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Chapter 1141

Because Qiongqi was so fast and everything came too suddenly, Gonggong had no time to recognize who were the dozen or so people on Qiongqi’s back.

But at that moment, Gonggong still noticed that the a dozen people on Qiongqi’s back, the person in front of him was wearing Darryl.

The next second, Gonggong reacted, his body flashed, and he quickly entered the prison.

If it were someone else, this situation would definitely catch up in the first time, but Gonggong was meticulous and didn’t immediately pursue Qiongqi, but checked the situation in the prison for the first time. After all, with so many prisoners, it is impossible for Darryl to rescue them all. .


The moment he entered the cell, he saw the scene in front of him, Gong Gong’s expression changed, and his angry body trembled.

I saw that more than a dozen soldiers supervising the cell collapsed to the ground, while the captain of the soldier, clutching his heart, lay on the ground, looking very painful.

Yes, the soldier captain at this time was pretending to be Darryl. Before Gong Gong came in, Darryl lay on the ground, pretending to be attacked.


The next second, Gonggong reacted and screamed at the soldier captain in front of him, and asked coldly, “What’s the matter?”

When he said this, Gong Gong looked around and saw that Raquel and most of the martial arts masters were still in the cell, and he felt a little grateful.

Fortunately, I reacted quickly, so I took a look at the cell first. Otherwise, these prisoners would definitely find a way to escape when they saw the soldiers collapsed.

At this time, Gong Gong didn’t know that the captain of the soldiers in front of him, and those soldiers who passed out, were pretending to be Darryl and others.

“My lord, forgive me.”

At this time, Darryl, wearing the clothes of the soldier captain, looked very frightened. He knelt on the ground and bowed his head and said: “That Darryl is too cunning. Suddenly attacked when we were unprepared. Then he released Qiongqi and took a dozen prisoners. Saved…”

When saying this, Darryl used his ventriloquist, and his voice was exactly the same as that of the soldier captain.

At the same time, Darryl deliberately lowered his head and did not look at Gong Gong to avoid revealing any flaws.


At this moment, Raquel in the cell, as well as the masters of various sects, secretly squeezed a sweat for Darryl, and at the same time they were extremely respected.

This Darryl really deserves to be the leader elected by everyone, not only powerful, but also omnipotent. At this moment, when he spoke, his voice was exactly the same as that of the soldier captain. It’s amazing.

However, can this fool Gonggong?

Especially Raquel, calm on the surface, but in anxious heart.


Hearing this, Gonggong took a deep breath, his beautiful face was extremely ugly at this time.

Immediately, Gonggong said coldly at Darryl: “I’m optimistic about the cell, if there is another mistake, I will kill your dog.” The voice fell, Gonggong didn’t think too much, and quickly walked out of the cell, his figure flew up towards Qiongqi. Chase in the direction of departure.

At this time, the co-worker was anxious and angry. Yang Jian had been instructed by Yang Jian to persuade Darryl to surrender. However, Darryl didn’t say anything, and rescued people from the cell, although only a dozen people were saved. , But I can’t escape responsibility.

Gonggong became more and more angry, speeding up, just want to catch up with Qiongqi quickly and intercept Darryl.

At this time, Gong Gong didn’t know that there was no Darryl on Qiongqi’s back, just a dozen soldiers who were stunned, and the real Darryl was still in the cell.

To be honest, Gonggong is meticulous, and if you stay for a while, you might find something unusual. But it happened so suddenly that it was too late to think about it.

More importantly, Darryl’s ventriloquism was superbly displayed, and at the same time he kept his head down, making Gong Gong unable to be suspicious at all.


Seeing Gonggong leaving, and the entire camp’s attention was also attracted by Qiongqi, Darryl’s mood was indescribable.

The plan was successful!

Yes, this is Darryl’s entire plan. First pretend to surrender, and then come to the camp with Gong Gong to visit everyone in Raquel, while secretly, the Ouyang family and the Xi Cang army move to the Valley of the Evil. After arriving at the prison, Darryl resorted to the strategy of moving the tiger away from the mountain, using Qiongqi to attract the attention of Gonggong and Daying.

In this way, he had the opportunity to rescue everyone from Raquel.

Darryl came up with this plan temporarily. He thought it would be difficult, but he didn’t expect that it would go so smoothly in real time. Starting


At this moment, Raquel and the masters of various sects were also very excited. Everyone at this time also finally understood that Darryl’s plan turned out to be like this.

“Leader Yue!”

Tang Qingyun is notoriously a wall-cutter. At this time, he said in an untimely manner: “It’s really worthy of being a hero of our land circle. Not only does he use his soldiers like gods, but he is also resourceful. This trick is really wonderful to adjust the tiger away from the mountain. Tang Qingyun really admires the five-body cast…”

When the voice fell, many people nodded in agreement.

