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Chapter 1056

Want to get involved in the sword tournament?

Butler Ye Min looked at Xia Darryl up and down, and couldn’t hide his contempt: “Boy, you are not allowed to enter unless you are invited. No matter what your purpose is, I will give you a chance and get out quickly. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being polite. !”

The current quagmire is getting bolder and bolder, and it is really hateful to dare to enter the sword competition blatantly.

You don’t have to be polite to deal with this kind of person.

Like the guards, Ye Min also determined that Darryl wanted to sneak into the convention to steal the weapons displayed.

D*mn it?

Is this Sword Villa person so arrogant to speak?

Darryl frowned, feeling a little unhappy, but still smiling, looked at Ye Min and said, “You are the housekeeper of Famous Sword Villa, right? Could you please let your lady know and say there is a visitor!”

When talking about this, Darryl was very helpless.

When she was separated from Sheri, Sheri once said that if she visited by herself, she would definitely come and greet him in person.

It’s just that Darryl didn’t expect that he came to Famous Sword Villa, but was stopped by the housekeeper and guards. If he couldn’t get in and couldn’t see Sheri, how could she help her find Elsa.


At this moment, Ye Min was taken aback for a moment, and then sneered: “Boy, don’t you understand human words? Don’t think I don’t know, you want to go in and steal the weapon we showed, but you even made it with our lady. Excuse me, I don’t think you can cry without seeing the coffin.”

When the voice fell, Ye Min waved his hand.


In an instant, a few disciples from the famous Sword Villa walked over quickly and surrounded Darryl.

At this moment, a lot of onlookers attracted a lot of people around, all pointing to Darryl.

“This kid, dare to make trouble at Famous Sword Villa? Tired of life…”

“That is, looking at his dress, he was not invited, he must be trying to steal weapons while there are more people…”

“It’s no wonder that every weapon cast by Mingjian Villa is an exquisite piece. People in the world, who doesn’t want to own one?”

Everyone’s comments, every word from you to me, are all contemptuous, and no one sympathizes with Darryl.


Seeing this scene, Darryl was ridiculous again, and a little bit angry.

There are really many people in this world who look down upon others.

“Good boy!”

Seeing that Darryl didn’t mean to leave, Ye Min immediately became angry, and shouted: “Don’t get out of here, right? It seems that if you don’t show you some color, you don’t know how powerful our famous Sword Villa is. Give it to me He is tortured.”


When the words fell, several disciples of the famous Sword Villa burst out their internal strength, preparing to start to Darryl.

To be honest, Darryl had hidden his internal strength because he did not want to make a public appearance. If not, these disciples of the famous sword villa would definitely not dare to be so reckless if they felt the breath of Darryl.

Looking at the several famous sword villa disciples who rushed in, Darryl didn’t panic at all.

These disciples are in the martial sage realm, and Darryl has full assurance that he will let them all lie on the ground within one second without hurting others.


However, just when Darryl was about to do it, a soft drink came, and then, a slim figure walked out of the yard.

It was Sheri.

Sheri was in the yard, chatting with the guests. Hearing the movement outside the door, he came out to take a look. When he saw a few disciples surrounding Darryl, he stopped.

At this time, Sheri hadn’t seen Darryl’s face. He only knew that today’s sword product conference, the statement related to the famous Sword Villa, if you casually interact with others, it will fall into the hands of others.

In an instant, everyone around immediately caused a stir.

“Miss Ye is here.”

“So beautiful…”

“It’s worthy of being the number one beauty in the famous sword villa…”

In the discussion, many men

Staring closely at Sheri, his eyes straightened.

At this time, Sheri, wearing a bright yellow dress, perfectly displayed her exquisite figure, her face is exquisite, her hair is like a cloud, she wears a pearl hairpin on her head, she is indescribably dazzling and charming.


At this moment, Darryl also stared blankly, and couldn’t help taking a deep breath.

I’m going, is this still Sheri who pretends to be a man?

Unexpectedly, she looks so s3xy and charming in women’s clothing.

To be honest, in the Apocalypse Continent before, when participating in martial arts competitions, Darryl had always seen Sheri women dressed up as men. After all, at the time, if Sheri was wearing women’s clothing to participate in the competition, it would be a crime. The crime of deceiving the king requires decapitation.

At this moment, when he suddenly saw Sheri put on women’s clothing, and felt her charming and moving, Darryl was stunned.


It’s so beautiful.


At this moment, Ye Min walked up quickly, accompanied by a smiling face: “There is a quagmire who wants to get involved in our swordsman competition. I’m just blasting him away.”

When he said this, Ye Min didn’t forget to glance at Darryl contemptuously.


Sheri nodded and said softly: “Even so, let’s not do it. With so many distinguished guests here, we must pay attention to the influence…Huh?”

