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Chapter 1241

“Darryl, I didn’t kill you today because you were lucky. You won’t be so lucky next time.” Mateo hissed and took advantage of this opportunity, turning and flying towards the distance.

In a blink of an eye, he has rushed hundreds of meters away.


Seeing that Mateo was still able to get out under the siege of everyone, Darryl’s expression was extremely ugly.


Without any hesitation, Peter roared and chased him first.

Lorenzo followed closely behind.

The treasure chest of the sea mackerel family and the dragon ball of Darryl are in his hands, and he must not be allowed to run away like this.

As Mateo ran, looking back, seeing Peter and others chasing after him, he was immediately frightened.

Mad, this group of people is really lingering.


At this moment, Raksha Camp is here.

In the big tent, Meng Ao sat there with a gloomy face. >Alongside, Mona and many Raksha soldiers also looked solemn.


Meng Ao patted the table and was very annoyed. He thought that this time, using Moroye’s head to stimulate the Nine Provinces, causing them to lose their minds, so that they could be defeated in one fell swoop, but he didn’t expect that Darryl didn’t know where to get it. A strange bead turned into a dragon.

In the end, instead of having a big victory, on the contrary, two giants were killed by Darryl, and the highly mobile wild wolf group was also killed in all odds.

“Second brother!”

Just as Meng Ao wanted to get more and more angry, Mona came over and bit her lip and said: “I think we really want to have a peace talk with the Jiuzhou Continent. You have also seen that Darryl can transform into a huge dragon. It proves that what he said before is true.”

“In today’s battle, Darryl might just shock us, so he just turned a ghost of a dragon. If the confrontation continues, I’m afraid he will release the real dragon.”

Mona was full of anxiety when she said this.

Yes, Mona is not afraid of death, but in the battle just now, seeing so many people die tragically, I couldn’t bear it. >If the battle continues, perhaps the Raksha tribe can win, but it will also pay a heavy price.

This is not the result Mona wants to see.

More importantly, the father is missing, so the second brother can’t continue to act arbitrarily.


Hearing this, Meng Ao was extremely annoyed, and drank at Mona: “Little sister, I think you were bewitched by that Darryl. Brother believed the words of the two Kyushu women and died tragically. You want to be like him. End?”

Meng’ao’s expression was very scary. Mona trembled and said eagerly: “Second brother, it’s not what you think, I…”

Before she finished speaking, she was interrupted by Meng Ao.

“Don’t talk about it, I must repay my eldest brother’s hatred.” Meng Ao said coldly, “And the disappearance of his father. All of this was caused by the mainland of Kyushu. I must let them pay for it.”

Hearing this, Mona stomped angrily, turned and ran out of the camp.

The second brother is getting more and more unreasonable.


As soon as the front foot walked, a Raksha warrior walked in quickly and said respectfully at Mengao: “My son, there was a battle in the Kyushu Camp just now, and then we saw a group of people chasing a monk towards the ruins. went.”


Hearing this, Meng Ao was taken aback for a moment, and then showed a sneer.

Haha…. There has been infighting in the Kyushu Camp, which is good news.

Thinking about it, Meng Ao raised his hand and waved: “Quickly, summon the Tigers, and follow me to the ruins to check the situation!”

“Yes, my son!”

Soon, hundreds of tiger group warriors gathered and saw that each one was riding a colorful tiger, and these tigers were all black and brown stripes. They were completely different from the tigers of the Kyushu Continent, and they were unique to the wild territories. Black evil tiger.

Without hesitation, Meng Ao set off quickly with the Tigers.

At this moment, the other side!

Mateo, Peter and others, one after another, quickly bypassed the Raksha Camp and reached the depths of the ruins of the Chaos Mountains.


Seeing a huge abyss in front of him, with hot lava underneath, Mateo’s expression changed and he was frightened.

Mad, can’t you escape?

After finally deceiving the Dragon Ball, he can immediately obtain the peerless treasure left by Emperor Xuanyuan Huangdi, and he must not just die like this.

Thinking about it, Mateo reached the edge of the abyss, looked down, gritted his teeth one last time, and jumped down for life.


Seeing this scene, the faces of Peter and others who were chasing after him changed. >Then, when I reached the edge of the abyss, I saw the depth of several kilometers, the heat wave was rising continuously, and everyone looked at each other, and their faces were extremely ugly.

“That kid actually jumped down, I’ll follow it down and have a look.” Peter shouted and was about to jump down.


