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Chapter 1146


When the pain came, Gary’s blood was aroused, his eyes were extremely bloody, he roared like crazy, and regardless of his injury, the Overlord’s hammer swung fiercely, smashing the few soldiers in front of him in front of him!


No matter his injuries, the Overlord’s Hammer swung fiercely, smashing several soldiers in front of him!

But at this moment, a few more soldiers attacked from behind, raised their spears, and stab Gary’s back!

“Punch! Punch!”

Gary couldn’t dodge, his whole body was almost pierced, his body trembled, blood spurted out with a wow, and he fell to the ground all of a sudden!


Seeing this scene, Tracy’s body trembled, she cried out all of a sudden, tears rushed out, the so-called brother and sister connected to the heart, seeing his brother was so badly injured, Tracy only felt that one of his own hearts was about to be broken.


“The sword turns to heaven and earth.”

In the next second, Tracy’s pretty face was frosty, her red lips slightly opened, and the four words of coldness slowly spread from her mouth. At the same time, the figure flew up in the air, the jade hand reversed, and internal force burst out.


In the blink of an eye, thousands of air currents oscillated in the air, and then a series of dazzling sword shadows were formed. These sword shadows were transformed by internal forces, but they were extremely sharp, as if the air had been torn apart and flew in an instant. Riding towards the surrounding sky feathers.

Yes, the ice erupts, it is the stunt of the Indestructible Scripture, the sword turns heaven and earth!

Originally, Tracy didn’t use it easily because it consumed too much internal energy. However, seeing his brother in danger, Tracy couldn’t take care of so much.

Whoosh whoosh!

Thousands of sword shadows cut through the air. The speed was really too fast. In the blink of an eye, they arrived in front of the eyes of those Tianyu riders, and only heard a scream. Many Tianyu knights screamed and fell in a pool of blood. Among.


Bai Zhan was the commander of Tianyu Cavalry, second-tier Wuhuang strength, but facing the ice’s sword to turn heaven and earth stunts, it was also a surge of energy and blood, and he was shaken back dozens of steps.


After steadying his figure, Bai Zhan looked at Tracy closely, shocked in his eyes, and annoyed in his heart.

It is worthy of being the apprentice of the sergeant. I thought that this female doll was not very strong, but I didn’t expect it to burst out and be so powerful.

Although Tracy had been following Beiying’s army, he had never shown his strength, and he was in the heart of Baizhan, so he didn’t take it seriously.


The surrounding Sky Feather Knights also looked at Tracy closely, their eyes filled with fear and fear.


At this moment, taking advantage of the fact that everyone in Baizhan didn’t react, Tracy came over quickly, grabbed Gary, flew to the distance, and disappeared into everyone’s sight in the blink of an eye.


Bai Zhan was anxious and angry, and slapped the tree next to him with a palm. He looked extremely ugly as Tracy took Gary away with him.

“Leave some people to treat the wounded, and keep chasing the rest! No matter what, don’t let them run away!” The cold voice came from Baizhan. He clenched his fists tightly, unspeakably annoyed.

Thousands of Sky Feather riders surrounded them, and finally let them run away! When this happened, Tianyu’s reputation was gone.

More importantly, going back empty-handed, there is no way to deal with your majesty, so in any case, you must catch them.


In an instant, the surrounding soldiers responded in unison. Then, half of them stayed to treat the wounded, and half of them rode on the big bird and chased in the direction where the two of Tracy escaped!

the other side.

Tracy took Gary and flew forward desperately. She was already very tired, but did not dare to stop. Because Tracy knew that Tianyu Cavalry would not stop there, he would definitely chase after him. Once he stopped, he would be intercepted by them again.

Gary’s face was pale, because he had lost too much blood and was very weak, but he still tried to keep himself awake, alert to the direction behind him.

Finally, after flying for four hours, Gary said softly: “Sister, stop, those Tianyu rides have been successfully thrown away by us!”

On the way, without seeing Tian Yuqi, he must have been successfully thrown away.


Tracy replied, looking at the woods below, his figure slowly descended.

At the moment of landing, Tracy first helped Gary deal with the wound, then took out the elixir on his body and gave it to Gary. Tracy has been carrying the elixir with her mother since she was a child, but she was chased by Tianyu Cavalry before, and she had no chance to give it to Gary.

To be honest, after flying all the way, the ice fragrant and sweaty at this time, too tired, but it is the first time to consider Gary’s safety.

Soon after taking the elixir, Gary’s pale face recovered a bit of blood.


Seeing that Gary was okay, Tracy breathed a sigh of relief, and a large rock hanging in his heart finally fell to the ground.


