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Chapter 1196

In shock, Darryl took a deep breath and continued reading: “In this battle, the tribes suffered heavy losses, and I had to summon the Shellmound… and finally succeeded…”

The more he read, the more shocked Darryl became.

It turned out that at that time, the Huangdi exiled the Raksha tribe to the wild and savage territory, and it was not as simple as imagined. At that time, the Raksha tribe was very powerful and resisted desperately, resulting in heavy casualties among the tribes.

In the end, Huangdi had to summon his own spirit beast and dragon, and finally defeated the Raksha clan, but the dragon was also injured and finally died. Huangdi was heartbroken. Before the death of the dragon, he left two treasures of the dragon’s line. As for what treasures. , Did not say above.

After reading the engraving above, Darryl only knew that the two treasures were related to the continuation of the dragon. At that time, Huang Diming made two stone boxes to separate the treasures and left them in the cave near the Chaos Mountains, which is Darryl. This place in front of me is used to guard the Chaos Mountains.

As for the other treasure, the Yellow Emperor handed it to a tribe and asked them to go to the vast sea and place the treasure on the seabed to seal it up, because in this way, it was possible to ensure that the aura of the treasure would not collapse.

The lettering on the stone box says at the end: As long as you find two treasures, you can unlock the strongest power of the dragon vein. At that time, if the Raksha tribe returns to the Kyushu mainland and harms the people, you can suppress it…


After reading these, Darryl only felt that his brain was humming, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

As expected to be Huang Di Xuanyuan, strategizing, he knew that someday the Raksha tribe would cross the Chaos Mountains, so he deliberately left behind!

And… the line of Shellmound, is it really a dragon? It is said that the dragon did exist thousands of years ago, but then it disappeared on the mainland of Kyushu. Could it be that it was because of the fierce battle with the Raksha tribe that the dragon became extinct?

Thinking about it, Darryl’s hands trembled and couldn’t help but open the stone box.


The moment he opened it, Darryl was stunned when he saw the contents inside, and couldn’t help sucking in the air-conditioning.

I saw that there was a crystal clear bead in the stone box. This bead was the size of a fist and showed colorful light, and it could be clearly sensed that there was an aura of heaven and earth in it.

Moreover, this heaven and earth aura is thicker than what Darryl felt before, pure…


The moment he got his hand, Darryl heard vaguely, the sound of a dragon’s roar seemed to be heard in the beads, and the roar was vaguely, but it hit the soul.

The voice of the dragon chant?

Darryl froze there, staring at the beads in his hand, unable to tell whether it was excitement or shock. At this moment, he suddenly understood something.

This bead is a dragon ball. It is also the essence of the dragon. Obviously, this dragon ball is the essence of the dragon that the Yellow Emperor possessed.


With this thing, are you still afraid of the Raksha tribe?

At this moment, Darryl couldn’t tell the excitement and excitement, but his thoughts turned, he found one of the two treasures, so what is the other?

What was said on the stone box was very clear. Another treasure was taken into the deep sea, but how should I look for the vast sea?

Muttering in his heart, Darryl stopped thinking about it, put away the dragon ball, sat cross-legged again, and continued to practice.

The most important thing now is to break through the Tribulation Realm as soon as possible, and then go out to resist the Raksha army. As for the second treasure, let’s slowly figure out a solution!


Soon, Darryl entered the cultivation state, and a wave of violent power spread out again, which was very shocking. Fastest update


the other side.

At the foot of the Chaos Mountains.

In the battlefield, the Alliance Army and the Beiying Army were still desperately resisting, and the fighting became more and more fierce.

Bang bang bang…

Above the mid-air, the storm was surging, and the fierce battle between Yang Jian and King Raksha continued. Until now, they have been fighting for several hours. However, King Raksha has never been able to suppress Yang Jian.

Similarly, Yang Jian could not defeat King Raksha.

Speaking of it, King Raksha is the most talented and rough king in the history of the Raksha tribe. Especially in terms of cultivation, he is even more gifted. Now, he has reached the stage of mastery.

However, as the true monarch of Erlang, Yang Jian is also a rare cultivator. Since becoming Emperor Beiying, he has taken a lot of natural treasures in the underground storehouse left by Houyi, and his strength is not to be underestimated. watch for.

At this moment, both of them are doing their best to resist their respective kings and dominance.

“Sure enough!” King Raksha hovered in the air, staring at Yang Jian closely, and said coldly: “However, you will eventually die by my sword. This king will use your head as a wine cup for the celebration banquet.”


When the voice fell, King Raksha raised his bone knife: “God and evil punish the way.”


