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Chapter 116

Darryl exhaled deeply, calming himself down. This ugly and ugly thing is really not simple.

He received the news as soon as he was released!

When I answered the phone, I heard Lorenzo laugh: “Haha, I heard that my brother was released from prison today. A banquet has been prepared for my brother, and I deliberately cleaned up the dust for my brother. My brother will not fail to appreciate his face.

The speech was still verbose, but he was very happy today.

“Okay, where are you?” Darryl responded with a smile, “Brother Wen, well informed.”

“It’s okay, there is nothing I don’t know about what I want to know. I’m at Lanfeng KTV.” Lorenzo finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Blue Phoenix KTV is located in the most prosperous section of Donghai City. It is also an entertainment venue that has just opened in the past two months. This KTV is very high-end, with many luxury cars parked at the door.

Those who enter and leave here are either beautiful or rich sons.

When Darryl arrived, the two young welcome ladies at the door immediately greeted them.

“Is it Mr. Darryl?” One of them asked respectfully.

“It’s me.”

“Hello, Mr. Yue, our brother Wen, is already waiting up there, please come with me.” As Miss Yingbin said, she took Darryl to the second floor.

This KTV is okay, the decoration is magnificent, and it is probably one of the best KTV in Donghai City.

Arriving in a luxurious box on the second floor, the welcoming beauty helped open the door, made a please gesture, and stepped aside.


Seeing the scene in the box, Darryl took a breath!

In the huge box, there were hundreds of people standing at this time! Wearing a black half sleeve uniform, everyone is a cultivator!

Although their strength is not high, they are almost all martial arts masters. But when dozens of them gather together, it feels very shocking!

In front of more than one hundred people, sitting a weak scholar, it is Lorenzo!

Fcuk, Darryl was shocked and walked in slowly.

However, at this moment, hundreds of strong men bowed ninety degrees one after another, shouting at Darryl in unison: “See the hall master!”



Darryl was confused, staring at Lorenzo blankly: “What’s the situation?”

“Hahahahaha!” Lorenzo laughed loudly: “Darryl, from now on, you will be the Hall of Longevity, the hall master of Donghai City Branch!”

Lorenzo wore a robe and held a folding fan in his hand. This folding fan is not simple, it should be a property of the Qing court, and it is worth a million.

Lorenzo laughed, and said to Darryl again: “I don’t know what to say, I am from the Hall of Longevity. Darryl, you should know the Hall of Longevity, right?” Lorenzo said with a smile.

“Eternal Life Palace?”

Darryl pretended to be surprised.

Lorenzo nodded and continued: “My identity is the White Fan Sergeant under the seat of the Hall of Longevity Hall! One person is below ten thousand! In the whole Hall of Longevity, anyone who sees me except the Hall of Longevity will be respected. Shout for Master Wen respectfully!”

When he said this, a trace of arrogance appeared on Lorenzo’s face.

D*mn it! military adviser?

Seriously, this identity is really shocking!

You know, there are hundreds of thousands of disciples in the Hall of Longevity, and one person is above ten thousand, so the status is too high!

Elisa said before that this ugly character is not simple, and it must be an important figure in the Palace of Longevity. But who would have thought that his status should be so high?

D*mn, this is important information!

At this time, Lorenzo hugged Darryl’s shoulders, and said with a serious face: “Brother, to tell you something from your heart, in my Lorenzo world, there are only three kinds of people. The first is strangers. The second type is my subordinates, and the third type is my parents and the Lord of Longevity.”

“And now, there is another kind of person in my world, and that is you, my brother, and the only brother in my Lorenzo.”

Speaking of this, Lorenzo showed a slight smile: “Darryl, it is the honor of my life for Lorenzo to meet a brother like you. Recently, the Hall of Longevity has been established in Donghai City. I have decided. You come to be this hall master.”

When he said this, his tone was beyond doubt!

“Is this… appropriate?” Darryl murmured.

D*mn, he is now the master of Tongtian Church.

Now he has been named the hall master of the Hall of Longevity by Lorenzo.

It’s really impermanent, and there are surprises everywhere in life, but this surprise makes people a little hard to adapt.

As the master of two cults, this…

“Why is it inappropriate?” Lorenzo exclaimed, “I planned to set up the hall in Donghai City. Whoever is the hall master is originally my decision! I said you are the hall master, you are !”

Speaking of this, Lorenzo laughed: “As a military commander, a person of the hall master level, I have to salute when I meet. But if you are my brother, those vulgar etiquettes are exempted, hahahahaha!”

D*mn, it’s not enough if you don’t want to be! Have to be fooled!

Darryl was speechless for a while, but still smiled.

“That’s right.” At this moment, Lorenzo took out a silver token and handed it to Darryl’s hand: “This is your Hall Master’s token, you have to keep it.”


After receiving the silver token, Darryl glanced at it. The token is made of sterling silver with a wolf carved on it. The workmanship is exquisite and vivid.

Seeing this token, I couldn’t help but think of the auction a few days ago.

At that time, the grandfather and granddaughter held golden tokens.

Afterwards, Luo Zehao told himself that in the Palace of Longevity, those who can get the golden tokens are all very high-ranking.

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help asking: “Brother Wen, can you let me see your token?”

Lorenzo smiled and took out his token.

Is this a platinum token?