However, at this moment, Tracy suddenly trembled when he saw the coastal city not far away!

Not far away, I saw a prosperous seaside city. On a hillside near the sea, an antique attic stood.

It is the star picking building in Donghai City.

Yes, before Tracy took Gary, flew away in a panic, and came to Donghai City.

In the next second, Tracy calmed down and said to Gary: “Brother, what shall we do next?”

When talking about this, Tracy was very anxious.

To be honest, Tracy wanted to take Gary back to the Valley of the Evil and Darryl to meet, but it was too far away from the Valley of the Evil, and Gary’s injury had not healed. It would be troublesome if he encountered Tianyuqi on the way. .

Gary didn’t respond immediately, but his eyes flickered, staring at Donghai City not far away in a trance!

“younger sister!”

Finally, Gary reacted and slowly said: “Our current situation, we definitely can’t go back. It’s better to take a boat and return to the Apocalypse Continent. After I report the situation here to the father, let’s go back. Make plans.”

Although King Castro no longer called himself emperor after surrendering to Yang Jian, in Gary’s heart, he still called his father emperor.

Gary had thought about it. Since Yang Jian no longer trusts himself, he and the Apocalypse Continent, there is no need to surrender.


Hearing this, Tracy hesitated, then nodded and said, “Okay!”

Then Tracy thought of something, and enthusiastically asked Gary: “Brother, you are healed, will you lead the Apocalypse army to help Daddy?”

Tracy Bingxue was smart. Although Gary didn’t say anything, he could guess it. After returning to the Apocalypse Continent, Gary would definitely plead with King Castro to rebel against Yang Jian.

If so, Tracy naturally hopes that Gary can lead an army to come to Earth Yuan Continent to help Darryl. Starting


Gary took a deep breath, looked complicated, and said slowly: “It depends on the situation.”

When he said this, Gary looked indifferent and did not fluctuate at all, but his heart was mixed.

Before being taken all the way to escape by Tracy, Gary thought a lot, and suddenly understood a lot, realizing that he was really too extreme for Darryl before, a little regretful, and at the same time thinking about how to help Darryl, his biological father.

It’s just that Gary is just at the age of the blood and energy, and he values ​​face, how can these thoughts be said?

“Okay!” Tracy nodded, showing a slight smile.

She was icy and intelligent, and quickly guessed Gary’s mind, knowing that her brother was willing to help his father, but because of face, she refused to say it directly.

Afterwards, the siblings took a short break and walked towards Donghai City.

The Apocalypse Continent and the Diyuan Continent are separated by the sea, and it is very convenient to go back by boat from the port of Donghai City.

Half an hour later, the brothers and sisters arrived at the seaside port.


However, seeing the scene in front of them, Gary and Tracy looked at each other, and they were frightened.

Chapter 1147

I saw that on the seashore of the port, nearly 10,000 people from the martial arts were robbing the people’s fishing boats. The scene was chaotic.

These sects include Tangjiabao, Beggar Gang, Hollow Sect and so on.

Yes, it was the schools that had fled before without a fight. When they fled all the way to Donghai City, they decided to grab the people’s fishing boats and go overseas to avoid the war.

Because in the hearts of people like Tang Qingyun, Earth Round Continent would definitely not be able to keep it, so it’s better to save one’s life and preserve strength.

These fishing boats on the coast were used by nearby fishermen to feed their families, but at this time they were savagely snatched by the Tangjiabao clans.

Gary and Tracy saw that many people were crying and grabbing the ground and wanted to take the fishing boat back, but they were the opponents of these masters of the rivers and lakes? One by one was beaten on the beach, without the strength to fight back.

And those masters of martial arts robbed the boat, and they were all plausible one by one, not arrogant.

“Made, get out of here…”

“I have worked hard to protect you for so long, and I want your boat to take care of it, don’t know how to promote…”

“No more nonsense, kill you all…”

Under the intimidation of these sect masters, the people dared to be angry but did not dare to speak, and could only leave in despair.


Seeing this scene, Gary’s face was pale and furious.

Although Gary has never admitted that he is a person from the Earth Round Continent, in his bones, he has inherited Darryl’s nature, jealous like hatred, especially, he is most uncomfortable bullying ordinary people.

The ice beside him was also trembling with anger.

Afterwards, the siblings walked over quickly.

“you guys!”

When he arrived, Gary looked around and said coldly: “Give me all the boats back! Don’t you feel ashamed that you still claim to be upright and take things from the people?”

After that, the righteousness Ling Ran made a loud voice.


In an instant, the eyes of several masters of sects all focused on Gary, one by one was frightened.

Is it this kid?

