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Chapter 1126

But at the same time, a few Beiying soldiers took the opportunity to rush, and the long knives in their hands stab Peter together!

“The Great Sage!”

At this moment, Lorenzo roared and rushed over quickly, blocking Peter, waving his right hand in the air to form a protective film.

“Clang clang!”

Dozens of long knives slashed on the protective film, making a sound of metal crashing.

Lorenzo’s strength at this time was already the fourth martial emperor, but during the fight just now, he consumed a lot of internal strength. At this time, he blocked the weapons of so many Beiying soldiers and made his face pale!

“I can’t help myself!”

At this moment, a tender drink rang out, and then I saw a slender figure, coming in lightly, it was Gonggong.

In the fierce battle just now, Peter and Lorenzo were extremely brave and had long attracted the attention of Gong Gong. At this time, seeing that they were both injured, they killed many soldiers from Beiying, Gong Gong suddenly couldn’t help it.


In the next second, Gonggong took a jade hand, a purple-ranked long sword appeared in her hand, and then a sword stabbed Lorenzo!

At the same time, hundreds of Beiying soldiers around also swarmed up, all rushing over! Suddenly, Peter and Lorenzo were surrounded by groups!


Peter’s double axe constantly swung to resist, but there were too many people to stop it. There were more and more wounds on his body, and the whole person almost became a blood man.

“Am I slotting you!”

The blood flowed down, and Peter’s eyes were blood-red, and he was completely mad. Holding a giant axe, he chopped over a dozen people in a row.

On the side, facing Gonggong’s attack, Lorenzo was also tired of coping, and one was accidentally slapped on the chest by Gonggong! At that time, Lorenzo vomited several mouthfuls of blood, staggered, and retreated to Peter’s side.

“Brother Wen, you shouldn’t rush over.” Peter said to Lorenzo with guilt.

If it wasn’t for his love for battle, Wen would not come to help himself, let alone get hurt.

“You and my brother, don’t say such things.” Lorenzo’s face was pale, but he gritted his teeth, and said every word: “Anyway, today Zhongzhou City can’t be saved. It’s difficult for us to break out. It’s better to die. Before, kill a few more…”

“Yes! Let’s have a good time today.” Peter shouted with a high war spirit, and then the two brothers rushed out again!

“Clang! Clang!”

Peter didn’t remember how many axes he swung, or how many knives he suffered. I only saw him with scars on his body, and his blood had already stained his clothes red!

At this time, Peter was already exhausted. He was hanging from a single breath, and he could clearly feel it, and there was a burst of pain, and there was no pain in the whole body!


Next to him, Lorenzo was always at a disadvantage in the face of the powerful Gonggong. Suddenly, Gonggong was pierced with a sword. Lorenzo couldn’t avoid this sword, and he pierced his shoulder directly!

Lorenzo only felt that his strength was losing quickly, and his body trembled, staggering back.

“Go to hell!” Gonggong sneered, taking advantage of the momentum to pursue him, and slapped Lorenzo’s heart with a palm.

In the eyes of Gonggong, Lorenzo is just the realm of Emperor Wu, and fighting against himself is just looking for death.

“Master of Wendian!”

“be careful…”

Seeing this scene, Janis not far away, as well as the masters of various sects, could not help exclaiming, and at the same time wanted to rush over, but there were too many Beiying soldiers around, and they were stopped before they rushed two steps. Down.

“Brother Wen!”

At this crucial moment, Peter’s eyes were extremely bloody, and he roared, blocking Lorenzo, and forcibly took the hand of Gonggong.


At the moment when the two palms collided, I saw Peter snorted, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and his body retreated more than a dozen steps before stabilizing his figure.

At this time, Peter and Lorenzo, their internal strength was exhausted, and their bodies had numerous wounds, almost to the point where they were exhausted, but facing the Gonggong and Beiying soldiers in front of them, they were still not afraid!

“Come on! Want to kill us, come up as soon as possible!” Peter screamed desperately with red eyes!

Lorenzo next to him, his face pale, but his eyes also showed tenacious will.


Seeing this scene, many Beiying soldiers looked at each other! A trace of dread rose in his heart.

Having suffered such a serious injury, haven’t fallen down yet?

This is an iron man? Does the blood flow endlessly?

Even Gonggong has her eyebrows furrowed, and her heart can’t help being touched.

These people who are round the mainland are really tenacious. The situation in front of them is already falling apart, but they are still desperate to resist.

Are you really afraid of death?

Janis, and the masters of various sects, saw this scene, all of them were shocked, and many people’s eyes turned red.

The two Darryl worshiping brothers were indeed true men standing upright.

In order to defend the Earth Round Continent, I would rather spare my life and be wounded all over the battle, rather than step back!

“What if you are not afraid of death?”

At this time, Gonggong came over and sneered: “You are the only ones who want to block the army of Beiying, but you are just like a car!”

