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Chapter 111

“Good sister, is your mouth so sweet today?” Darryl said with a smile: “Let’s talk about it, what can I do for help.”

Elisa bit her lip and said in a low voice, “You, have you ever heard of the Palace of Longevity?”

Hall of Eternal Life?

At the auction just now, the grandfather and granddaughter came from the Palace of Longevity. One of the two cults.

“I heard, what’s the matter?” Darryl asked.

“I want to ask you to help me investigate the Palace of Longevity…” Elisa said softly.

Recently, Donghai City has been very unstable. The Tongtian Sect established the entrance here a few days ago. Now the Hall of Longevity has also been established in Donghai City.

Two great cults are here, isn’t Donghai City going to be a mess?

Fortunately, there hasn’t been much movement in Tongtianjiao recently. Hall Master He Tianyou hasn’t appeared for many days.

But recently this longevity palace is a bit too much. After the establishment of the entrance to the hall, he did no evil, and even used living people to refine alchemy.

The higher-level leader has issued an order, and within a month, if the Palace of Longevity is not removed, everyone will have to be laid off!

After receiving the order, the police station has been investigating the Hall of Longevity. But they are so cunning that they can’t find out where they are.

Darryl smiled bitterly: “You police have nothing to do with them, how can I help?”

Elisa was a little anxious, and quickly said: “Yesterday our police station arrested a man from the Hall of Longevity, Lorenzo Wen. We guessed that his position in the Hall of Longevity was very high. But no matter how we interrogated, he didn’t say a word. It was very cunning to reveal. In the end we had no choice but to put him in jail.”

Having said that, Elisa took a sip of coffee and said again: “I thought about it and decided to send someone to the prison to get close to Lorenzo. From his mouth, I got some information out. Then I thought of you. !”


Go to jail as an undercover agent?

Elisa meant to put himself in jail, to have a good relationship with Lorenzo and win his trust. In layman’s terms, it means to be an undercover agent.

What a joke!

Darryl almost jumped up, shaking his head like a rattle: “Don’t you, you value me too much, go to prison as an undercover agent, you might as well let me fight him directly. Besides, there are so many people in your criminal investigation team. , If you don’t choose, why do you have to look for me.”

At this moment Darryl was resisting all over!

The days outside are happy and happy, who is going to jail? Go crazy!

Elisa was anxious, gritted his teeth and pleaded: “Good brother, even if I beg you, good sister begs you… Good brother will help me this time, okay?”

Elisa himself didn’t understand why he identified Darryl.

In short, this plan just came to mind, and the first thing that came to mind was Darryl.

At the beginning, in Houshan, Donghai City, Darryl alone dealt with more than a dozen tomb robbers.

In the bank, he helped a strange student block bullets, and single-handedly snatched the hostage little girl from the robbers.

Sharks were caught in the sea, and the three brothers and sisters robbers were caught in the bus. This one thing is vivid! Whether it is courage, courage, or ability to adapt to changes, who can compare to him?

“All right, I’ll help you this time, don’t ask me for this kind of thing next time.” Darryl said helplessly.

I thought it was a good thing for the police to have an appointment, but I didn’t expect it to be such a bad thing!

“Yeah!” Elisa couldn’t hide his happiness, and nodded heavily.

The wind said with a smile, “If I complete this task, what good will it do?”

You know, this task is not easy. The goal I want to approach, but the people of the Palace of Longevity!

At the auction before, the woman in black just showed a golden token, which scared Luo Zehao enough, which showed how terrifying the power of the Palace of Longevity!

If you accidentally expose your identity, your life will be lost!

Elisa smiled and said: “I have prepared a 10 million bonus. As long as you successfully complete the task, the 10 million will be yours, how about it?”

In Elisa’s cognition, although Darryl is a good person, he is still the son-in-law of the Liu family and should be relatively short of money.

Darryl shook his head, showing no enthusiasm at all: “It’s only ten million, so I want me to do it for you.”

Elisa remained silent, lowered her head and bit her lip and said: “Good brother, I have finally won this ten million. As long as you promise, I will do whatever I want when you finish the task… “

Seeing her shy face, Darryl couldn’t help laughing: “I really want to do anything?”

Elisa said nothing and nodded. As a result, seeing Darryl’s rogue eyes, he immediately reacted: “Of course, except, except for very excessive things!”

“Okay.” With a smile on his face, Darryl nodded: “But how am I going to go to prison?”

Elisa smiled and said: “Good brother, I have arranged it for you. You are an undercover agent. God knows and earth knows, you know I know. No third person is allowed to know. So, we are going to act. Like a little! When you go to the cell phone store next door and steal two phones, my colleague will be here soon.”


D*mn, I haven’t stolen anything…

Darryl suddenly became depressed, and said angrily: “You really know how to arrange it. Stealing things is too bad.”

To be honest, since childhood, Darryl looked down on the thief the most.

Have hands and feet, what do you do with other people’s things.

Elisa looked at him helplessly: “Then do you have any good ideas?”

Darryl smirked and looked up and down Elisa: “Or, I will show you a robbery, attacking the policewoman or something, or robbery…”

Hearing this, Elisa’s face flushed suddenly, and he glared at Darryl: “It’s about business, you don’t want to make a joke.”

