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Chapter 1186

“Everyone!” At this moment, Yang Jian was floating in the air, looking at the powerhouses of various continents, with a smile on his face, said: “Everyone thinks about the safety of Kyushu and can gather here to resist the upcoming Rakshas. I, Yang Jian, admire it very much. Before the war comes, I hope everyone can unite and wait for the dispatch of Lawrence Army Division under my command. Only in this way can we be invincible!”

When the voice fell, Lawrence rose into the air, looking down on the audience.

Darryl was dead, and there was no one who could be qualified to command the crowd except Lawrence.


Feeling Yang Jian’s breath, many people present all sucked in air-conditioning.

Unfathomable strength! Strong…too strong!

It is worthy of being the true monarch of Erlang who has been honored by the world for thousands of years.

However, under the shock, none of the forces on the major roads stood up and expressed.

“Yang Jian!”

At this moment, Peter came out and looked at Yang Jian and said, “It is too early for you to let everyone follow Lawrence’s command before Darryl arrives.”

When the voice fell, many people nodded in agreement.

“Yes, speaking of the ability to form troops, Darryl will not lose to Lawrence!”

“Yes, Darryl hasn’t arrived yet, don’t rush for a while.”

Everyone present, except Beiying Continent, had a deep friendship with Darryl, and naturally hoped that Darryl could command everyone instead of Lawrence.

More importantly, although Lawrence is resourceful, he is too cruel.

Hearing everyone’s discussion, Yang Jian frowned secretly. This Darryl was already dead, but he did not expect that his influence on various continents would be so far-reaching.

Lawrence’s face is extremely ugly, this group of people, even ignoring themselves?


Finally, Yang Jian reacted and couldn’t help laughing: “You want to follow Darryl’s command, yes, but have you ever thought about it? The chaotic mountain range in front of you is in a critical situation. It is urgent and urgent. In case the Raksha clan strikes over, Darryl Don’t show up yet, do you have to wait?”

Yang Jian would naturally not tell the matter of secretly sending someone to assassinate Darryl, anyway, Darryl was already dead, and there was no proof. The most important thing now is to win people’s hearts.


Hearing this, Peter, Lorenzo, and even everyone became silent, and at the same time, everyone was very surprised.

Yes, what’s the situation with Darryl?

Why haven’t you come yet?

At this moment, Dugu Hongyu thought of something and looked at Gonggong: “Your Excellency, weren’t you with Darryl at that time? Why are you here, and Darryl is not there?”


When the voice fell, Lorenzo, Peter, and even the eyes of many powerful people focused on Gong Gong.

what happened? Darryl was with Gonggong? I don’t know why. Fastest update

Suddenly being noticed by everyone, Gong Gong’s body trembled, and he couldn’t help feeling a little panicked.

At the same time, Yang Jian and Lawrence also had their eyes flickering, secretly anxious, and broke. If Gong Gong answered a little carelessly, the assassination of Darryl would be exposed.


Finally, Gonggong reacted and slowly said: “At that time, I rushed to the Chaos Mountains, and Darryl, who met halfway, learned that he was going to persuade the Dugu family, so let’s go along.

After speaking, Gong Gong looked around and continued: “After leaving Tianzhong City where the Dugu family is located, Darryl said that he had other things to do, and we were separated.”

At this time, the co-worker is extremely complicated in her heart. She doesn’t want to lie, but she also knows that if she tells the truth, Yang Jian will not let herself go, but will also turn his face with other roads. When the time comes, there will be infighting, Rakshasa The clan suddenly attacked, and it was in trouble.

Hearing this, Lorenzo everyone had no doubts. It’s just more puzzled in my heart.

Does Darryl have other things to do? What matter is more important than the matter of the Chaos Mountains?

“Look over there, someone is coming!”

However, at this moment, I don’t know who shouted. In an instant, everyone’s eyes were thinking about the distant mountain road, and they saw a tired and weak figure walking step by step.

It is Darryl.

At this time, Darryl, dusty and pale, his face was pale, very weak, and his legs were also limping.

Yes, Darryl had no internal strength and rushed over from the Central Yuan Continent after hardships.


At this moment, Lorenzo, Peter, Raquel, and even the people around were all overjoyed and greeted them one after another.

In particular, Raquel and Bessie were so excited that they fell directly into Darryl’s arms.


Seeing this scene, Yang Jian trembled all over, his brain buzzed, and he was frightened.

Is this…Darryl is not dead?

Lawrence’s eyes widened too, his face full of incredible. How can it be? This kid was hit by his own tendon-breaking pill, and he was beaten down the hillside by the co-workers. It is impossible for him to be alive.

