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Chapter 11

Stepping on high heels, he stomped his foot and said, “Let him call me Mom, and then throw it out for him.”

“Little-armed ba5tard, have you heard what Miss Carol said? Tell her mother to listen. Or else…” Zhong Haoran roared loudly.

The voice fell, and more than twenty strong men behind them put their hands on their backs, and then pulled out their swinging sticks one by one.

“Otherwise, don’t blame me for being impolite. I will show you a clear path now, and you will call you mother obediently.” Zhong Haoran said with a smile, and then added another sentence: “Then kneel on the ground for her and recognize it. If you make a mistake, you can leave here safe and sound. Otherwise, I will let you lie down.”

Carol couldn’t help but smile. At this moment, she stepped on high heels, walked two steps forward, and took out her mobile phone from her bag.

As long as Darryl counseled and called himself Mom, he would record it and send it to Lily!

“What if I don’t bark?” Darryl only felt funny, and said as he looked up and down Carol.

Seeing Darryl still reluctant, Carol frowned: “Big Brother Zhong, you kneel down for him!”

okay! Zhong Haoran swept his arms twice, grabbed Darryl by the collar, and blasted him with a fierce punch!

“Beast, you stop me!”

At this moment, a roar sounded, and four or five people kicked the door open.

Seeing these four or five people, everyone present was dumbfounded.

The boss of Chunjiang Huayueye, Xiang Riyue!

The boss of the Oriental Pearl, Wu Dedao!

The boss of Heihu Real Estate Company, Li Heihu!

Mr. Chen Shishi, President of Yashi Company!

Southeast Petroleum Company, General Manager of Donghai City, Yang Xiao!

These people, pick one at random, are worth billions! It was Xiang Riyue who spoke just now!

Seeing these people, Darryl showed a smile.

They are all old friends. These people had no money before, and they were kind to them. It seems that all entrepreneurs have succeeded now.

“Beast!” Xiang Riyue almost didn’t scare to death, didn’t this beast dared to beat the second young master? Walked over quickly, slapped Zhong Haoran’s face with a slap!


This slap almost used his full strength, and Zhong Haoran covered his face, his face swelling high.

“Godfather!” Zhong Haoran yelled, almost didn’t cry: “Godfather, this migrant worker came to look for things, he dare to sit in the 888 private room!”


He slapped it again and yelled at Riyue: “What’s wrong with the migrant worker? Did the migrant worker provoke you? After eating for two days, I learned to look down on people? How do I educate you?!”


Zhong Haoran yelled unwillingly, with red eyes: “Godfather, but this kid, after all, is an outsider, why is he hitting me…”

Xiang Riyue trembled all over, pointing at Darryl and said: “Outsider? Do you know that without this person, there would be no me now! He is the second young master of the Yue family! How much money he can earn for a day? Ten years!”

What? !

At this moment, the whole house was silent!

Zhong Haoran is completely stupid! I often hear from my godfather that he just worked for the Yue family before Kai Chun Jiang Hua Yue Ye. Fortunately, I was appreciated by the Second Young Master! Zhong Haoran never dreamed that this poor boy turned out to be the second young master of the Yue family!

Carol is also stupid!

At this moment, she felt her legs feel soft, and Jiao Chu couldn’t help taking two steps back.

She could see that those business tycoons stood in front of Darryl at this time with a respectful face!

How is this possible, he is clearly just a door-to-door son-in-law!

Every time I go to Lily’s house, this waste is doing housework! Even every time I don’t want to wash clothes, I bring them to Lily’s house and let this waste go to wash.

But… but he turned out to be the second young master of the Yue family? !

“Brother Darryl, Brother Darryl, I was wrong, I was wrong…” Zhong Haoran was almost crying, and kept bowing and apologizing to Darryl.

“Brother Darryl, blame this woman!” Zhong Haoran suddenly roared and pointed at Carol: “It’s because of you! It’s because of you that I offend Brother Darryl! You go quickly!”

Carol’s body trembled: “But we haven’t signed the contract yet…”

Carol works in a decoration company, and it happens that Chunjiang Huayueye is going to be renovating. This is a big project. If it is signed, the commission will be at least one million, because Carol didn’t report the deal to the company and planned to take it privately. So one million mentions Chengdu is less, maybe you can earn two million! This must not be given up! That’s one or two million!

“Sign a fart!” Zhong Haoran’s eyes were red, and he pointed at Carol and roared loudly: “If it weren’t for you, how could I offend Brother Darryl! Not only will we not sign the contract, I will go to your company and tell you the boss , Saying that you are soliciting business privately! Your company clearly stipulates that you cannot solicit business privately. Wait for the lawsuit!”

Hum! At this moment, Carol’s beautiful face was completely bloodless!

She bit her lip tightly. If the company knows about the private business and goes to court, compensation will be trivial, and she might go to jail!

“Brother Darryl…” At this moment, Carol bit her lip, stepped on high heels and walked to Darryl, pulling up one of his arms, shaking like a baby.

“Brother Darryl, I was wrong…” The voice was so small that I couldn’t hear it if I didn’t listen carefully.

She never dreamed that one day she would apologize for this uselessness! Unexpectedly, in front of this useless face, I would be so humble!

