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Chapter 1166

Meng Ao was short-tempered and simple, thinking that his eldest brother was attracted by the beauty of Elsa’s two women, so he was reluctant to kill.

But before finishing speaking, he was interrupted by Meng Lang.

“Shut up!” Meng Lang shouted angrily, saying word by word: “I left them so that I can attack the Nine States Continent smoothly in the future. It’s all for the sake of our Rakshas… I won’t say anything more. You take someone and leave here immediately.”

The sound is not loud, but it is full of majesty.

“I…” Meng Ao was very unwilling, but was speechless to refute.

Seeing that he hadn’t left yet, Meng Lang was too lazy to talk nonsense, and said coldly: “Second brother, you don’t even listen to what your eldest brother said now, are you?”


Hearing this, Meng Aoqiang resisted unwillingness, and then left with the surrounding Rakshasa soldiers. The relationship between the two brothers has always been good. Since childhood, Meng Ao has listened to Meng Lang’s words very much. Seeing that his brother was really angry at this time, Meng Ao did not dare to be presumptuous.


Seeing Meng Ao leading the people away, Elsa and Xu Qingyi were both relieved, but thinking of the scene just now, there were still some lingering fears.

“The two are shocked!” Meng Lang walked over, showing a slight smile, apologizing: “My brother is too reckless, don’t mind, I will guard this place later, what happened today will never happen in the future.”

Xu Qingyi squeezed out a smile without speaking.

“But…” Elsa was undecided and couldn’t help but said: “If your brother comes again, you guys, I’m afraid they won’t be able to stop him.”

When talking about this, Elsa thought of Meng Ao’s appearance just now, very scared.

Fortunately, this Meng Lang came in time, otherwise, Xu Qingyi and himself would really be fed to the giant prince.

As soon as the voice fell, Xu Qingyi couldn’t help but speak: “Yes, you just said to him in front of so many people, he must be uncomfortable, very unwilling!”

Speaking of it, if it had been two days ago, Elsa and Xu Qingyi would not have said so much to Meng Lang. After all, Meng Lang was the eldest son of the Raksha clan and had a special identity. However, after contacting these two days, I found that Meng Lang was very different from other Raksha people. He did not have the primitive barbarism, but rather the scholarly elegance.

More importantly, Meng Lang saved his two lives just now. Therefore, Elsa and Xu Qingyi both expressed their concerns without any concealment.


Hearing this, Meng Lang couldn’t help laughing and comforted: “You don’t have to worry about this. Our brothers are very close, and we won’t have conflicts because of these things. Moreover, in the future, my father will pass on the throne to me. Even if my younger brother is not happy, he dare not yell at me!”

what? Throne?

At this moment, Elsa and Xu Qingyi both trembled in their hearts and were shocked!

This…this Menglang is the next generation of Raksha King?

At this time, Elsa and Xu Qingyi still don’t know that the customs of the Raksha tribe are very different from those of the mainland of Kyushu. The emperor of the mainland of Kyushu will pass various tests and tests when he is elected as the prince. Regardless of ability, the eldest son succeeded to the throne, which has always been the case for thousands of years.

In other words, even if the Meng Lang in front of him is a brave and brave man, he is also the heir of the next generation of Raksha King.

In shock, Elsa and Xu Qingyi looked at each other, and their eyes exchanged.

Elsa and Xu Qingyi are both smart women. At this time, they both thought about the same question. Since the Menglang in front of them is the next generation of Raksha King, they will try their best to teach him the civilized etiquette of the Kyushu mainland. , To improve his quality and mind, in this way, in the future, he will lead the Raksha tribe, and he will not be chaotic as he pleases, which is of great benefit to the Nine Provinces.

“All right!”

At this moment, Meng Lang sat on the aD*mnl skin next to him, smiling at the two Elsas: “Yesterday you talked about the royal family of the Apocalypse Continent, please trouble you two, talk a little more today…”


Elsa and Xu Qingyi nodded at the same time, then sat aside and began to explain carefully.

Elsa was once the Sect Master of Wenzong in Dongao Continent. He was exquisite in piano, chess, calligraphy and painting, and Xu Qingyi, also a well-known talented woman in Xicang Continent, was well versed in astronomy and geography. The wise leader reduces the harm to the Kyushu mainland and explains very carefully.


Zhongyuan Mainland, Tianzhong City!

Tianzhong City is one of the largest cities in the Zhongyuan Continent. The Zhongyuan Continent is located in Kyushu. It is rich in wealth and talents. Tianzhong City is located in the central area of ​​the Zhongyuan Continent and is known as the world.

At this time, Tianzhong City was full of busy traffic on the streets, a scene of prosperity and excitement.

At this moment, in the most prosperous city center of Tianzhong City, a pair of young men and women are walking slowly along the street. The men are chic and suave, the crafts are extraordinary, and the women are cold and charming.