As he was talking, Sheri glanced at Darryl lightly, and suddenly trembled.

This…I read it right.

This is Darryl? Is he who the steward said?

At this moment, Sheri was shocked and pleasantly surprised. You know, at the beginning of Darryl’s martial arts contest, every match was very outstanding, especially the final match, which shocked the audience.

After that, Darryl’s identity was exposed, and with the power of one person, he resisted the many masters of the Apocalypse Royal Family, which deeply shocked Sheri’s heart.

In Sheri’s heart, Darryl is an indomitable, omnipotent hero, and even his idol. Can he be upset when he suddenly sees it at this time?

A few seconds later, Sheri reacted and walked quickly, his delicate face was full of surprises, and said to Darryl: “Are you here to find me on a special trip?” The update is the fastest

Sheri was very pleased when he said this.

Darryl is a person from the Earth Round Continent, and it is impossible to come to participate in the sword-skilling conference, and when he was separated from him last time, Darryl once said that he would have the opportunity to visit him.

Can idols come to find themselves, can they be upset?

“Yes.” Darryl smiled and nodded, then he thought of something, leaning a few minutes, and whispering to Sheri: “I’m here this time, besides meeting your friend, there are important things. I need your help. , Just to be cautious, don’t reveal my true identity.”

The sound was very small, only Darryl and Sheri could hear it. That’s right, Darryl tried his best not to reveal his identity, because Darryl knew that Yang Jian must be chasing himself everywhere now.


Sheri nodded quickly, smiling like a flower, unable to conceal his excitement.


Seeing this scene, everyone around was dumbfounded, looking at Darryl blankly one by one, very surprised.

This kid actually really knew Miss Ye Jia.

At this moment, Ye Min reacted, looking at Darryl complicatedly, feeling a little uneasy in his heart.

It’s broken, I just blasted him away, will the young lady blame myself?

“Ye Min!”

At this moment, Sheri looked back at Ye Min, and said lightly: “This person is my friend, not a quagmire. I won’t be allowed to do this until I understand the situation in the future.”

When he said this, Sheri’s expression was calm, without any fluctuations, but his anger was suppressed.

The housekeeper and the door guard, relying on the reputation of the famous Sword Villa, became more and more unreasonable. If it were not for Darryl’s unwillingness to reveal his identity, he really wanted to reprimand them.

“Yes, miss!” Ye Min wiped the sweat from his forehead and quickly nodded in response.

Chapter 1057

Ye Min squeezed a smile at Darryl: “It turned out to be a distinguished guest. I’m really sorry, I’m sorry…”

He was respectful, but Ye Min looked at Darryl’s gaze, still showing some disdain.

Everyone in Mingjian Villa knows that although Sheri is an eldest lady, she likes to disguise herself as a man. She travels around and has an outgoing personality. Everywhere she goes, she makes many friends. It can be said that there are a lot of good people.

At this moment, in Ye Min’s eyes, although Darryl is Miss’s friend, he certainly has no background. Just now he was so disrespectful to him, but Miss did not punish herself, but said something lightly.

If it is really a distinguished guest, the lady will spare herself lightly?

At the same time, many people around reacted and couldn’t help whispering.

“This kid has no background at first glance. He turned out to be Miss Ye’s friend?”

“Yeah, I heard that Miss Ye likes to travel and make friends more. This kid must be lucky to get acquainted with Miss Ye…”

“It seems that in the future, I need to find out more about Miss Ye’s movements, and when she goes out next time, I will also have an encounter with her, haha…”

Like Ye Min, everyone around him also believed that Darryl was an unknown person Sheri had met in the rivers and lakes.

Darryl heard the discussion around him clearly, but he didn’t care.

Although Sheri is a girl, she has a cheerful personality and doesn’t care about these gossips. At this time, she happily pulled Darryl: “The Pin Sword Conference is about to begin, let’s go in and talk.”

No matter if Darryl seeks his own help or something else, it is his honour for him to come and find himself.

After all, this is a hero who is famous for Jiuzhou.

“Good!” Darryl smiled and nodded, and then walked in with Sheri.

At this time, the hall was almost full of friends, and those who came from the rivers and lakes of the Yellow Sea Continent were full of people with heads and faces.


At this moment, seeing Sheri coming in with an ordinary kid, everyone’s eyes all at once gathered on Darryl’s body. Starting

Who is this kid? Dressed up so ordinary, she was greeted by Miss Ye Jia personally?

However, most people are not too surprised, because they all know that Sheri makes many friends on the rivers and lakes.

“Sit here.”