Darryl was expressionless and looked at her with a smile: “Did you just ask me to kneel and call you mom?”

“I was wrong, I really knew it was wrong.” Carol bit her lip tightly, almost bleeding from the bite.

“I’m kneeling.” Carol clasped her hands tightly. At this moment, all her dignity and all her self-esteem were all forgotten. She bent her knees slightly and knelt in front of Darryl.

“Brother Darryl, I beg you, please forgive me.” Carol grabbed Darryl’s trousers and said softly, “Brother Darryl, if my company knows that I will take business privately, the consequences will be really serious. . I beg you, I beg you to see sister Lily’s face, can it be okay to spare me once…”

“Yes.” Darryl said lightly: “But what do you call me?”

Speaking of this, Darryl fished out his ears and looked down at Carol.

At this moment, she knelt there, her delicate body trembled suddenly. How could she not know what Darryl meant.

“Dad…Dad.” Carol bit her lip tightly and whispered.

Her face was flushed, Darryl was the person she looked down on most before, and she felt sick even to see him! But now, in front of Darryl, she has given up all her dignity!

“When you see me in the future, just call me that, do you know?” Darryl said with a smile.

Carol nodded repeatedly.

“In addition, I don’t want Lily to know my identity.” Darryl took out a cigarette, lit it and took a deep breath: “Do you know how to do it?”

“I know, I know.” When Carol said this, he glanced at Darryl: “Dad.. Don’t worry, I won’t say a word about today’s matter.”

Darryl nodded in satisfaction, waved his hand, indicating that she could leave.

“Second Young Master, I can’t discipline you…”

After everyone left, they bowed to the Ninety Degrees of Sun and Moon.

At the same time, Wu Dedao, Li Heihu, Chen Shishi, and Yang Xiao also stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

“Second Young Master, we people, many years ago, we were not even a fart.” Chen Shishi stepped forward: “If it weren’t for you, we don’t have today. Knowing that you are here, we have prepared a gift for you.”

Speaking of which, she took out a box.

Chen Shishi, the Yashi company she runs, is a cosmetics company. Yashi brand cosmetics are now very famous.

Three years ago, she was still a street flyer, and once accidentally broke Darryl’s car. Not only did he not escape, he waited for Darryl to come back in place and waited all night.

At that time, Darryl felt that she had a good character and gave her 300,000 yuan to start a business. Five years have passed since the blink of an eye. It’s so fast.

At this time Chen Shishi had opened the box, and inside was a scroll.

The moment he opened the scroll, Darryl took a deep breath!

This is a calligraphy with a brush, and it looks like it is some years old. Signature: Wang Xizhi!

This.. This is.. Wang Xizhi’s [Ping An Post]? !

This character was in the news, and it was auctioned off by a mysterious rich man in China at a high price!

“Knowing that the second young master likes antiques, paintings and calligraphy. So we pooled the money and bought it from a collector.” Li Heihu laughed. His skin was particularly dark, and he smiled with two rows of teeth, especially eye-catching: “Second young master, three days later, it’s not you. Is it your birthday? This is our birthday present for you.”


Darryl slapped his forehead. I have forgotten.

My birthday is one day with the old grandma of the Liu family. That is three days later.

No one remembers the birthdays of previous years. Everyone celebrated the birthday of the grandmother, and Darryl could also borrow it.

Unexpectedly, there are still people who remember their birthdays.

A coffee shop in Donghai City.

Mitchell and Lily sat face to face.

He hasn’t told Lily about his bankruptcy.

“Lily, I have decided, three days later on my grandma’s birthday, I want to propose to the Liu family!” Mitchell looked at Lily affectionately.

Chapter 12

“You…” Lily frowned when Mitchell said to propose a marriage, “Forget it, after all, I haven’t gotten divorced yet.”

Although Darryl has been a little bit of a waste, in the past few years, Darryl has worked hard and does housework at home. If he does not do a good job at home, he will be disciplined. But he did not complain.

Even a dog has feelings, let alone people?

Moreover, in recent times, Darryl borrowed five million yuan, which relieved the company’s urgent need. And when he was at Oriental Pearl Tower, Liu Zhiyuan said the AA system. It was Darryl who took out the money he had saved over the years to avoid embarrassment.

Mitchell looked at her affectionately: “Lily, how am I inferior to Darryl? He is a waste! Don’t worry, I will prepare a big gift for my grandma’s birthday in three days and go to celebrate her birthday! This big gift , Grandma must be happy. I will propose a marriage when that time comes, and I don’t believe it, grandma will refuse.”

Lily took a sip of coffee gently. In fact, Liu’s family rules are very strict, the grandmother is the biggest, if the grandmother really likes Mitchell, I am afraid it is really possible to divorce herself.

To be honest, Lily felt that Darryl was wasteful, but she was not without feelings. After all, after three years of marriage, how could she dare to say that she had no feelings at all.

“I ask you something.”

At this time, Lily suddenly spoke.

“What’s the matter? Lily, you ask.”

“Isn’t that pair of crystal love really sent by you?” Lily couldn’t help asking.