Although Beiying’s army invaded the Diyuan Continent, Gary never participated in the war, but as the prince of the Apocalypse Continent, he had cooperated with Elisa before, and everyone in Tang Qingyun naturally knew him.


Finally, everyone reacted, and I don’t know who shouted: “Will we snatch things from the people? What matters to you?”

When the voice fell, many people nodded in agreement.

Gary’s face flushed, and he was too angry to speak.

“Is it so reasonable to use a gun to bully the weak? Really ashamed of you!”

At this moment, Tracy couldn’t help it, and shouted softly: “Now when the Earth Round Continent is in distress, you don’t resist the Beiying army, but you are doing harm to the people here, and you simply lose the faces of the people on the Earth Round Continent. If you still have some conscience, return these boats to the people.”


Hearing this, Tang Qingyun and many people around him were speechless, and at the same time, there was some shame on his face. Fastest update

“Ha ha…”

Soon, Tang Qingyun reacted, sneered, and mocked at the cold ice: “Beijing’s army is powerful, and the earth-circle continent can’t resist it. It is a wise move for us to retreat. Even if we are afraid of death, what can you two do? Qualified to make irresponsible remarks? Your father, Darryl, is fighting the enemy to death in the Valley of the Evil, but you have come here, and you are pointing fingers at us, ha ha…”

After speaking the last sentence, Tang Qingyun was full of disdain.

When the voice fell, many people followed suit.

“Looking at their appearance, they also fled here…”

“That is, as a child, he doesn’t even care about his own father, and he still has the face to talk about us?”

“They are deserters, and they are all pretending to be just, what pretends?”

Everyone’s ridicule, you and I heard each sentence, Tracy clenched her pink fist tightly, stomping his feet angrily, but retorted silently.

Because everyone was right, my brother and sister had indeed escaped here.

“Without further ado!”

At this time, Gary couldn’t help it at all, and the anger in his heart rose up, angrily said: “I’ll say it one last time, quickly return the boat to the people, or don’t blame me for being polite.”

The voice fell, Gary summoned the Overlord Hammer and shook hands tightly.

“Smelly boy!”

Tang Qingyun was also completely angry, and responded coldly: “I gave you a face, we just won’t pay it back, so what can you do?”

To be honest, if it was before, Tang Qingyun would never dare to talk to Gary like this. You must know that Gary is the prince of the Apocalypse Continent. Even if the Apocalypse Continent fell and became Yang Jian’s territory, the identity of the kid in front of him, Not to be underestimated.

But now, myself and a few sects urgently need to flee overseas for refuge, where can I take care of so much?

More importantly, Yang Qingyun noticed that there were only two people, Gary and Tracy, and Gary’s expression was weak, he was obviously injured, and he was not afraid at all.

“A bunch of scum!”

Gary was too lazy to talk nonsense, yelled, holding the Overlord Hammer tightly, and came directly to Tang Qingyun.

Speaking of it, Gary is not such a reckless person, plus his injury has not healed, let alone such an irrational shot, but these people in front of him are really hateful, they have done bad things, and they seem to take it for granted. They can hardly be angry with civilians.

“Brother, be careful!”

Seeing this scene, Tracy was very anxious, yelled, and drew his long sword, followed closely behind.

“act recklessly!”

Seeing the brothers and sisters Gary rushing, Tang Qingyun’s eyes flashed with gloom and coldness, and shouted: “Everyone go up together, kill them quickly, and then go out on a boat.”

When the voice fell, Tang Qingyun’s internal strength broke out and directly greeted Gary.


At the same time, the surrounding Tangjiapu disciples, as well as the beggars, and the Kongtong faction, also broke out.

In the blink of an eye, the two brothers and sisters were surrounded, and the two sides fought fiercely.

Because Gary’s internal strength had not fully recovered, facing the siege of Tang Qingyun and others, the situation was very thrilling, almost full of dangers, but with the protection of ice around him, he could always reduce the danger.


Tang Qingyun became more and more frightened, his face was extremely ugly. He thought that so many people, besieging the siblings, would soon end the battle, after all, Gary was injured.

But never expected that the strength of Tracy surpassed everyone’s imagination, not only successfully protecting Gary, but also suppressing everyone without fighting back.

At this time, Tang Qingyun seemed to have forgotten that at the time when Tracy displayed the true immortal scriptures in Mount Emei, Elisa was not an opponent, let alone them.


A few minutes later, Tang Qingyun stopped fighting, and shouted at everyone on the boat: “Start the fishing boat, everyone, hurry up, don’t get entangled with the brothers and sisters.”


Hearing this, many people returned to the boat, and suddenly, nearly a hundred fishing boats made a roar of engines.

At this moment, Tang Qingyun also turned around and ran.


