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Chapter 1171

“You special code to die!”

Seeing Darryl returning to the room, Li Shengwei couldn’t take it seriously. He suddenly felt humiliated and howled.

Maade, as the security captain of Shenglong Technology, is considered to be a man with a face, but was ignored by a kid. If this matter spreads out, where is the face?

Darryl couldn’t hear Li Shengwei’s anger. He sat in the room and picked up the teacup, ready to drink tea.


Seeing this scene, Chen Xia bit her lip, her body trembling with anger.

It’s D*mn bad for this poor and poor person to not put himself in his eyes so much!

“Slot you!” Seeing that Chen Xia was angry, Li Shengwei finally couldn’t help it, yelled, stepped forward quickly, and pointed at Darryl: “You are deaf? Can’t you hear me?”

The goddess Chen Xia was watching. With such a good opportunity, she must beat this kid to show her might. When she gets along alone, maybe Chen Xia will take the initiative to give her a hug.

As Li Shengwei thought, he was extremely excited, and then yelled: “Come here!”


When the voice fell, I saw more than 20 big men in black rushing up instantly. They were all security guards of Shenglong Technology. They usually look forward to Li Shengwei’s horse. Tonight, following Li Shengwei is to help out.

“Viagra, what’s the matter?” After entering the room, these black-clothed men asked one after another.


Hearing this name, Darryl almost spewed a sip of tea, and his heart was overjoyed.

This guy, what’s the name is not good, but let people call him Viagra…Haha…

“What are you laughing at?”

Li Shengwei suddenly became angry, and said to Chen Xia, “Miss Chen Xia, what do you want to do with this kid? I will vent your anger today.”

Extraordinary, a poor boy dared to laugh at himself, looking for death!


Chen Xia glanced at Darryl, and saw that he was still sitting there drinking tea, with an indifferent expression on her face. All of a sudden, Chen Xia’s body trembled and she was so angry.

In the next second, Chen Xia stepped on high heels and stomped her foot and said: “Let him call me grandma, then give me a severe lesson and throw it on the street!”

“Forearm ba5tard!”

Hearing this, Li Shengwei nodded, and then looked at Darryl with a grin: “Have you heard? Hurry up and call Miss Chen Xia to grandma, or else…”

When the voice fell, a dozen black-clothed men next to each other pulled out their swinging sticks. These swinging sticks were not products of Zhongyuan Continent. They were brought by Shenglong Technology from Earth Round Continent to the security guards.

At this time, Li Shengwei looked arrogant and looked at Darryl coldly and said: “Little-armed ba5tard, I heard that this afternoon you provoke the second son of the Dugu family, the second son of the Dugu family. Due to your status, maybe it won’t do you anything. But if you mess with me, it’s hard to say, but I don’t want to give you a chance.”

With that said, Li Shengwei showed a fierce look and added: “Kneel on the ground immediately and confess your mistakes to Miss Chen Xia’s grandma, so you can leave here safe and sound. Otherwise, I will let you out limp.”

Chen Xia next to her, with a sneer on her face, looked at Darryl aloof.

A poor, dare not to give himself face, wait for you to look good.


Seeing this scene, the co-worker in the next room frowned and looked at Darryl tightly, wondering what he would do next.

These people are not strong, if Darryl does his hands, it will easily hurt them all, this will be very troublesome!

But if Darryl doesn’t do anything, can he bear it?

in the room!

Darryl was still sitting there, with a leisurely expression, looking up and down Chen Xia with a smile: “If I don’t kneel, I won’t bark?”

With that, Darryl looked at Li Shengwei and said word by word: “Your name is Li Shengwei, right? Shenglong Technology equips you with swing sticks to protect the company’s property and the safety of the company’s employees, not to make you troublesome.”

Ok? !

Li Shengwei frowned, very upset, and sneered: “What are you, you are qualified to teach me?”

Seeing that Darryl was still unwilling to subdue at this time, Chen Xia stomped her feet: “Viagra, what’s the matter? Give me a severe lesson!”


When instructed, Li Shengwei immediately waved his hand. Suddenly, more than a dozen big men next to him immediately surrounded him, and at the same time raised the swing stick in his hand. Ugh!

Seeing this scene, the shop owner who shrank outside the door secretly shook his head and sighed, and couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat for Darryl.

Even if you are not short of money, it would be unwise for you to be a person without a back view to provoke Chen Xia and Li Shengwei.

Seeing more than a dozen swing sticks smashed at the same time, Darryl smiled, not panicking at all.