Sheri didn’t care about everyone’s gaze. He walked directly to the front row and sat down, then pointed to the position beside him, and smiled at Darryl: “This was originally the position of a cousin of mine. I’m sorry, if you tell me before you come, I will definitely help you arrange a better position.”

At this time, Sheri’s delicate face was full of sincerity and reverence.

A person like Darryl, who came to the Sword Competition, was definitely the first place in the VIP seat.

“Ha ha..”

Darryl smiled, shook his head and said, “Miss Ye doesn’t need to be so polite. It’s the same where I sit.”

The purpose of my own visit was to find Elsa, not to participate in the Sword Pinning Conference, and it didn’t matter what position he did.


Seeing this scene, everyone in the hall was stunned again.

what’s the situation?

Even if this kid is a friend of Miss Ye’s family, but seeing that he has no background at all, he is actually arranged in the VIP table?

Moreover, Miss Ye Jia and him seem to have a very close relationship…

The surrounding guests didn’t care much about Darryl, but when they saw Sheri’s attitude towards him, they couldn’t help but speculate.

To be honest, although Darryl has a good reputation in Kyushu, he has never been to the Yellow Sea Continent, so these people from the rivers and lakes of the Yellow Sea Continent do not know him.


Finally, amidst everyone’s whispered discussions, a man couldn’t help standing up, looking at Darryl up and down, and asked in a bad tone: “This friend who looks at the face, dare to ask where he came from!”

This person was called Dong Long, Sheri’s cousin, and the Dong family behind him was a prestigious cultivation family in the Yellow Sea Continent, and they were very powerful. Therefore, as the young master of the Dong family, Dong Long has a strong sense of superiority.

More importantly, Dong Long has liked Sheri since he was a child. At this time, seeing her bring an ordinary kid in, not only sitting together, but also talking and laughing, Dong Long felt very upset for a while.

Dong Long’s gaze made Darryl feel very upset, but he still smiled and responded: “I’m just an unknown person who walks the rivers and lakes. Fortunately, I met Miss Ye. I don’t have any background!”

To be honest, Darryl knew that hiding his identity would bring a lot of inconvenience.

But there is no way, now Yang Jian is conquering other continents, making the situation in Kyushu very tense, and he defeated Yang Jian’s army in the Southern Cloud Continent, making Yang Jian’s reputation disgraced, if Yang Jian knows that he has come to the Yellow Sea Continent alone, Someone will definitely be sent to intercept and kill.

Therefore, for safety’s sake, it is better to hide your identity.

When the voice fell, Sheri also said: Yes, this is my friend. “

This cousin had been weak with a gun since he was a child, and Sheri didn’t like him from the bottom of his heart.


Hearing this, Dong Long and everyone around him, looking at Darryl’s gaze at the same time, became more interesting!


Sheri, a cousin, couldn’t help but laugh out of her mouth: “Sister Sheri, what kind of friend are you, looking silly.”

At this moment, Dong Long reacted, sneered, and said in a strange way: “Cousin, everyone knows that you like to make friends everywhere, but today is the sword tasting meeting of the famous sword villa. It is of extraordinary significance. You are a member of the famous sword villa. Miss, you can’t bring in all kinds of cats and dogs, this will affect the image of Mingjian Villa…”

When he said this, Dong Long glanced at Darryl contemptuously.

What’s it like to wear so ordinary, not a cat or a dog? How can I be qualified to enter the lobby and sit in the VIP seats?

A cat or a dog?

Hearing these four words, Darryl’s expression moved slightly, only to feel a little harsh, but he didn’t care too much.

If it had been ten years ago, Darryl was full of blood, and he couldn’t help it.

But now, Darryl is too calm, and, like Dong Long, who judges people by appearance, Darryl has seen too much, and there is no need to care about it.

However, Sheri couldn’t listen. She stood up and stared at Dong Longjiao and said, “I am the eldest lady of the famous sword villa. This time, whoever I will sit next to me is my right. , Don’t worry about you.”

At this time, Sheri was very angry.

Darryl is his idol, but his cousin calls him a cat and a dog. Can you not be angry?

Uh …

In front of everyone, Dong Long was very embarrassed by his cousin’s reprimand, blushing and speechless.

In the next second, Dong Long accompanied the smiling face and said to Sheri: “Oh, I just made a joke, why is my cousin angry?”

When the voice fell, Dong Long sat down, just looking at Darryl’s eyes, still flashing deep cold.

Ma De, a kid with no background, how could He De be so favored by his cousin?

The surrounding guests also looked at Darryl and couldn’t help but talk in a low voice.

“Miss Ye Family, she is so self-willed, she brought everyone in…”

“Yeah, it’s unreasonable for a kid with no background to be placed in the VIP table.”

“Forget it, this is something about the famous Sword Villa, let’s not worry about it.”