When the last word falls, the world changes color! Seeing dark clouds in the sky, at the same time, the sky that was originally gloomy became even darker in an instant.


Immediately afterwards, with a loud noise, with the Raksha King as the center, masses of black fog quickly gathered around him, and these black fog contained extremely violent evil power.

Suddenly, the temperature between the sky and the earth will suddenly become much colder.

Whether it was the Beiying army or the Alliance army, they felt cold and inexplicably terrified.

The cultivation of the Raksha tribe is very different from that of the Nine Provinces. Because they live in the evil environment of the wild and treacherous territory, the power of cultivation is extremely evil.

At this time, King Raksha broke out with all his strength, it can be said that the world has changed color.


Soon, as the evil forces that gathered became stronger and stronger, the whole world, flying sand and rocks, I saw that at this time, in front of King Raksha, a huge black shadow was condensed, and it was a wild beast, this beast. Completely condensed by evil forces, but several hundred meters high, blood-eyed and fangs, it is frightening to see.


Seeing that huge beast, the Beiying army below, and the Alliance army, they couldn’t help but breathe in the air, and at the same time secretly worried for Yang Jian.

And the Raksha army was cheered and exhilarated.

Feeling the terrifying aura from that huge beast, Yang Jian’s expression was solemn, and his eyes also showed some jealousy and seriousness.

“The barbarians, it’s not so easy to kill me.”

A cold voice came from Yang Jian’s mouth. In the next second, the internal force completely exploded, and a cloud of golden light burst out, covering Yang Jian’s whole body.

Under the golden light shooting, Yang Jian stood proudly in the air, like a god descending from the sky.

“Die to me!”

King Raksha did not talk nonsense, and roared wildly, that huge black beast came straight towards Yang Jian.


Yang Jian looked fearless and shouted, “Mie Xian Zhan!”

Destroying the Immortal Slash is Yang Jian’s strongest skill. For thousands of years, it has never been easily performed, but today, facing the powerful Raksha King, he has to use his skill at the bottom of the box.


At the moment when the voice fell, Yang Jian suddenly took a moment, all the golden light on his body melted into the three-pointed two-edged sword, and then, a group of golden beams of light burst out, appearing extremely dazzling in this dim world.


In the next second, a golden beam of light blasted fiercely on the huge black beast, and the terrifying energy exploded, covering a radius of several hundred li, covered by a piece of golden light and black mist, and dust was everywhere.


The violent aura vibrated, causing the Chaos Mountain Range to tremble, and then, they collapsed one after another, and in a moment, the hurricane roared, and magma was everywhere…


Seeing this scene, the troops on both sides were stunned.

Strong, too strong, the two strongest blows caused the Chaos Mountains to collapse.

Bang bang…

And in that dusty smoke, Yang Jian and King Raksha were seen confronting again, but both of them almost exhausted their internal strength, and finally both fell into the ruins of the chaotic mountain range.

In the ruins, there are black fog, raging magma, and hurricanes everywhere.

Everyone was taken aback, and after reacting, they could no longer see King Rosa and Yang Jian.

Chapter 1197

“His Majesty.”

“Ji Lang Erlang…”

At this moment, Lawrence, Lorenzo, and the army below could not help but exclaim in exclamation. Yang Jian and King Raksha fought fiercely for a few hours, exhausting a lot of internal strength, and now they fell into the rubble again, I’m afraid that Yang Jian will be fierce and lucky.

Speaking of it, the Lorenzo people, although they have prejudices against Yang Jian, Yang Jian is strong and can play a key role in the fight against the Raksha army. If this is destroyed, it will be the loss of the Kyushu Continent.

“The King…”


On the opposite side of the battlefield, countless Raksha soldiers and the Menglangmenao brothers also changed their expressions and couldn’t help shouting.

King Raksha is the supreme leader of the Raksha tribe, and it is also the spiritual support of the Raksha tribe. In the hearts of the Raksha tribe, their king is invincible and invincible, but at this time, they saw Yang Jianhe King Raksha suffered both losses and fell into the rubble together, one by one was angry and anxious.

“Everyone listen to my orders.”

Anxiously, Meng Lang jumped into the chariot and shouted at the army: “For now…”

Meng Lang intends to temporarily cease the war and search the ruins to find King Raksha. When that time comes, he will look for opportunities to dissuade King Raksha from stopping the war and coexist peacefully with the Kyushu mainland.

However, as soon as he said two words, he was interrupted by Meng Ao.

“The D*mn Jiuzhou Continent, hurt my father, kill me, kill them all.” Meng Ao had a fiery personality and was very reckless. With a roar, his figure broke out and rushed towards the army of Kyushu.