Darryl’s eyes flashed, and he took it over to see that there was a divine beast unicorn carved on it.

Lorenzo said: “In our Palace of Longevity, the lord of the palace is the boss, the jade token. Next is my military division, the platinum token.”

“Below me are the four great kings, the golden token. Next are you hall masters, the silver token.”

“Finally, it is an ordinary disciple, a bronze token.”

D*mn it.

It turned out that the old man at the auction was one of the four great kings of the Longevity Hall. No wonder it’s so powerful!

At this time, Lorenzo took back his platinum token and said with a smile, “Darryl, apart from this, I also prepared a gift for you!”

When the voice fell, he clapped his hands.

In an instant, the box door opened and a dozen women were brought in.

D*mn it!

These more than a dozen women are tied up with five flowers at this time, and they can be long. The figure is very well-proportioned.

It can be described as Yan Shou Huan Fat, everything!

The group of women were pushed to the ground and knelt in a row.

“Brother, in order to arrange this, I took great pains for my brother. It took a whole night to capture these dozen or so women. They are all from the Heavenly Sect!” Lorenzo laughed, took out a pipe, and took a sip: “Brother, do you like it?”

These women are all from Tongtian?

The Tongtian Sect and the Hall of Longevity are called two cults by the world. However, since Lorenzo caught the woman of the Heavenly Sect, it shows that the relationship between the two cults is actually not good.

Lorenzo took a couple of cigarettes: “Brother, enjoy it slowly, hahahaha! Just booked a banquet for my brother at Pearl of the Orient. Let’s go first, and then go to us after you finish enjoying it.”

Having said this, Lorenzo waved his hand and led everyone out of the box.

“Hallmaster, the subordinates retire!” When they walked to the door, more than one hundred brawny men bowed together with great momentum! They move neatly and uniformly, well-trained, and look exciting.

For a time, only Darryl and a dozen women kneeling in a row were left in the box.


When I went to see the house that day, Lily bought 002 villas, the one next to Darryl’s parents.

Carol said that 001 villas really can’t be sold, and they can’t be sold for more money.

I have found a moving company these days. The previous house has been sold. In the villa, Lily’s decoration is particularly good.

Lily did not live broadcast today, she was looking in the mirror. Bring out the crystal love beautifully. She is in a good mood today. In the fitting room in front of her, there were more than a dozen clothes hanging, and she tried them on one by one.

Should I wear jeans, a hip group, a long skirt, or a short skirt?

“Mom, help me see, I will see the fans tomorrow, which clothes to wear.” Lily asked.

That’s right. Dress up carefully because there is an important thing tomorrow to meet with a male fan.

Chapter 117

During this period of time, Lily’s popularity has been soaring, and she has become a major anchor on the Longya live broadcast platform.

In the beginning, only Hill gave her money, but now, many local tyrants have started to give her money.

One of the most lavish is a local tyrant named’Young Master Duan’. Every time he brushes a gift, it costs at least tens of thousands.

Of course, Duan’s son did not brush as much as the hills.

But Hill only spends money, but never talks to her. And this son of the Duan family not only paid for himself, but also chatted with himself.

After the broadcast yesterday,’Young Master Duan’ Yue Lily came out to meet tomorrow.

At that time Lily hesitated, but Alexandra, who was sitting on the side, supported her.

My daughter has become a big internet celebrity. Of course, I know more wealthy people so that I can have greater development in the future.

No, Lily started to try on her clothes. She will meet her fans for the first time tomorrow, so she also wants to dress beautifully.

Crystal Love is indescribably s3xy and charming with jeans, and is no less inferior to those celebrities.

Alexandra on one side nodded repeatedly and smiled: “Daughter, you are dressed like this, you must be obsessed with Duan’s son tomorrow. If Duan’s son is a talent, you can try to date him.”

“Mom, stop joking,” Lily said softly.

“Who’s kidding?” Alexandra put a smile away: “I tell you, everyone is stronger than Darryl, hurry up and find a good man to marry. You are broadcasting now, you can meet many rich people, you can choose and choose.”


In the KTV box. Darryl looked at the dozen or so women. Don’t say it, they are really pretty.

One of the women was wearing a short skirt and she had an indescribably beautiful figure. Sighed. Step forward and untie their ropes.

“Hurry up, be careful next time, don’t get caught again.” Darryl said while looking at them.

This group of women are from the Tongtian Church. And somehow he is also the master of Tongtian Church. A gentleman does something and does not do something. Darryl never thought that he was a good person, but he was definitely not a bad person.

If you defile these dozen or so women today, it would be exciting to think about it. But it really can’t be done.

“You, will you let us go?” The women were shocked!

After they were caught, they were completely desperate. The Tongtian Sect and the Hall of Longevity, although both are cults, they are incompatible with each other! But, this person in front of us actually let us go?

“Let’s go, what are you doing in a daze!” Darryl muttered and took the lead to leave KTV.

The dozen or so women quickly stood up and followed behind him. Grateful.

The Pearl of the Orient.

I just let those women go, and gave them a sum of money. Then Darryl stopped a taxi to the gate of Oriental Pearl. Lorenzo and the group of brothers had already drunk in it. Just waiting for Darryl to go.

Presumably, today Wu Dedao, this kid, is going to spend money again.