Gonggong trembled, unable to tell whether he was happy or delighted. He stared at Darryl blankly, unable to speak for a long time.


At this moment, Lorenzo clearly felt that Darryl was extremely weak and had no internal strength. He was indescribably shocked: “Darryl? What happened? What about your internal strength?”

Everyone around him also looked at Darryl tightly, shocked.

They also felt that Darryl’s internal strength was gone, and he was no doubt with ordinary people now.

Especially Peter, drew out his double axe, yelled: “Darryl, if you were raided by someone, tell me, brother, revenge for you.”

When the voice fell, many people around responded to it.

“Yes, everyone will vent your anger.”

“Who killed you like this.”

Darryl did not respond, his eyes slowly swept over the three of Yang Jian, Lawrence, and Gong Gong.

To be honest, Darryl was full of grief and indignation at this time, and when he saw Yang Jian, he was even more angry. Yang Jian, a hypocrite, pretended to resist the Raksha tribe together, but secretly sent someone to assassinate himself.

Now I have lost everything inside myself.

Yang Jian and Lawrence also looked at Darryl tightly, their eyes gleaming with coldness.

Especially Yang Jian, clutching a three-pointed two-edged knife, silently urging his internal strength, a gesture of taking action at any time. Yang Jian thought it over, as long as Darryl identified himself, he would kill him without hesitation.

Anyway, the plan is revealed, there is nothing to worry about.


A few seconds later, under the indignation of the people, Darryl took a deep breath and said with a wry smile: “Don’t be excited, I was about to break through before, but I failed and became what I am now.”

When saying this, Darryl glanced at Yang Jian, feeling very sad and indignant in his heart.

To be honest, Darryl wanted to tell the truth, but he saw that there were constant visions on the Chaos Mountain Range, and the Raksha tribe was likely to climb over the Chaos Mountain Range and attack at any time.

If he tells the truth, Lorenzo, Peter, and Dalu, he will definitely avenge himself and fight Yang Jian. When the situation is chaotic, how can he stop the Rakshas? How to protect the people of the Kyushu mainland?

Darryl has a heart for Kyushu. Compared with the safety of the people in Kyushu, it is nothing to feel wronged by himself.

It turned out to be like this!

Hearing this, everyone nodded suddenly, and looked at Darryl at the same time, with sympathy in their eyes.

It is indeed very difficult for the Emperor Wu to break through the Tribulation Realm.

“Darryl, I’ll take you to take a good rest.” Raquel embraced Darryl’s arm and said distressedly: “Your current state is too bad.”

The camps of the major road forces are in the woods not far away. Raquel felt sorry for Darryl, and just wanted to take good care of him at this time.

At the same time, Bessie and Little Fairy Erqing also walked over and supported Darryl, their faces full of worries.


Darryl nodded, he was really exhausted when he came all the way from Zhongyuan Continent.

However, before going to the camp to take a rest, Darryl did not forget to explain to Lorenzo and others: “When I am resting, if the Raksha tribe comes to attack, you must not mess up your position. You must unite and cooperate with each other.”

“Don’t worry!” Lorenzo smiled and comforted: “You have a good rest, we are still waiting for you to command.”

Chapter 1187

Darryl nodded, and under the gaze of everyone, supported by Raquel, he went to the camp to rest.


Seeing this, Yang Jian secretly breathed a sigh of relief, and slowly let go of his clenched hands.

This kid Darryl is quite clever, in order to protect himself, he didn’t tell the truth.

the other side. Fastest update

After entering the camp, Darryl lay on the bed under the service of Raquel.

“Darryl!” Raquel frowned and couldn’t help but asked softly: “You lied just now, you didn’t break through and failed to become like this, right?”

Among the several women of Darryl, Raquel was clever, wise and thoughtful. At a glance, it was obvious that what Darryl said was not the truth.

He has a physique that is not invaded by poisons, and has taken so many treasures of heaven and earth. It is not difficult to break through the tribulation realm. How can he fail?

There must be hidden secrets in this.


At this moment, Er Qing, Bessie, and Elisa all looked at Darryl closely, waiting for his answer.

Darryl took a deep breath and looked at Raquel with a wry smile. As expected, it was my Raquel, and he guessed it all at once.

In the next second, Darryl said slowly: “Yes, but I can’t tell you for the time being. I will tell you when I recover my skills.” Yang Jian is powerful, and if he tells the truth, even if everyone is united, he is not an opponent. So, let it be for the time being.

Seeing him not to say anything, Raquel didn’t force it either. He was with Elisa and took good care of them.

After a while, Darryl fell asleep.

When I woke up again, I saw that it was dark outside, and Raquel and a few were still standing by. Darryl was so touched that he could have so many confidantes, it was worth his life.