It’s not serious!

“Okay, okay, no kidding, then I want to enter the prison in another way.. It makes me a little dignified to enter the prison. I heard that the prisoners in the prison are very despised of thieves…” Darryl smiled , Then said seriously.

Elisa nodded: “Then think about it, how can you get into jail.”

Darryl rolled his eyes and said a few suggestions. Fighting with people, or hitting and running away…

As a result, all his suggestions were rejected by Elisa.

In the end, Darryl had no choice but to accept the initial suggestion.

That is, go to the mobile phone shop to steal the phone.

After the agreement was reached, Darryl sent a text message to Han Yue, saying that he might not be back for a while and asked her to manage the company. At the same time, he also sent her account on Longya Live to Han Yue and let her Take a look at Lily’s situation.

After arranging these, with the encouragement of Elisa’s eyes, Darryl walked out of the coffee shop with a helpless expression, and then walked into the nearby Apple mobile phone shop.

“Someone stole the phone.”

“Quick…get him.”

Ten seconds later, Darryl rushed out of the mobile phone shop in a panic, holding a two-step new mobile phone in his hand, and several shop assistants behind him chased out and shouted.

The movement attracted many people on the street to watch. Many people gave pointers, but none came up to help.

Before Darryl ran to the opposite side, the two policemen rushed out from one side, pressed Darryl’s uniform to the ground, and then a police car came over and took him away.

This scene before and after, the total does not exceed five minutes.

Elisa, who was sitting in the coffee shop, couldn’t help laughing.

I really can’t see that Darryl has a strong talent for acting, and he is too much like robbing his phone to act!

I hope that after he enters the prison, he can find out information from the ugly mouth as soon as possible.

With a word of admiration, Elisa walked out of the coffee shop full of joy.

On the other side, after Darryl was taken into a police car, he was directly sent to the suburban prison.

As soon as I entered, everything on my body was taken away. He was wearing a prison uniform and was speechless for a while.

He could see that the prisoners in the prison at this time were free to move around. A group of men with big waists are playing basketball. Nine out of ten have tattoos, and then they are covered with scars.


The first hospital of the city.

In the senior ward, after this period of treatment, Yue Tianheng’s injury has been recovering well, and he can sit up today, and he is in good spirits.

Evelyn came to visit the old couple again, and then peeled apples for them.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps outside the door, and then the door was pushed open, and several uniformed police officers walked in.

“Excuse me, are you Darryl’s parents?” The police headed asked, holding a file with a professional smile on his face.

A few police officers arrived abruptly, and Darryl’s parents were a little confused.

Still Evelyn stepped forward: “Yes, they are. May I ask you something?”

The police nodded, then looked at the old couple and said: “Your son, Darryl just stole two Apple mobile phones worth ten thousand yuan in a mobile phone shop. They have been arrested by us now. Therefore, we specially come to inform you. “


Evelyn just found it funny. What’s this kidding? Brother Darryl will steal the phone? This is simply a big joke.

“Are you mistaken?” Evelyn asked: “Brother Darryl wouldn’t do this.”

“Are you Darryl’s younger sister?” a policeman asked.

“No, it’s not…” Evelyn flushed.

Chapter 112

“I’m not his sister, but I know him well.” Evelyn said softly: “He really doesn’t do this kind of thing!”

“Oh. But that’s the truth. He did steal it.” The policeman said, looking at Darryl’s parents: “Your son, he did steal his cell phone.”

No third person knew about this undercover operation. Therefore, according to the procedure, relatives must be notified.

Su Yue’s body became stiff, and the hot water in her hand fell to the ground, her face full of disbelief: “Xiaofeng stole the phone? Impossible. He is the boss of a company and has a successful career. It must be a mistake.”

Sitting on the bed, Yue Tianheng also had a look of excitement: “Yes, it must be a mistake. Xiaofeng has grown up, and the most annoying is the thief. How could he be a thief?”

The policeman holding the file passed the document in his hand, acting like an official business: “Then I don’t know. Anyway, people can’t make a mistake. You can take a look.”

Su Yue and Yue Tianheng looked at the file suspiciously, and saw the photo of Darryl wearing his prison uniform, and the old couple were completely dumbfounded.

At the same time, the Liu family.

In the living room, Lily was wearing a conservative dress, sitting in front of the computer, singing in the live studio, smiling, beautiful and charming.

Alexandra sat aside to escort him with a smile on his face.

After several days of live broadcasting, Lily has gradually gained fame on the platform.

The number of fans has grown from a few hundred people at the beginning to hundreds of thousands now! It has only been live broadcast for a few days now, this kind of fan growth rate is really unprecedented!

And just now, the mysterious big brother “Hill” appeared again last time. In the live broadcast room, he swiped hundreds of thousands of gifts at one time, which made the heat of the live broadcast room increased, and even went up. The homepage of the platform is recommended.

Lily was so excited, she wanted to thank the eldest brother of’Hill’.

However, it is a pity that after finishing the gift,’Hill’ quickly exited the live broadcast room.

“Lily, it seems that this hill is your true fan. Maybe it is the boss of that big company. You must have a good relationship with him.” At this moment, watching Lily’s broadcast, Alexandra laughed Hehe said.

