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Chapter 106

“Okay, I won’t talk about it.” Zhang Quan hurriedly said, “Actually, I am also good for him. This door-to-door son-in-law does not seek to make progress, I educate him.”

Darryl didn’t speak either, just sneered and sent a text message to Han Yue.

At this time, the auctioneer on the stage had already raised his hammer and shouted excitedly: “Are there any bids? Miss Wang 90 million for the first time, 90 million for the second time…”

“Ninety million third…”

“One hundred million.”

When the auctioneer made his final final touch, Han Yue, who was sitting in the first row, raised his hand and faintly shouted.


You can hear it clearly, and the audience took a breath!

D*mn, one hundred million, buy a pair of high heels? ! Crazy, now this woman is crazy!

Everyone looked at Han Yue. At this time she was wearing professional attire and sitting there gracefully. Many men looked straight. As the saying goes, it’s understandable that a good horse is equipped with a good saddle, and a beautiful girl is equipped with crystal love!

At this time, Han Yue was very calm on the surface, but she was agitated in her heart.

Just now Darryl gave her news and asked her to take a photo of Crystal Love.

Although I know the president, I certainly didn’t buy it for myself. But being able to bid on behalf of the president is very exciting!

She doesn’t know who the president is going to give Crystal Love to, but after the auction ends, she can wear Crystal Love and take a few photos. That’s all satisfied!

“One hundred million for the first time, one hundred million for the second time, and one hundred million for the third time!” At this moment, the auctioneer on the stage was already excited and incoherent: “Congratulations, Miss Han, for bidding for this pair of crystal love.”

There was applause from the audience!

Bessie bit her lips tightly, feeling uncomfortable in her heart.

It seems that in this life, I missed the love of crystal.

At this moment, a new auction item was presented on the auction platform not far away.

It is an exquisite small wooden box.

The moment the auctioneer opened the box, the entire auction room was suddenly silent.


Everyone’s eyes are focused on the box! Many people are curious!

In the box, there was a dark pill.

In this high-end auction, can this pill be ordinary? It’s definitely Niubi’s medicine!

“Everyone, you are all people with identities, and cultivators should be familiar to you. I think there are many cultivators here, so today’s highlight is here.”

The auctioneer was very excited: “This pill, called Shenxian Pill, can help practitioners break through the bottleneck after taking it! If your cultivation is stuck in a Wuduan Martial Master, or a Wuduan Martial General, then this Immortal Pill It can help you break through! This is an absolute rare treasure, a panacea.”

Following the explanation from the auctioneer, everyone present couldn’t help but feel excited!

There are many difficulties in the practice.

How many people have been stuck in the same realm for a lifetime, and have not improved a step further until death.

Therefore, this immortal pill is more than a rare treasure, it is simply an invaluable treasure.

Peter was full of excitement, too excited!

As early as two years ago, he reached the realm of Wudan martial arts, and he has been stuck there. In the past two years, there is no sign of breakthrough! Hearing from Grandpa, some people have been stuck in the Wuduan martial arts all their lives. Some people are lucky and can break through within three years. But most of them are stuck there!

The reason why Peter came here today is because he heard that there is an auction of immortal pills!

Therefore, seeing the appearance of the Immortal Pill at this time, Peter, who has always been calm and calm, couldn’t help feeling excited.

Immortal pill?

Darryl looked at that Immortal Pill without blinking, but frowned secretly.

Darryl had practiced this pill for several times, and he was already familiar with it. At this time, there were still several pills on his body. But the one in front of him had the same appearance and color as the Immortal Pill he had refined, but it lacked a bit of aura.

However, in such a big auction, it is impossible to auction fake goods. If you guessed it correctly, this immortal pill should have been stored for too long, and it is estimated that the effect of the medicine is gone.

Indeed, thinking about it carefully, the [Promise Pill Art] I got was obtained near the ancient tomb. It is estimated that few people can make alchemy in this age. This auctioned Immortal Pill should have been refined in ancient times. It has been preserved for decades, even hundreds of years, and its efficacy has long since disappeared.

At this moment, the auctioneer raised his hand to signal everyone to be quiet, and then said loudly: “God’s pill, the starting price, one billion. Now the auction begins.”

As soon as the voice fell, many people enthusiastically bid.

In just a few seconds, the price of this immortal pill went from one billion to four billion!



Darryl was shocked!

I sold one to Yang Long before, and sold two billion. Later, Wang Zixi, whom Yang Long introduced, bought another one for 3 billion.

At that time, I thought I was making a lot of money.

I don’t know, this thing is sold at auction, and the price is higher!

It’s four billion, and the price is still rising!

At this moment, Peter couldn’t help but he was about to shout when he stood up, but was stopped by Darryl.

“Darryl, why are you pulling me?”

Peter looked puzzled, today no matter what, he must win this immortal pill! He doesn’t want to be trapped in a Wudan martial artist!

God’s pill is rare in the world! But today, it was hard to come across at this auction, so naturally you can’t miss it easily. No matter how much you spend, you have to buy it.

