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Chapter 1191

Through the dim light, I saw this army, wearing uniform black aD*mnl skin and soft armor, each soldier was about two meters tall, each holding a black long knife, and the sound shook the world!

At the forefront of the army is a huge chariot made of aD*mnl bones. The chariot is mounted on the backs of four behemoths. The four behemoths are as bright as blood. They are dozens of meters long and have sharp claws. Tooth is very ferocious at first glance.

And on the top of the chariot stood proudly a tall and stalwart figure, a black and shiny armor, shawl with messy hair, open and wild, it was the King of Rakshasa.

Behind King Raksha are two sons, Menglang and Mengao.


This… is this the Raksha clan calling over? !

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked! Feeling the momentum of the Raksha army, many people trembled and their legs became weak.

Because everyone felt that the strength of each soldier in this Raksha army was the lowest of Wusheng, and the Rakshasa King standing on the chariot was even more unfathomable.

With so many people, I’m afraid… I’m afraid there are a million troops. Looking from a distance, I saw a black and crushed piece, all of them people, and the long sword shone with cold light! Shocking!

Seeing this scene, many disciples of the sect in the Alliance Army trembled.

This…this Raksha tribe really exists. Moreover, the figure is so tall and the strength is so strong, how to fight this battle?

For a while, many people were timid without fighting, and they all had the idea of ​​turning around and fleeing.


At this moment, I saw the beautiful scenery on the other side of the Chaos Mountains. Compared with the savage and treacherous regions, the Rakshasa king stood up and stood proudly on the chariot. To recapture everything that was lost, kill and smash the enemy!”

“Kill!” The voice fell, and the millions of Rakshas army burst out with a roar that shook the sky, brandishing weapons in their hands, and rushing towards them.

These rakshas merged and fought bravely, coming and going like the wind, and they were in front of everyone in the blink of an eye.


Many people hadn’t reacted yet. Under the impact of the Raksha army, they screamed and fell in a pool of blood. In a blink of an eye, tens of thousands of people were killed and injured.

“Made, kill, kill all for me.” Seeing this scene, Peter’s eyes were red and red immediately, and he almost roared out, the giant axe in his hand turned over and he directly entered the Raksha army!

“Don’t panic, keep the formation to meet the enemy, and don’t be chaotic. For the sake of your homeland, everyone will kill me!” Lorenzo clenched his fists, seeing the Raksha army so brave, he was immediately inspired to fight.

“Kill!” The people around, Raquel, Ora, Zheng Chunqiu and others all responded.


Immediately, hundreds of thousands of alliance troops, like a tide, poured into the enemy formation, all of them were red eyes!

Yang Jian, who was not far away, also had a pale face, and raised his hand at Lawrence as a gesture.

Without any hesitation, Lawrence jumped up into the sky and shouted: “The whole army listens to the order and strikes!”


The voice fell, hundreds of thousands of Beiying army, with great momentum, rushed forward.

On the battlefield, a howl kept ringing!


People keep falling down, this world has been completely reddened by blood!

Boom boom boom…

In the fierce battle, the dozens of giants are particularly eye-catching. Under the control of Raksha soldiers, they are like giant life harvesters. When you lift your foot, dozens of people are turned into flesh, waving their arms. There were a hundred soldiers casualties, almost invincible.

These dozen giants, arranged in a line, almost swept the battlefield. Whether it was the Beiying army or the Alliance army, they all suffered heavy casualties and wailed.

“Withdraw… let’s withdraw quickly, withdraw quickly…”

Seeing this scene, among the Alliance army, I don’t know who shouted, and then, many people turned around and ran away with fear on their faces!

No one is stupid. Everyone has seen them. Those huge giants are more terrifying than the legendary wild beasts. General soldiers can’t get close at all. This battle can’t be fought. In the blink of an eye, the Alliance army suffered casualties. Disastrous, if you continue, don’t you want to be wiped out by the whole world?

Many people retreated, the Alliance army was in chaos, more and more casualties, the ground was stained red with blood, and the disciples of various sects fell one by one in a pool of blood!

Seeing this scene, many sects also retreated.

The Raksha tribe is so fierce that they fight against the rocks with pebbles.

“Let’s withdraw too.”

At this moment, in the crowd, Yu Wenyan quickly summoned the Phantom Music Teaching and Xiyan Pavilion’s disciples, and at the same time said to Yu Wenji: “Quick, withdraw quickly, hurry up.”

