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Chapter 1091

Yu Wenyan snorted, too lazy to talk nonsense, and said coldly: “Darryl Tao, are you and Elsa friends? You know in your heart, I tell you, no matter what your relationship is, if you are not good to the pavilion master, let her If you are sad, I will never let you go.”

As he said, Yu Wenyan’s tone became colder, and continued: “Also, the deity will tell you one more thing. I have sent someone to investigate Elsa’s identity outside. If it is the relationship between this woman and you, it’s not you. Like that, you just wait to watch a good show, this seat will definitely make Elsa, not to survive but not to die.”

The last sentence fell, Yu Wenyan smiled lightly, gave Darryl a deep look, and turned to leave the room.


Darryl’s body suddenly stiffened, looking at the back of Yu Wenyan leaving, his heart suddenly became annoyed.

D*mn, this Yu Wenyan, as a woman, is so deep in Scheming City Mansion that he sent someone to investigate Elsa.

While angry, Darryl felt a little anxious in his heart.

Elsa is her own woman, or the Sect Master Wen, her identity is extraordinary, anyone who knows her knows how to withstand the investigation.

It seems that you have to find a way quickly and leave with light cigarettes.

Thinking about it, Darryl’s face was solemn, and he walked out of the room.


When he arrived in the garden outside, Darryl sighed softly, and asked Pang Tong and others in the Linglong Tower: “Pang Tong, Yuan Tiangang… Do you have any ideas?”

“This…” Yuan Tiangang pondered for a moment, and said bitterly: “If it’s astronomy, geography, geomantic omen, subordinates can still solve problems for the owner, but… this relationship between men and women, subordinates really can’t help it.”

As soon as the voice fell, Pang Tong also gave a wry smile, and said: “Master, I can’t help too.”

D*mn it!

Hearing these, Darryl looked speechless.

“the host!”

At this moment, the grass sage Zhang Xu said: “The master is now impetuous, and naturally he can’t think of anything. It’s better to calm down, maybe there is a way.”


Darryl was very helpless, and said with no good air: “How can I calm down in this situation now?”

Elsa chose to stay in Xiyan Pavilion, and Yu Wenyan sent someone to investigate Elsa’s identity. It was really hard to think about it.

“Master, writing is the best way to cultivate your mood.” Zhang Xu cautiously said: “The subordinates are quite accomplished in calligraphy. Why don’t I tell you my own experience. If you practice calligraphy, as long as you enter the state, you won’t be so upset. At that time, maybe we can figure out a way.”


Hearing this, Darryl exhaled secretly and nodded silently: “Okay.”

Anyway, I can’t think of a way for the time being. It’s better to practice calligraphy and adjust your mentality as Zhang Xu said.

Next, Zhang Xu told Darryl all of his calligraphy experience, and Darryl also calmed down, sitting on the stone bench in the garden, holding a branch, and practicing on the ground.

Speaking of which, Darryl’s calligraphy was originally well written, but now he has been inspired by Cao Sheng, and his calligraphy skills have suddenly improved a lot.

I don’t know how long I practiced. As night fell, Darryl calmed down through practice calligraphy, but he still didn’t think of a way.

Seeing that the sky was getting dark, Darryl had to return to his room.


As soon as I arrived in the room, I saw a female disciple waiting in it. When Darryl came back, she spoke respectfully: “The lord said, you are now the monarch, or the husband of the pavilion master, and it is not appropriate to live here by yourself. From today, I will rest in the pavilion master’s room!”


Hearing this, Darryl was immediately stunned. After a few seconds of coldness, he reacted, and he couldn’t laugh or cry in his heart.

D*mn, this Yuwenyan is quite wide, and if he believes that he has a relationship with the pavilion owner, he must sleep together.

Afterwards, Darryl took a look inside and saw that the bedding on the bed had been cleaned away, and he couldn’t sleep at all.

Seeing this, Darryl gave a wry smile, nodded and said: “Okay!”

When the voice fell, Darryl followed the disciple and walked towards the pavilion master’s room.

As a result, as soon as he entered the door, Darryl was stunned.

The room full of fragrance was newly furnished, and the two female disciples stood there respectfully, while in the chair next to them, the pavilion master’s face was red, sitting there, very embarrassed.

Obviously, the pavilion master didn’t want to rest in the same room with Darryl, but he couldn’t hold back Yu Wenyan.


Seeing Darryl, the pavilion master’s face suddenly became hot and shy.

In the next second, the pavilion master said to several female disciples: “Okay, you all go down.”

“Yes, the pavilion master!” Several female disciples quickly responded, and then backed out, but before leaving, they didn’t forget to glance at Darryl and chuckled one by one.