Seeing the hot face of Peter, Darryl shook his head: “Peter, don’t join in the fun, this immortal pill is real, but the spiritual energy inside is gone, it’s completely useless, and…”

Having said this, Darryl sighed and continued: “Furthermore, the medicine is three-point poison, the spiritual energy is gone, but there is still toxicity in the pill. Taking it hastily, I am afraid it will be harmful to the body.”

The aura is gone?

Peter stayed for a while, sat down, his face was astonished: “Darryl, how did you know?”

This brother, always admires himself.

I have practiced this immortal pill how many times, of course I know.

Muttered in his heart, Darryl smiled, and said: “I can’t tell you clearly in a while, just trust me.”

Peter nodded heavily. For Darryl’s words, I unconditionally believe it!

At this time, Zhang Quan, who was sitting on the side, suddenly burst into laughter.


Zhang Quan was holding his stomach, he almost pulled it away with a smile, pointing at Darryl and laughing loudly: “Darryl, I found that you are very interesting, hahaha! I used to ridicule me for not buying Crystal Love, and now I am not ashamed of it. He said that the pill is fake, hahaha laughed to death. Did you become a son-in-law, abused every day at home, and have problems in your heart? Come to this auction, do you deliberately pretend to be compared, or deliberately come to make trouble? “

Zhang Quan’s loud sneer immediately attracted the attention of many people around him.

Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense with him, and said lightly: “What do you care about me, you can’t afford it anyway.”

At this moment, Zhang Quan was a ridiculous clown in Darryl’s heart.

Zhang Quan was dumb for a while, but seeing many people around him looking here, he sneered and retorted: “Yes, I really can’t afford billions, but what about you? You can afford it? At least I can bid before. Crystal Love, and you, it is estimated that you have two hundred dollars in your pocket? Hahahaha!”

Having said this, Zhang Quan was not satisfied, and shouted at the surrounding: “Oh, everyone, come and listen. This door-to-door son-in-law said that the immortal pill that is being auctioned on the stage is fake.”

The voice fell, and there was a lot of laughter around.

“This kid is a door-to-door son-in-law? Anyone can come to the auction now.”

“Yeah, nonsense.”

At this time, seeing the movement here, a young man walked over with a few security guards.

The young man’s name is Luo Jin, who is the person in charge of order on the scene.

“This gentleman, please don’t make noise here.” When he reached Zhang Quan, Luo Jin was polite, but his face was majestic.

As the person in charge of the entire auction, Luo Jin did not allow any problems during the auction.

Zhang Quan’s expression was relaxed, and he opened his hands and said, “You misunderstood, it’s not that I was making noise, but that someone was making trouble at your auction.”

As he said, Zhang Quan stretched out his hand and pointed at Darryl: “It’s this kid, saying that the immortal pill you auctioned is fake. If you don’t believe me, ask him.”

Hearing this, Bessie was a little anxious, and said apologetically to Luo Jin: “Mr. Luo, sorry, we will keep our voice down. The two of them are joking, how could the things you auctioned be fake?”

Chapter 107

Zhang Quan suddenly became anxious: “Yu Ruo, how can you speak for him? Darryl said clearly just now that the immortal pill is fake, so don’t help him cover it up.”

Luo Jin frowned, he was in charge of the order of today’s auction. If ordinary people make trouble here, they must be cleared away.

But Luo Jin knew Bessie, who was the eldest of the Xiao family. So I chose to believe her and nodded and smiled: “Since it’s a joke, please keep your voice down.”

After saying this, Luo Jin was ready to leave.

However, at this moment, Darryl slowly said, “Mr. Luo, your immortal pill has expired, so you should stop the auction.”


The eyes of the audience came over in an instant!

Is this kid’s brain sick?

With such a big auction, can you sell the expired pill?

Originally, Luo Jin was about to leave, but suddenly stopped and asked with a calm face, “What did you say?”

Bessie was also anxious, pulled him slightly, and whispered: “Darryl, don’t talk nonsense…”

Identifying antiques, Bessie believes him.

But how does he understand about cultivation?

Just now Darryl said that the pill was ineffective, and he had finally made a prevarication for him, why did he mention it again? It’s not bad this time, Luo Jin heard it, this matter is not easy to solve!

“You let you say it again!” Luo Jin clenched his fists and rushed over.

D*mn’s, this kid is looking for trouble?

Even if he is Miss Xiao’s friend, he can’t make trouble here!

Darryl smiled slightly, stood up slowly, looked at Luo Jin seriously, and said again: “I said, that Immortal Pill has no effect. People may die if they eat it.”


Luo Jin sneered, no unnecessary nonsense, and coldly said: “I don’t care who you are, please leave here immediately. Get out!”

No one is allowed to make trouble at the auction!

Bessie bit her lip tightly and stamped her foot anxiously: “Mr. Luo, don’t be angry with him, he doesn’t know much about cultivation, so he said nonsense. I apologize for him, don’t let him go.

“Miss Xiao, this…”

Luo Jin was embarrassed, and she was the eldest of Xiao family. The Xiao family is an antique family anyway.

In the upper class, many people give gifts, and many people will give antiques. It is inevitable to deal with the Xiao family in the future. Bessie has said such things. If you don’t give face, I’m afraid it’s a bit wrong.