As he was talking, he saw a middle-aged man wearing a black silk robe, slowly walking into the hall, with an elegant manner and a strong aura.


As soon as this person appeared, all the guests present greeted warmly one by one.

“Zhuang Master Ye, it’s been a long time!”

“Haha… Ye Zhuangzhu still has the same style.”

“Lord Ye Zhuang, this year, what kind of magic weapon your famous Sword Villa has cast? Hurry up and let the disciples present it, let us see and see…”

Everyone greeted me one by one, expressing their compliments to this person.

Yes, the person who came was Edgar Ye, the owner of Famous Sword Villa.

Chapter 1058


At this moment, Darryl looked at Edgar and couldn’t help nodding secretly.

This is the father of Sheri, the owner of Mingjian Villa? Sure enough, his bearing is extraordinary.

Edgar smiled and waved to everyone.

At this time, Edgar also noticed Darryl. Seeing him sitting next to Sheri, dressed in ordinary clothes, he knew that he was a friend of his daughter’s acquaintance in the rivers and lakes.

Edgar loved Sheri very much. Seeing that she had arranged an ordinary kid in the VIP table, there was something wrong with it, but she didn’t care.

Then, when he arrived at the booth in the middle of the hall, Edgar cleared his throat, and his voice was extremely strong. From his mouth, he heard: “Everyone of the world, I can come to participate in the swordsmanship conference today. My name is Sword Villa is really brilliant.”

“In the past year, my name Jianshanzhuang has improved the forging method and cast a batch of new weapons. I would like to invite you to appreciate it below.”

When the voice fell, Edgar waved his hand, and suddenly there was a disciple, holding a long knife, slowly walking over, and placing it on the middle booth.


At this moment, the eyes of everyone present gathered in the past, one by one could not conceal the inner vibration. The mobile terminal will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading in one second.

“I’ll go, the first one on display is a blue-rank weapon.”

“As expected of the famous Sword Villa, I remember that the first one displayed at the Sword Competition last year was Huang Jie…”

“It seems that Mingjian Villa’s casting skills have improved a lot.”

Many people couldn’t help exclaiming, admiring and marveling at the same time.

You know, the weapons of the world are divided into seven levels, namely red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue and purple. The lowest level is the red level, and the highest level is naturally the purple level.

As for Ming Sword Villa, the first weapon displayed in this sword tasting conference was of the green rank. It would not work if it was not admired. You must know that in the arena, most of the weapons used by the people are around the yellow rank. Green ranks are almost rare.


At this moment, Darryl looked at the blue-ranked long knife and secretly nodded his approval.

Worthy of being a famous sword villa, just take out one, it’s a blue-rank weapon, awesome!

However, a long blue sword was nothing in Darryl’s eyes, so Darryl quickly recovered his calmness.

“This friend!”

At this moment, Dong Long stood up and smiled at Darryl: “It’s the first time you came to the Sword Appreciation Conference. How about the first weapon on display?”

When he said this, Dong Long smiled, but his eyes shone with a hint of cunning.

An unknown pawn, who was originally not qualified to participate in the swordsman competition, sat in the VIP table with his cousin’s light, and would make him make a fool of himself anyway.


At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the hall focused on Darryl.

These guests were originally upset because Darryl was sitting in the VIP table. At this moment, they saw that Dong Long deliberately made trouble with this kid, and they all gloated at the fun.


Darryl frowned and couldn’t help muttering in his heart.

This idiot has a brain disease.

I don’t know you at all, but I keep fighting against me.

Thinking about it, Darryl glanced at the long knife on the display stand, and said lightly: “This blue-rank long knife has a sharp edge and a chilling air. It deserves to be made by the famous Sword Villa. It’s very good.”

To be honest, Darryl originally didn’t bother to pay attention to Dong Long, but because of Sheri’s face, he didn’t bother to care about it.

What’s more, what Darryl said was not against his will, this blue-ranked long knife was indeed very good.

Of course, this is for the people who pass through the rivers and lakes, and for Darryl, it is nothing special. After all, Darryl has a Fang Tian painted halberd, and this blue-ranked long knife in front of him is simply insignificant.

“Ha ha!”

Dong Long sneered and looked at Darryl, unable to conceal the contempt in his heart: “Of course this knife is good, but you still need to talk about it? The weapons made by Famous Sword Villa are all high-quality weapons. You are a small soldier, you have never seen it. Live it.”

Immediately, Dong Long smiled and continued: “This is just the beginning. There are even higher and better weapons behind. Don’t blink your eyes, don’t be shocked, don’t drop your chin, haha… “


When the voice fell, there was a lot of laughter around, and many people followed Xiang Darryl to mock.

“That’s right, this kid has never seen the world at first sight, and a blue-step long knife shook him.”

