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Chapter 1076

Thinking about it, Yu Wenyan looked at Darryl up and down, his eyes full of scrutiny, and incredible: “You know how to heal, and how to make alchemy?”

To be honest, even though Yan Tingxue and Yu Wenji said so, Yu Wenyan still didn’t believe it, after all, the person in front of him looked too ordinary, and he didn’t look like a famous doctor at all.

“Yes!” Darryl smiled slightly and responded calmly.

The surface was calm, but Darryl had a hint of anxiety in his heart.

D*mn, things are really impermanent.

Defeating Yu Wenyan the day before yesterday, in a blink of an eye, they actually met again.

However, Darryl also secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, he changed his face, Yu Wenyan couldn’t recognize him, otherwise, a fierce battle would be unavoidable.

To be honest, Darryl is not afraid of Yu Wenyan, but now he is deeply involved in the Xiyan Pavilion’s general altar, and he really wants to fight, which is not good for him.

Ha ha…

Hearing the answer, Yu Wenyan chuckled and said coldly: “There are too many people in the world who claim to be famous doctors. Who knows if they are a fame and honour.”

As he said, Yu Wenyan turned his head towards Yu Wenji and said, “The world is sinister, and people’s hearts are even more unpredictable. Don’t be fooled.”

Yuwenji smiled lightly, shook her head and said: “Mr. Darryl’s Yangshen Pill, after taking it during the day, it feels much better. If he is a fame and fisherman, how could I keep him?”

When the voice fell, Yan Tingxue also said: “Yes, Lord, this Mr. Darryl’s medical skills are superb. I don’t know how much higher it is than me. Moreover, he has a profound knowledge of alchemy.”


Hearing these words, Yu Wenyan breathed a sigh of relief, and took a deep look at Darryl. The suspicion in his heart was eliminated a lot, but his expression was indifferent and there was not much emotional fluctuation.

Yu Wenyan has a arrogant disposition. In his heart, there are not many people in the world, so he can look at him with admiration. Even if the person in front of him is a name, Yu Wenyan will not take a high look.

At this moment, Darryl also completely calmed down.

Yu Wenyan doesn’t pay attention to her best, so she doesn’t have to worry about revealing her identity.

Thinking about it, Darryl wanted to find an excuse to leave.

“Elder Yan!”

However, at this moment, Yu Wenji smiled and said: “Look at the Lord’s injury quickly and help him dispense some medicine.”

“Okay!” Yan Tingxue replied, and walked straight towards Yu Wenyan.

When he arrived, Yan Tingxue looked at Yu Wenyan’s face, then whispered about the injury, and said softly: “My Lord, your heart pulse has been injured. I’ll help you prepare some medicine for clearing menstruation and invigorating blood. Peace of mind You can recover after ten days of resting.”

Ten days?

Hearing this, Yu Wenyan frowned and shook his head: “The time is too long. There are still many things I need to deal with in the Phantom Music Teaching. Is there any other way to shorten the time, or increase the amount of medicine? .”

When she said this, Yu Wenyan was calm on the surface, but a little irritable in her heart.

He was right. Since the siege of Famous Sword Villa failed, the prestige of Phantom Yinjiao has dropped a lot. Many sects are secretly discussing how to jointly deal with Phantom Yinjiao.

And he was defeated by Darryl in public, and his prestige in the Magical Music Education was also somewhat shaken. Under this circumstance, how could Yuwenyan stay in the main altar of Xiyan Pavilion for ten days?

“Honorable Lord!” Yan Tingxue hesitated, biting her lip and said: “The formula I made is already the most ideal. If the dosage is increased, I am afraid it will be counterproductive. You also know that medicine cannot be used indiscriminately.”

With that said, Yan Tingxue looked at Darryl next to her, her eyes flashed, and smiled: “Right, Mr. Darryl must have a way.”


Yu Wenyan glanced at Darryl, frowned secretly, feeling very reluctant in her heart.

Yu Wenyan has an arrogant personality, only trusting his own person, and letting an outsider heal him, and his heart is very reluctant.

However, Yan Tingxue admired Darryl very much, took his hand and smiled: “I almost forgot. Mr. Darryl is here. He has much better medical skills than me. There must be a way to cure Zun as soon as possible. The injury of the Lord.”

When he said this, Tan Tingxue couldn’t hide his worship of Darryl.


When the voice fell, Yu Wenji also nodded in agreement and smiled and said: “Yes, Mr. Darryl is skilled in medicine, and there must be a prescription.”

With that, Yu Wenji pointed at Darryl and said, “Mr. Darryl, please trouble you.”

D*mn it!

Seeing this, Darryl wanted to cry without tears.

D*mn, what is this?

This Yu Wenyan’s injury was caused by himself, and now he should be healed?

However, under the gaze of Yan Tingxue and Yu Wenji, Darryl smiled and walked over.

When he arrived, Darryl smiled at Yu Wenyan: “Since the pavilion master and elder Yan strongly recommend it, I am disrespectful. Please tell me in detail how the lord was injured. I will prescribe the right medicine.”

