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Chapter 1081

what? ! Yang Jian is coming? !

One stone stirred up a thousand waves.

Everyone present was shocked and stunned.

In the next second, Tang Qingyun couldn’t help but sneered, and mocked Elisa: “Elisa, what tricks do you want to play? Yang Jian’s army of Beiying was defeated by Sect Master Yue in the Nanyun Continent not long ago. Are you brave enough to attack the Earth Round Continent?”

When the voice fell, many people responded and echoed one after another.

“Yes, this woman must be doing something conspiracy again.”

“Elisa, do you want to deceive us again, and then use despicable means to deal with us? Ha ha, your tactics don’t work anymore, save the time!”

“Yes, this woman is full of nonsense, don’t believe it.”

In the hearts of everyone, they didn’t believe that Yang Jian had attacked.

Elisa suddenly became anxious, and directed at Tang Qingyun everyone: “What I said is true. The Beiying army has indeed come. If we don’t deploy defenses in time, the land circle will be over!”

Ha ha!

Tang Qingyun sneered and mocked: “Elisa, put away your hypocritical appearance, we really want to listen to you, the earth circle continent is really over.”

When he said this, Tang Qingyun said righteously on the surface, but his eyes flashed with pleasure of revenge.

Elisa, Elisa, once I was by your side, it was not as good as a dog. Today, I must regain some dignity with you.


When the voice fell, the audience laughed. Looking at Elisa’s eyes, they were full of sneers and contempt, and they all thought that they had seen through Elisa’s tricks.

The loud laughter sounded, Elisa stomped his feet in a hurry and couldn’t help it anymore. He looked at Tang Qingyun and said coldly: “Tang Qingyun, I admit that before, I couldn’t help you all the big sects, but today I use My own personality guarantees that what I said is true, Yang Jian has attacked! If you continue to mess around, don’t blame me for being polite!”

When he said this, Elisa’s delicate face was covered with frost.

This Tang Qingyun is really a villain. When he was the leader of the alliance, he used to flatter and flatter him. Now that he has nothing, he quickly opened up the relationship, and then devalued and mocked.


Feeling the coldness of Elisa’s body, Tang Qingyun trembled in her heart and took a step back subconsciously. After being under Elisa’s strength for so long, Tang Qingyun was almost scared to his bones. Seeing her angry at this time, she suddenly felt a little flustered.

However, seeing the people around him, Tang Qingyun had the confidence to point to Elisa and shouted: “Elisa, you don’t put on airs in front of me. This vicious woman succumbed.”

As he said, Yang Qingyun shouted at everyone: “Everyone, this week Qin is full of evil, everyone present has been brutally abused and oppressed by her, do we still have to tolerate her arrogantly in front of us?


When the voice fell, everyone remembered the force that Elisa had forced and threatened. One by one, they were filled with righteous indignation and pointed at Elisa.

“The Lord Tangbao is right, Elisa has done a lot of evil, we can’t tolerate it anymore!”

“Yes, this Elisa is so arrogant, it’s really hateful not to put our various schools in the eyes!”

“Elisa, don’t let go, don’t blame us for being polite!”

Everyone’s words of anger and anger cannot conceal the hostility and hatred towards Elisa.

At the beginning, Elisa relied on Hei Tian Dan to force various schools to respect her as the leader of the martial arts. This matter was regarded as a shame and shame by various schools and would never be forgotten.

Elisa ignored the scolding of these people. Originally, she considered the safety of the Earth Round Continent and wanted to invite all sects to resist the invading Beiying army at the first time. But never expected that the various sects did not believe their own words, not only that, but also insulted themselves one by one.

At this moment, Elisa completely lost his patience. He stared at Tang Qingyun closely, and his body trembled: “Tang Qingyun, I ask you, do you agree or not, take the disciples to Huashan to fight the enemy?”

At this time, Elisa was extremely emotional, especially seeing Tang Qingyun’s little face, her pretty face was pale, and her body trembled faintly.

“Fight against the enemy?”

There were various sects around to support him, Tang Qingyun was completely afraid of it, and sneered at Elisa: “Elisa, are you interesting? Everyone has seen through your tricks, and you continue to perform? I tell you, read it on you too. I have done some things for the Earth Round Continent. Today, I will not embarrass you, but if you mess around, don’t blame me for being polite!”

The words were righteous, but Tang Qingyun’s eyes flashed treacherously.


Elisa, Elisa, can you have today too?

Hearing this, Elisa almost exploded in anger, staring at Tang Qingyun tightly: “You said I’m a mess?”

The Beiying army has already attacked, and they don’t have any sense of defense, but they are still mocking themselves here.

What an idiot.

At this time, the surrounding sects were impatient and shouted at Elisa.

“The Lord Tangbao is right, if you don’t leave Elisa, we will really do it!”

“That’s it, for the sake of all martial arts fellows, we don’t make it difficult for you, but you don’t want to make an inch!”