Every time he comes to the Pearl of the Orient, he will give him a waiver. This time hundreds of brothers in the Hall of Longevity, eating and drinking here, it is estimated that Wu Dedao would not collect money.

Just when Darryl was about to enter the hall, a woman yelled from the street not far away!

“What do you want to do!”

This sudden sound caused Darryl to stop, and when he turned his head to look, he saw a dozen men surrounded by a woman on the street. Want to tie her with a rope.

Darryl shook his head, is there any more Wang Fa? Tie people directly on the street in broad daylight?

This street is very prosperous. People come and go on the street, but no one dared to stop it, not even to help the police!

The woman had been struggling, causing her clothes to be torn, and we could faintly see a fire phoenix tattooed behind the woman. s3xy and domineering.

This tattoo… D*mn it!

Isn’t this Peter’s wife, Li Nan?

It’s really Li Nan! What are these men doing to tie her up?

Darryl couldn’t think much, walked over quickly, and shouted angrily: “Stop.”


Seeing him walking quickly, Li Nan’s expression was happy, but then he shouted anxiously: “Darryl, don’t come over, go and call the Great Sage!”

She knew that Darryl’s strength was not weak, and she could even fight the sharks alone.

But these people in front of them are not easy to provoke! All are daring to fight and kill!

They are Yang Long’s people.

The underground forces in Donghai City have been divided into two.

Yang Long and Yang Jing, two brothers and sisters, occupy the east of the city.

And Peter occupies the west of the city.

On the surface, the well water on both sides does not offend the river, but secretly, they both want to get the other side down.

Half a month ago, Peter opened an entertainment venue in Donghai City, which attracted many young people to patronize.

Yang Long was jealous and sent someone to make trouble. As a result, Peter called more than one hundred trumpeters and beat them into the hospital.

The trouble was unsuccessful, and his own people were beaten.

Yang Long was so angry that he felt ashamed. Afterwards, I called Peter and wanted Peter to apologize to him and lose money.

At that time, Peter only said one word:’Get out’, and then hung up the phone.

With his current status, when has Yang Long been scolded? I was so angry at that time, this revenge must be paid!

Later, I heard that Peter had a daughter-in-law named Li Nan, who was very beautiful.

Yang Long became lustful. If you hit my brother, I will sleep with your woman!

A week ago, Yang Long sent someone to follow Li Nan secretly, and finally found the opportunity today. A dozen strong men wanted to abduct her.

Li Nan was desperate at first, and no one on the street dared to step forward to stop him. But never dreamed that Darryl would actually appear.

But how could Darryl alone beat more than a dozen strong men. If he rushes forward, maybe he will die!

“Darryl, go quickly, go and tell the great sage!” Li Nan said in a hurry, stomping his feet.

But Darryl didn’t mean to shrink back, and greeted him with strides.

Something happened to the brother’s woman.

If he sits idly by, is he still a man?

“Small-armed ba5tard, are you tired of living?”

The head of this group of strong men is a bald head. There is a scar on the head, very conspicuous! At this moment, he pointed at Darryl, his eyes frightening.

Hundreds of passers-by had been surrounded not far away, but no one dared to approach. No one dared to cause trouble to the upper body.

“I don’t care who you are, I will give you two minutes and immediately disappear in front of me.” Darryl said coldly.

Today, no matter what, they are not allowed to take Li Nan away.

This group of people looked at them and didn’t look like good people. If Li Nan were taken away, it would probably ruin her in all likelihood.

“You are so crazy? You dare to take care of anyone’s nostalgia. Come on, hit me!” The bald eyebrows raised, revealing a bit fierce.

When the voice fell, more than a dozen strong men behind him all let go of Li Nan and immediately surrounded Darryl! The steel pipe hidden in the cuff fell into his hand after his wrist.

“Darryl, don’t be impulsive, listen to me, hurry up and call the Great Sage!” Li Nanxiang was sweating. After speaking, he stepped on high heels and pushed Darryl, his delicate face was full of eagerness: Hurry up, there are so many people, you can’t beat them. You go, you go! You…”

Before she finished her words, Darryl grabbed her arm and told her to hide behind him: “Stop talking, don’t walk around behind me.”


Li Nan bit her lip tightly, and there was an inexplicable throbbing deep in her heart.

But more, still anxious! Why is this Darryl so stupid! Even if he can play again, can he beat so many people!

“Slot you, Fcuk him!” The bald head was too lazy to talk nonsense, and roared angrily.

The kid in front of me is not a fool, or a dumbfounded boy, come here to pretend to be a hero? Extraordinary, crazy.

Darryl smiled coldly, his body’s cultivation power was running, and he greeted him with a fist.

Bang bang bang…

In just four or five seconds, Darryl swung out seven or eight punches. The few people who rushed up first were all knocked to the ground!

As his practice deepened, Darryl perfectly integrated the Wing Chun practice he had previously practiced. The strength of the fourth martial artist is really not a boast!

But there is a saying that good wolves can’t stand a group of dogs.

There were too many people with bald heads, and they all had steel pipes in their hands, and a few others had knives.

Seeing that his companion was knocked down, the rest of the people hulled all at once! Without saying anything, he slashed at Darryl!

Darryl is also panicked! The cold sweat swishes down.