Ha ha…

Darryl smiled faintly, and was too lazy to pay attention to Tang Qingyun, this kind of villain who tends to be inflamed, Darryl really didn’t want to have any communication with him.

In the next second, Darryl looked at Raquel and the others commanded: “Quickly, while they are all chasing Qiongqi, Daying’s defense must be weak, let’s rush out quickly.”

With that said, Darryl hurried over, hugged the unconscious Gary in his arms, and then rushed to the cell first.

Raquel and various sect masters immediately followed.

When he got outside, as Darryl had guessed, almost all the soldiers patrolling in the camp were chasing the poor, and there were only a few exits from the camp and some soldiers were guarding them.

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t think much, and led the crowd to rush towards the north exit. As long as he successfully rushed out and continued north, he would reach the Valley of the Evil.

Darryl at this time was very excited.

At this time, the Ouyang family and the Xi Cang army had successfully reached the Valley of the Evil. And he also successfully rescued Raquel and the various schools.


Seeing that the exit to the north of the camp was about to be reached, Darryl suddenly stopped, and he saw a dozen patrolmen rushing towards this side. Among them was a graceful figure in a white dress, delicate and delicate. , Lovable.

It is Tracy.

Just now, Tracy was alarmed by the movement of the prison, came out to check the situation, and learned that Darryl rescued the prisoner from the cell, and ran away sitting on Qiongqi, Tracy was very anxious, and wanted to come to the cell to see if his father had The brother took it away.

Tracy thought it over, if his brother was rescued, he would leave quickly. However, before arriving at the cell, he happened to meet everyone in Darryl.


Suddenly seeing so many people, Tracy was stunned.

In the next second, I saw that the leader was Darryl, and Tracy was surprised and delighted, and couldn’t help but yelled: “Father…!”

At this time, Tracy was very surprised. Hasn’t his father already escaped? Why are you still in the camp?

As soon as the voice fell, the dozen or so patrolling soldiers next to him also reacted, rushing over in angrily.

“Darryl, so you are here…”

“Big but Darryl, hurry up and catch it…”

Seeing this scene, Tracy bit his lips tightly, without hesitation, his figure rose up, raised his jade hand, and hit the patrolmen.

Bang bang bang…

Those patrolmen didn’t expect that Tracy would shoot from behind, and they couldn’t respond one by one, so Tracy fell to the ground and passed out.

Chapter 1142


At this time, Tracy walked over quickly and saw Gary in Darryl’s arms. He was very happy: “I knew that you would save my brother, I will go with you!”

When saying this, Tracy’s tone was firm, but couldn’t help but glanced back at Daying.

In the next second, Tracy bent his knees in the direction of Lawrence’s camp, knelt down, knocked his head three times, bit his lip, and said softly, “Master, I’m sorry!”

Although it is a daughter’s house, Tracy has a lot of love and righteousness. In Tracy’s heart, although his philosophy is different from that of Lawrence, he is still his master, and he is always a little guilty of leaving without saying goodbye.


Seeing this scene, Darryl took a deep breath and secretly nodded his approval, while feeling a little in his heart.

It would be great if Ya’er could be as sensible as her daughter.

Thinking about it, Darryl lifted up Tracy, then led the crowd, quickly rushed out of the big camp, towards the direction of the Evilman Valley.

the other side.

Lawrence rests in the camp.

Yang Jian sat aside, asking about Lawrence’s injury.

Although Yang Jian is arrogant, he also knows that meritocracy is used. Lawrence uses soldiers like a god and is his own military division. In the future, he will rely on him to conquer all roads. Naturally, he should pay more attention to it.

At this moment, I heard a loud noise outside, very noisy.

Yang Jian frowned and was about to call someone to come in and ask. Just then, a soldier walked in quickly, sweating profusely: “Your Majesty! It’s not good.”

“What happened outside? Say it quickly.” Yang Jian was very irritable and asked coldly.

Lawrence, who was lying there, also looked at the soldier closely and asked.

“Your Majesty…” The soldier was nervous: “Darryl rescued more than a dozen prisoners, Master Gong Gong, and many others went after them…”


Hearing this, Yang Jian’s expression changed, and he furiously said, “This co-worker, I asked her to persuade Darryl to surrender Darryl. How did she let Darryl save the prisoner? Waste, really waste…”

With that said, Yang Jian stood up, going out to chase Darryl himself.

“His Majesty!”

At this moment, Lawrence discouraged: “Your Majesty, as the emperor, will chase Darryl personally, and he will fall behind. The co-worker is strong, and there are so many soldiers following, so there should be no problem.”

When he said this, Lawrence’s face was gloomy and very annoyed.

