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Chapter 1136

Not far away, Yang Jian was too anxious. He wanted to come and help, but he was afraid of Darryl’s Linglong Tower. In the previous battle, Yang Jian was besieged by You Yan and others in the Linglong Tower. Although Yang Jian was not injured, he was also consumed. A lot of internal force.

Moreover, Yang Jian was extremely conceited. He had already been criticized by many people for his sudden attack on Darryl. If he made another move, the news would spread to the mainland of Nine Provinces and would be ridiculed by people all over the world.


The enemy was clearly right in front of him but could not be killed. Lawrence furiously rose up, raising the sky and roaring, and then staring at Darryl: “Boy, you better not fall into my hands, or I will let you survive. I can’t die.”

“Ha ha…”

Feeling Lawrence’s resentment, Lawrence didn’t panic at all, and chuckled: “Take care of yourself first.”


At this moment, Elisa took the opportunity to walk around and slapped Lawrence’s back heart with a palm. Lawrence’s attention at this time was all on Darryl’s body. Zhenfei went out, flew a full ten meters away, and landed heavily on the ground. After landing, a mouthful of blood spurted out.


Lawrence looked miserable, staring at Elisa fiercely, almost fainted. He thought he could kill this woman today to avenge his previous conspiracy, but he didn’t expect to kill her, instead he was wounded by her. , And still being watched by so many people.

What a shame!

Lawrence has always been conceited, but at this time, in front of so many people, he was injured by Elisa and lost his face. How about not being angry?


Elisa was floating there, facing Lawrence’s hateful gaze, calmly, and said softly: “I’m sorry, but I’m sorry, I’ve tried to calculate you in the secret room under the ancient tomb. You help the Beiying army to invade my homeland, and I cannot tolerate it.”


Hearing this, Lawrence’s face was extremely ugly, but there was nothing to refute.


Yang Jian urged him to move his figure, and quickly approached Lawrence, worrying: “Military officer, are you okay?”

Lawrence shook his head and signaled that it was okay. Although Elisa had a strong palm just now, it was not enough to damage Lawrence.

“Everyone listens.”

At this moment, Darryl was in mid-air, and ordered to everyone: “Immediately restore the formation, the first 50,000 people will advance a hundred steps, the left 50,000 people will stay there, the right…”

Yes, Darryl was ready to counterattack, Lawrence was injured, unable to direct the battle, it was a good opportunity for counterattack.


Upon receiving the order, the Ouyang family and the Xicang army immediately regrouped and screamed for killing, rushing towards the Beiying army.

Without Lawrence’s command, Beiying’s army suddenly became a panic, and in the blink of an eye the non-dominant leader was broken.

“military adviser.”

Seeing this, Yang Jian looked extremely ugly, surprised and angry, and then asked Lawrence: “What should I do? Recklessly?”

At this time, Yang Jian clearly saw that Lawrence’s face was pale and his aura was weak. Although there was no life-threatening danger, it was impossible to command the battle. But he has used his soldiers like a god, so he still needs to ask for instructions.


Lawrence gently shook his head and said weakly: “Withdraw my troops first, Your Majesty, today I was too impulsive and lost the first opportunity, but we still have a chance.”

Speaking of it, if the two armies fight face to face, the Beiying army will have an absolute advantage, but Darryl has extremely high attainments in the art of war. At that time, he will definitely deploy a formation and resist desperately. If this is the case, the Beiying army will be successful. Occupying Zhongzhou City will surely suffer heavy damage.

This is not the result that Lawrence wants to see.

When he said this, Lawrence glanced at Darryl who was not far away in the air, with deep resentment in his eyes.

They were all this kid, otherwise, he would have killed Elisa a long time ago, and would not be injured by her, let alone lose the advantage of dominating the battlefield.


Hearing this, Yang Jian slammed his fist to the ground, then lifted his dantian with air and issued an order to the Beiying army: “The whole army listens to the order and withdraws!”

With that said, Yang Jian took Lawrence and headed towards Daying.

Hula la…

The Beiying army was well-trained. Hearing the order to withdraw troops, they did not hesitate to retreat one after another, retreating cleanly in the blink of an eye.


Suddenly, no matter it was the captured Raquel people on the outskirts hillside, or the Ouyang family and the Xicang army, cheers broke out.

Won, under this disadvantage, the Earth Yuan Continent unexpectedly won again.

Amidst the cheers, Raquel and various sect masters, escorted by soldiers from Beiying, were once again imprisoned in the barracks cell.


