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Chapter 1021

While talking, Tang Qingyun wanted to hug Elisa.

“Go away, get out of here…” Elisa struggled desperately, crying and crying, feeling very ashamed and angry in her heart.


At this crucial moment, the prison door was suddenly kicked open, and then, a yellow tiger in armor walked in with a serious face.

Tang Qingyun was shocked and stopped quickly.

This yellow tiger. It is the commander of the Black Cavalry in the West Cang Continent, and Mateo’s people can’t afford it!

At the same time, Tang Qingyun was also a little panicked, and when it was broken, Mateo wouldn’t know that he had quietly come to jail, so let Huang Hu come and arrest him, right?

At this time, Huang Hu looked around and saw Annie who had passed out, frowning!

Next second. Huang Hu looked at Tang Qingyun and asked coldly: “Master Tang, why are you here? What happened?”


Seeing that Huang Hu didn’t attack himself, but asked instead, Tang Qingyun secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Then accompanied the smiling face and said: “Huang commander, it’s like this, you know, these prisoners are very cunning, I can’t rest assured, just come and have a look.”

“Fortunately, I found out in time, this Emei faction Annie broke away from the rope, and wanted to escape, so I was knocked out.”

Tang Qingyun didn’t dare to tell his true purpose, but his brains turned so fast that he temporarily fabricated a lie.


Hearing this, all the disciples in Emei were very angry.

This Tang Qingyun is really despicable. He turned black and white and fabricated the facts. He clearly wanted to come for the Cui Xian Flute!

“It turned out to be like this.” Huang Hu pointed at Tang Qingyun and nodded approvingly: “Master Tang has worked hard, but it is our duty to guard the dungeon, so I won’t bother Master Tang.” With that, Huang Hu made one. Gesture please.

“Commander Huang is polite, then I’ll leave.” Tang Qingyun smiled slightly and hurried out.

At this moment, Tang Qingyun had a smile on his face, and he was very unwilling. Made. Such a good opportunity was just lost. I didn’t get the Cuixian flute, and I didn’t taste Elisa!

However, Tang Qingyun was not in a hurry. Elisa was taken to Xicang Continent by Mateo, and along the way, he still had a chance.

After Tang Qingyun left, Huang Hu didn’t wait much, turned around and went out. Of course, Huang Hu did not forget to increase the number of soldiers and guard the dungeon strictly.


At this moment, the Emei disciples all breathed a sigh of relief.

Fortunately, this yellow tiger appeared in time, otherwise, Elisa is afraid that Tang Qingyun will really be caught…..

“Junior Sister, Junior Sister…”

At this time, Elisa was holding Annie in his arms, tears flowed continuously, extremely guilty: “I’m sorry, it’s the senior sister who has tired you, it’s all the senior sister’s bad…”

Elisa felt that Annie was shattered, and she could die at any time if she felt her breath.

Elisa at this time, under the pain, he blamed himself incomparably.

If it weren’t for Darryl’s love and hatred. He insisted on dealing with him, and would not do so many bad things. Now his own retribution is coming, not only has harmed the entire Emei faction, but also almost killed the younger sister.

I am a catastrophe, a scourge…


Listening to Elisa’s cry, Darryl could feel the grief in Elisa’s heart. For a while, Darryl’s heart was full of feelings.

Seeing this, Elisa really knew that he was wrong.

However, she has done so many bad things. First, she killed Wen Ge’s ex-wife, then the Huashan faction leader, and framed herself, and then eradicated all the forces related to her…all of this, It’s impossible to save it, can I forgive her?

Early the next morning, Darryl and Elisa were taken out of the cell by soldiers. Escorted to a prison wagon.

Tens of thousands of Xicang troops also assembled in the square in front of the main hall, ready to go.

At this time, Mateo stood at the entrance of the hall with a smile on his face. He was refreshed and refreshed. Although he was backlashed by the Open Heaven Axe, his internal strength had not completely recovered, but it could not affect Mateo’s mood at this time. Mateo looked at Elsa next to him, only to feel that she was not beautiful in her heart.


Janis and beauty, have both, what could be more happier than this?

Beside Mateo, Elsa stood there quietly, wearing a white dress, graceful and charming. Full of fairy spirit.


In the prison car not far away, Darryl felt very uncomfortable seeing this scene.

Over the past ten years, I have experienced so much with Elsa, and everything is unforgettable. Does Elsa really remember it?

To be honest, if Elsa had lost his memory, Darryl would not be so uncomfortable with others, but she had agreed to be Mateo’s woman. Whoever it is will break his mentality.

“His Majesty!”

At this time, among the army, Huang Hu strode out and respectfully said to Mateo: “The army is assembled, please give your order to go.”