Gary’s internal strength was severely exhausted. He couldn’t catch up. He raised his hand and the Overlord’s hammer whizzed out, like a shooting star, hitting Tang Qingyun’s back. He heard Tang Qingyun snorted, a mouthful of blood spurted out, and the figure quickly landed. , But a few Tang Jiabao disciples, with sharp eyes and hands, flew up together and caught Tang Qingyun.


However, a kraft paper package fell out of Tang Qingyun’s body and landed on the beach.


Tang Qingyun’s expression changed, and he wanted to rush over to pick up the package, but he was afraid of the brothers and sisters Gary and could only hold back the impulse.

Chapter 1148

“Want to run?”

Gary retrieved the Overlord’s Hammer and wanted to continue his pursuit. Suddenly his body trembled and he vomited a mouthful of blood. His whole body also knelt on the beach. His previous injuries had not yet healed. At this time, he experienced another fierce battle. Gary was almost exhausted, and all his strength was emptied.


Seeing this scene, Tracy walked over quickly, helped Gary, and asked worriedly: “Are you okay? How is it?”

Gary didn’t speak, and shook his head to indicate that it was all right.

At this moment Gary only felt tired all over, and the strength to speak was gone.


Taking this opportunity, Tang Qingyun and the people of various schools quickly drove the fishing boat towards the distant sea.


At this moment, Tang Qingyun stood on the deck, staring at Gary fiercely, with an indescribable resentment: “I remember you! Today’s account, I will definitely ask you to settle it.”

When talking about this, Tang Qingyun glanced at the package that had fallen on the beach, very unwilling and annoyed. Inside the package, the treasures that I had hidden for many years have fallen so that I can’t get them back, which is really annoying.


Hearing Tang Qingyun’s words, Gary’s face was cold, without the slightest fluctuation.

Tracy stayed beside him quietly, not leaving for a moment.

To be honest, Tracy wanted to catch up and subdue Tang Qingyun and others, but his elder brother’s condition was so bad that he had to be by his side at all times.

Soon, Tang Qingyun everyone gradually disappeared into the vast sea.


After ten seconds, Gary felt better, stood up, picked up the brown paper package, and opened it.

At this moment, Gary was very curious about what was inside that could make Tang Qingyun so anxious.

Tracy couldn’t help it, and came over to watch.


At this moment, seeing the contents of the kraft paper, both Gary and Tracy trembled and were stunned!

The bread in kraft paper is an old chart.

The various sea areas, as well as islands of all sizes…

It was only used to mark these sea areas and islands. It was a kind of archaic characters, which were obscure and difficult to understand. Gary and Tracy didn’t know each other, and they were very ignorant.


A few seconds later, Tracy reacted and pointed to a sea area on the map and said: “This place is marked with a red line. It is so special. Will there be treasures?”

Following the direction of the ice finger, I saw a sea area on this chart, which was marked with a red line, which was very special.


Gary took a deep breath and shook his head.

Observed carefully for a while, I couldn’t understand the archaic characters above, and didn’t understand what it meant.

At this time, the brothers and sisters did not know that this is a “Return to the Market Surveying Map”, which has a history of more than three thousand years. It shows the differences between all sea areas and islands in detail, and it also contains many secrets of the sea. .

“younger sister!”

After looking at it for a while, but still unable to see the fame, Gary took a deep breath and said to the cold ice: “Let’s go back to the Apocalypse Continent first. Later, if we have time, we will study this chart.” He said, he collected the chart. Up.

In Gary’s heart, the most important thing at this time is to return to the Apocalypse Continent, persuade the Castro, and then come to support the Diyuan Continent. As for the purpose of this chart, it is not important at all.


Tracy nodded, and then the two got on a boat. Before Tang Qingyun everyone fled, several boats were left on the beach.

However, the brothers and sisters are very principled. Although the people ran away, they still left some money on the beach as compensation for these fishing boats.

Soon, Gary and Tracy were driving the fishing boat towards the direction of the Apocalypse Continent.

Tracy was mainly responsible for sailing, and Gary was too weak to meditate in the cabin.

In a blink of an eye, more than two hours later, Gary recovered some internal strength, and the situation was better, so he walked out of the cabin and prepared to replace the ice to drive the fishing boat.


But at this moment, in the sea not far away, there were waves of water.

The sound of the sea was strange, and Gary looked towards the sea subconsciously.

As a result, Gary was shocked by this look. He couldn’t help taking a cold breath, and his whole body was instantly stunned!

This this..

At this moment, the boss of Gary’s mouth was wide open, thinking that he had made a mistake, rubbing his eyes with his hands, his face was shocked!