This Darryl Tao has become a monarch, and he is still the husband of the pavilion lord. It is really interesting to come to the pavilion lord’s room for the first time.

For a moment, Darryl and the pavilion master were left in the room, and the atmosphere instantly became subtle.

After a full ten seconds, Darryl calmed down and looked at the Pavilion Master with a smile: “Paradise Master, wait a long time, it’s getting late, let’s rest.”

After speaking, Darryl walked towards the bed.

Seriously, because of taking Elsa away, Darryl was both depressed and irritable. At this time, seeing the pavilion master, he wanted to tease and relax.


After two steps, the pavilion master couldn’t help but snorted, and said with shame, “Who let you rest in bed? Do you really think of yourself as a monarch? I tell you, everything in this room, you are Don’t touch it.”

When he said this, the pavilion master’s heart continued to rise and fall, and his angrily trembling body trembled.

This Darryl Tao, clearly knew that Yu Wenyan had misunderstood, and he didn’t want to solve it, and it was a shame that he was so presumptuous in his own room now. He is as innocent as jade, how can he let him sleep in his own bed?

Not allowed?

Darryl stopped, turned his head to look at the pavilion master, and smiled and said: “Pavilion master, it’s dark. Where can I sleep if I don’t sleep on the bed? Besides, Yu Wenyan arranged it like this, and it’s not what I meant. , What are you mad at me?”

At this time, Darryl was very suffocated.

D*mn, if it weren’t for this pavilion master, she would have had to stay in Xiyan Pavilion at the beginning, she would not have encountered Yuwenyan, let alone have so many annoying things.

Seeing Darryl’s hippie smiling face, the pavilion owner became even more angry, his face blushing, and coldly said: “This is my room. I have the final say. Anyway, you can’t sleep on the bed. If you want to rest, just lie on the ground and sleep. , Can’t undress.”

The tone is cold and the attitude is very determined.

Yu Wenyan made such an arrangement, it is difficult to drive him out, otherwise, Yu Wenyan knew it would be very troublesome. But his own bed must not be touched by him.

Sleeping on the ground? Can’t take off your clothes yet?

Hearing this, Darryl couldn’t help muttering: “Why, I am now your husband, the lord of Xiyan Pavilion, you forbid me to go to bed and undress or sleep on the bed? What is the truth? You? This is totally unreasonable.”

The pavilion master snorted coldly, and ignored him.


Darryl sighed and stepped forward again: “Well, I don’t take off my clothes, and I don’t do anything to you, but I have to sleep on the bed, how uncomfortable it is to sleep on the ground!”

Chapter 1092


At this time, the pavilion master is not light, this Darryl is also too hateful, still want to sleep on the bed?

The more he thought about it, the more angry the pavilion master became. He stomped his feet and shouted softly: “Get out of here.”

When the voice fell, the pavilion master walked over quickly, raised his jade hand, and hit Darryl with a palm.

This rogue, still want to sleep in a bed with yourself?

What dreams are you doing!


Darryl was always paying attention to her movement, and when she saw her hit with a palm, he immediately flashed aside, and immediately afterwards, directly tapped the pavilion master’s acupuncture point.

Darryl made a quick move, and the pavilion master did not react at all.

Suddenly, the pavilion master’s delicate body trembled, and he couldn’t move, and immediately said with shame, “Darryl Tao? What are you doing?”

Darryl laughed lightly and looked at her playfully: “What are you talking about? Of course you want you to accompany my husband to sleep.”

When the voice fell, Darryl carried the pavilion master onto the bed.


At this moment, feeling the pavilion master’s tender body, Darryl couldn’t help taking a breath.

I have to say that the pavilion master not only looks charming and charming, but also has a very good body. Thinking of being trapped in Xiyan Pavilion and not being able to leave with Elsa, it was all because of the pavilion master, Darryl wanted to take care of her. The more angry the pavilion master at this time, the more relieved Darryl’s heart was. .

If the pavilion owner let him go on the first day of coming to Xiyan Pavilion, he might be able to find Elsa sooner. Elsa would not be unconscious near the holy lake, and now he would not be trapped here and unable to leave.

The pavilion master couldn’t struggle, his face flushed with anger: “You…you quickly let me go!”

Darryl couldn’t help but laughed, and deliberately shook his head and said, “So how can I do it, I am your husband now, and you are my woman. It is only right to sleep together.”

Hearing this, the pavilion master almost cried, biting his lip tightly, almost bleeding from the bite.

Darryl originally wanted to anger her, but didn’t really want to sleep with her.