At this moment, Lorenzo hurriedly stopped Peter, frowning and said: “The following is full of magma, which is very dangerous, and Mateo is very cunning and can’t be rash.”

At this moment, Ora took a step forward, looked at it, and frowned Xiu Mei said: “Palace Master Wen is right, the following is too dangerous, Mateo jumped down, nine deaths.”

“Made, just let him die like this, it makes him cheaper.”

“It’s a pity, Darryl’s Dragon Ball is still in his hands.”

“How to do?”

For a while, everyone was very annoyed and at the same time helpless.

“No, people from the Raksha tribe are here.” At this moment, I don’t know who called out, and everyone hurriedly looked back and saw a pair of Raksha tribe warriors, who hurried over.

Lorenzo acted calmly and acted decisively: “Go, go back to discuss with Darryl, and then make plans!”

When the voice fell, Lorenzo quickly returned to the direction of Daying in Kyushu. Ora, Peter and others, although a little unwilling, followed closely behind.

They all know that fighting against the Raksha tribe in the Raksha camp is very unfavorable. Once the fight starts, it will be difficult for the Kyushu army to come and support. At that time, everyone will be in danger. So the best way is to return to the camp. Any chance of Shazu.

the other side. >Below the abyss!


With the sound of the wind whistling in his ears, Mateo held the sky-opening axe tightly, and his body kept falling. He fell to the bottom as soon as he saw it, feeling the hot lava below, Mateo gritted his teeth, wielding the sky-opening axe, and chopped on the rock wall beside him. Then power, slow down!


Finally, Mateo landed on a collapsed platform. Although he was prepared in his heart, the powerful falling force made him stagger back a few steps, hit his back against the mountain wall, and finally stopped.


At the same time, blood surged in the body, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.


At this moment, Mateo’s face was extremely gloomy.

The Darryl gang almost pushed me to a desperate situation, but fortunately, my life was so bad that I didn’t die in the end, you all waited for me.

Muttering in his heart, Mateo looked around and was stunned when he saw the cave a few meters away.

D*mn? >There are people here?

Mateo saw that the entrance of the cave was leaning on a burly figure, with black armor in tatters and broken legs, and the majestic face showed a dead gray, apparently dead for a long time, just a pair Eyes, still flashing with endless anger, stared in the direction of the top of the head.

It is Raksha King!

Chapter 1242

Realizing that King Raksha had no breath, Mateo immediately dared, walked over and checked.

Made! >This group of Rakshas are really a group of savages, with nothing but aD*mnl skins on them. >At this time, Mateo didn’t know that it was the king of the Raksha tribe who died in front of him.

With a whisper in his heart, Mateo saw the winding cave in front of him, and walked in slowly.

In the face of the siege of everyone before, Mateo consumed a lot of internal strength and was injured. He continued to find a place to practice and recover. More importantly, the cave entrance was only a few meters away from the magma below. It was too hot. Mateo couldn’t stand it even if he was not injured.


As you go inside, the scorching sensation brought by the magma gradually weakens, but Mateo’s mood is always tight, because there is a dead Raksha at the entrance of the cave. I don’t know if there is any danger inside. .

I don’t know how long he has been walking, and finally the space in front of him has opened up a bit, Mateo’s heart is shocked, and he can’t help taking a deep breath.

As you can see, here is a karst cave. The karst cave is not big and the size of a basketball court. Compared with the scorching environment outside, it looks a bit cold.

Mateo saw that there was some blood stains on the rock wall of the cave, extending to the depths.

Finally, in the deep shadows, there was a person sitting there, motionless, because the light was dim, it was impossible to see whether it was life or death, but Mateo clearly discovered that the armor on this person was the same as the one he had just seen. The people of the Raksha ethnic group are obviously different. They are obviously from the mainland of Kyushu.

Look at it like this, at this moment, which powerhouse in the Kyushu Continent, fought with the Raksha tribe, and ended up losing both. >


Although he couldn’t see the person’s face clearly, Mateo could sense that the powerful aura permeating the other party’s body made his heart beat faster and became nervous inexplicably.

After a few seconds, Mateo couldn’t bear the curiosity in his heart, plucked up the courage, and walked over slowly.

D*mn it!

When the distance was less than a few meters, Mateo finally saw this man clearly, and saw that he was wearing a gold armor, but he was stained with blood, like a blood man, with long hair draped over his shoulders and holding a hand tightly. The peculiar weapon is dead or alive.