In Meng’ao’s heart, he believed that his father was invincible, and even if he fell into the rubble, there would be no worry about his life. The most important thing before us is to completely defeat the Kyushu Continent and win this war.

At this time, Mengao was like a god of murder. In the blink of an eye, a dozen soldiers from the mainland of Kyushu were killed.


Seeing this scene, many Raksha soldiers suddenly blushed, roared and launched an offensive.

“Mengao.” Meng Lang clenched his fists, extremely annoyed.

This younger brother is too reckless, his father is not here, the command should be himself, after all, he is the son of the world, but Meng Ao actually acted without authorization and led the army into a fierce fighting situation.

It’s just that the Rakshasa army went crazy, and all of them were red eyes. Meng Lang realized that a temporary truce was impossible, as long as he gritted his teeth and rushed into the battlefield.


Facing the attack of the Raksha army, many Kyushu soldiers screamed and fell in a pool of blood.


Seeing this scene, the Lorenzo everyone was also aroused bloody.

“Kill, fight endlessly!” Lorenzo held a long sword without fear, and after a roar, he directly greeted him!

“Endless fight!”

The Alliance Army behind them, as well as the Beiying Army, roared and shook the sky, gritted their teeth one by one, and rushed forward.

Suddenly, the killing sound shook the sky, and blood stained the sky.


On the other side, Guixu waters, Coral Island.

In the hall built by shells, Gary, Tracy, and Tang Qingyun gathered their eyes on Hai Kun.

Haikun’s face was excited and excited, holding the “Guidexu Surveying Map”, his hands trembled with excitement, and said every word: “The sky is above, and the relics left by my ancestors of the sea mackerel have finally been found. It’s really the heavens have eyes.”


Seeing this scene, Gary and Tracy looked at each other, very puzzled.

Even if it is the relic of the ancestor, it doesn’t need to be so excited.

Tang Qingyun on the side changed his face and his eyes were complicated.


Finally, Gary reacted and couldn’t help but ask Haikun, “Is this relic important?” This is just a chart.

At the same time, Tracy also looked at Hai Kun closely, his delicate face was full of curiosity.

“of course.”

Haikun nodded solemnly: “You may not know that this chart hides a secret. This secret is related to the thousands of years of duty of our sea mackerel.” The mobile phone will remember to provide you with it in one second. Wonderful novel reading.

As he said, Haikun looked at the endless sea outside and slowly continued: “Thousands of years ago, our tribe responded to the call of Emperor Xuanyuan to expel the Raksha tribe. Although it succeeded, the tribes suffered heavy casualties, as did the Emperor Xuanyuan. A lot of right-hand men were injured. Later, Emperor Xuanyuan predicted that the Raksha tribe would come back, causing chaos in Kyushu and tarnishing the creatures. He gave a treasure to our tribe and let us go to the sea and hide the treasure on the seabed.”


Hearing this, Gary and Tracy were all taken aback. At this moment, I was shocked. I didn’t expect that the secret guarded by the Seafish tribe was actually related to the Raksha tribe.

Soon, Gary slowed down, and couldn’t wait to ask: “What then?”


Hai Kun took a deep breath and slowly said: “The Emperor Xuanyuan ordered our tribe to put the treasures on the seabed and guard them for generations. There can be no mistakes. Once the Chaos Mountains change abnormally, the treasures must be taken out.”

“The ancestors of my tribe did not dare to forget. After placing the treasures, they drew a map. As a result, the Coral Island was attacked by pirates thousands of years ago. Although our people repelled the pirates, this map was accidentally lost. .”

“Unexpectedly, the sky has eyes. Today’s picture has returned to the hands of my sea mackerel clan.”

At the last sentence, Hai Kun burst into tears and excitement.

Hearing this, Gary and Tracy were shocked, unable to calm down for a long time.

Xuanyuan Huangdi? treasure?

Unexpectedly, this chart has such a big origin behind it.

Shocked in his heart, Gary couldn’t help but glance at Tang Qingyun. This picture was picked from him. It seems that Tang Qingyun must know the secret behind it, otherwise, he would not find it here.

“Young Master Yue!”

Feeling Gary’s gaze, Tang Qingyun’s heart was shocked, and she hurriedly said with a smiling face: “Don’t look at me like this. I also got this picture by accident. Where do I know the secret above? When I came to Coral Island, more It’s a coincidence.”

Yes, Tang Qingyun lied. He had already seen the secrets on the chart, but how dare to say these words?

Seeing him flattering and flattering, Gary snorted, too lazy to pay attention.