The security guards like Li Shengwei are not strong enough, and Darryl can easily handle it with just one finger.

“ba5tard things, stop me!”

Just when Darryl couldn’t help but want to make a move, suddenly, a loud shout came from outside the door, and three people quickly walked in!

Seeing these three people, everyone present was dumbfounded.

I saw the one headed, in suits and leather shoes, handsome, and it was Peng Kai, the president of Shenglong Technology.

The two behind him were also in suits, and they were Peng Kai’s two assistants.

Seeing Peng Kai, Darryl smiled.

Just now I learned that Shenglong Technology had set up a company in Tianzhong City. Darryl wanted to wait for a chance to meet Peng Kai, but he didn’t expect that this kid was very well informed and came to find himself first.

In the afternoon, Darryl was on the street and had a dispute with Dugujing. The news spread, and now the whole Tianzhong City is spreading, saying that a kid who pretended to be Darryl was overwhelmed with the two of Dugu’s family. The son clamored, and Peng Kai quickly sent someone to inquire about the news after learning of the situation.

In Peng Kai’s heart, Darryl was so kind to him. No matter whether Darryl came from, he should find out at the first time. Just now, when Peng Kai learned that Darryl had settled in this hotel, he quickly hurried. After coming over, I saw that Li Shengwei was going to attack Darryl.


At this moment, Li Shengwei and Chen Xia were dumbfounded.


“Peng…Mr. Peng…”

In the next second, Li Shengwei and Chen Xia reacted and spoke at the same time, but their voices trembled extremely.

They didn’t expect that Peng Kai would suddenly appear.

“ba5tard thing!” Peng Kai was full of anger, and at the same time he was too scared. Mad, Li Shengwei, a ba5tard, dare to beat Brother Darryl?

When the voice fell, Peng Kai walked over quickly and slapped Li Shengwei’s face with a slap!


With this slap, Peng Kai almost exhausted all his strength, Li Shengwei covered his face, his face swelling high.

“President!” Li Shengwei covered his face, panicked and puzzled, and almost cried out: “President, what’s the matter? I didn’t violate company regulations.”

When he said this, Li Shengwei did not dare to look at Peng Kai. He was very guilty, because he and Chen Xiayue met here and violated the company’s rules and regulations.


As soon as the voice fell, Peng Kai slapped it again and yelled: “If you don’t violate the company’s regulations, you can bully people at will? Did the company hire you to make you bully?”


Li Shengwei wanted to cry without tears, and shouted unwillingly: “President, I didn’t bully, it’s this kid, I don’t know what to do…”

He was interrupted by Peng Kai before he finished speaking!

At this moment, Peng Kai trembled, pointing at Darryl and said: “Boy? Do you know who this person is? I tell you, without this person, there is no me now! He is. …”


Peng Kai was about to reveal Darryl’s identity, and Darryl quickly coughed twice and interrupted him.

Chapter 1172

Yes, Darryl didn’t want to reveal his identity anymore. During the day, Darryl told Sun Ting his true identity, which caused a lot of people to ridicule and ridicule.

Peng Kai is a wise man. Seeing Darryl’s cough reminder, the words’Darryl’ below, swallowed abruptly.

“Your Mightiness!”

In the next second, Peng Kai walked up to Darryl, bent his body ninety degrees, bowed deeply, and said respectfully: “I’m so sorry, it’s because I didn’t properly discipline my subordinates.”

Darryl smiled and said it was all right.

At this moment, the whole house was silent!

Li Shengwei was immediately stupid. As the security captain of Shenglong Technology, the person whom he most respected and admired was President Peng Kai. At such a young age, he developed Shenglong Technology into a super large company all over the Kyushu mainland. It is too powerful. And Peng Kai has always been known for his coldness. Li Shengwei has never seen Peng Kai so humble in front of anyone.

Li Shengwei never expected that the president he was in awe of would be so respectful and polite in front of a poor boy.

Chen Xia is also stupid!

At this moment, she felt her legs feel soft, and Jiao Chu couldn’t help taking two steps back.

She could see that the big business man who couldn’t meet with all her energy, stood in front of Darryl with a respectful face!

How is this possible, this is clearly a poor boy!

Chen Xia looked at Darryl closely, her body trembling constantly, shocked in her heart.

Completely shocked.

He… who is he?

Could it be… this person is really Darryl, the Lord of Heavenly Gate? Otherwise, why is Peng Kai so respectful to him?

Thinking of this, Chen Xia only felt that her legs were soft, and she couldn’t stand still.


At this moment, Gong Gong in the next room was also stunned, and soon after reacting, Gong Gong looked at Darryl closely and frowned.