“Kill him to me!” The bald head was really anxious. He brought about twenty people with him. If he hadn’t caught Li Nan, he would definitely be scolded to death when he returned!


On Darryl’s head, he was hit by a steel pipe several times. The blood was falling down.

Seriously, if you were alone, it wouldn’t be so miserable. The problem is to protect Li Nan now! He wanted to summon the Blood Drinking Sword, but in the current situation, there was no time to summon it. The steel pipe and the knife fell like raindrops, and if you were distracted, you would get a few hits on your body!

Without knowing who it was, he slashed Darryl’s back with a single stab, and blood poured out all of a sudden.


Li Nan’s eyes were red, watching the blood flowing out, biting his lips tightly.

Darryl felt that he had no strength anymore, his movements were getting slower and slower, and he would soon be unable to hold on!

“Get the woman up first, hurry up.” The bald head yelled, and he could see that more and more people were onlookers. If this goes on, the police should come! At that time, he was frightened and turned his eyes, and fell on Li Nan’s body, yelling.

A dozen big men immediately surrounded Li Nan.

While tearing, Li Nan exclaimed and fell to the ground.

Seeing this scene, Darryl gritted his teeth and squatted on Li Nan’s body, protecting her tightly!

At that moment, being pressed by Darryl to protect him, Li Nan was moved and shy again, and his delicate face was hot and hot, and his bones were crisp.

Chapter 118

“Why, get this kid out of me!” The bald head is not good, special code, this kid is really bad!

“Boom! Boom!”

A dozen big men suddenly gathered around, and the sticks in their hands rained down on Darryl’s body!

Darryl gritted his teeth, lying on her body, motionless!

Blood ran down from Darryl’s body and dripped onto Li Nan’s face.

“Darryl, don’t care about me, get up, you will be beaten to death like this…” Li Nanfang trembled and started crying anxiously.

“I won’t go!” Darryl gritted his teeth, his fists clenched tightly!

“Hall Master!”

“Slot you, dare to move our hall master?!”

And at this moment, in the hotel lobby, more than a hundred black-clothed men rushed out, all of them angry! It is the disciple of the Palace of Longevity!

These disciples were originally in the hotel lobby to greet Darryl.

But waiting left and right, Darryl did not appear either.

Until they heard the movement here, they hurried out to take a look, and saw that Darryl was knocked to the ground by a group of people, is it worth it? !

“you guys….”

The bald head has been dumbfounded. Hundreds of people are coming like a tide!

When Shi Shi wailed out, took the lead to get into the car and escape!

“Darryl, how are you?!” Lorenzo asked hurriedly.

“Darryl, how are you? Are you okay?” At the same time, Li Nan almost cried into tears, tears falling down.

Darryl sat up strenuously, only feeling that his entire back was hot, but still resisted, and smiled at Li Nan: “I’m fine, you go back to the Great Sage quickly.”

Although I don’t know who the bald gang are.

But dare to start with Li Nan, the background is definitely not simple. Let her go to Peter first for safety.

“Then you…” Li Nan bit his lip, worried.

Darryl shook his head, and pointed to the surrounding disciples: “It’s okay, there are them.”

Under Darryl’s insistence, Li Nan had no choice but to leave, but he turned around shortly after walking, looking at Darryl anxiously.

In the afternoon, Darryl simply treated the wound. In the hospital ward, hundreds of disciples of the Palace of Longevity accompany Darryl in the ward.

The little nurse was frightened. She clearly remembered, isn’t this injured Darryl a son-in-law? The last time his dad was out of anger with a heart attack, he didn’t have money to treat the illness.

How come there are more than one hundred people accompanying me now?

Such scenes are really rare in hospitals. From start to finish, the little nurse didn’t dare to say more than a word. After taking care of the wound, she left in a hurry.

In the ward, Darryl lit a cigarette and looked at a burly disciple: “What’s your name?”

The disciple hurriedly clasped his fists in a respectful response: “Return to the hall master, his subordinate is called Leiyun.”

Thundercloud. Thundercloud.

Darryl nodded, this kid was a bit interesting, it was obvious that everyone respected him. And his strength is a three-stage martial artist. And people look smart.

Darryl smiled and nodded: “Lei Yun, this name is aggressive, good, very good. From today, you will be the deputy hall master. When I am away, you will lead the brothers in the hall.”

“Hall Master, the subordinates are afraid that it will be difficult to take up this position.” Lei Yun said in fear.

I was just a small disciple, and he was suddenly promoted to the deputy hall master, and it was difficult to adapt to it for a while.

Darryl laughed: “I said you are, you are.”

After saying this, Darryl thought of something: “By the way, when you take the place of me and send a message to the military division, I will say that I can’t send him off tonight.”

Lorenzo is leaving. Now that Tangkou in Donghai City has been established, it is time for him to return to the general altar as a military adviser.

The main altar of the Hall of Longevity is on Changsheng Island. It is thousands of miles away from Donghai City. I was thinking about sending a piece of ugly text, but I was cut into this way. I wanted to send him, but I was powerless.

“Subordinates understand.”

Lei Yun responded, turned and left the office.

After the person left, Darryl endured the soreness of his whole body, stood up with a grin, and began to refine the Immortal Pill. At the last auction, it was found that this was a good thing, and there was nothing wrong with refining it.

the next morning.