In the next second, Gary looked at Hai Kun and couldn’t help asking: “Patriarch, what is the treasure you are talking about?”


Seeing Gary’s straightforward question, Hai Kun’s expression changed and he shook his head again and again: “We are only responsible for guarding. No one knows what the treasure is, even the ancestors of our Haishu clan.”

Hearing this, Gary couldn’t help but smiled bitterly: “I don’t know what the treasure is, your sea mackerel clan guarded here for thousands of years, it seems a bit worthless.”

Uh …

Hearing this, Hai Kun was a little embarrassed.

At this time, Tracy pulled Xia Gary, and whispered: “Brother, don’t be so straightforward.”

Gary scratched his head and smiled.

At this moment, Tracy thought of something and asked Haikun: “Patriarch, you just said that as long as the Chaos Mountain Range has undergone an abnormal change, you can take out the treasures, but just heard you say that the Chaos Mountain Range is far from the sea area of ​​the market. For tens of thousands of miles, if the Chaos Mountain Range really changes, how do you know?”

Chapter 1198


Gary nodded silently, agreeing with Tracy’s statement very much, watching Hai Kun closely, waiting for his answer.

Hai Kun smiled bitterly and was about to speak.


Suddenly, the entire coral island shook. Although the frequency of the vibration was not strong, everyone present felt it, as if it had been an earthquake.


Immediately afterwards, there was a shout from no one outside, and suddenly everyone looked towards the distant horizon.

I saw that in the direction of the Kyushu Continent, in the distant sky, there was a black fog that covered the sky, as if the world was the end of the world.

It is the vision caused by the collapse of the Chaos Mountains.

Of course, Gary and Tracy didn’t know, they thought it was an ancient tomb, or the treasure was born.


However, Hai Kun trembled all over, walked slowly out of the main hall, staring at the distant sky, and muttered: “The black mist is in the sky, a natural phenomenon, this…this is the abnormal change of the Chaos Mountain Range.” Passed down from generation to generation, if the Chaos Mountains undergo abnormal changes, there will be black fog vacating the sky. This point is obviously different from the celestial auspicious signs of the ancient tombs when the gods are present.

This is the mutation of the Chaos Mountains?

Hearing this, everyone in Gary was taken aback. It was a coincidence, but seeing Hai Kun’s expression didn’t seem to be a joke. In a moment, everyone no longer doubted it.

“Quickly, go to the treasure place immediately and take out the treasure.” Hai Kun immediately summoned the tribe and shouted excitedly. As long as there is an abnormal change in the Chaos Mountains, the treasure must be taken out. This is the death of Emperor Xuanyuan, and it is also the responsibility of the Sea Shark Clan to stick to it for thousands of years.

However, when the voice fell, no one from the surrounding sea mackerel came forward.

Seeing this scene, Haikun was a little embarrassed. The location where the treasure was placed was on the seabed a kilometer below the coral island. It needed people with good water quality and strength to go down. However, some of the strongest Haikun tribe, just now and Gary played against each other, all were injured, and they all needed to rest.

At this time, Gary stood up and said seriously: “Or, I will go.”

Although Hai Kun didn’t say anything, Gary also knew that the place to prevent treasures must be very dangerous, so these people of the sea mackerel did not dare to go easily.


Haikun suddenly hesitated. The sea sharks have guarded the treasures on the bottom of the sea for thousands of years and have been protecting this secret, never letting outsiders know it. After all, treasures are not trivial, how can they be brought into contact with outsiders?

Gary saw his worries and said with a smile: “Just now the patriarch said that this treasure is related to the safety of the mainland of Kyushu. As a member of Kyushu, it is understandable for me to contribute.”

As soon as the voice fell, Hai Ling’er next to her hurriedly said, “Father, or let Brother Gary go, and I’ll accompany him.” When she said this, Hai Ling’er asked with a face.

At this moment, Tracy was about to speak, and with Gary, seeing Hai Ling’er speak first, he held back. At the same time, a smile appeared on the delicate face.

Tracy had long been interested in bringing Gary and Hai Ling’er together. How could he not be happy to see that they had the opportunity to be alone?


Seeing her daughter speak, Hai Kun no longer hesitated, and nodded: “Then you should be careful.”

Gary snorted, and smiled at Hai Ling’er, and he was about to leave. At this time, Hai Kun smiled and said, “What are you doing in such a hurry? You can’t find it without a chart.”

With that said, Haikun ordered some fish oil to be smeared on the chart.

The next moment, a surprising scene appeared, and I saw that another pattern appeared on the sea chart, which was the route deep into the seabed.