Immediately, Gonggong issued an order to the surrounding Beiying soldiers: “They are already weak, don’t be afraid, kill them!”


When the voice fell, dozens of Beiying soldiers armed with long spears rushed up one after another.


Peter was too weak to dodge, and a dozen spears all pierced Peter’s body at once.

At this time, Peter couldn’t hold it anymore, and the blood came out!

Lorenzo was also hit hard again, and his face was extremely pale.

“Head of Sun, Palace Master Wen!”

“Hall Master!”


Seeing this scene, Janis and the various sects, everyone’s hearts were jerked. Many disciples in Huaguoshan and the Hall of Longevity, their eyes were blood red and blood red, they screamed wildly, and finally couldn’t help their tears, and they kept streaming!

Peter tried his best to dry the blood on his mouth, and looked at Lorenzo with a weak smile: “Brother Wen, I will die here with you. I have no regrets in my life. It is a pity that at the last moment, our three brothers did not Can get together!”


Hearing this, Lorenzo smiled weakly, and then seriously said: “It doesn’t matter if Darryl is not there, I can avenge both of us in the future.”

With that said, Lorenzo looked around at the densely packed Beiying soldiers before him, and snarled up to the sky: “We have done my best to defend the earth and round the continent, Lorenzo has done my best, and I have no regrets!”


This heroic spirit is so powerful!

“Our three brothers are living and dying together. I’m still here. I will never allow the two of you to have an accident.” At this moment, only a roar came from the horizon!

Whether it was the people on Earth Round Continent or the Beiying army, their hearts trembled with this roar, and they all looked for their voices!

At this look, everyone was stunned!

I saw that there was a huge figure on the horizon, flying at extreme speed!

This is a giant beast, which is close to more than seventy meters in length. It looks like a tiger but not a tiger. It has a dark purple body and a pair of wings on its back. It is surrounded by the light of thunder and lightning.

The beast is very strange!

On Qiongqi, there is a man standing, this man, with sharp facial features, extremely cold! It is Darryl!

After so many years, Xiao Qiongqi’s strength is already close to crossing the tribulation realm!

Darryl stood on Qiongqi, majestic! Behind Darryl, he neatly followed the 300,000 army, it was the soldiers of the Xicang Continent!

Chapter 1127

At this time, Darryl stood proudly on Qiongqi’s back, with a mighty aura, but his eyes shone with tears.

After summoning the Xi Cang army at Canglong Pass, Darryl did not stop for a moment, and rushed directly to the Diyuan Continent. Along the way, Darryl saw many cities fall into ruins. In the ruins, there were no more corpses of hundreds of people!

At this time, I finally arrived in Zhongzhou City, and I saw where I could see, the war was full of flames. The bustling and lively Zhongzhou City, but now it has become a hell, with blood everywhere.

And his two brothers, Lorenzo and Peter, almost all became blood men under the fierce battle.

Darryl’s chivalrous heart is heartbroken when he sees this scene.



“Haha, Leader Yue is back…”

Seeing Darryl, there was cheers on the Earth Round Continent. Whether it was the Ouyang family, Tianmen, or the various martial arts, everyone was extremely excited, and a ray of dawn also rose in the heart of despair.

Darryl is back, and Earth Round Continent is saved!

“Brother Wen, Peter!”

At this time, Darryl’s eyes fell on Lorenzo and Peter, tears finally couldn’t help but flowed down: “Sorry, brother is late.”

Darryl clearly saw that Lorenzo and Peter were full of knife-edges, dripping with blood, and they were completely two blood people, but they still stood there.

Behind the two, the brothers of Tianmen, as well as the Ouyang family and people of various sects, the bodies almost covered the ground, countless!

Those who were lucky enough to survive were all seriously injured.

“Hurt my brother and family, you all deserve to die!” A cold voice came from Darryl’s mouth, and in the next instant, Darryl suddenly raised his hands! I saw a wave of terrifying power in Midair, quickly condensing around Darryl.

“Great Breakthrough Technique!”

Darryl almost roared out, pointing at Beiying’s army!


A violent breath burst out, forming a hurricane-like vortex, sweeping down! Go straight to the ground!


At the same time, Qiongqi also burst out with a loud roar and rushed towards the crowd.


Suddenly, amid the roars of Great Breaking Heaven and Qiongqi, nearly a thousand soldiers from Beiying, too late to react, screamed and fell into a pool of blood!


Seeing this scene, the martial arts masters on the Earth Round Continent were very excited and cheered loudly.


At this moment, only a cold voice was heard coming from the Beiying army camp. Immediately afterwards, a golden figure hovered in the air, majestic and majestic, it was Yang Jian.

“Darryl, you finally appeared!” Yang Jian’s eyes were cold, and he said word by word: “I wanted to occupy the entire continent, and then I tried to catch you, but I didn’t expect that you would actually show up.”