“Yes, let you go today, you should be grateful, don’t know how to praise!”

The ridicule sounded, Elisa heard what they said and couldn’t help it anymore. He yelled: “Okay, okay, you guys, who pretend to be upright and chivalrous, but don’t distinguish right from wrong. I’m already It’s not the leader of the Emei faction, let alone the leader of the martial arts, and I don’t care about these fame and fortune, why should I lie to you? On the contrary, you people, holding on to my faults and narrow-minded, but still stand on a righteous stand , It’s ridiculous!”

As he said, Elisa took a deep breath, and his tone was firm: “I won’t say much nonsense. No matter what, today, you will go to Huashan with me. If it is a step late and the Earth Yuan Continent falls, none of you here can escape responsibility.”


One stone stirred up a thousand waves!

Many people changed their faces and stood up one after another, pointing at Elisa and cursing.

“what did you say?”

“What kind of thing are you qualified to talk to us like this?”

“I don’t know how to promote, I am extremely arrogant.”

At this moment, Tang Qingyun was the first to jump out, drew out his long sword, and shouted: “Everyone, such a vicious and arrogant woman, what can you do with her? Let’s go together and catch her!”

When the words fell, Tang Qingyun’s long sword was almost reaching Elisa’s chest!

At the same time, more than 20 masters of various schools rushed over! Suddenly, Elisa was surrounded by groups!

Only the Ouyang family members sat there looking at each other.


At this time, Cynthia’s eyebrows frowned, and she couldn’t help but whisper to Janis: “This is about to fight, should we take action?”

When she said this, Cynthia couldn’t help but glance at Elisa, showing disgust. Elisa framed Darryl several times, and Cynthia didn’t have a good impression of her.


Janis breathed a sigh of relief, shook her head and said, “Look at the situation first!”

Janis is thoughtful. Although she can’t tell if what Elisa is saying is true or false, she knows that Elisa is not a stupid woman, and she will not be foolishly sent to the door to give each door a chance to besiege.

Hearing this, Cynthia gave a hum and stopped speaking.

Raquel, Lorenzo and others next to them also sat quietly and watched, and they didn’t mean to act.


A bunch of idiots.

Seeing the siege of various sects, Elisa’s pretty face was frosty, and the anger in his heart was also thoroughly aroused. He lifted his jade hand and held the long sword firmly.

clang! clang! clang!

For a moment, Elisa’s figure moved lightly and smartly, constantly waving his long sword to resist, but within a few minutes, he was forced to step back.

Speaking of which, with Elisa’s strength, it is not a problem to block these people’s siege. At the beginning, Elisa also wanted to give these stubborn people a lesson, but in the end, Elisa resisted!

After all, these people in front of them are the main force of the Earth Yuan Continent, and the Beiying army still needs them to resist. If someone is injured, the fighting power of the Earth Yuan Continent will be weakened.

Chapter 1082


Seeing this scene, Janis and Lorenzo all secretly frowned.

Qin’s strength this week is not so weak, how could he be beaten so embarrassed?

Didn’t she do her best?

But it’s not right. With Elisa’s personality, how could he be merciful to Tang Qingyun’s men?

“What’s the matter?” Peter frowned, looking very puzzled.

As soon as the voice fell, Lorenzo next to him took a deep breath and slowly said: “It is indeed a bit weird. Elisa is strong and will never be so passive if she goes all out. She seems to be deliberate.”

At this time, Raquel, who had been silent, frowned her eyebrows, and said: “Yes, Elisa has a tough and stubborn personality. She was humiliated by various sects and would never swallow this breath. But whether she has exploded with all her strength, she should be on guard. We, after all, the Ouyang family didn’t take any action alone.”

As he said, Raquel said to Janis: “Elisa City Mansion is very deep, no matter what her purpose is, let’s not take it lightly.”


Hearing this, Janis nodded heavily, did not speak, but closely watched the battle.


At this time, Elisa’s siege had already begun to rush. Suddenly, Tang Qingyun found an opportunity to destroy Elisa’s long sword from behind.

Immediately afterwards, a master of Wudang sent to take advantage of the opportunity to hit Elisa’s acupoint.

Suddenly, Elisa’s body trembled, her face was pale, and she couldn’t move anymore.


At this moment, Tang Qingyun was proud, walked over quickly, and mocked Elisa: “Elisa, do you have today?”

Before I drove you away, I had to be caught to be happy.

Elisa looked cold and did not respond.

In her heart, a villain like Tang Qingyun had no need to argue with him.


Feeling Elisa’s indifference, Tang Qingyun felt as if he had been humiliated, slapped Elisa’s face with an angry heart.

The slap was heavy, Elisa’s body trembled and almost fell to the ground.

“Elisa, you all of you from the world, you have already given you a chance, but you don’t know how to promote, no wonder we are.” Tang Qingyun said coldly.