At this moment, I heard a roar from the direction of the Chaos Mountains. The movement was so loud that the ground shook.

Darryl hurriedly sat up, and was alert: “Did the Raksha tribe fight over?”

Raquel smiled lightly and comforted: “No, this is a vision. We have been here for a day, and we have seen this kind of movement many times.”

When the voice fell, Er Qing nodded one after another, and at the same time encouraged Darryl.

“Darryl, take a good rest.”

“Yes, there are people from all continents watching over the Chaos Mountains. There will be no problem.”

Hearing this, Darryl nodded, but he was still a little worried, and he smiled and said: “Okay, leave me alone, hurry up and defend with everyone. I’m almost resting now, you don’t need to take care of it all the time. I.”


Both Raquel and Er Qing hesitated, but seeing Darryl’s serious look, they nodded and walked out one after another.

Try again to see if you can restore your internal strength.

Just after Raquel left, Darryl sat up, closed his eyes, and tried to cultivate again.

The result was the same as before, and there was no movement at all in Dantian.

This time Darryl was too anxious.


At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps outside, very light.

Darryl frowned, looked over immediately, and saw a slim figure walking in slowly, with a tight and s3xy figure and a beautiful face.

It was Yu Wenyan who had had some grievances in the Yellow Sea Continent before.

“It’s you!” Seeing Yu Wenyan, Darryl showed a smile: “Are you here to visit me? It’s really moving.”

This Yuwenyan, but the master of the phantom music of the Yellow Sea Continent, the lord of the Xiyan Pavilion, has a transcendent position and is extremely cold. At that time, Darryl offended several times, and even finally in the sword casting pool of the famous sword villa, he forced Yuwenyan to have to Admit it to his wife.

In Darryl’s heart, Yu Wenyan was arrogant and must hate herself very much, but she did not expect that she not only knew righteousness, but came to the Chaos Mountains to defend against the Raksha tribe. At this time, she came to visit her regardless of the predecessors.

“Don’t put gold on your face, who will come to visit you? I’m here to see if you are dead!” Yu Wenyan blushed and said angrily.

When the voice fell, Yu Wenyan stepped forward, reaching out his hand without warning, and pressing Darryl’s acupoint!

Darryl had no internal strength and had no time to dodge. He couldn’t move in an instant. He looked at her in surprise, “You…”

“You ba5tard, didn’t you expect that one day would fall into my hands?” Yu Wenyan said coldly: “Don’t think that I have forgotten the things you did to me before!”

Yes, Yu Wenyan came over, not to visit Darryl, but to teach Darryl. At that time in the Yellow Sea Continent, Yu Wenyan was humiliated several times by Yue. These things were regarded as insults by Yu Wenyan, and they would never be forgotten for a lifetime.

It’s just that Darryl is too strong, Yu Wenyan wants to retaliate, but he has no strength, and now, Darryl has failed to break through and has become a useless person, and Yu Wenyan will naturally not miss such a good opportunity.

When it was dark, Yu Wenyan rushed over quietly, but Raquel were all there at the time. Just now, when he saw Raquel leaving, Yu Wenyan rushed in.

D*mn it!

Feeling Yu Wenyan’s anger, Darryl couldn’t laugh or cry: “Yu Wenyan, at the sword casting pond of the famous sword villa at that time, the situation forced you to call me husband. There is no need to bear the hate until now, right?”

“You still say?” Yuwen stomped his feet straightly, blushing at the thought of the scene.

In the next second, Yu Wenyan stopped talking nonsense, raised his hand with a palm, directly knocked Darryl unconscious, and then took Darryl away from the camp. Finally, a cave was found ten miles away from the Chaos Mountains.

He didn’t know how long he had been in a coma, and Darryl finally woke up.


The moment he opened his eyes, Darryl found that he was tied up by five flowers, and couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

Immediately seeing the environment in front of him, Darryl was stunned.

I saw that I was in a cave, the air was humid, and the sound of running water could be heard faintly in the depth of the cave. Looking around, Darryl’s eyes fell on the Yuwen Flame in front of him.

Yu Wenyan sat on a rock, lit a bonfire in front of him, and under the light of the fire, he was unspeakably s3xy and charming.

Seeing Darryl staring at herself tightly, Yu Wenyan smiled slightly, got up from the sofa, and walked slowly to Darryl’s.

The slender waist, slender legs, and such close proximity made Darryl couldn’t help but shake his Adam’s apple.

“Yu Wenyan, what are you doing?” Darryl couldn’t help but smile: “You don’t like me, do you want to elope with me?”