As he said, Yang Jian looked at the 300,000 Xicang army behind Darryl, and said with disdain: “Earth Round Continent is exhausted, immediately surrender and work for me. Maybe I can spare your life.”

When he said this, Yang Jian’s face was full of pride.

Although the 300,000 Xicang army brought by Darryl is not small, the strength of Xicang Continent is not worth mentioning compared with Beiying Continent, so Yang Jian didn’t take it seriously.

surrender? Still loyal to you?

Hearing this, Darryl smiled coldly, met Yang Jian’s gaze, fearless, and his voice spread throughout the audience: “Yang Jian, you are just my defeated general. In the Southern Cloud Continent, the one who was killed by me fled. , But still have the face to make me surrender? Who gives you the confidence?”

Darryl had deliberately mocked Yang Jian. This Yang Jian, taking advantage of his absence, led an army to attack Earth Continent, it was really shameless.


Hearing this, Yang Jian’s face was extremely ugly, and he was furious.

The true monarch of his own dignity and arrogance has been in the world for thousands of years. When has he been ridiculed in this way?

“you wanna die!”

Sen Leng’s three words came out from Yang Jian, his eyes fixed on Darryl, and he raised his hand with a wave: “The whole army listened to the order, and all the people from the sects of Diyuan Continent, as well as the Xicang soldiers, were wiped out, one Don’t stay!”

Before in the South Cloud Continent, the reason why he was defeated was entirely because Gui Guzi was present, but now, when Yang Jian saw Darryl beside him, there was no Guiguzi, and he no longer had any scruples.


When the voice fell, the Beiying army issued a howl that shocked the world, pulling out their weapons one after another, rushing towards Darryl.


With a solemn expression on his face, Darryl took a deep breath and yelled: “All the soldiers in Xi Cang, immediately meet the enemy’s defense, never back down, kill!”


As the words fell, hundreds of thousands of the West Cang army responded in unison, the momentum shook the sky, and surged up like a tide!

“Chong, defend your homeland!”

At the same time, the Ouyang family, Tianmen, and disciples of various sects were encouraged by their morale, temporarily forgetting the pain, and rushing forward.

In the blink of an eye, the two sides collided head-on, and a fierce fight broke out!


For a time, shouts of killing, roars, constantly sounded, blood kept splashing, and the earth was dyed red again.


But at this moment, Yang Jian, who was suspended there, suddenly burst out and rushed straight to Darryl.

In an instant, Yang Jian arrived in front of Darryl, his eyes blazing with absolute contempt: “Smelly boy, there is no Senior Guigu around, I see what else you can do, and if you fight against me, you won’t end up well, just behave!”


When the voice fell, a terrifying breath burst out of Yang Jian’s body. In a moment, the surrounding air seemed to be stagnant! At the same time, the three-pointed two-edged sword was held tightly by Yang Jian.

As soon as the knife was released, the surrounding temperature seemed to drop sharply!

Speaking of it, Yang Jian is aloof and self-contained. Since conquering various continents, he has never personally shot, because in Yang Jian’s heart, none of these masters of various continents is worth his shot.

But Darryl was different. He was a hero of the Earth Round Continent, and he had repelled his Beiying army in the Southern Cloud Continent. As long as you catch him alive, you will be able to psychologically attack Earth Yuan Continent completely. Even more shame.

More importantly, Chang’e had been missing for so long and could not be found, and Darryl had been with Chang’e before, he must know the whereabouts of Chang’e.

Yang Jian thought about it, captured Darryl alive, and forced the people in Diyuan Continent to surrender, and then tortured Darryl severely to extract a confession and inquire about the whereabouts of Chang’e.


Seeing Yang Jian coming straight, Darryl was startled and couldn’t help cursing in secret.

This Yang Jian is too ruthless, and he is a figure who has been famous for thousands of years, but at this time he has ignored his reputation. It is really too ruthless to shoot himself in public.


Yang Jian didn’t talk nonsense. With a strong wave, he heard a howl that stunned the world, coming from the three-pointed two-edged sword, and then, a touch of golden light, tearing the world, and bursting toward Darryl.

Yang Jian’s speed was too fast, and Darryl had no time to dodge, so he had to mobilize his internal forces, quickly summon Fang Tian’s painting halberd, and resist him horizontally!

Having fought against Yang Jian, Darryl knew his power well, so all his internal strength burst out.


Jin Mang slammed on Fang Tian’s painted halberd, and heard Darryl let out a muffled grunt. He was shocked and flew a full 100 meters away before falling heavily to the ground.

During this period of time, Darryl had a new understanding, his strength improved a lot, and he was about to break through the Tribulation Realm. However, Yang Jian’s strength was also much stronger than before, so even if Darryl tried his best, he could not stop him. Live Yang Jian’s formidable blow.