“Hehe, it looks like you haven’t seen the world before, this blue-ranked long sword is the lowest-ranked exhibit in this sword rank conference…”

“Sure enough, it’s a dumpling from the country, Miss Ye Jia, how can you make friends with this kind of person?”

Everyone’s ridicule kept coming, and Darryl frowned secretly.


This group of people is really interesting. They said that this weapon is good, but they were even ridiculed.

After thinking about it, Darryl realized that this Dong Long had deliberately embarrassed himself, no matter how he answered just now, he had reason to mock him.

Understanding this, Darryl smiled without saying a word, too lazy to care.

Seeing that Darryl didn’t respond, Dong Long thought he was counseling, and smiled even more proudly.

At this time, Sheri couldn’t see it, her eyebrows furrowed, and he said to Dong Long: “Dong Long, you’re endless, my friend said this knife is good, you are also a joke, is it interesting?”

Sheri never called his cousin because he didn’t like Dong Long since he was a child.

“I just talk about it casually, there is no joke about him.” Dong Long muttered and sat down.

At this time, there are new weapons to show up.

It has to be said that Mingjian Villa deserves to be famous for its casting, and the weapons that have been displayed one after another are well-casted, and at least they are blue-ranked, and even many of them are blue-ranked.

Every time a weapon is displayed, there will be a sound of exclamation and admiration in the hall.

Even many guests couldn’t help standing up, their eyes straightened, and they wanted to take it for themselves.

However, Darryl was completely uninterested.

Although these weapons are good, they are not as good as one in ten thousand compared with their Fangtian painted halberds.

“Miss Ye!”

At this moment, taking advantage of the attention of everyone around them, they were all on the weapons displayed, Darryl couldn’t help but speak to Sheri: “This visit is really abrupt, but there is something that requires your help. “

“Please tell me.” Sheri nodded seriously.


Darryl took a deep breath and explained Elsa’s situation.

At the end of the talk, Darryl looked serious, and said: “If you really want to have news, people who trouble you should not act rashly, just tell me where she is.”

Qing Yan had no memory, but Mateo was instilled with ideas, and she hated herself very much.

In this case, you must be careful not to stimulate the light smoke.

Hearing this, Sheri nodded his head heavily: “Okay, I understand, when the low-grade sword conference is over, I will send people to inquire around and find it for you as soon as possible.”

“Thanks a lot.” Darryl said with a smile, grateful.

This Sheri is not only beautiful, but also a nice person. I am really lucky to know such a good friend.

“All right!”

At this moment, Edgar on the stage smiled and said loudly, “You all, the last three weapons of today will be displayed. Let’s not hide from you, these three weapons are my name Sword Villa. It took nearly ten years to create it with painstaking effort. After today’s show, it will be sealed and everyone will appreciate it.”

When the voice fell, the three disciples, each holding an exquisite wooden box, slowly walked to the platform.

In the next second, the wooden box opened, and three brilliant weapons were displayed in front of everyone.


At this moment, everyone present couldn’t help taking a breath.

Darryl also glanced at it with his head, and at this look, he was also stunned.

I saw that the three weapons on the platform were two swords and a machete, each of which was exquisitely crafted, and above the blade, there was a faint halo flowing, like gurgling water.

More importantly, these three weapons are all purple ranks.

The purple rank has the highest level of weaponry, and above it, it belongs to the divine weapon.

“Good weapon.”

A few seconds later, Darryl reacted and couldn’t help but exclaimed in his heart.

This sword villa is indeed well-deserved, and it has cast three purple-ranked weapons. You know, purple-ranked weapons are extremely rare in the mainland of Kyushu, and they are generally treasured by the royal family. Very few people see them in the rivers and lakes.

Chapter 1059

At this moment, many people around gradually slowed down and couldn’t help but wonder.

“Purple-rank weapon? Am I dazzled?”

“God, there are three purple steps…”

“Famous Sword Villa, superb casting skills, really admirable. It displayed three purple rank weapons.”

In their amazement, many people congratulated Edgar. In their words, they couldn’t hide their compliments and flattery.

The famous sword villa has been passed down for thousands of years, and it used to cast purple rank weapons, but only one was cast in a hundred years, and now, three of them have been cast in ten years.

At this time, everyone present was trying their best to fawn on Edgar. If they had a good relationship with Famous Sword Villa, would they still be afraid that there would be no good weapons to use in the future?

Facing everyone’s congratulations, Edgar smiled and felt very happy.

At the end of today’s sword-making conference, the prestige of the famous sword villa in the arena will surely increase a lot. This is a matter of Guangzong Yaozu. Can you be unhappy?


At this time, Darryl looked at the three purple-rank weapons closely, and fell into contemplation.