This Darryl was too cunning, and he was able to rescue people from Daying’s cell. If this person is not removed, there will be endless troubles.

“Then wait like this?” Yang Jian suffocated the fire and said unwillingly.


Lawrence nodded, suddenly thought of something, his eyes sank, and hurriedly said: “No! Your Majesty…Hurry up…hurry up and send someone to the cell to check, and at the same time mobilize the army… Then Darryl, it might be Tune the tiger away from the mountain.”

Lawrence thought for a long time and didn’t think much at first, but after careful consideration, the whole thing was very strange.

Since Darryl decided to come to rescue people, how could he only rescue a dozen in the end? This is not his style, obviously fraudulent!


Hearing this, Yang Jian’s expression changed, and he realized that the situation was not good, so he strode out.

At the same time, Yang Jian did not forget to give an order to the guards next to him: “Quickly, summon all soldiers and soldiers at once.” As he said, Yang Jian walked quickly towards the prison.

Yang Jian trusts Lawrence very much. If Lawrence says there is a problem, there must be a problem.

When he arrived in the cell, Yang Jian suddenly became angry when he saw the scene in front of him.

I saw that the cell was empty, without a single figure.


Yang Jian’s face was pale, and he slapped the big prison door with a fierce palm, and a loud noise came out, and the solid door was directly shattered into powder.

At this time, Yang Jian was very annoyed. This Gonggong was so disappointing that he actually let Darryl rescue all the prisoners! Fortunately, the strategist thought carefully.

Thinking about it, Yang Jian’s face was gloomy, and he looked around quickly, and he saw the direction to the north of Daying. In that night, tens of thousands of people were heading toward the depths of the suburban mountains and forests.

Yang Jian is strong and has keen eyes, and he can see immediately that the leader in front is Darryl!

At this time, the army of Beiying also assembled quickly.


Yang Jian’s anger was unforgivable, holding a three-pointed two-edged sword tightly, his figure hovering high in the sky, shouting: “The whole army listens to the order, quickly intercept and kill Darryl and everyone!

When the voice fell, Yang Jian’s figure broke out, and he was the first to chase in the direction where Darryl everyone fled.


The Beiying army followed closely behind, surging and vigorous.

At this moment, Darryl is here.

After entering the mountain forest, Darryl did not relax at all, urging everyone to speed up.

Gonggong is strong and meticulous, and will soon be able to catch up with Qiongqi. At that time, he will understand that he has been deceived. In the Beiying Camp, Yang Jian will soon find out about the situation in the cell, so everyone is running out of time. Be sure to meet Peter and them in the Valley of the Evil as soon as possible.

Under Darryl’s urging, everyone kept speeding up. They all knew that even if they managed to escape from the Beiying Camp, it would not be considered a complete success. Only before the Beiying army could catch up and reach the Evilman’s Valley. Complete security.


At this moment, Gary, who had been in a coma, woke up leisurely.

The moment he opened his eyes, he saw that he was being taken by Darryl. Gary’s expression changed. He broke free and yelled at Darryl: “I said, I won’t let you save me if I die, let alone Follow you.”

Having said that, Gary was full of disgust, and without even looking at Darryl, he turned and rushed towards the woods next to him.

Gary had a stubborn personality, and as soon as he got up, he didn’t care about the situation in front of him.


Darryl was there for a while, with a vague pain in his heart, here Ya’er, after all, would not forgive himself. Starting


Seeing this scene, Raquel next to him, as well as the masters of various sects, also looked complicated and wanted to be comforted, but thought that this was Darryl’s family affair, and didn’t know how to speak.


At this moment, Tracy was the first to react, and with a soft cry, he chased after Gary.

After running for a few steps, Tracy thought of something, and turned to Darryl and said, “Father, you hurry up to the Valley of the Evil, I will chase my brother, he will be fine.” On the way just now, Darryl transferred the person from the Valley of the Evil. Having said everything, Tracy naturally knew.


Hearing this, Darryl was very pleased, tilted his head and said to everyone: “Everyone keep on going!”

When saying this, Darryl was looking at Tracy’s direction, with complex eyes flashing in his eyes. Seriously, Darryl wanted to chase Gary with Tracy, but he held it back. After all, time is running out, so lead everyone early. Arriving in the Valley of the Evil, there is no delay.

Otherwise, if Yang Jian catches up, all previous efforts will be in vain.

But Gary had Tracy to take care of him, so he should be fine, after all, these two children have grown up.


However, at this moment, I heard a loud shout in the air behind him.


Darryl looked back subconsciously, his heart was shocked, and he took a breath of cold air.

