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Chapter 1121


This axe seemed to split the entire night sky into two worlds!

All of a sudden, Elsa and Xu Qingyi both trembled and couldn’t help worrying about Moroye.

Mateo used the Sky Open Axe, this monk was afraid it was dangerous.

Open the axe?

Feeling the mighty power contained in that touch of golden light, Moroyah was also secretly surprised. Without the indifferent calmness just now, he never expected that the other party actually possessed a sky-opening axe.

As the head of Linyin Temple and the inheritor of Buddhism of Master Bodhidharma, Moroyeh has learned a lot. How could he not know the ancient artifact like Kaitian Axe?

“It turns out that you have a magic weapon, so it’s no wonder that you are so unscrupulous.” Moroyah took a deep breath and spoke slowly. At this time, his face was extremely solemn.


The moment the words fell, I saw Moroyah’s figure floating in the air, silently reciting a Buddhist mantra, and at that moment, I saw Moroyah all over his body, filled with golden Buddha light.

In the next second, Moroyah folded his hands together, mobilized his internal force, and deployed a protective layer in front of his eyes.

Seeing the golden light of this protective layer shining, it is Moraya’s defensive skill: Wutian Bharatanatyam.


At this moment, the axe slashed on the protective film and let out a roar that shocked the world, and the entire barren mountain seemed to tremble.

Under the roar, the golden protective layer was instantly defeated, but Moroyah was unscathed, but his face was pale.

Moroye was a masterpiece of Buddhism, with a strong internal force. However, even though he blocked the blow, it was an axe after all. The ancient god soldier still suffered some shock injuries.

However, Linyin Temple’s Buddhism practice is extremely mysterious. After a few seconds, Moroye quietly operated the practice, adjusting the internal strength of the breath, and his face quickly recovered some blood.


Seeing this scene, Elsa and Xu Qingyi both trembled and were speechless in shock.

This Moroye actually blocked Mateo’s Sky Open Axe?

how can that be? Are you dazzled? You know, Mateo’s Heaven-Opening Axe possesses the power to open up the world, and even Darryl would not dare to accept this axe.

This monk in front of him actually did it.


At this time, Mateo also frowned, staring at Moroye closely, uncertain.

This dead bald donkey, seemingly unremarkable, is so strong.


Facing Mateo’s astonishment, Moroye’s face was extremely calm, took a deep breath, and once again persuaded: “Since you have a magic weapon like the Sky Axe, you can’t do evil and poison the common people. The poor monk finally advise you, Put down the butcher knife immediately and look back.”

As a Buddhism, Moroye doesn’t like to fight bravely, and don’t want to fight Mateo to the end.

“You die for me!”

At this time, Mateo was completely crazy and couldn’t hear it at all. With a roar, the figure whizzed up, and the sky-opening axe in his hand slashed at Moroye again!

At this time it was midnight, and the power of Yin and Yang that opened the sky axe reached a perfect balance.

So this blow was Mateo’s strongest blow! Mateo firmly believed that his own power broke out and this axe fell, even if Moroye was a strong man who crossed the Mirror, he would definitely die!


Elsa and Xu Qingyi below were dripping with sweat, biting their lips tightly, in a hurry!

Mateo used a killer move, can this monk be able to hold it?

Seeing Mateo rushing forward, Moroye’s eyes flickered, not the surprise and solemnity just now, but the complexity that was indescribable.


Seeing Mateo approaching, that is, at this moment, Moroye sighed lightly, then slowly raised his hands, and two golden lights suddenly shot out from a pair of eyes.


At this moment, the air around Moroyah suddenly twisted and surged, and then, a powerful Buddhism aura burst out.

“Since the evil nature of the donor does not change, the poor monk can only go all out.”

Finally, a cold voice came from Moroyah!

“Thousand Buddhas Buddha!”

When the last word falls, the world changes color! Seeing the dark sky, a golden auspicious cloud suddenly appeared. Moroyah rushed into the air and floated among the auspicious clouds. Then, behind him, a huge Buddha shadow appeared vaguely. This Buddha shadow was entirely the internal force of the Buddha. Cohesion, but the form is like the substance, as if the real Buddha has descended.


Immediately, with a loud noise, the entire barren mountain trembled violently, and the ruined temple collapsed in an instant, with a radius of several kilometers, all covered by this incomparably bright Buddha light.

Thousand Buddhas Buddha! It is the strongest among all the stunts of Master Bodhidharma, and at the same time the most difficult one to practice. For thousands of years, the masters of Linyin Temple have not been able to successfully comprehend.

It wasn’t until ten years ago that after Moroyah took over as the head, he finally realized the essence of the “Thousand Buddhas Buddha” with his outstanding comprehension.

However, the Thousand Buddhas Pagoda is extremely profound, with a total of seven levels. Ten years later, Moroyah has only reached the fourth level.