“Good, good!”

With a smile on his face, Mateo raised his hand and waved: “The whole army listens to the order and immediately returns to the Xicang Continent.”


As soon as the voice fell, a soldier hurried up from the mountain, sweating profusely: “Return to your Majesty, a large army suddenly came under the mountain and surrounded… the entire Mount Emei.”


All of a sudden, the audience was in an uproar.

Not only Mateo, Darryl in the prison car, and Elisa were all taken aback.

What’s the situation? Where did the army come from?

At this time, Mateo reacted and said lightly: “The whole army is ready. Don’t panic.” With that, Mateo strode over and looked down the mountain.

Elsa also hurriedly followed.


As a result, Mateo was shocked and couldn’t help taking a breath. The whole person was stunned for an instant!


At this moment, Mateo’s mouth widened, his face was full of disbelief!

Mateo clearly saw that there was a large army on the stone steps down the mountain. Coming in mighty, by the morning sun, you can see this army wearing uniform armor and holding a long knife, with awe-inspiring awe-inspiring momentum!

The forefront of the army. The soldier carried a large flag, which was more than ten meters high, with the word “Apocalypse” written on it.

Obviously, this is the army of the apocalypse.


Why did the Apocalypse army suddenly come to Earth Round Continent?

Elsa next to her also faintly trembled. She could feel that every soldier in the army that came down from the mountain was not low in strength, obviously the elite of the Apocalypse Continent.

Moreover, with so many people, there are probably hundreds of thousands of soldiers, right? ! Looking from a distance, I saw a black and crushed piece, all people! The sword in the soldier’s hand, under the shining of the moonlight, releases a cold light! Shocking!

“Your Majesty…what should I do? Did this apocalyptic army come to fight us?” Elsa was a little anxious, and said to Mateo.


Mateo took a deep breath and comforted: “Ai Concubine is not afraid, wait for the next question to talk about the situation.”

When he said this, Mateo looked calm and didn’t panic at all.

Wow! Wow! Wow!

Finally, hundreds of thousands of Apocalypse troops finally arrived on the square at the top of Mount Emei.

The leader was a young man with a purple armor and extraordinary heroic spirit. It was Gary. Although he was not very young, Gary’s body had a palpable royal majesty.

Around Gary were Tracy and Xing Yao.

The ice at this time, wearing a yellow long dress, is extremely delicate and moving.

Xing Yao is a golden armor, which outlines the exquisite and s3xy figure vividly.

Chapter 1022

The reason why Gary led the army to the Emei faction was because Elisa set a trap a few days ago and shut Gary and Tracy in the cave of the Emei faction. At that time, Tracy was drugged and burned. , Lost himself completely, at that time Gary used a dagger to scratch himself in order to preserve Tracy’s innocence. To stay awake, I didn’t have a relationship with Tracy.

After that, Gary learned that Tracy was his half-sister, and suddenly became angry.

After returning to the Apocalypse Continent, Gary recovered from his wounds and directly led an army to fight against the Emei faction. Elisa almost made a big mistake by herself, how could she let her go?


At this moment, I saw Gary. Darryl in the prison car suddenly felt shocked, surprised and delighted.

Immediately, Darryl looked at Xing Yao next to him again, feeling a little excited.

Ya’er knew he was caught. Did you deliberately lead an army to come to the rescue?

It’s his own child, filial piety.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that Gary led the army to come, who was from the Qing Suppressing Emei faction. He didn’t know that he was trapped here. Moreover, even if he knew it, Gary would not save him, after all. In his heart, he had never recognized the father of Darryl.


Elisa trembled, her delicate face was very flustered.

Broken, Gary led the army to come, must have come to find himself afterwards!

At the same time, Elisa couldn’t help but glance at Darryl, biting his lip, becoming more and more uneasy.

If Darryl knew that he had framed his son and daughter, would he hate himself even more?


At this time, seeing the scene in front of him, Gary was also stunned.

what’s the situation?

Gary saw that on the square, tens of thousands of Xicang troops were standing by, and Elisa and Emei sent all the people. They were all locked up in a prison car.

Not only that, the prisoner in the front of the car seemed to be his biological father, Darryl.

As soon as he saw Darryl, endless resentment suddenly rose in Gary’s heart. He and his mother had been living in the Apocalypse Continent for so many years. He had never asked, never appeared, and he was not worthy of being his father. He is now arrested. , It’s his own business, it has nothing to do with him.

For a time, the two armies were facing each other on the square, and the atmosphere of the entire Emei Mountain seemed extremely solemn.


At this moment, Mateo secretly looked at Gary, and couldn’t hide the shock in his heart.

This boy is not very old, but he has a lot of momentum. It’s not easy.