This Darryl has such a wide network of contacts? In this Zhongyuan mainland, there are actually people helping.

I thought that in the face of this situation, Darryl would be in a hurry, but the result was unexpected.

Thinking about it, Gong Gong felt that there was no excitement, and slowly closed the door.

“This gentleman!”

At this time, in the room, Li Shengwei finally calmed down, and kept bowing to Darryl and apologized: “It’s because I don’t know Taishan. It’s me who was wrong. Your lord does not remember the villain’s fault, forgive me…”

Li Shengwei is not a fool. Although he still doesn’t know the identity of Darryl, he can guess that the person in front of him has an extraordinary identity when he sees the president being so polite.

Darryl did not respond, sitting there, drinking tea leisurely.

Darryl did not speak, and Peng Kai did not dare to say, standing there, staring at Li Shengwei coldly.


Seeing Peng Kai’s cold face, Li Shengwei was completely panicked, and pointed to Chen Xia to shirk responsibility: “It was not that I took the initiative to trouble this gentleman, it was her, she wanted to drive this gentleman out!”


Chen Xia’s body trembled, panicked, and quickly explained: “No…”

At this time, Chen Xia was anxious and angry. This Li Shengwei was nothing too much. As a man, she actually put the blame on herself at the critical moment.

At the same time, Chen Xia looked at Peng Kai closely, with unspeakable anxiety and expectation in her heart. My own communications company is in its infancy. If it can cooperate with Shenglong Technology, it will have unlimited prospects.

And I have been looking for an opportunity to meet Peng Kai, but I can’t do it. Now, Peng Kai is right in front of him, and I can’t miss this opportunity.

Thinking about it, Chen Xia bit her lip and said softly to Peng Kai: “Mr. Peng, I am Chen Xia of Dayuan Communications, and I hope to be with you…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Li Shengwei!

“Do you still want to cooperate?” Li Shengwei was very angry, pointing at Chen Xia and roaring loudly: “It’s you, you have to drive away the VIP of the president. Now you still want to cooperate with our Shenglong Technology? Go dream!”


Hearing this, Chen Xia’s delicate face was no longer bloody, and she was flustered.

At this time, Chen Xia bit her lip tightly, almost bleeding. Originally it was difficult to cooperate with Shenglong Technology, but now she has offended Peng Kai’s friends, even if she has no chance!

Li Shengwei became more excited as he spoke, and tried his best to clear responsibility.


At this moment, Peng Kai glared at Li Shengwei and shouted: “From now on, you have been fired by Shenglong Technology. I don’t want to see you anymore and immediately disappear in front of me.”

If you dare to offend Brother Darryl, you will never be merciless.


Li Shengwei’s heart was shocked, and the whole person almost sat on the ground. He could have the status he is today. It all depends on Shenglong Technology. If he is expelled, he will have nothing.

Immediately, Li Shengwei reacted and wanted to beg for mercy, but seeing Peng Kai’s resolute face, he was suddenly desperate, and then left with someone dingy.

“Mr. Peng…”

As soon as the front foot left, Chen Xia reacted, biting her lip, and pleading at Peng Kai: “I was wrong. I hope Mr. Peng can forgive me and give me a chance to cooperate, okay?”


Peng Kai smiled faintly and glanced at Darryl: “Whether we cooperate or not, he has the final say!”

Peng Kai was clever and wise, and directly gave Darryl the right to speak. After all, these two people were really disrespectful to Brother Darryl just now!


Chen Xia’s body trembled, looked at Peng Kai, and then at Darryl, completely stupid.

This… Peng Kai actually left the cooperation between the two parties to this person to decide. It can be seen that his status in Peng Kai’s heart is not generally high.

The next second, Chen Xia reacted and stepped on high heels to walk in front of Darryl, with a gentle expression, and said softly: “Sir, I was wrong just now, I’m sorry…”

The sound is very small, you can’t hear it if you don’t listen carefully.

Although Chen Xia is the owner of a small company, she is arrogant and arrogant. She never dreamed that she would apologize to a seemingly poor boy, and she was so humble!


Darryl breathed a sigh of relief with a calm expression, and looked at Chen Xia with a smile: “The attitude is okay, but I seem to remember that you asked me to call your aunt’s grandmother before? Right!”

“I was wrong, really wrong. Please give me a chance, Mr. Chen.” Chen Xia’s body trembled, panicked, almost crying.


Immediately afterwards, Chen Xia bit her lip, bent her knees slightly, and knelt in front of Darryl. At this moment, all her dignity was left behind.