It is Darryl and Gonggong!

Two hours ago, Darryl and the two arrived in the Central Yuan Continent, preparing to meet with Moroye. As a result, Moroye did not wait for Darryl to go to other continents to lobby various forces. In Moroye’s heart, the situation of the Chaos Mountains, No moment of delay is allowed, and no one minute and one second can be wasted.

However, Moroye left a letter, please Darryl, must talk about the Dugu Family.

In this case, Darryl had to take Gong Gong and rush to Tianzhong City as soon as possible, because the Dugu family was in Tianzhong City.


At this moment, Darryl looked around the street environment of Tianzhong City as he walked, feeling very moved.

I saw that the streets were full of traffic, but most of them were horse-drawn carriages and rickshaws. Occasionally, I could see a car, but it was very rare and the buildings were not high. This scene was similar to what Darryl saw when he went to Dongao Continent for the first time. They are both in the infancy stage of the technology industry.

The co-worker next to him was uninterested, and his beautiful face was calm and without the slightest fluctuation, but his heart was extremely annoyed.

Along the way, Gong Gong looked for many opportunities to assassinate Darryl, but they all failed.

What made Gonggong more annoyed was that every time Darryl took a rest, he would release Qiongqi and be alert to his surroundings, which greatly increased the difficulty of Gonggong’s assassination.

At this time Gong Gong didn’t know yet, Darryl had already taken precautions against her under Pang Tong’s reminder.


At an intersection, Darryl stopped and turned his head to look at Gong Gong and smiled: “When you arrive at the Dugu Family, you are waiting outside. I will go in and say, as long as you understand the Dugu Family, let’s go to the Chaos Mountains.”

Gonggong nodded, no comment.

“Get out, get out!”

As he was talking, he heard a loud cry from the front, and then, a carriage rammed and came oncoming, with a man and a woman sitting on the carriage.


Seeing the scene before him, Darryl was about to flash aside, but when he saw the men and women on the carriage, he was stunned, and then he smiled!

Ha ha…

What a coincidence, it turned out to be the two of them!

The man is well-dressed, driving a carriage, extremely fast, very arrogant, and constantly yelling at the pedestrians in front of him to make way.

The woman was wearing a white long dress, her face was delicate, her curves were charming, but her brows were filled with a trace of sadness, she sat down thinking about something.

It is Dugujing and Sun Ting!

Before Darryl went to the West Cang Continent to gather the West Cang army to rescue the Earth Round Continent, he met Sun Ting and Dugujing who were going to do business at Canglong Pass. At that time, because of Sun Ting, Darryl was almost besieged by the defenders of Canglong Pass. …

The situation at that time, Darryl is still vivid now, so seeing the two of Sun Ting was pleasantly surprised.

Chapter 1167

“Get out, get out!”

In a blink of an eye, Dugujing drove the carriage to the front. Seeing that Darryl didn’t mean to dodge at all, Dugujing couldn’t help yelling.

At this time, Dugu Jing hadn’t recognized Darryl!


Dugujing hurriedly slowed down, but because the speed was too fast, the carriage ran across the roadside steps due to inertia. After a shock, both Dugujing and Sun Ting were shocked and almost fell off the carriage.

The carriage almost fell apart and the wheel crashed!

There was movement, and many passers-by saw the situation and gathered around to watch the excitement, and many people pointed at Darryl.

“This kid is over!”

“Yes, dare to be the carriage of the second son of Dugu…”

“act recklessly..”

There was constant discussion, and no one sympathized with Darryl. In the eyes of everyone, Darryl dressed up, just an ordinary passerby, but dared to block the carriage of Dugu’s house. What was it that he was not looking for death?

“You are so blind!”

At this moment, Dugu Jing jumped out of the carriage and saw that the carriage was unusable. He was so angry that he pointed at Darryl and cursed: “Are you going to die? Can’t see the carriage coming?”

While cursing, Dugu Jing looked at Darryl up and down, frowning secretly.

Where did you see the man in front of you?

But for a while, I just can’t remember it.

“It’s you who drove the carriage, ramming on the road, and blame others for not giving way, what is the reason?” Seeing Darryl not speaking, Gong Gong couldn’t help but speak.

The voice is not loud, but the words are righteous and can’t be refuted.

To be honest, the main purpose of Gonggong was to assassinate Darryl. It stands to reason that it would never help Darryl to speak, but seeing Dugu Jing bullying others, he was a little bit overwhelmed.


When Gong Gong opened his mouth, he immediately attracted the attention of many people. The long skirts fluttered and the figure was hot. Such beauties are simply fairies descending to the earth, where they are the focus.

But soon, many people came back to their senses, and their gazes looking at Darryl revealed envy and incomprehension.