And glanced at the side, Peter sat there steadily. Are this kid and Peter still friends?

In Donghai City, the Sun family really can’t afford it. Thinking of this, Luo Jin laughed and left with the security guard.

As soon as the front foot left, Zhang Quan yelled out: “Yu Ruo, why are you pleading for him? This kid is full of scorn, he should be thrown out!”

Bessie bit her lip. Although I like Darryl, I still have to say something. In such high-end occasions, you must not talk nonsense. If he wasn’t here today, it would be light for Darryl to be kicked out, maybe it would be normal to be beaten.

Thinking of this, she leaned over and said softly, “Yue, Darryl. Stop talking nonsense. There are really no fakes sold here. The Luoluo auction has been held for several sessions and is very reputable. If you are caught Get out, who will help me see antiques later?”

I have to say that Bessie is still very high in emotional intelligence. Although some complaints against Darryl, her words make people feel comfortable.

Seriously, she was really afraid of Darryl being driven out just now. If so, I don’t know when I will see him next time.

Darryl didn’t speak either. In a blink of an eye, the auction on the stage was already fierce!

Although Darryl just said that the Immortal Pill had failed, who could believe what he said?

“Five billion! This old gentleman has reached five billion!” At this moment, the auctioneer on the stage shouted excitedly.

At the same time, the entire auction venue was in an uproar.

Five billion.

A god pill was auctioned for five billion yuan. What is this concept?

Countless eyes gathered in the first row, and there was an elderly man sitting there. He is wearing a Tang suit and leaning on a cane with a dragon’s head.

The old man’s hair was white, and he looked more than sixty, but he was very energetic, his eyes were full of brilliance, and the whole body was filled with a domineering arrogance, and he was not a leisurely person at first glance.

Fcuk, this god pill is so valuable?

It seems that there is time to refine it.

Darryl whispered secretly with the unspeakable shock in his heart.

“Five billion for the first time, five billion for the second time, and five billion for the third time…”

“Congratulations to this old gentleman, for bidding for this immortal pill at a price of 5 billion yuan!” The auctioneer was extremely excited!

The audience below was silent, and after a few seconds, thunderous applause erupted.

While applauding, many people were secretly wondering.

However, the status and status of this old man who can spend five billion to buy a god elixir is absolutely amazing. But this old man looked very face-to-face, unlike a well-known figure in the business world.

After the auctioneer finished shouting, he immediately handed the Immortal Pill to the old man respectfully.

The old man in Tang costume took over the Immortal Pill, and his face was full of excitement: “Ten years, ten years, today I am finally expected to break through the fifth rank of generals and rise to the rank of Wuhou!”



Five generals?

Hearing this, many people in the whole length couldn’t help taking a breath.

The strength of this old man is actually the strength of a five-stage general!

What is the concept of military commander’s strength?

Elisa, as a master sister of the Emei School, was in the realm of a Wuduan martial arts master at the beginning, but after taking Darryl’s Shenxian Pill, she broke through a martial arts master.

In reality, most of the cultivators are of the same rank as a martial artist. Because cultivation is too difficult, some people, despite their smart aptitude, have been stuck in the fifth stage of martial arts all their lives.

And the old man in Tang suit in front of him turned out to be a five-stage general! so amazing!

“Grandpa… congratulations.”

At this time, a young girl smiled at the old man.


In a short time, everyone’s eyes were attracted to the past, one by one was amazed!

What a beautiful girl!

The girl looks very beautiful when she is 18 or 9 years old. Wearing a dress, extremely cute.

This old man is so lucky to have such a beautiful granddaughter.

The old man nodded to his granddaughter, and then squeezed the Immortal Dan into the mouth!

D*mn it, you can’t wait to eat it?

The eyes of the whole audience gathered on the old man, and everyone’s eyes were full of envy. After eating the Immortal Pill, the strength of the old man will be able to break through to Wuhou! Wuhou, this rank is already extraordinary! In this world, it is very difficult to see.

But at this moment, Darryl frowned secretly.

The old man ate it on the spot, fearing that something might happen.

As I was thinking, Zhang Quan’s ridicule came next to him: “Hey, Darryl, didn’t you say that the Immortal Pill has failed? Look at this old gentleman, there hasn’t been anything to eat. People like you , That is, if you can’t eat grapes, you will say grapes are sour.

The voice of this kid was deliberately raised a bit. Many people around laughed.


However, at this moment, I saw the old man’s face flushed like blood, and in the next second, he passed out without warning!


The girl suddenly panicked, and rushed forward with red eyes, her delicate face full of anxiety!


Everyone is dumbfounded! The whole auction will be in a mess!

How could this be?

Shouldn’t it be a breakthrough? How come you fainted so well?

Everyone stared at this scene blankly, feeling unsure.

“He… He just said that the Immortal Pill has failed…” The crowd didn’t know which woman it was, and said, pointing to Darryl.

In the next moment, all eyes looked over!

Yes, just now this kid said that the Immortal Pill had failed. It turned out to be true? !

Sitting there, Zhang Quan’s face was as ugly as a dog, and his face was unbelievable!