Immediately, Tang Qingyun turned his head to look at Janis, squeezed out a smile, and said in kindness: “Mrs. Jiang, what should Elisa do with this?”

Darryl has been respected by everyone as the leader of the martial arts, and Janis is Darryl’s mother-in-law, so naturally she should respect it.


At this moment, the gazes of the masters of various sects also gathered on Janis.

Although the Ouyang family did not participate in the battle just now, this is after all the territory of the Ouyang family, not to mention that Darryl was elected as the leader of the martial arts. Therefore, how to deal with Elisa is naturally determined by the Ouyang family.

Under the gaze of everyone, Janis slowly stood up, took a deep look at Elisa, and said lightly: “Let her lock her up temporarily.”

The sound is not loud, but it has an unquestionable aura.

Oliver is dead, and Darryl is not there. Janis is the master of the Ouyang family. Every word and deed represents the Ouyang family.

When the voice fell, two disciples of the Ouyang family walked over and left the hall with Elisa.


Seeing Elisa being taken away, Janis’s delicate face didn’t fluctuate at all, but her eyes shone with complexity.

Elisa’s reaction just now was too abnormal. She didn’t fight to resist. Is it true that what she said was that the army from Beiying came?

Thinking about it, Janis didn’t hesitate, and told the disciples around him: “Send someone out to investigate immediately. If there is news of the invasion by the Beiying army, report it immediately.”

“Yes, ma’am!” The disciple replied and walked out of the hall quickly.

“Mrs. Jiang!”

At this moment, Tang Qingyun walked out, puzzled: “You don’t really believe Elisa’s words, this woman is very scheming, the most deceiving!”

When the voice fell, many people around followed suit.

“Yes, don’t care about this woman at all.”

“It’s better to call Sect Master Yue back as soon as possible, to succeed as the leader, that’s the business.”

Hearing these words, Janis smiled lightly and said: “Thank you for your reminder, I know what to do.”

As he said, Janis turned around and continued: “You all come together and elect Darryl’er as the leader together. This not only makes our Ouyang family flourish, but also Darryl’er’s honor. I will let you prepare a banquet later. Everyone, you must show your face. After Darryl’er comes back, I will ask him to summon everyone to talk about the leader.”

When the voice fell, Tang Qingyun everyone smiled.

“Madam is really polite.”

“Yeah, how embarrassed to interrupt.”

Facing everyone’s compliments, Janis smiled without saying a word, and then ordered people to prepare a banquet.

After a while, the banquet was ready. Under Janis’s greetings, masters of various sects took their seats one after another, and began to push the cups and change the cups, and the atmosphere was extremely lively.

A few hours later, the banquet was over, and Janis arranged for the masters of various sects to rest in the Ouyang family.

At this time the night was deep, and the entire Ouyang family was quiet.


Suddenly, the front door was violently knocked open. Then, a family disciple, sweating profusely, ran in in a panic, yelling: “It’s not good, the army from Beiying has come and has captured Huashan. , Is now approaching Yunzhou City.”


Hearing the yelling, whether it was a member of the Ouyang family or a master of various sects, one by one was awakened from his dream, and his face changed greatly.

This…. Elisa did not lie.

Is Beiying mainland really calling?

At the same time, everyone’s hearts are full of mixed flavors.

Elisa was arrested, and five or six hours have passed since now. If everyone believed her at that time, rush to Huashan in time, maybe they will be able to stop the Beiying army in time…


Janis was so shocked that she walked out of the room quickly and shouted: “All of you, your disciples, hurry up and support Yunzhou City.”

Bang bang bang…

When the voice fell, all the schools lit up emergency fireworks. In an instant, over the entire Ouyang family, there was a blaze of fireworks. The fireworks lit the night sky, but no one appreciated them. Everyone’s face flashed with anxiety and solemnity.

Ten minutes later, the disciples of various sects gathered in the Ouyang family, which amounted to hundreds of thousands, and then quickly marched towards Yunzhou City. Starting


the other side!

The Yellow Sea Continent, Xiyan Pavilion.

After the identity of the woman was discovered, Yu Wenyan no longer pretended to be a man, but a long skirt, and still let Darryl help her recover from the injury.

Of course, with the previous misunderstanding, Yu Wenyan no longer used the medicated bath, but asked Darryl to change it.

However, even if he continued to let Darryl be his own physician, Yu Wenyan did not change his attitude towards Darryl, screaming and drinking, completely treating his subordinates the same.

In Yu Wenyan’s heart, Darryl looked at his body and was extremely hateful. It would be a great kindness not to kill him. How could he have a good face to him?

In this case, Darryl was very depressed.

Unconsciously, two days passed.

At this moment, Darryl sat on the chair in the room, looked at the female disciples who were guarding outside through the window, and sighed, wishing to cry without tears.


It’s nothing more than being called by Yu Wenyan at the moment, and there are people watching him all the time. When can I leave Xiyan Pavilion?