This Sword Villa had forged three purple-ranked weapons at once within ten years. If it could win over, it would definitely be a powerful assistant.

To be honest, in the Southern Cloud Continent, Darryl relied on Guiguzi’s prestige to frighten Yang Jian, forcing him to retreat, seemingly peaceful for the time being. But Darryl knew that Yang Jian would not stop there. Now that Gui Guzi has left, he will fight Yang Jian’s two armies sooner or later. If his soldiers are armed with weapons cast by Famous Sword Villa, their combat effectiveness will definitely increase a lot.

Thinking about it, Darryl’s heart was extremely excited.


At this moment, Dong Long pointed at Darryl and laughed: “Look, everyone, this kid sees three purple-rank weapons, everyone is stupid, haha…”

Seeing Darryl staring at the three purple rank weapons, he was silent in thought, Dong Long thought he was completely frightened, and immediately sneered.

The voice fell, and there was a lot of laughter around.

“Haha, I really don’t know, three purple-rank weapons, they look silly…”

“It’s no wonder that if he hadn’t taken up Miss Ye’s light today, I’m afraid he would never see this kind of top weapon in his lifetime.”

“Boy, take this opportunity to look more, I’m afraid I won’t see it in the future, haha…”

Even the maids around couldn’t help but laugh.

This person is really from the country, he has never seen the world before, and all three purple-rank weapons look stupid.


The ridicule around him kept coming, and Darryl frowned, almost unable to bear it.


Dong Long, a fool, had to bear with him, but he had to keep an inch.

“you guys…”

Sheri also stomped his feet in anger, her delicate body trembling, and a trace of anger on her delicate face.

This group of people is too boring, deliberately belittle Darryl, raise themselves, is it that interesting? If they knew that the person they mocked was Darryl, the famous Tianmen Sect Master who moved Jiuzhou, I’m afraid they wouldn’t be able to laugh at all.


When everyone laughed at Darryl, suddenly, the gate of the villa was directly shattered by an extremely powerful force.

Immediately afterwards, a disciple of the famous Sword Villa ran in in a panic and said to Edgar: “It’s not good, the owner, someone broke in forcibly and injured several of our disciples.”


Upon hearing this, the owner Edgar’s expression changed, and he was shocked and angry.

Who is so bold and daring to break into the famous sword villa?

“Go, go and see!”

Edgar’s face was gloomy, and he said something, walked out quickly, and the guests on the scene quickly followed.

Darryl frowned and walked out.

As soon as I arrived at the gate, I saw tens of thousands of people surrounding the famous sword villa, all dressed in black, holding a long knife, with a strong and unstoppable breath.

The head was a handsome man with a white robe and a folding fan in his hand. His facial features were handsome and handsome, but there was an evil spirit between his brows.


Feeling the strength of this beautiful man, everyone present couldn’t help taking a breath.

Cross the robbery?

With the terrifying breath, the pressure of the people couldn’t breathe. Edgar was shocked, and he quickly stepped forward and asked: “Who is the one here? Why do you want to break into my famous Sword Villa?”

The beautiful man smiled slightly and said nothing.

A black man behind him strode out and looked at Edgar, “You are the master of the famous sword villa, Edgar. This is the leader of our phantom music, Yuwen Yan.”

As he said, the man in black looked around the audience and said coldly: “Phantom Music teaches things. The only target is the famous sword villa. If you don’t care, you will step back, dare to intervene, and you will be at your own risk!”

The voice was loud and loud, spreading throughout the famous sword villa, extremely arrogant.


Hearing this, all the guests trembled, looking at the beautiful man blankly, with jealousy in their eyes.

This beautiful man is the leader of the Phantasmagoria… Yu Wenyan?

The Phantom Music Education is the most mysterious organization in the Yellow Sea Continent. It has only been passed down for two hundred years, but it has developed rapidly. Its disciples are all over the Yellow Sea Continent and are powerful.

The Phantom Sect is also acting both righteously and evilly, especially the leader Yu Wenyan is the most mysterious, the dragon sees the head but the tail, and almost no one has seen him in the rivers and lakes. He is rumored to have a wild and unruly personality and very spicy methods.

Ten years ago, several disciples of Baiyun Sect drank in a tavern, talked about Yu Wenyan, and said things that shouldn’t be said. Yu Wenyan knew about it and destroyed Baiyun Sect directly.

Three years ago, Pilitang developed a new hidden weapon, named Yan Xinlei. Yu Wenyan knew that the name of this hidden weapon was named after his own name and violated his taboo, and then destroyed Pilitang.

There are several sects that have been destroyed.

These things have long been spread in the arena, the Phantom Music Sect has also been regarded by the rivers and lakes of the Yellow Sea mainland as the magic sect, and Yu Wenyan’s name, a person in the rivers and lakes, is even more distracting.