As soon as the voice was in the building, Yu Wenyan stretched out his jade hand and struck Darryl’s face several times as fast as lightning.

“Dog legs can’t spit out ivory. If you talk nonsense, I will cut your tongue.”

Fcuk, Darryl sighed: “Yu Wenyan, now the Raksha clan is about to cross the Chaos Mountains, the situation is critical, we are now allies, should unite, but you arrested me, is this a bit inappropriate?”

Yu Wenyan chuckled and looked at Darryl and said: “Unity? You are now a useless person, what is your ability to resist the Raksha tribe? Even if I kill you now, probably not many people feel distressed, right?”

Darryl was very helpless, and said with a wry smile: “Okay, but I guess, you arrested me not just to vent your anger?”

Yu Wenyan frowned slightly, and looked at Darryl: “You are smart!”

With that said, Yu Wenyan picked up the Linglong Pagoda and slowly said: “It is said that this pagoda is a strange treasure in the world. There are many ancient powerhouses trapped inside. Tell me how to use it, and I will spare you.” When Linglong Pagoda is not in use. , Was shrunk to the smallest appearance by Darryl, and wore it around his neck.

Just now when Darryl was in a coma, Yu Wenyan took it down when she saw it, studied for a while, but could not find the secret.

Chapter 1188


Seeing Linglong Tower, Darryl’s heart was shocked and he was frightened.

However, his face still made a very calm look, he smiled and said: “Yu Wenyan, this is the Linglong Tower, it is a small accessory I wear, the real Linglong Tower, in the camp, you take me back, I Give it to you.”

His face was indifferent, but Darryl’s heart was secretly anxious.

Since the inner strength was gone, the feelings with Linglong Tower have also disappeared, that is to say, the current Darryl can’t use Linglong Tower for the time being, and let the strong inside to help.

But after all, this is the world’s strange treasure, how can one’s beloved gift be given to Yuwenyan?

“Don’t lie to me, is it Linglong Tower, I won’t recognize it? Are you telling me?” Yuwen Yan looked at him coldly.

The atmosphere in the room was instantly depressed and dull.


Darryl took a deep breath, looked directly at Yu Wenyan’s gaze, and said with a smile: “Oh, I might have remembered it wrong. This is indeed a real Linglong Pagoda. It’s just an opening spell. Why can’t I remember it? No, you can relieve my acupuncture point, let me rest, maybe I can remember it.”


As soon as the voice fell, Yu Wenyan’s face sank, and she raised a cup of water next to her, splashing Darryl’s face. The water is the spring water in the cave, so cold to the bone.


Darryl couldn’t help shivering, and cursed inwardly, some of them came to fire, but the acupuncture points on his body were spotted, and he couldn’t resist at all.

In the next second, Darryl smiled, holding back the anger and said, “Yu Wenyan, I really can’t remember it. Even if you want Linglong Tower, you have to have an attitude. Just treat me like this, isn’t it too inappropriate? Up?”

Yu Wenyan sneered: “Don’t laugh with me, the secret of Linglong Tower, don’t you tell me, yes, I have a way for you to tell.”

With that said, Yu Wenyan took out a soft whip from his body, and saw that the soft whip was blood red. Yu Wenyan killed a blood python several years ago and made it out of blood python’s skin. It was extremely tough.

D*mn, this woman is really cruel.

Seeing the soft whip in Yu Wenyan’s hand, Darryl’s expression changed: “Yu Wenyan, don’t go too far. Before I was forced to call me husband, let me call you lady, let’s Both are cleared.”

“To shut up?”

Yuwen Yan’s face flushed red, with a soft whip in his hand, and his eyes were full of shame: “When I die, my tongue is slippery, and my mouth is open. You broke my plan before and humiliated me several times. How can I? I can spare you easily.”

When the voice fell, the soft whip in his hand was directly thrown away!


Just a moment, the skin on Darryl’s shoulders suddenly burst into tears, and the blood soaked his clothes in an instant!

D*mn, are you serious? !

Really, there is no pure Yang internal force protection, the pain is that Darryl’s muscles on the half of his body twitched, and his eyes were instantly congested, but Darryl gritted his teeth tightly and did not scream.

“Yu Wenyan, I was wrong, and I shouldn’t offend you before. Let’s fight against each other. Looking directly at Linglong Tower, I can’t give it to you.” Darryl took a deep breath and said coldly.

Yu Wenyan laughed, and looked at Darryl with interest: “Darryl, you really have a stiff mouth. It’s about time, and you still don’t want to let go. Your life is more important than Linglong Tower? And, you have been with you now. Am I eligible for negotiation?”

Having said this, Yu Wenyan raised the whip in his hand again and slammed it on Darryl’s body.