D*mn! how can that be? Will this kid Darryl be a prophet?

No, what can he understand as a door-to-door son-in-law.

Mongolian, yes, it must be Mongolian.

Bessie, who was next to him, also trembled at this time. Can’t help but look at Darryl next to him tightly, biting his lips tightly, and a strange feeling arose in his heart.

How many secrets are there in this man…

“Come on, save people…”

At this time, the beautiful woman in black knelt in front of the old man in Tang suit, anxiously, yelling at the hysterics around her.

Many people gathered around, but no one dared to help.

Seeing the old man in Tang costume, his face turned red and white, which was very scary.

Luo Jin hurried over with someone and looked at the situation of the old man in Tang suit. He was also a little panicked: “This lady, does your grandfather have any disease?”

“what did you say?”

The girl looked at him coldly, and burst out a heart-pounding chill: “My grandfather is in very good health and has never had a disease. There is a problem with the Immortal Pill you auctioned. I tell you, don’t think about it. avoid responsibility.”

This beauty has such a strong aura.

Feeling the girl’s chill, everyone took a deep breath!

How old is this girl? Why is the aura so strong? There are not many people present, dare to look at her!

Chapter 108

Seeing the old man fainting, a young man in a suit walked over quickly: “What’s the matter? What happened?”

This person is Luo Zehao, the eldest of the Luo family. This auction was also managed by him alone.

Seeing the eldest master coming, Luo Jin breathed a sigh of relief and walked forward: “Master, this old man suddenly fainted, but his granddaughter said it was the immortal pill we auctioned, and something went wrong…”

Luo Zehao frowned, and then smiled at the girl: “Miss, I can understand your feelings, but the things we auction are genuine.”

The Rolls-Royce auction has been held for several sessions, and there has never been a problem.

The old man fainted suddenly, it was definitely something sickness in his body. As the young master of the Luo family, Luo Zehao is really not afraid of things.

“Don’t talk nonsense with me, hurry up and find someone to rescue my grandfather, if my grandfather has a long and two shortcomings, I will let the whole Luo family be buried with you!” The girl said word by word.

The sound was not very loud, but it spread throughout the auction house!

Many people shuddered!

This.. How old is this girl? Under the lovely appearance, when you say these things, people’s hairs stand up!

This girl…seems…really has this strength.

Luo Zehao laughed.

“Miss, it’s useless for you to talk harshly to me. As the organizer of this auction, I sympathize with your father, but what I can do is send you a car to the hospital. You want to scare me Is it really tender…what?”

Just halfway through, Luo Zehao suddenly stopped!

I saw a golden token in the girl’s hand!

Seeing the token, Luo Zehao’s whole person changed, his eyes were demented, and his body trembled with fear.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry…I have no eyes…”

In the next second, Luo Zehao calmed down, and his voice trembled!

Compared with before, the attitude is completely above and below ground!

The little girl looked at him coldly: “My grandfather is a five-stage general, and his body is very tough. If my grandfather has an accident today, I will let your Luo family disappear.”

“I know, I know…” Luo Zehao’s head was like smashing garlic, and he yelled at the surrounding anxiously: “Doctor! Hurry…Save people…”


How did the attitude change so quickly?

Everyone’s eyes also converged on the token in the hand of the beautiful woman. The token is made of pure gold, with human figures, birds and beasts carved on it, lifelike!

What’s the identity of this girl?

But let the Luo family suddenly become so respectful, definitely not an ordinary person!

Darryl, who was standing by, frowned secretly when he saw this scene.

Unexpectedly, at such an auction, there would be so many big people.

“let me see.”

Just when Luo Zehao was extremely anxious, a beautiful figure stepped on high heels and walked out of the crowd, with a s3xy figure and a beautiful face.

It is the dean of the First Hospital, Evelyn!

Many people’s eyes focused on Evelyn.

She is known as the genius doctor of Donghai City. At this auction, the Luo family was afraid of accidents, so they arranged some doctors in advance to wait for rescue. Evelyn, as the dean, happened to be fine today, so she came.

But she was always in the background, sitting and playing with her mobile phone, and did not pay attention to the auction. Now when I heard someone calling a doctor, I brought a few nurses over.

Is she here too?

Seeing Evelyn’s figure, a smile appeared on Darryl’s face.

“Great, Dean Xue is here, come and see what’s going on with the old man.” Luo Zehao was very excited and quickly greeted Evelyn.

Luo Zehao was relieved with the doctor Xue. Otherwise, something really happened to this old man, let alone himself, even the entire Luo family couldn’t bear this responsibility!

Evelyn took the stethoscope and walked forward. The audience was silent.

“It depends on the situation, it should be the mistaken taking the medicine, which caused the body function disorder and caused the cerebrovascular blockage.” After the examination, Evelynxiu frowned and said slowly.

The beauty in black did not speak, but looked at Luo Zehao coldly! Do you still have to think about it? It was caused by taking the Immortal Pill!

Everyone around was also talking about it.

There really is something wrong with that Immortal Pill!

Luo Zehao wants to cry without tears! He asked in a panic, “Dean Xue, I beg you to heal this old gentleman, please.”