To be honest, Chen Xia doesn’t want to be so humble, but for the company’s future, in order to be able to cooperate with Shenglong Technology, it doesn’t matter what dignity or self-esteem is.

“Sir, please forgive me.” Chen Xia grasped Darryl’s trousers, and kept begging: “I know, I was too presumptuous just now, please give me a chance to let our company cooperate with Shenglong Technology, I please…”

“Okay.” Darryl looked at Chen Xia with a leisurely look, smiling: “I can forgive you, but what do you call me?”

While saying this, Darryl looked up and down Chen Xia.

I have to say that this woman is very s3xy, especially a black cheongsam, which sets off the perfect curve vividly, and no man can resist it when she sees it. However, such a beautiful woman was self-righteous and deceived others, so Darryl decided to teach her a lesson.


Facing Darryl’s profound eyes, Chen Xia knelt there, her body trembled suddenly.

Chapter 1173

Immediately, Chen Xia understood something, bit her lip tightly, and shouted in a low voice: “Big… Uncle, I will be a dog next to you in the future. As long as you send me, I will definitely not refuse!”


Darryl nodded in satisfaction, tilted his head and said to Peng Kai: “Give her a project!”

“Yes!” Peng Kai quickly agreed.

Chen Xia was extremely excited, and she was grateful to Darryl: “Thank you, thank you, uncle…”

Darryl was too lazy to talk nonsense, waved his hand, indicating that she could leave.

“Brother Darryl, you came all the way, I didn’t receive it well, and it was my fault that made you annoyed by the villain…”

As soon as Chen Xia left, Peng Kai bowed ninety degrees and looked ashamed.

Darryl smiled and waved his hand to indicate that it was all right.

“Brother Darryl, why did you suddenly come to Zhongyuan Mainland?” Peng Kai breathed a sigh of relief, and then asked curiously.


Darryl took a deep breath and explained the situation of the Chaos Mountain Range.

Hearing this, Peng Kai’s heart was shocked and his eyes widened: “I heard about this matter a few days ago, but many people say that the wild and slyland and the Raksha tribe are groundless and deceptive. Yes, I didn’t expect it to be true.”

As he said, Peng Kai looked serious: “Since it is related to the safety of Kyushu, Brother Darryl has something useful, just speak up.”


Darryl nodded and smiled: “I really need it, I will find you.”


Just as he was talking, an assistant guarding the door walked in quickly and said respectfully to Peng Kai: “The second son of the Dugu family, just sent someone to the company to make an appointment and said he wants to see you.”


Darryl frowned secretly. Dugujing, a dude, what do you want Peng Kai for?

At this time, Darryl didn’t know that Dugujing approached Peng Kai for Sun Ting.

Peng Kai did not hesitate, and said coldly: “No!”

In the afternoon on the street, this Dugu Jing dared to offend Brother Darryl, how could he meet him?

Not seeing him for a long time, Peng Kai was very excited, and talked with Darryl for a long time before leaving.


Tianzhong City, a restaurant.

Dugujing and Sun Ting sat face to face, silent to each other, both feeling a little depressed.


At this time, Dugujing muttered in her heart, very annoyed. As the second son of Dugu’s family, he went to make an appointment with Peng Kai, but was actually refused.

“Cousin, don’t think too much!”

At this time, Dugujing looked at Sun Ting affectionately, and comforted him: “Tomorrow, my father and I will go to your house. At that time, I will ask my father to come out for you and make an appointment with Peng Kai. I don’t believe it, then Peng Kai. Can continue to put on airs.”

“This…” Sun Ting was not at all happy when she heard Dugujing say this, but frowned: “Forget it, I will figure it out by myself. After all, this is our Sun family’s business.”

With that, Sun Ting stood up and said softly: “It’s getting late, you go back, I should go home too!”

“I’ll give it to you!” Mitchell said quickly.

Sun Ting shook her head: “No need!” The voice was very soft, but beyond doubt.

At this time, Sun Ting still had Darryl in her mind. She promised to go to the place where he stayed to meet. She couldn’t say anything without believing, and this kind of thing, let alone Dugujing follow.

Uh …

Dugujing was a little embarrassed, very disappointed watching Sun Ting walk out of the restaurant!

In the next second, Dugujing reacted and quietly followed.

A few minutes later, seeing Sun Ting go to an inn, Dugu Jing was stunned.


The next second, Dugujing thought of something, his eyes flashed with anger, and at the same time he clenched his fists.

In the afternoon, the kid named Darryl Tao seemed to say he was staying here.