Darryl was suspended in the air, listening to the surrounding cheers, but there was no excitement or excitement on his face. Especially seeing Raquel and masters of various sects still in Yang Jian’s hands, it was even more unpleasant in my heart.

To be honest, at this moment, Darryl wanted to take advantage of the situation to chase and rescue Raquel everyone, but after thinking about it carefully, he still restrained this impulse.

Because Darryl knows the current situation, it seems that Diyuan Continent has won two consecutive victories. In fact, there are great flukes. Moreover, Zhongzhou can survive until now because of proper defense. In other words, Zhongzhou This war has always been on the basis of defense. After all, the strength of the two sides is very different.

If it were chasing now, it would be equivalent to switching from defense to offense, and Earth Round Continent would give up its only advantage, and it would be impossible to win. At that time, I’m afraid that Raquel will be wiped out if everyone is not saved.

In Darryl’s heart, the safety of Raquel and the various sects is certainly important, but the safety of Zhongzhou City and even the entire continent is even more important.

Therefore, Darryl did not dare to take this risk.

A few minutes later.

In the lobby of Ouyang Mansion, Darryl gathered everyone together to discuss how to deal with the next attack by the Beiying army.

Everyone sat there, silent. After a brief period of excitement, everyone regained their composure and realized the seriousness of the situation.

Yang Jianyao must report, how can the military division be injured? I’m afraid that next, there will be crazy revenge. More importantly, Raquel and various schools are still in Yang Jian’s hands.

Therefore, today’s battle was won, but the situation is not optimistic at all, on the contrary, it has become more serious.

At this moment, Darryl was sitting there, looking at the map of Zhongzhou City, his brows furrowed, and he was very troubled.

To be honest, the urban area of ​​Zhongzhou City is too big, with dozens of main streets alone, and it is difficult to fully defend against the Ouyang family and the Xicang army alone.

For a while, the entire hall was silent, and the atmosphere was extremely depressing and heavy.


At this moment, Peter patted the table, stood up and looked around, and said loudly: “Why are all of you downcast? If you really can’t think of a good way, just fight with them and fight…”


Hearing this, everyone shook their heads and smiled bitterly.

Darryl was also dumbfounded. After so many years, the hot personality of the Great Sage has not changed at all.

“The Great Sage!”

Lorenzo couldn’t help but smiled, and said to Peter: “Calm down first and say less. If you can fight hard, we’ve done this a long time ago. Can we wait until now?”


Just as he was talking, a disciple of the Ouyang family ran in in a panic, and said respectfully at Darryl: “Master, the army of Beiying has sent an envoy, saying that he wants to see you.”

When he said this, the disciple was sweating profusely and looked very nervous.

Chapter 1137


Hearing this, everyone in the hall frowned secretly.

Yang Jian sent envoys here? What do you want to do?

Soon, Darryl reacted and motioned to the disciple not to be nervous, and said indifferently: “What about people?”

“Just outside!” The disciple responded quickly.

Darryl nodded and waved his hand: “Bring it in.” Over the years, Darryl has experienced a lot and has achieved a state of not being surprised.

At this moment Darryl wanted to see what the hell Yang Jian sent someone to do.

The disciple responded and walked out quickly.

Ten seconds later, the disciple came back, with a slim figure behind him, a delicate face, and an aqua-blue dress. He couldn’t hide the s3xy curve. The beauty was too beautiful. He was full of power. The aura.

It is Gonggong.


In an instant, the eyes of everyone in the hall were focused on Gong Gong, and they were deeply guarded, and at the same time they were all muttering secretly.

Water gods work together?

The person sent by Yang Jian turned out to be her.

Gonggong is Yang Jian’s most powerful subordinate, powerful. In the previous siege, many martial masters died in her hands. At this time, everyone was shocked when they saw her.

At this moment, Darryl was also stunned. He didn’t expect that the people who came would be Gong Gong.

But I have to say that Gonggong deserves to be the woman called the god of water by the world. With her peerless face, s3xy body, and high-cold temperament, no man can calm down when she sees it.

Facing the hostile eyes of everyone, Gonggong was very calm and calm, and walked straight.

When he reached the center of the hall, Gong Gong looked around first, then looked at Darryl closely, showing a slight smile and said: “Darryl, don’t look at me with this kind of eyes, I am not here to fight you, but Your Majesty specifically asked me to send a message!”