This person looked poor and mediocre, and there was such a beautiful woman by his side. What a sh!t luck this is!


Dugujing was also attracted by Gonggong, but after a few glances, he withdrew his gaze and pointed at Darryl: “Boy, I won’t talk nonsense with you, my young master’s carriage, because you were crashed, what do you think? Do it?”

Darryl chuckled lightly without responding. But my heart is secretly funny.

When I first met Dugujing at Canglong Pass, I felt that this is a dude who likes to bully others. Now that they are on the chassis of their Dugu family, they are even more arrogant.


At this moment, Sun Ting got out of the carriage with a delicate face with a bit of displeasure: “Let you drive the carriage well. You have to be so reckless. It’s good if you don’t hurt anyone. Don’t bully. The people.”

At this time, Sun Ting, wearing a white dress with high heels underneath, is curvy and curvy. Compared with public, she is a bit less cold and has a graceful intellectual beauty.


As soon as Sun Ting appeared, there was an agitation in her surroundings.

Many men couldn’t hide their excitement, staring at Sun Ting, their eyes straightened.

As expected to be Miss Sun’s family, it is so beautiful, if you are lucky enough to marry home, you will be worth it in this life!


When the beauty in the car came, Darryl was stunned. Isn’t this woman the teacher of the high school class Tang Lan? !

Only then did I remember that Ramona told myself before that the head teacher also wanted to enter the entertainment circle.

At that time, I agreed and left it to Han Yue to make arrangements.

Look at this, Tang Lan is here for an interview today.

“Cousin?” Seeing Sun Ting coming down, Du Gujing squeezed out a smile and pleased: “Why did you come down? This kid is in the way, I will teach him a few words, I won’t do anything to him, wait for me to let him People rearranged a carriage.”

Dugujing, who owns the second son of the Dugu family, is arrogant and domineering in Tianzhong City. He is not afraid of the sky and the earth, but he is afraid of the cousin Sun Ting.

Hearing this, Sun Ting nodded slowly, but still explained: “Don’t bully the people!”

Sun Ting’s kind heart is in sharp contrast with Dugujing’s arrogance.


At this time, Dugujing glanced at Darryl contemptuously, and said coldly: “This time it’s because of my cousin’s face, this young master doesn’t care about you. You give me a kowtow to apologize, and this matter is forgotten.”

When he said this, Dugujing looked arrogant. In his heart, kowtow to apologize was already the greatest forgiveness.

Kowtowing to apologize?

Hearing this, Darryl chuckled and said lightly: “You drove a horse-drawn carriage, rammed on the road, regardless of the safety of passers-by, and wanted to make amends. You should make amends to the passers-by present. What a big joke.”


Dugujing became angry instantly, locked on Darryl tightly, and shouted angrily: “You’re looking for death!”

At this moment, more than a dozen people from the Dugu family rushed over when they learned of the situation.

Dugujing didn’t hesitate, and pointed to Darryl and shouted, “Tie this brat who doesn’t know the heights of the earth, and tie it to me.”


The voice fell, and a dozen people came quickly to surround Darryl.

Seeing this scene, Darryl didn’t panic at all, because he clearly felt that these Dugu Family’s subordinates, although they were all cultivators, had the highest strength but Wuhou, and there was no threat to him at all.

The co-workers on the side, the exquisite face, are also extremely calm.

The young people of more than a dozen Dugu families wanted to do something to Darryl, which was really overwhelming.

“Stop it!”

At this moment, Sun Ting’s body trembled and couldn’t help but stop.

In the next second, Sun Ting looked at Darryl closely, very surprised and delighted: “Darryl Tao? Why are you here?”

Just now, Sun Ting didn’t pay attention to Darryl, thinking it was just a passer-by. Seeing him in the crowd, daring to challenge Dugu Jing, she couldn’t help but take another look and immediately recognized that she was in Canglong Pass before, helping Pass your own wind and waves.

Sun Ting is not only kind, but also knows how to learn about Entupa. Suddenly seeing Darryl was an accident and joy.

At this time, Sun Ting didn’t know that the wind wave in front of her was the Darryl who was famous in the mainland of Kyushu.

“Miss Sun Ting!” Seeing Sun Ting recognized herself, Darryl smiled and said hello: “Don’t come here without any problems.”

Sun Ting smiled lightly, and was about to speak, but was interrupted by Dugujing.


Dugujing pulled a long drag, looked up and down Darryl, and sneered: “It turns out that it was the kid I met at Canglong Pass before, why? Xicang Continent can’t stay, so he flees to our Zhongyuan Continent. Up?”

In Dugujing’s heart, he always thought that Darryl was a refugee. As for the previous Canglong Pass, he and his cousin were able to get off the line, but it was all because of Canglong Pass’s defense. He was a good official and had nothing to do with Darryl.