To be honest, in these two days, Darryl had thought of a lot of ways to leave, but finally gave up.

In Darryl’s heart, as long as he can leave Xiyan Pavilion, it doesn’t matter if he fights hard, but when he thinks of Yuwenji’s Tianyu Needle, he loses confidence in his heart.

After all, that Pavilion Master’s Sky Feather Needle, as thin as a hair, was displayed silently, and it was really hard to guard against.


At this moment, the sound of footsteps suddenly sounded outside the door, very lightly.

Immediately afterwards, I heard the voice of the pavilion master Yu Wenji, from outside: “You all go down, I have something to do with Mr. Darryl.”

“Yes, the pavilion master!” The several disciples who watched Darryl outside the door responded and stepped back.

At this moment, Yu Wenji knocked on the door lightly, her voice soft: “Mr. Darryl, have you rested?”

The voice is very soft and soft, sultry.

“Not yet, what advice does the pavilion master have?” Darryl responded with a whisper in his heart.

In the middle of the night, what is the pavilion master looking for?


Outside the door, Yu Wenji groaned, her voice a bit shy: “I have something to do, I want to ask Mr. Darryl.”

consult? Is there anything you can ask in the evening?


Muttering in his heart, Darryl walked over and opened the door. The moment the door opened, he was stunned.

I saw that Yu Wenji at this time was wearing a black silk long dress with white legs exposed underneath, not to mention too s3xy.


Darryl swallowed and couldn’t help but look at it more.

I have to say that the pavilion lord in front of him and the lord Yu Wenyan are the two most beautiful and s3xy women in the Xiyan pavilion, especially this Yu Wenji, who looks charming and has a gentle and intellectual.

“That… I’ll light the lamp first…” Darryl smiled slightly before lighting the candle light.

“do not!”

At this moment, Yu Wenji bit her lip, shook her head at Darryl, her charming face was a bit complicated: “Don’t light the lamp, it’s fine.”


Don’t light up?

How mysterious is this pavilion master. What are you going to do?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl looked at Yu Wenji in surprise, and through the moonlight, he saw that her delicate face was very unnatural, and her usual high posture was completely different.

In the next second, Darryl smiled and asked, “Pavilion Master, what is the matter?”

Chapter 1083

“I…” Yu Wenji lowered her head in a very soft voice: “Mr. Darryl, I came to you in the middle of the night because I took the Yang Shen Dan today and felt very uncomfortable, so I wanted to ask Mr. Darryl. “


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, then reacted, and said in amazement: “No, Yangshen Pill is the nemesis of cold poison in the main body of the pavilion. After taking it, it will only relieve the pain of body cold, how can it be uncomfortable What?”

“Really!” Yu Wenji became anxious, bit her lip, glanced at Darryl, then immediately lowered her head, and said softly: “I…I have a menstruation today, so I feel that I am taking Yangshen Pill After that, the cold poison in the body did not alleviate, but it became more serious. Mr. Darryl, would it affect the effect of Yangshen Pill if it came?”

This time the sound was lighter, almost faint mosquitoes and flies. If you don’t listen carefully, you can’t hear it.

Yes, Yu Wenji came to the menstruation today, and she felt very uncomfortable after taking Yangshen Pill. It was just this kind of thing, and it was not convenient to ask Darryl in public, so she had to come alone at night.

Even though Yu Wenji is the head of Xiyan Pavilion, she is a woman after all. At this moment, facing Darryl alone, she is still very embarrassed to talk about women’s private affairs.

Although the voice was very soft, Darryl was close at hand and could hear clearly.


At this moment, Darryl nodded suddenly, but he was too happy in his heart.

It’s because of this.

This pavilion master is really interesting, the master of the dignified Xiyan Pavilion, but because of this little thing, so shy.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled and nodded: “It turns out that it is so, the pavilion master guessed right, the menstruation caused the body function disorder, and it did affect the medicinal effect of the Yangshen Pill. You are normal, so don’t panic. .”


Hearing this, Yu Wenji nodded silently and let out a sigh of relief.

Immediately, Yu Wenji bit her lip and asked Darryl: “Then… Is there any solution for Mr. Darryl?”

Yu Wenji had a bit of expectation in her eyes when she said these knowledgeable goods.

Although it was a normal situation, I didn’t need to worry about it, but the taste was really uncomfortable. She believed that Darryl’s medical skills were brilliant and there must be a solution.


Darryl scratched his head, and said in a complex tone: “There are some, but…but some are difficult to handle.”

Yuwenji looked happy, and quickly said: “Since there is a way, Mr. Darryl will just say, I have a lot of strange flowers and plants in the Xiyan Pavilion. No matter how rare the spirit grass is, this seat can also get it.”

At this time Yuwenji thought that Darryl’s method needed some rare elixir.