When he said this, Gonggong smiled, and his whole body was filled with arrogance.

Spread the word?

Darryl frowned and chuckled softly: “Just tell me.”

“Darryl, you know the current situation very well in your heart.” Gonggong looked calm and talked freely: “Beijing’s army is a powerful force in the world. You are not opponents at all. Even if you get lucky to win two battles, how long can you hold on? What? Three days? Ten days?”

As he said, the co-worker got serious and continued: “Speaking of which, you just injured the sergeant, your majesty is very angry, but your majesty has a forgiving heart and didn’t care about these. At the same time, considering the safety of the people on the earth, your majesty decided Give you a chance, as long as you sign on this, Zhongzhou City and even the mainland will be spared a catastrophe.”

When the voice fell, Gong Gong took out a delicate book slip, gently waved it, and threw it on the table in front of Darryl.


Everyone’s eyes all at once gathered on the slips.

Darryl also looked over subconsciously, and suddenly his whole body was shocked by this look. I saw three blood-red words written on the exquisite tablet: Surrender!


At this moment, Darryl was calm on the surface, but a huge wave surged in his heart.

This Yang Jian would really pick a time. When people like him were feeling stressed, he deliberately asked Gong Gong to persuade him to surrender. It seems that it was Lawrence’s suggestion.

Yes, after withdrawing troops just now, Yang Jian became more and more angry and wanted to razed Zhongzhou City to the ground and killed everyone in Darryl, but Lawrence promptly persuaded him.

Lawrence had a veteran plan. After being seriously injured by Elisa at that time, he was very suffocated, but after calming down, he carefully analyzed the situation in front of him and decided to ask Yang Jian to send someone to persuade him to surrender. The two sides have been in a stalemate in Zhongzhou for more than ten days. On the mainland side of the Earth Garden, it seems to be very tenacious, but in fact it is already at the end of the road. At this time, persuading to surrender, someone must be shaken.


At this moment, the whole hall exploded, and everyone was furious.


Peter has a hot personality. The first one couldn’t help but yelled at the co-worker: “Take this torn paper, get out quickly, go back and tell Yang Jian, even if there is only one person left on our land continent, he will never surrender. .”

As soon as this remark came out, many people responded one after another.

“Yes, I would rather die than surrender.”

“Yes, we are all around the mainland, and there are no people who are greedy for life and fear of death.”

“Get out of here.”

Everyone shouted angrily, and I heard you with a loud voice. I couldn’t work hard, my fists clenched tightly, and my delicate body trembled faintly.

Gonggong has a cold and arrogant temperament, and is called a water god by the world. Whoever sees it will stay away from him. But now, being insulted by so many people, how can he bear it?

However, thinking of the mission given by Yang Jian, Gong Gong finally suppressed his anger.

In the next second, Gong Gong ignored the yelling of the people, looked at Darryl closely, and said: “Darryl, the person who knows the current affairs is a brilliant, even if you have Elisa’s help, you can break the formation of the military division. But compared with the army of Beiying, the strength of your subordinates is too far apart. You have won once or twice by chance. You can’t always win. You continue to resist, and completely angered your Majesty. By then, the innocent people will suffer. And, Many of you in the Ouyang family, as well as masters of various sects, are in our hands. You can bear to see them all die?”

After speaking, the co-worker’s tone eased and continued to persuade: “Before coming, your majesty said, as long as you sign the surrender letter and promise to surrender, your majesty will not only let everyone go, but will also make you the king of the earth round continent. Let you manage the Diyuan Continent. Darryl, Your Majesty’s conditions are already very generous. I hope you can consider it carefully.”

“Darryl, the future of the entire Diyuan Continent is just between your thoughts. I know you are a smart person and will make the right choice!”

Having said this, Gong Gong quietly watched Darryl’s reaction with a leisurely expression.

Darryl didn’t say a word, his brows were lightly furrowed, and he secretly thought about it.


At this moment, there was also silence in the hall, and everyone’s eyes focused on Darryl.

“it is good!”

I don’t know how long it took, Darryl reacted, took a deep breath, looked at Gong Gong and said, “I sign!”

When he said this, Darryl’s eyes flickered, seemingly helpless, but it also revealed some deep meaning.


At this moment, everyone present was shocked and looked at Darryl in disbelief.


Peter was the first one to stand up and yelled at Darryl: “Are you crazy? We have persisted for so long and paid so much that we didn’t let Zhongzhou City fall. Why did you give up? Could it be that the previous ones? People, are they all dead in vain?”