At this moment, seeing her red eye circles, she was about to cry, Darryl smiled and said: “Okay, okay, tonight, I won’t sleep with you, I sleep on the ground, but you want to call me Just a good husband.”


When the voice fell, the pavilion master’s face was hot, like a cloud of fire, his angry body trembled, and he was extremely embarrassed.

This wind wave is getting better and better!

But… if he doesn’t call, he will sleep with himself.

How can I sleep in the same bed with him? I was misunderstood by Yu Wenyan. If I sleep together, wouldn’t it be more unclear in the future?

But… those two words, the pavilion master of his own dignified Xiyan Pavilion, how do you call it an exit?

Seeing her pretty face flushed, he hesitated, Darryl smiled and urged: “Hurry up, are you calling? If you don’t, I will really go to bed.”


The pavilion master was furious, staring at Darryl. If the look in his eyes could kill, it is estimated that Darryl would be battered.

This Darryl Tao thought he was a gentleman with good medical skills, but he didn’t expect that he was a ra5cal! At this time, the pavilion master was very regretful, regretting that when Darryl wrote the Yangshen Pill formula, he didn’t let him leave, but now he was so humiliated.

“The pavilion master’s temper is really stubborn.” Darryl said with a smile: “I have given you a chance, you still don’t call, well, in this case, I will lie down on the bed and rest.”

When the voice fell, he was going to lie on the bed!

At this moment, the pavilion master was anxious, and his delicate body trembled, almost blurting out: “You…you goodbye, husband…”

When the voice fell, her face was extremely red, like a ripe apple.


With this voice, Darryl’s bones were crisp, and a smile appeared, and his heart was very happy.

Although I haven’t thought of the way to take Elsa away, but now, I can hear the lofty pavilion master calling myself a husband, and it’s not a loss.

The pavilion master bit her lips tightly, her delicate face flushed, and her heart was extremely ashamed. She never dreamed that she would really call this Darryl her husband.

“I have already called, you go to sleep on the ground!” The pavilion master said coldly.

“Good.” Darryl smiled and nodded, letting go of the pavilion master. Of course, he didn’t relieve the pavilion master. He just took advantage of her. Who knows if he will attack him in the middle of the night? It’s better to be safe.

In the next second, Darryl looked around and saw Anji on the side with a few scrolls of calligraphy and painting piled up, he took it and spread it out on the ground.

no way.

There is no extra bedding in the room, just use these calligraphy and painting.


However, by accident, Darryl tore a pair of characters in half.


Seeing this scene, the pavilion master trembled, and said to Darryl: “This is Master Wenzheng, the grass sage sticker copied back then, you are finished…”

When I said this, in addition to heartache, there was some gloating in the eyes of the pavilion master.

It’s over?

Darryl frowned and looked at the Pavilion Master in surprise: “Isn’t it just a picture? As for such a fuss?”

“Ha ha!”

The pavilion owner chuckled and slowly said, “Do you know that this picture was given to me by Yuwenyan on the day Xiyan Pavilion was established? It is of great significance to her. You are rotten now, she I won’t spare you lightly.”

The pavilion owner is right. The calligraphy and painting made by Darryl was specially given to the pavilion owner when Li Xiyan Pavilion was founded. It symbolizes the sisterhood between them and has extraordinary meaning.

If on weekdays, this character is broken, the pavilion master will be extremely angry, but at this time, there is some unspeakable excitement in his heart.

Because Yu Wenyan is a very emotional woman, whether it is a gift from the pavilion owner or a gift from the pavilion owner, she values ​​it very much. If she knows this character, it will be ruined by the wind. Forgive him.

The pavilion master has already thought about it. Tomorrow, I will tell Yu Wenyan at dawn, saying that this character was deliberately broken by Darryl Tao. At that time, Yu Wenyan must be very angry. Even if he does not kill Darryl Tao, he will be killed. Drive out the Xiyan Pavilion.

In this way, I don’t have to be Darryl Tao’s woman, so embarrassing.

To be honest, the pavilion owner was also very distressed by this character, but it didn’t matter if he thought of being able to solve his embarrassing situation.

D*mn it?

Darryl was stunned, how important is every word?

In the next second, Darryl looked down at the writing on it, and immediately became happy.


Who wrote this? The calligraphy level is too average.

Thinking about it, Darryl showed a slight smile and said to the pavilion master: “This is also called a word?”

In the daytime, under the guidance of the grass sage Zhang Xu, Darryl’s calligraphy skills have improved a lot, and ordinary characters are completely insignificant.

“what did you say?”