If something happens to the old man, the Luo family is over!

Evelyn shook her head: “The situation of the elderly is complicated. There is no medical equipment here, so I am helpless. The best way is to rush to the hospital. Don’t worry, I will perform the operation on the elderly myself by then, but…but I’m afraid it will be too late. The success rate is only 10%.”

That’s it!

Luo Zehao’s head buzzed, he didn’t dare to look at the little girl at all!

With a 3% success rate, doesn’t this mean that people are dead?

What can I do, the Luo family is over!

At this moment, a voice came from the crowd: “It’s useless to send it to the hospital in this situation for the elderly. I’m afraid there is not even a 10% success rate. Don’t send it.”

Evelyn frowned.

Who is so boring?

I am the only doctor here, and I have absolute authority on this matter.

If you don’t go to the hospital, can you wait for death here? There is a ten-eighth hope of being sent to the hospital anyway!

Thinking about it, Evelyn looked back angrily, and was stunned.

Brother Darryl?

At this moment, Evelyn was a little uncomfortable. I came here today without makeup. I was bare-faced at this time, and I actually met Brother Darryl…

After being in contact with Darryl for this period of time, Evelyn knew deeply that this man made people feel particularly safe. He said not to be sent to the hospital, there must be his reason.


Everyone around also looked at Darryl one after another, with doubts in their eyes!

Who is this kid?

Could it be a big figure in the medical world? At the auction just now, the kid said that the Immortal Pill had failed. He was really right!

“Who are you?” At this moment, the little girl looked at Darryl and asked coldly: “Since you don’t let my grandpa go to the hospital, it seems that you have a way to save my grandpa.”

The girl stared at Darryl tightly, her voice was not loud, but with a palpitating pressure, she said word by word: “Then tell me, how can I save my grandfather.”

This girl has a strong aura.

He whispered in his heart, Darryl smiled, walked up to the old man in Tang suit, carefully observed, and slowly said: “Doctor Xue is right just now, your grandpa is indeed a cerebrovascular blockage, but the situation is more special.”

“It is useless to send to the hospital for surgery, because the ineffective Shenxian Pill contains some toxicity. This toxicity will affect the blood circulation, and the hospital equipment can’t find it at all.”

“Your grandfather has just taken Shenxian Dan, and now the toxicity has not spread to the internal organs, so according to my method, it is to seal the’Shendao Acupoint’ and’Xinshu Acupoint’ on his chest to prevent the spread of the toxicity while running the cultivation The internal force of the person can force out the toxicity.”

Darryl talked freely, every detail was very detailed.

When everyone present was stunned, many people began to whisper.

Does the son-in-law of the Liu family really understand or fake it?

If he had this ability, would he still be a door-to-door son-in-law?

But he is not silly, how else would he know that the immortal pill has failed?

At this moment, Zhang Quan stepped forward: “Darryl, listen to what you mean, high-tech medical methods are not enough, so can you save it? Tsk, genius doctor, according to you, the hospital will be closed in the future. Forget it, whoever has an intractable disease can just come to you.”

The girl didn’t speak, her face changed.

She understood everything Darryl said, but she didn’t dare to try.

The girl looked at Darryl tightly: “The’Shendao Point’ and’Xinshu Point’ you mentioned just now are very important degrees. If they are sealed at the same time, it will cause qi and blood disorders.”

Darryl laughed, his face calm: “Of course I know, so you have to believe me.”

Of course, Darryl is not nonsense. In the “Promise Pill Technique”, many methods of refining the pill are written, as well as detailed descriptions of all kinds of pill, and various symptoms caused by incorrect use.

Take the Shenxian Pill as an example. The above is clear about what will happen if the invalid Shenxian Pill is taken, and how to solve it.

Only knowing these can Darryl come out.

Otherwise, it would not be so risky.

After all, life is at stake.


Upon hearing Darryl’s words, the girl sighed and said, “But I’m ugly saying that if something happens to my grandfather, I will make you regret coming to this world. No, I will let your whole family , I regret coming to this world.”

Alas, such a beautiful girl, how can she speak cruelly at every turn.

Can’t you be gentle?

“If you don’t want to be saved, you will be sent to the hospital if you don’t.” Darryl shrugged his shoulders and said with a smile.

Yes, I kindly came to save people and threatened me with a meal.

“You!” The girl’s pretty face flushed with anger, not light.

Chapter 109

The girl had a sullen face. When she was sent to the hospital, Grandpa only had a 10% chance. Where could she bet? She glared at Darryl, then walked to the side of Grandpa, stretched out her finger, and did what Darryl said.

However, at this moment, a scent hits behind her, and her arm is pulled.

It is Bessie.

“Darryl, you, are you talking nonsense? Right now, life is at stake.” Bessie was too nervous, biting her lip and whispering, with a worried tone.

“It’s okay.” Darryl smiled, and said nothing more: “It’s better to do it my way than to send to the hospital.”

Listening to Darryl’s words, the little girl squatted halfway in front of the old man, sealed the’Shendao Point’ with her left hand and’Xinshu Point’ with her right hand, and then mobilized the cultivator’s internal strength, and through both hands, it merged into the old man’s body and started to help him. Forced poison.