Recognizing Darryl at this time, Du Gujing thought that he had fled again.

In the face of Dugujing’s contempt, Darryl didn’t bother to pay attention.

“Dugujing, can you say a few words less?” Sun Ting couldn’t stand it, her eyebrows furrowed, and she couldn’t help but blame.

Dugu Jing shrugged and looked indifferent, but looking at Darryl’s gaze still showed contempt and contempt.

“Darryl Tao.”

Sun Ting looked at Darryl and asked with concern: “Why did you come to Zhongyuan Continent suddenly? Did you encounter any trouble? Tell me, maybe I can help you.”


Feeling Sun Ting’s concern, Darryl took a deep breath and felt warm in his heart.

This Sun Ting, who doesn’t have the air of a eldest lady, is willing to help others. It is an honor to know such a friend.

Thinking about it, Darryl smiled and replied: “I am here this time to visit the Dugu Family.”


Hearing this, whether it was Sun Ting, Dugujing, or everyone around him, they were stunned.

Chapter 1168


In the next second, Dugujing thought he heard a big joke, and couldn’t help but sneered at Darryl: “Visit the Dugu family? Sorry, our Dugu family does not have the habit of taking in refugees, haha…” Full of mockery.

The dignified Dugu family, the Taishan Beidou in the cultivation world of the Central Yuan Continent, is he a general generation who can visit if he wants to?


Darryl frowned secretly, his heart suddenly became angry.

This Dugujing is too arrogant. The Dugu family is very famous in the Central Yuan Continent, but it is not even ranked in the Jiuzhou Continent, and this kid thinks he is very remarkable.

Sun Ting was also a little unhappy. This cousin was really not polite at all. How could Darryl Tao help herself at Canglong Pass, but he mocked everywhere.

Although Darryl Tao was a commoner, his previous performance at Canglong Pass was very brave and man.

Sun Tingxiu frowned: “Dugujing, don’t follow me anymore.”

“Well, I won’t say it.” Dugujing said quickly: “I’m just talking, just kidding him! Cousin, don’t be angry.” He said so, and the expression in Darryl’s eyes still showed through. Contempt.

Darryl didn’t speak either, just sneered.


At this time, Sun Ting was full of curiosity and asked Darryl: “What are you doing visiting the Dugu Family?” In her heart, Darryl Tao is very strong, but after all, he is an ordinary person. Can’t be hooked.


Darryl took a deep breath, looked around, and responded seriously: “I’m telling you the truth, I was invited by Master Moroye, and specially invited the Dugu family to send someone to station in the Chaos Mountains. The Chaos Mountains are in an emergency, for a moment. Can’t delay, besides, I am not Darryl Tao, my true identity is the Lord of the Heavenly Gate of the Earth Round Continent, Darryl!”

To be honest, Darryl didn’t want to reveal his identity on this street, but things about the Chaos Mountains couldn’t be dragged on any longer. The Sun family and the Dugu family had good friends for generations, and Sun Ting was also the eldest daughter of the Sun family. She would definitely be able to recommend it. Seeing the patriarch of the Dugu family, as for Dugujing, a dude, I can’t count on it at all.


The voice fell, and the street was silent, everyone looked at Darryl and could not speak.

This…this kid, is Darryl who is famous in the mainland of Kyushu?

real or fake?

Sun Ting looked at Darryl blankly, shocked.

Is he Darryl? No wonder the strength is so strong, there is a special temperament in his body.

Dugujing on the side was also stunned, unable to relax.


Finally, a minute later, Dugujing reacted and pointed at Darryl and laughed at him: “What did you just say? You are the Lord of Heaven, Emperor Darryl of Xicang? Boy, did you blow the cowhide to the sky? That’s it for you. Son, being a Tianmen disciple is almost the same. If you are Darryl, I will be Emperor Yang Jian of Beiying, hahaha…”


When the voice fell, everyone around reacted and they all laughed…

Yes, this kid is so poor, how could he be the famous Tianmen Sect Master Darryl?

Besides, Darryl had just finished the war with Beiying Continent. He must be on the Earth Round Continent at this time, busy rectifying the situation after the war, how could he have gone to the Central Yuan Continent alone?

Seeing that they didn’t believe it, Darryl smiled and said nothing.


The co-worker on the side was so angry that he gave Dugujing a stern look.


Finally, Sun Ting calmed down and looked at Darryl in shock: “Are you really the Sect Master of Tianmen, Darryl?” The mobile phone remembered to provide you with wonderful novel reading for a second.

Others doubted Darryl, but Sun Ting believed that the friend in front of him would not lie to herself, but Sun Ting was still a little unbelievable. After all, Darryl’s reputation was too loud in the mainland of Kyushu.