Snapped! Snapped! Snapped!

I flicked more than a dozen whips in a row, and every whip sounded crisply! At the beginning, Darryl could still endure it with gritted teeth, but in the end he couldn’t help it, so he shouted: “Yuwenyan, you…”

He wanted to curse a few words, but found that he was struggling to speak!

D*mn it!

Darryl’s face was sweaty, his blood was already soaking his clothes!

After dozens of whips, Yu Wenyan finally stopped. He smiled and said, “Darryl, how’s it going? Can you tell me now?”

“You kill me!” Darryl’s breath was weak at this time.

In Darryl’s heart, Linglong Tower was naturally not as important as her life, but she knew that once she said the opening spell of Linglong Tower, Yu Wenyan would not let her go.

On the contrary, if he didn’t talk about the way to turn it on, Yu Wenyan wouldn’t do anything to himself.


Yuwen was so angry that he stomped his feet: “Okay, don’t you say yes, don’t think I can’t find the secret of Linglong Tower, since you are so afraid of death, just stay here.”

Darryl guessed it right, Yu Wenyan didn’t even think about killing Darryl. After all, Darryl had a reputation in the Nine Provinces. Killing her would make him a target.

When the voice fell, Yu Wenyan walked over slowly, quickly unlocked Darryl’s acupoint, and said with a sneer: “You can live and die here.”

Yu Wenyan thought it through, and Darryl could understand the secret of Linglong Tower, and he could do it too.

However, what Yu Wenyan didn’t know was that when Darryl discovered Linglong Tower, it was under the main hall of Fuyao Palace, and at that time Linglong Tower was tens of meters high, so it was easy to see the spell written on the top of the tower.

But now, Linglong Tower is only the size of a finger, and the spell on it is almost invisible. In this case, Yu Wenyan could not find the spell on it even after ten years of research.

“What are you going to do?” Darryl was very surprised and said weakly.

Although the acupuncture points were unlocked, they had just received dozens of whips and almost emptied Darryl’s entire body. At this time, he was lying there, unable to move.

Yu Wenyan smiled slightly, did not respond, but walked out of the cave.

Bang bang bang!

In the next second, Yu Wenyan raised his jade hand and slapped several palms in succession. With a roar, the rubble continued to fall. In a moment, the cave was sealed tightly.

“Darryl, goodbye, don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.” Yu Wenyan sneered, quickly left, and headed towards the camp.


Darryl was furious, and finally understood that Yu Wenyan was going to trap himself here.

At this moment, Darryl wanted to struggle, but if he moved, his whole body hurt.

Darryl at this time wanted to cry without tears.

D*mn, unexpectedly, was raided by Lawrence and Gong Gong before and survived a catastrophe, but now she is trapped in this cave by Yu Wenyan.


At this time, the direction of the Chaos Mountain Range, there was a strange shock again, even though the cave was sealed, the violent world and earth shaking was still heard clearly by Darryl, shocking the soul.


Darryl sighed. At this time, he wanted to go to the Chaos Mountains to see the situation, but he had more than enough energy and lacked strength. With the feeling in his heart, he suddenly remembered a poem by the ancients and couldn’t help muttering to himself: Don’t mourn yourself, Shang Si is the national defense wheel, lying in the night listening to the wind and rain, the iron horse is glaring into a dream…”

Wanting to contribute to the Nine Provinces Continent and resist the coming Raksha tribe, but he has no power. At this time, how his own situation matches the artistic conception of this poem.

Thinking about it, Darryl gave a wry smile, very sad.

“I just experienced a little setback, and I sigh and mourn here. What else are you talking about saving Kyushu?” Suddenly, deep in the hole, an old and magnetic voice came from the depths of the cave.


Darryl was shocked and couldn’t help shouting.

Chapter 1189

At this time, Darryl was surprised and delighted in his heart. He didn’t expect that there would be other people in this inaccessible deep mountain cave.

At the same time, Darryl still had some doubts and tension in his heart.

Since there are people, why didn’t he say anything when Yu Wenyan was there just now? Also, who is the other party?

Thinking about it, Darryl couldn’t help but speak again: “Who is the expert inside, can you show up?”

Ha ha…

There was a burst of laughter, and then there was no sound.

Darryl yelled a few more words, but the other party still did not respond.

Now Darryl was a little anxious, and wanted to stand up immediately, but his body hurts so badly that he had no choice but to continue lying there and slowly recover his strength.

I don’t know how long it has passed, Darryl felt a little better, so he stood up tremblingly and walked slowly toward the depths of the cave.