Everyone around did not speak, but many cultivators shook their heads secretly.

In their opinion, Darryl is ridiculous!

As the little girl said, sealing these two acupoints at the same time is a big taboo in cultivation!

If it is not done well, I am afraid that it will kill people! Can these two acupuncture points be ordered casually! Unless you don’t want to live anymore!

The most nervous is Luo Zehao, his whole heart hangs up, nervously sweating profusely.

If this old man is not cured, not only will he be unable to get rid of the relationship, but the entire Luo family will suffer along with it! It’s really weird, how come a good Immortal Pill fails.

Luo Zehao clenched his fists tightly, and could only pray that the old man would wake up soon. There is no way now, and the chance of being rescued is less than 10% when sent to the hospital. Now I can only do it according to Darryl’s method!

Ten minutes later, I saw the old man’s face, slowly returning to normal, and breathing evenly.


Succeeded? !

In this scene, all the cultivators present could see clearly, and suddenly many people couldn’t help but breathe in air-conditioning!

Although the old man hasn’t awakened yet, he should be fine.


The girl breathed a sigh of relief: slowly walked to Darryl’s side and nodded slightly.

“Thank you, what is your name?”

Although Darryl saved her grandfather, she was grateful, but her tone was cold, it was a kind of cold arrogance that came out of her bones.

After saying this, she took the old man and left.

“It’s really bad luck, hit and bumped and saved people.” At this time, Zhang Quan was still talking coldly on the side.

Peter, who had been silent for a long time, finally couldn’t help it at this time, and yelled: “Your special code is endless? Everyone is saved. How many do you still beep? Don’t you? Get out of me. , I will be annoyed when I see you.”

At this time, Peter was not good.

Today I have a good temper, but this shameless pen, buzzing like a fly, is endless?

Zhang Quan was full of shame and glared at Peter: “Who are you scolding for having a brain disease?”

This kid punched himself before, and the bill hasn’t been settled yet!

Without a word, Peter took out a switchblade and was about to walk over.

Li Nan next to him quickly grabbed him: “Husband, don’t be angry, don’t be angry.”

Li Nan knew his husband’s temper too well. It’s really not to scare people to take a knife if you don’t agree. If Peter were not so ruthless, his position would not be so stable.

“Okay, okay, you wait for me. You wait for me…” Zhang Quan was really frightened, and he had no confidence in his words.

Seeing this scene, Darryl smiled and said nothing.

Zhang Quan’s family is engaged in jewelry, even if his father comes forward, he must be respectful and respectful with Peter.

“Brother, thank you so much.” At this moment, Luo Zehao in a suit walked over and said to Darryl.

At this moment, he was grateful, and he was full of curiosity about Darryl.

“My name is Luo Zehao, thanks to you brother, haha…” Luo Zehao laughed and stretched out his hand: “If you don’t mind, brother, how about we make friends? Just call me Haozi.”

“it is good.”

Darryl smiled and nodded, and shook hands with him.

As soon as Luo Zehao spoke, Darryl could feel that he was also a man of true temperament.

The two chatted a few words, very speculative.

At this moment Darryl remembered something, and couldn’t help asking: “Haozi, the two grandparents just now, who the hell are you, why did you see that token, just…”

Before he finished speaking, Luo Zehao’s face became solemn, and he made a silent gesture.

Then he took Darryl to a place where there were few people, and said with a serious expression: “The grandfather and grandson just now are not easy, Darryl, do you know the Palace of Longevity?”

Hall of Eternal Life?

There are two great cults in this world.

One is Tongtianjiao, and the other is the Hall of Longevity.

Comparing with Tongtian Sect, this longevity hall is naturally powerful, with more than 100,000 disciples! It is said that the main members of the Palace of Longevity are all master cultivators, and their whereabouts are secretive, and their actions are fierce. The six major factions and even the cultivation world are almost talked about.

It turns out that grandfather and granddaughter are from the Palace of Longevity.

Luo Zehao took a deep breath: “The grandfather and granddaughter are not ordinary disciples of the Hall of Longevity. If you guess right, their status in the Hall of Longevity should be very high. Because their tokens are pure gold, as far as I know. , The tokens of ordinary disciples are silver.”

It turned out to be so. Darryl nodded.

While talking, the auction is almost over.

Luo Zehao took a pair of vases and handed them to Darryl: “Darryl, thank you for today’s affairs. Keep this vase, I have something to do, let’s go now.”

Darryl did not decline either. Is this vase okay, it was used by the Ming court, estimated to be worth more than two million?

He carried the vase to the front of the car, threw it into the back seat, and closed the door.

Evelyn hit the car last time and took it to the 4s shop for repairs. It was only repaired today. But after the repair, I always feel that the steering wheel is a bit heavy, and it seems that the car needs maintenance.

Driving out of the parking lot, he happened to run into Bessie and Zhang Quan. Of course, Xiao Qingshan is also nearby.

Seeing the son-in-law driving the luxury car, Zhang Quan was stunned, then knocked on his car window: “Yeah, drove your wife’s car out?”