“Lily. I’m angry when I mention this!” Mitchell sighed, his eyes showed a cruel look: “The shoes I gave you are imitations, but they are worth 300,000 yuan. That waste of you. Husband, I threw it away! When I went home to look at these shoes, I found that he broke them.”

Listening to Mitchell’s complaining, Lily bit her lip tightly.

“What I’m talking about is, didn’t you give those true crystal loves?” Lily asked softly.

What? !

Mitchell was taken aback, and subconsciously looked down. Sure enough, Lily stepped on a pair of noble and elegant high heels. It is Crystal Love!

And Mitchell just glanced at it, and his mouth grew very big! This pair of crystal love, compared with the three hundred thousand high imitation, is simply a world of difference!

Even if Mitchell is a man, he can feel that these shoes are absolutely real! Because it looks particularly charming, any woman will look very noble when wearing it.


Mitchell swallowed fiercely. Thirty million, you know, a pair of genuine products costs thirty million!

And this pair of shoes is very special, limited to 99 pairs in the world. Without a strong network, you can’t buy it at all!

“Didn’t you give these shoes?”

Lily asked again.

She really can’t think of anyone who can give herself such an expensive thing!

Indeed, many people wanted to pursue her, but Lily knew in her heart that most of the men who pursued her were the second generation of the rich. Although they have some money, it is impossible for them to give 30 million gifts!

Who is Mitchell?

Although the Yue family no longer supports him, he is now in a state of despair. But he is good at observing. If you guessed right, these shoes were given to Lily by someone else. But she didn’t know who sent it!

Haha, is there such a person? Don’t leave a name after sending things? Hahaha! Since you don’t want to leave a name, then I will leave a name for you!

Mitchell’s joy blossomed. At that time, he smiled cheeky and pretended to be shy: “Lily, I’ll tell you the truth when it’s up. I gave it.”

“Ah? Really?” Lily looked at him with questions on her face: “But I asked you before, why don’t you admit it?”

Mitchell scratched his head: “Lily, I don’t deny it. I’m afraid you scold me.”

“Why should I scold you?” Lily asked.

Mitchell looked at Lily affectionately: “Because I know in my heart that you really like these shoes, and I have been thinking about it for a long, long time. Lily, I actually wanted to buy it for you. But you also know that our company only has three Ten million. So I bought you a pair of high imitations. But when I gave you those shoes, I found that you didn’t like them very much.”

Mitchell took out his mobile phone, tapped a few times on the screen, and said again: “So I decided to sell the company and bought these shoes for you. I’m afraid you call me stupid. Lily, do you know that you are here? It’s very important in my heart. I’m not stupid, I just love you too much! I will find a way to get the things you like. Because I love you.”

Speaking of this, Mitchell handed the phone over.

On the phone, it shows a photo. It was Mitchell’s contract to leave the company.

Mitchell laughed inwardly, this contract is true, but the reason for signing this contract is because the Yue family drove him away and prevented him from staying in the company!

Mitchell didn’t know until now, which big person he had offended, causing the Yue family to rush him away suddenly.

But Lily didn’t know these things. She really thought that Mitchell sold the company and bought herself shoes!

Even if she doesn’t have that kind of feeling for Mitchell. But at this moment, he was slightly moved and looked at Mitchell.

“You…” Lily almost bit her lips and bleeds: “Why are you so stupid.”

“I’m not stupid!”

Mitchell took the opportunity to stretch out his hand and grabbed Lily’s jade hand: “Lily, I am willing to do anything for you.”

Lily’s body trembled, although she was a little moved, she still retracted her hand. She glanced at Mitchell complicatedly, then picked up her bag and left.

Looking at her swaying back, tall figure. Mitchell’s eyes straightened.

This woman, I’m going to make a decision.

Mitchell showed a slight smile, as if he had imagined Lily’s charmingness at night.

Moonlit night on the spring river.

Darryl hadn’t been drunk for a long time. But today, I really can’t control it.

“Second Young Master, you can still drink that much.” Xiang Riyue raised his glass and said.

“Don’t call me Second Young Master in the future.” Darryl looked around and drank in one drink: “I don’t like this name very much.”

Three years ago, under the leadership of his sister-in-law, Darryl was kicked out of the family. From that moment on, he especially resisted the title of Second Young Master.

Recalling what happened back then, Darryl couldn’t help clenching his fists.

Back then, he bought shares of Southeast Petroleum for 8 million. As a result, no one believed that he could make money. The sister-in-law said that this was an attempt to hollow out the family funds. Under the leadership of the sister-in-law, Darryl was expelled.

But the eight million that year was obviously pocket money saved by myself, it was private property!

In fact, Darryl knew in his heart that there was a reason why his sister-in-law did this. Because the future heir to the patriarch of the Yue family, there are two candidates. The first one is Darryl’s brother, Yue Hua.

The second one is naturally Darryl.

Sister-in-law wanted to get rid of herself, of course, no one would fight with Yue Hua.

“Then we will call you Mr. Yue from now on, okay?” Wu Dedao said, pulling Darryl back to reality.

Darryl nodded, thinking of the past, he was in a bad mood.

At this time, she saw Chen Shishi on one side coming over, and she said softly: “Mr. Yue, in fact, I have always wanted to tell you one thing.”