Lily nodded, if there were no hills, she wouldn’t make so much money.

“Daughter, there is one more thing. I found out that your live broadcast is a few days ago, but the heat is very high.” Alexandra said: “Now Longya live broadcasts, it seems to have been recommending you. Why did they recommend you a new person?

Lily smiled lightly: “I should be beautiful? That’s why I kept pushing me.”

While talking, the mother and daughter smiled at each other.

“It must be so! My daughter is the most beautiful.”

Jingle Bell.

At this moment, Lily’s cell phone rang suddenly!

Seeing the caller number, the mother and daughter looked at each other.

Calling number 110?

“Fake it, it must be a liar, see how I scold him.” With that, Alexandra answered the call and pressed the PA key at the same time.

“Excuse me, is it Ms. Lily?” A man’s voice came: “We belong to the city police station.”

Actually know your name? It does not seem to be a liar.

“I am, what’s the matter?” Lily asked.

“Your husband Darryl has been imprisoned on suspicion of committing a crime,” the policeman said word by word.

what? !

Lily’s body trembled, a little anxious: “What crime did he commit?”

“Stealing two Apple mobile phones.” The police said: “After being arrested on the spot, Darryl admitted his mistakes and had a good attitude. He has been forgiven by the mobile phone shopkeeper. However, he is still sentenced to two months in prison. As his wife, we are obliged to notify you. you.”

After saying this, the phone was hung up.

As soon as the phone hung up, Alexandra couldn’t help laughing.

“Daughter, have you seen that, what did this waste Darryl do?” Alexandra smiled forwards and closed together: “It’s really shameful to steal two Apple phones. A big man with hands and feet, Going to steal something. I tell you, my daughter, that you leave him is the most correct decision in your life.”

“But…” Lily bit her lip, she really didn’t want to believe that Darryl went to steal something, and it was a thief who stole two mobile phones.

But the police are calling, this matter can still be fake.

Suburban prison.

There are three free activities every day, after three meals. At this time, several strong men were playing basketball on the court. They were not very good at basketball, but all of them were in high spirits.

After all, it was easy to move around freely, and everyone was very happy. Those who don’t play basketball are cheering on the side.

There is only one exception. He is sitting on the edge of the basketball court, holding a book and reading attentively.

This person was in his thirties and forties, with a split head, looking at the weak, unusually calm.

As soon as Darryl came in, he was attracted by this person.

This person is a little bit interesting, but he chooses to read a book during his free time.

Secretly muttering, Darryl sneaked out a photo from his body. Before coming in, Elisa gave him a picture of Lorenzo.

D*mn, this young man reading a book is just Lorenzo!

That’s not right… Elisa said before that Lorenzo is the high-level backbone of the Palace of Longevity, and should be very strong. Why is this person in front of him so weak? Just a martial artist?

And this ugly, weak literary, wears glasses, and has no power to bind a chicken! Look at the book he is holding… D*mn, “The Art of War”?

D*mn, watching Sun Tzu’s art of war in prison?

Darryl only found it funny, so he wondered how to strike up a conversation.

As a result, at this moment, a basketball flew over and hit Lorenzo’s head!


It was smashed, and Lorenzo almost fainted without fainting. The book in his hand and the glasses on his face flew out!

“Yoo, I’m sorry, hahaha, my hand slipped, and the basketball flew out.” A strong man walked over and said with a smile on his face. Although he apologized, but his face was full of sarcasm, there was no way to apologize.

This brawny man is a bit familiar…Huang Yanlang?

Darryl almost didn’t laugh! Haha, it’s really Huang Yanlang! This kid opened the martial arts hall. Last time he wanted to take advantage of Lily, he was beaten up by Darryl, and he was also convicted of quarreling and provoking trouble, and he was imprisoned.

Hahaha, it hasn’t been released yet!

Although Huang Yanlang opened the martial arts gym, he loves to pretend and often hurts people. So he is a frequent visitor here.

Prison is a place where the weak and the strong eat the weak. No matter how rich you are, no matter how good you are, you have to behave well when you come in. But Huang Yanlang is different, he can fight! So after he came in, there were many followers around him, who were extremely arrogant in the prison.

At this time, Huang Yanlang had not noticed Darryl outside the basketball court. In his eyes now, there is only Lorenzo.

This nerd came to jail for a few days and didn’t understand the rules at all! Seeing myself as a prison tyrant, I don’t know how to nod and bow. Every day, I look upright, come to the prison and pretend to be an uncle?

Today, this kid is reading on the edge of the basketball court again, and Huang Yanlang is on the lookout.

Mad, use your basketball court as a library? So just now deliberately hit him with a basketball.

At this time, Lorenzo’s smashed eyes pretended to be Venus, and he lay on the ground looking for glasses. Just found it, but Huang Yanlang picked up the basketball and smashed it over again!


The basketball flew straight out, smashing Chinese ugly face impartially.


Lorenzo yelled, and his glasses flew again.

“What are you doing?” Lorenzo asked coldly, standing up, his expression dissatisfied.