It turned out that my cousin didn’t want to go home, but came here to meet Darryl.

Knowing this, Dugu Jing couldn’t do it, and wanted to follow up, but was afraid that his cousin would be angry, so she had to endure it.

“Made!” Dugujing cursed secretly: “This poor boy, dare to lie to my cousin, wait for you to look good.” After speaking, Dugujing walked home quickly and asked someone to help.

the other side.

Sun Ting asked the shop owner, went directly to the second floor, and knocked on the door of Darryl’s room.


Hearing the movement, Darryl had already lay down, hurried over to open the door, and saw that it was Sun Ting, and suddenly smiled.

“Excuse me!” Sun Ting smiled lightly and apologized: “I came so late. Shall I disturb you to rest?”

“No no!”

Darryl shook his head, then politely invited Sun Ting into the room.

“Are you really Darryl?” After entering the room, Sun Ting looked at Darryl closely and couldn’t help asking.


Darryl couldn’t help but laugh. This Sun Ting was so interesting, she still didn’t believe her identity far.

In the next second, Darryl took a deep breath, took out the golden mask that symbolized the Lord of the Heavenly Gate, and smiled: “This is my token. Miss Sun shouldn’t doubt me, right?”

Seeing the golden mask, Sun Ting’s body trembled, with indescribable excitement and excitement.

Sun Ting clearly saw that this golden mask was exquisitely made and unique, and it was not fake at first glance.

Knowing that the person in front of me is really her idol, Sun Ting is indescribably happy: “I hope you don’t take offense, my cousin…”

Before he finished speaking, he was interrupted by Darryl!

“I’ve forgotten about the matter in the afternoon!” Darryl looked at Sun Ting with a smile, and slowly said: “But the matter of the Chaos Mountains is nothing trivial. I hope Miss Sun can arrange for me to meet with the patriarch of the Dugu family as soon as possible. “


Sun Ting nodded and said softly: “Tomorrow the patriarch of the Dugu family will come to our Sun’s house, so be it. Tomorrow you take the token I gave you and come directly to the Sun’s house to find me. Then, I will give you each other Referral.”

With that, Sun Ting handed a jade ornament she had with her to Darryl’s hand.

I saw this jade ornament, bright and shiny, it was carved from a rare piece of white jade, and it was very valuable.

This jade ornament, worn by Sun Ting since childhood, is a status symbol of Miss Sun’s family. Sun Ting cherishes it very much and never takes it out easily, but at the moment she saw an idol and was excited, so she gave it to Darryl.

“Thank you!” Darryl took the jade ornament, his mood was indescribable.

Unexpectedly, this Sun Ting is quite stable. Tomorrow I will see the patriarch of the Dugu family. If he can persuade him, it will not be considered to be disappointed by Master Moroye’s plea.

Thinking about it, seeing Sun Ting with a smile on her face, but a trace of sadness between her eyebrows, Darryl couldn’t help asking: “Miss Sun, have you encountered a problem?”

Sun Ting smiled and shook her head: “Something happened to the family business, it’s okay.”

Your idol, but a person who does big things, how dare you trouble him with these little things in business?

Thinking about it, when it was too early, Sun Ting smiled at Darryl lightly: “It’s not early, I should go back.” Then, she turned and walked out of the room.

Darryl followed out, sent Sun Ting out of the hotel, and waved goodbye: “See you tomorrow.”


Watching Sun Ting leave, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, feeling extremely relaxed.

Fortunately, Sun Ting was there to help. Otherwise, seeing the patriarch of the Dugu family, I’m afraid it would take a few more twists and turns.

Muttering in his heart, Darryl was about to return to the hotel.

“Smelly boy!”

However, at this moment, there was a loud shout not far away, and then a dozen people quickly rushed over to surround Darryl.

The headed one, with a hideous face and anger gleaming in his eyes, it was Dugujing!

The dozen or so people behind him were the men called by Dugujing.

Before seeing his cousin enter the hotel to see Darryl, Du Gujing was completely angry. Who can stand the woman she likes and be so close to other men? So Dugujing called his subordinates, planning to teach Darryl a lesson.

Just now Dugujing had been paying attention to the movement of the hotel, and seeing his cousin left, she rushed over.

At this time, Dugujing’s mouth turned up, looking at Darryl coldly, full of contempt: “Smelly boy, challenge my son in the afternoon, don’t leave quickly, and dare to stay here, and dare to beat my cousin. If I don’t teach you harshly tonight, I won’t be called Dugujing! Give me an abolition of him.”