“What’s the matter?” Darryl drank the wine in his hand and looked at Chen Shishi.

I have to say that when I met Chen Shishi, she was not so charming. Now that she has succeeded in her business, she has her own brand of cosmetics, which seems to be a lot more fascinating.

“About your sister-in-law.” Chen Shishi said in her ear.

“tell me the story.”

Chen Shishi nodded and said slowly: “Just last year, your sister-in-law asked someone to find me and wanted to buy a limited amount of cosmetics. After I bought it for her, while chatting with her, I accidentally discovered that her ambition is not small. .”

Darryl showed a faint smile, he had already noticed it. My sister-in-law is a very ambitious person, how else would I have driven myself away?

Donghai City, a prosperous area, Hongqi Pedestrian Street.

Lily, who had just parted from Mitchell, walked side by side with Celia at this time.

“sister Lily, why are you absent-minded?” Celia asked as soon as she walked out of the store.

Lily shook her head: “It’s okay.”

At this moment, she was full of thoughts about Mitchell. There was a man who sold the company to buy shoes for himself.

“By the way, sister Lily, have you heard that there is a cosmetic that is particularly hot recently!” Celia said excitedly.

Lily, who was absent-minded, finally got interested: “Is it the Essence Crown series?”


The two people smiled at the same time. There are many topics shared by girls, but the ones that interest girls most are of course cosmetics and clothes.

Recently, there is a brand of cosmetics that is particularly eye-catching. That is Ya Shi!

And it’s Valentine’s Day soon, and Ya Shi has launched another series. Crown series!

Limited to 520 sets worldwide!

Five hundred and twenty thousand per set! This is really the queen of cosmetics! Which woman doesn’t want it! Although five hundred twenty thousand yuan is not expensive, many rich people are rushing to buy it. If it doesn’t matter, they can’t buy it at all.

Chapter 13

“sister Lily, this is about to be Valentine’s Day. If you can receive a set of Eache Crown, it would be so happy.” Celia said to Lily.

“You, just think about it.” Lily said with a smile.

At present, the Yashi Crown has a price and no market, and it is limited to 520 sets. It is estimated that it has been sold out. The ones that can be bought are all big families. A small family like the Liu family can’t buy it at all.

“Okay, okay.” Lily laughed: “Come with me to buy two pieces of clothes. My grandma will be celebrating her birthday soon. You have to dress up at that time.”

Celia nodded, took Lily’s arm, and walked into a store.

The next day, Ziyu Company.

Sitting in the general manager’s office, Darryl got up from the sofa. After drinking last night, it was already more than two o’clock in the morning, and he didn’t bother to go home, so he just slept at the company.

The phone vibrated for a while, and when I opened it, it was a message from his mother-in-law Alexandra.

“Darryl, don’t you learn not to go home now, right? If you don’t want to stay at home, never come back.”

Less than five minutes after sending this short message, Lily came again.

“The day after tomorrow is the grandmother’s birthday, you go buy a present for the grandmother. Don’t make me too embarrassed.”

After reading these two messages, Darryl put the phone up. At this time, there was a knock on the door.

Immediately after a beauty in professional attire, walked in from the door, it was the secretary Han Yue.

“Mr. Yue, we just signed a cooperation contract with the Liu family, and the Liu family sent someone.” Han Yue said: “The Liu family said that they want to pack Ramona from our company. Liu Zhiyuan is already waiting outside the door.”

“Tell him, let him get away quickly.” Darryl waved his hand and said, “Tell the Liu family that the contract is terminated.”


Han Yue bowed slightly and walked out of the room.

Outside the door, Liu Zhiyuan was waiting anxiously. Obviously it was Lily’s talk about the cooperation, but now, the old lady has given the credit to herself! Let yourself come and talk to Ziyu Company again! Haha!

It is said that the newly signed Ramona from Ziyu Company is very beautiful and very s3xy. If you can agree with Ziyu Company to let the Liu family pack Ramona, then the Liu family will surely make a lot of money. At that time, the first class work is yours!

“Mr. Liu.” At this time, Han Yue walked over on high heels.

Liu Zhiyuan looked at him up and down, no wonder Ziyu Company was a big company on the front line. Unexpectedly, even the secretary to the president is so beautiful.

“Sister Han.” Liu Zhiyuan walked over with a smile: “What does the general manager say? Our Liu family, when will we start packing Ramona?”

“Sorry Mr. Liu.” Han Yue gave a smile: “Our general manager said, let you go. Not only that, the cooperation contract we signed before has also been invalidated.”

“What?!” Liu Zhiyuan howled suddenly, wanting to be angry but not daring to be angry!

This is Ziyu Company, he can’t afford it at all! He showed a slight smile, which was uglier than crying: “Why?”

Han Yue said softly: “Our general manager said, it was Lily who came to talk about cooperation before. Our Ziyu company, also because of Lily’s face, cooperated with you. All future cooperation projects will require Lily. Come talk. No one else will do.”

When the voice fell, several security guards directly took Liu Zhiyuan away.

Liu Family Villa.

The grandmother sat on the chair, took a sip of tea, and kept touching her chest.