The pavilion master trembled and was very excited: “Do you know that this is a hundred years ago, Master Wenzheng’s handwriting…”

Master Wenzheng, a Buddhist monk, is very famous in the rivers and lakes of the Yellow Sea mainland. However, he is most famous for his calligraphy accomplishments. It can be said that he is a well-known calligrapher in the Yellow Sea mainland for a century.

The wind and waves in front of him actually said Master Wenzheng’s words.

It’s so arrogant.

Chapter 1093

Thinking about it, the pavilion master directed at Darryl and said, “Darryl Tao, if Yu Wenyan knew that if you broke this character, you would definitely not spare you lightly. Now, while she doesn’t know, you go and leave Xi. Yan Ge, don’t come back.”

At this time, the pavilion master completely lost his previous appreciation of Darryl, and just wanted him to leave as soon as possible.

Only if this man is gone can his innocence be preserved.

Hearing this, Darryl gave a wry smile. If the Pavilion Master said so two days ago, Darryl would definitely be extremely excited, and then left without saying a word.

But now that Elsa is in Xiyan Pavilion, how could Darryl just leave like this?


In the next second, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief as he looked at the pavilion master and said, “Isn’t it just a word, I’ll write it to you again.”


The pavilion master’s body was shocked, looked at Darryl in surprise, and then couldn’t help but chuckle: “Darryl Tao, I know you are good at medicine, but you shouldn’t be too confident. This is calligraphy.”

“This character, called Cao Sheng Tie, was copied by Master Wen Zheng at the time when he copied the words of Cao Sheng Zhang Xu. Do you know Cao Sheng? It is a famous calligrapher in the Tang Dynasty who is famous for cursive script…also Wen Zheng The person whom the master admires most, so, in order to express his respect to Cao Sheng, Master Wenzheng wrote this Cao Sheng sticker specifically.”

“Forget it, you are from the Southern Cloud Continent. You definitely don’t know the situation of the Earth Round Continent, let alone the grass sage Zhang Xu…”

The pavilion master still thought that Darryl was from the Southern Cloud Continent. The pavilion owner was right. The character that Darryl accidentally ripped apart was indeed written by Master Wenzheng, originally to pay tribute to the grass sage Zhang Xu.

Hundreds of years ago, there were barriers between the Nine Provinces, but those barriers could only block ordinary people, while those powerful cultivators could travel between the continents.

And Zhang Xu’s technique was brought to the Yellow Sea by some cultivators. Three hundred years ago, Master Wenzheng from the Yellow Sea lands saw Zhang Xu’s original work for the first time. He was amazed and regarded it as a treasure. Zhang Xu is regarded as an idol.

Grass Saint Zhang Xu?

Hearing this, Darryl was taken aback for a moment, then couldn’t help laughing.


It turns out that Master Wenzheng in the mouth of the pavilion owner worships the grass sage Zhang Xu. Who knows that the grass sage Zhang Xu has already recognized himself as the master in his exquisite tower.

What’s more coincidental is that Zhang Xu also specially taught himself calligraphy during the day.

Thinking about it, Darryl didn’t say much, he saw the pen, ink, paper and inkstone on the wooden stand next to him, so he took it.


Seeing this scene, the pavilion master frowned slightly: “What are you doing?”

At this time, the pavilion master, seeing Darryl pick up the pen, was angry and funny.

This Darryl, after becoming the monarch of Xiyan Pavilion, the whole person was crazy, and he had to write a handwriting to compensate himself. That was Master Wenzheng’s handwriting. Can he afford it?

Moreover, he is only quite knowledgeable in medicine, where can he calligraphy?


The pavilion owner’s mockery, Darryl just pretended not to hear him, soaked in the ink, and immediately began to write.

In the afternoon, under Zhang Xu’s personal guidance, Darryl’s calligraphy has reached a level that is difficult for ordinary people to touch, especially in cursive script, which has quite a lot of experience.

After all, Zhang Xu is a famous grass sage. Under his guidance, can Darryl’s cursive script be worse?

“All right!”

In less than half a minute, a piece of writing was finished. Darryl put down his pen and looked at the pavilion master with a smile: “How? Husband’s words are more than a star and a half stronger than the master Wenzheng in your mouth, right?”

“You can talk to Master Wenzheng with your words…” The pavilion master chuckled lightly, and was about to make a mockery.

Just halfway through, his eyes fell on Darryl’s words, the pavilion master suddenly trembled, and the whole person was stupid.


At this moment, the pavilion owner couldn’t help taking a deep breath, his delicate face was full of shock.

Completely shocked.

I saw that Darryl’s words were agile and elegant, as if they had life, every word was impeccably perfect, especially the charm in it, which was even more amazing.