The voice fell, and the dozens of people around him, holding long knives tightly one after another, slashed towards Darryl directly.


In the night, more than a dozen long knives waved, bringing up a cold light, and seeing that Darryl was about to be split in half.


At the moment of this critical moment, Darryl’s body suddenly moved. A dozen knives, as if blind, were all lost, and he didn’t even touch Darryl’s clothes.

Chapter 1174


At this moment, Dugu Jing was dumbfounded, a dozen long swords, it was impossible to avoid it, but Darryl in front of him was so easy to hide.

“Dugujing…I really don’t know if you are brainless or really stupid. At Canglong Pass, I already showed my strength. You brought these wine and rice bags and thought you could teach me? It’s ridiculous!” Standing there, looking at Dugujing with a smile but a smile, said sarcastically.

Among the subordinates brought by Dugujing, the strongest is Wu Sheng, who is not eye-catching at all.


Hearing this, Dugujing’s face flushed, and she was frightened, pointing at Darryl and said angrily: “Go together, who can hurt him, this son has a great reward.”

As soon as the voice fell, a dozen hands looked at each other and rushed up again.

Bang bang bang!

Darryl chuckled and moved his body. With three fists and two feet, he knocked a dozen people to the ground easily. Hearing these people wailed and lay on the ground and rolled.

“It’s your turn!”

At this moment, Darryl spoke lightly, his body flashed, and he had already reached Dugujing. Suddenly slapped the past!

How did Dugujing react, the whole person was directly fanned out, flew a full ten meters away, and then sat down on the ground.

Darryl didn’t pursue him, but looked at him coldly: “I have limited patience. It’s best not to bother me anymore, otherwise, it won’t be as simple as slapping you next time!”

Yes, Darryl’s subordinates were merciful, otherwise, Du Gujing and his subordinates would have died.

To be honest, Darryl wouldn’t be tolerant when dealing with people like Dugujing, but thinking that he was Sun Ting’s cousin, and he had to rely on Sun Ting’s help, he didn’t do anything cruel.


Dugujing held his face, stared at Darryl fiercely, gritted his teeth and said: “Okay, okay, don’t be proud, just wait for me, let’s wait and see…”

When the voice fell, regardless of the surrounding subordinates, they got up and ran away dingy.

A fool!

Darryl sneered and turned back to the hotel.


On the other side, the Sun family!

Back home, Sun Ting wanted to tell her father the news that Darryl was coming, but when she saw that it was too late, she held back.

Early the next morning, as soon as Sun Ting got up, she was called to the study by her father Sun Boye!

In the study, Sun Boye was sitting in the chair of the imperial teacher, flipping through a book.

Sun Boye, the current head of the Sun family, is humble and cautious. He has been dedicated to the development of a family business for more than ten years. He is well-known in the business community of Zhongyuan Mainland and can be said to be a pivotal figure.

Only in the last two years, because the situation in the mainland of Kyushu is constantly changing, the Sun family industry has been affected, and Sun Boye is very anxious.


At this time, Sun Ting approached the study, bit her lip, and said softly: “Dad, are you looking for me in such a hurry?”

Sun Boye smiled slightly and said gently: “Ting’er, I went to Shenglong Technology to discuss business yesterday. How is the progress? Is there a chance to cooperate?”

Because there is only one daughter, Sun Boye regards Sun Ting as the jewel in his palm and is extremely affectionate.

Sun Ting sighed lightly, very ashamed: “No…the boss of Shenglong Technology, didn’t see me at all?”


Sun Boye’s smile froze on his face, he was taken aback, and then he reacted and said with comfort: “Well, I guessed it was the result. You know, Shenglong Technology is a large technology company in the land of the earth, which is driving us Zhongyuan. The leader in the development of science and technology in the mainland, our Sun family, although they have some reputation in the Zhongyuan Mainland, they are still far behind others. They look down on our Sun family, and it is normal!”

Upon hearing this, Sun Ting was a bit disapproving, but she did not say it.

“Ting’er!” Sun Boye quietly looked at Sun Ting, thinking of something, and smiled: “I am very pleased that you can take the initiative to take on the family business, but after all, you are a daughter’s family after all. Ya, you are not young anymore. I have been thinking about your marriage recently, and now I want to ask you, are you interested in someone?”


Hearing this, Sun Ting blushed and shook her head and said, “Which…I am interested in someone?”

After that, Sun Ting walked over, holding Sun Boye’s arm, and swayed like a baby: “Dad, my daughter doesn’t want to marry now. I want to stay by your side and help you take care of the family business.”