Seeing this, Gary couldn’t help but admire secretly, the Seafish Clan was too smart, and there were secrets hidden on this chart.

Tang Qingyun, who was on the side, also stared wide, with a very complicated inner breath.

Mad, it turns out that you need to use fish oil, so it’s no wonder that I haven’t been able to find the key.

At this moment, Gary took the sea map, and under the gaze of everyone, Gary jumped into the sea and dived towards the seabed.

As the princess of the sea mackerel tribe, once Hai Ling’er entered the sea, she was like a fish in the water, swimming fast, and in the blink of an eye she reached tens of meters under the water.

But Gary seemed a little clumsy.

Hai Ling’er looked back at Gary’s appearance, couldn’t help pursing his lips, and then swam back. Holding Gary’s hand, he lip-synched: I’ll take you together, but you have to protect me.

Feeling the softness of Hai Linger’s jade hand, a warm current rose in Gary’s heart and nodded immediately.

In the next moment, the two continued to dive deep into the sea.

Gary entered the seabed for the first time and was shocked to see the underwater world of light and shaded glaze in front of him.

After not knowing how long they finally reached the bottom of the sea, Hai Ling’er and Gary took out the chart and quickly found the place where the treasure was placed.


Seeing the scene before him, Gary was shocked and shocked.

I saw that there was a huge seabed cave in front of me. The cave was surrounded by colorful exotic seaweeds. The cave was not big, but it was shining with a charming blue light, and there was an energy protective film around it.

Not only that, within a hundred meters of the cave, there are a lot of boulders. The boulders seem to be messy, but there are traces to follow.

Gary knew that these huge rocks were actually a formation, just in case, the treasures inside were destroyed by sea fish or found by others.

However, with Haitu’s route instructions, Gary and Hai Ling’er reached the entrance of the cave easily.

After that, Gary used his internal force to break the protective film and took out the treasure. The treasure was a huge stone box covered with ancient words.

Gary couldn’t understand, so he tried to open the stone box, but couldn’t open it anyway. Finally, he found that there was a circular depression on the top of the box. Obviously, to open the box, something was needed, and this thing was round. of.

Understanding this, Gary no longer insisted, and decided to bring the box up with Hai Ling’er.

Of course, the stone box was dragged by Gary, and Hai Linger led the way.

Just ascending a few hundred meters, Hai Ling’er trembled when she noticed something.


Gary couldn’t help taking a breath, and stopped quickly, and saw a giant shark stopped there in the water in front of him, slowly wagging its tail, as if resting.

But Gary saw that the shark’s eyes were open.

At this time, the shark also found them. Suddenly, Gary and Hai Ling’er became a little nervous. Speaking of which, Gary is not afraid of sharks, but now he is holding a stone box in his hand, and it is really difficult to protect Hai Ling’er. clam down.

But in the end, the shark confronted them for more than ten seconds, but did not attack at all.

what’s the situation?

Gary frowned secretly, very puzzled. You must know that sharks are very fierce, especially when they see people, most sharks will take the initiative to attack. And this one in front of me is really abnormal.

At this moment, Hai Ling’er pulled Gary a bit and signaled to continue to float up.

Gary nodded, and then the two continued to move upstream.


Just after swimming more than ten meters away, Gary suddenly thought of something, a cold light flashed in his eyes, and he immediately stopped, turning his head to lock the giant shark tightly.

Seeing Gary stop, Hai Ling’er was very curious, waved at him and asked what was going on. I can’t speak underwater, I can only rely on body language.

Gary motioned Hai Ling’er not to panic, and at the same time stared at the giant shark closely.

At this moment, a shocking scene appeared.

I saw the giant shark’s mouth, slowly pushed up and opened from the inside, as if being pushed open a door, and then, a person stretched out and came out of the shark’s mouth.

With a bald head, handsome facial features, but an evil spirit, it is Mateo.

Chapter 1199

Mateo has a keen talent and is also a rare practice wizard. A few days ago, after surrendering this giant shark, Mateo, while adapting to the sea environment, also relied on extremely high comprehension to comprehend a kind of underwater The stunt of closing the breath, this stunt can hold your breath for several hours in the water.

In this case, Mateo would drive the giant shark into the deep sea every time he rested. It was precisely because of this that Gary led the blood shark pirates, and he never found his whereabouts.

One day ago, Mateo passed through the vortex rapids area and discovered the coral island. At that time, he wanted to occupy this place as the king, but Mateo did not act rashly, but dived into the deep sea and lay in the mouth of the giant shark to rest.

This rest is more than ten hours. Coincidentally, as soon as Mateo woke up, Gary and Hai Ling’er passed by.