Peter became more excited as he spoke, and his eyes were red: “How did we resist when the weather army invaded? Have you forgotten? And your original intention to create Tianmen, have you forgotten? Tell me, tell me what…”

In Peter’s roar, everyone around was extremely excited, watching Darryl closely.

“The Great Sage!”

At this moment, Lorenzo pulled Peter a bit, and said in a low voice, “Don’t get excited, and see what Darryl says.”

Lorenzo had a calm and thoughtful personality, knowing that Darryl couldn’t surrender so easily, and he agreed to work together at this time for another reason.

Yes, Darryl pretended to agree to work together, and didn’t really want to surrender at all.

Chapter 1138


Hearing Lorenzo’s consolation, Peter took a deep breath and sat down again.


At this time, Darryl looked at Gonggong and smiled: “I can sign, but I have one condition.”

“What are the conditions? To put it bluntly.” Gonggong responded without even thinking about it.

When he said this, Gong Gong felt very comfortable. As long as Darryl agreed to surrender, he would have completed his mission and made a great contribution to Yang Jian.

Darryl stood up slowly, watching Gonggong saying every word: “I want you to immediately release my family and all the big sects. As long as they come back safely, I will sign immediately.”

Yes, the reason why Darryl pretended to agree was because he was concerned about the safety of Raquel and the various sects, otherwise, he would have already refused it decisively.


Hearing this, Gonggong was taken aback for a moment, and then couldn’t help but chuckle, and looked at Darryl playfully: “Darryl, do you treat me as a child? If you release the prisoners, you will go wrong, I Isn’t the gain more than the loss?”

As he said, Gong Gong resolutely shook his head: “It is impossible for us to release the prisoners in advance before you sign. You should change the terms.”


Darryl looked disappointed, and then smiled bitterly: “Since this is the case, I won’t force it. In this way, you take me to the big camp cell and let me see them. As long as you make sure that they are all right, I can rest assured. Is it always okay?”

When saying these, Darryl looked sincere, but his eyes flashed with cunning. Fastest update

Yes, Darryl’s purpose is to enter the prison and meet Raquel everyone. Just now, he said that Yang Jian would let them go, just to try. I didn’t expect Gonggong to agree.


Hearing this, Gonggong bit his lip lightly and hesitated.

There is nothing difficult about this condition, but Darryl is very cunning, will he play any conspiracy secretly?


Seeing Gonggong’s hesitation, Darryl said with a smile: “You Beiying Daying Camp is heavily guarded, and you are afraid that I will save everyone? Besides, I’m just going in alone to see if they are safe and sound. So I can sign with confidence.”

The words were extremely sincere, and it was impossible to refute them.

“Okay!” Gonggong nodded his head and agreed. This condition was in line with common sense, and he couldn’t refuse it. And this kind of trivial matter, you can call the shots, you don’t need to report it to Yang Jian.


Seeing her promise, Darryl was very excited, but on the surface he was very calm, nodded and smiled: “Please avoid me first, I will arrange it, and then we will return to Daying together.”

Gong Gong looked around, then left the hall with a response and went outside to wait.

The scene of Peter and the people’s anger just now, Gong Gong saw in his eyes, knowing that Darryl wanted to persuade them, so it was naturally inconvenient to be present.


As soon as the front foot walked, everyone in the hall immediately surrounded him, looking at Darryl in a puzzled manner, asking questions.

“Master, what are you going to do?”

“Yeah, Darryl, what do you think?”

“Darryl’er, do you have a solution?”

For a time, whether it was Janis, Lorenzo, or the Seven Fairies, everyone was extremely curious.

Darryl smiled, motioned everyone to be quiet, and smiled bitterly: “What can I do with this situation? It can only minimize casualties.”

As he said, Darryl looked around and continued earnestly: “I have decided to temporarily abandon the downtown area of ​​Zhongzhou. Let’s move to the Evil Man Valley in the northern suburbs and redeploy the defense. The environment there is complicated. Ying’s army was deadlocked for a while.”

Before the Gonggong came just now, Darryl carefully studied the map of Zhongzhou City and had a new plan in his mind. Temporarily abandon the downtown area of ​​Zhongzhou City and retreat to the Valley of the Evil in the northern suburbs.

After all, the strength of the two parties is very different, and if they continue to consume like this, Darryl will become more and more passive.