Today, such a terrifying demon came to Mingjian Villa.


For a time, all the guests present, after reacting, immediately retreated to the side, and separated from the famous sword villa.

No matter what purpose Yuwenyan came to the Famous Sword Villa, such an existence would provoke death, and no one wanted to be encumbered by the Famous Sword Villa.


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help but sneer secretly.

D*mn, this group of profit-only villains, before tasting weapons, flattered all kinds of compliments to the owner of Ye Zhuang, but now that the famous sword villa is in trouble, they immediately cleared the relationship one by one.

On the surface, they are all characters with faces and faces, but in fact, all of them are hypocrites.

Thinking about it, Darryl’s eyes fell on Yu Wenyan.

Yu Wenyan, the leader of Phantom Music?

Is it scary?

How scared these villains into this one by one?

“Master Ye!”

At this moment, Yu Wenyan showed a smile and said to Edgar: “You don’t have to panic, this deity is here at Sword Villa this time, not to trouble you, but to cooperate with you.”


Hearing this, Edgar’s eyes flickered, and he subconsciously asked, “What cooperation?”

Yu Wenyan stretched out his folding fan and waved a few times in front of him. With a leisurely posture, he slowly said: “Your name Sword Villa is a master of forging weapons. This deity has been well-known for a long time. I came today with your sincerity Sword Villa is allied.”

While speaking, Yu Wenyan continued: “I heard that your famous sword villa has cast three purple-ranked weapons with extraordinary quality. After we form an alliance, these three purple-ranked weapons will be handed over to us. , In the future, your famous sword villa will cast a batch of blue-level weapons for the magic sound church every year. In return, our magic sound church will serve as the backing of your famous sword villa. , Any force, dare to bully your famous sword villa.”

When he said this, Yu Wenyan looked leisurely, but his body was filled with a powerful aura, and his tone was beyond doubt.


Hearing this, both Edgar and the disciple of Famous Sword Villa were very angry.

Hand over three purple-rank weapons and cast a batch of blue-rank weapons for them every year…

Where is this alliance? Obviously robbery!

Chapter 1060

“Master Yuwen!”

Finally, Edgar reacted and looked at Yu Wenyan calmly: “Your kindness, Edgar took it with me. My name Sword Villa has been passed down for thousands of years. I have never had enemies in the rivers and lakes and have never had enemies, so I don’t need phantom music teaching. Protection, there is no need to form an alliance.”

When saying this, Edgar was polite, but his eyes flashed with determination.

Those three purple-rank weapons were the painstaking efforts of Mingjian Villa over the past ten years, how could they be handed over to the Phantom Yinjiao?

Moreover, Ming Sword Villa is a famous and authentic, how can it be in a fierce manner with the Magical Sect, and everyone avoids the Demon Cult alliance like a snake and scorpion?

Ha ha!

Hearing this, Yu Wenyan’s mouth curled up, and he looked at Edgar with a smile but a smile: “Zhuang Master Ye, the deity has already said very clearly, but the deity came with sincerity. If you don’t give face, don’t blame it. You are welcome.”


Edgar trembled and pointed at Yu Wenyan, too angry to speak.

Do not agree to do it, this is simply a robber.

At this moment, Sheri couldn’t help it, walked out, and shouted at Yu Wenyan Jiao: “Your Phantasy Teaching is too hateful, why should we give you the weapons of our famous Sword Villa? He kept saying that he would come with sincerity. Obviously grabbing.”

Yu Wenyan sneered.

At this moment, a man in black next to Yu Wenyan walked out and said coldly: “Edgar, today our leader is here today. It is enough to give you face, don’t know how to promote it, even if you don’t agree to the alliance. , The three purple-rank weapons will also be handed over, otherwise, today your famous sword villa will be bloodbathed.”

Bloodbath the famous sword villa.

Hearing this last sentence, the many guests who retreated to the surroundings all trembled in their hearts. Many of the women present trembled with fright and turned pale, and the disciples of Famous Sword Villa were even more frightened.

If other forces said these words, Ming Sword Villa would only be regarded as a joke.

But the Phantom Music Teaching is different, people really have this strength.


Seeing this scene, Darryl also frowned secretly.

This man named Yu Wenyan is crazy. He only brought a dozen of his men and threatened to bloodbath the famous Sword Villa?


At this moment, a handsome figure rushed out of the crowd and lashed out at Yuwenyan.

I saw this man, about twenty-five years old, wearing a pale gold gown and holding a long sword. He was handsome and stylish. He was very handsome. It was Sheri’s elder brother, Ye Mingyu.