Seeing this scene, Gary was shocked and angry.

This piece of feather is indeed the old enemy of his father. In this vast sea, a person not only tamed a giant shark, but also lurked under the deep sea to rest.

No wonder he has not been able to find his whereabouts before.

Gary clearly felt that Mateo at this time was full of energy and aura was very powerful.


Hai Ling’er trembled as well.

Isn’t this the bad guy who chased himself before? In the mouth of a giant shark? Broken, are you and Gary brother in danger?


At this moment, Mateo also saw the two Gary. The expression was startled at first, followed by incomparable ecstasy in his heart.

Haha…I really can’t find any place to break through the iron shoes. It’s all effortless.

In the past few days, Mateo was almost forced by Gary to have nowhere to retreat. He was very annoyed. He was thinking of how to find a way to kill this kid, but he did not expect to encounter it in the deep sea.

Thinking about it, Mateo’s gaze was once again attracted by the big stone box in Gary’s hand.

There must be treasures in such a simple box.

Although Mateo didn’t know the origin of this box, he knew that the things Gary took by diving into the water must not be ordinary things.


Mateo didn’t hesitate, his internal strength burst out instantly, his eyes were locked on Gary, he raised his hand to shake hands with the axe, and then went straight to Gary.

In the past few days, Mateo’s comprehension of strength in this ocean environment has improved a lot.

It was astonishing to see that the moment Mateo rushed, the surrounding sea water surged instantly.


Seeing Mateo bursting out, Gary cursed secretly and tried his best to stay calm. Fortunately, he was careful just now and looked back. Otherwise, wouldn’t he be raided by Mateo?

Thinking about it, Gary immediately summoned the Overlord Hammer and rushed forward.

Seeing this scene, Hai Ling’er couldn’t tell she was worried and nervous, because she couldn’t speak, she could only cover her mouth and watch the situation closely.


At this moment, Mateo rushed forward, raised his hand, and saw a violent force burst out from the open-sky axe. The next moment, a touch of golden light seemed to tear the seabed into two worlds, towards Yue. Infinitely swept away!

At this moment, Mateo showed a cruel sneer.

Although this kid has the Overlord’s Hammer, he is not his opponent at all one-on-one.

Gary’s expression was cold, as he swung the Overlord’s Hammer, a wave of violent violence greeted him.


In the next second, the Overlord’s Hammer and the Sky Open Axe collided, as if an earthquake was triggered on the bottom of the sea, a strong roar came out, and Gary was shaken back several tens of meters, and his face was pale.

Mateo’s figure shook, and soon stabilized in the water.

Obviously, Gary suffered a loss just now with this blow.


Mateo laughed wildly in his heart, took advantage of the momentum to pursue, and rushed again. Starting

Mad, this Mateo is really strong.

Gary only felt the qi and blood churning, and was shocked. Seeing Mateo rushing again, he instinctively wanted to retreat, but when he thought of Hai Ling’er next to him, he immediately gave up the idea.

Kill me first, come on.

Gary gritted his teeth secretly, gripped the Overlord’s hammer, and fought fiercely with Mateo again.

Speaking of it, it was the first time for the two of them to fight under the water, and they had no experience at all. Moreover, because of the environment and water pressure, the internal force could not be fully exerted, but even so, the surrounding sea was boiling during the battle between the two. The surging, like turning over the river, is amazing.


Seeing that Gary was firmly suppressed by Mateo, Hai Ling’er was very anxious.

In the next second, Hai Ling’er made up his mind, swam quickly, and decided to help Gary.

Seeing Hai Ling’er stopped a few tens of meters away, she lifted her left hand, and came out holding a turquoise long bow, which was studded with pearl accessories, which was very beautiful.

Hai Ling’er’s long bow, called Ocean Scale, is made of coral dragon fish bones and is full of spirituality.


At this moment, Hai Ling’er raised her right hand, and her slender jade fingers hit the bowstring. The bowstring was not seen, but Hai Ling’er’s posture was clearly shooting.

In the next moment, Hai Ling’er’s internal force was surging, and then, the sea water in front of her suddenly vibrated, and a feather arrow condensed by the water’s aura and internal force quickly condensed into shape.

The sea mackerel family has guarded the Guixu waters for thousands of years. They are very familiar with the sea, and the cultivation methods are inseparable from the sea. On land, the sea mackerel family may be weak, but when they are in the water, they are not afraid of any strong ones. .


In a short blink of an eye, Yu Jian separated from the water stream, rushed out, and flew towards Mateo in an instant!

Mateo’s attention was on Gary, and he didn’t expect that the girl who had been chased by him before would suddenly attack him.