When Darryl was sleeping on the hospital bed, Zhengxiang heard a knock on the door.

Immediately after Han Yue, in a professional outfit, walked quickly to the bed.

“President, the invitation sent by Donghai TV just now invites our Ziyu Company to participate in a party.” When he arrived, Han Yue said respectfully.

“What party?”

Darryl asked absently.

Han Yue smiled and said: “The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, and they want to hold the Mid-Autumn Festival in advance. This time the scene is very big, and many stars will participate. There are also famous people in Donghai City who will participate.”

Speaking of this, Han Yue’s exquisite face carries a bit of pride: “Our Ziyu Company has recently become popular with two stars, Ramona and Tang Lan. The radio station wants them to be honored at the party. Luckily, our company is the first to receive an invitation. You are the president. You can’t miss this kind of celebration.”

Mid-Autumn Festival is coming so soon?

Darryl nodded: “Well, then you can help me prepare.”



At seven o’clock in the evening, the TV station building was full of bright lights.

Donghai Satellite TV Building is one of the most beautiful scenery in Donghai City. It is very beautiful at night. The entire building is lit, and underneath is the moat. Many young couples are standing on the bridge and patted the TV tower.

The Mid-Autumn Festival Gala is held here.

The entire banquet hall on the first floor has been refurbished, showing its magnificence everywhere, which can be said to be magnificent.

Those who came to participate in this banquet celebration today can be said to be the upper-class celebrities of the entire Donghai City, as well as the CEOs of various entertainment companies, and some popular stars.

It can be said that this Mid-Autumn Festival in Donghae City is the most prosperous ever!

Because today’s most popular Ramona, as well as S9 member Tang Lan, who just debuted, will also appear at the celebration venue. In addition, there are several popular stars who will come to sing a few songs!

Therefore, in the square outside the building, in addition to various luxury cars, there are also many reporters and countless celebrity fans.

The party was officially held at eight o’clock. But at this time, there are already crowds of people around the festival venue.

At half past seven, an extended Mercedes-Benz S600 approached slowly.

Professionals at the venue hurriedly greeted them and opened the door respectfully.

In the next second, two beautiful figures slowly got out of the car, it was Ramona and Tang Lan.

As soon as the two women appeared, the fans around them immediately burst into flames.

Ramona wore a long burgundy dress with a pair of silver high heels underneath, which was indescribably shining and charming.

Tang Lan is a white evening dress studded with diamonds, which is s3xy and elegant.

These two superb beauties stood together, one red and the other white, complementing each other, and instantly attracted the cameras of countless reporters around them.

At this moment, a man in a straight suit got off the car again.

The man is well-proportioned, his face has sharp edges and corners, and he is unspeakably handsome. He wears black sunglasses and gives people an indescribable sense of mystery.

The man is Darryl.

Originally, Darryl didn’t want to come to this kind of celebration, after all, there were too many people. But there is no way not to participate.

This kind of occasion is really unwilling to come. In case you run into the shabi again, point to yourself and say the door-to-door son-in-law. So Darryl simply took sunglasses with him. No one can recognize it.

After Darryl got off the car, Ramona greeted him with two smiling faces, one left and the other accompanied Darryl into the celebration venue.


Seeing this scene, countless people around him cast envious eyes on Darryl.

Who is this person?

Ramona and Tang Lan, the two popular female stars, could be accompanied.

At this time, many people have arrived in the celebration venue. The banquet hall is extremely luxurious. Everyone who can enter here has a very prominent background.

There is no doubt that most of the eyes will be on Ramona and Tang Lan. The top beauties like them are also popular stars, and they are the focus of the audience wherever they go.

Darryl took the two Ramona and shuttled through the crowd, stopping from time to time to chat with others.

Of course, most of them were Ramona and Tang Lan, chatting with others, Darryl remained silent all the time.

“Tsk tusk, isn’t this beautiful Ramona?”

Just when Darryl was about to find a place to sit down, an uncomfortable voice came from the side, yin and yang weird.

Turning his head to look, Darryl was taken aback for a moment, then couldn’t help laughing.

Haha, this guy is too fat.

At this moment, Darryl thought he had seen Zhu Bajie in the reality version.

This person is Zhu Datong. Last time I thought about the unspoken rules of Ramona, but Zhu Datong was slapped in the face.

Chapter 119

Beside Zhu Datong, a young woman was holding him. This woman is a head taller than him.

“Beauty Ramona, are you interested in having a drink?” Zhu Datong walked over with a smile, jokingly.

A pair of eyes also looked up and down at Ramona, completely ignoring Darryl on the side.

At this time Zhu Datong thought that Darryl was just a bodyguard wearing sunglasses.

Ramona bit her lip and said nothing. Last time I went to the Datong company for an interview, Ramona felt disgusted when the fat man moved himself.

Seeing that she hadn’t spoken, Zhu Datong became angry: “Ramona, still pretending to be an innocent lady with me up to now? Isn’t it very idle these days? Don’t talk about making movies, even when making commercials, no one is looking for them. Are you here. Do you know why?”

When he said these, Zhu Da was proud of his face.

Ramona’s face changed, and he was furious: “It turned out to be you.”

Darryl on the side also frowned secretly.

During this period of time, Ramona has been idle in the company. Tang Lan debuted later than her, and the schedule is full, but Ramona, even those variety shows that are not popular, don’t look for her.