Compared with his characters, the characters of Master Wenzheng, who was destroyed before, are simply

It’s the same as what a child wrote, so it’s not on the same level at all.


After a full ten seconds, the pavilion master finally slowed down, staring at Darryl blankly: “This… really did you write this?”

Just after speaking, the pavilion owner’s face flushed, very embarrassing.

What’s wrong with me? He actually asked such a ridiculous question, this word was just written by him.

But… isn’t Darryl Tao a doctor? Actually, he has such high attainments in calligraphy. Fastest update

For a moment, under the shock of the pavilion master, his brain buzzed, and the whole person was completely stunned.

As the patron of Xiyan Pavilion, apart from practicing daily, he also likes piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy, especially in calligraphy and calligraphy. He is very obsessed, so pavilion master also has some accomplishments in calligraphy.

It is also true that Yu Wenyan would give her the real work of Master Wenzheng.

But today, after reading Darryl’s words, the pavilion master fully understood that the master Wenzheng whom he admired, the most famous calligrapher in hundreds of years, was nothing in front of Darryl Tao.


Looking at the expression of the pavilion master, Darryl was very happy in his heart, and smiled and said: “How about? My word, I will pay you for the authenticity of Master Wenzheng, it’s not a problem at all.”

When saying this, Darryl looked relaxed.

Although the master Wenzheng mentioned by the pavilion owner is very famous in the Yellow Sea mainland, in the final analysis, he worships the grass sage Zhang Xu, and even copied Zhang Xu’s calligraphy.

As for himself, the master of the grass sage Zhang Xu, Zhang Xu personally ordered the calligraphy, can it be compared?


Hearing this, the pavilion master reacted and nodded.

This Darryl’s character, whether it is Shen Yun or artistic conception, is much higher than Master Wen Zheng’s.

“Okay, the word has been paid to you, I will rest.” Darryl stopped talking nonsense, and lay on the ground to rest after speaking.


At this moment, the pavilion master lost his sleepiness at all, bit his lip lightly, and his eyes were tightly looking at Darryl, shining with endless complexity.

This Darryl, how much ability hasn’t been revealed?

At this time, the pavilion master’s view of Darryl has changed a lot, and an indescribable sentiment has also risen deep in his heart.


On the other side, the Earth is round the mainland, Yunzhou City.

At this time, near Yunzhou City, the ground had been stained red with blood, and the disciples of various martial arts fell into a pool of blood one after another!

The various sects of the Earth Round Continent, and the army of Beiying, have been fighting fiercely here for a day and a night!

During this day and night, there were continuous casualties in various martial arts, originally nearly 500,000 people, but facing the powerful Beiying army, only less than 50,000 people were left!

On the Beiying army side, under the command of Lawrence, only 30,000 casualties were killed, and there were still more than 100,000 at this time.

There are less than 50,000 people, and there are more than 100,000 people in the battle. There is no suspense in this war.

At this time, the various big sects of the Earth Yuan Continent could no longer hold on, but these people were the only ones who were still gritting their teeth, but although they did not give up, they all had despair in their eyes.

If this fight continues, everyone will be killed in battle, and all will be wiped out by then, and the Earth Round Continent will be completely hopeless.

At this time in the battlefield, Janis wore a white long dress, almost red with blood. The blood was both enemies and hers. Her face was pale and very weak.

After a day and night of fierce fighting, Janis also consumed almost all of her internal energy.


Seeing the surrounding people, many people from the mainland fell, Janis’s heart trembled, anxious and desperate.

The situation is getting worse and worse, what should I do?

Did you give up Yunzhou in this way?

“Withdraw… everyone quickly withdraw, Yunzhou can’t keep it…”

At this moment, among the crowd of Diyuan Continent, I don’t know who yelled. Then, many disciples turned around and ran away, their expressions panicked, and they all lost the spirit of fighting forever before!

Seriously, everyone didn’t want to give up Yunzhou in this way, but the situation in front of you was beyond control. If you continue to fight, you will die in vain!

Chapter 1094

“Withdraw, everyone quickly withdraw.”

Seeing this scene, Janis’s last line of defense completely collapsed, she gave a sweet cry, and then led the people around her to break through the distance.

To be honest, Janis is unwilling to give up Yunzhou City, but if he continues to fight, all the schools of Earth Yuan Continent will be destroyed here.

Moreover, now only one Yunzhou city has been lost, and the entire Yuanyuan Continent has not yet fallen. It is now withdrawn in time to retain the strength of the martial arts, and there will be a chance to reverse the battle in the future.

If all were dead, there would be no chance at all.