When he got inside, Darryl couldn’t help sucking in the air-conditioning, and he saw that in the depths of the cave, there was an even bigger cave. The cave had many channels for dinner, and in front of him, there was only an ancient stone stairway that continued to extend inside, as if endless.

It turns out that there is no cave inside, but Yu Wenyan grabbed herself before, but didn’t investigate it properly.

Darryl was so excited that he walked slowly along the stone steps!

As he went inside, the dampness gradually disappeared, but the air became extremely cold. Darryl had no internal force to resist, and he was only fighting a cold war.

I don’t know how long I walked, and finally reached a huge stone chamber.

Darryl saw that this stone room did not have four walls, but eight sides. The signs of the nine palaces and eight trigrams were carved under the corners, and the whole stone room was filled with ancient and desolate atmosphere.

In the center of the stone room, there is a stone platform, which is in the shape of a lotus flower and is surrounded by densely packed ancient characters.

On the top of the stone platform, there was an old man sitting quietly.

The old man has snow-white beard, wears a black robe, and has a fierce face, but he is not angry and prestigious, and his body is filled with an aura that cannot be profaned.

At this time, the old man quietly looked at Darryl who came in, showing a slight smile.

It was in the Southern Cloud Continent that Darryl had released the Linglong Pagoda before, and then helped Darryl to resist the Guiguzi of the Beiying army.

“Senior Ghost Valley?”

Seeing Guiguzi, Darryl was surprised and delighted. He hurried forward and bowed deeply: “Just now I thought it was an expert. I didn’t expect Senior to call me. Senior, I haven’t seen you for many days. Don’t come here without any problems. .”

When he said these, Darryl’s attitude was extremely respectful.

It can be said that in the world, what can make Darryl be so humbling, except for the former master Nangong Jue, and a picture of Oliver, is the Guiguzi in front of him.

Gui Guzi smiled slightly, and said slowly: “Yes, I don’t come here without any problems, but you are not as good as before.”

Uh …

Hearing this, Darryl was very embarrassed, knowing that what Gui Guzi was talking about was something that he had no inner strength.

“Why is Senior here?” In the next second, Darryl reacted and asked curiously: “Could it be that Senior is also here to help defend against the Raksha tribe?”

Darryl at this time was very excited. Senior Guigu is the most amazing person in the ages. If he helps him, even if the Raksha clan is powerful and possesses a large army of millions, he will be fearless.

Gui Guzi shook his head and smiled a bit of a genius doctor: “The old man originally planned to do this, but unfortunately, I am afraid that love is helpless.”


Darryl was stunned, staring blankly at Guiguzi and was very puzzled. At this moment, Darryl was surprised to find that Guiguzi was very energetic, but his Dantian internal strength was actually the same as himself, also… at all. No more.

“Senior.” After slowing down, Darryl was extremely shocked and couldn’t help asking: “You…your strength?”

Gui Guzi smiled, and slowly said, “Darryl, you are also a learned person, do you know that the cultivator has reached the final state, which is called returning to the original state?”

Back to Basics?

Hearing these four words, Darryl’s body shook, he couldn’t help taking a breath of air, and looked at Gui Guzi: “Senior, you mean…you want to become feather…”

At this moment, Darryl’s heart was extremely shocked.

Because Darryl knew that after a cultivator reached the Tribulation Crossing Realm, there was still a Divine Communicating Realm, but the psychic realm was very difficult to achieve. For thousands of years, very few people could reach the God Realm.

Take Yang Jian as an example. His strength is at most in the late stage of the Tribulation Realm. It is extremely difficult to break through the God Realm.

And what Guiguzi said about returning to the basics and returning to the truth is the emergence state after the god-passing state. As the name suggests, the emergence state is the evacuation of soldiers, and in popular terms, it is the emergence of eclosion.

According to rumors, after reaching the Eclosion Realm, the strength of the soldiers will be solved, that is to say, the strength of the whole body will be between the heaven and the earth, and the cultivator will be left in the flesh, and the spiritual consciousness will soar to the ethereal fairyland.

It’s just that, Darryl has always regarded it as a legend. After all, the world can reach the psychic realm, even if there is no one before, but he never expected that Guiguzi would actually break through the psychic realm and reach the eclosion realm.

And, now it seems to be emerging and soaring.

Thinking of this, Darryl faintly understood something. It seemed that Guiguzi had originally come to support the Chaos Mountain Range, but when he arrived here, there were signs of a breakthrough in his cultivation realm.

Therefore, Gui Guzi came to this cave left by the ancients, preparing to evolve and ascend, but by accident, he was caught here by Yu Wenyan.

You know, the emergence and ascension is the last step of the cultivator, and there can be no mistakes at all.