To be honest, even with the Thousand Buddhas Buddha’s stunt, Moroye was not sure to completely defeat Mateo. After all, the Kaitian Axe was an ancient magic weapon, but Moroye firmly believed that he would explode with all his strength to block Mateo’s strongest blow. no problem.

Because Moroye sensed that the use of the sky axe would consume a lot of internal power. At this time, Mateo seemed unmatched, but in fact, he was the end of the crossbow.


The Thousand-Buddha Buddha possesses the supreme Buddha power. At this moment, the moment the Thousand-Buddha Buddha displayed the Buddha’s light in the night sky. Then, the Buddha’s shadow behind Moroyah disappeared, but in front of him, it formed a The huge Buddha seal came out.

The Buddha seal is the palm seal, but it is called the Buddha seal in Buddhism.

See this Buddha seal! The diameter reaches thousands of meters! It seems to be able to cover the entire barren mountain!

Feeling the boundless Buddhism power of the Buddha Seal, Elsa and Xu Qingyi below are all trembling, completely suppressed, and at the same time inexplicably excited!

“Donor, give up!”

Moroyah shouted, the huge Buddha seal whizzed down and shot Mateo instantly!

I saw that where the Buddha seal passed, the world was distorted!


Mateo screamed, hurriedly raised the Kaitian axe to resist!


The Buddha seal blasted on the sky-opening axe, and the terrifying Buddhism power exploded. The radius of a few hundred li was completely illuminated by a golden light!


Mateo spit out blood, and his body flew upside down!

Ma Luo Ye felt right, just now Mateo used the sky axe one after another, and his internal strength was almost consumed, and he couldn’t stop this trick of the Thousand Buddhas.

Flying several hundred meters away, Mateo steadied his figure, spitting out a few more blood!

And Moroyeh, after performing this trick Thousand Buddhas Buddha, was also a little weak, but he was a Buddhist monk, and his condition at this time was much better than Mateo.


Seeing this scene, Elsa and Xu Qingyi were dumbfounded, unable to slow down for a long time.

This…this Ma Luo Ye actually defeated Mateo, too strong.

Especially the skills released by Moroyah were too shocking.


At this time, Moroye looked at Mateo with the same gentle expression as before, and said calmly: “No matter how strong you are, in front of the vast and endless Buddhadharma, you are only a drop in the ocean. Do you have regrets now?”

“Dead bald donkey, stop talking nonsense… I must kill you today!”

At this moment, Mateoqiang endured the weakness of his whole body, holding the sky-opening axe tightly, locked onto Moroye tightly, his face was full of hideousness and madness, and he rushed to Moroye again!

In fact, Mateo at this time was already weak, but he couldn’t swallow the bad breath. He crossed the Nine States Continent, and even Darryl saw him. He was afraid of three points, but he was taught by a monk tonight. It was a shame and shame, so Mateo desperately tried to kill him!

Seeing Mateo rushing forward, Moroye secretly shook his head.


In the next second, Moroye gently avoided Mateo’s slashing, and then turned around and shot like electricity, sealing several acupuncture points on Mateo’s body.

Although Moroyah also consumed a lot of internal energy, his Dharma is advanced and profound, and his background is not comparable to Mateo.

After a while, Mateo’s body trembled and couldn’t move anymore.

Chapter 1122


At this time, Moroye quietly looked at Mateo, and slowly said: “I, Buddha, is compassionate and compassionate to the world. No matter how vicious a person is, as long as he abandons evil and does good, the Buddha will forgive him and accept him. You are already poor. The monk is defeated, but what else can I say?”

The sound is not loud, but it is full of majesty.


Hearing this, Mateo laughed up to the sky, his eyes full of arrogance and unrestrained: “Want me to be soft? Dead bald donkey, you are afraid that this is the first time you know me Mateo, tell you, I Mateo was once a Westerner The emperor of Cang possesses ancient divine weapons, no one in the world can make me surrender, neither can the Buddha.”


After the words fell, Moroye’s face finally changed, his eyes widened, as if King Kong was angry, staring at Mateo closely, burning with anger.

As a monk, Moroye has always adhered to the principle of compassion, but it is not without a bottom line. At this time, seeing Mateo scorn the Buddha, Moroye was suddenly triggered by Nilin.


In the next second, Moroyah said a Buddha’s name, and said coldly: “Well, since the donor is stubborn, then no wonder the poor monk.”


When the voice fell, Moroyah pulled out a quit knife from his body. The quit knife was one foot long and the cold light was compelling.

The ring knife is a tool used by Buddhist monks. It is not a weapon, because the monks have to travel around and save the world, and often sleep in the field. The ring knife is an indispensable tool for them.

As the head of Linyin Temple, Moroye’s ring sword is well-made, and it is not comparable to ordinary ring swords.

Seeing Ji Dao, Mateo was shocked secretly: “What are you going to do?”

Elsa and Xu Qingyi, who were next to them, suddenly raised their hearts.

Although this section of Yu’s behavior is very hateful and it is not a pity to die, but the monk’s expression in front of him is too scary, and he has pulled out the sword. He will not want to cut Mateo with thousands of swords, right?