Seeing Yang Jian, wearing a gold armor and holding a three-pointed two-edged sword, he was rushing towards him with a breath of horror all over his body. And in the air behind him, there are nearly 10,000 Tianyu riders riding big birds.

In the mountains and forests below, hundreds of thousands of Beiying army followed closely behind.


Seeing this scene, Darryl’s heart was suspended instantly, shocked and angry.

This Yang Jian came so quickly?

In Darryl’s heart, he thought it was impossible for Yang Jian to react so quickly. After all, his plan to adjust the tiger away from the mountain was implemented perfectly.

At this moment Darryl didn’t know, Lawrence had a scheming plan and quickly guessed his plan.


Seeing Yang Jian, Raquel and the masters of various sects, they were all shocked and nervous.

Broken, before reaching the Valley of the Evil, Yang Jian led an army to catch up. Could it be that tonight’s escape plan will ultimately fail?


At this moment, Yang Jian looked at Darryl closely, with a cold light in his eyes: “You are so courageous, you dare to break into my big rescue to rescue the prisoners, I tell you, none of you can escape!”

As he said, Yang Jian turned his eyes, looked at the figures of Tracy and Gary in the woods not far away, and waved his hands decisively: “Take those two dolls, life or death!”

When the last four words fell, Yang Jian’s eyes were extremely bloody, and he was furious.

Although it was night time, Yang Jian was powerful and powerful. It was obvious at a glance that the two people running in the woods not far away were Gary and Tracy. In Yang Jian’s heart, these brothers and sisters were originally working for themselves, but at this time I have betrayed myself, how can I not be angry?

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Nearly 10,000 Tianyu riders responded in succession, and then drove the big bird and quickly chased them to Tracy.

Chapter 1143


Seeing this scene, Darryl was too anxious, so he had to jump into the air to help the two Tracy. You must know that Tianyuqi is the elite of the Beiying army, and Tracy and Gary are just two children. How could it be? opponent?

However, the two of Tracy were too far away from Darryl, and it was too late for rescue at this time.


At this moment, Yang Jian’s eyes were like electricity, locked on Darryl, and his cold voice spread throughout the forest: “I have always appreciated that you are an individual talent, and I have been merciful to your subordinates everywhere before, but you kid, again and again San’er is against me. Today this mountain forest is your burial place, and you fugitives, don’t even want to leave alive!”


When the voice fell, Yang Jian slowly raised the three-pointed two-edged sword, a powerful breath swept out, and in a short time, the sky over the entire mountain forest was surging, as if the end is coming!

At this time, Yang Jian was really angry!

Zhenjun Erlang was angry, and the world changed color!


Seeing this scene, whether it was the Beiying army below or the masters of various sects, they felt repressed and panicked, and they did not dare to show up!


Feeling Yang Jian’s endless killing intent, Darryl also secretly swallowed his saliva, sweating coldly all over.

D*mn, today I completely angered Yang Jian, I’m afraid it will be a big trouble.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl tried his best to calm himself, and shouted at Yang Jian: “Yang Jian, can you only bully the less with more? If you have the ability, you let our people meet, let’s fight with a real sword!”

Yes, Darryl knew that Yang Jian was arrogant, so he deliberately agitated him so as to delay time.

“Go to hell!”

However, Yang Jian was burning with anger at this time, and he was completely too lazy to talk nonsense with Darryl. After a roar, he clasped a three-pointed two-edged sword and flew up!


At this moment, Yang Jian’s internal force exploded, and this sky would be shattered!

“Batian Slash!”

In the next second, a cold voice came from Yang Jian’s mouth, and then suddenly raised his hand, a terrifying force erupted from the three-pointed two-edged sword, forming a terrifying knife shadow, and suddenly blasted towards Darryl!

This sword shadow is more than a hundred meters long, and it is completely formed by Yang Jian’s fighting spirit!

The moment the knife shadow appeared, the temperature of the entire mountain forest suddenly dropped by more than ten degrees! Everyone felt a chill deep into the bone marrow.

The masters of all sects couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat for Darryl! !

Especially Raquel, her delicate body trembled, she couldn’t help exclaiming: “Darryl, be careful…”

But the Beiying army was extremely excited one by one, as if they had seen the scene of Darryl’s tragic death.

“Your Majesty is mighty!”

“Haha, your majesty performed a stunt, this Darryl is dead!”

“Yes, dare to fight against your Majesty, this is the end!”

Tyrant Slash is Yang Jian’s fame and skill. It has great power. Six months ago, in Beiying Imperial City, Yang Jian used this skill to severely injure Zhu Bajie, causing Zhu Bajie to escape.

Even Zhu Bajie couldn’t stop him, let alone Darryl.

Seeing Yang Jian directly performing the ultimate move, Darryl was also shocked, and he quickly raised his hand in front of him and deployed a protective film!