“You, what did you say…” the old woman looked at Liu Zhiyuan and said.

“Grandma, Ziyu Company said that she doesn’t want to cooperate with us anymore…” Liu Zhiyuan said with tears in his nose, “They let me go again…”

“Grandma, why is this Ziyu company unreasonable!” said a beautiful woman in the Liu family.

“Yes, grandma, this Ziyu company has clearly agreed to cooperate with us and has signed a contract. They suddenly want to terminate the contract now. Isn’t that a violation of the contract regulations? We can go to the court to sue him!”

“Yes, grandma! The contract says clearly that whoever violates the rules will pay 20 million in compensation! Let’s sue them!”

Several juniors spoke one after another, furious.

The old grandmother was expressionless, was annoyed by the twittering, and patted the table heavily!

“Shut up all to me!”

Everyone was silent. Seeing that the old lady was really angry, she took a step back.

“You juniors, the rats are short-sighted.” The old woman frowned and said, “Ziyu Company, even if someone violates the contract, do you dare to sue them? Do you know that behind Ziyu Company is the Yue family! It is the South of the Yangtze River. A family of Yue family! They can pinch us to death at will. They can compensate us 20 million, but do we have the courage?”

Everyone was stupid, looking at each other.

These remarks are irrefutable. Indeed, for Ziyu Company, 20 million is simply sprinkling water, but if the Liu family dares to sue others, they will have a relationship with Ziyu Company, and life will be difficult at that time.

“Zhiyuan, what else did Ziyu Company say.” The grandmother said: “People can’t terminate the contract for no reason, right? Did you offend others?”

“Grandma, the conscience of heaven and earth, I really did not offend them!” Liu Zhiyuan hurriedly yelled out: “Grandma, Ziyu Company said that it was Lily who was talking about cooperation before. Their Ziyu Company is also looking at Lily’s face. I just cooperated with you. All future cooperation projects will require Lily to talk about. No one else can.”


The dozens of people present, all the backbone of the Liu family, looked at each other at this time and saw each other’s shock.

Because of Lily’s face, did he cooperate with the Liu family?

How can Lily and He De! She is just a junior of the Liu family, and the company Lily runs is the least profitable of all the companies in the Liu family! What is Lily’s ability to make Ziyu Company look for her alone? !

Donghai Airport.

Lily and Alexandra got out of the car and glanced at their watches.

“Mom, my dad is about to get off the plane, right?” Lily said.

Six months ago, Lily’s father, Liu Wensheng, went abroad to start a business. It is said that he has been mixed up quite well in the past six months. In the past six months, he often sent small videos to Alexandra, recording his life abroad, driving luxury cars, and entering and leaving high-end office buildings. Now, taking advantage of the grandmother’s birthday, Liu Wensheng said that he would return to China and give the grandmother a surprise.

“It should be less than ten minutes before we disembark.” Alexandra said. Two people walked into the airport.

Wherever he went, the return rate was almost 100%! I have to say that Alexandra and Lily, the mother and daughter, are really eye-catching.

At this time, Alexandra was wearing a stockings and hip skirt, and she couldn’t tell at all. She was Lily’s mother, like a sister, her figure was simply too s3xy.

And Lily was wearing jeans, which outlined her figure vividly. I don’t know how many men are willing to kneel under her jeans.

“Ding Ding.”

A text message came from the phone. Lily opened it and saw that it was from Darryl. The text message was only a few words.

‘Wife, grandma for a while, if you call Ziyu to negotiate, you must refuse. ‘


Lily’s delicate body trembled. I had clearly told him many times, not letting him call himself that way, but this Darryl seemed to be unable to understand.

Moreover, the grandmother had already handed over the negotiation with Ziyu Company to Liu Zhiyuan, how could she let herself go to the negotiation?

The grandmother prefers Liu Zhiyuan, which is something everyone knows. Obviously, the talks about cooperation with Ziyu Company were on their own. But the credit was robbed by Liu Zhiyuan!

“Is that trash sent again?” Alexandra took a look and said coldly.


Lily nodded. Of course she knows who this waste refers to.

“Mom must tell you solemnly.” At this moment, Alexandra stopped and looked at Lily and said: “Your dad is back today, and your grandma will have her birthday the day after tomorrow. Your dad and I will accompany you to divorce. We must divorce! “

“Mom… Darryl, he…” Lily wanted to say something nice, but after thinking about it for a long time, she found that she really didn’t have any vocabulary, so she could praise Darryl.

Lily didn’t know what exactly she felt for Darryl. She only knew that Darryl had come to the house for three years and worked hard.

He just didn’t ask for it. Apart from this, he is really good..

“Okay, you shut up.” Alexandra waved his hand and said, “If this trash doesn’t go away, I will leave when the time comes.”

Chapter 14

“Daughter, think about it carefully. Since you married Darryl, have you suffered from scorn and ridicule.” Alexandra said coldly: “We have provided him for food and wear for three years of marriage. Now he borrows He paid the money and blocked the company’s 5 million gap. He knows how to repay his favor. Our family and him are also even. I just want you to leave him and leave this waste.”

“Mom…” Lily bit her lip.