When Han Yue reported these situations before, Darryl found it strange, but he didn’t have time to investigate.

At this moment, Darryl understood what Zhu Datong said.

It seems that all of this is the fat man surnamed Zhu, secretly engaged in ghosts.

“Hey, I said before that if you don’t cooperate with me, even if you become popular when you debut, you won’t get the resources in the end, how about? Are you regretting it now? It’s okay, it’s too late for you to regret it now, my bed, But it’s huge.”

Ramona’s delicate body trembled and was about to speak when Darryl stood in front of her.

“Don’t pay attention to the bad pen.” Darryl said lightly.

Zhu Datong’s expression changed all of a sudden, his face twitching faintly.

D*mn’s, a security guard would dare to talk about it?

He glared at Darryl and shouted angrily: “Who are you special, a bodyguard, you don’t have the qualifications to speak here, just go away.”

“He is our president.” Ramona said.

Zhu Datong was stunned, and then he laughed: “Oh, it turned out to be the president of Ziyu Company. Hahaha, it turns out that your president is a forearm. You wear sunglasses in the dark, and you have a special dress. What about the panda. It really shocked me, dare to talk to me like this, I thought you were the king of heaven.”

Isn’t this man wicked?

Darryl didn’t speak, really didn’t want to care about him.

But there are some people who always push their noses and face. Seeing Darryl not speaking, Zhu Datong stood up and pointed to Darryl’s nose and said: “Boy, what about you being the boss of Ziyu Company? Your Zi The Jade Company has only been established for a few years? How many resources and connections do you have? In my eyes, Zhu Datong, it is not a bullshit. I will pick out the words for you today. Ramona, I have decided. If you are familiar with each other, Just terminate the contract with her, otherwise, Lao Tzu will keep you from Ziyu Company in minutes.”

Darryl’s face was cold.

He’s the most insult in his life

Tired of one thing.

That is when others use their fingers.

“Take your pig paws away for me.” Darryl said coldly.

“Small-armed ba5tard, are you looking for death?!”

Zhu Datong is on fire!

The performance has already begun at this time. The host is reporting on stage. The movement here disturbed the spectators in the nearby seats, and they looked over one by one.

Zhu Datong felt his face sweeping, and with a big wave of his hand, the two sturdy men walked out from one side.

These two people are all tattooed, and it is estimated that each of them is two meters tall and full of muscles. They are Zhu Datong’s bodyguards, Jia Shan and Jia Ling. It was hired by myself at a huge expense!

Zhu Datong was immediately emboldened: “Small-armed ba5tard, go to the bathroom with me if you have the kind, let’s have a good chat.”

Darryl laughed and nodded: “Okay, I happen to have something to say, I want to talk to you alone.”

“Okay, there is a kind, I’ll go to the bathroom and wait for you first. If you don’t come, boy, it will be my grandson.” Zhu Datong showed a sly smile on his face.

After speaking, he greeted the bodyguard and went to the bathroom.

The surrounding audience looked at Darryl and shook their heads.

Young people nowadays are so energetic. In the entire entertainment industry, no one has dared to challenge Zhu Datong.

This kid is completely looking for death.

With a calm smile on his face, Darryl walked towards the bathroom.


At this moment, Tang Lan hurried up and took Darryl’s arm with a nervous look on her face: “Darryl, don’t be impulsive. Datong Entertainment is very influential in the entertainment industry. What is your name with him? It’s a big deal, just ignore it.”

Although she had just entered the entertainment industry not long ago, Tang Lan still understands some situations, knowing that Datong Entertainment is not easy to mess with.

Ramona next to him was also worried, biting his lip and whispered: “Brother Darryl, don’t forget it.”

Darryl smiled slightly: “It’s okay, just say a few words and won’t fight.”

“Darryl, you listen to the teacher, don’t go.” Tang Lan said softly.

Those two bodyguards, two meters tall, if Darryl had gone, they would definitely end badly.

“You listen to the teacher, you are not allowed to go, have you heard?” Tang Lan said again.

“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Darryl strode to the bathroom.

Seeing that they couldn’t help Darryl, Ramona and Tang Lan looked at each other, their faces were indescribably anxious.

All the way to the bathroom, as soon as I walked in, I saw Zhu Datong and the two bodyguards.

Zhu Datong came over immediately: “Boy, knowing that I was wrong, it is too late to kneel down and apologize to me now.”

In Zhu Datong’s thinking, if the kid in front of him is acquainted, he will definitely be subdued.

But he was wrong.

Darryl laughed lightly, walked to the urinal, unzipped the zipper, and put water on the side.

Bian said slowly, “I do have to apologize, but it’s not me, but you are.”

“Fcuk! Shabi! Fcuk him for me!”

When Zhu Datong heard this, he was immediately angry.

The bodyguard next to him, upon hearing the instruction, punched him directly.

At that moment, watching the movements of the bodyguard, Darryl sneered secretly in his heart.

Just this little trick, dare to be a bodyguard? The two-meter-tall man has grown in white, and his movements are really slow.

When Darryl stumbled, he saw Jia Shan and Jia Ling slipping, and he raised his head and fell down!

This bathroom was already slippery, it didn’t matter if the two of them fell down, their bodies still fell on Zhu Datong’s body.