Yuwenji’s body trembled, and he hesitated: “All continents are still resisting. Let’s withdraw now, isn’t it a bit…”

Seeing the strength of the Raksha clan, Yu Wenji was also a little nervous, but in order to protect her homeland, she wanted to stick to it.

Yu Wenyan shook his head: “Silly sister, the defeat is settled. Staying here is to die. Let’s save our strength and we can slowly deal with the Rakshas in the future.”

When saying this, Yu Wenyan looked confident.

Yes, before robbing Linglong Tower from Darryl, Yu Wenyan studied for a day and did not find out the secret, but Yu Wenyan firmly believed that she would find the secret and become the new owner of Linglong Tower.

As long as there is Linglong Tower, there are countless ancient powerhouses inside, it is possible to block the Raksha army.

“Okay!” Seeing Yu Wenyan’s face resolute, Yu Wenji didn’t say much, and led the Xiyan Pavilion disciples to retreat quickly in cooperation with the Phantom Music Teaching.

“you guys…”

Seeing this scene, Raquel was anxious and angry. He didn’t expect that at the beginning of the war, there were many forces who were frightened by the Rakshas and began to flee without a fight.

Lorenzo was also anxious, and kept shouting to make everyone unite, but there was no effect at all.

However, although the remaining forces did not flee, their morale was low, and they were not as aggressive as they were at the beginning. Instead, they fought and retreated.

Not only on the side of the Alliance Army, but also the Beiying army was swept up and down by those giants, and it was broken.


At this moment, Lawrence hovered in mid-air and shouted anxiously: “Everyone now listen to my unified command. The Alliance Army is divided into two groups, one rounding to the left and the other to restraining the right. The Beiying army stays in the center. , Step back slowly, hurry up…”

The voice fell, and the Beiying army moved quickly.

On the Alliance Army’s side, Lorenzo, Ora, Zheng Chunqiu, Sheri and others, after looking at each other, quickly mobilized their subordinates to cooperate with Lawrence.

To be honest, if it had been a day ago, they would not have obeyed Lawrence’s orders, but now that the Rakshasa army is attacking, Darryl doesn’t know where he is going. If the melee continues, less than half a day, the Alliance Army will be The whole army was destroyed.

At that time, the Beiying army will be unable to support it alone and will be completely defeated. In the end, the mainland of Kyushu will be in a dire situation.

In this case, Lorenzo didn’t think much about it, and followed Lawrence’s arrangement regardless of the predecessors.

Soon, under Lawrence’s command, the Alliance and the Beiying army cooperated with each other to form a huge formation, echoing each other, and temporarily restraining the Raksha army.

But even so, the dozen or so huge giants are still rampant.

The huge formation can block the Rakshasa army, but it cannot block the giants like hills.


Seeing a few giants swept across their arms, hundreds of people flew into the sky in an instant, and a few of them were caught by the giants before they could react and stuffed them into the mouth of the blood basin.

The defensive formation was quickly broken through several holes.


Seeing this scene, whether it was the Alliance Army or the Beiying Army, they couldn’t help taking a breath.

This…what kind of beast is this? too frightening.

Chapter 1192

The close cooperation between the Alliance Army and the Beiying Army has not reversed the situation, and casualties are still increasing!

After another two hours of fierce fighting, the number of casualties on the Kyushu mainland has reached 100,000. As for the Raksha Army, the casualties were only 10,000.

The remaining hundreds of thousands gritted their teeth one by one, desperately resisting the millions of Rakshas!

In this situation, the defeat is almost set. Everyone on the Kyushu Continent is a little bit worried and desperate, but thinking that there is no chance to retreat, one by one gritted his teeth and resisted.

Each of them knows in their hearts.

If this battle is lost, the mainland of Kyushu will be over, and it will be over!

At this moment, the Rakshasa army is behind.

Behind the chariot where King Raksha was standing, two slender figures stood quietly, guarded by dozens of Raksha soldiers around.

It is Elsa and Xu Qingyi.

Meng Lang worshipped the two women as teachers. Although King Raksha was very upset, he did not try his best to stop him. In this case, although Elsa and Xu Qingyi did not have a very high status in the Raksha tribe, they were surrounded by The Rakshasa soldiers did not dare to neglect.

“What to do?” Seeing the scene in front of her, Xu Qingyi trembled.

She saw that the coalition forces in the mainland of Kyushu were falling in a pool of blood one by one, all of them were her own compatriots.