“In addition, Mitchell called me. He will come to attend the grandma’s birthday.” Alexandra said again: “He said he prepared a peerless gift, and your grandma will definitely like it by then. If grandma also likes him, you Just stay with him.”

As he was talking, he saw a man walking not far away. The man in a suit and leather shoes is holding a suitcase in his hand. It is Lily’s father, Liu Wensheng.

Lily and Alexandra greeted them, and the family of three left the airport talking and laughing.

Back home, Alexandra cooked a good meal. Usually cooking and cooking are Darryl’s business, she hasn’t been cooking for a long time. No wonder she maintains her well.

At the dinner table, Alexandra asked Liu Wensheng how he was living abroad.

Liu Wensheng said that there is nothing interesting abroad. It is a star-rated hotel with three meals a day and talks about business with the richest man in the region every day. Said the sky is falling in a mess. While talking, he took out a check, wrote a few words, and handed it to Alexandra.

Fifty million!

When Alexandra saw this check, he was laughing!

Hahaha, the hard days have finally come to an end, and I just took out a check of 50 million!

“Daughter, I heard a few days ago that there is something wrong with your company. There is a shortage of 5 million.” Liu Wensheng looked at Lily and said, “When your mother called me the other day, I was worried. You. But at that time, my funds were trapped by the stock market. So there was no way to support you. Now it’s fine, the money is taken out of the stock market.”

While talking, Liu Wensheng waved his hand again. Sign a few words.

“This is also a check for fifty million. Here you are.” Liu Wensheng laughed and said, “By the way, the check I gave you can’t be picked up right away. You must wait a week before you can get it. Because a week later, I will return to China. The check will not take effect until after it has been released.”

Is there such a requirement?

Although he was puzzled in his heart, how could Alexandra not believe Liu Wensheng’s words, and suddenly nodded with a smile.

After having endured it for so long, I can finally stand up. The day after tomorrow’s grandma’s birthday, see who dares to look down on our family!

Ding Ding!

The family was chatting happily, and Lily’s phone suddenly rang. But after a glance at the caller ID, the family looked at each other.

Call from grandma?

“What’s going on.” Alexandra asked quickly.

The old grandmother is not busy every day, and the big and small things of the Liu family must be in charge of her personally. The elders of the Liu family are always in contact with the old grandmother. Grandma never calls juniors! What’s more, Lily’s status in the Liu family’s juniors is also very low.

“I don’t know either.” Lily said as she answered the phone and pressed the PA key.


On the other side of the phone, an old grandma’s voice came.

Taking the initiative to call the junior, the grandmother is actually a bit reluctant. But now there is no way, Ziyu Company said, any business in the future, only to look for Lily. It’s not easy for others to talk about it!

“Lily, grandma wants to beg you for something…” the old grandma said again.

When this sentence fell, Alexandra’s family was stupid!

The grandmother has been in charge of the overall situation for so many years, when did she beg someone else? !

Alexandra hurriedly said: “Mom, what are you doing, what are you doing, just say it!”

“I want to beg Lily…” The grandmother was silent for a while, and still said: “I want to beg her to negotiate with Ziyu Company and pack Ramona.”

Alexandra was puzzled, the old grandma had already handed this task to Liu Zhiyuan. It was obviously the cooperation that his daughter had negotiated, but Liu Zhiyuan took credit for it. But now, why do you have to give this task to your daughter again?

Although she felt unfair in her heart, Alexandra still smiled: “Grandma, no problem! I’ll let Lily negotiate in the afternoon.”

After all, the grandmother is the head of the family, she called in a pleading tone, and Alexandra was flattered! Of course there is no reason to refuse!

But at this moment, Lily’s body trembled! Just now Darryl sent a text message to himself, saying that if the old grandma calls, he must refuse!

How could Darryl know that grandma would call herself? Does he know how to fortune…

Lily bit her lip tightly. She didn’t know what to think at the time, she picked up the phone and said, “Grandma, I’m sorry, I refuse. Since you have handed this task to Liu Zhiyuan, let him go to negotiate.”

“You!” The grandmother was obviously very angry: “Lily, your wings are hard now, right? Do you really think that the Liu family can’t cooperate with Ziyu Company without you?! Are you too arrogant? “

Lily had already hung up the phone before she finished her voice!

At the dinner table, Alexandra and Liu Wensheng looked at each other, and then Alexandra suddenly broke out!

“Lily, what are you doing?!” Alexandra slapped the table, angrily: “Do you know that after offending the old grandmother, how will I live in the Liu family in the future?! The old grandmother does prefer Liu Zhiyuan, but Liu Zhiyuan is indeed excellent! Now that the old grandma has put down her figure and called you and asked you to negotiate, won’t you let her down the steps?!”

Lily bit her lip tightly because Darryl had sent a text message to her in advance. She didn’t know what she thought just now. At that moment, she actually obeyed Darryl’s words and rejected the old grandmother.

Listening to Alexandra’s complaint, Lily silently took out her mobile phone and subconsciously sent a text message to Darryl: I have rejected the old lady, what should I do next.

That’s right, everyone said that Darryl was a waste. Lily also felt that he didn’t know how to make progress, and she was angry when she looked at him. But I don’t know what’s going on recently, it seems that Darryl always stands up to help himself at a critical moment. Now he was actually in the subconscious and began to listen to Darryl’s words.