The Valley of the Evil Men mentioned by Darryl is exactly the place where the top ten heavenly kings in Tianmen occupies. At that time, Darryl had just founded Tianmen and learned that there was a group of people on the outskirts of Zhongzhou City. , And the other nine brothers, known as the top ten evil men, Darryl ordered the Tianmen, secretly annihilated them, conquered the ten evil men, and renamed the ten great kings.

More than ten years have passed since this incident, but Darryl remembers clearly that the Valley of the Evil Man was entrenched by the Ten Heavenly Kings. The mountains and the terrain are dangerous, easy to defend and difficult to attack. As long as the Beiying army is controlled there, Yang Jian will have difficulty. Attack other cities smoothly.

After thinking about this plan, Darryl was thinking about how to implement it to avoid the eyes and ears of the Beiying army. After all, so many people were evacuated from the city, the goal was too big and it was easy to be spotted.

It happened that the co-workers came to persuade the surrender, which happened to give Darryl a chance.

Darryl thought it over. He and Gong Gong went to Beiying Camp to visit Raquel and the masters of various sects. At that time, the attention of the Beiying army would be on himself, and the Ouyang family and the Xicang army would have time. , Deployed a defense in the Valley of the Evil.

In the end, Darryl looked at the night sky outside and said with emotion: “Senior Guigu told me that when marching in battle, you must have flexible thinking and must not be confined by inherent concepts. I understand now. Some, let’s stick to the urban area, and the advantage has been exhausted a little bit, so we might as well change the place.”

When he said this, the figure of Guiguzi appeared in Darryl’s mind, and he secretly sighed.

It would be great if Senior Guigu was around.


After listening to Darryl’s plan, everyone suddenly realized and smiled.


At this time, Peter laughed and punched Darryl’s shoulder: “I know, Darryl, you are so righteous, how can you surrender to Yang Jian because you are greedy for life and fear of death?”

Darryl rubbed his shoulder and said with a smile: “Does this still need to be said? By the way, I thought the Communist Party was suspicious, but the Great Sage questioned me very angrily at the time. When the Communist Party saw that scene, there was nothing at the time. Doubts, haha…”


Peter scratched his head and said embarrassedly: “I was not in a hurry at the time? According to that, did I make a mistake by accident?”


As soon as these words came out, everyone in the hall laughed, and the originally depressing atmosphere was now a lot easier.


At this moment, Lorenzo looked worried and looked at Darryl and said, “Darryl, is it really okay for you to go to Beiying Daying alone? Do you want me to accompany Peter?”

Lorenzo was very worried at this time that Darryl would have an accident alone. After all, Beiying’s army was powerful and more sinister than Longtan Tiger’s Den.

Darryl shook his head and said with a smile: “It’s okay. I can do things better by myself. If there are more people, you can’t do things. You don’t need to worry about me. You just need to deploy fortifications in the Valley of the Evil as soon as possible according to the plan I said.”

it is good!

Everyone responded, and then quickly walked out of the hall, and began to move quietly.

Seeing everyone leaving, Darryl didn’t hesitate, walked out of the hall quickly, and joined Gonggong outside the gate.


After arriving at the gate, Darryl apologized to the co-workers: “I have made arrangements. When I am sure that the people in the cell are safe and sound, I will sign the surrender letter. I will bring people to the camp early tomorrow morning. Surrender to your Majesty.”

“it is good!”

Gong Gong smiled and applauded: “Very well, Darryl, I know that you are a person who knows current affairs and did not disappoint me. I believe your Majesty will be very happy if he knows it.”

At this time, Gong Gong didn’t know that he had been deceived by Darryl. The Ouyang family and the Xi Cang army would not be able to surrender to Yang Jian tomorrow morning, but secretly shifted towards the Valley of the Evil.

Darryl smiled, did not speak.

Immediately, under the leadership of Gonggong, Darryl walked towards Beiying Daying.

Chapter 1139

Soon, we arrived at Beiying Daying.


The moment they entered the camp, many Apocalypse soldiers, as well as those patrolling around, gathered their eyes on Darryl, full of vigilance. However, there was a co-worker leading, and no one dared to come to question.

Darryl’s surface was indifferent, but he was a little worried, especially when he saw the deployment of the entire military camp, he was secretly moved.

D*mn, worthy of the Beiying army, not only is well-trained, but the defense of the camp is so tight, it is simply invincible.

Darryl saw that in the camp, there were dozens of soldiers patrolling uninterruptedly, let alone people, even a single fly could not fly out.