Darryl was very clear about Yu Wenyan’s injury, but he had to ask and behave. Otherwise, you just prescribe the medicine without asking anything, isn’t it just revealing?

However, Yu Wenyan did not cooperate at all, deliberately making things difficult: “Aren’t you a famous doctor? In the medical skills you learn, you pay attention to seeing, smelling and asking, you can see my state, don’t you know?”


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned. This was deliberately giving me a problem and wanted to test my medical skills.

Fortunately, Yu Wenyan’s injury was caused by himself, and he knew it clearly. Otherwise, it would be difficult to judge just by observing the appearance.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl squeezed out a smile, nodded and said: “The lord is right, then I will take a look.”

When the voice fell, Darryl surrounded Yu Wenyan, pacing slowly, and carefully observed.

“The Lord!”

Finally, after watching for two full minutes, Darryl showed a smile, and said to Yu Wenyan: “If I guess it is right, you were injured by a magic weapon, and you have hurt your heart.”

With that said, Darryl deliberately made a look of contemplation, and continued: “Furthermore, the magic weapon that hurt you is extremely evil. Let me guess, could it be Lu Bu’s Fangtian painting halberd back then?”


When the words fell, Yu Wenyan’s heart trembled, and she looked at Darryl in amazement, and she was completely stunned and speechless.

This person’s medical skills are so brilliant.

Not only did he accurately say that he was injured, but he was able to guess what weapon he was injured by.

It’s amazing.


Yu Wenji trembled even more, looking at Darryl with endless admiration and admiration in her eyes.

I really didn’t read the wrong person. This Mr. Darryl is simply a genius doctor. You know, how Yu Wenyan was injured, no one told him at all, but through observation, he guessed exactly the word.

Yan Tingxue next to him, and the disciples around him, were in an uproar, each of them looked at Darryl with incomparable admiration.

“Mr. Darryl’s medical skills are really superb.”

“Yeah, you can see it this way.”



Seeing their shocked look, Darryl looked like an expert on the surface, but he was secretly funny in his heart.

This woman from Yuwenyan and Xiyan Pavilion is really interesting. She just said a few words and stopped them. Yuwenyan’s injury was caused by her own injury. Can you guess wrong?

“Mister is really amazing.”

Finally, Yu Wenyan reacted, and praised Darryl: “I guessed it. It’s really admirable. Yes, I was injured by Fang Tian’s painted halberd. Dare to ask Mr., there is a good way to treat me. Heal quickly?”

When saying this, Yu Wenyan’s tone revealed a certain amount of admiration and politeness, completely devoid of the cold arrogance before.

“Of course!” Darryl said with a smile: “My method is called medicated bath.”

Medicated bath?

Hearing these two words, everyone in the hall was taken aback, with doubts on their faces.

“Medicinal bath, as the name suggests, is to take a bath to eliminate the hurt.” Darryl looked around, and finally looked at Yu Wenyan and said: “Wait for someone to prepare a wooden bucket, and then put a few herbs in according to what I said. Go in, the Lord jumps in and soaks for an hour, and the injury will be much reduced.”

Having said that, Darryl thought for a while and continued: “But the order of the prescriptions can’t be wrong, and a special way is needed to move the gong to heal injuries, so I still need to be on the sidelines.”

After speaking the last sentence, Darryl looked serious, but he secretly smiled in his heart.

In fact, Darryl had many ways to heal Yu Wenyan quickly, but Darryl didn’t want this. Yu Wenyan was cruel, how could he easily cure him?

Of course, the medicated bath that Darryl said was not fabricated. The purpose of this was to find a chance to leave Xiyan Pavilion.

Darryl planned, and when Yu Wenyan was taking the medicinal bath, he took the opportunity to leave, even if Yu Wenyan found out, there was no cover on his body, and he was embarrassed to get up and pursue him.


As soon as this word came out, the whole hall was silent.

Whether it was Yu Wenji, Yan Tingxue, and the female disciples around, they all looked at Darryl complicatedly, shining with a strange light.


And Yu Wenyan’s face changed, and she was a little reddened, which was very unnatural.

In the next second, Yu Wenyan shook his head decisively: “This method doesn’t work, change another.”

When speaking, Yu Wenyan’s eyes flashed with determination, no rebuttal, and at the same time tilted her head, not looking at Darryl, revealing a trace of shyness.

At the same time, Yu Wenji cleared her throat and said softly, “Yes, Mr. Darryl, can you change it to this medicated bath…the medicinal bath is really a bit…”

At the end of the talk, Yu Wenji’s eyes flickered with complexity, and she stopped talking.


Darryl was stunned, very surprised.

What’s the situation, isn’t it just a shower? Everyone is a man, why is Yu Wenyan twitchy like a woman?

