but now there is.”

The project party is in charge of all.

Since this project is a technology category, Lawrence Group has no right to interfere too much.

Allowing the project party to default is already the maximum.

So now Sarah and Lawrence Group are bidding fairly.

“How? Do you dare to say that the project belongs to you?”

Helen put her arms around, condescendingly.


Sarah is very angry.

Knowing the background of Lawrence Group, she did not expect that the project party would rather breach the contract and let them participate in the bidding.

But the more this happens, the more she can’t let Sarah.

Just for a breath!

“Have you seen our strength? Are you sure you want to compete with us?”

Helen smiled.

“Miss Sarah, we have checked your information. If you don’t rely on Erick Group, your Paradise Group will not be as competitive as Ants in our eyes.”

The other one sneered.

Helen curled her lips and smiled: “What’s more, we don’t pay attention to Erick Group!”

“Listen to me, obediently give us this project! It’s good for you! Fighting with us, it’s likely that you will lose your life.”

Sarah’s face changed; “Are you threatening me?”

Helen showed a hypocritical expression: “How can it be a threat? You just look at the face of my friend and I give you some advice. It’s good for you.”

“friend? I don’t have a friend like you! Don’t come to this one!”

Sarah said angrily.

“Haha, just wait and see! Not only this project belongs to us, but also your company in the end!”

Helen laughed.

Recently, Lawrence Group does have plans to annex some large groups, including Erick Group and Paradise Group.

“You have a big tone?”

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