Moroye didn’t respond, but grabbed Mateo and walked to the back of the mound not far away. The mound was formed by the shaking of the barren mountain just now, just enough to block the sight of Elsa and Xu Qingyi.


Seeing this scene, Elsa and Xu Qingyi became more curious in their hearts. They both wanted to follow the past, but they didn’t have the courage.


While Elsa and Xu Qingyi were both guessing what Moroye was going to do, they heard a scream from behind the mound, which cut through the night sky.

This scream was made by Mateo.

A few seconds later, Moroyet walked back with Mateo.


After just taking a look, Elsa and Xu Qingyi both trembled in their hearts, and couldn’t help but breathe in the air, and their delicate and beautiful faces were also blushing.

This…this monk castrated Mateo?

I saw Moroye with a cold face, holding Mateo in one hand and a bloody thing in the other.

Mateo’s face was extremely pale, with a trace of sallow, and his body was dripping with cold sweat. His whole body was bowed like dried shrimps, and under his dantian, there was a bloody blood.

Seeing this scene, Elsa and Xu Qingyi were a little relieved in their hearts, but they were more shocked.

This monk was too simple and decisive, and he was also very ruthless. Although he castrated Mateo, he would not be able to harm women in the future, but in his entire life, he would be completely ruined.

“Dead bald donkey.”

At this time, Mateo was enduring the severe pain, staring at Moroye fiercely, hissing: “You better kill me now, or wait for me to regain my vitality. Not only will you chop you down, but also To kill the Chaos Mountains and wash Linyin Temple in blood…”

When he said this, Mateo’s eyes were blood-red, and his heart was filled with endless anger and resentment.

At this time, Mateo was completely mad. He didn’t expect that this Moroye attacked so hard that he would cut off his lifeblood.

Is he still a man without his life? Even if you have a sky-opening axe, and strong strength, what can you do? If you lose the most important thing for a man, will you still be laughed at by the world? !

The more Mateo thought about it, the more grief and anger he became, and he couldn’t wait to eat Moroyah alive. If his eyes could kill people, Moroyah would have died thousands of times at this time.

However, in the face of Mateo’s resentment and threats, Moroye remained unmoved and his expression was extremely indifferent.

In the next second, Moroye turned his head to look at Elsa and Xu Qingyi, and slowly said: “Two female donors, this wicked person has been subdued by me, you are safe, leave quickly!”


Upon hearing this, Elsa and Xu Qingyi glanced at each other, both hesitating.

To be honest, Elsa was completely disappointed in what Mateo did before. At this time, they wanted to see how Moluoye castrated Mateo and finally how to deal with him.

However, feeling the strong aura in Moroyah, Elsa and Xu Qingyi really didn’t dare to stay long, they nodded one after another, and then went down the mountain together.


Watching the two women leave, Moroyah took a deep breath.

In the next second, Moroyah turned his head and looked at Mateo quietly, saying every word: “The poor monk removes your curse, because you don’t want you to harm innocent women anymore. Next, the poor monk wants to save the evil thoughts in your heart. And killing.”

With that said, Moroyah picked up a string of Buddhist beads with an extremely serious expression, and looked at Mateo and continued: “It’s just that your murderous intentions and evil thoughts are too heavy. In a short time, it is difficult to return to the right path. The poor monk decided to take it. You are a disciple, preaching that you are supreme Buddhism, hoping to completely save your sins, are you willing?”

In Buddhism, the more wicked people are, the more they must be saved.


Hearing this, Mateo stiffened and was about to explode, almost bursting into flames in his eyes.

This dead bald donkey made himself an incomplete man, and now he still accepts himself as a disciple?

If you agree, what else will you face?

“Ask you as a teacher?”

Finally, Mateo reacted and stared at Moroye ferociously: “Dead bald donkey, I am at odds with you, you’d better kill me quickly, otherwise you will regret it.”

When he said this, Mateo’s voice was hoarse, like hell.

At this time, Mateo couldn’t wait to cut Moroye a thousand swords, how could he be his disciple.

“Good, good.”

Moroyah shook his head and said seriously: “Poor monks never kill easily. Since you are unwilling to worship me as a teacher, poor monks do not force them, let alone take your life, but… to prevent you from doing evil in the future, The poor monk had no choice but to abolish your practice and take away your sky-opening axe. In this way, even if you recover from the injury, you can’t do anything wrong.”

Yes, Moroye has always followed a principle, that is, not to kill easily. Otherwise, Mateo would not have been castrated just now, but he would be killed directly.


Hearing this, Mateo’s face changed, in addition to being frightened, there was endless panic in his heart.

This dead bald donkey didn’t kill himself? But to abolish one’s own practice?

For a while, Mateo’s face was extremely ugly, and his heart kept trembling.

He is already an incomplete man. If he doesn’t have any exercises and becomes an ordinary person, what is the point of being alive?

“Donor, sorry!”