Ye Mingyu, the fourth-stage martial emperor of strength, is the eldest son and eldest grandson of the Ye Family of the famous sword villa, and even the best among the younger generation.

Ye Mingyu’s blood is just right. How can he endure the trouble when the Phantasy Teaching takes the initiative to make trouble?


At this time, Ye Mingyu stared at Yu Wenyan closely and shouted angrily: “You phantom music teaches, you do a lot of evil in the rivers and lakes, and now you are making trouble in the swordsman conference, really think that my name is Sword Villa is good for bullying? Today, I will act for Heaven , Get rid of you demon.”

When the voice fell, Ye Mingyu rose into the sky!


A powerful breath burst out from Ye Mingyu’s body, and the long sword in his hand burst out with a dazzling brilliance, piercing directly at Yu Wenyan’s heart, and he saw that the air was distorted and the aura was amazing.

Ye Mingyu’s long sword is a blue-rank weapon, a fine product made by Ming Sword Villa, extremely sharp.


At this moment, everyone around was sweating for Ye Mingyu. They didn’t applaud Ye Mingyu’s action. On the contrary, they all secretly shook their heads.

This young master of Sword Villa was really impulsive, even if he had a sharp sword in his hand, he couldn’t be Yu Wenyan’s opponent.

After all, Yu Wenyan is the whole arena, there is very fearful existence.

“Ming Yu, don’t be impulsive…” At this moment, Edgar’s expression also changed, and the exit was stopped, but it was still a step too late.

Seeing Ye Mingyu attacking, Yu Wenyan looked disdainful.


Seeing Yuwenyan’s internal force exploding, the surrounding air instantly twisted, and then, with a light wave of the folding fan in his hand, a protective film instantly blocked him.


When the long sword collided with the protective film, I saw that the protective film was undamaged, but Ye Mingyu snorted and was shocked to fly out. He flew a full 100 meters away, and finally hit the pillar before he fell heavily. drop.

“Puff…” At the moment he landed, Ye Mingyu’s face was extremely pale, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and he passed out!


Seeing this scene, both the disciples of Famous Sword Villa and the surrounding guests couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning!

one move? It was just a trick that stunned Ye Mingyu!

This Yuwenyan’s strength is too scary, right? !


Seeing this scene, Sheri’s body trembled and couldn’t help exclaiming.

Edgar’s complexion changed, it was extremely ugly, and there was a burst of anger in his heart.

This Yu Wenyan was so arrogant that she hurt her son in public.

“Master Ye.” Yu Wenyan showed a slight smile, shook the folding fan lightly, with a leisurely expression: “This deity advises you, it is better to cooperate with our Phantom Music Education, if you are too stubborn, there is no benefit.”

Immediately, Yu Wenyan glanced at Ye Mingyu who had fainted: “The deity has been merciful just now, otherwise, Master Ling is already on Huangquan Road.”


Edgar clenched his fists, his expression gloomy and tangled.

Famous Sword Villa is never afraid of things, but Yuwenyan’s strength is too strong. If you really want to fight, even if Yuwenyan is forced to retreat, Famous Sword Villa will definitely suffer heavy damage.

But if he agreed to Yu Wenyan’s request, the reputation of Mingjian Villa was ruined.


At this moment, Dong Long beside him couldn’t help but yelled at Edgar: “Or…you can promise Master Yuwen. It’s not shameful to cooperate with Phantom Sect, don’t you have the heart to see the name? Sword Villa blood flows into a river…”

When he said this, Dong Long looked anxious, but his eyes flickered, not looking at Edgar.

Yes, although Dong Long is a member of the famous Sword Villa, he joined the Phantom Music Sect as early as a year ago. A year ago, Dong Long accidentally provoked the Phantom Music and was forced to join the Phantom Music Sect. From then on secretly doing things for Yu Wenyan. No one knows about this.

Today’s Sword Competition, it was Dong Long who provided clues to Yu Wenyan. Otherwise, Yu Wenyan would not have come so coincidental, just when three purple rank weapons were displayed.

However, before Dong Long finished speaking, he was interrupted by Sheri.

“Shut up!” Sheri’s face flushed, furious, and pointed at Dong Longjiao and scolded: “My name is Sword Villa, I act bright and upright, and my righteousness is thin. I must not collude with the magic sect of Phantom Yin Sect.”

As he said, Sheri turned his head and shouted at Edgar: “Father, the people of the Phantasy Teaching are not kind, I’m afraid that if you agree, they won’t be able to speak and count, don’t hesitate, fight with them.”

Some words, impassioned and inspiring.


Darryl took a deep breath and looked at Sheri closely, his eyes full of approval.

I didn’t expect her daughter’s home to be so decisive and courageous.

That Dong Long, as a cousin, is nothing compared to her.

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