Mateo clearly saw that there were two thick blood mouths in the pubic area of ​​this person’s lower abdomen. The blood had solidified, but it looked a little shocking.

The golden battle armor, with such a strong aura, is it…


Just when Mateo thought secretly and had already guessed who the other party was, suddenly, the person in front of him raised his head, his terrifying gaze instantly locked Mateo.

“Who are you?” Yang Jian asked Mateo coldly.

Yes, this person was Yang Jian, who had fought fiercely with King Raksha before, causing the Chaos Mountains to collapse, and finally both fell. After falling to the ruins, the two continued to fight, and finally fell into this abyss one after another.

King Raksha broke both legs, and Yang Jian was not much better. His Dantian was pierced by King Raksha and finally hid in the cave. >Just now I was closing my eyes to cultivate, and suddenly I heard the movement, and immediately locked Mateo!

D*mn it! >not dead?

Mateo was taken aback. Seeing that the person in front of him could speak, he felt that all the hairs on his body were standing up. He stepped back subconsciously and said, “My name is Mateo! Dare to ask your Excellency…”

“Mateo?” Yang Jian frowned, thinking of something, and chuckled lightly: “It turns out that he was the emperor of the Western Cang Continent, Zhen Nai Erlang, have you heard of it?”


He… is he Yang Jian?

Hearing this, Mateo’s heart was shocked, looking at Yang Jian blankly, speechless!

In the past two years, Yang Jian has been the emperor of Beiying, and he has been conquering everywhere. He is famous and famous in the mainland of Kyushu. Who doesn’t know? >Moreover, Yang Jian is a man who has been famous for thousands of years. It is said that his strength is unfathomable. When I saw him today, he really deserved his reputation.


Finally, Mateo took a deep breath, slowed down, and asked politely: “Dare to ask your Majesty, how could you be trapped here?” The first fierce battle between the Jiuzhou Continent and the Raksha clan was the battle between Yang Jian and the Raksha King. , Mateo was still returning to the market area at the time, so I don’t know.

“I fought against King Raksha, and both lost!” Yang Jian said lightly, his tone seemed calm, but his eyes flashed with endless irritation.

As the true monarch of Erlang, he was a powerful man. He thought he could easily kill King Raksha, but he didn’t expect King Raksha to be so strong.

It turned out to be so.

Hearing this, Mateo nodded silently, and was also a little shocked in his heart. >Fastest update

It turns out that the Raksha man who died at the mouth of the cave was the king of the Raksha tribe.

“When you found here, did you meet King Raksha?” At this time, Yang Jian looked at Mateo closely and asked.

Mateo didn’t conceal it, so he said: “It’s dead!”


When the voice fell, Yang Jian was taken aback for a moment, and then he looked up to the sky and laughed: “Raksha King, Raksha King, even if you are the only great leader of the Raksha tribe that has appeared for thousands of years, did you not die in my hands in the end?”

At this time, Yang Jian did not know that King Rakshasa was in the same situation as him. Although he was seriously injured but not fatal, he should have been rescued by Meng Ao, but Meng Ao still chose to abandon him for his rights.

Listening to Yang Jian’s laughter, Mateo’s eyes kept turning.

I heard that Yang Jian, the cultivation method is unparalleled in the world, I don’t know if he can take the opportunity to cheat him.

Speaking of it, Mateo has gained a new understanding of the path of cultivation after he has comprehended Buddhism. However, the power within the Kaitian Axe is very terrifying, and he needs a stronger skill if he wants to fully mobilize it. Law supports it.

“Mateo, how did you get here?” Yang Jian smiled for a while and looked at Mateo and asked.

Mateo is notoriously fierce, and Yang Jian certainly knows it, so he kept his eyes on it at this time. If Mateo and the Jiuzhou Continent were against him, he had to beware.

Although Yang Jian has a deep obsession with rights, he has never wavered in Kyushu’s righteousness. This is much stronger than Mateo.

Uh …

Facing Yang Jian’s gaze, Mateo pondered and said slowly: “I was chased by the Raksha tribe here. I didn’t expect that I actually met your Majesty.”

Mateo is not a fool, and he immediately understood what Yang Jian meant by asking these words.

Hearing this, Yang Jian nodded silently, and then said: “My dantian has been hit hard, you rescue me out, I will appoint you as a great commander, and fight against the Rakshas together.”