At this moment, Moroye slowly raised his hand, and the internal force surged, preparing to hit Mateo Dantian.

“Hold on.”

Just at the moment of this critical moment, Mateo hurriedly yelled, and then endured the severe pain, and bowed his head at Moruo: “The disciple is willing, the disciple will visit Master.”

Mateo said these words almost gritted his teeth, and at the same time, endless resentment and unwillingness flashed in his eyes.

To be honest, Mateo felt 10,000 resistance in his heart when worshipping Moroye as his teacher and joining Buddhism.

But there is no way, this Moroye didn’t kill himself, but wanted to abolish his own skill. Such a result, in Mateo’s heart, was simply more uncomfortable than killing himself.

Mateo thought it over, and he pretended to agree, as long as he preserved his strength and healed his injuries, he would look for a chance to kill this Moroye.

After all, only by maintaining a strong strength can you have a chance to take revenge; otherwise, everything is in vain.


Seeing Mateo’s promise, Moroye nodded in satisfaction, and then thought for a while and said: “You have entered Buddhism, and you will be given a name for your teacher. It is called Huasheng. I hope you can be reborn and changed. Renewal.”

“Yes, Master.” Mateo replied, with no expression on his stern face.

But in his heart, he scolded Moroyah thousands of times.

Dead bald donkey, you wait for me, and when I find a chance, you will surely let you survive and die.


Chapter 1123

On the other side, the land is round the mainland, Zhongzhou City.

The hundreds of thousands of troops led by Yang Jian were already camped outside the city.

A few days ago, Yang Jian completely breached Yunzhou City. After a short rest, he continued to set off, conquering the city along the way, invincible, and arrived in Zhongzhou City in just a few days.

Just now, Yang Jian ordered the siege of the city, but was blocked by the Ouyang family and various sects.

Speaking of it, with the strength of the Ou Ouyang family and various sects, it is not the opponent of the Beiying army at all. However, Zhongzhou City is the hinterland of the Continent, and is the most prosperous big city. Its area is five times that of Yunzhou City. Its fortifications are almost the largest in the Continent.

Under such circumstances, the Ouyang family and various sects were lucky enough to block the offensive of the Beiying army. It can be said that they can hold, most of them relying on the help of the people of Zhongzhou City and the powerful fortifications.

After the failed attempt to attack the city, Yang Jian did not take any further action, but ordered the army to temporarily cultivate in the camp.

The Ouyang family and masters of various sects did not dare to relax in the slightest. With the help of the common people, they strengthened their defenses at the entrances of Zhongzhou City. At the same time, they sent people to observe the movement of the Beiying army at all times to guard against the next attack.

For a time, the entire Zhongzhou City was shrouded in shadows.

At this time, in the military account of Xicang Camp.

Sitting in the position of commander-in-chief, Yang Jian looked gloomy.

The open horns next to him also frowned, and the dozen or so generals standing there did not dare to show up.

The atmosphere of the entire military account seemed calm, but there was a suffocating depression.

At this time, Yang Jian was very annoyed. I thought that the first wave of offense would be able to win Zhongzhou City, but I didn’t expect to lose.

But then again, Zhongzhou City is worthy of being the largest city on the mainland. It is not only a large population, but also has numerous fortifications, which is really a headache.

At this moment, the forward general Huang Yan walked out slowly.

When he arrived, Huang Yan asked cautiously: “Your Majesty, before dark, do you want to try to siege the city again?”

Yang Jian waved his hand and said angrily, “What can I try? Are you sure to break through the fortifications in Zhongzhou?”

Uh …

Huang Yan looked embarrassed, then thought for a while, and said in a low voice: “In fact, with the strength of our army, it can be defeated with full attack.”

“Don’t I know this?” Yang Jian said coldly: “Forcibly attacked Zhongzhou City, the casualties of the army will not be mentioned for the time being, the people of Zhongzhou City will surely have countless deaths and injuries. I have already taken a lot of stigma in other cities before. Do you want me to leave the impression of a tyrant in the hearts of the people in Zhongzhou City?”

When he said this, Yang Jian was very annoyed.

Huang Yan is right. With the strength of Beiying’s army, as long as they go all out, they can forcefully attack Zhongzhou City, but this way, this prosperous Zhongzhou City will surely become a ruin.

More importantly, Yang Jian didn’t want to lose the hearts of the people.

Yang Jian is arrogant and self-reliant. He wants to dominate Kyushu and become an emperor with no one before and after. However, when he captured other cities before, because he did not consider too much, he made a mess of the occupied city and caused the people to complain. , This made Yang Jian very uncomfortable.

In this attack on Zhongzhou City, Yang Jian has thought about it, and must occupy Zhongzhou City at the least cost and try not to harm innocent people.

Uh …

Huang Yan looked embarrassed, and quickly knelt down on the ground, panicking: “Your Majesty calms down his anger, he will never have any intention of this. He just wants to occupy Zhongzhou City as soon as possible and share his worries.