Elsa also frowned and was too anxious, but calmed down and said softly: “Since the war has broken out, we can’t stop it. The only way is to wait for the end of the battle to continue to let the elder son persuade Rakshasa. King.”


Upon hearing this, Xu Qingyi sighed and stopped talking.

On the battlefield, seeing the army retreating steadily, many soldiers fell in a pool of blood, Yang Jian’s expression was extremely ugly.

“Military strategist, do you know what kind of fierce beast the opponent is?” In anger, Yang Jian stared at the dozen or so huge giants and asked Lawrence.

Lawrence frowned, and slowly said: “Like an ape but not an ape, with infinite strength, it can grow to such a huge body. This should be the giant recorded in ancient books.”


Hearing this, Yang Jian’s eyes flashed with a cold light, and he said coldly: “Look at me and destroy them!”


When the voice fell, Yang Jian slowly raised the three-pointed two-edged sword, a powerful breath swept out, and in a short time, the whole world was surging!

Erlang true monarch, unparalleled domineering.

With anger, the world changes color!

Immediately afterwards, Yang Jian flashed, holding a three-pointed two-edged sword tightly, and flew up! At this moment, Yang Jian’s internal force exploded, and this sky would be shattered!

“Batian Slash!”

At this moment, Yang Jian tightly locked onto the nearest giant. When the distance was 100 meters away, Yang Jian roared and suddenly raised his hand. A terrifying force erupted from the three-pointed two-edged sword, forming a terrifying knife. Ying, suddenly blasted towards that giant chief!

This sword shadow was more than a hundred meters long, and it was formed entirely by Yang Jian’s fighting intent. It was surprisingly powerful and terrifying.

Tyrant Slash is Yang Jian’s fame and mastery. At the beginning, in Beiying Imperial City, Yang Jian used this trick to capture Zhu Bajie.

In an instant, as soon as the shadow of the sword appeared, the temperature of the surrounding air seemed to drop more than ten degrees rapidly, and the soldiers on both sides of the battlefield felt a bit of chill. Fastest update

Many Raksha soldiers stared at Yang Jian’s figure closely, and their hearts were extremely shocked.

What a strong breath, who is this?

Lorenzo, Ora, and Zheng Chunqiu were also shocked.

As expected to be the real monarch Erlang, this strength is almost unmatched in the world, he finally shot, this battle seems to have a turning point.

The soldiers of the Beiying Army were extremely excited.

“Batian Slash! Your Majesty has finally taken action!”

“Your Majesty’s move will definitely turn the tide of the battle…”

“See how your majesty kills these huge beasts…”

Under the horrified gaze of everyone, finally, that blade shadow fell from the sky.


The knife shadow was like a meteor lightning, wherever it passed, a crack was opened in the air. From a distance, the entire world was drawn, and it finally smashed into the giant’s body! Suddenly, a roar shook the world, and this land was filled with dust!

The giant wailing let out a dull wailing. The body that was more than 100 meters tall staggered back and saw that from its left shoulder to the right hip, a terrifying mouth of blood was torn out, spraying like a rain of blood. , And finally fell to the ground.

Not only that, but the reputation of the blade light was that behind this giant, a gully nearly one thousand meters long and one hundred meters wide was cut out. Within the scope of this gully, all the Raksha soldiers, All the bones were shattered and fell into a pool of blood! No dead body!


Seeing this scene, everyone had a cold back and their heads buzzed!

Especially the Rakshasa army, staring at Yang Jian blankly, like a god descending to the earth, the morale was like a rainbow, and the fighting spirit was high, but at this moment, it was wiped out a lot.

The Beiying army and the Alliance army were cheering.

Lorenzo, Ora, Raquel and everyone looked up at Yang Jian in mid-air, all excited.

As expected to be the real monarch Erlang, he killed a giant prince with just one move.

If you continue to shoot, wouldn’t these behemoths that have been troubled by everyone be quickly eradicated?

Although Yang Jian is a hypocrite, superficial and secretive, he is still worthy of respect at critical moments.


At this moment, behind the Rakshasa army, the Rakshasa King who was observing the battle on the station car stood up suddenly, locked Yang Jian tightly, and said coldly: “Who is this who can actually kill the giant with one move?”

The Raksha tribe has been trapped in the savage territories for thousands of years. He has very little knowledge of the situation in the Kyushu continent. Therefore, the Rakshasa King has no idea who the person in front of him is, but he can feel that this person was conquering Kyushu himself A big rival.

Upon hearing the question, Meng Ao and the other generals looked at each other and were silent.