The phone rang soon, and Darryl replied a text message with only two short sentences: The old lady will come to beg you, and she still refuses. Except you, Ziyu Company doesn’t recognize anyone, trust me.

Seeing the last three words, Lily felt a sense of security inexplicably.

At this time, Alexandra snatched the phone over!

“Okay, you refused the grandmother. It was Darryl who instigated you?!” Alexandra’s chest trembled, pointing to Lily and said, “Are you crazy? You even believe what Darryl said! I’m telling you, after grandma’s birthday, you should divorce him!”

“Mom, Darryl, he guessed that grandma would call me…” Lily said.

Alexandra became more and more angry, and patted heavily on the table: “I tell you, that Darryl is a waste! Look, whose son-in-law is like him? Whose son-in-law is not worth tens of millions!”

Alexandra became more agitated as he spoke, and he was so angry that Darryl was mentioned.

In the afternoon, the grandmother of the Liu family sent Liu Yifan to negotiate.

Liu Yifan is the leader of the younger generation in the Liu family, second only to Liu Zhiyuan in status. As a result, I arrived at Ziyu Company and was blasted out by the security guard before I waited to talk.

After Liu Yifan returned, the grandmother panicked completely. What’s going on here? Does Ziyu Company really only recognize Lily?

The grandmother sat on the chair, smoking her cigarettes one by one.

“Grandma, I have a way.” At this moment, Liu Zhiyuan walked over and said.

“Grandma, I guess, Lily only talked about cooperating because of her good looks.” Liu Zhiyuan said: “From this, we can see that the new president of Ziyu Company is just a womanizer. Let’s Liu family. She is not the only beauty, Lily! Liu Qianshuang is also very beautiful, so it’s better to let Sister Qianshuang try.”

Indeed, there are two women in Liu’s family, who are recognized as beautiful.

One is Lily, and the other is naturally Liu Qianshuang.

According to seniority, Lily also called her sister.

Everyone agreed with this proposal. What Liu Zhiyuan said really makes sense. The president of Ziyu Company must think Lily is pretty.

Early the next morning, Liu Qianshuang came to Ziyu Company alone.

I have to say that this woman is indeed very beautiful, her figure and looks are the best among the best!

Chapter 15

Liu Qianshuang was standing at the door of Ziyu Company. She was wearing a hip skirt, not to mention too charming. Many paparazzi took pictures and thought they were new stars.

Even the security guard thought she was a star, and did not dare to stop her. Liu Qianshuang walked all the way to the president’s office, but was about to knock on the door to enter when he saw Han Yue just walking out.

At that time, Han Yue was about to pour tea for Darryl, and when she opened the door, she looked at Liu Qianshuang. Knowing that she was sent by the Liu family, she was immediately released from the company.

Who is Liu Qianshuang? That’s a famous beauty in Donghae City. There are countless people pursuing her, and she has always rejected others, but now it is not good to be turned away by others.

After the grandmother learned of this, she was anxious.

The next day, the Liu family villa.

Today is the grandma’s birthday, and the Liu Family Villa is a lively event.

The members of the family rushed back no matter where they were. The news of Liu’s grandmother’s 70th birthday also spread in Donghai City.

In the 70th birthday, many people are naturally invited. Although the Liu family is a second-rate family, many people were invited to this birthday banquet.

Many cars have been parked outside the Liu’s villa.

In front of a Land Rover, Lily and Alexandra stood there, looking at their watches impatiently.

At this time, an electric car came slowly. Stopping the electric car, Darryl ran over quickly.

“There is a traffic jam, there is a traffic jam.” Darryl said breathlessly.

D*mn, originally asked Han Yue to drive herself, but it was really too congested! On the viaduct, after blocking for more than an hour, seeing that the banquet began immediately, Darryl had to take out the electric bike from the trunk and rode over.

The Liu family was a big family anyway, and when they saw someone riding an electric car, many guests came over and laughed.

“Look, that person is Darryl? It’s the son-in-law of the Liu family.”

“Yes, it’s him. Haha!”

“It’s worth a diao silk to marry the goddess Lily!”

“Haha, you don’t know anything. I heard that this kid has lived with Lily for three years and has been sleeping on the floor. Haha!”

Several juniors from the Bai family gathered together to discuss. The Bai family and the Liu family have been close for generations and have had several marriages. Therefore, the Bai family knew the Liu family very well.

Lily only felt a little embarrassed after hearing a loud discussion. Said to Darryl, “Next time you park the electric car a little bit farther. Haven’t you seen so many guests.”


Darryl nodded indifferently.

Seeing him like this, Alexandra groaned. Today is such a solemn day, he still wears a street stall? Why is he so thick-skinned?

“I ask you, have you prepared the gift for grandma,” Lily asked in a low voice.

“Ready.” Darryl laughed and took out a wooden box. This box looks very shabby.

“You!” Seeing this box, Lily stomped angrily: “What kind of gift is this? Today is grandma’s 70th birthday. Don’t give away some tatters!”

“It’s not broken.” Darryl just said a few words indifferently.