He clearly saw that on the sea not far away, there were thousands of sailing boats, coming in mighty!

Yes, thousands of sailboats!

On these sailing boats, a black flag fluttered with white sharks embroidered on it, black and white, very eye-catching. Obviously, these are all pirates.

Speaking of it, Gary had experienced a lot since he was a child, and he was very knowledgeable. He was also the prince of the Earth Continent, but it was the first time he saw pirates, and there were so many.

Pirates with thousands of ships, can’t even think about it!


At this moment, Tracy also saw the pirates, and her body trembled, and she couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air.

I saw that these sailing boats were very large and huge, and on the decks of these boats, people stood neatly. Although there was still some distance, Gary could see that these people were all dressed in soft fish skin. A, holding a long knife, amazing momentum!

And the ship at the front has three floors! On the black flag standing on it, it is more than ten meters high, and it has two big blood-red characters written on it:’Blood Shark’.

Obviously, the word blood shark is the name of this pirate force.

Blood shark?

This… when is there such a powerful pirate in this vast sea?

Seeing this scene, Gary was shocked in his heart, and at the same time he was unspeakably surprised. The ice beside him was also stupid, staring blankly at the pirate ships, speechless, and at the same time unspeakable doubts.

It is true that since the enchantment of the Kyushu continent disappeared more than ten years ago, the various continents have cooperated with each other, resulting in the disappearance of pirates in the sea. It stands to reason that there would be no such powerful pirates.

However, what the brothers and sisters didn’t know was that the vast sea was extremely vast. In recent years, due to the joint suppression of various continents, the pirates in the sea fled to the islands deep in the sea and hid.

Recently, because Yang Jian led the Beiying army and conquered everywhere, the people of the mainland of Kyushu were panicked and had no time to take care of the sea. These pirates hiding in the depths of the sea began to frequent activities again.

And the’Blood Shark’ that Gary and Tracy encountered at this time were the strongest pirates in the depths of the sea.


Finally, Tracy reacted and said softly to Gary: “What to do?”

The ice at this time was very anxious. She could see that the pirates on these ships were not weak in strength. They were basically in the realm of Wuhou, and many of them were even in the realm of Wusheng. Fastest update

Moreover, with so many pirates added together, I’m afraid there are nearly 100,000 people, right? ! With so many people, don’t say you are alone, even if your brother’s internal strength is completely restored, I am afraid that he will not be an opponent.

Feeling the tension of Tracy, Gary comforted: “Don’t panic, take a look at the situation first!”

When saying this, Gary looked at the nearly a thousand pirate ships with an extremely solemn expression.

He and these pirates have no grievances and no grudges, and they shouldn’t cause trouble.


Just when Gary was thinking about this secretly, he only saw four figures flying over from those pirate ships!

These four figures were too fast, almost in the blink of an eye, they arrived in front of the brothers and sisters. They were four s3xy women, all in their twenties, wearing short skirts in island style. They were indescribably s3xy and charming. Humans are a kind of wild beauty, but the breath that pervades them is amazing.

Chapter 1149

However, Gary was not in the mood to appreciate their beauty, felt the strength of the four women, and was shocked in his heart.

Turns out…. They are all Wudan Wuhuang? !

D*mn, Wudu Wuhuang!

Gary was shocked. Although he had never seen pirates, he had also heard many legends about pirates. Most of the pirates were forced to go into exile at sea because they had committed heinous crimes in Kyushu and were forced to do so. Yes, so the strength is not very strong, if it is strong, it will not escape to the sea to be a pirate.

But at this time, Gary never expected that these pirates in front of him, four women who came here at random, were all Wu Duan Wuhuang.

This kind of strength can be regarded as a top master in the Kyushu mainland!

Xueluo Siyan, very cold and arrogant, with delicate faces, without the slightest fluctuation in expression, quietly looking at the brothers and sisters Gary.

These four beauties are the four elders of the “Blood Shark” pirate organization. They are known as the “Blood Luo Siyan”. Regardless of their appearance, they are all ruthless characters who kill people without blinking. They all feel that Yue Gary and Tracy were both cultivators, and their strength was not low, but they didn’t panic at all.


In the next second, Xueluo Siyan didn’t say a word. After making eye contact, she suddenly shot at the same time, tightly grasping the wrists of Gary and Tracy, and the brothers and sisters couldn’t react at all.

Afterwards, Xueluo Siyan took the two brothers and sisters and flew towards the pirate ship.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Gary exclaimed in shock and anger.

At the same time, Gary struggled hard, but he clearly felt that this Xueluo Siyan team was too strong, and his internal strength was completely suppressed, and he couldn’t display it at all!