King Raksha didn’t know him, and they didn’t even know him.


At this moment, Meng Lang walked out quickly and respectfully said to King Raksha: “This person should be Yang Jian, who is regarded as the true monarch of Erlang by the Continent of Nine Provinces, and is now the emperor of the Beiying Continent.”

As he said, Meng Lang stared at Yang Jian who was floating in the air, and continued: “It is said that this Yang Jian has cultivated for thousands of years. His strength should not be underestimated, and we should not underestimate the enemy.”

In the past few days, Meng Lang has learned a lot about the mainland of Kyushu from Elsa and Xu Qingyi, and he has also learned a lot of famous people. Yang Jian is one of them. Came out.

Wearing a golden armor, holding a three-pointed two-edged sword, and a big black dog by his side, it is Yang Jian! It can’t be wrong.

Chapter 1193

True Monarch Erlang?

Upon hearing this, King Raksha’s face became gloomy, and he said coldly: “Get my weapon.”

When the voice fell, the soldiers next to him brought a huge weapon, three meters long, bright white, and a huge bone knife.

This bone knife was an ancient beast killed by King Raksha a few years ago in the wild and treacherous realm. It was a weapon made of its spine. The beast lived for thousands of years and was made of its spine. , Extremely tough, comparable to a magic weapon.


King Raksha clasped the bone knife tightly, his figure rose up into the sky, and shouted at Yang Jian: “Are you Yang Jian? Dare to kill my giant prince and die.”

When I said this, the power of Raksha King’s whole body was permeated, like a black mist, making his figure looming, which was very illusory. The cultivation technique of the Raksha tribe is essentially different from that of the Nine Provinces. The only thing in common is that the strong breath is terrifying and shocking. Starting


Sensing the opponent’s powerful aura, Yang Jian looked solemn, holding a three-pointed two-edged knife, and asked coldly: “You are…”

“Haha…” King Raksha sneered and looked at Yang Jian closely: “I am King Raksha, and if you die in my hands, you are dead without regret!”


Yang Jian Yangtian laughed, his expression incomparably cold and proud: “Kill me? It’s not always certain who kills who.”

“Take it to death!” Raksha King stopped talking nonsense, roared wildly, clutching the bone knife, his figure resembling a death god from hell, and rushed directly towards Yang Jian.

At such a fast speed, when he saw King Raksha in the blink of an eye, Yang Jian became serious, and before thinking about it, he quickly held a three-pointed two-edged sword to resist!


The bone knives collided with the three-pointed two-edged knives, and there was a loud noise. I saw King Rakshasa and Yang Jian, and the volleys were shaken back 100 meters.

“Not bad!” King Raksha steadied his figure and looked at Yang Jian and nodded in approval: “I heard that you are famous in the Nine States Continent, and you have cultivated for nearly a thousand years. It really deserves your reputation. However, you are not an opponent of this king.”

When the words fell, King Raksha rushed towards Yang Jian again, his whole body filled with evil spirits, causing the sky to be surging.

Seeing King Raksha who rushed again, Yang Jian frowned and said coldly: “You are nothing more than this, let me take your first level!” Just now, Yang Jian was fighting against King Raksha, and Yang Jian clearly felt that the Raksha clan His cultivation is very special, but Yang Jian didn’t panic at all. As the esteemed Lord Erlang, he didn’t blow it out.

When the voice fell, Yang Jian gripped the three-pointed two-edged sword and fought fiercely with King Raksha.

For a moment, the two figures were constantly shuttled back and forth in the high altitude of the battlefield, and the surrounding thunderclouds rolled, and the scene was indescribably shocking.


This scene made everyone stunned. You must know that this kind of battle is rare in ancient and modern times, and many people look stupid!


At this moment, in a deep mountain cave dozens of miles away from the Chaos Mountains.

Darryl sat cross-legged in the stone room, and as he practiced, the strength in his body continued to rise.

Generals, Wuhou, Wu Sheng…

I have to say that Guiguzi’s Eight Desolate Vertical and Horizontal Heart Sutras are vast, profound, and extremely mysterious. After Darryl practiced, he couldn’t help regaining his internal strength, his realm level, and he also recovered at an extremely fast speed.

Darryl had been sitting here for a day and a night, and had recovered from no internal strength to his current martial sage realm.

According to this speed, by noon tomorrow, the strength will be fully restored to the Wuduan Wuhuang, and at that time, it will be possible to break through the tribulation realm.