More importantly, Sun Ting has always regarded Darryl as a hero and her idol. In her fantasy, Darryl, as the emperor of the West Cang and the lord of the heavenly gate, must go to other places, and she must be awe-inspiring and majestic.

But at this moment, Darryl in front of him, dressed in an ordinary dress, only brought a woman, completely different from what Sun Ting thought.


Facing Sun Ting’s question, Darryl smiled and nodded: “Of course I’m Darryl, so it’s a fake replacement, why? Could anyone pretend to be me?”

As soon as the voice fell, Dugu Jing couldn’t help but sneered: “You don’t pretend, kid, I tell you, there are too many people posing as Darryl.”

As he said, Dugujing looked at Darryl with scorching eyes: “In the past few years, many people have pretended to be Darryl and went to our Dugu family to cheat and cheat. Do you know what their fate is like?”

Dugu Jing was right. Over the past ten years or so, because of Darryl’s growing reputation, many cultivators used to pretend to be Darryl to deceive the Dugu family. After being found out, they ended up miserably.

Moreover, not only the Zhongyuan Continent, but also other continents pretending to be Darryl, it’s just that Darryl knows very little about these situations.


Hearing these, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry.

At this time, Darryl wanted to take out his golden mask to prove his identity, but after thinking about it carefully, this Du Gujing believed that he was a fake, even if he took out the golden mask that symbolized the Lord of Heaven, it was useless.

Seeing Darryl not speaking, Dugujing thought he was guilty, and sneered: “Are you scared, have nothing to say?”

Afterwards, Dugujing looked at Gonggong: “This beauty, he said he is Darryl, who are you? Are you Darryl’s wife?”

I have to say that this woman looks really good, cold and temperamental. Fully qualified to be Darryl’s woman.

Dugu Jing thought about it. If she was Darryl’s woman, she would just apologize if she could prove Darryl’s identity.

If it is not, then it proves that what the kid said is all lies.


In an instant, everyone’s eyes focused on Gong Gong.

Seeing everyone looking at him, Gonggong’s exquisite face turned red in an instant, then bit his lip and said coldly: “He is Darryl, but I am not his wife…”

Gonggong was very conceited and cold, and had hatred with Darryl. At this time, he was with Darryl. It was also because of Yang Jian’s arrangement to assassinate Darryl. How could he admit that he was Darryl’s wife?

Ha ha…

Hearing this, Dugujing couldn’t help but laughed, with a playful look: “Since he is not his wife, how can you prove that he is Darryl?”


Gong Gong Qiao flushed, and was speechless for a while.


Seeing this scene, everyone around secretly shook their heads and looked at Darryl with contempt.

Even the woman around him can’t prove his identity, this kid must be lying.

“All right!”

At this time, Dugu Jing looked at Darryl coldly: “Boy, you don’t need to pretend, even if you are sent by the monk Moroyah, our Dugu family will not receive you, the monk who claims to be Moroyah, I went to our family two days ago and was full of nonsense, saying that on the other side of the Chaos Mountains, there is a Raksha tribe who has been exiled for thousands of years, and the Yellow Emperor is involved… There is no evidence, it is just a bluff and a liar. .”

As he said, Dugujing ordered to the people around him: “Prepare a new carriage immediately, and if this kid comes to visit, he will drive away immediately!”


Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry, and at the same time couldn’t tell.

This Dugujing is really arrogant.

This kid believes that he is lying and it is difficult for the Dugu Family to get in. What should I do?

At this time, Sun Ting was also frowning, looking at Darryl, her heart was in a mess.

Is this wind wave really lying?


While Sun Ting was thinking secretly, Dugujing walked over and said in kindness: “The new carriage is ready, let’s get to the business quickly, this kid just ignore him.”

Yes, before Dugujing drove the carriage, the reason he was so anxious was because Sun Ting had an important family business to discuss.


However, Sun Ting did not rush into the car, but lightly breathed a sigh of relief, walked in front of Darryl, and said seriously: “You are really Darryl, did you lie to me?”

Although Darryl could not produce evidence, Sun Ting still believed that this friend could not lie to herself.

Chapter 1169


Darryl nodded seriously.

“Okay!” Sun Ting thought for a while, and said softly: “I have something urgent to do now. When I come back, let’s talk about it in detail. By the way, where do you stay?”

At this time, Sun Ting wanted to help Darryl, but the family business could not be delayed for a moment.


Darryl scratched his head, a little embarrassed. He had just arrived in Tianzhong City, so there was no place to stay.

In the next second, Darryl looked around and saw an inn across the street, and said: “I will rest in this inn. Do your things well and come to me.”

When he said this, Darryl felt helpless.

Dugujing ordered the subordinates of the family to guard against him. It was difficult for him to see the patriarch of the Dugu family. In this case, Sun Ting had to help.