Zhu Datong himself was too fat, his legs were not flexible, and he didn’t have time to dodge, so he fell down.

“D*mn’s, waste stuff…”

Zhu Datong was furious, and as soon as he scolded a few words, when Darryl turned around, the urine was on the faces of him and the bodyguard, almost all of them.

“You’re special…puff…hehe…I’m going to kill you.”

Zhu Datong only felt that he had suffered a great humiliation, his whole body was going to explode, and he began to yell in anger, but just after a few curses, he was sprayed by Darryl’s urine.

The bodyguard was also frightened and angry, and tried to get up several times.

However, Darryl stepped on them, and it happened to be the Shengyang Point. This bodyguard only felt sore and numb, and he couldn’t get it out with any strength.

At this time, outside the bathroom, Ramona and Tang Lan were entangled.

Just now Darryl was called to the bathroom, and they couldn’t help but follow. But in front of the men’s room, they were too embarrassed to go in.

“Teacher, or… let’s go in and have a look.” Ramona bit his lip and whispered.

Tang Lan flushed for no apparent reason, and hesitated: “That’s a men’s toilet.”

While talking, Tang Lan couldn’t conceal his inner worry.

Forget it, the men’s room has to go too!

Two seconds later, Tang Lan settled his attention: “Go, go and have a look.”

When the voice fell, the two of them stepped on high heels and walked towards the bathroom together.

“Darryl… are you okay, you…”

When he arrived at the door, Tang Lan asked with concern, and just after saying a few words, seeing the scene inside, Tang Lan’s face suddenly flushed!

Ramona next to her also trembled!

Zhu Datong and the two bodyguards fell to the ground at this time, and Darryl…he actually peeed on Zhu Datong’s face…


After a short period of two seconds, Tang Lan and Ramona screamed almost at the same time, then they both covered their blushing faces and quickly turned and left.

Why is Darryl doing this… it’s too shameful.

If I knew it, I won’t come in to see it!

Chapter 120

Back in the banquet hall, Ramona and Tang Lan’s faces were still blushing, and they looked even more charming.

The scene I saw in the toilet just now echoed in my mind like watching a movie.

In the bathroom, Zhu Datong was lying on the ground, completely wet.

Darryl put on his pants and said with a grin: “I’m sorry, if you accidentally pee on you, so are you. You have to make trouble when they pee.”

“Little-armed ba5tard, you’re over, you’re over!”

Zhu Datong is full of resentment! I want to cry without tears at this time!

When did the boss of his own grand Harmony Entertainment suffer such humiliation?

Extraordinary, kill this kid sooner or later!

A smile appeared on Darryl’s face: “Zhu Fatty, what is your attitude, why are you so stingy? Didn’t you pee on your body? I’ll wash it for you, isn’t it over?”

When the voice fell, he grabbed Zhu Datong by the collar and pushed him into the urinal next to him.


Zhu Datong was frightened and angry. He didn’t have time to react. He choked on some urine. His fat body kept twisting and struggling, just like a toad on the verge of death.

His neck was pressed tightly by Darryl, no matter how hard he struggled, it was all in vain.

Seeing that he couldn’t escape, Zhu Datong was also dumbfounded, and reached out his hand to pat Darryl’s leg.

Darryl slowly let go of his hand.

Zhu Datong retched a few times and sat there gasping for breath.

“Brother, raise your hand high…I dare not, never dare anymore…” Before Darryl could speak, Zhu Datong pleaded in panic.

At this moment he was completely panicked! The two bodyguards are not opponents of the other party, and if he speaks hard, he may be tortured.

But after taking it on his lips, I hate it in my heart!

Extraordinary, I haven’t drank pee in this life, you wait for me, if I get the chance, I have to kill you.

Hearing Zhu Datong’s words, Darryl smiled coldly, arranged his clothes, and then strode out of the bathroom.

D*mn, the fat Zhu Zhu was struggling just now, and he was splashed with urine on himself.

As soon as he walked out of the bathroom, Darryl wondered whether to go back and change his clothes.

Just thinking about it, at this moment, two women came hurriedly. Hit Darryl directly!


A harsh scream sounded!

D*mn, the aisle in this bathroom is so wide, this person has eye problems, so he can hit him?

Darryl was speechless.

But the moment he saw the person in front of him clearly, Darryl was stunned.

This woman seems to be a star and came to the celebration.

Slender legs, a lavender evening dress, graceful and exquisite figure, and a charming face with long wavy hair.

“Do you have a problem with your eyes? You can’t look at the road?” Before Darryl could speak, the woman called out first.

What? Darryl was utterly dumbfounded. Obviously you hit me and scolded me?

This woman is called Maria Su, and she is a hot star in the entertainment industry recently. At this moment, behind her, there was a woman with black framed eyes, obviously an assistant.

The assistant was also an unreasonable point. He pointed to Darryl and said, “You don’t have eyes to walk, so hurry up and apologize to Miss Su.”

Maria’s face was very bad. The celebration party is about to begin, and her singing and dancing performance is arranged in the first one. But he was about to play, but found that his earrings were missing. Those earrings are made of diamonds, more than one million!

Maria was very anxious, and took her assistant to look for it in the venue. I didn’t know that I was hit by this person. This person’s costume should be a security guard. It was already anxious at first, but now it’s good, and the temper is all over Darryl’s body.