Seeing his villainous face, Darryl didn’t bother to talk nonsense, and no longer save face to him: “I’m sorry, I let you down. This car belongs to me. I don’t want to be too high-profile, so I bought this Audi. r8, low-key.”

D*mn it, don’t you?

Open an Audi r8, is that low-key?

Darryl’s voice was quite loud, and many people looked over here.

Xiao Qingshan sighed, this Darryl was completely hopeless. No one in Donghai City knew that he was the son-in-law, but he could boast so much. How can such a frivolous young man be worthy of his own daughter?

“Stains, stains, you can really brag about it.” Zhang Quan suddenly smiled: “Then you are so rich, why didn’t you let a fart at the auction just now? I didn’t see you photographed anything. “

While she was talking, she saw Han Yue stepping on high heels and walking quickly.

“President, at this time we are bidding down the’Crystal Love’.”

When he reached Darryl, Han Yue handed it over respectfully. Just now I got Crystal Love, and she secretly took two photos, and she was very content.

Darryl nodded: “Well, you go back to the company first, I have something to do.”

“Okay, President.”

Han Yue replied respectfully, then turned and took a taxi to leave.


This, isn’t this Miss Han who just photographed Crystal Love? She, she called President Darryl?

Zhang Quan’s head buzzed, his face as if he was flattened.

How could this be?

Isn’t it the son-in-law? Why suddenly became the president of Ziyu Company? !

Under the huge psychological gap, Zhang Quan’s face instantly turned into a pig liver color, and he could not speak for a long time.

“You… are you the president of Ziyu Company?” Bessie asked softly with brilliance in his eyes.

This, how is this possible! I haven’t heard Darryl mention it!

Everyone said that he was useless, but he turned out to be the president? !

Darryl smiled, his face was indifferent: “No surprise, this company used to belong to the Yue family, but now I have been expelled from the family.”

After speaking, he passed the crystal shoe in his hand: “For you.”

“give me?”

At this moment, Bessie’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and his face was flushed!

Xiao Qingshan on one side, an old face is also gray and white! This, one hundred million high heels, send, send, send your own daughter? !

Chapter 110

Holding the crystal love box, Bessie trembled, she only felt that everything would be so beautiful as long as she was with Darryl by her side.

The love of crystal, that is the love of crystal that I am thinking of.

At this moment, she really wanted to hug Darryl for a k!ss!

But her father was still around, her face flushed, and she whispered: “Darryl, you, you gave me shoes, I will invite you to dinner. The difference between the two is so big, I think you won’t refuse.

Isn’t it? This pair of shoes was auctioned for 100 million yuan, and how much is a meal?

In fact, she wanted to invite Darryl to dinner, not only to thank him. In fact, there is another very important reason, that is, I want to stay with him for a while. Even one hour more is enough, and it’s content.

Darryl thought for a while, smiled and nodded: “Okay.”

Anyway, it’s okay now, so let’s find a place to sit with her for a while.

However, when the two were about to get on the car, the mobile phone in Darryl’s pocket suddenly rang.

Who is it, you are making a call at this juncture.

What a disappointment.

He whispered, took out his cell phone and looked at it, it turned out to be Elisa’s call.

“Officer Zhou, what’s the matter?” Darryl asked after answering the phone.

“Good brother, are you free now? It’s a little urgent, I want to ask you for a favor.” Elisa said softly.

With a good elder brother, Darryl’s bones were crunching.

what’s going on? Every time I ask this woman to call her brother, it’s harder than going to the sky. Why is she called so happy today?

Darryl said with a smile: “Good sister, what is so urgent.”

Hearing Darryl’s tone of ridicule, Elisa bit her lip on the phone.

What’s wrong with myself?

Why do you call good brother as soon as you come up?

She is the captain of the criminal investigation team. She is always high above. How can she talk to Darryl like a child? She blushed when she called out a good brother.

Thinking about it, Elisa calmed down and said quickly: “It’s a very important thing. I’m waiting for you in a coffee shop. Come over and let’s talk about it.”

After saying this, she hung up the phone.

A few seconds later, Elisa sent the location.

Looking at the address she sent, Darryl sighed helplessly.

Looking at Bessie entangledly, said: “I wanted to relax, but I couldn’t relax for a moment. Someone would like to have coffee and go together.”

Bessie bit her lip, seemingly hesitant, and asked softly, “Who is looking for you.”

On the phone just now, when Darryl called, he had a good brother and a good sister.

Bessie couldn’t tell who it was at all. He only knew that it was a woman, and it was definitely not Lily. It sounded like they were very close. So at this moment, she felt a little lost, but she still wanted to know who the other party was.

Perceiving the change in Bessie’s expression, Darryl wanted to say that it was Elisa.

But after thinking about it, he smiled casually: “A friend.”

Having said this, Darryl couldn’t help but mutter in secret: Strange, why did he start to care about her thoughts?

“Then I’m not going anymore. On the phone just now, your friend seemed to be very anxious, so I won’t bother you to discuss business matters!” Bessie said in a low voice.

Darryl nodded: “Well then, I’ll take you home.”

This Bessie is really considerate.

I don’t know who will be so lucky in the future to marry her home.