Hearing this, Sun Boye was greatly relieved and laughed, but still shook his head and said: “Silly girl, the male elders should be married, and the female eldest daughters should be married. How can the daughters stay with his father all the time?”

As he said, Sun Boye’s eyes flickered, and he smiled and continued: “Actually, I can’t bear you either. I just thought about it, and I will find you an introductory son-in-law.”

Sun Ting’s body trembled and blushed, “Dad, let’s talk about this later.”

At this time, Sun Ting was shy and shy.

I didn’t even care about the person I wanted, so my father wanted to marry him, and he had to hire a son-in-law. It was really embarrassing to think about it.

“Okay, let’s not talk…”

Seeing his daughter shy, Sun Boye laughed.

At this moment, a maid hurried to the door and said respectfully: “Master, the patriarch of Dugu and the second son Dugujing are visiting, waiting in the front hall.”

Uncle Dugu is here?

Sun Ting was overjoyed, stepped on high heels, and walked up quickly: “Dad, hurry up, let’s go there!”

If Dugu Patriarch and Dugujing had come before, Sun Ting had no interest at all, but Sun Ting was very diligent when she thought of introducing him to Darryl!

It’s an honor to be able to do things for idols.


Seeing that Sun Ting couldn’t wait, Sun Boye was stunned.

What’s wrong with your daughter? I was disgusted when I heard Dugujing before, but now he is so happy?

At this moment, in the front hall.

A middle-aged man, sitting on a red sandalwood chair full of extravagance, wears a satin robe, with a peaceful atmosphere and compelling extravagance, and the whole body is filled with a powerful aura.

It is the patriarch of the Dugu family, Dugu Hongyu.

The Dugu family is the most powerful cultivation family in the Central Yuan Continent. As the patriarch, Dugu Hongyu is highly respected and very powerful, with the strength of the fifth-stage martial emperor.

Behind him, Dugujing stood there quietly, in a straight suit and good temperament, very handsome, but with some bruises on his face.

This bruise was exactly what Darryl slapped last night, but Du Gujing didn’t dare to speak out, only that he accidentally fell.


At this moment, seeing Sun Ting and Sun Boye coming in, Dugujing walked over quickly, with a look of ingratiation: “Cousin, how was your rest last night?”

Sun Ting nodded and responded.

The next second, Sun Ting walked over with a smile, and said to Dugu Hongyu: “Uncle, are you here?”


A smile appeared on Dugu Hongyu’s face. The son and Sun Ting stand together, they are really a natural-born couple.

Yes, Dugujing is very obsessed with Sun Ting, Dugu Hongyu is eager to protect her son, loves the house and Wu, and is very optimistic about Sun Ting, and in Dugu Hongyu’s heart, she has already regarded Sun Ting as her daughter-in-law.

Chapter 1175

At this time, Sun Boye came over and looked at Dugu Hongyu with a smile: “Why do you have free time to come to me?”

The Sun family and the Dugu family, one is a business family and the other is a cultivation family, but they have made good friends from generation to generation, and Sun Boye and Dugu Hongyu, like brothers, have a very good relationship.

While talking, Sun Boye greeted: “Come here, bring me good old tea.”

After a while, a few maids came over with tea. After the two exchanged a few words, Dugu Hongyu smiled and said, “I’m here today for Ting’er!”

With that said, Dugu Hongyu said the situation!

Last night, as soon as Dugu Jing returned home, she begged Dugu Hongyu to come forward to help Sun Ting and Shenglong Group cooperate.

Dugu Hongyu is a famous place in the world. Originally, he rarely involved in shopping malls, but his son’s bitter request, coupled with his future daughter-in-law, had to agree to Dugu Hongyu.


Hearing this, Sun Boye gave Sun Ting a reproach.

In the next second, Sun Boye gave a wry smile, and said to Dugu Hongyu: “Jing’er also asked you to come here in person for this matter. It’s really a fuss!”

“How can it be a fuss?”

Dugu Hongyu shook his head with a serious look: “Your grandson family, befriend our Dugu family for generations, and are as close as the family. The owner of Shenglong Technology holds his own identity and does not put your grandson family in his eyes, which is tantamount to despising our Dugu family. Home, even if Jing’er doesn’t talk about this, I can’t just stand by.”

Hearing this, Sun Boye nodded and smiled: “That’s how it is said, but shopping malls pay attention to making money with harmony. I think this matter should be slowed down.”

“it is good!”

Dugu Hongyu nodded and said with a smile: “Then let’s not talk about it, I am here today, and there is another important thing, which is also a happy event for our two families.” A happy event?