“Okay!” Sun Ting nodded and agreed, then got into the carriage and left with Dugujing.

“Let’s go!”

Watching the two leave, Darryl turned his head to look at Gong Gong, and smiled bitterly: “Let’s go to the hotel for a rest.” After speaking, he walked towards the hotel.

Gong Gong did not speak, but did not disagree, and slowly followed.


When approaching the hotel, Gong Gong couldn’t help but ask: “You, as the Sect Master of Tianmen, Emperor Xi Cang, the kid of the Dugu Family, just mocked you and ridiculed you, why didn’t you kill him? And, since You are inviting the Dugu family to join the Chaos Mountains to deploy defenses. You can directly show your strength and break into the Dugu family. Why is it so troublesome?”

When talking about this, Gong Gong looked puzzled. In her heart, Darryl was strong and there was no need to be so polite to a small family.


Darryl smiled, shook his head and said: “To deploy defenses in the Chaos Mountains together, all forces in the Nine Provinces need to be united. If I break into the Dugu Family directly, I will force them to agree with me. The Dugu Family will definitely treat me. With a grudge. In this case, how can everyone work together to fight against the Raksha tribe?”

As he said, Darryl took a deep breath and continued: “I have to show my sincerity in this matter. At the same time, I have to let the Dugu Family know that the affairs of the Chaos Mountains are not groundless, so I can’t act recklessly!”

Hearing this, Gong Gong nodded silently, his delicate face was very calm, but his heart was extremely touched.

Unexpectedly, this Darryl is usually not serious, but he is so cautious and considers so far-reaching when it comes to business matters.

It seems that he can be the emperor of the West Cang, the lord of the heavenly gate, and he can have so many forces to help and support in critical moments, not simply because of good luck.

Thinking about it, Gong Gong looked at Darryl’s gaze, flashing a strange brilliance.

At this time, Gong Gong had a quiet change in his mind towards Darryl.

“Two guest officers!”

Arriving in the hotel lobby, the owner greeted graciously: “Do you want to stay in the hotel? How many rooms do you want?”

Darryl smiled and said, “Do you think how many rooms do we need?” Darryl glanced at Gonggong playfully, with a smirk in his eyes.

Yes, Darryl did it deliberately, just to tease Gonggong.

The owner of the store has been in the mall for a long time, and he immediately understood what Darryl meant, and said with a smile: “Yes, right, two talented ladies look like a natural pair. Naturally, they want a room.”

When the voice fell, the shop owner was going to prepare the room.


At this moment, Gonggong’s delicate face blushed suddenly, and he stamped his feet with anger: “Who was born with him? Open two rooms.”

When he said this, Gong Gong gave Darryl a fierce look.

This Darryl is too ba5tard. He deliberately hinted that the shop owner opened a room and he existed like a dignified goddess. How could he rest in a room with him?


Feeling the shame of Gong Gong, Darryl didn’t panic at all and couldn’t help but laugh.

Dignified water and gods work together, who is not respectful when they meet? Now I am teased by myself, but I don’t have a good attack. It feels so refreshing.

the other side.

Sun Ting and Dugujing sat in a carriage and slowly arrived in front of a newly built building.

The building is located in the prosperous commercial area of ​​Tianzhong City. It has a total of eight floors. The exterior is decorated with large pieces of glass. Compared with the surrounding red brick buildings, it is full of ultra-modern atmosphere.

At the entrance of the hall, a sign was hung with the words Shenglong Technology.

Yes, it is the earth circle continent, Peng Kai’s Shenglong technology.

The mainland of Kyushu has been interoperable for so many years and is located in the high-tech development land. Many companies have expanded their business to other continents, and Shenglong Technology is the same.

The building in front of you is the headquarters of Shenglong Technology in Zhongyuan Mainland.

“excuse me!”

When he arrived in the lobby, Sun Ting smiled lightly, and said to the front desk staff: “My name is Sun Ting, I come from the Sun family. I’m here to find your boss, Peng Kai, to discuss business cooperation!”

Shenglong Technology has been in Zhongyuan Mainland for only one year, but with its many technologies, it has become the largest technology company in Tianzhong City and even the entire Zhongyuan Mainland. It has extraordinary influence. In this case, even local The Sun family, a big business family, also had to actively seek cooperation.

Half a month ago, Sun Ting went to Xicang Continent and failed to find business cooperation, so she returned to Zhongyuan Continent. In the last two days, learning that the family would cooperate with Shenglong Technology, Sun Ting took the initiative to go to the headquarters of Shenglong Technology in order to prove her ability.


The lady at the front desk smiled and looked at Sun Ting and apologized: “Our president has already read the cooperation proposed by your Sun family before, and there is no intention of cooperation yet, so please come back!”


Sun Ting frowned when she heard this, very embarrassed.

Is this rejected?

“what did you say?”