At this time, the ugliness and ugliness is burning with anger in my heart! He was in a high position in the Hall of Longevity and was accidentally caught here. I wanted to survive the one-month sentence, but I didn’t know that the tiger fell to Pingyang and was bullied by the dog.

“What are you doing? You are so blind, you haven’t seen Lao Tzu playing basketball here, you sit here with a broken book, don’t you know it will affect my performance?” Huang Yanlang said with arrogance and unreasonable expression.

Then he glanced at the book on the ground: “Oh, Sun Tzu’s art of war, he seems to be a very knowledgeable person, why? I want to lead soldiers in war. Now it is the high-tech era. What you see is outdated. , Shabi.”

Having said this, Huang Yanlang pointed to the basketball not far away and said coldly: “Get the basketball back for me, then take your book and get away!”

Lorenzo is so angry, but he dare not speak!

Chapter 113

“Deaf? Didn’t hear what Huang said? Pick up the basketball, do you hear it.”

“Dare to stare at Brother Huang? Itchy skin, right?”

Several strong men yelled, staring at Lorenzo, and they were about to start their hands.

At this moment, there was a sneer from the side, especially harsh.

It is Darryl!

It’s no good, I can’t help it anymore, these evil pens are really deceiving. Lorenzo read a book and provoked them?

Huang Yanlang looked back, instantly facing Darryl’s eyes!

At that time, I was stunned, and then angrily came out: “It’s you, it’s you? It’s not that the enemy doesn’t get together!”

When the voice fell, Huang Yanlang raised his fist and rushed over!

Extraordinary, I was beaten by this door-to-door son-in-law when I was in Liu’s house. If it weren’t for him, could I come to jail?

It’s great, I met him in prison, and he must die today!

Huang Yanlang’s fist was about to fall, but at this moment, a sudden brake came!

D*mn it, what’s the situation? Wasn’t this kid a second-dan martial artist before?

How long hasn’t seen him before, I have been promoted to the fourth martial arts master? !

No, he can’t do it alone!

Huang Yanlang was a little bit confused at once, and waved his big hand: “Come here, brothers, let’s beat him together!”


As soon as the voice fell, a few strong men gathered around.

In this prison, they are Huang Yanlang’s followers. They would do whatever Huang Yanlang asked them to do, and they didn’t care about the cause or who the other party was!

Darryl’s expression remained unchanged, without the slightest panic. He looked at Huang Yanlang and said slowly: “I just came in and don’t want to cause trouble. Don’t force me to do it with you.”

Until this time, Lorenzo also put on his glasses, and silently picked up the book from the ground.

But he didn’t leave immediately, but couldn’t help but look at Darryl.

This young man, facing an enemy several times more than himself, was so inferior that he was not afraid of danger.

It’s a guy!

Perceiving Lorenzo’s gaze, Darryl didn’t react at all, just as he hadn’t seen it.

Elisa specially explained before, she said that this Lorenzo is very cunning and very alert.

In order not to stun the snake, Darryl didn’t want to be too conspicuous.

At this moment, a prison guard hurried over and shouted: “What are you doing? I don’t want to get out of prison, right? There is no need to fight here!”

Seeing this prison guard, Darryl’s eyes lit up.

Female prison guard? And it’s pretty long.

“Police officer, hahaha, we didn’t fight.” At this time, Huang Yanlang changed his face, smiled and said to the prison guard: “Actually, we all know each other and are playing around.”

In this, no one dares to be too presumptuous.

The female prison guard looked around, didn’t say anything, turned and left. Before leaving, I didn’t forget to say: “Don’t bully the newcomer.”

She knew in her heart that the new kid was a thief.

Here, the most contemptuous thing is the thief. It is estimated that this Darryl will inevitably be bullied.

Especially with Huang Yanlang, his life is not easy. The female prison guard sighed and left.

At noon, Huang Yanlang and a group of younger brothers conspired in the corner.

“Brother Huang, how do we fix that Darryl?” a younger brother asked.

Huang Yanlang said with a sullen face, “Don’t worry first, let’s not rectify Darryl first, first write the ugly ugly article. Let’s kill the chicken to show the monkey. Then, that Darryl will be honest when he sees me again!”

“Brother Huang has a beautiful trick.”

“Brother Huang is still amazing.”

When the voice fell, several younger brothers all gave their thumbs up, and each of them was pleased with Huang Yanlang respectfully. Even if he fart, it is fragrant.

After lunch, it’s time for everyone to go to the bathroom. Darryl and Lorenzo were peeing, at this moment, Huang Yanlang brought some people.

A group of people walked straight to Lorenzo, and then deliberately peeed on Lorenzo’s pants.

D*mn, it’s so disgusting. I don’t know who it is. It seems to be on fire. The yellow urine is like Mirinda.

At that time, Lorenzo’s face turned blue in an instant, and his teeth were trembling with anger! The neck is flushed! I wanted to get angry, but still held back.

In the end, he endured it this time. He didn’t expect it to be even more excessive.

Everyone is eating at dinner. Huang Yanlang took a few people, and when he passed Lorenzo, he suddenly stopped, then turned his head and spit on the dinner plate.


At that time, the eyes of all the prisoners looked over. You know, the food in the prison is extremely precious. If you don’t eat, you’ll be hungry.