Sun Boye was stunned and said with a smile: “What’s the happy event?”

Dugu Hongyu said with a smile: “Old grandson, Jing’er of our family and Ting’er of yours are both big and big. Moreover, Jing’er has always loved Ting’er. Therefore, I brought Jing’er here today specially. Came to propose to you.”

The words fell, and Dugu Jing beside him was full of excitement.

Yes, last night, Dugujing decided to ask his father to go out and help Sun Ting. The main purpose was to take this opportunity to propose marriage.


Sun Ting trembled, her whole body was stunned, and her mind buzzed!

Cousin asked Uncle Dugu to propose marriage?


Sun Boye was also stunned, then reacted, nodded and smiled and said: “It’s a coincidence. I was talking to Ting’er about her marriage just now, and I have no children. Only this one daughter wants to hire a son-in-law. ..”

Before he could speak, he was intercepted by Dugujing.

“I am willing!” Dugu Jing was full of excitement, and his tone was firm.

As long as you can make your cousin your own woman, it doesn’t matter if you come to the Sun’s house and be your son-in-law. The mobile terminal will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading in one second.

“Shut up!”

At this moment, Sun Ting’s delicate face flushed extremely, stomped her feet, and refused: “I…I don’t want to marry someone, let alone marry a cousin.”

This Dugujing is completely a dude, too far from his ideal husband-in-law.

Sun Boye was stunned, and said in surprise: “Why?”

At this time, he was very puzzled by his daughter’s reaction. This Dugujing is very good. I like her so much, and the two have grown up together. It can be said that they are childhood sweethearts. Why is the daughter so resistant?


Dugu Hongyu and Dugujing next to him were also surprised. They didn’t seem to expect that Sun Ting would refuse so simply.

Sun Ting took a deep breath and looked at Sun Boye seriously: “Dad, I just said that, I want to help you take care of the family business, but I don’t want to get married for the time being, and my cousin is not my type.”

“Cousin!” Dugu Jing was anxious, and hurriedly expressed his thoughts: “I know you have opinions about me, but as long as you say it, I will change it. I promise to treat you well for the rest of my life.”

Sun Ting did not respond!


At this time, Dugu Hongyu smiled and looked at Sun Ting and said, “Ting’er, you are still young. It is a good thing to have your own ideas, but you must also understand that your cousin treats you sincerely, as you just said, I want to take care of the family business, but you should be tired of a woman’s family. When you and Jing’er have a happy event, wouldn’t you have one more person to help? Besides, after our two marriages, we will have our lone lone family to rely on. , Your grandson’s business will only get better and better.”

Hearing this, Sun Ting bit her lip tightly without responding, her expression indifferent, she still didn’t mean to agree.


Dugujing was too anxious, so she had to say something.


However, at this moment, a subordinate walked in quickly and respectfully said: “A person who claims to be Darryl visited, and the younger one brought him in.”


Hearing this, both Dugu Hongyu and Sun Boye were stunned. You know, Darryl is a well-known figure, so famous in Jiuzhou, he actually took the initiative to visit Sun’s house?

At the same time, the eyes of the two are a bit complicated, because in recent years, people in many places have pretended to be Darryl and deceived people everywhere.

This one who came today may also be a liar.


Sun Ting was pleased and she was so excited. The idol came in time, which just eased her embarrassment.


At this time, Dugujing reacted and couldn’t help cursing: “It’s that poor liar again, so courageous, how dare to come to Sun’s house?”

Last night, Dugujing was taught by Darryl, and there is still a bruise on his face. At this time, when he heard Darryl’s name, he was suddenly resentful.

Dugu Jing became more and more angry, and yelled at the people: “Don’t you know how many crooks have pretended to be Darryl in the past few years? You just bring people in? What do you do for food?”

The man was trembling with a grievance on his face: “Second Young Master, that man has a token of the young lady in his hand, so the younger one dare not neglect.”


Dugu Jing was stunned, and his head couldn’t turn around for a while.

Have a cousin’s token?


While Dugujing was thinking secretly, there was a slight sound of footsteps, and then a man and a woman slowly entered the hall. The man is handsome, uncommon temperament, and the woman is cold and s3xy, and beautiful.

It is Darryl and Gonggong.


At this moment, Dugujing saw at a glance that Darryl was holding Sun Ting’s jade ornaments, and his body trembled, envy and hatred.

Maade, this jade ornament is a heirloom of the Sun family. The cousin has worn it on her body since she was a child. She has cherished it very much. ?

Just a poor liar, how can He De?

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