With emotion, Darryl followed the co-worker and walked towards the prison.

At this moment, in the barracks prison.

Raquel and the masters of various sects were put back in the cell. At this time, the masters of various sects sat there one by one, their heads downcast.

A dozen soldiers from Beiying guarded closely, making the atmosphere even more depressing.

However, Raquel had a relaxed expression and could not see the slightest frustration. Just now, she saw that Darryl commanded the Xi Cang army and successfully broke the formation of the angle of opening. Until now, she was still extremely excited.

It is worthy of being the man he is fond of.

I don’t know what Darryl is doing at this time, whether he is studying how to rescue himself and the masters of various schools.

Thinking about it, Raquel sat in the corner, her charming eyes gleaming with hope in the dim light!


At this moment, the door of the cell was suddenly opened. Then, a slim figure walked in first, it was Gonggong.

Behind Gonggong, Darryl followed closely.


Seeing Gonggong, everyone in the prison was shocked and a little nervous. You must know that Gonggong is Yang Jian’s right-hand man. He has a arrogant temperament and never came to the prison. At this time, he suddenly appeared. Something happened.

For a while, everyone in Raquel was instinctively on guard.

Could it be that Yang Jian ordered himself to be executed? Gonggong deliberately came to supervise the execution?


Just when everyone in Raquel was very anxious, they suddenly saw Darryl, all of them were shocked, and they were all dumbfounded.

Especially Raquel, her delicate body trembled, staring at Darryl blankly, speechless.

At the same time, a heart hung up.

Darryl was arrested?

Seeing that Darryl was not tied up with his hands and feet, let alone sealed, Raquel was even more puzzled.


Finally, Raquel reacted and looked at Darryl with surprise and joy: “You… why are you here?”


When the voice fell, the surrounding masters of the sects also stared at Darryl closely, with deep doubts in their eyes.

what’s the situation? Why did Darryl come in with Gong Gong? Moreover, the two are still in peace?

Darryl smiled slightly, and said to Raquel: “Don’t panic, I just come to see you, and see that you are all right, I’m relieved.”

When he said this, Darryl felt very distressed, because he clearly saw that Raquel had been detained these days, he had obviously lost a lot of weight, and it was obvious that he had suffered a lot.

Take a look?

Hearing this, Raquel’s heart warmed, and the doubts deepened, and she asked, “What the hell is this…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by the co-workers.

“Darryl!” Gonggong’s expression was indifferent, without the slightest fluctuation, and said to Darryl: “You have seen all of these people, and all of them are safe and sound. Don’t you worry about it, you should go back and sign?”


Darryl scratched his head and looked at Gong Gong with a smile: “Your Excellency Gong Gong, why should you be so impatient? Even if I sign, I will not be able to submit it to your majesty tomorrow morning. Besides, my woman and I have not seen each other for a long time. Can you give me more time and let us whisper a few words?”

As he said, Darryl turned his head and blinked at Raquel, and smiled at the same time: “Raquel, have been detained for so many days, do you miss me?”


When Darryl asked this in front of so many people, Raquel’s delicate face blushed all of a sudden, but she was icy and smart, and received Darryl’s hint, she immediately understood, bit her lip, and deliberately made a shy look. Looks like, whispered: “I want…every day!”

Although she didn’t know what Darryl was going to do, Raquel trusted him very much and naturally cooperated fully.

Darryl nodded, and then looked at Gonggong with a smile: “Your excellency, you are so human, you won’t let our lovers just meet each other without even having a chance to speak, just separate like this?”


Gong Gongxiu frowned, hesitated, and then nodded: “Well, I will give you half an hour, and you must leave when the time is up.”

Speaking, Gong Gong turned his head to the soldiers next to him and ordered: “Retreat a little bit and try not to disturb them.”

“Yes!” a dozen soldiers from Beiying responded in unison.

Gong Gong didn’t say much, took a deep look at Darryl, and turned to leave the cell.

To be honest, at the moment just now, Gonggong guessed whether Darryl was playing tricks, but after thinking about it carefully, Daying was heavily guarded, Darryl was just a person, no matter how strong he was, it was impossible to save so many people. .

“Several military masters!”

As soon as the front foot left, Darryl did not go to Raquel’s cell immediately, but smiled and said to the soldier captain: “It is very hard for several prisoners to take care of them, do you want to go outside to rest too?”

When he said this, Darryl smiled and his tone was sincere, but his eyes shone slyly.