This arrow pierced Mateo’s shoulder fiercely.


Mateo trembled and couldn’t help taking a breath.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Gary swung the Overlord’s hammer and slammed it directly at Mateo.

Mateo hurriedly parried, but was badly injured by the arrow, and his internal strength was too late to activate. He vomited a mouthful of blood, and his body was directly shaken out more than ten meters away.

Under the injury, even if he had a sky-opening axe, he couldn’t withstand this blow!


Gary roared wildly in his heart, and took advantage of the situation to pursue him.

Mateo didn’t think much, turned to avoid, and the Overlord’s hammer directly hit the giant shark’s head. He saw the giant shark’s huge body. After a few violent twitches, it sank. With no breath, a large amount of blood gushed out. The sea water within a few hundred meters around was dyed red.


Seeing this scene, Mateo was furious. He didn’t expect that he didn’t kill Gary, but was severely injured by him. Now, the giant shark that he managed to tame was also killed.

At this time, Mateo wanted to kill Gary very much, but he was afraid of Hai Ling’er’s feather arrows. Taking advantage of the blood red surrounding sea, Mateo turned around and ran away without hesitation.

But when he fled, Mateo didn’t look back in the direction where Gary was, his eyes were blood red, full of anger and hatred.

Boy, if I don’t kill you, I am not Mateo.

Soon, Mateo disappeared in this sea area.


The blood gradually dissipated, and seeing Mateo disappeared, Gary slammed a fist on the stone box, causing the ba5tard to run away again.

At this moment, Hai Ling’er swam over, took Gary’s arm, pointed at the sea, and motioned to go up first.

The surface was calm, but Hai Ling’er was also a little afraid. Thinking of the scene just now, her heart palpitated. Fortunately, if she and Brother Gary met this bad guy alone, the consequences would be disastrous.

Gary nodded, and then the two went upstream.

After a while, the two finally surfaced.


At this moment, Haikun, who had been waiting for a long time, and everyone in Tracy surrounded them all at once.

Chapter 1200

“Got the treasure.”

“Great, it won’t take so long, we are really worried…”

“What a big stone box.”

At this moment, many people spoke up one after another, and at the same time looked at the stone box curiously.

Tracy thought carefully, and seeing Gary’s face a little pale, he couldn’t help asking: “Brother, are you in any danger?”


When the voice fell, Hai Kun and the others, all of a sudden, focused on Gary.

Gary took a deep breath and said lightly: “I met Mateo’s scum.” As he said, he explained the matter just now in detail.


Tracy’s body trembled, very surprised.

That Mateo was too cunning, he had been hiding in the bottom of the sea before? He also used giant sharks to cover up his whereabouts. If this person is not eliminated, there will be endless trouble.

Tang Qingyun, who was next to him, frowned secretly, his eyes gleaming with strangeness.

But Tang Qingyun didn’t say anything, just stood quietly on the side.

At this time, Tracy reacted and joked at Hai Ling’er: “Unexpectedly, you two combined to beat the villain Mateo. I was wondering, are you two arranged by heaven? Hee hee.

??? …”


Although Hai Ling’er lacks experience in the arena, Bingxue is smart, how can he not understand Tracy’s words, her delicate face instantly blushes, she is indescribably charming.

Gary also flushed, very embarrassed.

But soon, Gary thought of something and asked Haikun: “The patriarch, the treasure has already been taken, please open the stone chest and take out the treasure to help us resist the Raksha army.”

The chaotic mountain range has undergone an abnormal change, and the situation must be tense. Gary thought about it and immediately returned to the mainland to help the Jiuzhou mainland resist.

As for chasing Mateo, we can only wait for the future.

“This…” Haikun groaned, and said in a very complicated way: “Back then, when Emperor Xuanyuan Huangdi gave us treasures, he only said that he would protect us, but he didn’t give us the right to use it. So, what’s in it, My people have never opened it.”


Hearing this, Gary was immediately stunned.

This sea mackerel had guarded the treasure for thousands of years, but didn’t know what was inside, and there was no way to open it? This…how should this be good?

Just when Gary was secretly depressed, Haikun smiled and continued: “Xuanyuan Huangdi is strategizing and resourceful. He must have put the key to open the treasure chest somewhere in the Nine Provinces. Doing so is just a precaution. Someone stole treasures.”


Gary nodded secretly, it seemed to make sense to say that, opening the treasure chest and the opened things separately, so that even if some good-hearted people get it, it will be useless.

“All right.”