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that Yu Wenyan was a handsome man on the surface, but in fact, he was a woman. Speaking of it, when he founded Xiyan Pavilion with Yuwenji, Yuwenyan was still dressed up as a woman. However, after a woman disguised as a man and experienced some adventures and became the leader of the Phantom Teaching, Yuwenyan began to dress up as a man. .

Because one of the canon of Phantom Music clearly states that women cannot be the leader, so Yu Wenyan can only pretend to be a man. Otherwise, if someone is found to be a woman, the leader’s position will not be kept.

“In addition to the medicated bath, there are other ways.” Darryl scratched his head and said: “But those methods are similar to what Elder Yan said. It takes too long to heal at least ten days, and this medicated bath is the fastest. “

At this time, Darryl didn’t see the identity of Yu Wenyan’s woman at all, and insisted on saying that, the purpose was to take the opportunity to leave while Yu Wenyan was in the medicinal bath.


Hearing this, Yu Wenyan groaned and hesitated, but finally nodded: “All right.”

As he said, Yu Wenyan looked at Darryl seriously, no doubt: “However, before the medicated bath begins, Mr. Darryl must cover his eyes.” The voice is not loud, but his attitude is firm and beyond doubt.

How could a man see the body of his own icy daughter?

Chapter 1077

I go!

Darryl was stunned. He didn’t know that Yu Wenyan was a man disguised as a woman. Darryl couldn’t help whispering, this Yu Wenyan is ill, and he needs to be blindfolded when he takes a bath. A big man doesn’t have any psychological problems or cleanliness?

Thinking about it, Darryl nodded and said: “Okay, no problem!”

Regardless of whether you have a cleanliness fetish or not, when you enter the tub, I will take the opportunity to slip away.

Seeing Darryl’s promise, Yu Wenyan breathed a sigh of relief, and raised her hand to signal the female disciple next to her to go to the room to prepare a wooden barrel and hot water.

Immediately, Yu Wenyan got up and walked towards the room.

Darryl followed behind.

Yu Wenji was concerned about Yu Wenyan’s injury, and followed with Yan Tingxue.

Soon, the wooden barrel and hot water are ready. Darryl asked people to get herbs and put them in the hot water in the same proportion.

After doing this, a female disciple brought a piece of black cloth and blindfolded Darryl.

Call to

For a moment, there was darkness in front of him, but Darryl didn’t panic at all, took a deep breath, and said to Yu Wenyan: “My Lord, now you can go into the water. After you are completely soaked in, I will tell you how to do your work and clear the inside Internal force.”

With that, Darryl said to Yu Wenji at the door: “Pavilion Master, Elder Yan, this medicinal bath treatment recipe is a mystery passed down in my family, so…you better go out.”

“Well, we’re at the door.” Yu Wenji nodded, took Yan Tingxue and the female disciples around, exited the room and closed the door.

Many family mysteries are not spread, especially medicine, these Yu Wenji knows very well.

At this time, Yu Wenji didn’t know that Darryl said this deliberately to distract them.

In a moment, Darryl and Yu Wenyan were left in the steamy room.


Seeing Darryl blindfolded and unable to see herself at all, Yu Wenyan let go of her heart, unbuttoned her clothes, and slowly jumped into the tub.

“Honorable Lord, you have been shocked by your heart pulse. After entering the bath tub, use the power of your dantian and flow into the vicinity of your heart pulse…” Hearing the sound of water, Darryl spoke slowly with a serious look.


Yu Wenyan responded, and according to the method Darryl said, he soaked in the tub, and began to stimulate his internal strength to heal his heart…

After a while, Yu Wenyan entered the state, closed his eyes, and looked very peaceful.

For a while, there was silence in the room, almost audible needle drop.


Although Darryl couldn’t see it, he could clearly feel that Yu Wenyan was already in a state of medicated bath at this time.

Don’t leave at this time, when will you stay!

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t hesitate, he tore off the black cloth on his face, and walked towards the window behind.


However, at this moment, when Yu Guang saw the situation in the barrel, Darryl’s whole body was shocked, completely stunned.

I saw that in the rising water mist, an extremely graceful figure, soaked in it, the faintly fascinating curve, suddenly made Darryl’s eyes straight.


Seeing that beautiful face again, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath of air, shocked in his heart.

This…. Didn’t you look dazzling?

Is Yu Wenyan a woman?

Darryl clearly saw that Yu Wenyan, who had recovered her daughter’s body at this time, had exquisite and beautiful features, which was simply impeccable.

I went, she turned out to be a woman disguised as a man.


It’s so beautiful.

At this moment, Darryl’s eyes didn’t blink. In addition to admiration, he still admired.

Just when Darryl was looking at him, he suddenly felt that a killing intent came from before his eyes.

“You! Find! Die!” I saw that Yu Wenyan didn’t know when he opened his eyes. At this time, the beautiful face was flushed with steam, but his eyes stared at Darryl coldly. , Revealing a strong murderous aura.


What a strong murderous look.

Feeling Yu Wenyan’s gaze, Darryl sweated coldly, but he quickly calmed down.