Yes, Darryl didn’t really want these soldiers to go out, but deliberately searched for topics to attract their attention.


Seeing this scene, Raquel and the masters of various sects did not interrupt, but quietly waited and watched.

Although I don’t know what Darryl is going to do, there must be his reason.


The soldier captain frowned, and decisively refused: “We don’t take a break, it’s nothing to do with you. Since Master Gonggong gives you half an hour, you can stay with your woman and don’t waste time.”

The tone was cold, and there was no room for negotiation.


Darryl nodded, then his eyes flashed, and quickly shot, sealing the captain’s acupuncture points, including the dumb acupuncture points.

All this happened so quickly, and the distance between the two of them was so close that the captain of the soldiers couldn’t react at all. He immediately shook and couldn’t move.


Seeing this scene, the other soldiers were extremely furious, and quickly rushed to surround Darryl.

Bang bang bang!

Looking at more than a dozen soldiers, Darryl gave a chuckle, and shot all these soldiers to the ground one by one. Speaking of which, these soldiers are all in the Wuhou realm, the strongest soldier captain, but they just broke through. Wu Sheng was not Darryl’s opponent at all.

Haha… get it done!

At this moment, Darryl clapped his hands, his heart was very cheerful, and at the same time he was nervous, there was also some indescribable excitement.


At this moment, Raquel and the masters of various sects were all stunned. They did not expect that Darryl entered the Beiying Camp alone and dared to do it. After all, the defense of this camp was strong enough to describe it with a copper wall and an iron wall. And Darryl’s unscrupulous shot was simply looking for death.


In the face of everyone’s astonishment, Darryl walked over and opened the iron bars of the cell one by one, then took out a few bottles of pills from his body, and distributed them to everyone: “Here is the Guiyuan Pill. Take it quickly.”

Yes, these few days, Darryl has been thinking about how to rescue Raquel and the others, he prepared Guiyuan Dan in advance.

Guiyuan Pill, in the “Promise Pill”, is a middle-to-high-level elixir, symptomatic practitioners whose internal power is blocked, after taking it, they can recover their internal power in the shortest time.

Chapter 1140

Originally, Darryl had refined dozens of them and used them when he planned to save Raquel. As a result, various sects were also arrested. Therefore, Darryl invited Shennong to help and refined many more.

Originally, Darryl was still worrying about how to get into Beiying Camp, but as a result, the co-worker came to the door. Naturally, Darryl would not let go.


After getting the Guiyuan Pill, Raquel and the masters of various sects did not hesitate to take it, and soon, the internal strength that was sealed quickly recovered.

However, there was a person holding Guiyuan Pill, and he had no intention of taking it at all, and his expression was disgusting.

It was Gary.


Seeing that Gary’s face was cold and he was very resistant to the Guiyuan Pill he had given him, Darryl couldn’t help but urged: “Take it quickly and restore our internal strength so that we can escape.”

The half an hour given by Gonggong is not long or short, and a moment should not be wasted.


As soon as the voice fell, Gary threw the Guiyuan Pill on Darryl and said coldly: “Put away your hypocritical face, I will not take this broken pill.”

With that said, Gary looked at Darryl, his eyes flickered with hatred, and continued: “I tell you, even if I die in the cell, I won’t go with you, let alone accept your favor.”

The tone was cold and decisive.

After learning that his respected aunt Raquel was also well with Darryl, Gary couldn’t accept it, and hated Darryl even more in his heart.

I won’t go with you if I die in jail.

In a word, it was like an invisible sledge hammer hitting Darryl’s heart.

There was pain in Darryl’s heart, and he looked at Gary and said bitterly: “Ya’er, you still hate me now, what should I do so that you can forgive me?”

“Why should I forgive you?” Gary retorted coldly, the more he thought about it, the more angry he became, almost hysterical: “Are you worthy of my forgiveness…”

In the last sentence, Gary almost roared out.


As soon as the voice fell, Raquel couldn’t stand it anymore, walked over quickly, and slapped Gary’s face with a slap.

In this slap, Raquel didn’t hit it hard, she loved Gary very much and never wanted to hit it, but seeing him treat her father like this, she couldn’t help it.

“Ya’er, no matter how wronged you are, you can’t treat him this way. In other words, it’s your biological father.” Raquel’s face was cold, but there was a bit of helplessness in Gary’s eyes. Distressed.


Gary covered his face and was immediately dumbfounded, staring at Raquel blankly, speechless.