At the same time, Darryl took out the Linglong Pagoda and released You Yan and Yuan Tiangang’s many powerhouses inside.

“Quickly, block him!” Darryl howled loudly at the moment You Yan Zhong powerhouse broke through the air.

Bang bang bang…

At this moment, upon hearing Darryl’s words, You Yan Zhong experts urged their internal forces, greeted the huge knife shadow, and heard waves of earth-shattering vibrations, the power of the knife shadow was canceled a lot.


However, the remaining prestige of the huge knife shadow still slashed on the protective film fiercely. He heard a roar, and the protective film suddenly shattered!


Darryl wowed a mouthful of blood, and his body flew far away. Finally, several big trees were broken before they slipped down.


Darryl wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, stood up, looked at Yang Jian tightly, and felt extremely shocked in his heart.

This is the strength of Jiro Zhenjun? so horrible!

However, in horror, Darryl also secretly breathed a sigh of relief, because everyone in You Yan had successfully entangled Yang Jian in mid-air.

“Get out of here! Go to die… Die!”

Yang Jian was almost mad, standing on the back of the snarling dog, as if a god descended from the world, with a three-pointed two-edged sword in his hand, bursts of shock burst out, and everyone in You Yan fought fiercely.

At this time, Yang Jian’s eyes were extremely bloody red, and he broke out the strongest blow. Not only did he not kill Darryl, but he was also entangled by the strong in the Linglong Tower, almost angered.

“The whole army listens to the order!”

After two rounds of fierce fighting, Yang Jian was still unable to rush out of the crowds of You Yan. He was completely anxious, and shouted at the army below: “Kill all Darryl people for me, one is not left, one is not left…”


Upon hearing the order, hundreds of thousands of Beiying’s army broke out with a howl that shook the sky and swarmed.


Although the masters of various sects have just recovered their internal strength, they escaped from the camp before and were a little tired from running all the way. At this time, faced with the charge of the Beiying army, all of them were in a hurry. In the blink of an eye, many people fell in a pool of blood. .


Seeing this scene, Darryl clenched his fists, and jumped up all over his body with anger!

Darryl saw that this place is still a few miles away from the Valley of the Evil. If you hurry up, you can reach it in a few minutes, but now it is overtaken by the army of Beiying, it is impossible to pass it!

“I want to kill us, come!” A cold voice came from Darryl’s mouth. In the next moment, Darryl suddenly raised his hands! I saw nine long dragons in the midair surrounding Darryl!

“Nine Streets Ascend to Heaven!”

Darryl almost roared out, pointing at Beiying’s army!

Yes, at this moment Darryl’s anger was completely aroused, since he couldn’t escape, he could only fight to the death.


A loud dragon chant came, and nine golden dragons swept down! Go straight to the ground!


In an instant, under the raging nine golden dragons, nearly a thousand soldiers from Beiying screamed and fell into a pool of blood!

At this moment, the remaining Beiying army trembled and their faces were shocked!

This Darryl hasn’t reached the Tribulation Crossing Realm yet, is his strength so terrifying? !

Raquel and the masters of various schools are extremely excited.

“Darryl.” At this moment, only a cold voice came from the sky not far away. The delicate face is full of exhaustion, and at the same time it is deeply cold, it is Gonggong.

Just now, Gonggong pursued Qiongqi all the way, and finally saw that the person on his back turned out to be a soldier guarding the cell. Gonggong immediately realized that he had been deceived and was almost furious.

After that, Gonggong didn’t think much about it, and immediately returned the same way, learning that Yang Jian was leading the army and was chasing Darryl, so he hurried over.

“Darryl, do you dare to lie to me?” Gong Gong asked with cold eyes.

Lie to you?

Darryl smiled coldly, met Gonggong’s gaze with a fearless look, and mocked: “Gonggong, you and I are originally hostile. The so-called soldiers are not tired of deceit, isn’t it normal for me to lie to you?”

“it is good!”

Hearing this, Gonggong’s beautiful face was full of anger, and his body trembled with anger: “Very well, I won’t call Gonggong if you don’t break your body into pieces today.”

As the Lord Vulcan, who has a reputation for thousands of years, he has been tricked by Darryl. How can Gonggong not be angry?

More importantly, Gong Gong was entrusted with an important task by Yang Jian. He wanted to persuade Darryl to surrender, but it made a mess. At this time, in Gong Gong’s mind, he must kill Darryl to redeem his merits.


The voice fell, Gong Gong’s face was full of frost, and his jade hand raised, and a palm hit Darryl.

Chapter 1144


Feeling the powerful breath of Gonggong’s outbreak, Darryl smiled without panic: “The one who can kill me hasn’t been born yet, Gonggong, I think you should calm down, haha…”

When the voice fell, Darryl summoned Fang Tian to paint a halberd, and he fought fiercely with Gonggong in midair.