It’s just that Darryl at this time could not practice wholeheartedly, because just now, Darryl clearly felt that the direction of the Chaos Mountain Range was shaking, and as the strength became stronger, Darryl felt more lightly that the sky was all over the sky. The sound of fighting everywhere.

No, I have to speed up.

Thinking about it, Darryl picked up the spirit of twelve points and continued to practice cross-legged.


the other side.

The vast sea is in the sea area of ​​the market.

Under the guidance of Hai Ling’er, Gary led the blood shark pirates, drove a thousand sailing ships, successfully passed through the whirlpool rapids area, and finally arrived at the coral island after several hours of sailing.

Coral Island, located in the very center of the Guixu waters, is also the secret habitat of the sea sharks who have guarded the Guixu waters for generations.


When I arrived at Coral Island, I saw the scene in front of me. Whether it was Gary, Ice, and the many blood shark pirates, they were all stunned. They were all amazed and lamented the magic of the Creator.

I saw that the coral island in front of me was very big, but there was no land. The whole island was a piece of coral groups, connected. Some of these coral groups were tens of meters high, some were half a meter high, almost There are all kinds of corals, which are colorful and radiant in the sun.

The residences of the sea mackerel are built on these coral colonies with huge shells. From a distance, one after another, it’s like a fairy tale world.

“It’s so beautiful here.” Tracy was dumbfounded and couldn’t help but exclaimed.

Gary was also amazed, and couldn’t help but said to Hai Ling’er: “I really didn’t expect that there would be such a beautiful place in this dangerous environment of Guixu Sea, it is simply a paradise.”


Hai Ling’er couldn’t help laughing, and said to Gary: “This is the place where we live for generations. Is it special? Your home in mainland China is different from here?”

Hai Ling’er grew up in the waters and has never been to the mainland, so she believes that all human dwellings are like this.

Gary smiled slightly and responded: “Of course it’s different. There are palaces in the mainland, and there are more majestic buildings. I will definitely take you to see when the time comes.”


Hai Ling’er nodded, and then softly said, “You two and I will go to see my father. However, your subordinates are about to wait here. We, the sea mackerel clan, have a rule that you can’t bring outsiders into it. of.”

During the previous voyage, Gary wanted to catch Mateo as soon as possible, but he never touched it. Now that he has reached the habitat of the Haishu clan, Gary decided to repair it here. At the same time, he wanted to visit the Haishu clan. The patriarch, that is, Hai Ling’er’s father.

Hai Ling’er was kind-hearted and agreed, but she didn’t forget the rules of the sea mackerel clan.

Gary replied, expressing his understanding.

“Ling’er.” At this moment, Tracy couldn’t help but curiously asked: “For thousands of years, are there really no other humans here in your sea mackerel family?”

Hai Ling’er smiled lightly: “If you want to come here, you have to pass through the whirlpool rapids. Even pirates with rich seafaring experience can’t cross easily, so there are very few people who can come here. Yes. Say, your brothers and sisters are the first to receive invitations in thousands of years.”

As he said, Hai Ling’er suddenly thought of something and clapped his hands: “That’s right, a few days ago, my father rescued a few people from the rivers and lakes. It is said that they came from the land of the earth. Maybe you know them.”

From the land of the earth?

Hearing this, Gary and Tracy looked at each other, both very surprised.

Immediately afterwards, Gary’s eyes flashed, thinking of something, and hurriedly asked Hai Ling’er: “What do those people look like?”

Before, at the seaside of Donghai City, Tangjiabao had several other sects who robbed the people’s fishing boats and went to sea to escape the war. Could it be that these are the people mentioned by Hai Linger?

However, several schools add up to tens of thousands, it is impossible to have only a few people left…

Chapter 1194

Seeing that the brothers and sisters both looked at him seriously, Hai Ling’er tilted his head and replied: “Those people are not young anymore, and one of them claims to be Tangjiapu’s fort master, saying that he is It’s very famous in the Earth Round Continent…”

Tang Qingyun? It really was them.

Before Hai Ling’er finished speaking, Gary’s eyes lit up, revealing a sneer: “Ma De, these bastards actually ran to the Guixu waters. The sky has eyes, so I will not spare them lightly if I meet them. .”

Before, Yang Jian led Beiying’s army to invade, but Tang Qingyun’s sects fled without a fight. After that, they went to Donghai City and robbed the people’s fishing boats, which was absolutely abominable.