Thinking about it, Mateo gestured at Huang Hu.

I am the emperor, how can I personally ask?


After being signaled, Huang Hu strode out. Speaking loudly to everyone at Gary: “Who is here?”

As soon as the voice fell, Xing Yao came out and said coldly: “This is our Royal Highness of the Apocalypse Continent. Today we are here to clean up the Emei faction. What is your Xicang army doing here?”

As the first female god of war in the Apocalypse Continent, Xing Yao led an army to fight against the Xicang Continent, and also fought Mateo, and naturally recognized the identity of the opponent.

When he said this, Xing Yao couldn’t help but glance at Darryl in the prison car.

When did Darryl have a grudge with Xicang Continent, so embarrassed?

Immediately, seeing Elsa next to Mateo again, Xing Yao felt even more puzzled.

That seems to be Elsa. Isn’t she Darryl’s woman? How to be with Mateo? Moreover, it seems that the relationship is very good…


At this moment, Huang Hu exhaled when he heard Xing Yao’s words, his expression relaxed.

It turns out that they also came to the Qing Dynasty to suppress the Emei faction. Thinking about it, Huang Hu smiled slightly. Pointing to Elisa and the people of the Emei faction: “It turns out that you are also here to fight the Emei faction. Coincidentally, Elisa has offended our majesty this year and has been arrested by us, and will be taken back to the Xicang Continent for disposal.”

“Interesting…” at this moment. Gary showed a slight smile. This week Qin really did a lot of evil, and also provokes the emperor of Xicang Continent. Now being arrested, it can be regarded as retribution, which is very happy.

“Commander Xing Yao!”

At this time, Mateo smiled and looked at Xing Yao and said: “You haven’t seen you for many years, you still have the same style, heroic and brave, since everyone is a clear-cut Emei, then it is an ally. Now everyone in the Emei faction has been caught by me, you It also saves a lot of things.”

As he said, Mateo looked at Gary again and smiled and said: “The prince looked young, but his temperament was extraordinary. If he becomes an emperor in the future, he must be a Mingjun of the Apocalypse Continent. If he is in the Xicang Continent, I must Treat you well. But now I am anxious to go back, so please let the prince get out of the army and let me go down the mountain.”

Some words are generous and decent, without losing the emperor’s majesty.

To be honest, if it were normal, Mateo would not be so polite, but because of the backlash of the Open Sky Axe, Mateo’s internal strength had not fully recovered, so he had to be polite.

After all, Gary led an army of hundreds of thousands of Apocalypse, which should not be underestimated.


Hearing this, Gary smiled at Mateo, and said: “Thank you, His Majesty Xi Cang, for your appreciation. If you have the opportunity in the future, this prince will definitely go to Xi Cang Continent to meet your Majesty.

As he said, Gary waved at the hundreds of thousands of Apocalypse army behind him: “All get out of the way. Let them leave.”


At this moment, Darryl in the prison wagon trembled, unspeakable complexity and heartache.

Ya’er… he doesn’t care about himself, it seems. He still refused to forgive himself. I thought that Gary would lead the army to rescue him, but he didn’t expect that Ya’er, his biological father, didn’t even look at it.

Darryl at this time. The mood was very depressed, but Gary was not blamed either. After all, for so many years, he owed them too much for their mother and child.

At this moment. The apocalyptic army moved slowly and gave way.

“Hold on.”

At this moment, Xing Yao couldn’t help but screamed, and then, looking at Gary anxiously: “His Royal Highness, you must not let them go like this, Elisa and the Emei faction are to blame, but , Darryl is still in the prison car, how to say, he is also your biological father.”

When he said this, Xing Yao’s eyes were full of eagerness.

If it were ten years ago, Xing Yao would definitely not care about Darryl’s life or death, but after learning about Darryl’s behavior these years, Xing Yao had already regarded him as a friend in his heart.

Seeing Gary now, regardless of Darryl, Xing Yao was very anxious.


At this moment, Tracy, who had been silent next to him, trembled, staring at Darryl in the prison car, and the whole person was stunned.

This… is this person Darryl? Your own biological father?

The ice at this moment was very shocking, and at the same time extremely excited.

A few days ago, I learned that Gary was his half-brother. At first, it was difficult for Tracy to adapt, so he slowly accepted this fact.

To be honest, when Monica was forced to leave Emei by Elisa, Tracy knew that his father was Darryl, but in the past few years, following Monica, he has never had a chance to see Darryl.

It can be said that today is the first time Tracy has seen Darryl. It can be seen that he was locked in a prison car, and Tracy’s mood was a little complicated except for joy.