After all, Yang Jian is the true monarch of Erlang who has been famous for thousands of years, and his background is not comparable to that of Darryl.


“Leader Yue!”


Seeing this scene, Peter, Lorenzo, Janis, and many others couldn’t help exclaiming, and at the same time wanted to rush over, but under the melee, surrounded by Beiying soldiers, there was no time to support them.

“Boy!” At this time, Yang Jian stared at Darryl closely, with an extremely arrogant expression: “This is the gap between the strong and the weak. Against me, that’s how it ended up.”

While talking, Yang Jian gripped the three-pointed two-edged sword and slowly walked towards Darryl.

The powerful breath filled the whole world.

Chapter 1128


Seeing Yang Jian approaching step by step, Darryl was furious.

This Yang Jian’s strength is too terrifying, he broke out with all his strength, and he couldn’t stop him!


In the next second, Darryl thought of something and immediately opened the Linglong Tower. Suddenly, dozens of powerful figures burst out of the sky. It was You Yan and Yuan Tiangang.

“Block him.” At the moment these figures appeared, Darryl couldn’t help but yelled, and at the same time, the figure quickly retreated.


Hearing Darryl’s order, You Yan and Yuan Tiangang all burst out internal forces, surrounding Yang Jian.

Although Yang Jian was unparalleled and mighty, everyone like You Yan was not weak. In a blink of an eye, Yang Jian was successfully held back.


Seeing this scene, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, and then shouted at the army of Xi Cang below: “All the soldiers listened to the order, the fifty thousand forward army moved fifty steps to the left, fifty thousand soldiers on the right, retreated twenty cloths…”

Yes, Darryl began to line up his troops. The overall strength of the Beiying army was too strong, face-to-face head-to-head, Xi Cang soldiers were not opponents at all, only the formation method might have some chance of winning.


Hearing Darryl’s words, hundreds of thousands of Xicang troops reacted quickly and changed their formation quickly.

“The whole army listens to orders.”

Seeing that the Beiying army was about to be besieged, at this moment, a voice came out, and then Lawrence jumped up into the sky and commanded loudly: “Everyone retreat, temporarily keep a distance from the enemy…”

As a military commander of the Beiying Army, Lawrence had a brilliant plan, how could he give Darryl a chance?

Hearing Lawrence’s order, all soldiers of the Beiying Army retreated more than a dozen steps to escape the danger of being besieged.


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s face was extremely ugly, very annoyed.

It’s this opening angle again.

In anger, Darryl commanded the army again, changing the formation.

Lawrence’s military skills were no worse than Darryl’s. Seeing Darryl’s changing army formation, he immediately reacted and ordered Beiying’s army to adjust quickly.

For a time, what was supposed to be a fierce confrontation between the two armies turned into a battle between the two.

Soon, half an hour passed, Darryl was still unable to reverse the situation, and Lawrence couldn’t make the Beiying army go further, and the two sides were in a stalemate like this.

In the mid-air not far away, Yang Jian was also dragged tightly by the powerful You Yan, unable to take care of this side at all.

“His Majesty!”

Finally, Lawrence ran out of patience and shouted at Yang Jian: “Temporarily retreat. It’s not a way to stay in a deadlock like this.”

When he said this, Lawrence glanced at Darryl, holding back his fire.

To be honest, with Lawrence’s personality, he would definitely not retreat easily. However, before the Beiying Army and the various sect masters of the Diyuan Continent, they fought for too long, and each of them was almost exhausted, and Yue The Xi Cang army brought by the wind is full of momentum.

Under such circumstances, continuing to consume it will be very detrimental to the Beiying army, and can only retreat temporarily so that the soldiers can regain their strength.


Hearing this, Yang Zhen gave a hum, and then his internal strength exploded, brandishing a three-pointed two-edged sword, and forcing everyone in front of You Yan back.

In the next second, Yang Jian looked around the audience and waved his hand: “Retreat!”

When the voice fell, Yang Jian took the lead to fly in the direction of Daying.

Like Lawrence, Yang Jian never thought of retreating, but he trusted Lawrence very much. Since Lawrence said that he would retreat, he must have his reason.


Seeing Yang Jian withdraw from the battlefield, Lawrence and Beiying army did not hesitate to keep up quickly.


Seeing this scene, whether it was Darryl, the masters of various sects, or the Xi Cang army, they all secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

This battle was finally over temporarily.

Afterwards, Darryl reacted and hurriedly ordered someone to treat the wounded.

A few minutes later, in the hall of the Ouyang family mansion.

Darryl sat on the chair in the center with a solemn expression.

On both sides, Janis, as well as the masters of various sects, sat there quietly, all of them with endless exhaustion on their faces.

And Peter, Lorenzo and some people who were seriously injured went to the backyard to heal.

“Leader Yue.”

At this moment, Tang Qingyun stood up first and said to Darryl to please: “Fortunately, the leader came back in time, otherwise, Zhongzhou is really over today.”