Dugujing next to him stopped doing it, and shouted at the lady at the front desk: “A foreign company boss, she is not too small? Do you know who she is? This is the eldest lady of the Sun family. Can you come to see me in person? Your boss, it is his honor to offer to cooperate!”

Dugu Jing got used to being arrogant and domineering, and suddenly became angry when his favorite cousin was rejected.

“Forget it!”

At this moment, Sun Ting looked disappointed, and said to Dugujing: “Let’s go first, I’ll think of a way.”

When she said this, Sun Ting was calm on the surface, but she was too anxious. Shenglong Technology has mastered many high-tech products on the continent. If it fails to cooperate, it will be a huge loss for the Sun family.

Seeing Sun Ting speak, Dugujing no longer noisy, and then the two walked out of the hall.


When I got outside, seeing Sun Ting unhappy, Dugujing couldn’t help but said, “Well, wait for me, as the second young master of the Dugu family, to help you make an appointment with their boss.”

When he said this, Du Gujing looked confident.

Dugujing believes that Shenglong Technology does not cooperate with the Sun family because the Sun family’s reputation is too small, and the Dugu family is not the same. It is the epicenter of the Yuan continent, and he is the second young master of the Dugu family. The owner of Shenglong Technology must give face. .


Sun Ting responded without much excitement.

To be honest, Sun Ting didn’t want Dugujing to help, but there was no way, the owner of Shenglong Technology didn’t want to see herself at all, so she could only let Dugujing give it a try.

the other side.

In the hotel room, Darryl sat and rested for a while while looking out the window in a daze.

Then why didn’t Sun Ting come to find herself? Going to see the patriarch of the Ouyang family through her, this matter can’t be delayed.


As a result, at this moment, a slight knock on the door came from the door. The knock on the door was very quiet, and obviously the person who knocked on the door was very cautious.

This Miss Sun is finally here!

Muttering in his heart, Darryl showed a slight smile. He quickly ran down to open the door. The moment the door opened, he was stunned.

It’s not Sun Ting.

chapter 1170

Seeing this scene, Darryl couldn’t help staying on Chen Xia, and after a few more glances, his mind suddenly became a little confused.

what’s the situation?

What is the store owner bringing a man and a woman in this late night?

“Guest officer!”

At this moment, the shop owner walked over, leaned in front of Darryl, and said embarrassedly: “The two guests behind me need a VIP room to discuss business. Can you let me out of your VIP room? How about arranging other rooms for you?”

When I said this, the store owner apologized.

To be honest, the shop owner didn’t want to trouble Darryl, but the two Chen Xia next to him couldn’t afford it at all.

Change room?

Hearing this, Darryl frowned, then smiled slightly, and said to the shop owner: “I live in this room very well, I have no idea of ​​changing it, sorry.”

The tone is calm, but full of firmness, and there is no room for negotiation.

There are only two VIP rooms in this hotel, which were used by Darryl and Gong Gong. Speaking of which, Darryl has no requirements for the place to live. If it is normal, perhaps he would agree, but this time I came to Tianzhong City because of the Chaos Mountains. It is urgent to visit the Dugu Family.

More importantly, Darryl was anxiously waiting for Sun Ting to find him, too lazy to bother about these trivial things about changing houses.

Seeing Darryl’s refusal, the shop owner gave a wry smile…


At this moment, Chen Xia took a step forward and looked at Darryl contemptuously: “Looking at you, staying in this VIP room for one night will cost you a lot of savings… In this way, I will give you double For the room price, quickly let out this VIP room.”

When she said this, Chen Xia’s face was stubborn and unreasonable, and she didn’t put Darryl in her eyes at all. In her opinion, the Darryl in front of her, dressed poorly, was just a soil bun who had never seen the world before. Fastest update

Chen Xia’s communications company has just started. In order to develop rapidly, she always wanted to discuss cooperation with Shenglong Technology, but she was rejected all the time. Finally, Chen Xia found Li Shengwei through the relationship.

Li Shengwei is the security captain of Shenglong Technology. Chen Xia firmly believes that with the help of Li Shengwei, she can connect with Shenglong Technology. It’s just that this kind of thing involves some business taboos and should not be known to too many people, so Chen Xia and Li Shengwei made an appointment to discuss in detail at this hotel in the evening.

It turned out that the only two VIP rooms in the hotel had been booked.

The reason why Chen Xia and Li Shengwei have to talk about things in this hotel is because it is the farthest away from Shenglong Technology, and it is not easy to be found. After all, Li Shengwei, a security captain, privately talked to outsiders about the company, which violated It is stipulated that if it is found, it will be expelled.

Chen Xia considered herself noble and couldn’t talk about things in a normal room, so she called the shop owner, and after asking about the situation, she planned to let Darryl out of the room.