“Aunt Xing Yao.” At this time, Gary’s face was gloomy, and he said to Xing Yao: “I don’t want to save Darryl. In my heart, there is only one father, and that is King Castro.”

Gary has always been respected as Aunt Xing Yao. He respects Xing Yao very much. But Gary hated Darryl in his heart! Even if Aunt Xing Yao spoke, Gary didn’t want to save Darryl!

Chapter 1023

Gary sneered: “Aunt Xing Yao, to someone like Darryl who is ruthless and unrighteous, why should I care about his life and death?”

The anger in Gary’s heart rushed upward when he thought of so many years that Darryl didn’t care about himself and his mother.


At this moment, Tracy couldn’t help but said, “Darryl is our father after all. If he doesn’t save him, he will be laughed at by the people of the world.”

To be honest, Tracy had never seen Darryl. She didn’t have much feelings, but after all, she was her daughter’s home, and she was kind-hearted. Seeing that Darryl was locked in a prison car was so miserable, she couldn’t bear it.

Gary looked resolute and shook his head: “Sister, I know you are kind, but people like Darryl are not worth saving. You forgot, because of him, your mother and daughter were forced to leave Emei. Living an uncertain life, why do you have to pity him?”


Tracy was in a hurry. Stomped and stomped: “If you don’t help, I will help!”


When the voice fell, Tracy’s toes were a little on the ground, and he flew up and came straight to the direction of the prison vehicle.

“Father, I’m here to save you.” At this moment, Tracy shouted at Darryl, his attitude was very firm.

Tracy knew that his father, the Sect Master of Tianmen, was a hero in the world, supporting the weak and the strong, and upholding justice. As her daughter, if he could not save himself, would he still be a human?


Seeing Tracy flying here and calling his father, Darryl was stunned.

what’s going on?

This little girl, I don’t seem to have seen it before.


At this moment, Elisa in the prison car next to him, biting his lips, said softly: “She is Tracy, the daughter Han proudly gave birth to, don’t you know?”


Heard this. Darryl’s whole body was shocked, his eyes tightly looked at Tracy, his heart was joyful and ashamed.

Monica gave birth to a daughter for herself? Are they all this big?

But I never knew that this father was a failure.

“Sister, don’t…”

Gary was taken aback, and hurriedly stopped, but it was still a step too late, only to see Tracy Pian Ruo startled, has rushed into the Xi Cang army.


Seeing this scene, Mateo’s expression changed and he was very angry, and roared: “Stop her!”

While roaring, Mateo’s eyes were tightly locked on Tracy.

This girl, just called Father Darryl?

Since she is Darryl’s daughter, she must not let it go.


When the voice fell, Huang Hu yelled: “Quick, take her down.” Then he urged his internal force and directly greeted the ice.

Whoosh whoosh!

At the same time, hundreds of Xicang army also urged their figures to surround the ice.

Tracy didn’t panic at all, brandishing the long sword in his hand, and fought fiercely with Huang Hu. I saw her agile figure, flying up and down like a butterfly.

Since practicing the Immortal Scriptures, Tracy’s strength has greatly increased, facing the Xi Cang army in front of him, his face is fearless.

However, there were too many people in the Xi Cang army, and Tracy was able to cope with it easily at first, but gradually became a little weak.

“The whole army listened to the order, kill! Kill the Xi Cang army! Save Tracy!” Seeing this scene, Gary couldn’t think much, shouted, and rushed directly.

To be honest, he didn’t want to fight with Xi Cang’s army, let alone rescue Darryl, but he loved Tracy’s sister very much. Now that Tracy was deeply trapped in the enemy’s army, Gary couldn’t help it immediately.


The voice fell, and the hundreds of thousands of apocalyptic army, like a tide. Charged towards the Xi Cang army.

“The soldiers obeyed the order, attacked the Apocalypse army with all their strength, and killed me!” Mateo almost roared out, holding the Heavenly Axe tightly, and directly rushed into the Apocalypse army!

Simultaneously. Mateo did not forget to tell Elsa: “Ai Concubine, you hide aside first, don’t panic.”

In an instant, the Xi Cang army and the Apocalypse army fought together, and the battle was fierce.

“Ah…” A howl kept sounding, people kept falling down, and the whole Emei Mountain was almost stained red with blood.

Bang bang bang!

At this time, Gary held the Overlord Hammer tightly. The Xi Cang soldiers who stood in front of him with high fighting spirit were all shaken out, extremely mighty!

After becoming the prince of the Apocalypse Continent, Gary took a lot of natural treasures, and his strength increased a lot.


Seeing Xi Cang’s soldiers falling down continuously, Mateo became annoyed, his eyes directly locked on Gary.

This kid is not very old, but very strong.