When the voice fell, everyone around nodded.

Darryl smiled and waved his hand: “Everyone is polite. It is not the time to say flattery, but to figure out how to repel the Beiying army.”

When saying this, Darryl glanced at Tang Qingyun, his eyes calm.

To be honest, a villain like Tang Qingyun, Darryl has always been very disgusted, but seeing him this time, taking Tang Jiabao’s disciples, desperately guarding Zhongzhou City, Darryl didn’t care about that much.

As for the leader’s matter, Darryl heard Janis just now, and it was all sects who voluntarily recommended him to do it.

If in the past, Darryl would definitely give in, but now that the enemy is now, Darryl would not be too lazy to waste his tongue and admit it as his own.

“Leader Yue.”

At this moment, the real person Lingbao looked at Darryl and couldn’t help but speak: “Before in the Southern Cloud Continent, you defeated Yang Jian’s Beiying army, and you were famous in the world. Since you have won, there must be a way to force Yang Jian back. …”


At this moment, the eyes of everyone in the audience gathered on Darryl.

Yes, I could defeat Yang Jian before, but there should be a way now.

Uh …

In the face of everyone’s attention, Darryl scratched his head with embarrassment on his face.

D*mn, who was in the Southern Cloud Continent at the time, was able to defeat the Beiying army completely with the help of Senior Guiguzi. But now, Guiguzi didn’t know where he was wandering, without his help, how could he defeat Yang Jian.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled bitterly: “Yang Jian has already figured out my way. I beat him before, but I was lucky. Now I want to defeat the Beiying army, I’m afraid it will be difficult.”


Hearing this, everyone sighed slightly, a little disappointed, but also a little anxious.

Even Darryl can’t help it, Zhongzhou is really over now.


At this moment, Darryl looked around and found that there were a lot of people missing. He couldn’t help but ask Janis: “Aunt Jiang, where are the younger sisters and Raquel?”

Yes, Darryl saw that Cynthia was not there, and Raquel and several members of the Ouyang family were not there.


Hearing the question, Janis’s beautiful face revealed a bit of self-blame, and said softly: “A few of them, when Yunzhou City was breached, they were caught by Yang Jian.”

Whenever she thinks of her daughter and Raquel, Janis can’t express her heartache and guilt.

Back in Yunzhou, they were arrested because they didn’t command well.

Speaking of which, these days, Janis had thought of several ways to rescue Cynthia and the others, but they all failed. You know, Beiying Daying is too guarded, and trying to sneak in is almost more difficult than reaching the sky.


Darryl was stunned, clenching his fists, both frightened and worried.

Raquel and Cynthia were arrested by Yang Jian. With Yang Jian’s personality, would they have been killed?

The more Darryl thought about it, the more anxious.


At this moment, Janis thought of something and looked at Darryl and said: “There is another person, you absolutely can’t think of it.”

With that said, Janis adjusted her emotions and continued to gently say: “Elisa is not dead, now we are in the dungeon of Ouyang’s house…” Then, Janis reported the situation when Elisa came to report. Fifty to ten said it.


Hearing these, Darryl only felt his brain buzzing, and his whole person was dumbfounded.

Elisa…. She’s not dead?


Finally, ten seconds later, Darryl reacted and ordered the family disciple outside the door: “Bring Elisa here.”

Knowing that Elisa was not dead, Darryl was a little happy besides being shocked. You must know that at the beginning, his son Gary buried Elisa alive in front of him. In Darryl’s heart, this was a hurdle that he could never get past. He only felt that he couldn’t help Elisa.

After all, Elisa had already reformed.

But now, Elisa survived a catastrophe, and for Darryl, he was finally relieved of guilt.

Chapter 1129

Soon, two disciples of the Ouyang family brought Elisa up.

I have to say that Elisa deserves to be a goddess level woman. Even though she was kept in the dungeon for a few days, she was still a little embarrassed with chains on her hands and feet, but her charming talent and beauty still couldn’t hide her.


At this moment, everyone in the hall focused on Elisa’s body, and many men barely blinked their eyes.

Of course, while admiring Elisa, many people also have deep fear in their hearts. After all, Elisa is a former martial arts leader, cruel and cruel, who has not suffered from her?

She… She really wasn’t dead!

Seeing Elisa, Darryl’s heart was shocked, with some indescribable excitement and joy, but his face was very indifferent, without the slightest fluctuation.

To be honest, Elisa had done so many bad things before, and now he decided to reform, but in Darryl’s heart, he and Elisa already had a gap, and he couldn’t return to the previous intimate state.


At this time, Elisa also saw Darryl, and she was shocked, very happy: “You are back, great!”

When the voice fell, Elisa couldn’t hide the excitement in his heart, and he was about to come over.

However, after not taking two steps, he was stopped by a cold drink.