Boom boom boom..

The breath of the two people caused a dark cloud to roll and the sky was dim.


Seeing this scene, the following Raquel was excited, and shouted: “Everyone, we have no retreat. If we fight with them, there may be a glimmer of life.”

When the voice fell, the surrounding masters of the sects were instantly aroused, as if they were beaten in blood!

“Yeah, fight it!”


There was a howl, and the masters of various sects rushed to the army of Beiying.

Although the number is compared with the Beiying army, the tens of thousands of people of various sects are insignificant. But they looked firm one by one, completely putting life and death aside!

However, there are also many people who are afraid of their heads and tails.

“How do you fight this? It’s just to die.” Tang Qingyun trembled all over, looking at the fierce battle in front of him, his face turned pale, without the composure of the master of the house.

In the next second, Tang Qingyun waved his hand and greeted the Tang Jiapu disciples: “Quickly, everyone runs quickly.” When the voice fell, Tang Qingyun took the lead and rushed towards the nearby woods.

The disciples of Tangjiapu did not hesitate and followed closely.


Seeing this situation, the Beggar Gang and many small sects did not hesitate, greeted their disciples one after another, and fled in all directions.

Like Tang Qingyun, these sects also felt that in this case, fighting with the army of Beiying was completely killing them. At this time, they just wanted to escape from here, and let them save their lives. At this time, these people have forgotten. How much risk did Darryl take to rescue them.

In a blink of an eye, after many sects fled, the number of people on Darryl’s side was less than 20,000. Facing the hundreds of thousands of Beiying army, the situation became more severe.

“you guys…”

Seeing this scene, Raquel’s body trembled and stomped angrily. He wanted to chase Tang Qingyun and the others back, but the soldiers were surrounded by Beiying soldiers and it was too late.


Seeing Tang Jiabao and some schools of the Beggar Gang, they flee without a fight, Darryl was also frightened, and his heart trembled with anger.

I had known that Tang Qingyun was so greedy for life and fear of death, so I should get rid of him before.

At this time, Darryl wanted to rush down and intercept these sects who had escaped, but he was so entangled by the co-workers that he had no chance at all.


When Darryl was distracted, Gong Gong found an opportunity and slapped his heart with a palm.


This palm contained a total of eight levels or more of skill. As soon as Darryl snorted, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and the whole person was directly shaken out. After flying for more than 100 meters, he landed heavily on the ground.


Seeing this scene, the various sect masters fighting fiercely around roared in unison, and their eyes instantly became blood red!


In mid-air, Yang Jian, who was in a fierce battle with everyone from You Yan, could not help but laugh up to the sky when he saw this situation, and praised the co-workers: “Good fight, co-workers, if you kill Darryl today, I can’t help but Forgive your mistakes, and there will be rewards!”

“Thank you, Your Majesty!” Gonggong was overjoyed, and hurriedly responded, and then, his figure flashed and quickly came to Darryl.

“Darryl!” Gonggong locked onto Darryl tightly, his eyes filled with endless coldness: “You can’t break out of my hand, you can die.”

When the voice fell, Gonggong’s internal strength broke out, and he hit Darryl with a palm.

The Gonggong speed was very fast, and he arrived in the blink of an eye. Darryl had just slapped him and had no time to dodge. He had no choice but to bite the bullet and greet him with a palm in an attempt to block the blow of Gonggong.


When the two palms touched, Darryl snorted, his body was shaken back several tens of meters, and a deep trench was drawn in the ground, blood was spit out, finally unable to hold it, and he fell to the ground all of a sudden!

To be honest, Darryl possesses pure Yang internal power, and if he goes all out, he can definitely fight Gonggong, but he was slapped just now because of his distraction. At this time, he was shocked again and he is no longer Gonggong’s opponent. .


At this moment, a heart-piercing voice came with a crying cavity. Not far away, Raquel’s body trembled and tears burst!

Raquel had a deep love for Darryl. Seeing that he was seriously injured at this time, she only felt that her heart would be broken.

“Darryl, hold on, I’ll help you…” Bessie’s tears, like broken pearls, couldn’t stop at all, and he was about to rush up while crying.

However, there were too many Beiying soldiers around, almost rushing forward and then one after another, Raquel couldn’t rush through at all.

Darryl’s face was pale, at this moment he fell to the ground, unable to hear Raquel’s words. He only felt that the weakness he couldn’t tell, the palm of the co-worker just now was too cruel!


Gonggong smiled and said coldly: “I believed you so much before, but you lied to me. How good is it for you to surrender? You have to get the end of the game now.”