Yang Jian was so upset that he didn’t bother to care about it, and waved him to retreat.

In the next second, Yang Jian tilted his head to look at Lawrence: “Military, do you have a good plan?”


Lawrence took a deep breath, pondered, and slowly said: “Your Majesty does not want to harm the innocent people, and occupy Zhongzhou City at the lowest cost. There is no way, but I am not sure if I can succeed!”

“Soldier, please say!” Yang Jian was overjoyed and hurriedly urged.

Lawrence smiled slightly and said: “My method is very simple. Let’s send a few masters to sneak into the Ouyang family mansion, grab that Janis, and everything will be solved.”

“Darryl isn’t there. On the side of Heaven and Earth Round Continent, it is the woman named Janis who has been commanding the battle. As long as she catches her, the Earth Round Continent will have no leader and there will be great chaos.”

At the end of the talk, Lawrence looked confident, pointed to the sand table in front of him, and continued: “I just looked at the Ouyang family mansion. It is in the northeast of Zhongzhou City, and to the north is the barren hills in the suburbs. It is not difficult to sneak in. It’s just hard to say whether you can catch Janis.”


Hearing this, Yang Jian was overjoyed, and said sincerely: “The method of the military division is really not good! Let’s try it, this matter is left to the military division…”


Lawrence responded, then stood up, and selected several powerful generals on the spot, letting them sneak into the Ouyang family to catch Janis.

Speaking of which, if Lawrence and Yang Jian act on this kind of thing personally, it will definitely increase the success rate, but one of them is an emperor and the other is a military division. How can they act personally? Therefore, it can only be done by the people under it.

Soon, a few minutes later, the selected generals pretended to be citizens who had returned from other places, and they all entered Zhongzhou City.

At this moment, the Ouyang family.

In the hall, all the owners of the Ouyang family, as well as masters of various sects, gathered together, each with a solemn expression, and the atmosphere was extremely depressing.

The army of Beiying approached the city, and Zhongzhou was at stake.

Although it had just blocked a wave of attacks by the Beiying army, no one was happy.

Just now, Janis summoned everyone to discuss the next countermeasures.

However, after discussing it for a long time, there was no one way to go. Thinking of the strength of the Beiying army, everyone’s heart was like a mountain, and there was nothing to do.


Seeing this scene, Janisxiu frowned and sighed.

Is Zhongzhou really hopeless? Is it God’s will?

“If Darryl is here, we don’t need to worry about it.” Peter next to him was also extremely anxious and mumbled: “This kid went to find Elsa, but he didn’t know where he was going. No one could find it.”


Hearing this, everyone present nodded silently.

If Darryl was there, there must be a way. After all, he had successfully repelled the Beiying army in the Southern Cloud Continent.

It’s just that there is no news from Darryl now, and everyone can only be in a hurry.

“Mrs. Jiang!”

At this moment, Lorenzo looked at Janis and said warmly: “In the past two days, you commanded everyone to resist the Beiying army, and didn’t have a good rest. Now Yang Jian is quiet for the time being. You can go and rest. Don’t worry, Zhongzhou City. We will not be slack in the slightest of defenses.”

Lorenzo and ugly heart are like fine hair. Seeing Janis’s tired face, but still holding on, he suddenly couldn’t bear it.

When the voice fell, everyone around also spoke.

“Yes, Mrs. Jiang, go and rest quickly.”

“Zhongzhou City’s defense, leave it to us.”

“Yes, if Darryl is not there, you are our backbone, don’t let your body break.”

Everyone, you and I heard one sentence, all expressing concern, although Janis is a woman, but these days, she has led everyone to resist the army of Beiying, and her outstanding leadership has convinced many people.


Hearing what everyone said, Janis smiled lightly, was very moved, and nodded and said: “Then I will go and rest for a while. I will trouble everyone with defense.”

Having said this, Janis slowly walked out of the hall under everyone’s attention.


When she arrived in the backyard, Janis exhaled deeply, unable to conceal her exhaustion. Although Janis has a tough personality, she is a woman, but she is responsible for defending Zhongzhou City. The pressure in her heart can be imagined.


Just when Janis was about to enter the room, she suddenly heard the sound of footsteps in the garden not far away.

Immediately afterwards, more than a dozen people in black appeared in front of them, each with a strong aura.


When I saw Janis, the eyes of these people in black all brightened.

The leader, with a cold expression and a bit of excitement in his eyes, is Huang Yan.

Chapter 1124

Yes, these men in black are the commanders of the Beiying army specially selected by Lawrence to catch Janis, and Huang Yan is the captain in charge of this operation.


Suddenly seeing these people in black, Janis’s body trembled, and she couldn’t help taking a breath.

Who are these people? Dare to break into Ouyang’s mansion?


At this time, Huang Yan smiled triumphantly and looked at Janis and said, “I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly. I saw Madam Jiang as soon as I came in. Madam Jiang, come with us!”