“Stop”, Tang Qingyun, who was sitting on the side, couldn’t help standing up, and said coldly at Elisa: “You can call the leader of the Yue League? Elisa, do you think you are the leader of the League? Or the Emei faction. Door? Be sober, you are just a prisoner now.”

Immediately, Tang Qingyun turned his head to look at Darryl with a look of ingratiation: “Leader, this woman is more cunning, and she has framed you before, so she can’t be taken lightly.”

When he said this, Tang Qingyun glanced at Elisa triumphantly, his eyes full of contempt, expressing a bit of retaliatory pleasure.

When Elisa was the leader of the martial arts, he didn’t regard Tang Qingyun as a human being. Tang Qingyun was narrow-minded. Seeing Elisa’s desolation at this time, he would naturally not let go of the opportunity to mock.

As soon as he said this, many people around him nodded one after another.

“The Lord Tangbao said it right!”

“Yes, this woman has a pretty face, but her heart is like a snake and scorpion. Don’t be afraid!”

“Leader, you must be cautious when dealing with this kind of woman…”

Everyone’s comments, one sentence from you, one sentence from me, are all expressing resentment towards Elisa. You must know that when Elisa used the Black Heaven Pill to force the various sects to surrender. Ashamed. At this time, I saw Elisa, how could I have a good face?

Hearing these words, Elisa looked calm and did not refute.

In Elisa’s heart, he had done too many wrong things before, and if he was wrong, he had to admit it.


Darryl lightly breathed a sigh of relief, looked around the audience, and waved his hand: “Okay, don’t talk about it, everyone.”

Immediately, Darryl glanced at Elisa: “Untie her.”

“Yes!” The two Ouyang family disciples responded and untied Elisa.


At this moment, many people around were stunned, looking at Darryl very puzzled.

This wicked woman ended up like this, she deserved it, but did Darryl untie her? This Darryl is unambiguous in terms of the justice of the world, but in terms of women, he still can’t be determined.

How can a woman’s benevolence do great things?

For a time, many people felt dissatisfied with Darryl in their hearts.

Darryl saw the displeasure in everyone’s eyes, but he didn’t care.

In the next second, Darryl sat there and looked at Elisa and said, “Elisa, it is said that you came to spread the news specially before, so please tell me, how did you know that the Beiying army was coming? Or… Yang Jian sent it on purpose? You are here.”

Yes, Darryl asked this deliberately, with the purpose of letting Elisa explain clearly, so as to eliminate everyone’s misunderstanding of her.


Elisa took a deep breath and said slowly: “At that time, I found the army of Beiying at the border, and immediately notified the martial arts. But in the end, they didn’t believe it, and they locked me up.”

When he said this, Elisa was still aggrieved.

“Elisa.” Lingbao sighed and couldn’t help but said: “If you hadn’t done too much evil before, how could everyone lose trust in you?”


Elisa flushed and couldn’t speak.

“All right!”

At this time, Darryl smiled slightly and said: “Everyone, Elisa did have a fault before, but now she has started to reform. I hope everyone can put aside their prejudices and give her a chance.”

When the voice fell, everyone looked at each other.

“Leader Yue.”

At this moment, Tang Qingyun couldn’t help but speak: “Knowing people, knowing the face and not knowing the heart, who knows if she really regretted it, and ah, there is a saying in our ancients, called the beauty of beauty, and the Lord Yue should not be affected by her appearance. Blinded.”

When the voice fell, many people nodded in agreement.

“Yes, this woman is too cunning.”

“Before we believed her too much, so we fell into her way.”

“Leader of the Yue League is chivalrous and kind, but there are some things that can’t be too kind.”

I go!

Hearing these, Darryl frowned secretly, feeling annoyed.

The thinking of this group of people is too stubborn, so why don’t they understand it?

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled bitterly: “Okay, let’s not talk about this for the time being, we should think of a way to resist the army of Beiying.” The update is the fastest.

Since Elisa’s matter is not clear, let’s change the subject.


Hearing this, everyone closed their mouths, all at a loss.

“Yue…Leader Yue.”

Seeing this scene, Elisa couldn’t help but asked softly: “How is the situation now?”

Elisa originally wanted to call Darryl’s name directly, but considering the current situation, in order not to let people around him make irresponsible remarks, he changed his mouth in time and called the leader Yue.

These days, Elisa has been imprisoned in the dungeon of the Ouyang family, so he still doesn’t know the situation outside.

However, Elisa had already made up his mind to change his past. This time the Beiying army came to commit the crime, something must be done to make up for the mistakes he had made.


Darryl lightly sighed and looked at Elisa with a wry smile; “Very not optimistic.” As he said, he explained the situation in front of him in detail.


Upon learning of the situation, Elisa’s delicate face was full of shock, and her heart was even more anxious.

So many places on the Earth Round Continent have already fallen? And now, Zhongzhou is about to lose it?