When he said this, Yang Jian was full of urgency. >His dantian was pierced, and his internal strength collapsed. At this time, he was able to sustain him with his strong will and physical strength.

Hehe…I still want me to save you.

With a sneer in his heart, Mateo was embarrassed: “Your Majesty, you have also seen it, and I was also injured. In a short time, it is difficult to take you up. Moreover, when we meet for the first time, you will let me save you. What benefits can I get?”

When he said this, Mateo looked serious, but sneered in his heart, and at the same time was a little excited.

Haha… I was worrying about how I lied to Yang Jian’s exercises, but Yang Jian took the initiative to ask himself to save him, saving a lot of things.

Chapter 1243


Hearing this, Yang Jian’s face changed, and he glared at Mateo: “Do you want benefits?”

Ma De, his own dignified real monarch Erlang, and the Emperor Beiying, who met him was not respectful, and now, this Mateo actually took advantage of others and asked himself for benefits?

He had promised to let him take the lead, but he was still not satisfied.

Feeling Yang Jian’s anger, Mateo didn’t panic at all. He sat aside and smiled and said, “Your Majesty, don’t blame me for being selfish, you know, I have traveled all the way to support the Nine Provinces, but Darryl has targeted me everywhere because of personal grievances. In the end, I was besieged by the Rakshas and fell here!”

As he said, Mateo was full of grief and indignation: “I am wholeheartedly working for the Jiuzhou Continent, what did I get in the end? So, I want to understand, I want to become completely stronger.”

Mad, it is Darryl again.

Hearing this, Yang Jian’s expression was extremely ugly. This Darryl, who could help him to reassure him for the Nine Provinces Continent, was really a villain to frame Mateo who had come to help for his personal grievances.

At this time, Yang Jian did not know that he was deceived by Mateo.


Finally, Yang Jian reacted and slowly nodded: “Since you are chased by the Rakshas for the Nine Provinces Continent, then I promise you, the technique I practiced is called “Sacred Universe Gong”! With this technique, I can cross the world and be famous for thousands of years. As long as you are willing to save me, I will pass it on to you?”


Hearing this, Mateo’s heart was shocked, his eyes lit up, and his heart was extremely excited.

The name “Sacred Universe Gong” is very domineering when you hear it. If you practice it yourself, you don’t have to be afraid of Zhu Rong and Shennong. As for Darryl, you don’t have to look at it.

Thinking about it, Mateo smiled and looked at Yang Jian: “What your Majesty said is true?”

“Of course, I am the ninth-five-sage, and he speaks very well!” Yang Jian nodded seriously.

Mateo pondered and nodded: “In this case, I believe in your Majesty. However, I am also seriously injured now and need to meditate and recover. Let’s pass the formula to me while I am practicing, and wait for me to regain my strength. , After teaching your formula, I will take your majesty and leave here. This way everyone will save time, what do you think?”

When he said this, Mateo looked pleased, but his heart was extremely cold.


Yang Jian thought for a while, then slowly nodded and said, “Okay, then let’s say it all!” Yang Jian’s dantian was pierced, and he urgently needed a miracle medicine. He wanted to recover the natural materials and treasures. He also wanted to go back. To restore strength, there is more hope.

Mateo smiled, sat cross-legged, and began to meditate to recover.

And Yang Jian did not break his promise, and said the formula of “The Most Holy Universe” without missing a word.

In Yang Jian’s eyes, Mateo is also a rare powerhouse in the mainland of Kyushu, but after all, he is a junior and cannot lie to himself.


At this moment, Mateo kept the formula firmly in his heart while meditating.

Unknowingly, two hours passed, and finally, Mateo breathed a long sigh of relief and slowly stood up, his frail face returned to bloody and energetic.

Yang Jian was very excited, and urged Mateo, “Mateo, the formula has told you, and you have recovered your strength, quickly take me out. When that happens, I will have a great reward.”

“Your Majesty, don’t worry.” Mateo slowly walked over and said with a smile: “I will take a look at your injury first. Then I will take you out.”

After the voice fell, Mateo walked step by step.

Yang Jian nodded repeatedly, his eyes flashing with ecstasy.

Mad, finally leaving this ghost place.

“Hehe, still want to go back to be the emperor? Go to hell.” However, at this moment, Mateo arrived, his face suddenly became sullen, and he yelled and slapped Yang Jian’s heart with a palm.


Mateo shot very quickly, Yang Jian was deeply injured, there was no time to dodge, this palm, slammed his heart firmly, directly breaking the heart pulse.