Feeling Gonggong’s killing intent, Darryl chuckled lightly: “Gonggong, you have lived for so long, but you still don’t understand the two words. That is loyalty. I, Darryl, have been upright and honest throughout my life, and I will never surrender to anyone. Even if I die here today, I will try my best and die without regrets!”

After a few words, every word beaded, and there was a sound.

“What a death without regrets!”

Gonggong looked contemptuously and mocked: “Speaking of these words to your companions on Huangquan Road.”

While talking, Gonggong approached step by step.

Seeing Gonggong getting closer, Darryl let out a long sigh of relief, and a smile curled up at the corner of his mouth, completely desperate in his heart.

If it were normal, Darryl was not afraid to work together, but now, the strong in Linglong Tower were all dealing with Yang Jian, Raquel and the masters of various sects were blocked by the Beiying army and couldn’t rush at all. No one can come to help.

This time, he is bound to die.


At this crucial moment, I heard a loud roar from the sky, and then, a huge figure crashed down and blocked Darryl’s front.

It is Qiongqi.

Under Darryl’s order, Qiong Qi attracted thousands of Beiying soldiers and circled the deep mountains. Just a moment ago, he sensed that Darryl was in danger, so he didn’t hesitate to come and support him.


Seeing Qiongqi, Darryl showed a smile on his face.

This Qiongqi loyally protects the Lord, he hasn’t raised it in vain.


Qiongqi suddenly appeared, and Gonggong’s body trembled under the vibration of the powerful sacred beast, and he took a dozen steps back.

Finally, after standing still, Gonggong frowned his eyebrows and locked Qiongqi suddenly: “It’s you wicked aD*mnl again, protect the lord, right? I’ll kill you later.”

When he said this, the anger that Gonggong couldn’t say was that Qiongqi, who attracted his attention at the time, gave Darryl the opportunity to rescue all the prisoners.


Qiongqi is quite spiritual and understands Gonggong’s words. He immediately opened his blood basin and roared in response. At the same time, his huge figure leaned forward, ready to go, putting on a posture to fight at any time.

“Be careful…”

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help but speak softly to Qiongqi: “This woman is very strong, don’t go head-to-head with her, hold her back, and let me have time to recover my internal strength!”

Although Qiongqi arrived in time, Darryl did not relax at all. Instead, he was a little worried. After all, although Qiongqi was strong, it was facing the water gods.

In Darryl’s heart, even though Qiongqi was a sacred beast, he was no different from his family, so he naturally didn’t want to see something wrong with it.

Chapter 1145

“Darryl, here we are!”

Just when Darryl was secretly worried, suddenly, a loud shout came from the direction of the Evil Man Valley!

Looking from a distance, I saw hundreds of thousands of Xicang army and the Ouyang family coming in mighty! The leading ones are Lorenzo, Peter, Janis and others.

When Darryl rescued the masters of various sects from the camp, everyone in Lorenzo also deployed their defenses in the Evilman Valley. Just now, hearing the movement of the fierce fighting here, the killing sound shook the sky, Lorenzo and Janis did not think much. , Bring someone to support immediately.

“Brother Wen, Peter, Aunt Jiang…”

Seeing Lorenzo and Janis, rushing with the army, Darryl’s nose sore, and he almost cried.


In a blink of an eye, I came to the front and saw the appearance of Darryl. Peter, Lorenzo, and Janis were all shocked and extremely angry.

I saw that Darryl’s face was extremely pale at this time, and the heart of his clothes was stained red with blood, and the surrounding masters of the sects were also dead and wounded!

Seeing this scene, Peter’s eyes were suddenly red and red!

“Hurt my brother, I will let you all pay for it! Kill me! Kill me!” Peter almost roared out, waving the giant axe in his hand frantically, and directly rushed into the army of Beiying!

“Everyone listens to the order, protect my homeland, defend my compatriots, and kill me!” Lorenzo clenched his fists, and saw his brother being chopped into this way, he lost his previous calmness. Instead, he was full of suffocation!


When the voice fell, Huaguo Mountain, the Palace of Longevity, Tianmen, and hundreds of thousands of Xicang army, like a tide, poured into the enemy formation, all of them were red eyes!


Seeing this scene, Yang Jian, who was still fighting fiercely with the master of You Yan Zhong, frowned, staring at Darryl closely, his face was extremely ugly.

How can the Western Cang army and the Ouyang family support so quickly?

Could it be that this kid secretly transferred the main force to this valley? If so, this Darryl would be too cunning.

At the same time, Gong Gong also trembled, looking at the Lorenzo people and the Xi Cang army who rushed up, unspeakably shocked.


Isn’t the main force of Earth Round Continent near the Ouyang Mansion? How can you be in this wilderness? And the support is so fast?