She is not wearing clothes now, why is she panicking?

“You!” At this moment, Yu Wenyan bit her lips tightly, her eyes filled with resentment: “You ruin your innocence, I, I will kill you!”

When the voice fell, Yu Wenyan’s face was filled with endless anger.

The leader of the dignified phantom music teacher was actually watched by a man, which was even more uncomfortable than killing her.

“The Lord!”

Feeling Yu Wenyan’s anger, Darryl smiled and said: “Don’t be excited, the black cloth is loose, and it fell by yourself, don’t blame me, besides, I don’t know you are a female!”

While speaking, Darryl looked up and down Yu Wenyan. I have to say, this Yu Wenyan is really the best beauty, this figure is perfect.

Especially the situation of bathing in the water in front of me really corresponds to the artistic conception of a poem:’Naturally go to sculpture, clear water will produce hibiscus’.


Yuwen’s flame is not light, his lips are about to bite and bleed. I wanted to rush out and kill him, but thought that I didn’t wear anything, and held back.

“That one…”

Darryl closed it as soon as he saw it. After watching for a few seconds, he looked away from Yu Wenyan and said with a smile: “Master, you continue to soak, I will avoid, avoid…”

If you don’t leave at this time, there will be no chance!

When the voice fell, Darryl urged his figure to jump out of the window. There were Yu Wenji and Yan Tingxue guarding outside the door, they couldn’t get out at all, they had to go through the window.


Jumping out of the window, Darryl took a deep breath and rushed directly towards the door.

“Come on!”

Seeing this scene, Yu Wenyan was ashamed and angry, with no cover on her body, unable to chase, she could only snorted and shouted: “Get me this ba5tard, kill him…”


Hearing the movement, Yu Wenji and Yan Tingxue outside, without thinking about it, pushed the door and rushed in.


At this moment, everyone was stunned when they saw the scene in the room. They saw Yu Wenyan soaking in the tub, his face blushing, and a strong murderous look between his eyebrows, but Mr. Darryl was missing.

“This ba5tard surnamed Darryl, peeked at me to take a shower, and now he jumped out of the window and ran away.” When everyone was stunned, Yu Wenyan said coldly: “Quick, he can’t run far now, hurry up.”


Upon hearing this, both Yuwenji and Yan Tingxue trembled, furious.

This Mr. Darryl is so bold that he dares to peek at the Lord’s bath?

“Quick, chase!”

In the next second, Yu Wenji reacted without hesitation, and quickly ordered the disciple beside her. At the same time, Yu Wenji rushed out of the room quickly.

At this moment, Darryl is here.

Darryl’s speed was so fast that he quickly rushed to the gate of the general altar.

“Darryl Tao, stop.”

At this moment, Yu Wenji’s tender drink came from behind.


Darryl’s heart was shocked, and when he looked back, he saw Yu Wenji and Yan Tingxue, along with dozens of female disciples, chasing after him.

This Xiyan Pavilion reacted quickly, chasing him so quickly.

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t respond, but speeded up.

“Mr. Darryl, don’t run first. Just tell us what the situation is. It’s not necessary.” Yan Tingxiu frowned, crying anxiously.

Although it has been a short time to get acquainted with Darryl, Yan Tingxue believes that Mr. Darryl is not a lustful person. After all, he was invaded by the cold before and took the initiative to hug him. He was very disciplined at the time.

Chapter 1078

Yu Wenji had a pretty face and frosty face. Seeing Darryl ran forward without turning back, she suddenly became a little angry. As soon as she lifted her hand, she saw a few cold glows that cut through the night sky and headed directly towards Darryl.

Whoosh whoosh…

Where Han Mang passed, the air made a slight squeal, and lightning quickly reached Darryl’s back in the blink of an eye.

D*mn it!

Darryl was startled, what hidden weapon is this? It’s so tough.

Thinking about it, Darryl dodged quickly. However, he still didn’t completely avoid it. He saw a cold light hitting Darryl Wuxue on Darryl’s back. Suddenly, Darryl stiffened and couldn’t move.

Puff puff…

The other few cold glows that were hollowed out were nailed to the ground in front of Darryl. Darryl saw through the moonlight that there were a few silver needles, but they were much shorter than those used for acupuncture, with a faint gleam on them. Purple light, and the tail of the needle is carved into the shape of a feather.


Seeing these silver needles, Darryl’s heart was shaken.

Even silver needles are used as hidden weapons, and these silver needles look very special.

What made Darryl even more shocked was that the wind on his back had no holes. After being pierced by the silver needle, his body could not move at all. You must know that Darryl’s ability to approach the Crossing Tribulation Realm can easily be hit by hidden weapons ‘S bounced away, and this silver needle, Darryl tried to stimulate internal force, but couldn’t force it out.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that the hidden weapon Yu Wenji used was her stunt’Tianyu Needle’ at the bottom of the box.