Darryl smiled and shook his head: “Pavilion Master, it’s not the issue of medicinal materials. My method involves men and women. In other words, the Pavilion Master needs to take off the skirt, and I will stick my hand on your Yuequan. On the acupuncture point, urge your internal strength to help you regulate it.”


Hearing this, Yu Wenji’s delicate face was blushing immediately, and she bit her lip, almost bleeding.

This…this method is really embarrassing.

You know, Yuequan is just below the lower abdomen. Doesn’t this give him an advantage?

For a time, Yu Wenji was very tangled.

“Pavilion Master!”

At this time, Darryl smiled and said: “Pavilion Master Bing Qing Yujie, I really have no intention of offending, but there is no other way. If you are unwilling, go back and take a good rest. I believe that the Pavilion Master is a female hero, so little pain. , Can make it through.”

To be honest, although this method can take advantage of the pavilion master, Darryl has no such thoughts at all.

At this time, Darryl just wanted to think of a way as soon as possible and leave here.


Yuwenji furrowed her eyebrows, hesitated, and bit her lip and said: “Mr. Darryl, just follow this method.” The voice is so small that you can’t hear it if you don’t listen carefully.

To be honest, to let the man in front of her take off her long skirt and put her hand on her Yuequan acupoint, Yu Wenji was very reluctant and unwilling for millions.

But let her endure the unspeakable pain, really can’t do it.

“Okay!” Darryl nodded, his expression was serious, but his heart was secretly funny.

In the next second, Darryl continued: “Then let’s start.”


Yu Wenji responded, and under Darrylhi’s gaze, she turned around and slowly took off her long skirt.

Darryl swallowed, and a few seconds later, Darryl walked over and began to treat Yu Wenji.

At first, Yu Wenji was very nervous, especially sensing the temperature from Darryl’s hand, biting her lips tightly, her body trembled faintly, and gradually, as the pain in her body gradually disappeared, Yu Wenji smiled.

Soon, half an hour passed.

“Alright!” Darryl withdrew his hand and looked at her with a smile: “The chaos in the main body of the pavilion has been managed by me.”


Yu Wenji breathed a sigh of relief, unable to conceal her gratitude, and said softly: “Thank you, Mr. Darryl, Mr. Darryl is really a genius doctor, and I really feel better.”

Bang bang bang!

However, at this moment, a knock on the door suddenly sounded outside.

At this moment, both Darryl and Yu Wenji were taken aback.


Darryl frowned secretly and couldn’t help muttering.

Who is looking for himself in the middle of the night? Could it be Yan Tingxue who came to ask herself for advice on alchemy?

Thinking about it, Darryl’s tone was calm: “Who?”

“Open the door.”

As soon as the voice fell, a cold voice sounded outside the door, revealing indifference and command, it was Yu Wenyan.

In the past two days, Darryl has been careful not to provoke Yu Wenyan, but in Yu Wenyan’s heart, he feels that Darryl has a problem. After all, this man is so skilled in medicine, but he is unknown in the world. It is too suspicious!

Therefore, Yu Wenyan secretly sent someone to investigate the medical family that Darryl said.

As a result, the people below searched for two days and sent back news that the existence of this medical family was not found.

Upon receiving this news, Yu Wenyan doubted Darryl’s identity even more, so he came over at night and planned to interrogate Darryl.


Hearing Yu Wenyan’s voice, both Darryl and the pavilion master’s expressions changed.

Especially the pavilion master, his face was full of anxiety and panic.

It’s broken, my clothes are disheveled, and Mr. Hefeng is alone in a room. It’s still late at night. If I was discovered by Yu Wenyan, I would have misunderstood it.

Darryl naturally understood the mood of the pavilion master at this time, and said at the door: “It turns out that it is the Lord, I have already rested, if the Lord has something to do, come back tomorrow.”


At this moment, Yu Wenyan outside the door, Jiao Mei’s face was full of impatient: “If you fall asleep, get dressed, open the door to the deity, and the deity will ask you something.”

The sound is not loud, but it is full of strength, beyond doubt.

D*mn it.

Hearing this tone, Darryl was very upset.

This Yu Wenyan really treats me as a servant? You ask me to get up and open the door, so I have to do it?

Thinking about it, Darryl said indifferently: “Master, I really slept, and my clothes are dirty, so I can’t wear it anymore. It’s really inconvenient.”

Chapter 1084

“Stop talking nonsense, don’t open the door anymore, I just broke in.” Yu Wenyan was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said coldly.

The less Darryl didn’t open the door, the more Yu Wenyan was suspicious of him.


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, turned his head and said to the pavilion master: “Pavilion master, what should I do?”


At this moment, Yu Wenji put her hand to her mouth and made a gesture of silence. Her charming face was full of complexity and tension: “Don’t let her know that I am here. It’s late at night, she will misunderstand.”

When the voice fell, Yu Wenji turned around and climbed onto the bed, pulling up the quilt to cover herself.