At this time, Gong Gong, and Yang Jian didn’t know that Darryl had already transferred the army to the Valley of the Evil. At this time, the Ouyang family was already empty.


Seeing the rescue, the already desperate masters of various sects instantly boosted their morale and tried their best to kill the enemy.

On the battlefield, a howl kept ringing!


People keep falling down, this world has been completely reddened by blood!


At this moment, in the forest a few miles away from the Valley of the Evil. Gary and Tracy moved forward quickly.

Behind them, thousands of Tianyu rides, riding a big bird in hot pursuit.

I don’t know how long he ran, Gary was sweating profusely and couldn’t hold it anymore, and his face was a little pale.

To be honest, Gary’s strength is not weak, if he had taken Guiyuan Pill before in the prison, he would have recovered his strength long ago. But Gary had a stubborn personality, so he refused to accept Darryl’s favor and threw the Guiyuan Pill. At this time, his internal strength did not recover, and he couldn’t stand it after all the hard work.

At this moment, Gary felt that his energy was exhausted, he stopped and took a breath, at the same time, he looked back at the situation behind him!


At this look, Gary’s expression changed, secretly shocked!

I saw that in the midair behind him, those thousands of Tianyu riders were already less than a hundred meters away.

These Tianyu rides are indeed the elites of the Beiying army. They tried their best, and they didn’t get rid of them…


Seeing Gary stop at this time, Tracy also slowed down, couldn’t help shouting, and at the same time walked over quickly, preparing to take Gary away.


However, at this moment, the sky feather riders in mid-air landed one after another, surrounding Gary and Tracy.


Seeing this scene, Tracy took a deep breath, her delicate face was calm, but she was a little nervous!

The ice at this time clearly sensed that the aura that erupted from these Heavenly Feather Knights, although not particularly powerful, but with so many people gathered together, the aura should not be underestimated.


At this moment, the leader of Tianyu Cavalry, staring at the two cold ice, said indifferently: “Don’t run away, you have no way out.”

When the voice fell, the surrounding Sky Feather Knights also shouted.

“Yes, betraying your Majesty, it’s useless for you to escape to the ends of the world!”

“For the sake of having worked for your majesty, you should know each other, and you can catch it with your hands!”

“Let us catch it quickly so that we can return to your majesty.”

Loudly shouted one after another, with a cold tone, no one sympathized with Gary and Tracy.

Catch it with one’s hands?

Hearing these words, Gary chuckled, his eyes extremely cold!

I had worked for Yang Jian wholeheartedly, but because his biological father was Darryl, Yang Jian had all kinds of suspicions about him, and now he sent so many people to arrest him and his sister.

It’s deceiving too much.

Thinking about it, Gary stood in front of Tracy and said coldly: “What do you do daydreaming? You want me to catch it? Before I want to tear my face, you guys get out.”

Some words, domineering and unparalleled, there is no doubt about it.

To be honest, Gary was exhausted at this time, and his internal strength had not yet recovered. He provoked Tianyu Qi in front of him, completely seeking death, but Gary had to do this.

As a elder brother, he must protect his sister at all times.


Hearing these words, Bai Zhan and the surrounding Sky Feather Knights were extremely angry.

Mad, this kid is in a desperate situation, dare to speak wildly?

“Take it down!” Two cold words came from Baizhan.


In a moment, the surrounding Sky Feather Knight Soldiers did not hesitate, they all howled and came straight towards Gary.

“Want to catch me, come…” Gary gave a fearless look and howled, holding the Overlord’s hammer tightly, like an angry lion, rushing towards the crowd.

Without recovering his internal strength, Gary couldn’t activate the power of the Overlord’s Hammer at all, but it was okay to use it as an ordinary weapon.

During the fierce battle, Gary did not forget to shout to Tracy: “Tracy, go quickly, brother is blocking them.”

When saying this, Gary’s tone was firm, but looking at Tracy’s gaze, there was a bit of regret and shame. He blamed himself for being too stubborn and leaving Darryl’s brigade. Otherwise, neither himself nor his sister would Will be pursued by Tianyu Cavalry.

“I do not go!”

Tracy bit his lips tightly, shook his head, very determined: “I want to be with my brother.”

When the voice fell, the ice flew up, holding a long sword, and rushing into the enemy group.


The brothers and sisters worked together, hearing a scream, and in the blink of an eye, many Sky Feather Knights fell in a pool of blood.

But Gary’s internal strength did not completely recover, and at the same time there were too many enemy forces, and they couldn’t kill them at all!

Under the fierce battle, Gary gradually became unable to do so.

Finally, a soldier from Beiying found the opportunity and stabbed Gary in the chest!


In an instant, blood spurted out!

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