The muscles on Lorenzo’s face twitched abruptly, and finally couldn’t help it. He stood up abruptly, staring at Huang Yanlang with blood red eyes: “Be under the same roof, don’t go too far.”

I am in the Palace of Longevity, with a high position, have I ever experienced this kind of bird air?


Huang Yanlang laughed and said, “Is the nerd angry? Did you start writing with me? Hahaha!”

While speaking, Huang Yanlang stretched out his hand and patted him on the face.


There is not much strength, but everyone can clearly hear this slap!

Lorenzo clenched his fists tightly, and was silent for a full minute before speaking, with an extremely cold voice: “After going out, I will kill your family.”

When saying this, Lorenzo’s eyes swept across Huang Yanlang one by one.


Everyone took a sigh of relief!

This Lorenzo is clearly a nerd, and he has no power to restrain him. But when he said this, why was he so scary? !


But in the next second, Huang Yanlang also reacted and took a sip: “Really, scare me? Forearm brat.”

While talking, he was about to rush up again. Fortunately, even the female prison guard showed up and stopped him.

This incident passed, and I don’t know why, Huang Yanlang suddenly stopped bullying the nerd.

Until midnight.

The trumpet for turning off the lights has already sounded, and the lights in all the prison rooms have been turned off.

Darryl was lying on the bed, just about to fall asleep when he heard footsteps.

Slowly opening his eyes, I saw Huang Yanlang and several people, crept out of the bed, and walked over to Lorenzo! There is also a hemp rope in their hands.

Yes, he wanted to strangle Lorenzo.

What this nerd said during the day was really scary. It doesn’t seem to be a joke.

This nerd is usually weak in writing, but he can say that kind of thing. This makes Huang Yanlang very uneasy. After careful consideration, he decided to kill this nerd tonight!

Fights in prison are common, and there is no surveillance here!

When he reached the bedside of Lorenzo, Huang Yanlang jumped up and strangled his neck with a rope: “Aren’t you good at you? Tell me harsh words, I will kill you first tonight!”

“Cough cough…” Lorenzo coughed violently, his entire face flushed.

He wanted to struggle, but he was weak in writing and couldn’t move at all!

If this continues, he will die in less than a minute!

Darryl lied on the bed with a smile, and didn’t save him first, he would save him later!

While thinking about it, he muttered in his heart: 1, 2, 3…After 45 seconds, Darryl stood up lazily.

“You keep your voice down, in the middle of the night, you don’t let people sleep anymore.”

Darryl said with a smile.

Lorenzo at this time has already been rolled his eyes.

“Darryl, it’s nothing to do with you, roll back to bed and sleep with you.” Huang Yanlang scolded with a fierce expression.

Darryl shook his head: “Hey, you guys have been bullying others for a day, and I still refuse to let them go at night. I can’t stand it anymore.”

After saying this lightly, Darryl suddenly raised his fist!

Bang bang.

With two simple punches, they directly hit the two strong men, and saw that they didn’t even hum, and they fainted instantly!


D*mn it? ! This kid is so strong? !

At this time, Huang Yanlang didn’t care about the ugliness, and pointed at Darryl and shouted: “Give me up! This kid is alone, what are you afraid of?

Having said this, a group of people rushed over.

Darryl showed a smile, his body was like a cannonball, he rushed directly to the crowd, knocked one down, and within half a minute, the group of people fell to the ground, groaning and calling.

“Darryl, you, you…” Huang Yanlang sweated profusely and his face was blue and purple. D*mn, what’s the situation? Why is the strength of this door-to-door son-in-law so strong? A few days ago, you were a second-dan martial artist, but now it has become a fourth-dan? !

At this moment, the female prison guard also came, and her pretty face was shocked when she saw the scene in front of her!

No, you read it right? Huang Yanlang was knocked down? !

how can that be? ! The female prison guard rubbed her eyes. Was it in the middle of the night? This Huang Yanlang is a martial arts champion. In this prison, no one dares to point fingers at him.

But now, why is he beaten like this?

The female prison guard looked at Darryl with an incredible face! I can’t say a word! Why is this thief so powerful?

“Pretend to be more, I see you hit you once.” Darryl walked over and kicked hard.

Chapter 114

Huang Yanlang was kicked and yelled, how dare he talk nonsense at this time, his head is like a garlic: “Brother Darryl, Brother Darryl, I know…”

Really, heroes don’t suffer from immediate losses. This Darryl stepped on dog feces luck and upgraded so fast, so he avoided his edge first and didn’t care about him. When I go out, spend money to get some panacea, and then I will beat you up!

The female prison guard came back from the shock, couldn’t help but glanced at Darryl again, and still whispered softly: “Okay, be honest at night, go to bed quickly, don’t find yourself uncomfortable.”

After speaking, she went out.

At this time, Lorenzo also took a few big breaths, and finally healed. Then he walked over, looked at Darryl with gratitude, and clasped his fists: “Thank you for helping me, I am grateful!”

Haha, it’s very verbose. This kid is so interesting.

With a secret smile in his heart, Darryl waved his hand indifferently: “It’s nothing, I also can’t be used to them bullying people like this.”

Having said this, Darryl lay on the bed casually.