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry. This pavilion owner also loves face too much. In order to avoid being misunderstood by Yu Wenyan, he actually got into his own bed…


Just when Darryl was secretly sighing, the door of the room was kicked open suddenly, and Yu Wen Yan’s pretty face was cold, and he walked in directly.


As soon as he entered, Yu Wenyan looked at Darryl up and down, suppressed his anger, and said coldly: “Didn’t you say that you have rested? You also said that you are not wearing clothes, so how do you explain that you are wearing so neatly now?”

When she said this, Yu Wenyan’s delicate face was extremely cold.

This wind wave, dare to lie to oneself, it is really hateful.

“The Lord!”

Darryl smiled bitterly and explained: “I have indeed rested, but didn’t you have to open the door? I just put on the clothes.”

As he said, Darryl made a very curious look: “Honorable Lord, looking for me so late, but what’s uncomfortable?”

What’s going on today?

First, the pavilion master looked for himself alone, and now this Yu Wenyan is also here, she won’t be coming to the moon too, right?

Yu Wenyan was too lazy to talk nonsense, staring at Darryl closely, and asked word by word: “Darryl Tao, who are you on earth? Tell me honestly.”

The tone is strong and can not be rebutted.


Hearing this, Darryl was stunned, and then smiled: “My identity, haven’t you said all about it before? My ancestor was a medical family, and then it declined…”

However, before finishing speaking, he was interrupted by Yu Wenyan.

“Bold Darryl, you dare to lie to the deity.” Yu Wenyan frowned, and said softly: “The deity sent someone to investigate. The Yellow Sea mainland has never had a medical family surnamed Darryl.”

Speaking of this, Yu Wenyan’s eyes flashed with suspicion and coldness: “Say, who are you?”


Darryl’s heart jumped and suddenly became a little nervous.

This Yu Wenyan, acting too carefully, actually investigated herself secretly.

At the same time, Darryl was also a little secretly funny.

Haha… The medical family that I said does not exist at all, of course you can’t find it out.

Thinking about it, Darryl responded very seriously: “Honorable Lord, my hometown is in the Southern Cloud Continent, and the family has been in decline for hundreds of years, so naturally you can’t find it out in the Yellow Sea.

When saying this, Darryl paid close attention to Yu Wenyan’s reaction.

In order to prevent Yu Wenyan from doubting his true identity, Darryl did not say that he came from the Earth Yuan Continent, but said that his hometown was in the Southern Cloud Continent.

“what did you say?”

Yu Wenyan was stunned, looked at Darryl closely, and said in doubt: “You are not from the Yellow Sea Continent? What are you doing here all the way? Did you deliberately break into the forbidden area of ​​Xiyan Pavilion? What is the purpose, say! “

At this time, Yu Wenyan became more and more impatient, and her heart was angry.

This wind wave, the words are getting more and more unreadable.


Feeling Yuwenyan’s anger, Darryl didn’t panic at all, sighed lightly, and slowly said: “The Lord should have also heard about it. Yang Jian from Beiying Continent led a large army to attack Nanyun Continent a few days ago. , I couldn’t stay in my hometown anymore, so I came to the Yellow Sea mainland to take refuge. Who knew I broke into the forbidden area of ​​Xiyan Pavilion by accident.”

After speaking the last sentence, Darryl looked helpless, as if he had really escaped.


Hearing this, Yu Wenyan took a deep breath and asked doubtfully: “Really? You didn’t lie to the deity?”

Darryl’s guess was correct. Yu Wenyan couldn’t send someone to the Southern Cloud Continent to check his details, but Yu Wenyan didn’t believe it very much based on one-sided words.

But think about it carefully. Some time ago, the Beiying army was indeed attacking the Southern Cloud Continent. I heard that many people were displaced and left the Southern Cloud Continent to take refuge.

“What I said is true.” Darryl smiled bitterly and replied: “Besides, I have no enmity and no resentment with the Lord, why should I lie to you?”


Seeing Darryl’s sincere expression, Yu Wenyan nodded: “The deity believes in you for the time being, but I will be honest in Xiyan Pavilion in the future.”

Darryl nodded quickly, serious on the surface, but secretly funny in his heart.

Haha… Although this Yuwenyan is very strong, his experience in Jianghu is really average, and he deceived her with a few words of his own.

Yu Wenyan said too lazily, turning around and leaving.


However, at this moment, the pavilion lord hiding in the bed let out a soft exhale. The pavilion lord was very nervous just now, realizing that Yu Wenyan was leaving, a heart fell to the ground, and he secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

But she didn’t know that Yu Wenyan hadn’t gone far yet.


Hearing the sound of exhalation, Yu Wenyan turned around, his eyes locked on the bed.

In the next second, Yu Wenyan glared at Darryl and snarled: “What a brave madman, do you hide Xiyan Pavilion’s female disciple in your bed, quickly hand it over.”

In the entire Xiyan Pavilion, there were no outsiders except this man, but there was another person’s breathing on his bed, which was obviously problematic.