Tianyu needles are made of special purple gold fine iron. Once they are pierced into the acupoints, the blood around the acupoints will be blocked, let alone Darryl, even the strong man who crosses the Tribulation Realm is helpless.


Just when Darryl looked at Tianyu Needle and was surprised, Yu Wenji and Yan Tingxue rushed to the front.


At this time, Yu Wenji looked at Darryl coldly: “You are so bold, you dare to peek at the Lord’s bath, for wasting this seat and respect you so much. I didn’t expect you to be such a despicable and shameless villain.”

She and Yu Wenyan are in love with sisters, and she is very angry when she sees Yu Wenyan’s innocence.

“Pavilion Master, you have misunderstood.” Darryl smiled bitterly, and explained: “How can I have the guts to peek at the Lord’s bath? That black cloth accidentally fell off. I saw it accidentally, and I also I don’t know if the Lord is a female.” The mobile phone will remember to provide you with wonderful novels for one second.

When saying this, Darryl looked innocent and sincere.

To be honest, Darryl was too lazy to explain the situation at the time, but there was no way. Yu Wenji’s silver needle hidden weapon was too weird, and he couldn’t move at all. If he didn’t explain, the misunderstanding would be even greater.


Upon hearing this, Yu Wenji’s eyes flickered, and she said coldly: “Since I saw it accidentally, what did you run for?”

“Pavilion Master!”

As soon as the voice fell, Darryl said bitterly: “I watched the Lord’s bath. I have to kill me. If I don’t run, shall I stand there and wait for death?”

With that, Darryl secretly paid attention to Yu Wenji’s reaction, and at the same time felt depressed.

D*mn, she was able to leave Xiyan Pavilion at a glance. She didn’t think that Yuwenji had used a silver needle to seal her acupuncture points, which was a waste of her previous achievements.

Fortunately, they didn’t know their true purpose, which was to leave Xiyan Pavilion.

Seeing that Darryl didn’t seem to be lying, Yu Wenji’s eyes eased.

“Pavilion Master!”

At this time, Yan Tingxue bit her lip and said softly: “It seems that this is really a misunderstanding. Mr. Darryl didn’t mean it. If he is really a womanizer, he won’t just watch the Lord take a shower… .. Moreover, he didn’t know the identity of the Lord’s daughter in advance.”


Yu Wenji nodded and agreed, but did not pull out the silver needle on Darryl’s back.

At this moment, Yu Wenyan walked over wearing a nightgown, with her long white legs exposed outside, making her look s3xy. Only at this time, her beautiful face was full of anger, but the looming curve still made Darryl’s eyes straighten.

“Arrogant villain!”

Feeling Darryl’s gaze, Yuwen Yan’s delicate body trembled, screamed, and ordered: “Kill him immediately for the deity. Before killing him, goug out a pair of eyes.”

This person, who had peeped at himself before taking a bath, was unforgivable, but now he has been caught, his eyes are still irregular.

It’s D*mn it.

D*mn it!

Darryl was taken aback, and quickly looked away, and said with a wry smile: “Master, don’t get excited, this is really a misunderstanding.”

D*mn, just take a look, will you lose your head? If I touched you, wouldn’t it be a thousand cuts?

At this moment, Yu Wenji came over and said softly to Yu Wenyan: “Mr. Darryl just mentioned the situation. The black cloth accidentally fell off. He didn’t mean it. Let’s forget about it.”

“Yes!” Yan Tingxue also said quickly: “Since it is a misunderstanding, Lord Lord, don’t care about it. Besides, Mr. Darryl will help you treat your injury.”

Yu Wenyan didn’t speak, but stared at Darryl tightly, revealing evil spirit and hostility.


At this time, the whole audience was silent, almost audible the needle drop, and the atmosphere was extremely depressing.


Darryl secretly swallowed saliva, a layer of cold sweat broke out on his forehead, D*mn, this Yu Wenyan wouldn’t really want to kill herself. To be honest, the acupuncture path was sealed by the silver needle and could not move at all. Yu Wenyan really wanted to do it, but she didn’t even have the chance to resist.


At this moment, Yu Wenyan approached slowly and slapped Darryl’s face with a slap without warning.

This slap was heavy, and for a moment, there was no sound around, and everyone was stunned.

“Darryl Tao, the deity doesn’t care about today’s affairs, but if there is another time, the deity will definitely make you unable to survive or die!” Yu Wenyan said coldly.

In fact, in Yu Wenyan’s heart, he also knew that what happened just now was a misunderstanding. The wind and waves in front of him did not deliberately peek at him.

But in any case, he was as innocent as jade, but he was taken care of by him. To Yu Wenyan, it was a shame and shame, even if he didn’t kill him, he couldn’t be forgotten.

With that said, Yu Wenyan raised his jade hand, tapped several acupuncture points on Darryl’s body, and pulled out the silver needle at the same time.

In this way, Darryl was also restrained.