At this moment, Gary was a little bit angry in addition to his grievances. He didn’t expect that his aunt, who had always loved him, would actually beat himself for Darryl.

A few seconds later, Gary reacted and said fiercely: “Okay, you are all right, I am wrong.”

With that said, Gary sat on the straw in the cell with a resolute expression: “You want to go, you go, I won’t go anyway.”

“You…” Raquel stomped straight.

Why is this kid so stubborn?


At this moment, Darryl shook his head and sighed, and then his figure flashed. In the blink of an eye, he reached behind Gary and cut his head with a palm. Gary’s internal strength was sealed, and he did not take Guiyuan Pill just now. He basically reacted. However, his body softened and he fainted directly.


Darryl sighed, and smiled bitterly at Raquel: “This kid has too stubborn personality. It doesn’t make sense for the time being, it can only be done like this.”

When saying this, Darryl looked at the unconscious Gary, very distressed.

To be honest, Darryl had always been ashamed of Gary, never thought of knocking him out, but now everyone is still in the prison of Beiying Daying, and there is a danger, so you can’t waste time on him.

More importantly, Gonggong was outside the prison, and Gary was so excited. If the shouting alarmed Gonggong, it would be troublesome.

“fair enough!”

Raquel understood Darryl’s approach, but she was still a little nervous thinking of the situation in front of her, and couldn’t help asking: “Now everyone has recovered their internal strength, but how can we get out?”

At the same time, the surrounding masters of various sects also frowned, nervous.

Yes, even if the internal strength is restored, it may not be possible to escape. After all, this is the Beiying Camp and is heavily guarded. How can the tens of thousands of masters of various sects be the opponent of the hundreds of thousands of troops?

“Don’t panic!”

Darryl smiled slightly and looked at Raquel’s people, very calmly and comfortably: “We only need to act in one scene.”


Hearing this, whether it was Raquel or the masters of various sects, they were all stunned.


Seeing that time is running out, Darryl didn’t explain much, and pointed to a dozen soldiers who were unconscious on the ground: “Come here and put on the clothes of these soldiers, and then lie on the ground, pretending to be injured, quickly …”

Having said that, Darryl walked over quickly, changed into the soldier captain’s clothes, and at the same time dressed his own clothes for the soldier captain.


At this time, the masters of the various sects reacted, and a dozen people immediately came over, and according to Darryl’s instructions, they changed into soldiers’ clothes, and then lay on the ground, pretending to be unconscious.

“what’s next?”

At this time, Raquel and the others were staring at Darryl, waiting for his next instructions.

Darryl didn’t answer immediately, instead he dressed himself up a bit, and looked similar to the soldier captain. Then he said: “Well, don’t panic everyone, you quickly return to the cell and pretend that nothing happened.”


Hearing this, Raquel and everyone did not hesitate to return to their respective cells.

After everything was ready, Darryl took out the spirit beast bag and released the Qiongqi spirit beast.


Suddenly, accompanied by a breath of vibration, I saw Qiongqi’s huge figure appearing in front of everyone, filled with a powerful breath of sacred beasts.

At this time, Darryl didn’t hesitate, and brought the soldier captain who had been changed into clothes and those soldiers one by one on Qiongqi’s back, and then tied the dozens of people together with their front chests attached to their backs.

After doing this, Darryl patted Qiongqi’s head, said warmly, and issued a command: “It’s up to you to succeed, go, take these people on your back, rush out of the camp, and fly farther. The better, try to attract as many people as possible.”


Qiongqi was spiritual and understood what Darryl meant, and he roared in response, then fluttered his wings and rushed out of the cell.


Although the cell door was tough, it couldn’t withstand the shock of Qiongqi, and it was instantly shattered. Immediately, Qiongqi rose up into the sky, hovered in the midair of the big camp, and headed towards the distant high air.

“Poor strange?”

“Isn’t that Darryl’s spirit beast?”

“Look, there is someone on Qiongqi’s back… No, Darryl rescued the person, chase it!”

The movement instantly alarmed the entire camp. Many soldiers from Beiying rushed out and yelled at Qiongqi in the sky. Afterwards, many soldiers rushed out and chased after him.


At this moment, outside the prison gate, Gong Gong looked up at the night sky, and the Qiong Qi who quickly went away quickly, with a beautiful face, was incomparably astonished.

what happened?

Did Darryl rescue a dozen prisoners? Was he cheated by himself?

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