In Yu Wenyan’s heart, Darryl had peeped at her before taking a bath, her nature was impure, so the person on the bed must be a female disciple who was arrested by him, who wanted to plot a misconduct.

I am the lord of Xiyan Pavilion, how can I allow this to happen?

D*mn it!

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, Yu Guang glanced at the bed, very helpless.

Can’t this pavilion master bear it for a while longer?

Thinking about it, Darryl showed a slight smile and said to Yu Wenyan: “The Lord has misunderstood, there is no one in my bed, it is you who heard it wrong.”

Darryl knew that the pavilion master did not want to be seen by Yu Wenyan, for fear of being misunderstood, so he helped the pavilion master to cover up.


The more Darryl was like this, the more Yu Wenyan was suspicious.


Yuwen Yan laughed back and said coldly at Darryl: “Darryl Tao, you think this deity is a three-year-old child, so foolish?”


When the voice fell, Yu Wenyan’s body trembled and rushed directly to the bed. The speed was so fast that Darryl couldn’t react at all.

In the next second, the quilt was quickly opened by Yu Wenyan.


Seeing the scene in front of her, Yu Wenyan’s body trembled in an instant, her beautiful face was extremely complicated!

I saw that the pavilion owner curled up there, because he had been bored in the quilt for too long, his face was extremely red and charming.

Chapter 1085


Finally, Yu Wenyan reacted, frowning, looking at the pavilion master and said: “Why are you here? You and this Darryl…”

When I said this, Yu Wenyan’s mood was extremely complicated. In her eyes, even though Darryl Tao is a good doctor, he is nothing but a healer.

At the same time, Yu Wenyan firmly believes that the pavilion owner is equally arrogant and cannot easily accept a man.

But Yu Wenyan never expected that the pavilion master who was close to her sister would actually like this Darryl, and came to the room for a date with Darryl in the middle of the night, and had already developed to this point…

To be honest, the situation in front of you will be doubtful if you change it to anyone. The pavilion master has no cover, he is still lying in Darryl’s bed, and Darryl has been reluctant to open before…

Obviously, the two of them were…doing things between men and women?

Thinking of this, the queen couldn’t help but blush.

“Sister, when did you and Darryl get together?” Yu Wenyan couldn’t help asking: “If you really like him, you can tell me, don’t be so concealed. Moreover, it’s just like that before getting married. Intimacy, isn’t it a bit wrong?”

She and the pavilion master have the same siblings and have always been commensurate with sisters.


Feeling the complexity in Yu Wenyan’s eyes, the pavilion master bit his lips tightly, his face was extremely blushing, opened his mouth, and quickly explained: “Sister…you misunderstood, I am not Mr. Darryl…”

At this time, the pavilion’s heart was in turmoil, and he was too anxious.

However, before finishing speaking, he was interrupted by Yu Wenyan.

“Okay, no need to explain!” Yu Wenyan pursed his mouth and shook his hand: “Sister, the love of men and women is the most common thing in the world. You don’t have to be embarrassed. Let’s talk about it. I am not the kind of stubborn person.”

As he said, Yu Wenyan’s gaze fell on Darryl, and her tone became cold: “Darryl Tao, since you and my sister have the real relationship between husband and wife, I won’t say much!”

“Uh…” Darryl was very embarrassed, squeezing out a smile, scratching his head and said: “Honorable Lord, you really misunderstood. Pavilion Master and I are really nothing.”

At this time, Darryl was also extremely embarrassed.

D*mn, I was misunderstood. I need to clarify quickly.


Hearing this, Yu Wenyan’s pretty face changed, his eyes locked on Darryl all of a sudden, flashing with killing intent.

“Bold wind and waves!” Yu Wenyan said coldly, angrily rising: “Do you want to die when you say that?”

When he said this, Yuwen Yanyu held the Variety Life Box tightly in his hands, looking like he would shoot at any time.

In Yu Wenyan’s heart, in the scene before him, the two must have had a relationship. The pavilion owner denied that it was because the woman was thin-skinned and embarrassed.

But the storm in front of him, as a man, even denied that he didn’t have any responsibility at all, it was really disgusting.

D*mn! Seeing the Variety Fatal Box, Darryl frowned secretly, this Yu Wenyan believed that he had a relationship with the pavilion owner, and it was difficult to handle this time.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled bitterly and said: “The Lord calms down, the matter between me and the Pavilion Master is a long story, so let’s let the Pavilion Master explain it to you?”

Now that Yu Wenyan has misunderstood, she said that it is useless, it is better to stabilize her temporarily.

When the voice fell, the pavilion master bit his lips and said to Yu Wenyan: “Yes, sister, don’t get excited, Mr. Darryl said it is right. Today’s situation is really hidden. It is that I am uncomfortable. Mr. Darryl treated me, so…”

Before she finished speaking, Yu Wenyan interrupted her.