Because in the other VIP room, Gong Gong was resting. Considering the inconvenience of women, he had to come to Darryl.

Double the room rate?

Hearing this, Darryl was taken aback at first, and then looked at Chen Xia with a smile: “This lady, I’m sorry, I’m not short of money, and I won’t let you room. If you really need it, you can change to another hotel!”

Is he still short of money, the emperor of the West Cang and the Lord of the Heavenly Gate?

“You!” Chen Xia bit her lip, very unhappy.

He paid double the house price to pay him, but this poor boy refused?

In the next second, Chen Xia looked at Darryl up and down, and thought of something: “I remember, you are the one who argued with the second son of the Dugu family on the street in the afternoon, right? Call yourself the lord of the heavenly gate Darryl, provoke If you don’t run away from Dugu’s house, you still dare to stay in Tianzhong City?”

After speaking, Chen Xia’s tone was full of contempt, and she continued: “Three times, this is all right, I tell you, you are a poor person, I have seen a lot. I pretend to be Darryl during the day, and I just want to cheat money? If I don’t want to let the room, I just want to ask for more money. I’ll give you three times the money. Get out of here!”

In the afternoon, Darryl had a dispute with Dugujing on the street. It was already spreading in Tianzhong City. At that time, Chen Xia passed by and watched the excitement. At this moment, she recognized Darryl.

“Haha.” Darryl couldn’t help laughing: “You really made a mistake. I didn’t ask for money, I just didn’t want to change the room, let alone three times, just give me ten times, one hundred times and I won’t change.”

There was a sneer in Darryl’s eyes when he said this.

D*mn, wherever you go, you can meet such self-righteous people.

“I don’t know how to praise!”

At this moment, Li Shengwei on the side finally couldn’t help it, staring at Darryl and said, “Boy, don’t be shameless!”

With that said, Li Shengwei walked to Chen Xia and said in kindness: “Miss Chen, you don’t need to talk nonsense with him, do you need me to teach him?”

While talking, Li Shengwei looked at Chen Xia’s figure closely, his eyes straightened.

Yes, Chen Xia is a well-known beauty in Tianzhong City. Li Shengwei has been coveting for a long time, but she has never had a chance. At this time, because of the cooperation with Shenglong Technology, Chen Xia took the initiative to find Li Shengwei, and Li Shengwei was excited. .

Talking about things at this hotel tonight was proposed by Li Shengwei. Of course, I wanted to take advantage of Chen Xia’s opportunity to talk about business!

Seeing that good things were about to be done, and the boy in front of him, he didn’t even hand over the room, which made Li Shengwei not angry.


Seeing Li Shengwei speak, Chen Xia nodded.

In the next second, Chen Xia sneered at Darryl and said: “I have given you a lot of face, don’t know what is good or bad, do you know who is next to me? He is the security captain of Shenglong Technology. It angered him, but It’s not as good as you!”

At this time, Chen Xia looked arrogant.

Shenglong Technology is a large technology company from the land of the earth. The system is strict, and even the security guards are strictly screened. Chen Xia firmly believes that with a word from Li Shengwei, Darryl in front of him will be thrown like a dog. Go up the street.

Shenglong Technology?

Hearing this, Darryl was taken aback for a moment, and then his smile on his face became thicker.

I didn’t expect that Peng Kai’s technology companies had all opened to Zhongyuan Mainland, not bad!


At this time, hearing the movement outside, the co-worker next door opened the door a crack, and he was taken aback when he saw the scene in front of him.

what’s the situation?

Gonggong was careful and thoughtful, and soon understood what was going on. He smiled and waited quietly.

This Darryl didn’t have any seriousness, and now he was being troubled by two locals to see what he would do.

When he was staying in the store before, Gong Gong was teased by Darryl, and his heart was suffocating. At this time, seeing Darryl being forced to change rooms, Gong Gong was a bit gloat.

“Forearm ba5tard!”

Seeing that Darryl always laughed without saying a word, Li Shengwei stepped forward and said contemptuously: “Have you heard? Get out if you know!”

Made! This kind of poor, even living in a VIP room? And to his goddess, so unreasonable.

“Guest officer!”

The shop owner couldn’t help but walked over, pulled Darryl a bit, and whispered: “You can’t afford to offend these two people, please change rooms quickly!” The shop owner was very anxious at this time, what’s wrong with this person in front of him? Ah, he is not afraid of getting into trouble, he still wants to do business well.

“It’s okay!” Darryl smiled, comforted the shop owner in a low voice, then turned back to the room and sat on the chair with a relaxed and contented look.

Darryl didn’t pay attention to the two Chen Xia at all. At this time, he only thought about when Sun Ting would come. After all, the most important thing is to see the patriarch of the Dugu family quickly and ask them to send people to garrison in the Chaos Mountains.

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