When he said this, Huang Yan felt extremely relaxed. I thought it would be difficult to sneak into the Ouyang family to catch Janis, but I didn’t expect to see Janis just after walking through the back garden.

More importantly, Janis is still alone, with no one to protect her!

Haha…What a godsend opportunity.

When the voice fell, Huang Yan did not hesitate, and slapped Janis!

At the same time, the dozens of companions next to each other also urged their figures to surround Janis.


Seeing Huang Yan’s crowd rushing over, Janis felt a little flustered, but she was a wise woman. She quickly calmed down, leaped slightly, and ran to the depths of the back garden.

To be honest, Ouyang Mansion has always been heavily guarded, if it were normal, Huang Yan would not have sneaked into Ouyang Mansion so easily. It’s just that the Beiying army came, and many members of the Ouyang family were arranged to deploy defenses, and there were almost no people in the backyard.

Janis is very smart, and she feels the powerful aura of the people in Huang Yan, so she naturally won’t be silly to meet them and fight them.

“Run?” Huang Yan snorted coldly, greeted his companions, and quickly caught up!

While chasing, Huang Yan commanded to his companions: “Quickly, you must fight quickly, and you can’t give her a chance to rescue soldiers!”

“Understood!” A dozen companions responded in unison.

Janis used her speed to the extreme, and at the same time she kept looking back and saw that the distance between Huang Yan and herself was getting closer and closer, and she was about to catch up soon!

However, Janis at this time did not panic, but showed a confident smile.

Because, in the depths of the back garden, there was a peach blossom forest. This peach blossom forest was left by the ancients. It was a very mysterious formation. Back then, Darryl broke in by mistake and was almost trapped inside.

Janis firmly believes that as long as people like Huang Yan are introduced into the peach blossom forest by herself, don’t think of it.

Although the incident happened suddenly, Janis had the opportunity to lead Huang Yan and others to the front hall, because there were Peter, Lorenzo, and masters of various sects.

But Janis thought carefully.

Although there are a lot of people in the front hall, if there is a fight with these people, if the Beiying army takes the opportunity to attack the city, then the situation will be chaotic, and Zhongzhou will not be able to keep it.

At this moment, Janis did not hesitate at all, arrived at the entrance of the Peach Blossom Forest, and jumped gently into it!

After Darryl was in the dry well of the Peach Blossom Forest and obtained the Bai Qi Shen Formation, it didn’t take long for him to tell Janis how to crack the Peach Blossom Forest.

With the cracking method, Janis is not afraid of being trapped inside.

At the same time, outside the Peach Blossom Forest, Huang Yan and his companions stopped, did not enter rashly, but frowned to observe.

“It’s a huge peach blossom forest, what is this woman doing?”

“This woman won’t cheat, right.”

“Yeah, let’s be careful.”

During this period of time, Janis led various sects on the mainland and resisted the army of Beiying. Huang Yan knew well that this woman was resourceful and resourceful.


Huang Yan took a deep breath, before thinking about it, frowned and said: “This woman, just wants to take advantage of this peach blossom forest to get rid of us. Time is running out, so hurry up.”

When the voice fell, Huang Yan rushed in first.

The dozen or so companions in the back looked at each other and hurriedly followed.


The moment Huang Yan and his companions entered the Peach Blossom Forest, they were all dumbfounded!


I saw that in the peach forest in front of me, every tree was moving as if it had life! It seems to be out of order, but there seems to be a trace.

For a moment, everyone in Huang Yan was dazzled and dizzy.

“Well, this is a formation.” Afterwards, everyone was panicked after not knowing who shouted.


Huang Yan’s face was extremely ugly, and he did not expect that he would fall into Janis’s trap.

The next second, Huang Yan thought of something, and quickly turned around to look for an exit, but at this sight, he was completely stunned. I saw that the place behind me came in, there was no more, and all my eyes were peach trees.

“Don’t panic everyone!”

Huang Yan tried his best to calm himself, yelled, and said: “Everyone disperse and see if there is any exit. If you see the woman, you must send a signal and don’t do it privately.”

When he said this, Huang Yan’s face was blue and unspeakable anger.

As a general of the Beiying army, he was well-informed as his Majesty marched in the north and south, but he never expected that he would be fooled by a woman.

“Yes…” everyone responded and quickly dispersed.


Seeing this scene, Janis, who was hiding not far away, showed a slight smile, and then quietly left the Peach Blossom Forest.

Janis thought about it. These people are now very strong, and it is not easy for them to make a surprise attack. They will be trapped for a while, and then they will all be captured by herself.

Although he didn’t recognize who Huang Yan was, Janis could guess that it must have been sent by Yang Jian.

Early the next morning, Janis went to Peach Blossom Forest to check.

Soon, in the center of the peach blossom forest, I found a few Huangyan.


At this moment, Janis couldn’t help laughing when she saw the state of these people like Huang Yan. I saw them sitting in front of the peach blossom tree one by one, lethargic and completely collapsed.