On the largest pirate ship, Xueluo Siyan placed Gary and Tracy on the deck.


At this moment, seeing the scene in front of him, Gary was stupid!

I saw that hundreds of pirates stood neatly around the deck of this pirate ship, all holding long knives, and at the bow of the ship, there was a chair carved from huge fish bones.

On the chair, sat a burly man.

This man looks like about thirty-five. His facial features are sharp and angular, which is unforgettable at the first glance. His bronzed skin is full of explosive power, and he also reveals a suffocating and powerful aura. !

At the man’s feet, there was a huge crescent scimitar, the blade was ice blue, glowing with a cold light, this scimitar was two meters long.

Gary only glanced at it, and was immediately taken aback.

This scimitar turned out to be a rare purple-rank weapon.

“Leader Long Zang, his subordinates brought these two people over.” At this moment, Xue Luo Siyan stepped forward and said respectfully to the man.

Yes, this man is the leader of the blood shark pirate, named Long Zang.

Long Zang, a natural cultivating genius, is unfortunately an orphan. He was bullied since he was a child. He was framed at the age of thirteen. He was charged with murder and was forced to escape to the sea to become a pirate.

Ten years ago, the blood shark formed by Ryuzo was still very weak at the time. However, in the past ten years, Ryuzo has swallowed dozens of pirate organizations, large and small, with its strong strength and outstanding talents. The blood shark has become the strongest pirate force in the vast sea.

Hidden in the sea, the dragon has a high prestige. It can be said to be the king of the sea!


At this moment, Gary looked at Long Zang, feeling inexplicably apprehensive, and couldn’t help swallowing his saliva. Unexpectedly, this harsh sea environment would have such a powerful pirate leader.

The aura on this Long Zang body, people who can suppress it can’t breathe, people don’t dare to look at him.

What made Gary even more horrified was that Long Zang’s strength was unfathomable. He only felt that a wave of formidable pressure continued to spread from Long Zang, making it difficult for people to breathe!

D*mn…a pirate whose strength has reached the tribulation realm, it is incredible to think about it!

Gary swallowed heavily. Full of shock.

The ice beside him, biting his lip, was also nervous.

“you guys!”

Finally, Long Zang looked at Gary and Tracy a few times, and slowly asked, “Who are you? What are you doing on the sea?”

The voice is not loud, but it is full of majesty, beyond doubt.

Long Zang clearly felt that the young men and women in front of him were both cultivators, and their strength was not low.

Knowing that the situation in the Kyushu mainland is turbulent, Ryuzo is going to ransack the ports on the coasts of all continents and plunder some materials. If you want to plan smoothly, you must beware of practitioners on all continents.

The young men and women in front of them are not low in strength, so they must be questioned.


Gary swallowed, opened his mouth, and said, “Your Excellency, we are brothers and sisters, and we are all citizens of the Diyuan Continent. Recently, the Beiying army has invaded and our homes have been destroyed. Our brothers and sisters decided to take a boat. Take refuge in the Apocalypse Continent!”

When he said this, Gary was very careful. He knew that if he said that he was a person from the rivers and lakes, the pirates in front of him would definitely not let him go.

After all, most of the pirates have committed evil deeds, and the rivers and lakes of various continents are crowded out and hunted, and then they drift into the sea as pirates. It can be said that the pirates and the people of different continents are completely incompatible.

“Ordinary people?” Long Zang’s pupils contracted and coldly said: “Ordinary people, there will be such a strong strength, and, depending on your injuries, you must have gone through a fight before…”

The voice fell, and a majestic breath burst out from Long Zang in an instant!

With this breath, the pressed Gary couldn’t breathe, his internal strength hadn’t completely recovered, and it was difficult to breathe now!

“How dare I lie?” Seeing Long Zang’s unbelief, Gary hurriedly said: “We are indeed ordinary people. We were lucky when we were young. We worshipped a master as a teacher, but we have always guarded ourselves and practiced hard. Participating in battles on the arena, and rarely interacting with people from the arena, my injury is because of resisting the army of Beiying, not the feud.”

After saying this, a layer of cold sweat broke out on Gary’s forehead.

The strength of this pirate leader is really terrifying, it is almost easy to kill himself and his sister.


Hearing this, Long Zang frowned and began to think.

For a time, the entire sea was silent except for waves.

“Come on!”

Finally, Long Zang came back to his senses and pointed to Gary and said: “First lock them up, and deal with them later!”

Being able to swallow dozens of pirate forces, Long Zang is not an ordinary person. You can tell at a glance that Gary lied, but Long Zang is not in a hurry. It is not too late to deal with them until the identities of the two are found out.