The blood spurted out all of a sudden!

“You…” Yang Jian trembled, frightened and angry. At the same time, he was a little unwilling. He glared at Mateo: “What a cruel villain, how dare you turn your back?”

At this time, Yang Jian didn’t expect that Mateo in front of him would surprise himself.

Now that the Raksha tribe’s army is coming, it is time for the Jiuzhou Continent to unite, but he has obtained his own practice, and he even hurts the killer.

“Yang Jian!”

Mateo was full of savage faces, showing a cruel smile, and said coldly: “As a figure of a thousand years of fame, how can you blame others for such poor vigilance? Tell you, Mateo seems to be the one who dominates Kyushu. A strong like you is the biggest stumbling block, how can you allow you to live in the world? But don’t worry, after killing you, it will be Darryl’s turn next, haha…”

After the voice fell, Mateo raised his right hand again and patted Yang Jian’s Tianling cover directly.


Yang Jian spouted a mouthful of blood and stared at Mateo very bitterly: “Shameless villain, you will not end well…”

Without finishing the last sentence, Yang Jian died of anger, his eyes opened wide, and he obviously couldn’t squint.

A generation of peerless powerhouses ended their brilliant life.

Seeing that Yang Jian was completely dead, Mateo sneered, sat down cross-legged, and began to comprehend “The Most Holy Universe.”

“Hahaha, I have already acquired Yang Jian’s stunts, Darryl, you will wait for me, and I will talk about you people, and send them to Huangquan one by one…”

Mateo smiled triumphantly, and soon entered a state of cultivation.


I don’t know how long it took. Finally, Mateo suddenly opened his eyes and saw two brilliant lights bursting out.

The first layer of the most sacred universe! >Practice!

A smile appeared at the corner of Mateo’s mouth, and he clearly felt that his dantian had an extremely powerful and powerful force spreading throughout his body! >And this force, I don’t know how much stronger than before!

“Haha, is this Yang Jian’s stunt? It’s really overbearing!” With emotion, Mateo turned his head to look at Yang Jian’s corpse with a wicked smile: “Yang Jian rest in peace, dominate Kyushu’s hegemony, and I will help you complete it. Yes, hahaha…”

Laughing, Mateo directly burned Yang Jian’s body, and then strode out of the cave.

At the entrance of the cave, he glanced at the corpse of King Raksha, Mateo did not hesitate, and mentioned the magma.

Mateo knew that he went to Erfaer to kill Yang Jian, and God couldn’t tolerate it. In order not to leave any clues, he could only destroy the scene.

A few minutes later, Mateo returned to the top of the abyss.


Seeing the scene in front of him, Mateo frowned secretly, and saw that around the top of the abyss, many Raksha warriors gathered, one by one riding the colorful black tigers, it was the tiger group.

And the leader, with an arrogant look and unparalleled momentum, is Mengao.


Feeling Mateo’s momentum, Meng Ao’s face changed, and he was secretly shocked.

It’s this monk again. When I saw him yesterday, his strength was about the same as his own. In just one day, his aura was so strong.


The surrounding Tigers were also jealous, but they rushed up quickly, trying to surround Mateo.

Chapter 1244

“All retreat!” Meng Ao shouted, drank back from the Tigers, and walked straight over.

When he got there, Meng Ao looked up and down Mateo: “This master, let’s meet again, dare to ask, the internal turmoil in the Kyushu Camp was because of you? Are those people chasing you before?”

Because he cooperated with Mateo and killed Moroye together before, Meng Ao didn’t have much hostility towards Mateo. On the contrary, this person is so strong, if he can use it for himself, would he be afraid of the army of Kyushu?

“Not bad!”

Mateo nodded and responded faintly: “I am the Emperor of Xicang, but I was hated by all continents. I united to kill me and killed me. I almost killed me before. I will not take revenge and vowed not to be a man.”

Mateo was clever and cunning. He could see Meng Ao’s mind at a glance, and then he told the grievances between himself and Darryl and others so as to dispel Meng Ao’s doubts.


Hearing this, Meng Ao’s eyes flashed, and he couldn’t help laughing: “In this way, we are too fate. My name is Meng Ao, the eldest son of the Raksha clan. I used to kill Lin Yin with the master. The monk of the temple is so happy.”

With that, Meng Ao looked eager and continued: “Since the master has an enmity with the Kyushu Continent, it is better to join us. When we defeat the Kyushu army, how about we divide the world equally?”