Obviously, they looked for an exit last night, looking for it all night, and they were very tired.

“You…” updated fastest

Hearing the movement, Huang Yan opened his eyes and suddenly saw Janis, suddenly shocked and angry!

At the same time, the surrounding companions were also frightened and wanted to stand up and besiege Janis, but they were too tired last night, and each of their movements seemed very stiff.


At this moment, Janis held back her smile, her figure was fluttering, and quickly sealed the acupuncture points of everyone in Huang Yan.

Immediately afterwards, Janis tied them with her hands and connected them with a rope to bring them out of the Peach Blossom Forest.


In the front hall, Lorenzo and Peter, as well as the masters of various sects, surrounded them all at once. Seeing Janis arrested more than a dozen people in black, all of them were amazed.

“These people should be sent by Yang Jian. I was trapped in the peach blossom forest last night.” Janis smiled lightly and said the matter.


When the voice fell, the audience was in an uproar, and then many people couldn’t help but praise.

“Madam Jiang is really witty and smart.”

“Yes, these people are not low in strength, they look familiar, they seem to be the generals of the Beiying army…”

“Haha, I caught so many at once, Madam is really amazing.”

Everyone’s admiration, every sentence from you to me, is extremely exciting.

You know, since the Beiying army invaded, the Earth Round Continent has been in a passive state and has been retreating steadily. Today, Janis has captured so many generals from the Beiying Army, which is regarded as a face for the Earth Round Continent. , Also boosted morale.


At this moment, Lorenzo came out and smiled at Janis: “Madam is really resourceful, what shall we do next? What do these people plan to do?”

Chapter 1125


At this moment, everyone’s eyes focused on Janis. At this time, many people wanted to kill Huang Yan and these people immediately. After all, the Beiying army had captured so many cities before and caused the people to suffer.

But… Janis is now everyone’s leader, so naturally she has to listen to her.

Janis pondered and said softly: “Tie them one by one and pull them out of the city to let Yang Jian take a look.”

When she said this, Janis looked calm, but her eyes shone with light.

To be honest, Janis also wanted to kill Huang Yan and others immediately, but after another thought, if they were to be pulled outside the city, hundreds of thousands of soldiers of the Beiying army would see it, and they would definitely lose their morale. You know, morale is very important when the two armies are facing each other. If the morale of the army of Beiying is low, there will be a chance here on the earth circle.

“it is good!”

Lorenzo nodded his approval and said with a smile: “This is a good way.”

He was thoughtful and guessed Janis’s intentions at once.

Everyone around also nodded in agreement.

A few minutes later, everyone in Huangyan was pulled out of the city, tied to wooden stakes one by one, facing Beiying Daying.

At this moment, Beiying Daying, within the big tent in the middle.

Yang Jian frowned, looking at the sand table in front of him in a daze, feeling very anxious. The Lawrence beside him seemed calm, but there was also a bit of dignity between his eyebrows.

People like Huang Yan have been there all night, and haven’t replied yet….

It won’t be the whereabouts are exposed, get caught!


At this moment, a soldier ran in and knelt down with a thump: “Your Majesty, Military Adviser, no…it’s not good, Huang Da led them. They were… arrested by the Ouyang family, and they are now tied up outside the city Show the public…”


Hearing this, Yang Jian’s expression changed, and he was surprised and angry: “The news is true?”

“It’s true!” The soldier replied cautiously, sweating profusely.


Yang Jian didn’t say more, he walked out of the big tent quickly, and Lawrence quickly followed.

When he got outside, Yang Jian’s face was green and furious when he saw the situation in front of him.

I saw those people in Huang Yan who were really tied to the stakes, with their heads hanging down. Where is the demeanor of General Beiying?

“Waste, all waste!”

Finally, Yang Jian reacted, howling angrily, and then yelled: “If you pass the order, you can attack the city. The Ouyang family and those sects, don’t leave one!”

In the last sentence, Yang Jian almost roared out.

The Beiying army, Megatron Kyushu, and Huang Yan, as Beiying generals, failed to attack a woman, but were arrested. They are still tied there to show the public, and they almost lost the face of the Beiying army.

Originally, Yang Jian wanted to show his benevolence to the people when he captured Zhongzhou City, but now that the anger is aroused, he can’t take care of that much.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Hearing Yang Jian’s order, Beiying’s army quickly assembled, and after a few seconds, the drums of war were beaten! Hundreds of thousands of troops launched a mighty assault on Zhongzhou City.


On the other side, in the waters hundreds of miles away from Donghai City.

Between the waves and blue waves, a wooden boat is moving along with the waves!

Moroye sat on the bow of the boat with his eyes slightly closed, watching his nose and nose, and was meditating. Behind him, Mateo was rowing the boat with a pair of oars in his hands.

Although rowing the boat, Mateo’s attention has always been on Moroye. And, there was a hint of resentment in his eyes.