After all, the most important thing now is to quickly looting the port resources of all continents. You must know that the pirates seem to be majestic, but in fact, living resources are very scarce.

“Yes!” Hearing the order, several pirates came over immediately, escorting Gary and Tracy, and locked them in the cabin under the deck.


At this moment, both Gary and Tracy were frightened, and at the same time they wanted to struggle, but the acupoints were blocked, and they were completely powerless.


At this moment, a pirate walked over and said respectfully at Long Zang: “There are still a few hundred nautical miles ahead, and you will be able to reach Donghai City on the Earthen Continent!”

When he said this, the pirate was extremely excited.


Long Zang nodded, showing a slight smile, and said: “Everyone prepares. After going ashore, we will take advantage of the chaotic situation in the Diyuan Continent. Let’s take a good deal of looting.”

As he said, Long Zang remembered something, and ordered to the person next to him: “By the way, while robbing the property, don’t forget to catch some local people and inquire about the whereabouts of the “Research on the Sea”

Speaking of “Research on the Sea of ​​Guixu”, Long Zang’s sharp eyes flashed with a bit of complexity and enthusiasm.

Ten years ago, when Long Zang first became a pirate, he heard a rumor. This rumor said that there are many amazing secrets hidden in the boundless sea, and these secrets are hidden in a piece of In “Reconnaissance Map”, only that picture was missing a thousand years ago.

Many people say that the chart is just a rumor and does not necessarily exist, but Ryuzang believes it very firmly and keeps it in his heart.

“Yes! Chief!” Many pirates responded in unison.

Return to the sea survey?

Hearing this, Gary and Tracy, who were locked under the deck, were shocked.

Immediately, the two brothers and sisters looked at each other, and in each other’s eyes, there was indescribable complexity and consternation.

Could it be… the chart that Long Zang was looking for was the one that Tang Qingyun dropped before?

Chapter 1150

At this moment, the other side.

The Valley of the Evil in the north of Zhongzhou City, at this time, is like the Shura Slaughterhouse, the air is full of blood, and the fierce battle between the two sides is still going on.


The screams and screams are endless! The mountains and plains seem to be reddened by blood!

The battle is getting fiercer!

Although the Ouyang family, as well as the Huaguo Mountain, the Palace of Longevity, and hundreds of thousands of Xicang troops arrived in time and blocked the Beiying army, the form is still not optimistic!

You know, Darryl’s original plan, after the defensive deployment of the Evilman Valley, the people can join together to effectively hold the Beiying army, but he rescued Raquel and the various sects, and was intercepted by Yang Jian before reaching the Evilman Valley. It’s totally messed up!

In this situation, even if Zhu Rong and Shennong were to help, on the Earth Round Continent, wouldn’t they be the opponent of the Beiying Army?

During this period, Darryl had commanded the Xicang army and deployed large formations around it. However, the mountain environment was complex and uneven. It was difficult to deploy it quickly. Moreover, the Beiying army did not give Darryl the opportunity to form an array. In the end, Darryl saw that he was about to successfully deploy a formation, but was destroyed by Gong Gong.

As the water god respected by the world, Gonggong’s strength is too strong, which makes Darryl a headache!

Suddenly, on the side of the earth circle continent, there were heavy casualties, and they couldn’t resist the army of Beiying. The persecuted army retreated steadily, and finally retreated into the Valley of the Evil Man!


At this time, looking at the Beiying army rushing in like a tide, Darryl’s face was anxious, and he yelled: “Everyone must follow the orders, must guard the Valley of the Evil, even if they all die in battle, there can be no slightest withdrawal! We have no retreat!”

The Valley of the Evil is the last barrier to resist the army of Beiying. Once it falls, the entire Earth Garden will be completely exposed to the cavalry of the army of Beiying.


Hearing this, everyone’s bloodliness was aroused, dragging their tired bodies, rushing up one after another, and continuing to fight!

However, watching the comrades falling down constantly, many people’s faces are filled with despair, and a dull atmosphere is also shrouded in everyone’s hearts!

Even if the battle is to the last minute, what will happen?

The overall strength of the Beiying army is so strong, how can it stop them!

“Kill, kill!”

Darryl howled like crazy, waving Fang Tian’s painted halberd, sweeping through batches of Beiying soldiers!

At this moment, Darryl was also desperate in his heart. He knew that the Valley of the Evil Man would definitely not be able to defend, but before it fell, he must kill more enemies.

“Brother Darryl, here we are!”

“Darryl, hold on!”

“Brother-in-law, let’s help you!”

At this moment, shouts came from the mountains and forests in the distance. From a distance, you could see hundreds of thousands of people coming in great numbers. These hundreds of thousands of people, in different costumes, are obviously many forces. Combination.