Speaking of it, Meng Ao is proud and arrogant, and he has never spoken to people so politely. But Mateo in front of him is powerful and has grievances with the mainland of Kyushu. More importantly, he has fought against the mainland of Kyushu these days and was defeated by Darryl. The technique of using soldiers caused a lot of headaches.

Mateo in front of him was from the mainland of Kyushu, and he definitely knew how to deal with the army of Kyushu.
Share the world equally?

Hearing this, Mateo remained silent, but his eyes lit up slightly.

Without waiting for him to speak, Meng Ao continued: “Master, as long as you are willing, you will be the deputy commander of my Raksha tribe from now on, commanding the army, and one person for more than ten thousand! How about?”


Hearing this, the surrounding Tigers warriors were in an uproar.

This is a person from the mainland of Kyushu, the eldest son actually named him deputy commander? >You know, this is the supreme glory among the Raksha tribe! >However, this person is terrifying, and if he is committed to cooperating with the Raksha tribe, he can also be worthy of this position.

For a time, the eyes of hundreds of pairs of Tigers warriors gathered on Mateo, shining with envy and complexity.

Haha, this eldest son of the Raksha tribe is quite sincere.

Mateo showed a slight smile and looked at Meng Ao and nodded: “Since the world trusts so much, then all right.”

Mateo thought about it. He was alone to fight against Darryl’s army. Although he was not afraid, it was troublesome. If he cooperated with the Raksha clan, he would definitely get twice the result with half the effort.

More importantly, the box I hid in the mountain forest cave needs to be retrieved, but now the Kyushu army is searching for myself. If I pick it up by myself, it is impossible to guarantee that my whereabouts will not be revealed. After all, the cave where the box is hidden is very close to the Kyushu camp. .

Now that you cooperate with the Rakshas to take the box, you can let the Rakshas do it. They don’t know what’s inside anyway.

After uniting with the Raksha tribe and defeating the army of Kyushu, I used the dragon ball to open the stone box to obtain the peerless treasure inside, and then turned his head to deal with the Raksha tribe. At that time, I was the well-deserved supreme of Kyushu, and everyone was there. Surrender your feet.


Seeing his promise, Meng Ao was very happy, and Yang Tian laughed: “It’s great, with the help of a master, to break the army of Kyushu, it is just around the corner.”

When the voice fell, Meng Ao invited Mateo to return to the camp.


At this moment, the Kyushu Army is here.

Lorenzo, Peter and others chased Mateo and returned without success. Everyone was extremely annoyed.

At this time in the Central Army’s tent, Darryl’s face was pale and sitting there, he was raided by Mateo before. Although he was not fatal, he also injured his dantian. It would take two days to recover.


At this time, Peter slapped the table abruptly and said fiercely: “Mateo, this despicable villain, grabs him, and has to slash him.”

When the voice fell, everyone around was also angry.

“This person is too cunning, it is a curse to keep.”

“Yeah, I didn’t expect that he was actually a disciple of Master Moroyah…”

“I need to say? Master Moroyah accepted him as a disciple. Naturally, he wanted him to change his evil and return to righteousness. Unfortunately, this person was vicious and difficult to correct. On the contrary, he killed Master Moroyee. Not only that, he also became Sect Master Yue.”

Everyone’s discussion, you and I heard one sentence, Darryl’s expression was extremely ugly.

Mateo is cunning and despicable, and it is hateful, but what is unacceptable is that this kid deceived his dragon ball, that is an important thing to obtain the treasure of Xuanyuan Huangdi.

Thinking of these, Darryl was heartbroken.

At this moment, Tracy stood up and couldn’t help but say: “Mateo was at sea and snatched the treasure chest of the sea mackerel clan, but when he ran away just now, he did not see the treasure chest. From this, it can be inferred that the treasure chest Hidden by him.”

Gary and Hai Ling’er beside them nodded one after another.


Hearing this, Darryl’s eyes lit up and he hurriedly ordered to everyone: “Quickly, search around the camp immediately, don’t let it go anywhere, search carefully.”

When talking about this, Darryl looked at Tracy with a smile on his face, as expected to be his own daughter, she was smart, and he didn’t even realize this.

At this moment, everyone also reacted, leaving the big tent one after another, leading people to search around the big camp.

After a while, Lorenzo returned first and eagerly shouted at Darryl: “Darryl, what do you think this is? Haha, the kid Mateo is really cunning, so he put the Eastern Plateau in a cave in the northern mountains and forests.”