Mateo hated his life after being abolished by Moroye, and was forced to apprentice his teacher. Mateo hated him. For these two days, he didn’t want to take revenge all the time. However, his life root was abolished, and Dantian was injured by Moroye. Mateo was greatly injured. It will take a long time to recover.

As for Moroyah, the Dharma was advanced and profound, and he completely recovered in just over a day.

In this case, Mateo can only forbear.


At this moment, Moroyah opened his eyes, finished his meditation, and slowly stood up.

In the next second, Moroyah looked at the sea in front of him and asked: “Mechanism! How long will it take to enter the earth circle continent?”

Huasheng is the Buddhist name of Mateo.

Mateo responded: “In half a day, you will be able to see the port of the Earth Round Continent.”

Having said that, Mateo couldn’t help being curious, and asked: “Master, I heard that the Beiying army is attacking the Diyuan Continent. Now the situation is chaotic. Why should we go to the Diyuan Continent?”

During these two days of contact, Mateo learned that the Linyin Temple where Moroye is located has been in a state of retreat from the world after thousands of people. The monks under the monks rarely go down the mountain.

But as the head of Moroye, he not only went down the mountain, but also kept asking himself about the situation in the Nine Provinces, as if he was on a mission, which made Mateo very curious.


Moroyah breathed a sigh of relief, staring at the blue water and blue sky in front of him, but there was not the slightest ease, but incomparable worries, and slowly said: “There is a vision in the Chaos Mountains, and there will be disaster in the Kyushu Continent. This is something. , It is necessary for the rulers of all continents to unite before it is possible to eliminate the disaster invisible.”

As he said, Moroye turned his head and glanced at Mateo, and continued: “Among the Nine Provinces, the Beiying Continent is the strongest, but Yang Jian led a large army to conquer, and he had to disturb the turbulence of the Nine Provinces. The teacher is taking you to the Diyuan Continent, just to dissuade Yang Jian and let him stop the war. The war is small, and the safety of the people in Kyushu is the most important…”


Hearing this, Mateo was stunned.

This monk wants to dissuade Yang Jian and stop the war? Also said…. There is a vision in the Chaos Mountains?

What kind of vision can threaten the safety of Kyushu as a whole?

Thinking about it, Mateo only felt his brain buzzing, and it was too slow for a long time.


On the other side, the land is round the mainland, Zhongzhou City!

At this time, Zhongzhou City was like hell, the ground was stained red with blood. Under the strong attack of the Beiying army, the Ouyang family and the disciples of various martial arts fell one by one in a pool of blood!

The two sides have been fighting fiercely here for five hours!

During these five hours, the Ouyang family and various martial arts groups continued to suffer casualties. Originally, there were more than 300,000 people. But under the onslaught of the powerful Beiying army, there were deaths and injuries. At this time Only 100,000 people are left!

The Beiying army, because of its overall strength, only lost more than 10,000 people.

The disparity in strength is getting bigger and bigger, and the Ouyang family and the big sects can no longer hold on, but only these people are still gritted their teeth!

Zhongzhou City is at stake, and the powers of other cities, as well as major families, have rushed to support them from all directions.

However, in the eyes of the Beiying army, these forces and families were completely incapable of threatening them.

The fierce fighting is still going on, and the casualties on the Earth Round Continent are increasing!

At this time, the entire Zhongzhou City was submerged in a scream of fighting, and the sky was filled with blood, and even the sun was eclipsed, as if it had been stained red with blood.

The Ouyang family, various martial sects, and various forces fought and retreated, and finally retreated to the Ouyang mansion.

By this time, half of Zhongzhou City was under Yang Jian’s control.

The situation is getting more and more unfavorable, but the Ouyang family and various martial arts still have not given up and are still fighting bloody battles.

In the melee, there is a figure that is extremely brave!

It is Peter!

At this time, Peter was already covered in blood. From head to toe, there was no one intact place. There were more than a hundred wounds, just like a blood man!

Behind him, Janis and Lorenzo, as well as the masters of various sects, almost tried their last bit of strength, and they could not stand firmly, but each one had a firm expression without the slightest retreat, still holding a weapon in their hands.

In front of them, countless soldiers from Beiying, one after another, swarmed in, unable to kill at all.

Peter almost tried his best, almost unable to hold the double axes, but still gritted his teeth and rushed to the forefront.

Peter is a famous violent temper and full of blood. He knows that this battle will not be won, but he still wants to rush to the forefront, wanting to kill a few more enemies.

“Great Sage, come back!”

“Withdraw one after another, don’t rush anymore.”

Seeing that Peter did not retreat, Janis and others who were slowly retreating were extremely anxious.

However, Peter had already smashed his eyes and couldn’t hear it at all.

Finally, because the rush was too far forward, Peter was quickly surrounded and more and more enemies! A Beiying soldier walked around behind Peter, holding a spear in his hand, and stab Peter’s back all at once!


The blood swarmed out all of a sudden!


Peter only felt that all the strength of his body was taken out in an instant, and his whole body was extremely weak, and he half-kneeled on the ground all of a sudden.

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