“From now on, send a few people to follow him next to him.” Yu Wenyan’s exquisite face was as cold as frost, without the slightest fluctuation, and coldly said: “He is not allowed to walk around in the Xiyan Pavilion. Once he has something The unruly behavior was killed directly.”

When he said this, Yu Wenyan glared at Darryl, but his anger was still there.

To be honest, Yu Wenyan really wanted to kill him right away, but Yan Tingxue said it was right. This person has good medical skills and needs his help to treat his injuries, which can only dispel the idea of ​​killing.

“Yes, Lord!” Several female disciples responded, and then took Darryl back to the room like a prisoner.


At this moment, Darryl wanted to cry without tears.

This Yu Wenyan was also too careful, saying that it was a misunderstanding, even if he slapped him, he even sent a few disciples to watch him all the time. How will I leave from now on?

To be honest, if there were a few beautiful female disciples who watched him all the time, Darryl would be extremely happy in his heart. However, at this time, he only wanted to leave Xiyan Pavilion, so he wouldn’t be in the mood to think about it.

Chapter 1079


On the other side, Beiying Continent!

In the main hall, Yang Jian was dressed in a dragon robe, sitting on the throne, listening to the officials to report various situations in the mainland.

Since he conquered the Southern Cloud Continent and was defeated by Darryl, Yang Jian has not sent troops to conquer other continents. Instead, he ordered the army, trained hard, and was always prepared.

At the same time, Yang Jian also kept sending people to investigate the whereabouts of Darryl and Guiguzi. He was afraid of Guiguzi, if Guiguzi was with Darryl, he would not dare to move Darryl.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, Gonggong walked quickly into the hall. His exquisite face was filled with joy and excitement. He respectfully said: “Your Majesty Qi, the minister has checked it out. At that time, after we evacuated from the Southern Cloud Continent, Senior Guigu and Darryl separated.”

“Furthermore, the subordinates found out that Senior Guigu was indeed released by Darryl from Linglong Tower. It stands to reason that Guiguzi should recognize Darryl as his master. However, Senior Guigu’s temperament is untamed and would rather die than Recognizing that Darryl is the master, it was Darryl who pleaded several times at that time, and Senior Guigu agreed to help him resist our Beiying army.”


Hearing this, Yang Jian’s eyes lit up and couldn’t help but stand up and watch Gonggong closely: “Surely these news you said are true?”

“All are true, my subordinates dare not deceive your Majesty.” Gong Gong looked serious and nodded in response: “Now Senior Guigu, he has traveled all over the world, and he doesn’t know where he is. But his servants found out that Darryl is alone in the Yellow Sea. The mainland, I don’t know what it is doing.”

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Yang Jian Yangtian laughed, and his mood was extremely cheerful.

After doing it for a long time, Darryl has nothing to do with Guiguzi, but he has been jealous for so long.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, Gong Gong showed a slight smile and complimented: “Since Darryl has nothing to do with Senior Guigu, we don’t need to worry about it, and Darryl is not in the Earth Continent now. I think this is exactly what we attacked the Earth Continent. good chance.”

As he said, Gonggong’s eyes flashed with confidence, and he continued: “Didn’t your Majesty want to catch Darryl alive? This Darryl has always taken the responsibility of defending the Earth Round Continent as its own duty. As long as we conquer the Earth Round Continent, Darryl will definitely appear. .”

“Good, good!”

Hearing this, Yang Jian smiled and nodded approvingly: “This proposal is not bad. Let me pass on my will and send troops immediately to attack the land.”

At this moment, Yang Jian had a smile on his face and his eyes flashed with urgency.


A few minutes later, hundreds of thousands of Beiying’s army quickly assembled, and under the leadership of Yang Jian, they marched toward the Diyuan Continent.

After several hours of marching, the army finally reached the southwest border of the Earth Circle.

At this moment.

At the border of the southwestern continent of the earth, deep in the endless mountain, a woodcutter, carrying a basket, and his young son, walked slowly on the mountain road.

The woodcutter has lived here for generations and made a living by going up the mountain to chop wood and hunting. For the first time today, he brought his child out to tell him how to hunt.


At this moment, there was a soul-shaking roar from the woods ahead, and then, a dazzling tiger jumped out.


Seeing the tiger, the woodcutter trembled and was so scared.

“Father, tiger, I…I’m afraid!” The son was even more frightened and shrank behind the woodcutter, trembling all over.

“Don’t be afraid or not…” The woodman kept comforting, but his face was extremely pale, scared Liushen Wuzhu. Although he is a hunter, he is not a tiger fighting hero. How could he be an opponent of a fierce tiger.


At this time, the colorful tiger roared again, with blood-red eyes, staring at the father and son, the blood basin opened wide, and the huge body set off a fishy wind, and directly rushed over.

It’s over.

Seeing the tiger coming, the woodman held his son tightly and closed his eyes, desperate in his heart.

I had known that I would encounter a beast today, so I would not bring my son out.

“Naughty aD*mnl, hurt the innocent.”

However, at this critical moment, I heard a sweet drink not far away in the air.