At this time, Darryl continued: “The overall strength of the Beiying army is very strong, but we have deployed properly and still have the opportunity to resist. The key is the angle. This person uses soldiers like a god, which is really a headache.”

When he said this, Darryl felt extremely bitter in his heart.

Before in the Southern Cloud Continent, Darryl fought against Lawrence more than once. At that time, Lawrence used the people to make a wall of meat. Darryl had no choice but to fight until the Beiying army went all the way to the Nanyun Imperial City, and Darryl let go. It was only after the Guiguzi in the Linglong Tower that the situation was reversed.

However, Gui Guzi would rather die than admit the Lord. At that time, after helping Darryl to retreat the Beiying army, he left, and now he is missing.

Without Guiguzi’s opponent, Darryl was not an opponent at all when facing the cunning and vicious Lawrence.

More importantly, now the Beiying army is only temporarily withdrawing. When they regain their vitality, they will definitely come back. At that time, even if there is a Xicang army, it will be of no avail.


Hearing this, Elisa’s body trembled, and she was stunned.

Thinking of Lawrence, Elisa felt a little guilty besides panic. At the beginning of Lu Bu’s tomb, Elisa deceived Lawrence’s immortal scriptures and stabbed him with a sword cruelly. This is what Elisa has done. Among the wrong things, the cruelest one, even though it was later learned that Lawrence was not dead, Elisa still regretted not doing so.

But soon, Elisa calmed down and looked at Darryl and said softly: “Leader Yue, I have a way to deal with Lawrence.”

As he said, Elisa thought for a while, and continued earnestly: “Although this horn uses soldiers like a god, every time when the troops are deployed, the method used is always inseparable from the’weekly count’, as long as the leader of the Yue League Starting from this aspect, we will definitely be able to find a way to deal with him.”

Chapter 1130

When saying this, Elisa smiled lightly. Speaking of which, although Elisa’s personality is rather extreme, he is very clever in cultivation and comprehension. Although what he has learned before is not all of the immortal scriptures, in recent years, Elisa has also learned a lot with his clever wisdom. The essence of the Sutra.

The Immortal Scriptures are broad and profound, and Elisa’s comprehension is not only limited to exercises, but also astronomy, geography, warfare and so on.

Just now when Darryl narrated and Lawrence was passing by, Elisa was keenly aware that Lawrence’s formation was based on the Zhou Tianyi number in the Indestructible Scriptures, which made Elisa very excited.

Knowing this is equivalent to knowing Lawrence’s thinking trend. This will be of great help to the next battle against the army of Beiying. The so-called knowing oneself and the enemy can only be successful in all battles. Can you be unhappy?

“Every week is easy to count?”

At this moment, Darryl was stunned, and then looked at Elisa closely: “What you said is true?”


Elisa nodded with certainty.

“But…” Darryl scratched his head and said with shame: “But I don’t know how easy it is to count.”

Zhou Tian Yi Shu is the most incomprehensible and most esoteric one among Qi Men Dun Jia. Even if Darryl has “Yin Yang Darryl Shui Jue” and “Bai Qi Shen Zhen”, he still can’t comprehend the mystery of Zhou Tian Yi Shu.

“Leader Yue, don’t worry, I know how many days are easy to count.” Elisa said with a light smile.


Hearing these words, Darryl was extremely excited, he swept away his previous depression, and his mood was unspeakable.

Unexpectedly, Elisa knew how to count Zhou Tianyi. With her help, would he still be afraid that he could not deal with Lawrence?

“Okay!” Darryl nodded and looked at Elisa with a smile: “Wait until the Beiying army comes and attack again, let’s…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by a voice.

“Leader Yue.”

Don Su, the head of the Beggar Gang, stood up and said with a worried look: “What this woman said may not be credible. Please think twice about what this woman said.”

With that said, Don Su didn’t forget to glance at Elisa, his eyes full of suspicion.

When the voice fell, Tang Qingyun also hurriedly stood up and said loudly: “Yes, the lord, the god of soldiers with horns is elusive. You can’t even crack it, but she vowed to say that there is a way, and there is clearly a deception. .”

Tang Qingyun wanted to speak just now, but was afraid of offending Darryl. Seeing that the head of the Beggar Gang was the first to oppose, he quickly stood up to help.


When the voice fell, there was an uproar in the hall, and many people also spoke.

“Elisa, this woman must be playing tricks again, the leader must not be deceived.”

“Yes, it is this woman’s consistent style to win the trust of others first, and then surprise by surprise.”

“Leader think twice.”

Everyone’s opposition, you and I heard one sentence, and Darryl secretly frowned, and it was a headache.

At this time, Darryl had never expected that everyone would hate Elisa so much. Elisa has reformed, but these people are still suspicious of her.

It’s difficult now.