At that time, Gary and Tracy tried their best to stop Tang Qingyun and the others from running away, but they never forgot. At that time, Gary secretly vowed that if he saw him in the future, he would teach these scum, but he didn’t expect Tang Qingyun. It turned out to be in the sea mackerel clan.

While angry, Gary was also a little curious.

At that time, Tang Qingyun and several sects totaled tens of thousands of people. Now there are only a few left. What happened to them?

Just as Gary was thinking, Hai Linger led the way and headed for the largest residence on Coral Island.

Of course, this residence is also made of shells. A dozen huge shells of several meters high are stacked together to form a unique Qionglou. It seems simple, but it gives a feeling of luxury and elegance.

Gary and Tracy quickly followed.

Along the way, I saw many other Haimao people, all handsome men and beautiful women, and they all saluted Hai Linger respectfully. At the same time, they looked at the brothers and sisters Gary curiously.

“Ling’er, are you back?”

When approaching, with an old voice, a dozen people walked out slowly, the first one, with white beard but ruddy complexion, wearing a robe made of fish scales and sea aD*mnl skins, with a majestic aura.

It is Hai Ling’er’s father, Hai Kun, the patriarch of the Haiyu clan!

At this time Haikun looked at Hai Ling’er with love and worry in her eyes. One day ago, her daughter went out to play and suddenly disappeared. This made Haikun very anxious. During the period, he sent many people to search, but there was no clue. .

Just now, Hai Kun convened the tribe to continue discussing the search method, but he did not expect that his daughter came back safe and sound, which made Hai Kun overjoyed.

“Father!” Hai Ling’er yelled, and ran over to plunge into Hai Kun’s arms.

“Where have you been this day?” Hai Kun stroked her daughter’s hair and couldn’t help but ask softly.

Hai Ling’er smiled and said, “I was chased by a bad guy, so I kept swimming, and I quickly swam outside the Guixu waters. I met the benefactor, and the benefactor shot away the bad guy and saved me.”

Thinking of the scene at that time, Hai Ling’er was still a little scared.


Hearing this, Haikun was stunned, then looked at Gary and Tracy: “That’s them?”

While talking, Hai Kun looked at the two Gary closely, and saw that they were not very old, the males were handsome and handsome, and the females were youthful and charming.

Hai Ling’er nodded heavily and greeted the two Gary at the same time: “Benefactor, this is my father, the head of the Haiyu clan.”

Upon hearing this, Gary and Tracy were about to come over.


But at this moment, a person walked out behind Hai Kun and stopped with a loud voice. He was wearing a satin robe with a dark and cunning complexion. It was Tang Qingyun.

At this time, Tang Qingyun looked at Gary closely, full of fear.

At the same time, my heart is also indescribable shock.

I thought that after a holiday at the seaside of Donghai City, I would never see each other again, but I didn’t expect to meet again in this sea mackerel tribe.

Tang Qingyun saw that Gary’s internal strength was completely restored, he was no longer weak before, and his strength seemed to have improved a lot.

What was even more shocking to Tang Qingyun was that not far away, on the sea next to the coral island, there were thousands of sailboats densely packed with people on them.


Gary’s gaze also locked Tang Qingyun tightly, his expression gloomy.

This scum is really here.


Finally, Tang Qingyun reacted and said to Haikun: “The princess may have been deceived. The two are brothers and sisters, very dangerous. Their father is called Darryl, a great demon on the Nine Provinces. He does nothing, like this. People, how can you save the princess? There must be something strange behind it.”

When he said this, Tang Qingyun looked sincere and serious, but his eyes flashed with cunning.

Half a month ago, after Tang Qingyun and several sects robbed the people’s sailboats, they were originally going to settle down on Taohua Island. After arriving, they saw that Taohua Island had become a ruin. It turned out that the Apocalypse army attacked the land. Peach Blossom Island was the first to be wiped out, and Donghai City, which was later attacked.

In this case, Tang Qingyun everyone had to continue sailing into the deep sea.

During the period, the heads of other schools wanted to give up and decided to return to the mainland, but Tang Qingyun insisted very much, because Tang Qingyun had read the “Map of Returning to the Ruins”. Although the map was lost, he still remembered a lot.

Tang Qingyun knew that there was an ancient secret hidden in the chart. As long as he found this secret, he could not only carry forward Tangjiabao, but he could also become the supreme figure of Kyushu.

Relying on his memory, Tang Qingyun led everyone to the Guixu waters. As a result, he was hit hard by the whirlpool rapids. Tens of thousands of people were trapped in it, and one by one was swept into the seabed.