Say it’s not tattered? What did this box break into? Alexandra couldn’t help it anymore, pointing at Darryl to curse. At this moment, I heard a voice.

“Please, the children of the Liu family, congratulate the grandmother on her birthday!”

When the voice fell, hundreds of people from the Liu family poured into the villa one after another.

Alexandra glared at Darryl, swallowed the words scolding him, and hurried in.

At this moment, the guests in the Liu’s villa were already seated.

The old grandmother was dressed very festive, sitting on the main seat, looking very happy.

“Mr. Sun of Tianhe Group, come to celebrate birthday!” At this moment, the host held the microphone and shouted.

Then a middle-aged man walked in. It is Sun Zongyao. This person is worth hundreds of millions, and he has a good relationship with the grandmother.

He was followed by the female secretary, holding a big box in her hand.

“Haha, I wish Grandma Liu family a long life!” Sun Zongyao laughed and opened the box.

At this moment, there were exclamations around!

Cloisonne vase from the Qing Dynasty!

Cloisonne is the cloisonné enamel in people’s mouth. This kind of thing is noble by nature. The vase in front of me looks like it was from the Qianlong period.

This is so savoury! A million-level birthday gift!

“Hurry up, Mr. Sun, please sit down. Don’t spend so much next time, I remember it in my heart, thank you Mr. Sun!” The pacifier couldn’t close, and he kept nodding.

As we all know, grandma likes antiques. I really like this gift!

With this gift. The gift after that looked very plain.

Until Liu Zhiyuan appeared, everyone in the audience was highly focused.

Everyone here has heard that Liu Zhiyuan will present a big gift this time for grandma’s birthday. After all, the grandmother usually loves him the most!

Liu Zhiyuan was holding a box, and after making his bangs, walked to the center and bowed to the grandmother.

“Grandma, Zhiyuan, I wish you a today and a present every year!” Liu Zhiyuan grinned.

No one cares what he says, everyone is looking at the box in his hand.

This box is not big, but the whole body is green and it is ground with very high-end jade!

Too extravagant! A gift box turned out to be Yuzhuo!

Liu Zhiyuan said a lot of congratulatory speeches and finally stepped into the topic, snapping his fingers.

At the next moment, all the lights in the originally bright room went out. The curtains of the bed were also closed. Total darkness.

When the crowd was in a commotion, Liu Zhiyuan said: “Don’t panic, everyone, the gifts I prepared for grandma must be turned off.”

When the voice fell, he opened the jade box all at once. At this moment, bursts of exclamation came!

I saw inside the box, there was a fist-big Ye Mingzhu! When this night pearl appears, although it cannot be said that it is like daylight, its brightness is equivalent to eight or nine candles.

How much is such a big piece of Ye Mingzhu!

Probably not less than two million, right? !

“Okay, okay, okay!” The grandma laughed: “Zhiyuan, grandma really didn’t hurt you for nothing!”

Everyone also applauded. I have to say that this gift is indeed very deliberate.

Such a big Ye Mingzhu, it is difficult to pick one in Donghai City!

But at this moment, Darryl couldn’t help but laughed out loud.

Haha, is this Liu Zhiyuan funny? Others may not be able to see it, but Darryl can see clearly that the Pearl of the Night is not worth 10,000 yuan. This is obviously not natural, but synthetic.

Ever since I was a child in Yue’s family, what kind of treasure has Darryl never seen? In the family’s head office, the general manager’s office, there is a fist-big Ye Mingzhu.

That night pearl cost more than two million. Although it is not expensive, it is not available with money.

The natural night pearl has always been regarded as a treasure. In ancient times, only the emperor and queen mother could use Ye Mingzhu.

Since many people want to buy it, some people have moved their minds and used chemical means to synthesize Xiaoye Mingzhu into a big one.

The synthetic night pearl is obvious, with glue in the middle.

This Ye Mingzhu gift from Liu Zhiyuan is too obvious, right?

“What are you laughing at?” At this moment, Liu Zhiyuan jumped out and yelled at Darryl.

For a moment, all eyes looked at Darryl.

“Sorry, I really didn’t hold it back.” Darryl covered his mouth: “Your night pearl is too fake.”

“You, you fart!” Liu Zhiyuan blushed and shouted.

Indeed, he knew that Ye Mingzhu was fake. However, no one from the Liu family has touched the Overnight Pearl, so naturally they can’t tell the truth. Now that Darryl said it was broken, could he not be anxious.

“Darryl, don’t talk nonsense.”

Lily touched Darryl lightly.

If Darryl provoked Liu Zhiyuan, he would definitely target Darryl for a while.

Sure enough, Liu Zhiyuan sneered: “You son-in-law, you only have 200 yuan in pocket per day. Of course, you don’t know Ye Mingzhu. I don’t care about you, but I want to see what gift you give grandma later!”

In fact, Liu Zhiyuan had already seen it secretly, Darryl was holding a broken box in his hand. Haha, the boxes are so broken, obviously they came from a street stall!

Darryl didn’t speak either, but couldn’t help but laugh.

Alexandra on one side gritted his teeth angrily, looked at Darryl, and said, “If you smile again, just get out of here!”

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