In an instant, all the people on the ground round the mainland followed closely, and soon, most of them successfully broke through. But there were also many people who were captured alive by the Beiying army on the spot.

Among these captives, there are many members of the Ouyang family, and you can see that among them are Cynthia, Raquel and others.


Seeing this scene, the generals of the Beiying army roared like a rainbow, preparing to lead their troops to pursue them.

At this moment, Lawrence hovered in the air and smiled and said, “You don’t need to chase, it’s just that some of your subordinates are defeated. It’s nothing to worry about.”

Then he instructed all the generals: “Enter Yunzhou City immediately and rectify and cultivate!”

When talking about this, Lawrence looked at the direction where Janis was fleeing, very disdainful.

In the whole of Kyushu, Lawrence was jealous, except for Guiguzi, the most amazing person in the world, Darryl. As for Janis, Lawrence didn’t take it seriously.

“Yes, Master Sergeant.” All the generals responded in unison, and immediately led the soldiers into Yunzhou City.


At this moment, Yang Jian laughed up to the sky, and exclaimed at Lawrence: “The military teacher really used his soldiers like a god, and he captured Yunzhou so quickly, which is not bad.”

As he said, Yang Jian directed at Gary behind him: “Leader Yue Da, these captured prisoners will be taken care of by you, don’t make mistakes and let me down…”

When he said this, Yang Jian had a smile on his face, but he looked at Gary’s gaze, but it shone with complexity.

After knowing that Gary was Darryl’s biological son, Yang Jian no longer trusted him, and no longer let Gary act as a forward, to charge and defend himself, instead he asked him to do something about the aftermath.

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Gary replied, his expression very depressed.

Gary felt the change in Yang Jian’s attitude towards him very early.

Speaking of it, Gary originally wanted to follow Yang Jian to conquer, build meritorious works, and become famous in the world. Realizing that Yang Jian no longer reuses himself, he was very depressed. He also thought about leaving in the past two days.

However, the Apocalypse Continent was already under Yang Jian’s control, and the life and death of King Castro and his mother were also in Yang Jian’s hands. This made Gary hesitate and had to be cautious, and finally could only choose to stay.


At this moment, Gary took a deep breath and rushed to the soldiers and said, “Tie up all the prisoners and lock them together.”

When saying this, Gary rode a sweaty war horse, came to the front of the prisoners, looked around, and prepared to personally escort him.


At this moment, Gary saw a familiar figure, his heart trembled, and he couldn’t help but breathe in cold air. Starting

I saw that there was a beautiful and graceful figure in the crowd. His exquisite face was full of fatigue and weakness after the fierce battle. It was Raquel.


Before participating in the war, Gary didn’t know who was resisting in Yunzhou City. At this moment, seeing Raquel suddenly, Gary felt his brain buzzing, and his heart was in chaos.

Gary always believed that after Castro took the throne, Raquel and her mother, the queen, disappeared and found a place to live in seclusion, but he never expected that Raquel would appear in Yunzhou today to help round the continent. Resist the army of Beiying and became a prisoner.

In Gary’s heart, the closest people in the world, apart from King Castro, his mother, and Tracy, were Raquel. He will remember Raquel’s kindness to him all his life.

Now Raquel has become a captive, and he is still a general guarding the captives.

Really good luck!

For a time, Gary’s face was complicated, and his heart was extremely entangled.

How to do? Do you want to let Auntie go right away?

However, Yang Jian knows, he will definitely not spare himself…


After tangling for more than ten seconds, Gary reacted, instead of recognizing Raquel in the past, he waved his hand and asked the soldiers to lock up the prisoner.

Gary thought it over, now there are so many eyes and ears around, and it would be very troublesome to recognize Raquel. Let’s look for an opportunity to see Raquel alone again.


At this moment, the Yellow Sea Continent, Xiyan Pavilion.

Darryl rested in the pavilion master’s room all night, and was woken up by the disciples outside early the next morning.

“Sovereign, pavilion master, it’s time to get up, the lord would like to please.”

At this moment, the female disciple outside the door, when she called out, she hid her mouth and smiled, and her eyes also showed a bit of playfulness.

Darryl Tao and Pavilion Master lived together for the first time last night, just like newlyweds, they must rest late, and they must still sleep together at this moment.

“Come here… don’t shout,” Darryl replied, and sat up in a daze, very depressed.

D*mn! What does Yu Wenyan want to do? I’m already a monarch, so I don’t want to sleep in.

The pavilion master was teased last night, and he went to bed very late. Darryl was really exhausted.

Muttering, Darryl tilted his head and glanced at the direction of the bed, and saw that the pavilion master was also awake. At this moment, he was lying there on his side, the perfect curve was revealed, but his delicate face was full of redness and complexity.