I saw that the first dozen people were all familiar faces.

All in white, unspeakably chic and suave, it is Danzong Sect Master Zheng Chunqiu.

Wearing a yellow dress, she is very beautiful and looks like an immortal. It is Sheri of the famous sword villa.

These are all the friends Darryl has made in various continents.

At that time in the Yellow Sea Continent, Darryl learned that the Beiying army had come, so he asked the Hall Master Ye Fei of Tianmen to quickly go to various continents to send rescue. Soon, after receiving the news, Danzong and famous sword villas, these forces, did not hesitate and rushed immediately. Come to support.

And among these people, there are five figures, very eye-catching, a s3xy and charming woman, like a fairy, with four simple and honest men.

It was Sikong Yanran, the eldest lady of Binghuo Island, and her four senior brothers.

In the past six months, Sikong Yanran has been carrying a senior man and is looking for Darryl’s whereabouts, but unfortunately, he has been in trouble and failed to see Darryl. In the end, Sikong Yanran was very lost and was about to return to Ice Fire Island, but he heard it. News of the Beiying army’s attack on the Diyuan continent. Fastest update

Two days ago, Sikong Yanran met Danzong’s people, and learned that they were here to support the Diyuan Continent, so they came together without hesitation.


Seeing Zheng Chunqiu, Sheri, Sikong Yanran and others, Darryl’s heart warmed and he was speechless with excitement!

At the critical moment, I was able to help each other with all my strength, and it was no regrets that I could know so many real friends in my lifetime.


At this moment, Sikongjia couldn’t help but yelled: “You hold on, don’t have anything to do.”

The voice fell, and the other three Sikong Yi also shouted.

“Yes, yes, we are still waiting to drink the wedding wine of you and the younger sister, you can’t die.”

“Don’t worry, as long as the four of our brothers are here, let him be a force, and don’t think about going forward.”

“Brother-in-law, when the account is over, you can go to Ice and Fire Island with us…”

The four brothers are pure-hearted, and say whatever they think, regardless of how many people are around them.


Seeing the four seniors, they began to speak without a word again, Sikong’s delicate and delicate face was blushing all of a sudden, and said, “Shut up all of you!”


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help laughing, his depressed mood suddenly relaxed.

Having not seen each other for so long, these four brothers are still so interesting.

Thinking about it, Darryl shouted at the four brothers: “Thank you for the support of the four brothers. Don’t worry, as long as you win this battle, how much wine you want to drink, I have enough Darryl!”

Hearing this, the four brothers were very happy.

“Haha, that’s right!”

“See how I can fight back this Beiying army!”

“Come on, let’s compete with the four brothers and see who kills more!”

When the voice fell, the four brothers yelled and rushed into the formation of the Beiying army.

“Disciple Danzong listen to the order, kill me!” Zheng Chunqiu drew out the long sword, gave a long whistle, and led the Danzong disciple into the battlefield.

“Famous Sword Villa’s disciple listened to the order, helped Darryl, and blocked the Beiying army!” Sheri yelled, followed closely!

Darryl once helped Mingjian Villa through the crisis, but because of some misunderstandings before, he almost blamed Darryl. Therefore, in Sheri’s heart, he has always been very guilty of Darryl. At this time, I saw him in order to resist Beiying. The army was extremely weak, and Sheri couldn’t say that he was anxious.


Suddenly, Danzong, Famous Sword Villa, and other forces, a total of hundreds of thousands of people, poured into the battlefield like a tide, with momentum like a rainbow!


Seeing this scene, Yang Jian, who was still being entangled by the powerful people in Youyan, was shocked and his face was extremely ugly.

Originally, Yang Jian had planned and repelled the people like You Yan, and he could focus on dealing with Darryl. As long as Darryl was killed, all the resistance forces in the Earth Yuan Continent would be scattered. When the time comes, the whole Earth Yuan will be destroyed. The mainland falls into its own control.

However, Yang Jian did not expect that at this last juncture, the forces of other continents suddenly came to support.

But what shocked Yang Jian was still behind.

“Darryl, here we are!”

Just when Yang Jian was secretly annoyed, he only heard a sweet drink from the horizon again. Following the sound, everyone present was stunned!

In the valley not far away, I saw an army of hundreds of thousands coming in mighty force.

The uniform silver armor, holding long knives one by one, looked from a distance, cold and shocking.

In front of the army, there are two beautiful women.

Wearing a golden dragon and phoenix robe, dignified and noble, graceful and gorgeous, full of royal majesty, she is the queen of the Southern Cloud Continent.

A man wearing red armor showed that tight and graceful figure to the fullest, and the unspeakable heroic figure was Ora!

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