It is no wonder that when Yu Wenyan was there before, Gui Guzi kept silent, just because he was worried about being disturbed by Yu Wenyan.

“I’m about to leave.” At this moment, Gui Guzi quietly looked at Darryl and slowly said: “In the beginning, you released me from the Linglong Tower. Now when I am ascending, I meet again. The origin.”

“On the eight walls of this stone room, I have left my own practice, the Eight Desolation Heart Sutra. After you practice, you can regain your skill.”

“I hope that after you regain your strength, you can benefit the Kyushu mainland…”

Gui Guzi’s voice became lighter and lighter, and when the last sentence fell, he slowly closed his eyes.


Immediately afterwards, an incomparably full and powerful force burst out of Guiguzi’s body, filling every corner of the entire stone room, and then dispersed into the air.

“Senior!” Seeing this scene, Darryl burst into tears and knelt down, crying.

Darryl clearly felt that Gui Guzi had lost his breath, but sitting there, his face was peaceful, as if he was asleep. Speaking of it, Guiguzi’s emergence and ascension is a great thing, but when he thinks that from now on, he will never hear his voice again, Darryl can’t express the uncomfortable and unwillingness in his heart.

Bang bang bang.

After a full few minutes, Darryl reacted and respectfully knocked Guiguzi a few times, and said seriously: “Senior Guigu, don’t worry, after Darryl regains my strength, I will definitely benefit the people of the world and will not let you down. The expectations of the elderly.”

When the voice fell, Darryl slowly stood up, looked towards the surrounding eight stone walls, and saw that the words were engraved with internal force on it, which was exactly the’Bahuang Zongxianxin Sutra’ that Guiguzi had learned throughout his life.


At this moment, Darryl was delighted and moved.

It turned out that Senior Guigu attracted himself out loud at first, but did not respond afterwards, because he was writing his practice on the stone wall so as to leave it for himself to practice.

Such a great kindness will never be forgotten in this lifetime.

With emotion, Darryl didn’t hesitate, sitting there, corresponding to the mental method on the stone wall, he began to practice.

Chapter 1190

the other side.

Chaos Mountains, at the foot of the mountain on the other side, the Raksha camp.

Da Shizi camp in the tent.

Elsa and Xu Qingyi were sitting there, drinking hot water. There was no tea in the wild and treacherous realm, and it was pretty good to be able to drink clean white hot water.

The camp was covered with aD*mnl skins, and it was covered with poems and songs, as well as various knowledge of humanities and geography of the Kyushu mainland.

In front of them, Meng Lang sat there, without all the arrogance of Da Shizi, but with a humble face.

“Two teachers.” At this time, Meng Lang smiled and said: “According to what you say, the people of the Kyushu mainland are not barbarous and rude, but are highly qualified and strive for peace?”

As he said, Meng Lang thought about it: “If our Raksha tribe rashly and marched with a large army, it would be an unnamed one, and it would be a sinner that caused the war.”

Elsa and Xu Qingyi looked at each other.

In the next second, Xu Qingyi smiled lightly and nodded: “The great son has a quick mind. It is very gratifying to think of this. You are right. The people of the Kyushu mainland are all safe and peaceful, as long as you Raksha tribe Treat each other with sincerity, no one will treat you as an enemy.”

Elsa next to him nodded in agreement.

In the past few days, through the careful teaching of the two women, Meng Lang has learned a lot about the mainland of Kyushu, and what makes them happy is that this elder son is quick-thinking, well-versed in righteousness, and is a rare and wise talent.

“I know!”

Meng Lang smiled slightly after receiving the compliment, stood up and said: “I have to go over and advise me as soon as my father has not ordered an attack.”

When the voice fell, Meng Lang walked out quickly and arrived at the big tent where King Raksha was.

In the big tent, King Rakshasa is summoning his subordinates to discuss the upcoming war, because a dozen giants have absorbed enough strength to complete the final deployment.

“Father.” Meng Lang walked in quickly and said respectfully: “I think it is too reckless for us to lead an army hastily over the Chaos Mountains and attack the Kyushu Continent. In my opinion, it is better to send an envoy and bring it with you. Peaceful sincerity, inquire about the attitude of the Kyushu mainland.”

As he said, Meng Lang looked around and said seriously: “If the Kyushu Continent cannot accommodate our Rakshas, ​​we will fight. If we are willing to live together peacefully, it is best. This will also prevent unnecessary wars.”


All of a sudden, the generals around him talked a lot.

King Rosa said with a cold face and angrily said: “Menglang, what are you talking about? Thousands of years ago, our Raksha tribe was exiled by the Yellow Emperor into the wild and treacherous territory. At that time, the various ethnic groups of Kyushu were attacking and attacking. Let’s live together peacefully? You are my elder son, shouldering the future of the Raksha family. If you have a firm determination to smooth Kyushu, how can you be cowardly before a fight?”