Seeing this scene, Darryl showed a smile.


This pavilion master, was tapped on the acupuncture points by himself last night, and kept this posture overnight.

Thinking about it, Darryl walked over quickly, unlocked the acupuncture points for the pavilion master, and said with a smile: “Don’t look at me like this, I’m also afraid of your surprise attack in the middle of the night, so I haven’t unlocked the acupuncture points for you.”

Having said that, Darryl thought for a while and continued: “When you rest tonight, as long as you promise not to make a surprise attack, I will not click your acupuncture points, and you can rest assured that I will not stay here for too long. It keeps you embarrassed. I will leave Xiyan Pavilion whenever I get the chance, okay?”

When the last sentence was finished, Darryl backed away two steps, and distanced himself from the pavilion master.

Sealing her acupuncture points for one night will not become annoyed.


However, what Darryl didn’t expect was that the pavilion master responded softly, without any intention to retaliate. Not only that, but Darryl’s gaze was softer than before.

At this time, Darryl didn’t know yet, the words he wrote last night completely suppressed the pavilion master. At this time, in her heart, besides being amazed at Darryl, she just admired.

A few minutes later, Darryl and the pavilion master washed out and went to the front hall!


As soon as he entered the hall, Darryl was stunned when he saw the situation inside.

I saw all the elite disciples of Xiyan Pavilion standing neatly there. On the throne, Yu Wenyan was sitting there quietly, wearing a red dress, very stunning, but with a bit of coldness on her beautiful face. There is also a strong aura that people dare not blaspheme.

In the middle of the hall, Elsa stood there with a calm expression.

what’s going on?

Darryl frowned secretly, a little worried in his heart.

This Yu Wenyan, wouldn’t he have found out the identity of Elsa, should he deal with her in public?

Chapter 1095

“Everyone!” At this moment, Yu Wenyan looked around the audience and continued: “The deity announced one thing, and the girl in the smoke decided to join our Xiyan Pavilion, so the deity decided to hold an introductory ceremony for her today.”


Hearing this, Darryl almost jumped up, in a hurry.

This Yu Wenyan really did what he said, really wanting Elsa to join Xiyan Pavilion, and the initiation ceremony was held so soon?

But… Elsa really became a member of Xiyan Pavilion, and it’s really hard to leave in the future.


At the same time, the surrounding disciples were also in an uproar, their eyes gathered on Elsa, smiling and nodding in greeting.

“Light smoke!”

Finally, Darryl reacted and looked at Elsa closely: “We are friends, I still know you better. You are casual, and you don’t like being restricted by rules and regulations in one place. Now you have amnesia. It’s a good place, I just want to stay, but once you recover your memory, you will regret it.”

Speaking of this, Darryl’s eyes are full of eagerness and expectation: “So, whether you really want to join Xiyan Pavilion, you have to think twice.”

Darryl at this time, like an ant on a hot pan, was too anxious.


Hearing Darryl’s words, Elsa frowned slightly and began to ponder.

Yes, Darryl Tao is right. I am now amnesia, and I think this place is good, but if I recover my memory and regret it, what should I do?


At this moment, Yu Wenyan smiled and looked at Darryl meaningfully: “The decision to stay is Miss Elsa’s own intention. As her friend, how can you drive her away? How inappropriate? .”

Listening to the tone, it seemed that Elsa was not flat, but Yu Wenyan’s eyes were full of smiles.

To be honest, Yu Wenyan always wanted Elsa to leave for the happiness of the pavilion master.

But just now, Yu Wenyan noticed that when Darryl spoke, the look in Elsa’s eyes was full of tenderness, which made Yu Wenyan very upset.

Yu Wenyan is a smart person, and suddenly realized that Darryl was so anxious to let Elsa leave because he was afraid of hurting her. Under this circumstance, the more Darryl thought about Elsa, the less she would let Darryl do as she wished.

“Smoke girl!”

At this time, Yu Wenyan looked at Elsa with a smile: “What Darryl Tao said, don’t pay attention to it. If you really like this place and decide to stay, just tell me, the deity is yours.”

With that, Yu Wenyan glanced at Darryl triumphantly.

Darryl Darryl, the more nervous you care about this woman, the more I will not let her go. Not only will I not let her go, but I must also firmly control her life and death. See if you dare to go back and forth and treat my sister. it is good.

Facing Yu Wenyan’s sincerity, Elsa’s red lips lightly opened, and said slowly: “I…”

Just said a word and was interrupted.

“Honorable Lord, Pavilion Lord!”