He will not take the initiative to chat with Lorenzo, only in this way can he completely dispel his suspicion.


Seeing Darryl’s free and easy look, Lorenzo immediately became intimate with each other, sitting on the bedside, and curiously asked: “Are your brothers from Donghai City?” Remember to read for a second **. net

Got the bait!

Darryl’s heart was unspeakable excitement and excitement, then he sat up and talked with Lorenzo.

After talking about it, Darryl was surprised to find that this Lorenzo is indeed full of economics, astronomy, geography, and human history. There is nothing he does not know. Every topic is said so well that it makes people admire.

Of course, when he asked Darryl, Darryl only said that he was a door-to-door son-in-law.

Lorenzo did not question him, nor did he look down upon him.


A week later, the Yue family villa.

In the hall, everyone from the Yue family gathered together.

The old man called a meeting suddenly and said there was an urgent matter. There was a lot of discussion in the hall.

At this moment, Grandpa Yue slowly walked out of the back hall.

Suddenly, the hall was silent.

“There are two things that need to be announced now.” After sitting down, Grandpa Yue looked around and said with a solemn tone: “The first thing, I decided to let everyone in the Yue family start practicing.”


The old man’s voice fell, and everyone’s face was full of excitement and excitement!

After practicing, you can become strong! Cultivation is also everyone’s dream!

At this time, the old man Yue waved his hand: “Everyone, be quiet, the second thing is that our Yue family will join the Hall of Longevity. From now on, the children of the Yue family will be members of the Hall of Longevity, but this matter must be kept secret. ,do you know?”

When he finished saying this, Old Man Yue’s face was full of seriousness.


Join the Hall of Longevity?

Suddenly, the Yue family’s children who were still excited were stunned, and their expressions became complicated.

The Hall of Eternal Life is one of the two great cults, and they do no evil!

If he joined the Palace of Longevity, wouldn’t the Yue Family also become an evil force?

How could the old man make such a decision?

“Grandpa, the Hall of Longevity is a cult.” Finally, someone couldn’t help but ask.

Some people took the lead, and many people followed suit, with a face full of puzzlement.

Grandpa Yue let out a long sigh of relief. He didn’t know whether he made this decision right or wrong.

He only knew that no matter how strong the Yue family was, he would have no place to stand in the future!

The last time Peter came to the scene, it was a lesson from the past.

“Are you questioning Grandpa?” At this moment, Patsy stepped on high heels and stood up and said loudly, “You can bear all of them now. Anyone dare to question, right?”

Cultivation can not only strengthen oneself, but for women, it also has the effect of maintaining beauty.

That’s why Patsy doesn’t care about joining the Palace of Longevity. She only knows that if she cultivates, she might continue to be beautiful.

At this moment, Clint also nodded: “Yes, Grandpa has worked for our Yue family all his life, and I support Grandpa’s decision.”

“I also support Grandpa!”

Wang Yan also took a step forward. He really wants to practice now. The first thing for her to be strong is to tie Lily and let her keep her own seed!

In today’s society, no matter what you do, as long as there is a leader, there will be followers. Sure enough, everyone expressed their support.

Grandpa Yue also nodded with satisfaction, and then waved his hand: “Okay, nothing else, let’s all go away. Remember what I said just now, about joining the Palace of Longevity, remember not to disclose it.”

Everyone nodded. You can’t talk nonsense about this kind of thing!

Soon after everyone left, a clear breeze figure appeared at the entrance of the hall.

It is Yang Buer.

“How are you thinking about it?” Yang Buer strode forward and walked to the front of the old man.

Grandpa Yue nodded: “I promised fellow daoists to lead the entire Yue family to join the Hall of Longevity.”

“Good! Good, good!”

Yang Buer was overjoyed: “We will be our own people from now on, and soon I will send someone to bring the Zhuling Pill over.”

Having said this, Yang Buer took out a secret book from him and handed it to Elder Yue: “We are old friends. This small gift is to celebrate your joining the Palace of Longevity.”

Grandpa Yue stretched out his hand to take it, and after taking a look, he was immediately extremely excited!

“”The Big Dipper Array”?”

Wudang School Peerless Cheats, Big Dipper Array!

Yang Buer smiled and nodded: “Yes, when I left Wudang faction, I stole it easily. This’Big Dipper Seven Star Formation’ is infinitely powerful! This formation requires seven people!”

“I think back then, Wudang sent seven martial arts masters, with the Big Dipper Seven Star Array, taught Tongtian a Wuhou, and died alive.”


This formation is so powerful?

Seven martial arts can trap Wuhou alive? You know, behind the martial artist is the general, and then Wuhou!

Hearing this, Grandpa Yue was extremely excited!

With the Big Dipper array, who else would dare to cause trouble? !

“Haha, I’m happy for you. This is just the beginning. After joining the Palace of Longevity, as long as we work together, there will be good things in the future!” Yang Buer patted the hand of the old man, and said with a smile.

Grandpa Yue nodded and poured his tea excitedly.

In the past few days, the variety show ‘101 Actresses’ show has been completely popular all over the country!

With the strong support of Ziyu Company, Tang Lan successfully entered the final final after several rounds of fierce competition and successfully formed the’S9′ combination with 8 other beauties. S is short for Seper super.