“Regulate your body, in the bed?” Yu Wenyan held back a smile and asked softly.


The pavilion owner’s exquisite face flushed red, and he remained speechless.

Yeah, how can this be explained?

At this time, the pavilion master was anxious.

“All right!”

At this moment, Yu Wenyan sighed lightly, and said to the pavilion master: “Don’t explain it anymore. I can guess what the real situation is. I have always regarded you as my sister. What happened today, since I ran into it. , You have the responsibility to manage. Although the love between men and women is the most common thing in the world, it can’t be so casual.”

As he said, Yu Wenyan turned his head to look at Darryl and said coldly: “Darryl Tao, it seems that my sister really likes you.”

Yu Wenyan grew up with the pavilion master and knew the pavilion master very well. For so many years, he has never seen the pavilion master so nervous about a man, and today, he was afraid that he would kill this Darryl.

Under this circumstance, Yu Wenyan was more determined, and the pavilion master had a relationship with Darryl, otherwise, the pavilion master would not be so nervous.

Darryl scratched his head and smiled bitterly.

Yu Wenyan looked at Darryl and continued: “Since my sister likes you so much, I will not dismantle you, but there is one condition that you must agree to. Otherwise, even if my sister blames me, I will take your life.”


Darryl’s heart trembled, frowning secretly.

What does Yu Wenyan want to do?

Even if there is something between me and the pavilion, I don’t care about your business.

Forget it, let’s see what she is going to say.

Thinking about it, Darryl squeezed a smile on his face and motioned to Yu Wenyan to continue.

“My condition is very simple.” Seeing that Darryl had no objection, Yu Wenyan’s tone eased, and he said word by word: “From now on, you have to love her with all your heart, and stay at Xiyan Pavilion forever and stay with her. “


Hearing this, Darryl was taken aback and almost jumped up on the spot.

Can’t leave Xiyan Pavilion forever?

Isn’t this D*mn the son-in-law? Moreover, since he and the pavilion master are innocent, how can they stay with her forever?


At this moment, the exquisite face of the pavilion owner was also extremely blushing, and he stomped his feet in anxious manner: “Sister, I and Mr. Darryl, it is not what you think, in fact we…”

The pavilion master knew that Yu Wenyan did this for her own sake.

But this is a misunderstanding. You and Mr. Darryl, you can’t make mistakes and make the misunderstandings true.

Before she finished speaking, Yu Wenyan waved her hand: “Okay, sister, I know you care about your own face, I’m sorry to admit it, so don’t explain it!”

With that said, Yu Wenyan glanced at Darryl and continued: “But then again, if it is really a misunderstanding, then I have to kill this Darryl on the spot.”

Yu Wenyan is decisive and never procrastinates.

If it is really a misunderstanding, this Darryl must die. After all, the previous Darryl, peeking at his bath, is already dead, but tonight, the pavilion owner was also seen by him. If he continues to tolerate it, where will he put his face?


Hearing this, the pavilion master bit his lip and went silent.

Yes, if my sister knows that it is a misunderstanding, according to her personality, she will never spare Mr. Darryl lightly.

At this time, the pavilion owner regretted it very much. He had known this, so he didn’t hide in the bed just now, and it would be nice to let Mr. Darryl open the door.

Seeing the pavilion master’s silence, Yu Wenyan stopped talking nonsense.

In the next second, Yu Wenyan stared at Darryl and said coldly: “Darryl Tao, this deity has limited patience. If you agree to the conditions just now, I will announce in public tomorrow that you will be appointed as the monarch of Xiyan Pavilion. If you do not agree, Don’t blame me for being cruel.”

D*mn it!

Hearing this, Darryl’s brain buzzed and went blank, staring at the pavilion master blankly, speechless.

As long as you agree, you will become the monarch of Xiyan Pavilion? And Yu Wenyan, the pavilion master sits on an equal footing? Not only that, but he also became the man of the pavilion master?

This is too surprising!

To be honest, this pavilion master is charming and charming, and it seems not bad to get such a woman.

However, I have to look for Elsa. At the same time, there are still a lot of things in Earth Round Continent. How can I stay here forever if I wait for myself to do it?

The pavilion master trembled even more, his delicate face blushed, and he was too anxious.


Seeing Darryl’s silence, Yu Wenyan was completely impatient: “Have you thought about it?”


Darryl reacted and said with a wry smile: “The Lord said so, if I refuse, don’t I know what is good or bad? Okay, I promise!”

When he said this, Darryl winked secretly to the pavilion master.

To be honest, Darryl didn’t even think about agreeing, but if he refused, he would start hands with Yu Wenyan. When the time comes, his strength will be exposed, and his identity will be invisible.


Seeing Darryl’s promise, Yu Wenyan nodded in satisfaction.

Immediately, Yu Wenyan smiled at the pavilion master: “Okay, I won’t bother you anymore, go to rest first!”

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