“Die me.” roared coldly. It came out from Mateo’s mouth, and immediately afterwards, internal force urged, only a dazzling golden light burst out from the open-sky axe, and went straight to Gary!

Mateo once led the Xi Cang army and fought around, knowing the truth about capturing the thieves first, and seeing that Gary was so brave, he decided to take him down first.

As long as Gary is controlled, there is no need to worry about the hundreds of thousands of Apocalypse army.


Seeing Mateo bursting out, and feeling the terrifying aura, Gary’s expression changed and he couldn’t help but breathe in the air.

Is this the magic weapon to open the sky axe? What a mighty power!

Immediately, Gary couldn’t think too much, and quickly urged his internal forces to prepare to resist!


Seeing this scene, Darryl in the prison car was also nervous. I couldn’t help shouting loudly: “Be careful, this person has a peerless magic weapon in his hand, open the sky axe, don’t go head-to-head with him.”

Mateo’s Sky Open Axe is too powerful, I’m afraid Ya’er can’t stop it.

however. Darryl yelled to remind that Gary was not touched at all. Instead, he couldn’t express his disgust. He coldly said: “Darryl, shut up, don’t call me Ya’er. I don’t need your care. In my heart, never There is no such father as you.”

Some words, like an invisible sledgehammer, hit Darryl’s heart fiercely.


Darryl only felt extremely uncomfortable in his heart. At the same time secretly sighed.

Ya’er hates herself so much, it seems that she has to make up more in the future.


Hearing the conversation between the two, Mateo was stunned for a moment, looked at Gary in surprise, full of surprise in his heart.

Isn’t this kid the prince of the Apocalypse Continent? How do you say that Darryl is his father?

At this moment, Mateo’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and his eyes were like poisonous snakes. He locked Gary tightly, flashing a strong killing intent.

Speaking of it, Mateo didn’t want to have such a stalemate with the Apocalypse Continent. He thought that he would subdue Gary. After all, this kid was the prince of the Apocalypse Continent, and his identity was extraordinary.

The so-called eradicating the roots, he and Darryl are already immortal. Since Gary is Darryl’s son, Mateo doesn’t need to be merciful.

The explosive power of the Open Sky Axe made people feel flustered.

“His Royal Highness, I’ll help you!”

At this moment, Xing Yao’s body was shocked, and he drew out the Tang Sword with him and flew up to help Gary deal with Mateo.

At this moment, Gary and Xing Yao broke out with all their strength, and that piece of sky was about to be torn apart.

Gary possesses the Overlord Hammer and is powerful.

Xing Yao is a well-known female god of war.

At this time, Gary and Xing Yao joined forces, and a terrifying force instantly condensed in mid-air, forming a huge energy ball, directly facing Mateo!


Seeing this scene, everyone below suddenly raised their hearts.

Mateo’s expression also changed drastically.

This Xing Yao and Gary teamed up, could they burst out such a terrifying power?

Chapter 1024


The energy balls released by Xing Yao and Gary slammed into the sky opening axe, making a loud noise.

Mateo’s face turned pale instantly, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and the whole person was smashed out. Originally, Mateo had not fully recovered his internal strength due to backlash. At this time, facing the joint efforts of Gary and Xing Yao, he could not resist.

“His Majesty.”

Seeing this scene, Elsa’s body trembled, and she couldn’t help but scream, her delicate face. Full of worries and concerns.

At this time, Elsa wanted to rush to help Mateo.

However, when Gary and Xing Yao joined forces, the aura that broke out was too terrifying, and there were still many Apocalypse troops blocking them, and Elsa couldn’t rush through.


At this moment, Gary brandished the Overlord’s hammer and blasted towards Mateo directly.

Mateo hurriedly raised the Open Sky Axe to resist, but the internal force was consumed too much. It was already at the end of the crossbow. He only heard a dull transmission, Mateo let out a howl. It was hit hard again.

At this time, Mateo didn’t dare to love the battle anymore and swung the axe desperately. Mateo tried his best for these few times. The internal force was completely consumed, and the power that broke out. It was also extremely shocking, and the surrounding air suddenly tore.

Feeling the power of this horror, Gary and Xing Yao’s expressions changed and they hurriedly avoided.

Mateo took this opportunity to turn around and quickly fled down the mountain.

To be honest, Mateo didn’t want to run so embarrassed, but there was no way, this Gary was the son of Darryl, if he fell into his hands, how could there be a chance to survive?

In the blink of an eye, Mateo disappeared from everyone’s sight.

“His Majesty….”

At this moment, Elsa’s body trembled and couldn’t help shouting, however, Mateo had escaped without a trace.

How could this be?

He kept saying that he would take care of himself for the rest of his life. Now he is in danger, but he left himself and ran away?