When the voice fell, a few soldiers came in carrying a simple stone box, which was in the possession of Mateo.

Darryl was very excited. When he took a closer look, he saw that there was a depression on it, the size of which was gentle with the dragon ball.

“Put away the things and send someone to lie in ambush around the cave. Mateo will definitely go back and get it.” Darryl quickly ordered, and at the same time, his eyes flashed with anger.

Ma De, if it hadn’t been for the Dragon Ball being cheated away by Mateo, he had already opened the treasure chest and obtained the peerless treasure left by Emperor Xuanyuan.


On the other side, Raksha Camp.

When he arrived at the big account, Mateo immediately sent a few Raksha soldiers to the caves in the mountains and forests to retrieve the treasure chest.

After doing this, Mateo and Meng Ao chatted for a while in the big account.

Meng Ao and Mateo are both cruel people, and many of them coincide with each other.


At this time, Meng Ao showed a slight smile and said to Mateo: “The deputy commander, just joined our Raksha clan. There is nothing to give away from my son. It just so happens that I have two peerless beauties here, which will be sent to the deputy commander. In the camp, the deputy commander is welcome.”

Yes, what Meng Ao said was Elsa and Xu Qingyi.

In Meng’ao’s mind, beautiful women are attractive, but they are not worth mentioning compared with the hegemony. As long as they defeat the army of Kyushu, the women of Kyushu do not want what they want, what will they have?

Two women?

Mateo frowned, but still smiled and nodded: “Thank you, Shizi.”

A few minutes later, Mateo returned to his camp and was taken aback when he saw the scene inside.

Are they?

In the camp, two slender figures, tied up by five flowers, are indescribably s3xy and charming. It is Elsa and Xu Qingyi.

Chapter 1245

However, Mateo at this time is no longer the Mateo two years ago.

If Xu Qingyi had said this two years ago, Mateo would definitely change his past. You must know that there were many women around Mateo, but the only thing he loved was Xu Qingyi.

However, Mateo felt very ear-piercing when he heard Xu Qingyi’s words at this time.

“You want to get back with me?”

Mateo stared at Xu Qingyi with scorching eyes, and said with a faint smile: “Want to be my woman again?” The mobile phone will remember to provide you with wonderful novel reading for one second.

call! >.

Xu Qing couldn’t help but fought a cold war, her eyes were too scary, but she nodded.

For the mainland of Kyushu and to help Mateo escape the evil way, he has no regrets or regrets.


Mateo looked up to the sky and laughed, as if he heard a big joke, and then glared at Xu Qingyi: “You b!tch, I worked so hard to find you at the beginning, but you, a heart followed that Zhu Bajie .”

“Later, we finally met again. I don’t remember the past, I just hope you can come back to me. What about you? But you said that the fate of the two of us was gone. How unfeeling we said at the time. Now you want to come back to me again? You are me What is it?”

When he said this, Mateo was full of hideous expressions, and at the same time there was a voice in his heart who kept howling.

I, Mateo, is no longer a complete man. What is the use of a woman?

When I was able to give you happiness, you refused. Now I have nothing but strength, and you want to come back to me again. Haha, it’s a great irony.

“Mateo, don’t be like this.” Xu Qingyi was frightened by his appearance, bit her lips tightly, and whispered: “I’m telling the truth, but I still love you.”

“Qing Yi!”

At this time, Elsa on the side was anxious, and couldn’t help crying: “What’s wrong with you? Such a despicable person, do you want to return to him?”

They were in love with their sisters. At this time, seeing Xu Qingyi about to return to Mateo, Elsa was anxious, but also very puzzled.

Xu Qingyi ignored Elsa.

In the next second, Xu Qing looked at Mateo closely and continued: “Let’s reconcile, and then you let Elsa go, I will stay here with you, OK?”

When she said this, Xu Qingyi’s eyes flashed with urgency.

Yes, she wanted Mateo to change from evil to righteousness, and she wanted Elsa to leave this dangerous place.

“Okay, of course.” Mateo showed a slight smile, walked slowly over, raised his hand and raised Xu Qingyi’s chin, grinning grinningly: “Since you love me so much, then give your life to me.”

When the voice fell, Mateo’s palm without warning patted Xu Qingyi’s heart.


There was a dull sound, Xu Qingyi’s body was shocked, blood spurted out, her face was extremely pale, her eyes looked at Mateo with shock and fear, and said weakly: “Mateo, you…you are so…hate. I?”