“Apologize.” Maria said with cold eyes, gritted her teeth.

Darryl frowned slightly and looked at her with a smile: “I am particularly wondering, why should I apologize to you? You hit me.”

D*mn, these two women are sick. She looks so beautiful, but she has no quality at all.

You hit me, and instead said I don’t have long eyes?

“You!” Maria said with a strong temper, Leng Ao said, “Are you the security of the venue? Do you understand a little bit of the rules? I think you don’t want to do it?”

It turned the sky upside down. A security guard dared to talk back to him. There were really no rules at all.

“Do you know who she is?” At this time, the female assistant also stepped forward: “If you offend Miss Su, you won’t be uncomfortable in your life.”

Having said this, the female assistant scolded indisputably: “Hurry up and apologize.”

That’s a big tone. Darryl came with interest, and said with a smile: “Then tell me the trouble, who is this Miss Su, who has such a great ability to make me feel uncomfortable for the rest of my life?”

The assistant sighed. Is the security guard in front of you a fool? He was an inferior person, and after apologizing, he could leave quickly, and he had to be here. The assistant shook his head: “Listen to me. Miss Su’s name is Maria. Datong Entertainment’s hottest actress. If you make Miss Su upset, just wait to be fired.”

Oh, Datong Entertainment. Your boss just finished drinking.

Darryl sneered, and said slowly: “I care who you are. In short, you hit me, and you didn’t care about breaking the sky. I didn’t ask you to apologize. It has already given you face. Don’t mess with me.”

The boss of Datong Entertainment has just been repaired by me. Would I still be afraid of a star under him?

At this time, there were also many onlookers around, pointing to Darryl and shaking their heads.

This security guard is really, against the celebrity, can there be good fruit?

Maria has a pretty face, annoyed, and her proud chest rises and falls quickly: “You security guard, you wait for me, a countryman, who comes to the city as a security guard, is self-confident? Do you dare to confront me? “

As soon as her voice fell, at this moment, she heard a curse in the direction of the bathroom, and then Zhu Datong walked out of it with the help of two bodyguards.

These three people were wet all over, like three drowning dogs.

At this time, Zhu Datong was very aggrieved. Just now, after washing with the faucet for a long time, the smell of urine still lingered all over his body. It’s so disgusting!

“Mr. Zhu.”

Maria’s expression was joyful, and she yelled defiantly, and hurriedly greeted her.

When she arrived, Maria stamped her foot and said, “Zhu, a security guard hit me!”

Having said this, Maria couldn’t help frowning while covering her nose.

Why is there a smell of urine on Mr. Zhu?

But Maria didn’t care much about this.

“Who? Who is so short-eyed, dare to provoke Maria!” Zhu Datong was already holding fire in his heart, and when he heard this, he suddenly shouted angrily.

Everyone knows that Zhu Datong likes female s3x. In his Datong company, many actresses have an affair with him. But this Maria, he hasn’t slept yet. So Maria was bullied, so of course he stood up for the first time and played awe-inspiring in front of the goddess!

“It’s him.” Maria turned her head and pointed to Darryl not far away.


Seeing that it was Darryl, Zhu Datong swallowed, with a wonderful expression! The scene of being abused in the bathroom just now is even more vivid.

“Zhu Datong, the management of your Datong Entertainment Company is not good. Are all the stars under the control not good?” At this time, Darryl stood up and said with a smile: “As a public figure, even the most basic quality No, or, let me teach you how to discipline your subordinates?”

“You, a little security guard, still pretend to be here…” Maria said with an angry face, pointing to Darryl coldly.

However, before he finished speaking, Zhu Da interrupted him with a violent shout: “You shut up!”

D*mn, just finished drinking the urine, the hero doesn’t suffer from the immediate loss, now he can’t offend him anymore!

Maria’s frightened body trembled, and she dared not speak at once, but her eyes were full of doubts.

What’s wrong with Mr. Zhu.

He has never been so fierce to himself.

But before Maria could react, Zhu Datong grabbed her hair and walked over quickly.

“Quitema apologizes to Mr. Yue! This is the president of Ziyu Company, Mr. Yue, I apologize! I don’t have anything to see.” Zhu Datong was anxious, and his voice became hoarse.

Maria’s hair was dragged in pain, and she also understood at this time. The’security guard’ in front of him is not someone he can offend at all! Maria’s body trembled faintly, and finally, let go of her proud self-esteem.

“Yes… I’m sorry, I was wrong just now.” The next second, Maria bit her lip tightly and whispered to Darryl.


At this moment, the crowd onlookers were in an uproar!

This, what’s the situation? !

Zhu Datong, who has always been arrogant, is actually subdued today? !

And Maria, a woman who is notoriously bad-tempered in the entertainment industry, even apologized today!

Darryl looked at Zhu Datong with a smile: “Well, the attitude is not bad, please pay attention in the future.”

Having said this, Darryl strode away.

“That’s it!…” Looking at Darryl’s leaving back, Zhu Datong’s expression was ashen as he gritted his teeth with hatred.

Today’s hatred, if it were not for retribution, I would swear not to be a man!

How you treat me today, I will treat your wife and your family!

Zhu Datong clenched his fists tightly, his face trembling violently.

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