Meng Lang’s heart was shocked, and he quickly said: “Father, I am not afraid before the war, but I just feel that we don’t have to be so hostile to the Kyushu mainland. Now we have the ability to cross the Chaos Mountains and go to the fertile and beautiful land of Kyushu, why not? Multiply and thrive, but want to provoke a war?”

“Shut up.” King Raksha was immediately furious, and said angrily: “Don’t talk any more, I think you were bewitched by those two Kyushu women.”

When the voice fell, Meng Ao stood up and couldn’t help saying, “Yes, brother, don’t listen to the words of the two Kyushu women. The ancestors have disciplined them. The people of Kyushu are hypocritical and cunning. Don’t be deceived. Up.”


Seeing that his father and younger brother didn’t believe his own words, Meng Lang was sweating profusely. I want to distinguish, but I don’t know where to start.


At this moment, a soldier walked in and said respectfully to King Raksha: “Majesty, more than a dozen giants are ready to be deployed, and the army is also assembled. Please show me.”

it is good!

King Raksha was very excited, stood up in Mongolia, and said loudly: “The whole army is going.”

“Yes!” Upon receiving the order, the soldier responded and turned to go out.

“Father.” Meng Lang was shocked and wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

Boom boom boom…

I heard that dozens of giants, like hills, moved quickly toward the Chaos Mountains under the control of Raksha soldiers.


the other side.

The Great Army of Beiying, the Continent of Earth Circle, the Continent of Dongao, and the Continent of Nanyun, etc., are stationed at the foot of the mountain. Every half an hour, they will send people up the mountain to investigate the situation.

At the top of the Chaos Mountains, there are not only volcanoes, but also hurricanes. Most people can’t stand it at all and can only observe briefly from the edge.

Because of Darryl’s relationship, the powerhouses of various continents still kept a distance from the Beiying army. From a distance, they were completely distinct.

Because it never merged with the Beiying army, all continents gathered together and called themselves the Alliance Army.

At this time, Krista ran out in a panic in the alliance camp, crying: “Come on, the son is gone, he is gone.”

Just now, Krista was worried about Darryl, and when she went to visit, she found that the camp was empty and Darryl disappeared.

Krista had a deep meaning to Darrylng, and she was suddenly impatient.


Hearing the movement, everyone rushed over, and when they saw that there was no one in the camp, they were all panicked.

“Quickly, send someone to search the surrounding area.” Lorenzo shouted anxiously. He understands Darryl, if there is something urgent, he will definitely tell everyone and will not leave without saying goodbye.

Peter was even more anxious, and directly summoned hundreds of Huaguoshan disciples to search nearby.


However, at this time, no one in the crowd sighed and said: “Sect Master Yue failed to break through, and suddenly lost his strength. Is it discouraged and left?”

When the voice fell, many people nodded silently.

Yes, Darryl is so strong that he suddenly became a useless person, and no one could accept it in his heart.

Someone said that this kind of thought, like the wind, blew through the entire alliance army’s camp. At first, all the forces had expectations of Darryl, but now they all thought that Darryl had left without saying goodbye, and they were all immediately disappointed.

“Don’t guess randomly!” Raquel’s face flushed, and she looked around and shouted: “Darryl is not the kind of person who escapes from reality. He must have encountered something.”

When the voice fell, Lorenzo also shouted: “Yes, the most important thing now is to unite as one. Don’t think about it.”

boom! boom! boom! ….

As he was talking, suddenly, I heard waves of earth-shaking roar from the Chaos Mountains. In a moment, dark clouds rolled and the earth trembled.

The violent shaking made almost everyone unsteady.

Everyone couldn’t think much, and hurriedly looked towards the Chaos Mountains. As a result, everyone looked pale and couldn’t help taking a breath of cold air, and was stunned!

This this..

Many people have their mouths wide open, and their faces are incredibly shocked.

I saw that the top of the Chaos Mountain Range was forcibly blasted out of a huge gap, lava overflowing from the volcano, and amidst the billowing smoke, dozens of huge figures, stepping on heavy steps, were slowly approaching. .

Each of these huge figures is more than a hundred meters high and covered with black hair. At first glance, they look like huge chimpanzees with blood-red eyes and are very frightening.

It is the tamed giant of the Raksha tribe.

Behind the dozens of giants, the black army came in mighty!

That’s right, those huge monsters actually knocked out a gap in the Chaos Mountains, and the world was shaking.

In this scene, everyone present was trembling in their hearts and would never forget it. It was simply too shocking!

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