When the last word fell, Xu Qing tilted her head, suddenly exasperated. >A generation of talented women in Xicang Continent lost their lives in this way.


Seeing Xu Qingyi stop breathing in front of him, a trace of confusion flashed across Mateo’s face, but soon his eyes returned to coldness.

I never hate you, I just always hate myself.

“Qing Yi.”

Seeing this scene, Elsa was stupefied. After a full ten seconds, he cried out, and in a blink of an eye, she was crying into tears.

In the past two years, sisters Elsa and Xu Qingyi have been deeply affectionate and helped each other. I don’t know how many hardships they have gone through. Especially during the time of the Raksha clan, they are dependent on life and death. At this time, seeing Mateo is merciless. After killing Xu Qingyi, Elsa was filled with grief and indignation, but felt that her heart was about to break.

“Mateo, you ba5tard, beast, scum…”

Elsa cried and yelled at Mateo: “You are a beast in human skin. Qing Yi loves you so much and wants to reconcile with you, but you killed him. Are you still a human?”

At this time, Elsa was burning with anger in his heart, wishing to cut Mateo thousands of times. If his eyes could kill people, I’m afraid Mateo had already died thousands of times.


Mateo showed fierce brilliance, raised his hand and slapped Elsa in the face, coldly said: “The b!tch shut up and scolded me. I’ll call in a few Rakshasa soldiers and take care of you.”

Hearing this, Elsa’s body trembled and immediately stopped cursing, but the gaze staring at Mateo still flashed with endless hatred.

Mateo was too lazy to talk nonsense, turned around and walked out.

After a while, the Raksha warrior sent out should have retrieved the treasure chest of the sea mackerel clan.

A few minutes later! >In the big account.

Mateo stood there, his face full of anger, and his whole body was filled with killing intent.

The few warriors of the Raksha tribe in front of them were dissatisfied, and at the same time they were inexplicably panic.

“What are you talking about?” Mateo grabbed the collar of a warrior captain and said coldly: “The stone box in the cave is gone?”


The warrior captain nodded: “Yes, when we arrived, there was nothing inside. Then, the Kyushu Army sent soldiers to block the cave…”


Before he finished speaking, Mateo pushed him away and slapped him fiercely on the table. Looking at the situation, the treasure chest of the sea mackerel fell into Darryl’s hand.

Really unwilling to be reconciled, I thought I could get the peerless treasure left by Emperor Xuanyuan, but I didn’t expect that his stone chest and Darryl’s dragon ball would adjust their hands with each other.

But that’s okay, Darryl lost the dragon ball, couldn’t open the stone box, couldn’t get the treasure, and couldn’t defeat the Raksha army.


At this moment, a loud laugh came, and then Meng Ao walked in. Seeing Mateo, he suddenly smiled and said: “Vice Commander, why are you coming out so soon? The two Kyushu beauties that Ben Shizi gave you, feel how is it?”


Mateo is not a complete man. He felt awkward when Meng Ao mentioned this, but a smile was still squeezed out on his face: “Thank you Shizi for your concern, not bad.”

Meng Ao nodded, then thought of something, and said seriously: “Deputy commander, how do you think you can defeat the Nine Provinces army? Speaking of which, our Raksha tribe’s beast army is already on the way, but this world still has no idea A little chance of winning.”

Mateo pondered for a moment, and slowly said, “Although the Rakshas are powerful, the Kyushu Continent is vast and there are many strong people. The battle is head-on, and the outcome is unpredictable. The son really wants to win this war with the smallest casualties. One person is critical.”

“Who?” Meng Ao looked serious and asked quickly.

Mateo took a deep breath and said each word: “Lawrence, the military commander of the Beiying army. This man is ambitious. He was originally at odds with Darryl, but a few days ago, with the help of Chang’e, Darryl subdued Lawrence. But I know that Lawrence never surrendered to Darryl from beginning to end.”

Speaking of this, Mateo looked at Meng Ao seriously: “Lawrence has been waiting for Yang Jian to appear and regain command of the Beiying army, but Yang Jian is dead, and Lawrence doesn’t know yet. My solution is to find a way to inform. Lawrence, news of Yang Jian’s death, and then the son of the prince sends an invitation, Lawrence will definitely come to help.”

“At that time, even if Darryl is capable of reaching the sky, don’t even think about defeating the Raksha army.”

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