Of course, Darryl is not there. The operation of Ziyu Company is all planned and managed by Han Yue.

While praising Tang Lan, Han Yue did not forget about the live broadcast.

During this period of time, Han Yue would log in to the account of’Shanqiu’ every day to support Lily’s live broadcast.

Every time he enters the live broadcast room, Han Yue will brush gifts, ranging from several hundred thousand to several millions. After finishing brushing, he will exit the live broadcast room.

Therefore, the ID of’Hill’ is not only Lily’s number one fan, but also the most mysterious and low-key local tyrant on the entire Dragon Tower live broadcast platform.

Almost everyone who watched the live broadcast of Longya knows that there is a big guy named “Hill” who goes to the live broadcast room every day to give rewards.

Therefore, under the imperceptible drive of this kind, Lily’s live broadcast room also came alive.

The live broadcast room went from tens of thousands to more than one million in an instant.

Everyone who came to the live broadcast room had another purpose besides listening to her singing. They wanted to see how the legendary’hill’ boss made a big deal of money.

At this moment, Lily’s family.

Just after the live broadcast, Lily was in a particularly good mood.

Today, the “hill” big brother rewarded himself another five million. She really wanted to thank her in person.

“Lily, is it down?” Alexandra asked with a smile, coming down from downstairs. During this period of time my daughter is making money, she is not too happy to mention it!

My daughter, who is both beautiful and earning money, will wake up when she dreams of who she is.

“Mom, I want to buy a house, our house is too small, I want to buy a big one, so that the live broadcast will be more comfortable.” Lily said.

Now with my own fame, it’s not a problem to live in the living room all the time.

Moreover, it would be embarrassing if a visitor came to the house someday. Anyhow, now he is considered a celebrity.

“Well, you can buy it if you like it. The move is just right. When that trash Darryl is released from prison, he won’t be able to find us. The province has come back to look for you with a sullen expression.” Alexandra didn’t object at all, and smiled and nodded.

My daughter makes millions in a single day, so what does it mean to buy a house!

Chapter 115

“Daughter, you can make money now. If you want to buy a house, let’s buy it!” Alexandra said, “I heard that Carol’s Dafeng Real Estate Company has recently developed a high-end villa area. I watched their TV yesterday. It’s advertised, it’s so pretty.”

Lily’s eyes lit up.

Yes, she also heard about the villa developed by Dafeng Real Estate, which is known as the most luxurious and high-end scenic villa area in Donghai City.

But it is said that the houses there are also very valuable.

For the money to buy a villa there, you can buy two in other places.

However, I am not short of money now.

Thinking of it, he called Carol directly.

“Carol, is there still an existing house for that mountain top villa? I want to buy a set.” Lily said after the connection was made.

“Yes, come and see if you want to buy it, but I’m a little busy, I don’t think I can accompany you, if you want to come, I will arrange someone to entertain you…” Carol said with a smile.

The two girlfriends talked for a while and then hung up.

The next day, Alexandra and Lily went to see the villa.

Dafeng Villa District, known as the best villa in Donghai City! The environment here is particularly good, with private swimming pools and public golf courses. In the upper class of Donghai City, everyone wants to buy a set!

At this time, there was an endless stream of people coming to see the villa.

When the mother and daughter arrived, it was already noon.

Under the leadership of the staff, he is preparing to see the villa. As a result, at this moment, a taxi drove over not far away, and it immediately attracted everyone’s attention.

Those who come here to see the villa, and those who come by taxi? They usually drive luxury cars.

After the taxi stopped, a middle-aged couple came down.

The male is elegant and calm, while the female is graceful and virtuous.

It is Darryl’s parents!

As early as a week ago, Darryl had specifically confessed, leaving a villa with the best location. After being discharged from the hospital, the old couple lived here.

“Yeah? Isn’t this the thief’s parents?”

At this moment, Alexandra walked over with a smile. She was very surprised. Why did you meet Darryl’s parents here? Even people like them have the money to buy a house here?

“Mom, don’t say…” Lily wanted to stop, but Alexandra seemed to have not heard it, and had already walked over.

Seeing the mother and daughter coming, Yue Tianheng, who had just got out of the car, frowned. I was in a good mood when I came to see the house today, but when I heard Alexandra’s voice, my good mood was gone.

Really, “It’s not that friends don’t get together”.

“I didn’t expect to meet you here. What a coincidence.” At this moment, Alexandra walked over and said with a smile: “Aren’t you also here to buy a house?”

Yue Tianheng didn’t bother to pay attention to her, and said lightly: “Yes.”

“Yeah.” Hearing the answer, Alexandra showed a smile: “Do you know how much the houses here are worth? I’m afraid that your family will not be able to afford it for a lifetime without food or drink.”

Speaking of this, Alexandra patted his forehead: “Almost forgot, your son can steal a mobile phone to make money. I guess, he steals two a day, stealing for ten years, you can buy it.”


Yue Tian couldn’t do it, his face flushed: “How do you talk, my son is not that kind of person!”

The son must be innocent. There must be hidden secrets in stealing the phone and being caught!

The old couple have a clear conscience for the rest of their lives. They firmly believe that their son will not do anything wrong, absolutely not!