In the end, only Tang Qingyun survived, and they were finally rescued by the sea mackerel tribe.

When he arrived at the sea mackerel tribe, Tang Qingyun was pleasantly surprised to find that the coral island where the sea mackerel was located was the secret location of the chart, so he stayed and tried to find out.

But today, why didn’t he expect that the brothers and sisters Gary suddenly appeared.

Tang Qingyun knew that Gary would not let him go. Instead of being passive, he might as well be strong first, bewitching the Haishu clan, and get rid of Gary for himself.


Hearing this, Gary was furious, pointing at Tang Qingyun and cursing: “You despicable and shameless villain, turn black and white, fabricate facts, and die!”

The ice next to him was also trembling with an angry body, and then he shouted, “Tang Qingyun, do you have a conscience? The earth circle is in danger, you flee, and now you are slandering us?”

The icy air at this time was broken. This Tang Qingyun is too hateful. Even if he fabricates the facts, he still slanders his father as the great demon of the Kyushu Continent? Starting

Hai Ling’er was also a little anxious, and said to Tang Qingyun: “Don’t talk nonsense, they are good people.”

As he said, Hai Ling’er pulled Hai Kun’s sleeve and said anxiously: “Father, that brother Gary and his sister are good people, don’t listen to this person’s nonsense.”

When the voice fell, Hai Linger looked at Tang Qingyun vigilantly. In fact, when Tang Qingyun first came to Coral Island, Hai Linger felt that this person was full of etiquette and morality, but his eyes often flashed with a cold light, no Like a good person, seeing his benefactor slandering his benefactor at this time, he was immediately anxious.

Haikun stood there, quietly looking at the two Gary, expressionless, and did not speak.

Tang Qingyun was able to speak well and won Hai Kun’s trust in just a few days. Therefore, Hai Kun believed in Tang Qingyun at this time, but when he saw his daughter tried hard to protect the brother and sister, Hai Kun hesitated for a while.

Chapter 1195


A terrifying force blasted on the protective film, and the protective film was instantly shattered. Then Tang Qingyun let out a muffled grunt. The whole person was shocked and flew over a hundred meters away. A dozen corals were broken before he fell heavily on a shell.

When resisting Gary’s punch just now, Tang Qingyun had already consumed a lot of internal strength. At this time, facing the power of the Overlord’s Hammer, he couldn’t resist it at all.

After all, Gary’s Overlord Hammer was also a rare weapon.

“Tang Qingyun!” At this time, Gary stared at Tang Qingyun closely, his tone was full of murderous intent: “Do you have any last words, hurry up and say it!”

While talking, Gary held the Overlord Hammer tightly and slowly walked towards Tang Qingyun.

The strong breath filled the sky and the sea.


Tang Qingyun was even more shocked, and secretly swallowed his saliva, wishing to cry without tears!

“and many more!”

Seeing Gary getting closer, Tang Qingyun couldn’t help but yelled: “His Royal Highness, Yue Shaoxia, I am wrong, I am not a human being, I am unfaithful, please, forgive me, please forgive me… .”

To be honest, Tang Qingyun never thought that he would kneel down and beg Gary for mercy, but there is no way, this Gary’s strength is too strong, and if he refuses to accept softness, his life is really gone.

However, Gary just chuckled, and did not stop, and continued to approach.

This kind of scum is a scourge to keep, and it is better to get rid of it earlier.

“Yue Shaoxia, Young Master Yue…” Tang Qingyun was completely panicked and kept kowtowing: “For the sake of my role that I also worked for your father in the past, let me spare my dog’s life.”

At the same time, Hai Kun, who had always been cold and silent, couldn’t help but say: “This young man, since Mr. Tang has admitted his mistake, you should give him a chance.”

When saying this, Hai Kun gave Tang Qingyun a cold look, completely devoid of his previous politeness.

As the patriarch of the Haikun clan, Hai Kun could see that what Tang Qingyun had said before was false and fooled himself. Haikun was very furious, but after all, this is the territory of the sea mackerel clan, and two outsiders are fighting here, and they can’t make it through reason.

When the voice fell, Hai Ling’er couldn’t help but speak: “Brother Gary, even if this person is hateful, but you should spare him once. Our Haishu clan has the ancestor’s precept. You can’t kill people in your territory.”

Seeing Hai Ling’er said the same, Gary stopped and hesitated.