It turned out that he lied to himself.

At this time, Elsa, looking at the direction Mateo was escaping, was very disappointed.

Mateo fled, and the Xi Cang army had no heads, and they suddenly became chaotic, and they were all subdued soon.


At this time, Tracy rushed over, split the prison wagon with a sword, and released Darryl.

“Your name is Tracy, where’s your mother?” Darryl rubbed his sore arms and looked at Tracy tightly. There was eagerness in his eyes.

This woman Monica was too tough and stubborn. Her daughter was so old that she didn’t want to let herself know.

“Mother is in the Apocalypse Continent, she is fine, father don’t have to worry.” Tracy bit his lip lightly and responded softly.


Darryl nodded, very excited, and smiled at Tracy: “I know, don’t worry, when Dad is free, I will pick up your mother immediately, and we will reunite well.”

With that, Darryl beckoned to Tracy: “Come on, let Dad look at you.”

He saw that Tracy and Monica were too alike, and their appearance was slim, especially the otherworldly temperament, who would definitely be a generation of goddesses on the rivers and lakes in the future.

Tracy responded, but after taking two steps, he stopped. Although she and Darryl were connected by blood, they must have met for the first time, and they felt somewhat restrained.

However, Darryl didn’t care about these, the excitement in his heart was almost indescribable.


He has both sons and daughters, and his son is heroic and powerful. My daughter is beautiful, and she has a happy life.


At this moment, Darryl looked at Gary and said with satisfaction: “Thank you.”

To be honest, fortunately Ya’er came in time, otherwise, he and the people of the Emei faction would all be dead.

“Don’t be close to me.” Gary’s face was cold, without the slightest emotional fluctuations, and coldly said: “I just ordered an attack, but I was afraid that something happened to my sister, not to save you. Therefore, you don’t need to thank me. .”

Gary was right. If Tracy were not in danger, he would not have played against Mateo. After all, Gary was only worried about Tracy, and Darryl’s safety, he would not care.

Uh …

Hearing this, Darryl gave a wry smile, extremely embarrassed.

The ice next to him wanted to persuade, but he didn’t know where to start.


At this time, Gary’s gaze. Directly locked Elisa, coldly said: “Our account, it’s time to do a good job.”

When saying this, Gary couldn’t hide the anger in his heart.

This Elisa, drugged Tracy, wanting to be defiled by others. So insidious and contemptible, even if you kill her, you can’t get rid of hatred.

Feeling Gary’s anger, Elisa’s body trembled, feeling nervous.


In the next second, Elisa took a deep breath, chuckled, and sighed: “His Royal Highness, I was too obsessed and did a lot of wrong things before. I am really sorry for you and Sister Tracy. You can do what you want. “

After these two days. Elisa knew his sins were serious, so he only wanted to redeem his sins at this time.

Elisa had already thought about it. No matter how Gary punished him, he would not refuse. He only asked Darryl to see that he could completely forgive himself.


Feeling Elisa’s sincerity, Gary frowned, then sneered, and mocked: “Acknowledgement is so simple, Elisa, doesn’t it look like your style?”

As he said, Gary turned his head to look at Tracy: “Sister. What do you think you should do with her?”


Tracy bit his lip lightly, thought for a while and said, “Brother is the master.”

Thinking that she had been drugged by Elisa and almost defiled her innocence, Tracy wished to kill her, but seeing Elisa’s miserable appearance, Tracy couldn’t help it.

More importantly, Tracy knew that Gary would not spare Elisa lightly, so let his brother make the decision.

Gary nodded, and then raised his hand: “Come here, drag Elisa out and behead directly.” The tone was harsh and beyond doubt.


When the voice fell, a few soldiers walked over and directly dragged Elisa out of the prison wagon.

Elisa’s body trembled faintly, her delicate face was extremely pale.

Is this my fate?

However, I have done so many bad things and ended up in this way, and I can’t blame anyone.

Thinking about it, Elisa couldn’t help but glance at Darryl, his eyes full of dismay.

After death, he will never be seen again.

After completely regretting it. Elisa is not afraid of death, the only thing in her heart is Darryl.


The look in Elisa’s eyes caused Darryl’s heart to move.

Darryl felt that Elisa always had feelings for herself, at this moment. She also fully understood that everything she had done before was hatred for herself because of love.

Alas, this woman…



At this moment, the disciples of the Emei School next to them were all shocked. He wanted to stop, but he was trapped in the prison car, and he was powerless at all.

Gary just pretended not to hear the shouts of the people of the Emei faction, his face was extremely cold, and he shouted: “Prepare to be executed!”