At this moment, Haikun looked solemn and said: “Since the Chaos Mountains have changed, it must be the Raksha tribe who invaded the Nine Provinces. The situation is critical. Since you and this little brother Yue are so predestined, you will bring the treasure chest. Go ahead with them to the mainland, find a way to open the treasure chest, and help the mainland of Kyushu.”

As he said, Haikun looked around the other people: “Other people, prepare immediately and return to the mainland.”

After saying the last sentence, Hai Kun looked at the direction of the Kyushu Continent, feeling very emotional, and muttered in his heart: The responsibilities of the sea mackerel family have finally been completed, and it is time to go back.


Hai Ling’er nodded. Starting

Gary didn’t hesitate, and called Xueluo Siyan, put the stone box on the ship, and then took Hai Ling’er and the blood shark pirates toward the direction of the Nine Provinces.

As soon as the front foot walked, under Hai Kun’s instructions, the entire sea mackerel tribe quickly got busy and began their migration.

On the vast sea.

Gary, Tracy, Hai Ling’er, standing on the bow of the ship, their expressions calm, but there was a trace of anxiety between their eyebrows.

Behind him, Xueluo Siyan, Tang Qingyun and others stood there quietly to guard.

“Brother, what do you think is the situation in the mainland of Kyushu now?” Finally, Tracy couldn’t help but said.

Gary shook his head: “Who knows, but I guess, it must not be optimistic. After all, the army of Beiying has been conquering various roads before, and several continents have been badly injured because of the battle.”

With that said, Gary glanced at the stone box placed there, frowned and said: “I don’t know what it is inside, but we must guard it strictly, and there must be no mistakes.”

Upon hearing this, Tracy and Hai Ling’er nodded seriously.

“Young Master Yue!”

At this moment, Tang Qingyun walked forward with a smile, with a sincere and respectful look: “There is a problem in the Jiuzhou Continent, and everyone is responsible. It is better to leave this stone box to me. I promise, as long as I don’t Qingyun is alive, and the box will never be lost.”

When he said this, Tang Qingyun smiled, but his eyes flashed treacherously.

Yes, Tang Qingyun wanted to steal the treasures in the box. He had gone through all kinds of dangers before and finally arrived at Coral Island. In the end, he was caught by Gary. What made him even more unacceptable was that the secret treasures in the sea that he had been thinking about, also It fell on Gary’s hands.

Tang Qingyun thought it over, first gained the trust of Gary, got the right to take care of the treasure chest, and then looked for opportunities to take out the treasure and leave.

Ha ha…

Gary chuckled and looked at Tang Qingyun: “Tang Qingyun, do you treat me as a three-year-old child? It is impossible for you to keep the treasure chest until I am sure whether you are 100% loyal.”

Gary had experienced many twists and turns since he was a child, and his mind was mature, and he could guess Tang Qingyun’s mind at a glance.

Uh …

Hearing this, Tang Qingyun’s face flushed, and she stepped back in embarrassment, with a humble smile on her face, but her heart was full of anger.

Mad, the master of his own dignity, can’t even play with a teenager. No, he must find a way to steal the treasure box and leave.

Seeing Tang Qingyun retreating from knowledge and interest, Gary stopped paying attention.

In the next second, Gary looked at Hai Ling’er and smiled and said, “This box has been guarded by the Seafish Clan for thousands of years. Therefore, you should keep this path. Remember, except for me and sister Tracy, No one is allowed to approach the treasure chest.”


Hai Ling’er nodded heavily and smiled lightly: “I see, Brother Gary.”


On the other side, within a cave in a valley a dozen miles away from the Chaos Mountains.


Darryl sat cross-legged, a powerful force lingering around him endlessly, with an astonishing aura.

If someone is present at this time, you will be surprised to find that Darryl’s internal strength can’t help becoming more and more vigorous and more refined.


Finally, Darryl took a deep breath, his eyes suddenly opened, and a flash of golden light was fleeting. At the same time, unspeakable excitement!

Cross the robbery!


Finally broke through the tribulation realm.

Excited, Darryl stood up suddenly, placed the body of Guiguzi next to him in the patio where the Dragon Ball was found, and then covered it with a boulder. This patio was left by Emperor Xuanyuan, and Senior Guigu’s body was placed in it. It doesn’t mean that he has been insulted.

After doing all this, Darryl took a deep breath and directly rose into the sky.


The terrifying power erupted, Darryl, like a cannonball, directly pierced the cave completely, and the entire hill collapsed, and Darryl’s figure blinked to high above the sky.

I, Darryl, are back!

Breathing the air outside, Darryl felt like a world away, yelling in his heart, and flew towards the Chaos Mountain Range.

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