Tang Qingyun is so hateful, so forgive him like this?


At this moment, Tracy walked over slowly, glanced at Tang Qingyun, and said softly: “Hailing’er has spoken, let’s save him for the time being.”

As he said, Tracy thought of something, and continued: “The situation in the mainland must be very tense now. It is the occasion of employing people to keep him, and when he returns to the mainland, he will be guilty and meritorious.”


Hearing this, Gary looked at Tang Qingyun coldly: “Have you heard it? Seeing Hai Ling’er’s face today, spare your life, from now on, follow my orders with everything. If you go against it, you will Cut it without mercy.”

“Yes…” Tang Qingyun was sweating coldly, and nodded repeatedly: “I will definitely contribute to the mainland, and I will never run away again.”

Gary ignored it, put away the Overlord Hammer, and walked over slowly with Tracy.

When he arrived, Gary showed a slight smile, and said to Haikun: “I have seen the patriarch.”

Haikun nodded, and smiled embarrassingly: “The two are really heroes who were born in youth. Thank you for saving the little girl. I was really offended just now.”

Gary smiled: “The patriarch is polite.”

Afterwards, Haikun invited brother and sister Gary inside to host a banquet. Tang Qingyun followed behind in a desperate manner, completely without the appearance of a sect master.

After this hour, Haikun understood the situation and was very angry: “D*mn, that person named Mateo actually chased Ling’er. I will send a tribe to cooperate with you and pursue this person with all my strength.”

Gary nodded: “With the words of the patriarch, I’m relieved.”

The sea sharks have lived here for thousands of years and are very familiar with the surrounding environment. With their help, Mateo will be captured.

As he was talking, Gary glanced at Tang Qingyun who was standing aside, and couldn’t help but said: “Tang Qingyun, why have you stayed here? Is there any purpose?”


Tang Qingyun flushed, hesitated, and said cautiously: “Young Master Yue, do you remember the chart that I dropped before? A secret is recorded. I have looked at the chart and found it here.” Gary was Darryl’s son, naturally, should be called Young Master.


Gary was stunned, and looked at each other with Tracy, and quickly took out the sea survey map of Guixu.

With just a glance, the brothers and sisters Gary were shocked, and they saw that the mark on it was Coral Island.


At this time, Haikun stood up and looked at the chart closely. He couldn’t hide his excitement and shock, and he trembled: “This.. At this time, the relics uploaded by our ancestors of the sea mackerel are missing. For nearly a thousand years, I didn’t expect to see it again…”


Hearing this, whether it was Gary, Tracy, or Tang Qingyun, they were all shocked.

Is this sea chart a relic of the ancestors of the sea mackerel tribe?


On the other side, in a deep mountain cave.


Darryl sat there cross-legged, surrounded by waves of violent power, and the air in the entire stone room was completely distorted frantically.

Darryl has been here for two days and two nights.

At this time, the internal force finally recovered to the previous Wudu Wuhuang realm, and was about to break through the tribulation realm.

What makes Darryl secretly anxious is that this bottleneck is always difficult to break through.

Card wipe wipe.

At this moment, as the strength in the stone chamber became stronger and stronger, the surrounding stone walls and stone platforms suddenly shattered. Darryl opened his eyes and was taken aback. He deployed a protective film to cover the body of Guiguzi.

Guiguzi has soared, but the body is immortal, sitting there, as if asleep, lifelike.

Darryl was extremely grateful for Guiguzi’s respect, and naturally he didn’t want to see his body destroyed.

Finally, everything was calm, Darryl breathed a sigh of relief, but he was stunned when he tilted his head.

I saw that under the stone platform, there is actually a patio. The so-called patio means that there is no water inside, and it looks like a well. Darryl saw that under the patio, there was a simple stone box with runes and many patterns carved on it.

D*mn, there is something under this?

Darryl was very surprised, and before he could think about it, he took out the stone box.

I saw the pattern above, the background is very old, and the words on it also reveal the vicissitudes of life and simplicity, but Darryl recognized it all at once, and read word by word: “The Raksha clan is cruel and easy to kill. The name of Emperor Xuanyuan caused all races to attack, and exiled the Raksha clan into the wild and treacherous territory…”


Emperor Xuanyuan? This…this stone box is what Xuanyuan Huangdi left behind?

Emperor Xuanyuan, also known as Xuanyuan Huangdi, was the head of the three emperors in ancient times.

At this moment, Darryl only felt that his mind was blank, and his heart was shocked.

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