The voice fell. A soldier raised a long knife and pointed it at Elisa’s neck. The blade flashed with cold light, and there were bursts of coldness, just like Elisa’s mood at this time.

Darryl, I am sorry for you in this life, if I meet in the next life, I will definitely not be so headstrong.

As he said in his heart, Elisa slowly closed his eyes.

At this moment, the soldier gripped the long knife and was about to chop it down.


However, at this moment, Darryl finally couldn’t help it, yelled, and said to Gary: “Ya’er, even though Elisa is extremely abhorrent this week, she has also got her due end in these two days. If you don’t understand your hatred, you will use up her skills and spare her life.”

To be honest, Elisa did so many bad things and killed Wen Wan’s sister-in-law. Darryl never thought that he would speak for her.

But at that moment, Elisa’s reluctant eyes made Darryl realize that this woman’s nature is not bad, but that she was too unsympathetic to her at the beginning, which caused her temperament to change drastically, and she went further and further on the evil road.

And now, Elisa has admitted her mistake, and Darryl believes that she will definitely be able to reform. Abolish her dantian internal strength and let her be an ordinary person for the rest of her life.

More importantly, Ya’er is still young, and his intention to kill is too heavy, which will affect his later cultivation.


At this moment, Elisa’s body trembled faintly, and her heart warmed.

Darryl…. He spoke for himself.

He is not willing to die by himself.

Thinking about it, Elisa was overjoyed, and tears flowed down.

Chapter 1025

“Darryl, you silence me!” Gary shouted, glaring at Darryl, and said every word: “I’ll say one more thing, don’t call me Ya’er, and there is no place for you to speak here.”

He himself had resentment towards Darryl, and at this time, seeing Darryl helping Elisa speak, he was even more angry.

“Okay, okay.” Darryl had a heartache, and said bitterly: “His Royal Highness, Elisa is not dead. Please think twice.”

It’s fine if the biological son doesn’t recognize himself, and he makes him feel like an enemy, and it feels uncomfortable to change who he is.

Gary’s face was cold, and there was no response.


At this moment, Tracy came over, took Gary’s arm, and said softly: “Qin is indeed abominable this week, but the crime is not dying. In order to punish her, in this way, she will not be able to do evil in future…”

In Tracy’s heart, it didn’t matter what to do with Elisa, but he didn’t want to see the two of his father and brother. The noise is too stiff.

It was just that he was interrupted by Gary before he finished speaking.

“Tracy.” Gary was very excited, almost roaring out: “It’s fine for Darryl to help Elisa speak, why do you have to plead for Elisa? Have you forgotten what Elisa did to us? It’s not a pity for a woman like her to die 10,000 times.”


Tracy bit her lip tightly, unable to speak.

At this moment, Gary looked at Darryl tightly and sneered: “You don’t want her to die, right, I’m not as you wanted. I insist on her death.”

The mother is so kind, Darryl has not asked for more than ten years.

And Elisa was so hateful, but he desperately stood up and defended.

Why? Is it because his mother is kind enough to be bullied by him and wasted more than ten years of youth for him?

Gary became more and more angry as he thought about it, and roared: “Come here, dig a hole for me and bury Elisa!”

To be honest, Gary wanted to kill Elisa cleanly, but Darryl came forward to stop it, which completely aroused the resentment in his heart.


As soon as this remark came out, the audience was shocked.

Darryl’s body was shocked, and he stared at Gary with wide eyes, both startled and angry.

Why is this child getting more and more excessive?

Killed Elisa directly, but still didn’t understand his hatred, so he wanted to bury it alive?


“His Royal Highness!”

At the same time, Tracy and Xing Yao also changed their faces and spoke at the same time. Be prepared to discourage.

Killing Elisa directly is nothing, but burying her alive would be too cruel.

However, Gary couldn’t listen at all, his face was cold, his eyes flashed resolutely, and he looked around the audience: “Execute immediately, whoever dares to resist, kill him.”


Seeing that the prince was completely angry, the surrounding soldiers did not dare to neglect, so they hurriedly started to dig out a big pit.


Darryl was so angry that he couldn’t speak, his eyes turned black for a while, and he almost fainted.

Here, too capricious and presumptuous.

At this time, Darryl regretted that he had not found their mother and son earlier, if he had taught Ya’er since he was a child, he would not have acted so extreme.

Elisa trembled, completely desperate.

Originally thinking, Darryl could help himself to speak, and could save his life, but he never expected that in exchange, it was Gary’s more abnormal execution.

Soon, Elisa was thrown into the big pit, and under the supervision of Gary, the surrounding soldiers quickly filled the big pit. In a blink of an eye, Elisa was buried alive.


“No. No…”

Seeing this scene, the Emei sect disciples in the prison wagon were all in grief, and they burst into tears.