The woodcutter heard the sound and looked at it, and his body was shocked, and he took a breath of air-conditioning, and he was stunned.

I saw that a slender figure flew, elegant and smart, white long skirt, the graceful curve, vividly and vividly, the facial features are exquisite and beautiful, just like a fairy descending from the earth.

This woman is Elisa.

At the beginning, he was buried alive by Gary on Mount Emei. Elisa survived the catastrophe with the method of retreating his breath. At that time, thinking of his own cause and effect, Elisa fully realized his grievances and fame and fortune, and left Emei Mountain and wandered around.

During this period, Elisa would do a lot of good deeds whenever he went to a place, punish evil and promote good, and benefit the people, in order to eliminate his previous sins.

I happened to pass by here today and saw a fierce tiger trying to hurt the woodcutter and his son. Elisa didn’t think much about it, so he came to stop it.


At this moment, looking at Elisa in midair, the woodcutter opened his mouth and completely killed him.

What a beauty.

Is this a fairy descending to the earth?


At this moment, feeling Elisa’s threat, the tiger roared, jumped up, and directly rushed towards Elisa.

“The evil aD*mnl suffers death!”

Watching the tiger pounce, Elisa didn’t panic at all, his delicate face was extremely calm, and he gave a soft drink. The figure fluttered in the air and turned around, avoiding the tiger’s attack. At the same time, he stretched out his jade hand and slapped the tiger The top of his head.


There was a dull sound, the tiger’s skull shattered and killed immediately, and the huge body fell heavily in the woods.

Immediately, Elisa’s figure also fell down.


Seeing this scene, the woodcutter and his son were extremely shocked.

“Thank you Fairy for helping me.” A few seconds later, the woodcutter reacted and kowtowed to Elisa to thank him.

Killing a tiger so easily, what is it not a fairy?

Elisa smiled lightly and waved his hand: “You don’t need to be polite, this big brother, I’m not a fairy, I’m just a passerby.”

After speaking, Elisa looked around and continued: “The environment in this area is complicated. You must be careful when you go up the mountain to hunt.”

“Yes, thank you fairy for reminding.” The woodcutter nodded repeatedly, and then took his son down the mountain.


Seeing the father and son walking away, Elisa breathed a sigh of relief, feeling very relaxed.

Today, I saved two more people. Did my sins alleviate a lot?

Da da da…

At this moment, only a sound of horseshoes came from the road below.

Elisa hurriedly looked at it, and suddenly she trembled.

Not far from the road, I saw an army of hundreds of thousands, neatly lined up, galloping forward, these hundreds of thousands of soldiers, wearing uniform black armor, not only that, there are thousands of big birds in the sky. , Above each big bird, there is a soldier standing, far away, you can feel a breath of suffocation.

In front of the army, in mid-air, there was a tall figure suspended in the air, wearing a golden armor, majestic, and beside him was a big black dog.

It is Yang Jian, the true monarch of Erlang, and the Snarling Dog.

Chapter 1080


Seeing this scene, Elisa’s face was instantly pale, her delicate body trembling constantly.

Yang Jian led the Beiying army to attack the Diyuan Continent?

Elisa was trapped in the Beiying Palace and naturally knew Yang Jian.


A few seconds later, Elisa reacted and hurried down the mountain.

At this time, Elisa had already thought about the fact that the Beiying army had invaded the Earth Continent, and the situation was urgent, so he must notify the various factions immediately.

Speaking of it, once forcing the masters of various sects to take Heitian Pill, Elisa was very embarrassed to go to meet with the various sects, but for the sake of the safety of the earth, it didn’t matter.


At this moment.

Zhongzhou City, Ouyang Family.

On the rivers and lakes, there was a rare peaceful period, and the Ouyang family also restored the peace of the past.

However, today the Ouyang family is unexpectedly lively, and all sects from the rivers and lakes gather here to jointly elect Darryl as the leader of the martial arts.

Speaking of it, before the various sects recognized Elisa as their leader, they were not willing. After all, they all took Heitian Pill, and Elisa’s life was in Elisa’s hands.

And now, Elisa was buried alive by Gary, already dead.

More importantly, some time ago, Yang Jian led the Beiying army and conquered everywhere, which caused panic among all mainlanders. Now the land circle continent has no leader, and a leader must be elected to lead it.

However, Darryl had repelled the Beiying army in the Southern Cloud Continent before, and he was famous in Kyushu, and he was a suitable candidate for the leader.

At this time, in the lobby.

Janis, Cynthia, Raquel, Kendra, Peter and Lorenzo all sat there with smiles and relaxed expressions.

Darryl was elected as the leader, who wouldn’t be happy for him?

In the guest seats below, the heads of all sects are all here, and you can see a lot of familiar faces, Wudang Lingbao real person, Shaolin Kongwu master, beggar gang, iron palm sect, and giant whale club are all here.