At this time, a female disciple ran in in a panic, and said to Yu Wenyan and the pavilion master: “It’s not good, it’s not good.”

When she said this, the female disciple was out of breath, sweating all over her body.

“What are you panicking?” Yu Wenyan frowned and scolded her angrily: “How many times have I said to you, as a disciple of Xiyan Pavilion, you must be reserved and steadfast. What will happen to you panicking? Looks like?”

The female disciple was trembling, and she almost cried in a hurry.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Wenyan took a sip of tea, very leisurely.

The female disciple bit her lip and said softly, “Holy Lord, someone broke into the holy lake, reluctant to leave, and spoke harshly to the patrol disciple, and was very strong, we…”

What? !

As soon as this was said, the whole hall was in an uproar!

Who is so bold to break into the forbidden area of ​​Xiyan Pavilion? Still relying on it?

Darryl was also stunned for a moment.

I’m going, who’s here, dare to provoke Xiyan Pavilion?

However, no matter who came, interrupted Elsa’s initiation ceremony, it was only good for him, there was no harm.

Bang! Starting

Yu Wenyan’s pretty face changed, she patted the table, and stood up abruptly: “Go, go and see!”

When the voice fell, Yu Wenyan walked out of the hall quickly.

Darryl, the pavilion master, Elsa and the other disciples also followed.

Soon, when I arrived near the holy lake, I saw a man in white from a distance, confronting a few patrol disciples of Xiyan Pavilion, and at the same time he yelled endlessly: “Several beauties are naturally beautiful, how to say so unreasonable. What? I took my wife and passed by. Seeing that the scenery here is good, I stopped downstream to admire it and left soon, but you said it was a forbidden land and had to drive us. What is the reason?”

“Such a big lake. It’s all your Xiyan Pavilion? A joke, my old Zhu has always been very reasonable, and I am very pitiful, don’t provoke me. Otherwise, my old Zhu will be angry, but I will punish you to accompany me. Take a bath in the lake…”

When talking about this, the man’s eyes kept moving back and forth over several female disciples, very unruly.

It is Zhu Bajie!


Hearing this, several female disciples who were confronting him flushed and were very embarrassed, but they did not dare to act rashly when they sensed the terrifying aura in him.

Behind him, Xu Qingyi stood there quietly, listening to Zhu Bajie, teasing these female disciples without any hindrance, with a slight smile on their beautiful faces, without any discomfort.

Xu Qingyi and Zhu Bajie have been together for so long, and they have long been accustomed to his personality.

D*mn it?

Seeing this scene, Darryl stiffened, completely stunned, surprised and delighted in his heart.

Zhu Bajie? Why is he here?

Seeing Xu Qingyi again, Darryl was very emotional, admiring Zhu Bajie very much.

Zhu Bajie is okay. He forcibly occupied Mateo’s wife, and even tweeted others’ training.

At this time, Darryl wanted to rush up to recognize Zhu Bajie, but thought that he had changed his face and used Darryl Tao’s false identity, so he forcibly held it back.

“Honorable Lord, Pavilion Lord!”

At this moment, the female disciples on patrol saw Yu Wenyan leading the crowd with a happy expression, and hurriedly came over to salute.

Immediately, a female disciple headed toward Yu Wenyan said: “Honorable Lord, these two people broke into our holy lake, relying on not leaving, and speaking very badly…”

The last sentence fell, and the female disciple’s face was reddened, and she was a little bit ashamed.


Hearing this, Yu Wenyan’s pretty face was cold, and he stared at Zhu Bajie closely, shining with strong hostility.

This person looks like a talent, but his speech is slick, which is not a good thing at first glance.


At this moment, seeing so many beauties coming over, one by one more beautiful, Zhu Bajie was also stunned, and couldn’t help but secretly breathe in the air-conditioning.

In the next second, Zhu Bajie reacted and looked at one by one, with a look of intoxication: “Tsk tsk… I did not expect that such a remote valley not only has such beautiful scenery, but also so many beautiful beauties. My old Zhu is not dreaming, right?”

Ok? After the voice fell, Zhu Bajie looked around, his eyes fell on Yu Wenyan and the pavilion master, and he was immediately attracted. But Darryl and Elsa were behind the crowd and had not seen them for a while.


It’s so beautiful.

The more Zhu Bajie watched, the happier he became, and he kept admiring.

Today’s Yu Wenyan, wearing a red dress, is unspeakably s3xy, and vividly sets off the high-cold temperament, while the pavilion master is a white dress, unspeakably gentle and graceful, and the two stood there. Together, each has its own merits.

Zhu Bajie is lustful by nature, and when he feels the two top beauties, his eyes are straight.

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