Darryl clenched his fists tightly, his eyes were extremely bloody red, and his heart was as uncomfortable as a knife cut. He wanted to rush over, but he was helpless.

What can be done to bury Elisa alive as his own son?

At this moment Darryl, in addition to being frightened, his heart was extremely sad.

To be honest, Darryl had expected that Elisa’s actions would not have good results, but he never expected that Elisa would die in the hands of his son in the end. Moreover, it is still in such a cruel form, buried alive!


At this time, the sky was not beautiful. It was originally a sunny weather. Suddenly there was lightning and thunder, and there was heavy rain, just like Darryl’s mood at this time.

A few minutes later. The soldiers pushed Elisa down the pit and sealed the soil.

However, Gary didn’t stop there, and coldly commanded: “Keeping the confinement, Elisa did not escape within an hour. Evacuate again.”

Although Elisa was buried alive, Gary’s anger was unquenchable, and he must be sure that Elisa had no chance of surviving before he could give up.

“Yes, Your Royal Highness!” Many soldiers hurriedly responded, and then formed a circle around the closed soil, quietly guarding.


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s body was shocked, and he wanted to cry without tears.

Ya’er is too ruthless, she has to make sure that Elisa is dead…

Gary stopped talking nonsense, turned and walked into the hall. Sitting on the throne, waiting quietly. Did not look at Darryl exposed to the heavy rain, as well as the people of the Emei sect.

Xing Yao and Tracy followed into the hall, their expressions were extremely complicated.

At this moment, Tracy wanted to intercede, and took Darryl into the hall to avoid the rain. After all, his father was injured. Wouldn’t it be worse if he catches a cold again? However, seeing Gary’s indifferent expression, Tracy still couldn’t muster the courage to speak.


Outside the hall, cold rain. It slapped on Darryl’s face, as cold as his mood.

Darryl endured the chill, staring at the mound of sealed mound tightly, and with a bit of expectation, he also secretly prayed in his heart. Elisa…. You once killed Wen Wan’s sister-in-law, but this matter has also passed ten years. Now that you have changed your evil and returned to the right, I hope you can survive this time.

Although he thought so in his heart, Darryl also knew that it was impossible. Elisa was buried alive and there were soldiers guarding him. Even if she crawled out at this time, she could not escape the bad luck.

She was still alive at this moment, suffocating her breath in the ground, but for an hour, even if she had the ability to reach the sky, she couldn’t last that long, she would definitely be suffocated!

One minute passed.

Two minutes passed…

Soon, an hour was over, and there was no movement at all in the sealed mound. Obviously, Elisa had no chance of surviving.



The Emei faction at this time. He cried again, each one looked sad and completely desperate.

Although Elisa is cruel and strong, he has indeed strengthened Emei a lot in the past few years. At this time Elisa was dead, and the Emei faction had no suitable leader, and it would surely decline.

“His Royal Highness!”

At this time, a soldier hurriedly approached the hall and said respectfully to Gary: “An hour has passed, and there is no movement in the mound. Then Elisa should be suffocated alive.”


Gary showed a slight smile, nodded and stood up, and said: “Okay, very good, since this wicked woman is dead, let’s prepare to return. Bring all the people from the Emei faction. Back to the imperial city, one And dispose of.”

Elisa has done so many bad things over the years, and she cannot do it alone. It can be said that these Emei sects are all accomplices, and even if Elisa is dead, these Emeis sects cannot escape the blame.

“Yes, Your Highness.” The soldier responded, and immediately gathered all the Emei faction together, preparing to escort them down the mountain together.


At this moment, Gary’s gaze turned and fell on Elsa not far away, and said coldly: “Bring this woman with you.”


When the voice fell, a few soldiers hurried up and tied Elsa’s five flowers.

Elsa was still frustrated because of Mateo’s loss of her own affairs. He couldn’t react at all, and was soon tied up with his hands and feet.

“What are you doing? Let me go.” Elsa’s body trembled, and her delicate face was full of anger.

I have nothing to do with the Emei faction, so how come I am so tired?


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s expression also changed, and he said hoarsely: “She has nothing to do with Elisa. Don’t hurt the innocent.”

When he said this, Darryl was full of eagerness and anxious.

Ya’er could understand Elisa’s dealings, but he couldn’t hurt Elsa.


Gary sneered and looked at Darryl’s word by word: “Darryl, don’t think I don’t know, this woman is called Elsa, and she is also yours.”

As he said, Gary’s voice grew colder: “Furthermore, she is still the Sect Master of Wen Zong, with an extraordinary identity, I cannot easily bypass her.”


Darryl looked bitter, opened his mouth, and couldn’t say a word.

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