At this moment, Janis smiled slightly, looked around the audience, and said softly: “Thank you for being so optimistic about Darryl’er. It’s just that Darryl’er is not in the Ouyang family now and has gone out to do errands. So, let’s wait for him to talk about the lord’s affairs. .”

Janis was in the Xicang Continent before, and when Darryl led his army back to the Earth Round Continent, she followed.


Is Darryl away?

Hearing this, the masters of all schools were taken aback, and each of them looked very embarrassed.

The leader couldn’t decide, if Yang Jian led Beiying’s army to fight, when the time comes, the earth circle continent has no leader, and a plate of scattered sand, then it will be troublesome.

“Everyone, don’t panic!”

At this moment, Lorenzo stood up and said with a smile: “Darryl is in the Southern Cloud Continent, and has broken the Beiying army and is famous all over the world. Then Yang Jian has suffered from him and he dare not rush to attack our land.”

Lorenzo is careful in mind, and he can see what everyone is worried about at a glance.

Hearing this, everyone cheered up, and smiles appeared on their faces.

“Yes, that’s right, Palace Master Wen is right, even if Sect Master Yue is not the leader, Beiying Continent would not dare to attack easily.”

“I also heard about the war in the Southern Cloud Continent. Sect Master Yue used his soldiers like a god…”

“Haha, with the patron saint of Sect Master Yue, why are we still panicking?”

Everyone’s discussion, you and I came one by one, ugly and ugly and laughed without saying a word.

Peter and Raquel around him also chuckled secretly.

These people are really interesting. When they played for Elisa, they belittle Darryl in various ways. Now that Elisa is dead, they turn around to please Darryl.


Just when everyone was saying good things about Darryl, at this moment, the door of the hall was suddenly pushed open. Then, a graceful and slender figure slowly walked in.

It is Elisa.

Half an hour ago, Elisa visited various sects and learned that the Ouyang family were all here. Elisa did not dare to delay and rushed over.

At this time, Elisa was in the dust, with exhaustion on his delicate face, and anxiety in his eyes.


Seeing Elisa, everyone present was dumbfounded.

This…. This is Elisa?

Wasn’t she buried alive in Mount Emei by the prince of the Apocalypse Continent? Why… not dead?

Being buried a few meters deep in the ground, she can still save her life. How did she do it?

For a while, many people’s brains buzzed, looking at Elisa one by one, in disbelief.


Finally, Tang Qingyun was the first to react and stand up to the crime, pointing at Elisa and shouting angrily: “Elisa, you, a woman with a vicious heart and vicious means, dare to show up?”

Tang Qingyun is a well-known wall grass, and now Darryl is elected as the leader of the leader, who is the biggest backer, and Elisa, even if he survives a catastrophe, he has no strength and does not need to please anymore.


When the voice fell, everyone from other sects followed suit and accused Elisa one after another!

“Elisa, what you did in the past is not a shame if you die a hundred times. You should find a place if you don’t die this time, but you will spend the rest of your life. Don’t participate in the affairs of the world anymore.”

“Yes, this is not where you came from. Get out of here.”

“In my opinion, she is here to beg Sect Master Yue to take him in, hehe, what a mean woman…”

The more people scolded, the more unpleasant it became, but Elisa did not hear it.

In the next second, Elisa looked at Janis and said anxiously: “Mrs. Jiang, where is Darryl? I am looking for him in a hurry!”

Darryl is a hero of the Earth Round Continent, with a strong appeal and proficient in the art of war. Only he can stop the invasion of the Beiying army.


Janis looked calm, without the slightest fluctuation, and said lightly: “He is not here.”

Janis was also surprised to see Elisa come back from the dead, but thinking of what she had done before, Janis was too lazy to say.

Not here?

Hearing this, Elisa’s body trembled, her face pale, and her heart was too anxious.

It’s broken, the Beiying army has already passed the border at this moment, and Darryl is not here, this is troublesome.

Thinking about it, Elisa asked, “Where did he go? Can I contact him now?”

Janis hesitated, thinking about whether to answer, but was interrupted by Peter. The mobile terminal will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading in one second.


Peter looked at Elisa closely, his eyes flashing with hostility, and coldly said: “What are you looking for Darryl for? You didn’t hurt him enough before? You want to kill him? I tell you, where is Darryl now, we don’t know. , Even if I know it, I won’t tell you.”

When the words fell, Cynthia, Bessie and others all nodded in agreement.

Elisa has a vicious heart and has to guard against it.

However, none of them knew that Elisa had already changed his past.


Upon hearing this, Elisa gave a wry smile without refuting it.

Yes, what I used to be is really hateful.

Soon, Elisa adjusted his emotions, looked around, and said to the various schools present: “The situation is urgent, I won’t say much. You heads, quickly mobilize manpower and go to Huashan area to resist the army of Beiying.”

With that said, Elisa showed a certain dignity on his face, and continued: “Five hours ago, I saw with my own eyes that Yang Jian led a large army through the southwest border. It is estimated that now, it is about to reach the Huashan area.”

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