“you guys…”

At this moment, Elisa finally couldn’t help it, trembling all over, looking at Tang Qingyun and everyone said: “Can you believe me once? Yes, I was sorry to everyone before, sorry to the whole world, but I already know Wrong, and what I said is true. Now that the enemy is now, can we not unite a little bit?”

When talking about this, Elisa was anxious.

This group of people are full of chivalrous mouths, but they have not given the slightest chance to reform themselves, which is really speechless.

I believe you?

Tang Qingyun sneered, and mocked at Elisa: “Are you still qualified to make us believe? Even the leader of Yue is helpless, but you have a way to know what Zhou Tianyi counts? Isn’t it a lie? Is it that you use soldiers than Yue? The leader is still powerful? Okay, even if you haven’t lied, why do you make us believe? You have to give us a reason to believe.”

When the voice fell, many people followed suit.

“Yeah, talk about it.”

“Every week is easy to count. It is said that it is the most esoteric one in the Qimen Dunjia. It has been lost for a long time. Would you? Who would you lie to?”

“Hehe… let her make up…”


Facing Tang Qingyun’s questions and ridicules, Elisa bit her lips tightly, and then slowly said: “The Immortal Sutra I practiced has hidden the Zhou Tian Yi counting technique, and this Immortal Sutra is I learned it with Lawrence…”

With that said, Zhou Qinjiang explained in detail how he encountered Lawrence and how to deceive his stunts in Lu Bu’s ancient tomb.

At the end of the talk, Elisa looked around, his delicate face was full of ashamed: “At that time, I wanted to monopolize this stunt. After I got the formula, I stabbed Lawrence with a sword… I don’t know that he was not dead. I managed to escape and became Yang Jian’s military adviser…”

To be honest, Elisa didn’t want to tell this unknown fact. After all, it was detrimental to his own image, but in order to win everyone’s trust, he could only tell the truth.


For a moment, the whole hall was silent, and everyone’s eyes looked at Elisa complicatedly, flashing with disgust and contempt.

Elisa, this woman, is too vicious. She cheated Lawrence’s techniques, but she wanted to kill her.


Even Darryl took a deep breath, his heart surged.

Elisa used to be in a tough situation, but fortunately, now she has reformed, and if she is still like before, she really can’t keep her.


At this time, Elisa’s face returned to calm, looked around, and slowly said: “Now everyone should believe me? I have learned the Indestructible Scriptures, and I understand Zhou Tianyi to count. It can completely help the leader of Yue to deal with Lawrence.”


When the voice fell, the whole hall was silent, no one responded, all secretly pondering.

“Ha ha!”

At this moment, Tang Qingyun sneered, broke the silence, and shook his head at Elisa, “Elisa, Elisa, you don’t have to be hypocritical. You said it yourself. You learned your exercises from Lawrence. Here, it is obvious that you are an agent sent by Lawrence. As for you said that Lawrence was killed with a sword at that time, it was completely fabricated, and the heart veins were pierced. Can you still live? It is impossible. You This lie is made up, don’t you believe it…”

“Yes, Lord Tangbao’s analysis is correct.”

“I said that Elisa, why is he so anxious to help? It turns out that he is a spy of the enemy army.”

“It’s disgusting, do you play us like kids…”

Many people present glared at Elisa, scolded one after another, and began to criticize and criticize.


At this moment, Elisa’s face flushed, her angry body trembled, and she couldn’t speak.

She didn’t expect to tell the situation by herself, not only did not win the trust of everyone, but deepened the misunderstanding.

Seeing this scene, Darryl was also very troubled.

“Leader Yue!”

At this moment, Tang Qingyun had a sincere expression on his face, and begged Darryl: “Elisa, this woman is unpredictable, I implore you to deal with her immediately and never be merciless!”

As soon as this remark came out, many people around nodded in agreement.

“This woman is too hateful. As a person from the Earth Round Continent, she does everything possible to calculate us.”

“In my opinion, don’t talk nonsense, just tie it up…”

“Yes, it’s best to abolish her practice and break into the dungeon.”

At this moment, the entire hall was filled with anger and no one sympathized with Elisa. On the contrary, thinking of Elisa’s deeds in his heart was filled with disgust and hatred.

Elisa panicked and looked at Darryl closely, his eyes full of requests for help.

Does Darryl also believe in himself?

Darryl sat there, did not speak, his expression was indifferent, without the slightest fluctuation.

“Everyone, be quiet.”

Finally, a few minutes later, Darryl took a deep breath and slowly said, “Elisa has already said that she wants to reform and rehabilitate. I believe her.”


Hearing this, Elisa’s heart trembled, and he was indescribably moved. At this time, he wanted to rush to Darryl’s arms.

He once framed him so much, he didn’t care about himself, and stood up to speak for himself when he needed help the most.

From the beginning to the end, he didn’t misunderstand the wrong person, Darryl was indeed a true man upright and upright.

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