Alexandra sneered: “Everyone is locked up, and you still refuse to admit it. It’s really a hard-headed duck.”

“Mom, don’t say anything…After all, my uncle and aunt are my elders…” Lily whispered.

“I want to say! Darryl has been locked up for stealing his cell phone. It’s shameful, do you still report any illusions to him?” Alexandra said in an angry tone: “I’ll tell you, when Darryl comes out, Get me a marriage certificate right away, don’t let this waste be eaten for nothing in our house.”

Hearing this, Yue Tianheng was almost furious.

My mother-in-law is pretty, but why is she so unreasonable?

However, Yue Tianheng held it back and stopped paying attention to her. He turned around and said, “Go, let’s look at the house.”

Su Yue nodded and walked to a villa.

The villa arranged by Darryl for his parents is the first one in the first row. This building is in the best location, with the water bay in front of it, with a good view, convenient travel, and excellent Darryl Shui.

Alexandra sneered: “Darryl’s parents are really funny, they are obviously country folks, and they have to come to see the villa. The worst one here can’t be bought, and you want to see the best one?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Alexandra was stunned.

I saw that Yue Tianheng took out the key and directly opened the door of the first floor hall.


He will have the key?

Could it be that they bought this villa?

After slowing down, Alexandra tilted his head and asked the staff: “What’s the matter? Is the sale of houses so casual now? Give the keys directly, so that people can watch it casually?”

How can the country folks have so much money?

Why don’t you see the villa in the best location?

The staff smiled and said: “Ms. Shen, this villa was already internally scheduled as early as a week ago. I don’t know the specifics.”

“Is it defaulted?”

Alexandra felt very uncomfortable, and said: “Then I can pay more money, can I change it? I just want this one.”

The location of this villa is really good, and it will definitely appreciate in the future. Now that my daughter has made money from live broadcasting, she can buy it with a little extra money!

“Sorry, I can’t be the master of this.” The staff apologized.

Alexandra was very depressed, turning his head to look at Lily: “Call Carol to ask, she is the boss, we want this villa, let her find a way.”


Suburban prison.

The current Darryl is walking sideways here. There are a group of younger brothers everywhere.

After beating Huang Yanlang violently yesterday, his group of little brothers all rebelled and all followed Darryl.

Over the past few days, the relationship between Darryl and Lorenzo has become better and better, almost to the point where they can talk about everything.

Of course, the identity of each other has not been fully revealed by the two parties.

It was the end of the month, and Lorenzo was released because of insufficient evidence.

Before leaving, Lorenzosai gave Darryl a note with the phone number written on it, and then hugged him: “Brother, I’m going out first. After you go out, you must contact me. Definitely!”

“it is good!”

Darryl laughed, and ran to the prison with all his hardships, just waiting for your words.

Lorenzo stopped saying anything, patted him on the shoulder, and strode out.

The day after he was released from prison, Darryl was also released.

Elisa called when he walked out of the prison gate.

“Good brother, why…” Elisa couldn’t wait to ask after he was connected, but just said a few words, he stopped suddenly.

what happened?

Why can’t I change this name?

Elisa was extremely shy inside.

Haha, this woman is so interesting!

“Darryl, have you found out from Lorenzo’s mouth?” A few seconds later, Elisa adjusted his mood and said again.

For half a month, it should be somewhat rewarding.

If you can get useful information, you have to do a great job again!

Darryl smiled bitterly: “How easy is it that you think. This ugly and ugly man is very alert. During this time, the relationship between me and him has been very good, but whenever I ask questions about his identity, He can avoid topics cleverly.”

What Darryl said was the truth.

Lorenzo can speak well, but he speaks very carefully.


Elisa was very lost: “How could this be? Isn’t this nothing? Isn’t our plan in vain?”

Darryl was teasing her, but actually he didn’t get nothing, at least he exchanged contact information with Lorenzo.

Seeing Elisa taking it seriously, Darryl continued to tease: “Yes, it’s all because of you. I squatted in the cell for half a month for nothing. Tell me how to compensate me.”

“I won’t compensate you, you haven’t completed the task.” Elisa snorted.

“No compensation, if I get news from the Palace of Longevity in the future, I will definitely not tell you.” Darryl said with a smile.

“Even our police couldn’t investigate the Hall of Longevity. Can you investigate?” Elisa said angrily: “You didn’t investigate the entrance of the Hall of Longevity this time as an undercover agent. You will definitely not be able to investigate in the future.”

Speaking of this, Elisa paused: “In order to coax you to be an undercover agent, I called you a good brother several times. Now it’s fine, I have found nothing, I knew I would stop calling. You are my good brother. Good brother, good brother , Good brother.”

After calling several times, Elisa directly hung up.

D*mn, this is too realistic. If you don’t complete the task, you will immediately become a good brother.

Darryl was speechless for a while, stopped a taxi, and prepared to return to the company.

I’ve been in jail for the past half month, and I don’t know what happened to the company.

After being released from prison today, I couldn’t help sighing when I saw the busy traffic outside. The air outside is too clear.

He smiled and walked into the taxi. Who would have thought that at this moment, a phone call came over.

When I took out my phone, it turned out to be Lorenzo!

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