But Bessie was anxious!

This, how could this take me home. I’m duplicity! I want to go too, to see who it is, who is so close to you!

But at this time, Darryl had already started the car.

Bessie bit her lips tightly, this Darryl, don’t you know that women are duplicity!

Darryl really didn’t think so much. At this time, he concentrated on driving, and after a while, two WeChat messages came again, both of which were sent by Elisa.

‘Good brother, hurry up, it’s really urgent. ‘


Yue Family Villa.

In the secret room, Grandpa Yue sat there with a smile on his face.

On the coffee table next to them, two cups of tea, wafting with bursts of tea fragrance.

Opposite Mr. Yue, there was a man sitting. This man is indistinguishable from his age. He looks like thirty-four or more than fifty years old. Wearing a Taoist robes and wearing a Taoist bun, the man has a clear breeze and bones, but he gives a sense of righteousness and evil.

This person’s name is Yang Buer, and the people in the arena are: Buer Taoist priest.

“It’s a great honor for the old man to come here not far away.” At this time, the old man Yue picked up the teacup and spoke very politely.

Two days ago, Grandpa Yue sent a message to Yang Bu’er. He thought he was very busy and would arrive a few days later, but he did not expect to come the next day.

Yang Buer smiled slightly and waved his hand: “What kind of words are we talking about in our friendship? Calling me in such a hurry, what is the matter?”


Grandpa Yue took a deep breath and said, “I want to lead the entire Yue family to practice.”

While talking, I couldn’t help but think of Darryl making a big fuss, and the more I thought about it, the more angry.

Yang Buer’s eyes flashed, and he smiled: “And then.”

Grandpa Yue smiled bitterly: “Friends of Taoism, in fact, I found you today because I really wanted to ask you something. You and you know that if you want to become a cultivator, you need a’spiritual pill’. There are hundreds of people in my Yue family, You need a few hundred spirit-building pills…”

Speaking of this, Mr. Yue has a sincere expression on his face: “Friend Daoist, you only need you to help me and provide me with hundreds of Spirit-Building Pills. If you have any instructions from Fellow Daoist in the future, the old man will go through the fire and water, and will never refuse.”

Yang Buer began to ponder, his eyes flickering constantly, and slowly said: “Okay, I can promise you, but you also have to promise me one condition.”

Is this agreed?

Grandpa Yue was overjoyed: “Father of Daoist, don’t hesitate to say what conditions.”

As long as the entire family can cultivate, not to mention one condition, even one hundred conditions will be fine!

Yang Buer laughed: “Don’t you promise to be so happy, my condition is not simple.”

Elder Yue frowned secretly and didn’t speak.

Yang Buer took a sip of his tea and said word by word: “I want your entire Yue family to join the Hall of Longevity, how about it? Can you agree?”


Join the Hall of Longevity?

Grandpa Yue’s whole body suddenly stiffened, and the tea cup in his hand also stopped in the air, his eyes full of consternation.

The Hall of Longevity, one of the two cults, is notorious for doing all things evil!

It is completely incompatible with the six major factions!

And he is a disciple of the Shaolin School, a respectable school!

Elder Yue was shocked: “Friends of Taoism, you are the elder of Wudang Sect, why… why would you let me join the Hall of Longevity?”

Yang Buer smiled, and said relaxedly: “Wudang faction, I have retired! Over the years, I have been in front of the Wudang faction, but what have I gained? Actually, I have already joined the Palace of Longevity, but I have never had a chance. Tell you.”

Grandpa Yue was suddenly stunned, but his mood was gloomy and uncertain.

“You can think about it. I have something to do. I will leave for a while and be back in a few days. You will give me an answer at that time.” At this time, Yang Buer stood up and smiled and said to Grandpa Yue: “If Your Yue family have all joined the Hall of Longevity, and there are some spirit-building pills! If you don’t join, you won’t have a spirit-building pills!”

Grandpa Yue nodded and sent Yang Buer out of the Yue family villa.

Watching him leave, Grandpa Yue fell into contemplation.

If you bring your clansmen and join the Hall of Longevity, you will betray the Shaolin Sect. This is a big taboo in the cultivation world. But at present, only Yang Buer can help him. If he doesn’t agree, the whole family’s cultivation will be in vain!


The island cafe is particularly famous in Donghae City.

The coffee here is delicious and the environment is better! Many young men and women choose this place for dating.

This coffee shop is very popular, and it is full of people at this time. But the people who come here are very qualified and it is very quiet here.

Elisa had been waiting for a long time when Darryl arrived here.

“Here.” Seeing Darryl appearing, Elisa quickly got up and greeted.

Elisa is so beautiful today. She has a pair of flared jeans, which outlines her figure very tightly.

I have to say that Elisa’s figure is really arrogant!

“What are you looking at.”

Elisa said angrily. His eyes were too presumptuous, and no one dared to look at himself so directly.

“Don’t look at it.” Darryl waved his hand and sat down: “What can you do with me?”

“Good brother, I’m looking for you today, I want you to do me a favor.” Elisa couldn’t wait to say.

I wanted to call him by name, but after a moment of slippage, he called out a good brother.

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